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Experience the exciting life of a Beat Master! Remember to keep your lover happy!
Fantastic graphics & animations
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Why?This game was entertaining for about 20 seconds until I figured out what the game was actually like. This game looked interesting on the ad but actually is not. The game is not that bad overall in some parts the mini games are entertaining and interesting to play but when you finish a level they force you to have a girlfriend and there’s this thing called love points you have to pay coins in the game or you have to watch an ad to get them with the love points. You have to pay 100 love points for a kiss 200 for her to wear a bikini and 300 for you to look at her butt? That is very inappropriate I would not recommend this game..Version: 1.1

This is horrible,waste of time,Do Not buyThis game was somewhat fun for 20 seconds but every 30 seconds there’s an ad.Version: 1.1

Bruh why no bootyShe twerk, but dat booty no shakie 😡.Version: 1.1

Good 1 complaint...Ever girl friend you get you have sex with.Version: 1.1

BoringSo where do I start at first what kind of game is this the raping is bad the music and everything else and who ever made this game don’t make NO MORE !!!!?!.Version: 1.1

Why it is not the bestFirst of all I am a kid. I am a girl. And I like boys not girls-that’s disgusting to like a girl while girls like girls. But anyways, even tho I don’t support it, happy pride month..Version: 1.1

Boring and heterosexualWhen I saw an add for this game, it looked like a game where you’d have to rhyme a phrase with another to do a rap battle. I thought this was an interesting idea for a game, so I downloaded it. You play the rhyming game twice before you never do it again. After that, it’s just a bunch of minigames that other apps do far better. There isn’t any core gameplay loop, so the gameplay doesn’t evolve in any meaningful way. I’m aware that there’s been a history of homophobia in rap music, but I wasn’t expecting that to bleed over into a game made in 2021. Not only is there no option to have a boyfriend in the game, but the game forces you to have a girlfriend. It doesn’t help that all of the women in the game are objectified constantly. Between every minigame there’s a screen where you’re given the option of seeing the main character’s girlfriend in a bikini. It’s just gross all around. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend buying this game. It’s not inclusive, and it’s definitely not fun..Version: 1.1

I do not like itIt is nothing like it says it just focus on the boyfriend girlfriend thing and it is just boring.Version: 1.1

Twerk scene was weakSpent over 30 minutes of watching ads to save up 300 points for the butt button and it wasn’t worth it. Don’t download.Version: 1.1

Bad gameThis game is much different from its description and has constant ads. don’t download.Version: 1.1

It’s barley even a rap gameYou only get to rap like every 25 levels- you play a bunch of mini games that are boring and repetitive in between and get a long ad after every single one of them. And the best part is by the time you get to the 2nd rap it’s literally the same as the first one. And then it just repeats and says it’s the next level. This is genuinely a terrible game. It would have been more fun if it was actually just doing the rap battles but they took that outta the picture and ruined it. It has so much potential if it takes the mini games out and just makes it a rapping game like it was intended..Version: 1.1

Game is false advertisingThe game add makes it seem like a game that you have to make Rhythm and rhymes but not at all that’s the first two mission then it’s a boring mini games to impress your girlfriend.Version: 1.1

Bruson23This game is so fun like you get to rap it’s so good.Version: 1.1

Dont play this game!In the ad I saw we were going against people we did actually once!! Then after that it’s just a bunch of mini games ohIn the girlfriends that you unlock bridges over and over the same girls so that’s why I give it a one star..Version: 1.1

Give this game a 5 starIt makes you use your mind and it’s fun.Version: 1.1

To many adsThis game isn’t anything like the ad I got. It’s boring and you have to watch super long ads after everything you do. DONT GET THIS GAME.Version: 1.1

AdsNo game, just ads.Version: 1.1

So coolI love this.Version: 1.1

Loooong Ads, Boring Gameplay, SexistLong mandatory ads after every tired mini game. And after each ad your mandatory girlfriend needs you to “show her” how much you love her by buying her an expensive gift. They constantly want you to upgrade to a new girlfriend. It’s gross, and grossly boring. Oh and there’s no rapping or beats to be found. Don’t bother..Version: 1.1

Ads are annoyingAdds take a whole lot of time to get off like I can barely play one game and have to watch 2 full ads after smh..Version: 1.1

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Beat Master! 1.1 Update

Version 1.1 (2021-05-28): Improved graphics New mini games.