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Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D App Download

Choose the best gate, pass through it, and bring stickman warriors together to clash with the opposing crowd. Become the crowd master and lead your people through the crowded city till the end of this epic race. Crash obstacles and beat everyone on your way, collect coins and upgrade your levels. Defeat the King-stickman in the final battle and take the castle!

Looking for some fun and thrill? Then this 3d running game is just for you.

Count Masters is one of the most exciting clash games of all times! You start the battle alone but trust us: there are no chances for you to feel lonely.
This city takeover game features fascinating graphics and simple mechanics. You have a chance to get absorbed in the bright world of Count Masters full of gang fights and stickman battles. Get ready to spend hours playing one of the most thrilling running games.

We promise: you won’t get bored!

Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D App User Reviews & Comments

What the heckSo I got this game on while I was playing a different game and an ad popped up and I thought that it looked cool so I downloaded the app and thought it was really fun but as I got more into it I realize that it was useless and had a huge amount of flaws. First I realized that no matter how much people you get you won’t get first place I mean once I got all the highest numbers and I avoided all of the obstacles and still did not get it first place and also you can only change your characters color from the color wheel I mean why can’t you just choose your own color. Oh so you can only buy the things that you have already earned, I mean seriously, what’s the point of buying them anyway then Plus if you did all that work to earn them and you can’t even afford to buy them that makes. no sense. And that’s my statement please don’t get this app..Version: 1.15

Fun but boring after 20 minutesThe game is fun to pass time and enjoyable to play but my complaint is after you finish building the island theres no more than that and the gens are useless so the island is just a huge waste of time. The ads are also horrible after every level a 15-30 second ad pops up theres no way to pay to get rid of them. My last complaint is after a long time of playing the game it gets very glitchy and when I was in the level it only would go on the left or right never in the middle or wherever i would drag my finger to. Other than that its fun to play 😕.Version: 1.19

Could be betterThis game is actually pretty well made and the idea is great but there’s no real point in getting coins or going for the big troop multipliers/additions because they all get killed off anyway from the huge traps on the narrow path if the game developers could add troop strength upgrades for coins and a way to change troop formation to help survive the traps then it would be great and give more purpose to coins and make use of the high troop numbers instead of them dying as soon as you get them.Version: 1.10

Way too many ads and too easyThis game is riddled with ads, they’re everywhere. After completing any level or activity there will be an ad. There is also a pointless mini game that doesn’t really do anything, well, other than serve ads. Like the main game it’s just a time waster. The other thing that’s pretty annoying is that the game is so incredibly easy, there is virtually zero chance of dying while playing. I guess that would be great for a 4 y/o but it gets old pretty quick. If you are looking for a real time waster with a million ads, this is your game.Version: 1.14

Don’t download thisObviously this is just a mobile game that spans you with adds and provides no fun gameplay. “Well why did u leave a 5 star review” bcuz these people only show high star reviews. Also the other 5 star reviews are fakes. “Well why did u download this” so I could expose how trashy these games really are. If you looked at the reviews before downloading, great idea. My advice: don’t download games that look like they are designed for idiots.Version: 1.10

Good game just a couple bugsIt’s a good game overall but some problems. I saw the ad for the game and wanted to try it out. When I started playing for a few minutes I got so many ads. And when I beat the fist few levels it’s started being repeated over and over again. You have to watch so many ads to get new things like skins. But I keep coming back to play this game for some reason. Overall I think it’s good but could be better..Version: 1.14

15secs of game for 30sec ads. Ads everywhereReally easy game but not much to do other than watch some ads. Some you can choose to not watch but other are forced on you. After 3 lvls in a row had ads after I completed them I deleted. When every time you play a 10-15 sec lvl then have to watch a 30 sec add it’s just not worth it. Only a few skins you can get after 15-20mins of playing. In the end this game seems more like a gimmick to get as many ads watched as possible before people get tried of the ads and delete..Version: 1.6

Inaccurate RatingI played up to level 32 of this game and even that was only because I turned off the data for the app so that I wouldn’t constantly be bombarded with ads. The levels are so short that they feel pointless (or the point is to get us back to an ad as quickly as possible). There’s no game mode for continuous runs. I feel like I’m just putting money in the developers pocket by way of ad revenue. The game isn’t even fun. I only played as long as I did to see if other modes unlocked. Will be deleting after this review..Version: 1.13

Boring and RepetitiveLiterally less then 2 minutes into this game you can tell what it is a cash grab designed as a free game but then you get slammed with adds because of greedy creators who don’t give a crap about the community. Not even that the real kicker is the game is so simple a child could make it and probably do it better. Literally anyone that took first grade math can tell you 80X6 will get you more soldiers then 80+10. Like after two levels I deleted it it’s so boring don’t waste your time.Version: 1.15

It’s good but I’m in a bad mood RnIt’s awesome pretty cool it could be a bit more challenging but overall I think it’s great and I have some ideas for at the and the oh have to fight a huge guy as the final boss and 4 alien body guards as protection and use all the people and make your own giant and another idea I have is like having a legendary weapon wheel and that’s all also you guys are awesome never give up it hard these days:].Version: 1.7

Holy adsGame is ok, there are still a few bugs where you want to go throw the left gate but it chooses the right gate. This game has WAY too many ads. Play on airplane mode or you’ll only get to play for 10 seconds then have to sit through a 30 second ad. There’s no option to just buy the game to turn the ads off so that’s a huge negative to me. Game is fun tho, nice way to kill a few minutes while pooping as long as your internet is shut off..Version: 1.7

Amazing game!Really fun. A bunch of skins you can colllect, max your characters for gems and more. The only thing I have against this game is the ads because every time you complete a level or take a look at something it’s another ad… I wanted this game because I kept seeing it in ads. I showed it to my family members and they loved playing it too. Overall really happy with the gam 😀.Version: 1.15

Fun but HATE ADSOk for some reason when there is a 5 I go into it and it just gives me way more Little characters than usual The ads are sooo annoying just get rid of the ads so people can actually like your game so yeah it’s really annoying it’s a little fun at the same time I mean it’s awesome pretty cool but nets not my type so yeah it’s kind of fun are usually play if I’m going somewhere in the car though.Version: 1.10

Needs A LOT of workThis game need A LOT of work because it is WAY too easy! Literally I pass every single time. And the barely have any prizes. The obstacles are very easy to avoid, and it bug me that when I wanna start the thing over so I kill myself it puts it to a whole different obstacle corse! And whenever I’m in the car for hours I will play this game and get incredibly bored because it is so easy! That’s why I deleted the game and NO ONE should ever get it. IT IS NOT ENTERTAINING AND WAY TOO EASY.Version: 1.13

Feels like something is missingThe gameplay starts off fun. The math and obstacles are a little challenging. The side activity of building on an island is pretty neat. Sending off a ship to raid somewhere has potential. Then after 20 minutes, you’ve seen and done it all. If you start a level and fail, you do not get to go back and try again, it is just gone and you have another level to do. Some of the obstacles have no way to pass without major losses. No skills to improve. The bonus waving needles have a predictable rhythm making the highest bonuses gain able every time. The building is done in 20 minutes. No additional islands, no upgrades, just done. The raiding ship always wins through no action on your part. It is all off screen. The jewels you win in the raids have no purpose. It feels like the free sample of a bigger game. Lots of adds. But that seems to be the norm these days..Version: 1.15

DO NOT PLAYIf this game was merely a time waster, it would be an absolute legend compared to this dung pile. This game was designed to infuriate you. No challenge whatsoever. The math is so brain dead I’m sure we could train eels to play this game as well as I. Worse, the reward system not only is a pathetic joke revealing what this truly is: an ad platform, but as time goes on the obstacles force you to perform worse. You score worse the better you get!!! What the heck, I knew this was an “ad game” but did not expect it to be an intentional mockery of ones intelligence. It is absurd that apple lets these games flood the market place and be ranked so high with fake reviews. I hope the developers receive justice against them for this..Version: 1.18

Too many adsI mean it’s a good fun game but after a while it gets a little boring because it is all the same you just try to get more numbers and there are way too many ads it drives me crazy because you can only do one round then it’s an ad, one round then a ad and its just so annoying but I mean it is a fun game just gets a little boring and way too many ads..Version: 1.18

Just one thingI enjoy playing this game. There is only one thing that annoys me. It is the mid usage of the word “choice “. Instead of using the word “choice” in the manner that you have done so, you should use “choose” instead. Like I said I am satisfied with every other aspect of this game, but if you would like to make users more happy, just change this one thing..Version: 1.7

A How toHey, if you guys are mad and deleting this game, listen to me. I found a trick that will help you guys out with the “too many ads.” If you are playing on i phone or i pad, then you can turn on airplane mode, and if there‘s no wifi, they can’t give you any ads. If you wanna get a skin by watching an ad, I say just stick with what you have and don‘t be a sissy about it. Thanks, and this game is good with no ads..Version: 1.10

Ads after every level. Each level lasts seconds.I laugh at the games that shove ads at you immediately upon launching the game for the first time. Developers not for a second think that the user will first want to engage on the game before deciding on whether the game is worth spending your time on watching ads. The very first level of this game can be completed in under 15 seconds. Once you complete the first level you are immediately forced to watch a 30 second ad for something else. What are the developers thinking ? One star on any game that practices this stupid strategy on feeding you ads 15 seconds into you playing the game!.Version: 1.7

Filled with adsAt the end end of every run there is an ad which I can understand cause welcome to mobile games. But every time I watch an ad cause I have no choice but to take upgrades for free when, when I watched an ad the level before and have to now watch another for a free upgrade yet I have the in game coins to do it without an ad so I recommend avoiding it unless you don’t mind being forced to watch an ad every time you wanna do any crowd size upgrades but can so far do as many coin upgrades without ads as you want..Version: 1.7

Cute but AnnoyingI played 10 levels and was immediately struck by the fact that obstacles are unavoidable due to the fact that your crowd cannot squeeze past them without losses. That annoyed me to no end considering that the end bonus depends on how many you have. No matter which gates I take to maximize my numbers, spikes and other obstacles shave off a chunk and no amount of swiping or maneuvering avoids them. It isn’t poor decisions that cost you, it’s just the way the game works. That coupled with the repetitiveness quickly lost its appeal..Version: 1.6

Cool game but..Ads like crazy, obv u probably have seen this game before as an ad for other games. I saw it and though oh cool I’ll give it a try, the game itself is pretty unique and fun, kinda not that much of a challenge but there are some cool levels. I’d give five stars if I wasn’t bombarded after each level completed with a 30 second ad! U have been warned the ads are relentless, wanna unlock skins for your guys? Watch this ad. Completed a level here’s another ad. It’s quite annoying so I could really only play the game for roughly 10 mins before having to delete it. Just my honest review. 3/5 stars. Remove the ads 5/5..Version: 1.7

So Many Ads Only Had it For an HourAll the top comments must be fake or from the developers themselves. This game is riddled with ads and they don’t give you an option to it to make them go away. Watching a 30 second ad to play for 20 seconds and get another ad is not worth it. There’s more ad than gameplay. In terms of gameplay it’s not worth sitting through the ads to play the same thing over and over again. There are other games with a similar concept that are better and have way less ads. I’ve had this game for an hour and I’m deleting it..Version: 1.15

Game loadingCan the game load faster when I want to play it is so annoying have to wait a long time for it to load up. Also can you please stop putting in adds every 3 games it is annoying because then I have to exit the app and wait again for it to load up. Can you please fix the glitch where you get onto the game and then the game doesn’t work then it kicks you out of the app?.Version: 1.10

Mediocre at bestAs many other reviews have mentioned, this app is LOADED with ads. You’ll see a somewhat skippable 30 second ad after every 20 second level. Optional upgrades can be unlocked using in-game coins (earned by completing levels) or by watching a 30 second ad. Expect to watch A LOT of ads. I haven’t even touched on the gameplay. If you’ve seen the ads for this game, that’s what you get and nothing more. The levels never get harder. The “bosses” are just various skins of the same NPC. Seriously, there’s no substance to this game at all. You’ll never reach a level you get stuck at and celebrate when you finally pass it. The levels are all procedurally generated with various obstacles thrown in your way. By the time you’ve reached the 5th level, you’ll have seen all that this game has to offer. 2 stars, because it’s exactly as advertised and nothing more..Version: 1.10

What?I genuinely find it hard to believe that this has 4.6/5 ratings. I’ve looked at all the reviews I could and there are maybe 3 ratings with a 5. I’m thinking the creators put in a bunch of 5’s to boost the ratings. Way way too many ads; not even fun after the first 10 times cuz it’s the same thing over and over again. The game exists solely as a lure to get you to watch a billion ads so that the creators can make money on a crappy game. Looking for some genuinely fun games, and I keep falling into crap like this. Make a quality game, or get out of the business..Version: 1.6

UnfairI was playing this game and i thought it was quite fun. Then i wanted to watch an add to claim a new skin that i worked hard for and it pretended like there was no internet and i couldnt claim the skin, even though i DID have internet! So the only way to actually get a skin is to pay for it, wich i think is unfair. The game also said that i couldwin a skin by choosing one out of three chests. The first and second time i chose “wrong”. I thought that it was just a coincidence, but i have had to choose fo a lot of times now and i still haven’t won one skin out of all those times i could choose from the chests. I am sorry but to me that is kind of suspicious. It’s like the creators of the game don’t want me winning a free skin!.Version: 1.6

Not like the add.I saw this game as an add and it looked really cool so I gave it a try. I think something that game creators do is they will purposely play the game really bad for the add and then when I see it I think oh the person playing this game is really bad and I think I could do this game much better than they can and so I download the app and then you lose interest really fast because of how easy it is and so it was a waste of time and effort! That’s probably why games like this always have so many people play it. If I were you I would stick to Roblox, Minecraft and google. Some other games like this are better but it’s a really rare occasion and almost never happens..Version: 1.7

AwesomeUnlike a many games this game actually doesn’t have a lot of adds I’ve played games that every 30 seconds to a minute there was an ad even in the middle of a game but this game is awesome and there are not that many adds it is quite challenging and it keeps me entertained all in all I think this game is really good and from what I hear the creators of this game listen to the reviews and if they find anything in the reviews that they need to change they will change it because I’ve heard that this game used to be pretty bad but I’ve also heard that it’s got a lot better and it is really fun to me!.Version: 1.10

So MANY Ads! Even after paying to remove ads.This is a great game. Very addicting. But after many levels of seeing Ads over and over and over again I decided to go head and pay the money for no ads. Well guess what, you still have to watch ads for literally EVERYTHING. You want that new skin you earned - you gotta watch an ad. You want that bonus you earned - you gotta watch an ad. You want to go to the next level - you gotta watch an ad. And these ads are 30 seconds long and then another 15 seconds to try and get you to download what is being advertised. Come on - if you’re going to have an option for users to pay to not have ads - then take away the ads. This is ridiculous. I should have just kept my money at this point..Version: 1.19

Impossible luck game and uncontrollable adsIt is impossible to reach to the top score when the bigger your group is, the harder to maintain when the road it too small, make it impossible to keep the number high. Also this game should have some control over ads cause one of the ads force me to leave the game and go to the AppStore. It’s only fun in the first couple round but you’ll get bored really quick cause the result are the same..Version: 1.7

The other reviews are not trueHi everyone says that this game is for dumb babies and it’s not fun when there’s too many ads and yes I’ve played it there’s way too many ads but guess what I just go on to airplane mode and then you don’t watch ads and yeah it’s just a game but it’s also really fun even with the ads I took my time to write this so that you could read it So listen to meIt’s really fun and yeah play it all the time it’s going to get boring but it’s not boring at all and it’s not dumb it’s one of the best games ever is my favorite game thank you for having time to be there have a good day.Version: 1.6

Boring, glitchy, and too many adsThe game just does the same thing again and again. It doesn’t even have hard levels, in like 30 minutes I almost got every skin. And every time I finished a round there were just a bunch of ads, and there wasn’t even music or anything really that fun. There wasn’t any sound effects or sound. This game is not a game I recommend for fun or even to pass time. Someone really needs to update the game and make it more fun, and add sound effects. If the owner sees this review... PLEASE PLEASE FIX THESE THINGS!!.Version: 1.7

Good but…I love this game! It has amazing skins and I love the among us in it but it needs hats. I all ready got all the skins and I got the game a hour ago. If it had hats I could have more to look forward to. Also if you made it so you got colors from the boss fights then you could make some colors harder to get and show of to your friends. One more thing I think if you make a multiplayer level where you get more and more people and at the end you fight a real person then you could give the winner a prize. This is just a suggestion for the creators of this Awesome game!.Version: 1.10

LazyAlright I am no app critic, but I’ve seen so many ads for this game that I had to know what exactly it was. It looked easy and I liked the noises the dudes made. I started playing it with WiFi off so the game would barrage me with ads and I noticed there was no music no sounds, nothing at all. Whatever no music that’s okay. They couldn’t even bother at making their own levels, instead they seem to be randomly generated. I thought okay that’s alright infinite replayability, I can get behind that. The gameplay is mindless, the animations are lazy, the models are simple, the sounds are absent and, the English is incomplete. This app is clearly just a cash cow for a company in a third world country. Overall score- it was ight. This ain’t triple A..Version: 1.10

TO MANY ADSI was just playing Draw defense then a ad popped up 👀 I saw this game I was like “ this looks like a fun game I totally don’t know that there’s a Trillion ads” so when I was waiting for it to download I looked at all The reviews and I saw bad things so I was like well this game is going to be trash but let’s just see and guess what I hate it it’s like the worst I agree with all other people too many ads too many stuff so yeah I don’t know why someone just would make a game for you to just watch ads 99% of the time I was just watching the ads and 1% I was actually playing really it just was really boring and really easy with some other people I read the reviews and I saw some other people get all the skins in like 20 minutes in 20 minutes I also got all the skins. In all it’s just a bad game.Version: 1.6

It’s easy and frustratingSee I have no trouble get through this game easily! It’s very easy and i always 4.0-5.0 every time! Also when your at the bonus round and you have to open the three boxes and you want the person. For me I open one box and then it’s coins, then I have to what he a video for the second box and it’s coins, then I want to open bow three to get the person but then the video starts loading! Then I never get the person! I hope people can relate. Thank you..Version: 1.7

Annoying AdsThe game itself is moderately enjoyable enough. I would like to see more challenging math options at the gates to make it better for teaching my god kids how to learn quickly how to do the math in their heads. But annoying ads after every level and no options for muting them independently, so each ad after each level hijacks the audio so listening to a book or music is intolerable. I understand the need of ads for revenue on free games. But the ads shouldn’t last longer than the level..Version: 1.10

This game is terrible anyone who says it is good is not being honestI don’t normally review games but this was trash I sought at the height of the list and we got a bunch of ads for it so I thought I’d try it and it’s exactly like the ads there is no difference in the levels there is no skill involved all you need to know is what number is bigger in a lot of the time that doesn’t even matter this game is just something to put ads in your face and make money do not buy it do not get it do not give these developers any revenue because they do not deserve it.Version: 1.7

Pretty good but could be betterFirst of all, the game is pretty fun with the bosses and multipliers and whatnot but if you could add a creative mode where you build your own levels to play yourself or to publish for others to play that would be awesome. Second, there are only two things you can upgrade in the game when there is so many things you can make options to upgrade like luck where it gives you a better chance to get higher additions to your crowd or defense where you have better resistance to enemy attacks like one person is like 2. Finally, there should be an option to add decor to your crowd like hats..Version: 1.10

OkayAds every level before and after. The levels are also smaller than a germ. You even have to watch an ad to unlock a skin. YOU EARNED THE SKIN BY PLAYING THE LEVELS. NOT TO MENTION THE MILLIONS OF ADS CONTAINED IN THE GAME ITSELF. IT DOESN'T NEED TO THROW THE UNO DOUBLE AD CARD AT YOU AS SOON AS YOU FINALY UNLOCK A SKIN. This game should be renamed to Ad Runner. 😂 So far, I would expect the game to be a 3 star, honestly. Idk, it’s my opinion so far. Edit: wait I can just turn off my WiFi... um... alright! I’ll try this out, and might change my rating..Version: 1.10

Best game everIs the best game I’ve ever played my whole entire life and because you get to run around in and get him though though are you trying to get though try to get the numbers and my highest level I think is my own I love this game so much thanks for making this game!!!.Version: 1.10

Great game, but…Okay, so if you’re like me, you saw an ad about this and thought: “Wow! I’ll download it.” As soon as I open the app, I get interested. I start playing, but after about 3 levels it’s just: ad! Ad! Ad! Ad! After each level. Not fun right? So that’s just basic advice. The game itself does get boring. I’m on level 106 and I’ve had it for about a month. It was really fun at the beginning, but then it was like the same thing over and over again. The good thing is: it does not use WiFi. So it’s kind of like my go to in the car game. Sometimes I like to be sneaky and turn off the WiFi on my device so I don’t get ads.😏 So overall, it’s a well designed game, but if you are looking for something engaging and always fun, try somewhere else..Version: 1.10

Its got a couple problems…If i get over 200 people by the end, some of them would get left behind. Ive played almost 2000 levels and never got to the top. Like the distance from the finish line to the staircase is not long enough for the little people to get in their pyramid. The farthest i’ve gotten was 6.2. That’s one problem and the other one is the ADS. They come after every single level and range from 15 to 30 seconds which gets very annoying. The developers definitely need to fix these problems..Version: 1.15

This has changedThis has changed after every level I mean after three levels there’s ads but it is so great so rate it five stars.:-) :-) And it’s like amazing so please get it because it’s amazing and ask first time I played it I was like how do I play this game but let me know if you need any help with his game I know a ton about it so just ask me or ask my friend show me on this tablet a lot and also this is an app private so there’s no daily new data across apps and websites on owned by other companies OK so yeah that’s all I want to say it’s it’s amazing and I am after every review I read I know you guys have sent some bad ones and bad reviews but guys this game has updated it’s amazing now there’s not too many so just get it it’s not too many ads there’s not too many ads.🤯🤯😄😄.Version: 1.7

Good morning reviewsLike most games by this company, it is the exact same as the add, which I love. This is a great game and I would definitely recommend it. Well made and fun. Not my favorite game, but still really good hence the five star review. There are adds, but you have the option not to watch them. Please get this app!.Version: 1.10

Fun but the ADSThis game is fun and enjoyable, nothing ground breaking but nice to pass the time. The gameplay is simple and easy, and I haven’t noticed any major bugs. The actual game itself: 5 stars. However, the BIGGEST thing keeping this app from getting anything higher than 3 is the amount of ADS! After every round, you get an ad that ranges from 15-30 seconds. I have been playing this game for about an hour and the majority of the time was dealing with ads. There isn’t even an option to pay to get rid of them. There are SO MANY ADS to the point where it makes it annoying to play, sucking the enjoyment out of completing any level. If there was an option to pay to get rid of these ads, I would gladly do it. Overall, the game is nice and fun, but the amount of ads are unbearable..Version: 1.14

To repetitiveAt the beginning it was very fun. There were different things in the levels and things would get added every few levels. However I am almost to level 200 and ever since level 50ish each level has just had the same obstacles. After playing for so much it gets pretty boring. Also you get an add after every round. That is annoying..Version: 1.7

A good gameThis is a very fun game! You can be different characters and colors! And I don’t think the levels are repeating. Although it’s impossible to get tot he top of the stairs at 6.8. I’m already on level 426 and I haven’t gotten to the top yet! And once you have like soooooo many people it’s literally impossible to keep them. They just get chopped away instantly. I would really like you to fix this please! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.10

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Adds...Adds after every level I played. And then some fun adds where you skip it and it goes to a 3-5 second loading screen, which is an add. So it’s deleted already..Version: 1.19

Too many adsIs an ad after every single level necessary?.Version: 1.15

Stupid gameSuch a stupid useless game, you do the same thing every level and there is literally no way to be good at it because it’s basically the easiest thing ever Unless ur a cow with 5 brain cells would not recommend 0/10.Version: 1.6

Insulting amount of ads and a poor gameInsulting amount of ads with no way of removing them. What a cash grab. Poor progression, no endless mode, bad graphics even for a simple style. Don’t waste your time or support this developer..Version: 1.6

Why ads?Ok so when I was playing, the fact that there’s ads in between the rounds is unfair because it stops you half way from playing and you might lose.Version: 1.18

Too many ads15 seconds to play the round, then 30 seconds of ads..Version: 1.15

Why is this at no 1? Pathetic ADs with bit of game in between.Concept is cool, but another great game wasted by ADs. No option to pay and remove the ADs. ADs after each level. Ads Ads Ads. Deleted and 1 started after installing it 3 mins ago..Version: 1.10

Great game butThis game is amazing and so fun, there is just far to many adds like nearly every round there is 2 adds. Other than that it’s an amazing game highly recommend!!!.Version: 1.19

Good gameGood game but it there is an ad after every round and whenever I get a good number at the end it will always give me a ‘bonus’ which kills two thirds of them for example once I got 200 (I’m only on the low levels and not very good 😊) it will make it 80 which is really annoying. Other than that it is fun and entertaining!.Version: 1.15

AddsThe game is good and entertaining- needs to go for longer - The adds are a major let-down… Loose the adds…. I’d happily pay to have no adds.Version: 1.15

AnnoyingNeed to watch stupid ads after each level and when building, very poor marketing.Version: 1.14

Could be betterI enjoy it but I must say there are obstacles that you can’t miss and it’s hard to try to get a higher score at the end it never seems to get over 6.0x...Version: 1.10

More adds then gameplayI thought it sucked but have a go and make your own mind..Version: 1.19

To many adsYou spend more time watching ads than playing the game.Version: 1.10

Waste of timeWhen I play, and I have 200 crowd runners after passing the finish like I will make it to 6.2x I just played, and had 900 crowd runners passing the finish line, and I still… only made it to 6.2x I JUST wanted to SEE what is AT THE TOP.Version: 1.10

Adds don’t allow silence modeIncredibly annoying.Version: 1.15

Bad 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻This is good but I don't play it all the time it is boring and way to many ads they need to make it more exiting I don’t show any of my friends because they would get board straight away. Don’t get this game bad game to many ads.Version: 1.10

Worst gameWorst “game” I’ve ever played there’s ads even with aeroplane mode on and it redirected me to a website on my browser mid game. No control of where the lil dudes go when you have a lot of them and no way to stop them from falling or dying, horrible cash grab adware..Version: 1.10

AdsThe ads are very annoying the ads pops up every round and it’s getting me annoying and I want you to fix it.Version: 1.13

One starWay to many ads! Seriously at the end of each level there is a advertisement. Poor. Deleted straight away.Version: 1.7

Sooo many adsI really like this game but there are so many ads it’s so annoying! There’s not even a space to purchase a no add version.Version: 1.7

To many adds👁👄👁So there was 7.5 billion adds before I got play. It was good but bad at the same time. When i got the game, I went through the thing and then...I had one still.🤨good game though.👍.Version: 1.10

No skillIt’s really unfair when you get so many people but then there are obstacles or edges that you can’t avoid. There is not skill or way to avoid it so you are forced to lose more than half your people and then you can’t get past 4.5% at the end. It’s also really repetitive..Version: 1.7

Stacked againstOkay so to begin with yes there are ads but they are easy to deal with..... just turn on airplane mode or turn wifi off on device while playing. What is really annoying is you can not stop the little people being dropped off the edge or smacked by things. And also the guy at the end always gets 2 hits in, sending handfuls of your people out no matter how many you have. Its an okay game but this frustrated me a tad much..Version: 1.7

Great game BUTThis is a really good game HOWEVER am ad every time you complete a level. I understand developers need to get an income but EVERY level. Have to delete it!!!!.Version: 1.6

AwesomeHardly any adds you unlock skins to level up.Version: 1.10

Too many ads. More ads than gameplayWay too many ads. It destroys the gameplay.Version: 1.10

Way too many addsToo many adds to even enjoy it. It’s just more annoying then anything.Version: 1.7

Well well wellLooks like you fell down the well. Are you ok my guy? I have been traumatised by the amount of ads in this game, I’m just asking but why are you here, why are you still reading this review, I am going to the thy ladder to get thy holy one OUT of the well this has NOTHING to do with the game but lightning struck and electrocuted the holy one, I meant to say “thy” holy one but oh well, I wanna be a doctor and this came is medically in inaccurate, look at the atonomey of those poeople, so unrealistic pew pew pew.Version: 1.6

Too many adsNot a good enough game to justify 10 seconds of game play for 30 seconds of ads. Uninstalled after 4 levels.Version: 1.6

Disgusting amount of ads!Not recommend because there is a disgusting amount of ads and meaning that as soon as I opened the app there was a stupid ad I see all the time! Also it is just a wast of time because you purposely get killed. Not recommend. Wast of time and bad amount of ads!.Version: 1.6

Too many adsAfter every 30 second level and you can’t skip the ad.Version: 1.10

GlitchesLove the game but there are WAY too many adds and the game glitches like twenty times a minute and then you end up losing.Version: 1.10

Game RuinerThis game uses too much advertisement. Whenever I play a game, the add is always this game. I’m sick of hearing the horrific guitar plucking and animation just running into gates. I hope you find another way to get people playing your game, and not ruining others..Version: 1.7

Ads between each level make me go something, something..‘Go craaazy?!’ Don’t mind if I do!! Seriously, it’s annoying..Version: 1.15

Too many adsAds take longer than gameplay.Version: 1.6

Ads ads adsEvery level is an excuse to show you an add. First levels are so easy there’s no way you can lose, it’s over quicker than the ad you have to watch..Version: 1.10

BadIt go faster when you on next level it also scam you.Version: 1.6

Money makerApp is just designed to make money for the developers, wouldn’t be a bad game if they put time into it and got rid of the ridiculous amount of ads. Playing on offline mode is fun because there’s no ads but I also have to point out after beating a boss you will never get a free skin as they only give coins no matter which one you choose. Also it doesn’t matter if you get 500 people across the line it won’t go over 6.2x. Disappointing the developers don’t care.Version: 1.15

Bruh adsWhy there so many ads? And why are the ads inappropriate because my son said that he knows the word weed cuz he saw some random ad. Not worth it.Version: 1.10

Way too many adsI spent more time viewing adds than playing.Version: 1.10

Just don’tOk game, but ads are after every level, which is ten seconds long. Repetitive, lazy and made to target kids by bombarding them with ads. Do not download this game so that the company gets no money..Version: 1.7

Too many adsIf you like to watch ads instead of playing game, then it’s perfect game for you. I would like to give negative 5 stars if I could..Version: 1.13

Not that bad of a gameIt’s alright game but the ads frustrate me I think would be way better if the ads always don’t come straight after you play a level.Version: 1.14

Pretty goodI think this game is a great game although there are a lot of ads which I’m not sure I like Over all it’s a good game and is super fun Mille.Version: 1.15

The 'BONUS'This game is fine... ads are fine.... game generally fine.... its just the bonus at the end. It fustrates me everytime as I am about to get a high amount... and here comes the bonus. Yes, you can more people.. no, they hit out half of them. Its happens more than ads....Version: 1.10

ThanksI love it that it's not too easy but it's okay to have a lot of problems with it and I don't have any problems with it..Version: 1.10

Too many ads.I thought this game looked fun. It was for the fist 30 seconds. Then a 30 second ad. Then to open boxes more ads. You spend more time watching ads then actually playing this basic game. The developers should be ashamed..Version: 1.7

Fun game but too many addsEnjoying this game but there are way too many adds. Would be great to have an add free option to purchase..Version: 1.14

ADDSThis game is amazing except for the amount of adds after every round there is a add. It is so annoying. It is also a problem how if you have a lot of people in your group and you pass a blade you would instantly lose around half you group because you can’t fit them in the space..Version: 1.7

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Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D 1.18 Update

Version 1.18 (2021-07-26): Hi there! Our update is finally here! In this version, we’ve added: - Added the ability to remove ads; - Added setting screen; - General game improvements; - Game balance update; - Minor bug fixes for better user experience; - Minor level updates..

Version 1.14 (2021-07-12): Hi there! Our update is finally here! In this version, we’ve added: - General game improvements; - Minor bug fixes for better user experience..

Version 1.10 (2021-06-23): Hi there! Our update is finally here! In this version, we’ve added: - General game improvements; - Minor bug fixes for better user experience..

Version 1.7 (2021-06-08): Hi there! Our update is finally here! In this version, we’ve added: - General game improvements; - Game balance update; - Minor bug fixes for better user experience..

Version 1.5.1 (2021-05-26): - Bug fixed - Game improvements.