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All in one application for order Grocery, Vegetables, Fruits and lot more

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Cathal McBrideTeriyaki salmon from @GannetFish along with stir fried greens and Thai jasmine rice. I haven’t cooked this in a while but it never fails to deliver. Recipe on .

Maggie Chapman MSPThe people of the North East elected me as their first Green MSP in 14yrs because they want secure and sustainable jobs of the future. @ScottishGreens have plans that will deliver for our region. The Tories can get real or get out of the way. .

Chris McCallGreens MSP @MaggieChapman says: "I was elected by the people of the north east to deliver that transition and if I have to put Michael Gove’s nose out of joint to do so then so be it.” .

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE@OntarioGreens @JohnRedins I don't know Mike, with the entire Annamie Paul debacle, how can the Greens deliver a cohesive platform? I know she is the Fed leader but what a sideshow. What are you guys going to do to ensure shovels dig in & build? Your plan isn't anything new that hasn't been barfed out..

Moonbeam#ResignJacinda NZ does not want you or your Labour/Greens as our Govt. You are too inexperienced, you lie, you don't deliver on your election promises, you introduced inhumane laws on late abortions etc etc. Your Loonie leftie govt needs to #ResignJacinda.

David James@PhillipCoorey How unimaginative. Where is the journalist analysis? No wonder we have been stuck in a productivity quagmire for 10 years. Eg What about the MRRT? That would likely have us in a budget surplus now and deliver real GDP growth per capita! .

Yahoo MalaysiaThe Vegetable Co. aims to deliver fresh greens within three to four hours after harvest to their customers in various parts of Klang Valley. .

Seonaidh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿@mccuithein @ScotNational Who? Does Scot Gov need pressured to deliver? Yes. Are the SNP and Greens beyond challenging? No. Is Alba and it's collection of racists, homophobes and bams a suitable vehicle for it? Hell, no..

Bill Briggs@golfguidehq @delameregolf @Delamere_Greens @AMurrayGolf @CheshireUnion @PGAinCheshireNW @VinnyBooth @PGANorth @CWFGolfers @EGCheshire @martybrownpro As golfers we are truly fortunate to be able to continue to compete on tremendous courses as age creeps up on us. Thank you for your ongoing support @golfguidehq . As members of @delameregolf the enjoyment of #Fowlerscheshiremasterpiece never fails to deliver..

McGoo1888 Free Palastine ✊🇵🇸@whitisthecraic If they deliver then fair enuff...but abody is getting pissed wi them...hope they pick up on the mood Rab...otherwise it could get mad in Scotland wi Alba and the greens benefitting.....

Bon SecoursThe Bon Secours Community Works Urban Farm is in full bloom! Our team grows fresh produce like collard greens, bok choy, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, squash, and cucumbers which we deliver to 82 West Baltimore families on a regular basis. #bonsecourscommunityworks .

Cllr Claire Byrne - Vote No.1 DBSWe have serious work to do to make #ActiveTravel a practical choice for families in #DublinBaySouth. The Greens have been unequivocal in our support for these measures and I can't wait to deliver more in government. #CycleBusSolidarity .

Trix@jackiebmsp @ScottishLabour Trouble is that i have no trust in the snp to deliver They and the greens will water it down in favour of indy.

͏𝖼𝗈𝗅𝗅This person’s pin was dropped like 6 miles away from their house/in the middle of a street & to make it worse I had a double order so I had their food & another person’s food to deliver & both of them were delivered late bc of it. I felt SO BAD. I was on a support call 4 so long..

Pragmaticleftie 😈🐀✳️@Ozecrivaine @DavePezzz @davidbewart @Greens More honest? Labor don't pretend they can change the world when they have zero chance of gaining power. Labor are more realistic about what can be achieved. Not perfect but definitely better. Greens, TNL, Independents can sell us the earth but are not able to deliver..

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