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A short horror game where you must care for a child as things get stranger and stranger...

Originally made in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2020



The Baby In Yellow App User Reviews & Comments

LOVE THIS GAME!!!Okay, so I would like to talk about my experience with this game, very fun, but very short. Please add more levels are make a part too!! What encouraged me to play this game was my favorite youtuber luarnzside, it didn’t look so scary so I thought it was the perfect game for me, turns out, it was. Even though the baby is a demon child, I still love it very much and love caring for it. I named it crusty baby lol. Anyways back to how it was scary, it wasn’t that scary, but it had more scary graphics than her game. Once I saw her playing it I looked to see if they had it on ipad and they do. So yeah!!.Version: 1.2

Won’t let me re-download it but great gameI love this game it’s awesome I’m really happy it released on iOS but there’s one problem I can’t re-download it can you pls fix it.Version: 1.2

II loved the game i just think it was short since it only toke me a few minutes to play. But i’ll for sure play it again!!.Version: 1.2

GameIn my opinion this game is absolutely fun and exciting, but the only problem is that it starts over when you get to the last night, I think there should have been more nights, other than that its a great game!.Version: 1.2

Great Horror Game!!I Absolutely L-O-V-E this game! I just wish that there were more nights. And can u maybe make some more game modes? Like multiplayer where there are multiple demon babies and it can be up to 4 people. And a free play mode where you can invite friends and be a baby or the nanny and when u pick baby you can choose if ur in demon form or not. Also can you make a mode where you can take care of the baby in yellow and babylirious? Also speaking of which, can you put babylirious on mobile? I know this review is getting long so I’ll go now. Bye team terrible! (Name censored)Out!!.Version: 1.2

Please make more nightsI really like this game but I wish it had more nights .it gets pretty boring playing over the nights all the time there are no new thing you can do ..Version: 1.2

Short review sry-I saw youtubers playing this game and I thought it would be alright for me cuz I’m 9 and it’s for 9 and above so I still didn’t try it but ima try it now lol.Version: 1.2

Amazing but one problemOk so on night 2 I go to get the nappy but my screen keeps breaking and I can’t move it but it is very fun to play. I am very happy that this is the real baby in yellow but the night 2 is the problem that’s all!.Version: 1.2

Great gameI like this game! Small kids shouldn’t play but it’s creative and better than a lot of games out there nowadays, and I feel as if it is “short but sweet”.Version: 1.2

WOW IM SURPRISEDOk so usually when you see these apps they are sooooo fake and nothing like the rea game but this is actually just like the game with only a few things different and honestly scarier then the original!.Version: 1.2

I love it butI tried playing it but it just glitches a lot sometimes everything doesn’t load but still a good game I highly recommend ☺️☺️☺️.Version: 1.2

Best game!This is my favorite game because my favorite youtuber, Laurenzside played it! I was upset at first when I found out that it was PC only, but now I’m super happy that it’s on mobile. I love how the facial expressions are hilarious in some parts 😂.Version: 1.2

Best GameThis is the best game ever I was so excited when I saw it because I’ve been looking everywhere for it and I saw so many fake ones and I thought they were real and then when I found it I was really really really really excited because I’ve seen so many Youtubers play it I thought it was interesting.Version: 1.2

Very short but a good gameI love the game but I want more parts to it i feel like it just ended too short, I really enjoy the game and it would be nice for you to keep working on it.Version: 1.2

Way to shortI thought this game was fun but the only thing I didn’t like about this game because how short it was I would feel like this game would be a lot funnier if it was longer I didn’t expect it to be so short.Version: 1.2

We need a part two!!The game was so much fun and I got jumped scared many times but I like being scared! I recommend this! I definitely want a part two and if y’all are working on it then I hope that it turns out good!.Version: 1.2

Short :(I loved this game but it was so short ! I kept playing thinking maybe I need to keep playing for a new part but nothing happened I spent like 1-2 hours trying , to this it made me think maybe it’s just short, and well it did end up being short! I recommend making it longer.Version: 1.2

More levels :/I feel like they should add more levels to the game because it was really short and it would be super fun if it had more levels.Version: 1.2

When I beat chapter 3 aka the end 1 problemAt da end of game when I exit the game and play again it says chapter 3 but sometimes when I exit the game and come back it says chapter 1 fix the getting out a seeing chapter 3 please bug but when you pick him why does it say cot.Version: 1.2

I’m so happy I found it-Okay so me and my friend watch laruenzside and we saw her play it but we have iPads and I searched it and I found it and we were so happy and when the baby jump scared me a screamed but it’s kinda short so can u put more levels please e bye.Version: 1.2

Worst gameThis was the biggest waste of time. Boring, dumb, repetitive, predictable and just creepy but not interesting, entertaining or fun. If I could give it less than 1 star I would. I think this is the worst game I have ever played and can’t believe I wasted so much time on it (only because my 9 year old played it and was so disturbed by it that I had to see for myself). It’s not for 9 year old kids - for much older..Version: 1.2

Short not much to doIt’s cool but it’s too short and we did the same thing over and over til it was the end. The only different thing was exorcising the baby. I feel like they could of made it way more interesting and added different things to do. Not an app worth taking space up on my phone though..Version: 1.2

To shortI love this game but it is to short there is only three nights. Now that your done when you try it again it gets repetitive so I deleted it but if your not bothered by that then I recommend this game.Version: 1.2

Please fix this!So idk if I need to play the game more or something but it keeps making me play the same nights over and over again. It gets boring after awhile so please fix this! Overall great game though and I don’t have any complaints:).Version: 1.2

So fun!Literally I love to just fling the baby around the whole house. It’s scary and I love the talisman requirement. I wish you added more nights though, it’s kind of short..Version: 1.2

Short but fun.I really enjoyed this game it gave me a small head ache with the Jump scares, it really did scare me to the point i screamed, It’s very short and all but if I were to give some advice maybe make a 4th 5th or even 6th night. Maybe the after nights could be a nightmare in the same house but it’s completely demolished, It’s just you the baby, and the demons surrounding us, It’s like taking care of the baby again but instead your taking care of a Demon out to kill you. It’s just a though. 😅.Version: 1.2

Love, Love, Love!!!This game is amazing, I love playing it! The baby looks funny looking, which makes it even better. Now, I understand that everyone’s been saying this, but could you make it longer? I kept redoing night 3 because I thought I had did something wrong, but then realized there were only 3 nights. Now, to end this off, I’d like to say that this game is probably my favorite, despite the fact that there are only 3 night..Version: 1.2

AmazingI love this game! But it’s too short!!! I wish there could be multiple nights! And at the ending of the game you should add the parents coming home !.Version: 1.2

GREAT GAMEI really enjoyed playing this game! It’s a great way to pass time, as this might take you 1-2 hours to finish. I got pretty scared on the first nights. Fun game if you’re into horror. It would be cool if this game was multiplayer. One thing i didn’t like was how i couldn’t pause the game. I was on night four and wanted to take a quick break. But when I came back I had to restart everything from night one. Overall it’s a great game. I really recommend it..Version: 1.2

Hi I love this game but pls my idea listenHi your game is fun and cool and scary lol, I have a idea so basically the baby can be cute when it is sad and I feel bad when it is sad so can u make a new game where the baby is not evil and you can take care of it like normal and we can dress it up snd feed it and more plz thx and genders so it can be boy or girl thx plzzzzzz do that and tell me name of it Ok thx.Version: 1.2

THIS GAME IS AMAZINGI love this game so so much it scared me when I first played it but I want more levels I don’t wanna keep playing the same ones over and over again I wanna see more levels I find this game interesting and fun it’s super fun and amazing but just new levels.Version: 1.2

I finished all 3 nights in like 5 minutesWay too short.. just when things got good it ended... I only played 3 nights then game restarted... I’m not sure if there were more nights or not.Version: 1.2

THIS GAME IS SO COOL OMLI love this game but we need a part two it’s so fun it gave me jump scares really cool thank you for putting it on mobile I would find these ✌🏽baby in yellows✌🏽 that are not similar to the game which is super annoying...Version: 1.2

Renai circulation!Just shut up! Wait a second that ain’t right.. every journey starts with a step! So step on up there and give it your best! I’m taking a chance cause I like you a lot! So I’ll give it a shot! Give it all that I got. Ladalade suddenly you call my name and I lose my brain and I fly up to the moon! <3.Version: 1.2

Little problemSince I found the game I just love it so much but I have one problem whenever I go on Night 2 i’ll go to the kitchen and then it just freezes and then crashed so I was wondering if you could fix it?.Version: 1.2

AWESOME SCARY GAMEI love the game and the texture and the editing but I wanna ask for an update of multiplayer (Multiplayer Mode)You Can play with your friends here and use your mic too speak with them!(If this happened I would love it more!!).Version: 1.2

ShortI love this game its scary,funny,and its really a great to play. I wish it wasn’t so short because i love this game so much that i wanttd more chapters and wanted to keep playing but i think yall should make more chapters and other then that the game is amazing.🥰.Version: 1.2

Way to shortYou guys should make a part two and definitely make it way longer.Version: 1.2

Good game but to short :(It’s very very good but we need a part two there’s only three nights in the whole game so I think there should at least be maybe three more nights but that’s just my opinion..Version: 1.2

Nothing bad about itOMG awesome graphics no glitching and btw did anyone else find the secret? I did pretty cool 😎 it is short for me but I love this game! it would be pretty cool to make a second game of it.Version: 1.2

Glad it’s on mobile!I watched laurenzside play this game and I was a little upset beacuse i thought it was PC only until today when I randomly came across it!.Version: 1.2

Mega sad face🙁🙁My cute scrumptious baby boo bear wont let me pass stage 3😢 he keep t posing in me.💔💔🥺 I need more then 3 stage. He had explosive poopie yesterday😔😔. He wouldn’t stop so I had to hit him a bit and then he sent me to hell😩😩😩fix game!!!!!.Version: 1.2

May you add more nights please ?I really love this game but I’m sad there are only 3 nights so maybe will you be able to make more I will really appreciate it.Version: 1.2

I’m NEVER having kidsThis is a funny game I made my mom play it and she called me a disappointment which I already know I am ✨🤌🏽✨ dang I went off topic again..Version: 1.2

Suggestions:This is a very cool game! The graphics are nice! And over all everything but I have a suggestion: make a chapter selection:make more chapters. That’s all I can think..Version: 1.2

THIS GAME WAS AWSOMEI wish there were more nights tho it would have been more fun but the game is really good unlike the crappy games in the App Store anyways I hope u make more fun games like this or make more nights :).Version: 1.2

YuhhhhSo I got attached to the baby and named it Louisa. I like to throw it around and put it in the oven. I wish there were more nights though because I want to explore the lore and background more. Also, multiple endings/choice impacts would be cool..Version: 1.2

10/10 recommendI love it except for on yt there are things called “batcoons“ ??? And im wondering where that is and... EH??? WHERES BABYLIRIOUS or, known as “The Baby In Pink“? I was looking for it??... But anyways could you add those features (and the game) thanks bye!!!!.Version: 1.2

I saw LaurenZside playSaw LaurenZside play this and i thought this game wasn’t on iphone but i checked and saw it, my rating is 10/10 would recommend if you are 9 or older.Version: 1.2

I love this gameOkay as much as I hate horror, I force myself to do horror things. Like for example, I force myself to watch horror movies. The same was with this game, I was scared at first, but then found out it’s an amazing game. The only bad thing is that it’s short, and I want it longer lol. That’s all I have to say.Version: 1.2

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BabyThe baby man is singing gay montero..Version: 1.2

Baba boiI slaughtered the naughty baba boi, it yelped at me so i whipped him with the tailsman, i think he is a gemini 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤮😭🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬😕😕😕😕😕😭😭😭😭😭🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨❌❌❌❌❌❌.Version: 1.2

Need more LevelsYou need more levels.Version: 1.2

BEST GAME EVERTHank you for making mobile version The best of the best the best the best the best thank you thank you.Version: 1.2

Hi I watched someone play this game on YouTube and I liked it...But I hate jump scares so maybe make a game with is the same as this but you just babysit and that’s all and you do stuff without the whole scary scares. I couldn’t finish day one and I immediately left the game once I sat down and the baby started to cry,I wanted to go up stairs but I was soooooo scared please respond I just want to babysit the creepy but cute baby 🍼 pleaseeeeeee!.Version: 1.2

It sent me though a portal to hell with itIt sent me though a portal so I yeeted next game.Version: 1.2

Really good!I think this is a really good game if your bored and if you need a little goosebumps! But I with there is a way for us to win but it’s still a really good game!.Version: 1.2

Baby 🥰He became a demon tho 😕.Version: 1.2

I love thisIt scared me to death lol.Version: 1.2


I just LOVE IT 😍I cooked the baby it tasted soooo good (play this game😈).Version: 1.2

Title:Hehe funny 😆.Version: 1.2

YeahI put the baby in the oven proceeding to throw it round the house while listening to bo burnham and lemon demon 😊.Version: 1.2

So much fun butThis game is the best but u need more levels I felt like the game ended pretty fast but yeah it was so good thx.Version: 1.2

Demon babyIt looks at you weird at the start 👁👄👁.Version: 1.2

Not long enoughThe game itself is good, but it isn’t long enough. There are only 3 nights, and then it repeats. Even the 3 nights there are are fairly repetitive..Version: 1.2

MogusWHAT THe SuS that baby is totally imposterino. he given me a slobberino. those eyes are impostor.Version: 1.2

:)I hit it in the face with the bottle and put it in the oven.Version: 1.2

Good gameIt was a good game but I got so annoyed at the baby that I put it in the oven and it was quite satisfying.Version: 1.2

Babislayer123Mmmm babi 😫😫👌.Version: 1.2

BETS GAME EVER LOLLI threw it across the room 43 times😊😊 but over all 10/10.Version: 1.2

.Just threw the baby down the stairs and boiled it alive before it could plot its revenge #girlboss #peoplecandohardthings 😕.Version: 1.2

AbuseI put the baby in the oven because I know it’s a demon so I’m going to burn it like how the demon child burns in hell 🥰.Version: 1.2

FunI put baby in oven but he did not die.Version: 1.2

THAT DEMON CHILD 👹I put the demon in the oven them when I put it in the oven it screamed and cried and I felt bad.Version: 1.2

I burned it aliveThanks 😍‼️.Version: 1.2

EpicI drowned the baby in the bathtub.Version: 1.2

Good but needs more nightsIt’s amazing and kinda scary it’s really fun I could play it all day but it needs more nights.Version: 1.2

TittleI put the baby in the oven.Version: 1.2

Amazing!!I was seriously so shocked with this game, it was amazing. No in app purchases, few ads. The graphics were literally amazing and I love the attention to detail. I finished the game in about 20 minutes but I genuinely think it has such great potential for a full game. I’d love to see it for PC I think this game has seriously great potential. Probably the best phone game I’ve played, no joke. -x.Version: 1.2


Demon childI put the baby in the fridge bc i didnt wanna change the nappy but then it was smelling my house so i changed the nappy and put it in the oven so it burns in hell. Demon child. :).Version: 1.2

BAKED BABY FOR SELLI baked it until it was crispy.Version: 1.2

My GodThis game is just idk say it but I love it but it’s creepy the baby’s eyes are white like completely so yeah please fix it.Version: 1.2

HeheheheI burned the child 😰.Version: 1.2

EnjoyI played while my friends watch and they were super spooked, short fun.Version: 1.2

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