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Fun game with easy controls. Different levels and more are coming!

Pancake Run App User Reviews & Comments

MehIt was fun at first but now im unlocking all this stuff and I can’t even use it… deleting this app cuz it got annoying.Version: 3.3

There’s a glitchIt was all fun until I got to level 174 there’s a major glitch in there where when I start the level everything is off course and the suddenly pushes me off the road please fix it.Version: 3.2

Work on itThis game is really fun to play but when I got my pineapple, mango, and bacon they never showed up I kept getting all of the old food. And I don’t know if it was just in the ads but I never got syrup either! I feel that the game just need more work. But other than that it’s fun.Version: 3.0

Syrup glitchThere’s a glitch when the syrup progress goes up and down and I can’t unlock it.Version: 3.3

Good but a problemI got this game and I loved it but as soon as I finished one level there was an add and also I was in the middle and doing it and there was an add but I recommend this game can just put your phone in airplane mode..Version: 3.0

UpdateUPDATE IT PLEASE!!! also when I got the waffles and bacon it never got in the game….Version: 2.0

I love this gameThis game is so fun I love it I can’t make pancakes.Version: 3.3

Please fix the bugs again.The waffles and other things aren’t showing up. I’m on level. And what is the cash for?.Version: 3.1

It’s a fun game but it could use some more workI got an ad for the game and I thought it might be fun. But there’s no syrup like the ad said, and when I got to pineapple, the things stopped coming. Like I couldn’t get anymore toppings. And I really wanted bacon! So fix that and make more levels please. They start to repeat a lot. But it’s an ok game I guess but please fix!.Version: 3.0

It is okSo I am on level 355 and it is so much fun but it needs something to do with the money like I have so much and I have nothing to do with it!!!!.Version: 3.3

Great but two thingsIt’s very fun but make it so you can’t go off the edge and I only saw the pine apple once right now! But all above that the game is great you should get it!.Version: 3.3

Ok gameThe maple syrup keep going down and up I was at 89 and it down to a 54.Version: 3.3

GoodThis game is really fun It has no ads but it needs a update 😌✌️.Version: 2.0

:(I love this game BUT IT WONT LET ME GET THE MAPEL SYRUP. level 129 and none of the items i earned are showing up, also the add is nothing like the game the add looks really good itd be nice if the game had stuff like that in it.Version: 3.3

How to break the gameIf u don’t collect any pancakes or fruit then it breaks the game.Version: 1.0

To easy and boring please readSo I just got the game I turned off my internet and I played it it was first fun and win I played again it was TO EASY and then it started to get boring now it is boring ITS TO EASY So I am going to. Deleted it.Version: 3.1

NOT 5 STARS JUST PUTTING IT UP THERE PLEASE READOk so this app is fine but it’s way to easy and basic but the thing is the beginning levels are cool how u can unlock fruits but then when u unlock stuff u can’t really even use it it levels and u unlock ingredients after all fruit but they don’t show up and u barely use them ALSO the maple syrup is a useless thing to add because u NEVER get it for almost every level but even level 100 is so easy but overall this game if kinda cool but not the best app ever don’t recommend but if u wanna get it it’s cool-ish.Version: 3.3

Ok game, terrible adsDownloaded this and was playing with my son. All was fine and delt with ads until it advertised a app called “make em’ “ a game where you literally “score” by making the characters match up in graphic/explicit ways 👋 know you audience better..Version: 3.3

Pancake runThe only bad thing is that it does it have any syrup but overall it’s really fun and addicting if it had syrup it’ll be a five star.Version: 3.3

Bruh god game 😎 🤪🤪🤪🤪This is making me hungry 😋 so good ♥️🥵 pancakes are the best things ever ever ever with syrup mmm 😋 so good 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😛😛.Version: 3.3

This is amazing however the maple syrup keep going down please fix itThis amazing.Version: 3.3

NopeI’m like on level 130 and trying to get a item it keeps making my progress go down and up I’m still trying 😒.Version: 3.3

AmazingI think this game is amazing,cute and all above fun.Version: 3.3

I love this gameI love it has know is ads and it just so addicting a cure my boredom but I collected the pineapple and it didn’t show up that’s only thing that’s really the problem but I’ll overall I love it.Version: 2.0

Problems.This game is nice and all but when I was about to unlock the maple syrup it said 76% completed! I was at 99%.. 😡 then I tried again then it said 56% 👁👄👁 I am on level 130 and still didn’t unlock it! Voodoo please fix this problem it’s annoying 😤😡🤨.Version: 3.3

Good but it needs alit of fixesAfter a certain point what you unlock doesn’t show up. Which is so annoying also there are so many adds it needs to be updated. Good game but it has annoying aspects..Version: 3.1

Great game but...😐I was in 96 level and I was have 99% and it start it over I can’t unlock the syrup from Canada and developer you need to fix that because It won’t show up! The syrup won’t showed up at all! And you need to fixed that and it need a new maps and a bonus round.Version: 3.2.1

Pretty goodI like pancake run but the ONE AND ONLY thing is the big person #CREEPY CHANGE PLZ other than that ITS AWESOME.Version: 3.3

NEW STUFF AND UPDATEThe game is good. It needs an update and new stuff to it. I’m just getting money now. I’ve bought all of the plates. And then the maple syrup is an issue. Cause you can’t unlock it. You can get to a certain percent and then you start back again. Like around 60ish%. Add some interesting levels and more plates and an update to fix the maple syrup. Also add more fruit.Version: 3.3

Love this game but needs fixingI love this game so much but I reached level 65 and I have a whole stack of pancakes and it keeps saying level failed idk if it’s my device or the game.Version: 3.2

Duuude no I love this but NOOODuuude so I was playing I am on level 500 and I was just playing and a add popped it seemed normal so I let it play but as soon like no joke as soon as I touched the screen it went back to the add and I left the app on top of my screen was the add it was not a add I was watching something but I did not put anything on so it was so weird.Version: 3.3

Best Game EverHi so I was looking for a game and I saw this game called pancake run. This game is the best .There is not a lot of ads and it is fun. If you are looking for a game to play in the car this is your game..Version: 3.3

SyrupI can’t get the syrup it keeps making it so I don’t get it all the way.Version: 3.3

It’s ok but needs fixingI would rate this app higher but the fact that some of the levels are like almost impossible to beat makes the rate go down for me I’m on level 287 and I have been trying to beat it for over an hour because of the few levels that take lots of time to complete its another star down for me The only other star that I’ll take away is for the annoying sounds the game makes and the fact of not having that many adds is great but I’m not going to add a star I don’t recommend this game as a fun bored out of your mind so we play games and buy games from adds just to realize there aren’t many things to do unless you want to spend I don’t 20$ on a vip pass that allows you to do so much more It also is really glitchy at times for me and it would be nice to have an update to this game.Version: 3.1

FunThe game is fun but too many ads.Version: 3.3

So boring but okayIt’s the same thing every play. I earned bacon don’t get that and then syrup never gets filled up..Version: 3.1

Maple syrupI’m having the same problem with the maple syrup it tells me I’m at 87% and then it goes down to 60% It’s frustrating, how do you get 100%???.Version: 3.3

It’s okay but..It’s fine I like the game and you maybe 🤔 thinking why three stars ⭐️ because you can die Very VERY easily and when something is in your way and you move to the side you still fall and I think that isn’t fair and the people have a lot of pancakes I was thinking they could get three because I had this game for 6 weeks now and still didn’t get to the big person but I only saw them that’s all of this review good bye 👋.Version: 3.3

Cool but problemsI’m on level 243 and unlocked so many items but none of them are showing up. And for the last like 35 levels I can’t fill the maple syrup it says 35% and then 87% and then it goes back down to 67% and it just keeps doing that every level. The items right now I have are the pancakes strawberries apples blueberries and raspberries that is it and I’ve unlocked so many more than just that. And I really don’t understand why you’re earning this money and you can’t do anything with it. Like change the plate or something.Version: 3.1

Pancake runI’m on level 49 and I still haven’t gotten the rest of the fruits what’s is going on????.Version: 3.3

Love the game but 1 probably thoughI love this new update but there’s some problems with it I’m having some problems with the new update because when you collected all the pancakes plus the fruit when you get to the end where the steps are, the pancakes fall off the steps like there was nothing there to support the pancakes, can you please fix it and for the maple syrup as well I don’t like it when the percentage meter goes up and down every time so if u can please fix these things we’ll be very thankful that you guys did..Version: 3.2

Is it a glitch?I am currently on level 119 and I’ve unlocked all the fruit but I was unlocking the maple syrup. I was so close, it was at 97% but the next level it went all the way back down to 72% and now it’s at 68%. Not sure if this is a glitch or just a way to keep playing. Very annoying..Version: 3.3

Stupid waste of time but it’s worth getting.It’s such a dumb game. All you do is make tall pancakes, and it repeats levels! And I can’t fill the maple syrup! It says like 81% then 71% then 95% and then like 67%. This game is just a waste of time and I wouldn’t recommend getting it unless you collect stupid mobile games like I do.Version: 3.3

Needs more done to itI got an ad for this game and decided to try it out, first of all: there are no ads; which is a plus, and if you are going to put ads out it on like a small part of the screen like at the bottom and not show one every level Second of all: the levels become repetitive not even 10 levels in, I’m currently on level 45 and I had played to level 34 in one go and all of a sudden it started lagging like crazy. Last of all: the syrup shown in the pictures/video isn’t even in there, that would be kinda weird if it showed up anywhere past level 50 since the levels already recycled themself before level 10. And the Mt. after a level is over makes no sense to me It’s a good idea, but you need to add more levels and stuff before you try to put out ads for it..Version: 1.0

It's great but there are things that could changeThe graphics are adorable but, the percentage for the maple syrup keep going down its quite annoying, please fix this. Now, onto the money, what is it for? Over all I like this game, I will be waiting for new stuff to do and/or get more things to do, maybe a new map?.Version: 3.1

Cool game but small problemI have been playing this for a while and I unlocked lots of fruits but only three of them show up in game play and I can never unlock maple syrup it goes to 95% and then drops to 35% even when I watch ads to quicken it it doesn’t work. Other than that really fun game.Version: 3.3

Too many adsEvery time I get to the finish line in every levels an ad pops up. Someone saying who wrote a review for this game said there are no ads but I am getting too many of them. Please don’t say that I can pay to get rid of them because I’m not going to spend my money. It is a good game but I am going to uninstall this game. Even though I just installed it..Version: 3.0

Fun but some issuesThis game is fun but loses its value when you’re filling up maple syrup till the end of time, I am on level 90 and nothing I’ve unlocked is showing up in my toppings and you can’t unlock anything else past maple syrup. Not to mention you earn all this money and aren’t able to upgrade or buy anything..Version: 3.3

Why doesent the bacon and wafffel show up???When I got bacon and waffle I was like omg kool and then it never came and for the rest the same thing will probably happen fix thzt.Version: 3.2

Pancake run is cool butSo I’m level 129 and the Maple syrup I not working like it’s going up then next round it goes down so oh cool game tho that’s all :).Version: 3.3

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How to I get maple syrup every time I try to get itUgh that’s annoying.Version: 3.3

Good butThis was good but the add had poopoo and I haven’t seen that so it could be better but besides false advertising it’s fun.Version: 3.3

Game glitch?This game is really fun but for some reason when attempting to unlock extra items like fruit the percentage will lower then heighten then lower again after every round and never actually make it to 100% it’s slightly frustrating.Version: 3.3

Kinda funIt’s kinda fun I was confused of this glitch that makes the percentage thing I think it’s because the levels higher to get the fruit or food.Version: 3.3

Yay MmmMmm this is soooooooo good and cooool to.🎉😍😍😍😍.Version: 3.3

NoiceI don’t know what the game is like so I will change this later.Version: 3.3

Fun and can’t stop playinhIt’s so fun I’ve been playing none stop.Version: 3.3

Good but it glitchesIt’s a good game but when unlocking items the percentage keeps on going down making it impossible to unlock, the game is fun but please fix it.Version: 3.3

It’s fun budThe game is pretty fun but there is a glitch where the percentage of the new item that you’re supposed to get goes up down up down even when you watch an add to fill faster fix please or I will delete Pls 😑.Version: 3.3

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Pancake Run 3.3 Update

Version 3.3 (2021-08-20): - Minor bugfixes.