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It is time to control your arrows, pick the best gates, and destroy everyone on your way! Collect lots of coins and upgrade your arrows and income!

Try to reach a maximum number of arrows to kill all the enemies and giants!

Become the master of arrow control!

=== HOW TO PLAY ===

◉ Simple and intuitive game with easy-to-remember controls

◉ Just swipe to control your arrows

◉ Pass through the best gates to increase your arrows

◉ Destroy your enemies and giants to earn lots of coins


◉ FREE and EASY to play!

◉ Lots of UNIQUE LEVELS to play!

◉ Lots of ENEMIES and GIANTS to destroy!

◉ Lots of GATES to decide!

◉ Lots of COINS to collect and upgrade your arrows and income!

Arrow Fest App User Reviews & Comments

My mom beats meThis game is amazing. It has a beautiful art style and the concept is amazing. Each level is unique and original. In my honest opinion this game is a true masterpiece..Version: 1.5

It’s pretty fun, one thing thoIt’s a fun game when your bored but are you able to add a feature to invest all your coins into an upgrade without repetitively tapping thanks.Version: 1.5

Another garbage rollic gameI have a mental illness where I see ads for these games on Instagram, know that they’re going to be garbage, and download them anyway. Then when they are garbage, I ask myself why did I download this garbage game knowing it would be garbage, and the only answer I can ascertain is that I have a condition. Whoever made this game, congratulations on making perhaps the least fun and most brain dead excuse of a game I can imagine. Remember when games were fun? Or at least remotely engaging? Rollic doesn’t. They don’t know what “fun” or “engaging” mean..Version: 1.7.9

Too many adsGot super excited when I saw the ad for this game pop up on another app.. but was super disappointed when I started playing and ran into the ads after every level. I even came back to see if there was a paid version to avoid them, but nope. Not worth the install..Version: 1.6.5

Amazing game for boredomIf you’re bored, or have time on your hands that you need to kill, then this is literally the game for you. It’s really good. Super fun concept, really great game design. Lots of people in the reviews complain about too many ads, but guys, there’s a simple fix to that. Turn airplane mode on, and no ads will be able to come through! That’s what I do, because the amount of ads is ridiculous in some of these games. So the reason why it’s only 4 stars? Because of the little guys in the middle of the track when your arrows are on the track. If you hit these little guys, you will get a minimal amount of coins (1 coin, 2 coins, etc) and lose 2 or 3 of your arrows. I don’t want to lose my arrows so I TRY to avoid them. But I can’t sometimes because the game makes them bunched up so much that I can’t, so I lose up to 50 of my arrows!!! That’s my only complaint, bye! ❤️.Version: 1.7.9

Only played a couple levelsThis is one of those games that could be fun, could be a good way to waste time, could be something you enjoy. BUT, this game gives you an ad after every level. Basically, even if you don’t click the ad to “triple your earnings” you get an ad anyways. All of these types of games do this, it’s a no from me. Uninstalled..Version: 1.5

Great game but I think you forgot something with the new updateI love this game I would suggest it to anyone but in the new update where there are rows that multiply money as you go you can still change your width meaning you can cheat and get to the end by using less arrows.Version: 1.7.9

Okay game, crappy ads and level design.Games alright, but the ads are obnoxious one ad every level is unfair and just proves this app is a cash grab. Level design isn’t that good either, even if you do the level perfect at times you can’t even get the maximum multiplier at the end so it seems the developer didn’t think about that and just slapped a bunch of number together. Overall, I just got this app and now I’m up downloading it..Version: 1.8.1

Enjoyable but too many adsThe game is enjoyable for a quick time waster. But there is too many ads in between levels. Also what are the gold coins for? I didn’t see anywhere where you can spend them..Version: 1.5

It fine.It’s not the best but it’s a working app would recommend if your rlly bored if not the prolly wouldn’t recommend..Version: 1.2

Gets old kind of quickThe game has a total of maybe 8 levels that are shuffled around, so I guess it can go forever unless you get bored, and you will. You can finish with 530 arrows or 20k arrows, but the reward is the same. No sounds to the game, which is a weird choice. Also, if you click the collect coins once completing a level fast enough, it will skip levels, which would be exciting, if there were more different levels..Version: 1.7.5

HorribleHorrible advertising, the stupid psychology trick where you say “it’s harder than it looks.” Doesn’t work on Genz, if you want a successful game like high heels advertise right use funny sounds be like genz. The graphics are horrible the sensitivity is horrible too it moves a little too much. If I could give it 0 stars I would no one is gonna like this game..Version: 1.4

What a surpriseAnother really good addicting game but I lose interest again because of the abused amount of ads each level. This game truly could have been something and I understand they need it for the money but 30 seconds add after finishing a level in less than 10 seconds. Can’t say I’m surprised..Version: 1.7.9

For the community.Everyone is complaining about the coins and ads mostly. The coins you can spend to upgrade the amount of arrows you have at the start. Or your earnings. Then the adds pop up after you play 2 levels. The community is pretty dumb to not noticed this. (I have no complains to the developer/developers so I love this game).Version: 1.4

I never leave reviews for apps but this deserves itSeemed like an awesome game but watching a 30 second ad after almost every one of the 20 second rounds is an absolute joke. They are literally wasting my time more than I’m enjoying playing the game. Cool concept, horrible execution by greedy developers that prefer to make pennies off ad views rather than customer enjoyment.Version: 1.8.1

More Ads than gameplayThis game is absolutely horrible the amount of ads is completely ridiculous and uncalled for. After every level there is an ad, and if you want more coins ad , so if you pick to get more coins you actually have to watch a total of 3 ads to get to the next level. I played 3 levels and was completely done with it. Don’t download, it’s so easy and a waste of time!.Version: 1.6

Fun idea, poor execution for less than a minute of funThe game could’ve been a cool running math game for quick thinking but it is just a constant bore after the first two levels. Some branching paths and in level powerups could liven it up and maybe more customization options. Also, the games performance is awful on an iphone xs Max. Constant stuttering and if you play with ads, you are bombarded and forced to view a 1-minute ad for every 15-second level..Version: 1.6.5

Love the game , but the ad’sI really like this game. It’s so fun and can be a pain when the ad’s come in to play. I don’t want anyone to read this and think “oh I shouldn’t get this” because it’s a good game. Just needs to have ads every 3 or 4 levels now every level..Version: 1.6.5

Give me ads even when I skipAfter each level you can choose to accept a small amount or coins or play an advertisement for triple the amount. Regardless of what I choose I get an advertisement. Fake ability to choose..Version: 1.5

Game PlayThe ads should have a way to opt out of them when we want. We shouldn’t have to wait for the end and we should be able to move forward on the game play without watching an ad. Otherwise it’s fun to work the math on the fly, no pun intended..Version: 1.7.5

Crap.This game is crap. You quite literally play the game for seven to ten seconds and are then forced to watch an ad that is no less than 30 seconds long. So you’re downloading an ad watching app with a short game to fill the space while the next ad loads. Garbage game. I played all of 3 levels before I got annoyed with this. Download something else..Version: 1.7.9

Tried to scam meWas linked to a cash grab phishing site that said I could win 450 $ if I did something. Absolute garbage game that was ob made to make money off of ads and scam younger people with the redirect to the scamming website, shame on apple for even allowing this game to publish. Never-less let these companies/people on this platform. 0/10.Version: 1.8

I’ve played two rounds so far….It seems like it could be a fun game but…. And it’s a big but…. The round lasts about 5 seconds then you have no choice but to watch ads and or go to some ads website. So if you enjoy watching ads you love this game if you enjoy actually playing the game then I’d pass this one by..Version: 1.7.5

Not bad, decentI actually kinda enjoyed this game, but the main issues I have is lack of creativity. Sure the style is cool and all, but your game lacks sound for the user to be immersed with and that there’s no consequences for losing. You could add new mechanics such as bigger targets requiring more arrows to take down and losing cash whenever you fail a level. Other than that, pretty decent game. Would definitely play it if I had nothing else to do..Version: 1.5

Lacks replay valueGame was fine but I lost interest after lvl 17. Once I cleared the whole ending gallery, where it multiplies your points based on how far you go, I had nothing else to accomplish and therefore no reason to play..Version: 1.7.5

Great game but 1 small problemThere is a divide by 2 and divide by 3 right next to each other. This makes me not get as many people at the end. That is all the reasons why I put a 4 star.Version: 1.7.5

Interesting conceptLevel itself is straight forward requiring quick reflexes and quick math. Levels take about 10-15 seconds and then you need to sit through 1-2 minutes worth of ads..Version: 1.6.5

Ads every roundWayyyy too much ads No next level button, u either watch a long ad and go to the next level or u watch the long ad and get 3x gold and go to next level What are gold even for? To play? What happens when u run out of gold? Over all a lame app made for quick money grab from ads.Version: 1.8

Rather boorishThe levels repeat themselves at almost a ridiculous rate. I’m on level 577 at the time of this review with 6500 arrows and an income level of 8176. You earn the most coins by hitting the people. Unless you watch ads the highest score you can get at the end is 5088, no matter how many arrows you end with. Every now and then it glitches and you can upgrade while going into the negative (my highest negative score is -22 million). No matter how high a level you get though the upgrade is only 12,500 which is nothing once the income is up. A trick around the ads is simple, on my phone I turn off cell data to the game. When I want to play I turn off my wi-fi. I still get my messages and calls, but do not need to deal with pesky ads..Version: 1.7.9

Interesting but too many adsInteresting concept but frustrating and boring after about 10 minutes because the ads last 2 as long as the game. Either lengthen the levels or shorten the ads..Version: 1.7.9

Pretty bad overallNo option to turn off the vibrate. Not a lot of skill involved, the decision making is pretty easy and the little people have only a small effect on the game. Ads run after every 10-15 second round, so ur watching ads about 50% of the time, even more if u want the bonus coins at the end of the level. Summary; no challenge, no imagination, ad spam, and general lack of effort in development (turn off the vibrate).Version: 1.7.5

No way to remove adsThis game is actually really fun! but there's too many ads. you go through two stages that take a minute and there's an ad. I would give this 5 star for sure if there was an actual payment wall to remove them.Version: 1.7.9

Downloaded-played 2 levels-deletedSo I gave it a shot, I knew it would be an ad infested game like any of these free games are nowadays. Downloaded it, played 2 levels and then got hit with an ad so in the trash it goes. Honestly kinda surprised it didn’t have an ad load into the game. It’s actually taking longer to write this review than the time I played the game but hey games gotta make their money somehow supposedly..Version: 1.7.9

It’s ACTUALLY as Advertised!I’ll give the dev this, the game they advertise is actually exactly what their game is. It doesn’t make it a good game though. It’s EXTREMELY boring, and after a few levels you’ll be done with it (unless you’re really bored). There’s also no difficulty to the game. If you make it to the end of the level with at least 1 arrow, you win. The more arrows, the more coins you get. In 12 levels I had over 40,000 coins, but there’s not much you can spend the coins on—so again, not a good game..Version: 1.7.9

ScamSo, anyone with a brain can get around the ads by turning their WiFi off. That’s not my issue. My issue here is that even when you upgrade how much you make per round, it actually doesn’t increase at all. I made 25k credits without upgrading anything and my highest amount of credits earned in one go was 5k. I upgraded to like lvl 6 or 7. I made it all the way through. Still, 5k credits. The upgrades don’t do anything. There is no actual logic to the game other than figuring out if I should go for the -2 on or the -10 one, lol..Version: 1.8

Good game but off balance with the adsThe game is as billed but each level lasts about 5 seconds and ends in an option to watch a 30 second ad for extra points. If you do not select this open you will watch a 20 second ad by force… so either way you spend more time on ads then game play..Version: 1.6.5

Boring and excessive adsThere’s an ad after every level! Also the ads last longer than each level. So basically your watching ads longer than your actually playing the game. I understand that advertisement is how they make money, but it’s overly excessive!.Version: 1.3

Quick and funGreat game if you’re looking for something to dose off at during the night. Highly recommended..Version: 1.5

Bonus issueThe game is ok and everything. I would prefer if it wouldn’t prevent me from getting to the very end. Every so many level it’s will only let me get the maximum of a few hundred arrows and it won’t be enough to kill all the little men to get the maximum bonus.Version: 1.6.5

Wouldn’t recommendIt’s a pretty fun game. It’s at least honest to what is advertised however there is literally a coin toss of seeing ads after ever game. If you’re going to force that many ads then the options to watch ads for x3 coins is pointless. I wouldn’t recommend playing this since you have to spend half your time watching repetitive ads..Version: 1.6.5

SUCKERCurrent version says “added no adds” to remove adds between levels. Got this game thinking it would be interesting, or challenging somehow, being required to do quick math and maneuver your arrows into the right lanes to win. At lv9 it’s still painfully easy. To get extra coins at the end of each level you have to watch an add. So I watched a few: the same add… over and over again. Then I chose to skip the adds and the extra points. I don’t care I just want to progress faster to something better. I skip the extra points hoping to go straight to the next level and what happens??? ANOTHER AD! The advertisements take 30 seconds each. Each boring level takes 20 seconds to beat. You literally will spend more time watching the same add over and over than you will spend playing this boring game. Do yourself a favor and don’t download it..Version: 1.8

Not engagingThe game is a good idea but could use a lot of work. The game lacks a reason to keep playing even a simple leaderboard and some people will play for longer. Also you should shorten the intervals between the panels the further in levels you go so that you can challenge players that played so much..Version: 1.7.5

Would be interested but too many adsThe ad load is so high I just had to stop after level five. As a person who tends to pay to go ad free, 60-second ads after every single 20-second level are a pushing the limit of calling it “free to play”. It really feels like “free to watch ads and occasionally play a really short game”. I would probably like this little time killer for a week, but I can’t encourage such heavy handed ad use. If you want to ratchet up ad use after 30 minutes of play, I get that; the dev is here to make money. But right out of the gate is too much of a turn off..Version: 1.8.1

Time waster, but to many adds.This app is nothing but a basic time waster. However there are a few complaints. 1) Even if one chooses to NOT get the bonus X3 rewards, you still see an add most of the time. 2) Leveling up the Income does nothing. If you make it to the end with level 10 income or level 40 there is no change in the maximum reward. 3) Some times you make it through all the enemies and you still don’t kill some at the bonus when you have 400 plus arrows..Version: 1.7.9

Glitch in currency add upMultiple times within my first hours of downloading this game I watched the adds and my currency gained from the level would not add to my total at all. I tried multiple times to just play through thinking it was a one off thing but repeatedly the currency would not add to my total once I successfully completed levels. Unacceptable from a game I thought would be good and keep me engaged..Version: 1.8.1

Glitches, AdsThis is a slight below average game on the fun level. I play this while Im watching a movie or doing something. The things that make it below average on the fun level is the ads and glitches. First, the ads are a-lot for a 10 second level. You either get it after u finish the level or after you finish the next level. Secondly, The glitches. Sometimes in a round, The numbers don't process. For example, I go through a 2x and my numbers don't change. Its mildly annoying since even if i re-open the game, It still happens on that level. And third, The most obvious if you’ve played this game before, Boredom. Theres no exciting features. Just a low-effort game shoving ad’s in your throat. Anyways, If your reading this have a good day, Goodbye..Version: 1.7.9

SCAMThis game has adds after every single level, even if you pay for no ads. I would like to give this game a shot but a 30 second after every level makes it feel like I’m just playing non stop ads on my phone with some occasional gameplay. Avoid this scam and look elsewhere..Version: 1.8.1

Ads make it awfulI understand app developers have to make money but having an almost 1 minute ad after every two levels is a nuisance. I know you can use airplane mode to turn them off but it’s still so annoying..Version: 1.7.9

Great game, but the adsI love the game and I have over 2000 arrows only after playing this game for 2 days! At least you can triple your 🪙 earning but please can it just be an ad every couple levels?.Version: 1.5

MediocreNot a terrible game, neat concept. SUPER repetitive however with very little growth. You gain money after stages to either (barely) increase the money you receive or (even more barely) increase the amount of arrows you start with. This is all fine and dandy, but the killer are the ads you are forced to watch after every round. Even without watching an ad for the x3 gold, you’re still hit with an ad anyway!.Version: 1.7.5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.9

Boring after 11 secondsBoring after 10 seconds.Version: 1.5

Sh*teF***ing ads.Version: 1.7.5

YesIt is fun but it does get a little boring after a while to make it better could you make it linger and maybe customisable arrows and skins for the people..Version: 1.7.5

You never loseFull of adds.Version: 1.6.5

Already boredOnly 6 levels in and already I’m bored of it. Game has nothing to it and is brain dead easy..Version: 1.7.9

Classic ad appThis is just an app that is made to make money on ads, don’t get it..Version: 1.7.5

AdsThis app is just full of ads if you value your sanity don’t download it, it’s not worth the data.Version: 1.5

NoAds.Version: 1.5

OverloadStandard overkill with adds.Version: 1.4

Pointless coinsWhat am i supposed to do with the coins?.Version: 1.3

RubbishToo easy, purely for advertising.Version: 1.5

Stop filling things with ads!Ads, ads, ads..Version: 1.7.9

Too many ads.Waste of time. Spoil all mood because of too many lengthy ads.Version: 1.7.5

Ad machineSo meany ad’s! 50/50 game to ad time..Version: 1.6

CEO of Ad spammingThe amount of ads makes you want to commit die.Version: 1.7.9

Too boring and repetitiveToo boring and repetitive Boring, I kept going to level 20 and all the levels were basically the same. All the levels are too short and repetitive. They should change the level design at level 10 20 and 30 ect..Version: 1.7.9

Too many adsEach level lasts for 15-20 seconds and you have to watch an ad after every 2 levels .. The levels are also very repetitive.Version: 1.7.9

Don't know why people are hatingI got this game in a BitLife add and I thought it seemed like a pretty fun game to play in the car, when your bored, or simply when you have no Wifi. Now, I get that this game is very annoying with the adds, but all you need to do is turn your Wifi off. I do this with games like this one and it works like a charm, there are no adds whatsoever. The game could use a shop to spend the coins at, with different arrow and people skins. It could use something like a daily challenge or different categories (like timed or endless modes) to keep the game interesting. Other than that it's a pretty decent game! :)).Version: 1.7.9

What the?This game makes absolutely zero sense. Like a 5 year old made it. GIVE ME BACK MY SON!!!.Version: 1.7.9

TrashThis game is garbage. Every single level is basically the same. There is no challenge whatsoever. Heaps of ads as well..Version: 1.3

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Arrow Fest 1.9 Update

Version 1.9 (2021-07-31): - Added the shop!.

Version 1.7.9 (2021-07-16): - New levels!.

Version 1.7.5 (2021-07-13): - Bug-fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.4 (2021-06-27): - New levels!.

Version 1.2 (2021-06-17): Added new levels.