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Get to the end of the track and try to collect as many money bills as possible along the way!

The more money you collect, the better your outfit will look. On the other hand, if you collect too many bottles, trash cans or bills, you will get poorer and risk losing everything!

Simple and intuitive game with easy to remember controls.

Run Rich 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Broken? Lots of ads.Hey, so I just downloaded this game and i didn’t think there would be problems! I tried to play it again but it either wouldn’t load or, it would show that I’m out of the map. I have no idea if this happens to other players but if so.. please fix it I was really enjoying the game. Anyways, i get ads every time i die and it’s really annoying..Version: 1.1

Terrible.Really? You”e teaching kids to be gold diggers? I was just casually playing with all these dumb ads and I see a choice on and it’s “true love” in red or “gold digger” and you’re putting the covid vaccine in the game to? what is wrong with you people. Kids don’t need to know this stuff and it’s just those trashy games that people don’ even try on with all the dumb ads after everything to get money and spread bad messages. I will not support your game..Version: 1.5

Bad messagesIn several levels from now there would be a level where you come across green for money and red for losing money but true love is in red and gold digger is in green this is a bad message for younger audiences that would download this game because of messages like this. I say for younger audiences because of the fact that you know younger people are still going to download this game even though it shows the proper age demographic for this app (at the moment I’m unsure at it says for age).Version: 1.3

Fun but..The game is super fun but the messages it sends are so wrong. Is this what it want to tell kids: charity is bad, true love is bad, you should gold dig. It can say some true things though. Like not to smoke, or that gambling, you’ll sometimes win, but doing it a lot brings you down. But more bad messages than good. It basically is rob, or get robbed and if you don’t rob.. you won’t get rich. Making good choices are bad in this game. So it’s fun but says so much that is wrong or that if you did in real live, would make you such a bad person..Version: 1.5

ReceiveThis is a really really good app it’s teaching people not to hit in to the hard things In life but to hit the easy things and just right things and to make good designed in life so make good disused sorry it’s not long I have long nails so ever thing is not spells right love Jessica Alyson bourque and try no adds.Version: 1.4

Terrible messages1• This game I ok but it has a lot of really bad massages like you have to be a GOLD DIGGER to be rich like what then charity is bad? It tells kids that to succeed in life you have to be a gold digger be rich I don’t agree with that 2• So many ADDS this is a major problem for when you try to play the game an add pops up about bingo 🙄. 3• why just why we have all of these games that send kids the wrong images like these are top games people like there’s a game that you have to be popular to kiss a boy and now these I remember when top games were actually good 😑.Version: 1.4

I wish there were know addsAds just don’t make games fun because if there’s so many ads on a game I just delete that app and go play a different one so that’s why I understand what I am rating it five Stars Because it’s a really fun game I just wish there were no ads.Version: 1.5

Very good!!This game is very good and me and my sister play it and we both enjoy it and it is a very kid friendly game and I really can’t wait for more characters and I hope you can add like another story onto the house and add like divorces and add where they have kids and they have to get married! Edit:I really hope you can add more updates to the house and the game itself!.Version: 1.5

The game of how I like rich people nowSo are used to hate rich people they will always show off their money and stuff this game make me like it because like there’s no show us in this game and stuff so yeah that’s why I like the game now.Version: 1.3

So BADDI know people are asking how its bad. well i am here to explain. anyways it keeps glitching and its filled with magor spams of the same ads. and whenever I am about to hit the finish line٫ it keeps kicking me out of the game. It's horrible and its trying to basically turn you into a gold digger. its so bad and dont download it AT ALL ☋ if you ever download this you will see it to. DONT DOWNLOAD. Its also asked me for my name and age . It's so bad. please dont download pls. and if its not enough reasons٫ just contact me with full connection. but if u cant contact me٫ i will just say it. they told me to allow the game to see through my PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. And they also asked for the the camera to show to see my face. they also wanted my email password. that was the ads. So beware on the ads they added on the game..Version: 1.5

Only three stars3 because the game is saying not to donate or get Facebook, Facebook just lets you chat it doesn’t make you lose money! But also it says try not to get robbed and go to school. You should go to school but that is like the only useful thing in the app. 😭😞☹️.Version: 1.3

To many adsThere is to many ads and it annoys me it is a great game I love it im about on level 73 and its really fun but the ads thats the only thing that bothers me anyways its a beautiful lovely game I just hope they get rid of the ads.Version: 1.5

True love is bad?? So is charity??Okay I love this game I’m on about level 30-50 however I have some problems. In order to be successful and rich you need to be a gold digger instead of true love? It’s kind of iffy for me that it considers you as basically a failure if you choose that choice. Get real, most decent people in this world would rather find their soulmate than being some girl who licks gold for a living. Money DOES NOT buy happiness. This game simply goes against this life lesson..Version: 1.3

ThxSo remember in your ad how you added a big patch of money for somebody to walk through maybe actually add that in the game so you don’t scam people and your app doesn’t get taken down because number one when they play the game they realize there’s no patch of money and they delete the game right away number two they write your Game a one star and number three make sure you always tell the truth and what I mean by that is if you’re going to add some thing in the ad add it in the game thanks.Version: 1.5

Wayyyy Too Many AdsThey are definitely on to something with this game. It’s fun and unique. But I could not play the game for one minute without about 3 ads coming on. And it made me watch an ad to complete each house task. I watched over 10 ads in the few minutes of playing. Out of frustration I finally deleted it..Version: 1.5

Bad influence.As I started to play the game I’ve seen some bad stuff like it says save money or donate to charity, I mean there’s nothing wrong with saving money but why did they have to put charity? I mean they could’ve put like spending money but not charity, plus there’s another one, holidays or saving money, like I said already there nothing wrong with saving money but you should be able to spend time with your family on the holidays. For the last one they put gold diggers or true love, now there teaching kids how to be a jerk and try and brag and spend money. Like they literally put save money but then put gold digger as in spending. This game shouldn’t be here and should be took down..Version: 1.5

Great but…This game is great does not give you any adds when playing but the one think that I don’t like is when all the rivers are blocking you so you have to run into the robbers but other than that great!.Version: 1.1

Love the game but..This game is so addicting, I love getting millionaire. I searched up ‘fun no WiFi games’ and this game popped up, so I decided to get it. When I had no WiFi I decided to give it a shot, Bu& the unexpected happened, I open the app and the screen went black and stayed there. Maybe if I would've waited longer it might have worked, but please try to fix this. Thank you for your time.Version: 1.5

Love this game you should definitely do this gameI love this game so much that almost like no ad well I haven’t seen much ads I haven’t seen not what OK so moving on every like two levels have no ads but I can’t promise that but it’s Great this game is like good 👍.Version: 1.5

This game is AMAZING!!!!💝💖💝I think this game is amazing but there’s a lot of adds like when just about to win there’s an add but the adds are really glitchy I love the game besides the adds it’s so satisfying I can’t stop playing it l💖it !!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4

NiceThe ad's are annoying sometimes but other then that its fun! my goal is to get to millionaire ٫ finish the house٫ and get items/charaters. When I saw this pop up on ad's I had to get it and i don't regret it!.Version: 1.5

Its good you should try itPretty good because well every time you get some money you becomes more richer and becomes like more of a billionaire but if you run over some bad guys you become a little bit more poor it doesn’t really happen in real life and that is why I like it it doesn’t like come in real life it’s not really in life that is why I like it you should try it.Version: 1.3

Just downloaded.. horrible message to kids.. ads.I just downloaded this game, haven’t even had it for a hour and I don’t like it. It sends a horrible message to kids, and the ads are crazy. Every time I finish a level, 90% of the time it pops up a “My Talking Angela 2” ad. And those type of games are freaking TERRIFYING (well to me they are). The horrible message to kids is that you have to be rich to be successful, and all that kind of junk. Sorry, but I’m out..Version: 1.5

A lot of adds and robbers💵💰This is a fun game but the robbers are always in the way like there would be like 7 robbers in the way and I won’t get can’t get through and there is a lot off adds.Version: 1.1

This game is not meOk this is a bad influence, but before I get to that I have something to say…STOP I know this game is a copy of another game as others games are copies as other games! Make your own original game! Now being a Gold digger is bad you should get money for true love, saving is good but donating to charity is even more good, The person who made this game is lucky I’m giving this a two star she should not even have one Star, as I say again this game is a bad influence! Why?.Version: 1.5

Seriously?So… After 5 minutes of playing the game, a few levels passed but.. I start a new level, make it to poor and it asks me: University or Study (something like that kind of school thing) but, you need money to pay for those things! So, I know this isn’t too big but in reality it is. So, your probably not gonna find/read this but, overall in entertainment is a 3.5 stars. But because of this problem I’ve wrote, I’m giving it two stars because I’m trying to be nice but reasonable..Version: 1.5

Very fun, but a lot of addsVery fun game, you collect money and try to be rich. You can upgrade your house and avatar with the money. It is really fun but there are adds every time when you complete a round. I really enjoy this game!.Version: 1.5

Good but not great messagesI found this game I started playing it but like once I started playing it it just came up with two options party or like school it’s a school and you lose money if your big party and I don’t understand that people can go to I just ignore the messages I’ve seen a lot of reviews that are saying the messages are bad I don’t really care about the messages are not that bad just ignore them.Version: 1.5

Good but terrible messagesI usually don’t write review but this game made me want to write one. The reason I that this has two stars is because of the messages it’s sending to children. Like that need to be a gold digger to be successful. Or that you should never donate to the needy because you will go broke. That is so bad to say in a fun game to children. The only reason I didn’t give this one star was because it a good game. I just wanted to say the truth because this can actually be harmful to children either way thank you for taking the time and reading this I really appreciate it💖.Version: 1.2

Very good!I really do enjoy this app and the fact it has an option to remove ads is great amazing job! I cannot wait for new outfits and characters! And also a suggestion! new scenarios would be good! Like jobs! Or having children cause they can either bring up money or bring them down! And also you should add more of the rich husbands in the games! And also like divorce cause it can bring down money or bring it up! I love it keep up the good work! 😊💕💕 Edit!: Hello! I am back! This is one of my favorite games ever I love the new update and I cannot wait for the next:] just one thing when you add new characters try and make it diverse and also maybe add music it the background when the character walks! Love the game! Keep up the good work!!!!.Version: 1.3

Game gets addicting.This game is great decently recommend, some parts you can get very upset like when there are robbers in a row and you have to go past at least one, but it is a great game and I would expect most people to like it. And I bet the developer worked very hard on this game, have a great day!.Version: 1.4

Ok not the bestSo when I started playing this game it was nice but then I realize that it said charity is bad but charity isn’t bad both of charity and savings is good I will pick a charity because it’s better than saving because you would be able to do charity too if u had saving also its glitches and I cant do the game!.Version: 1.5

Cool but…I don’t agree with True love and charity and party and games being bad. Getting money and gems barely has any effect but when you get bad things they drench you down a lot. Also, I’m tired of the same lady and close every time. The game is still fun anyway..Version: 1.5

I give it a 5 star but there’s a problemSo whenever on now its just the background i don’t know why it doesn’t have update too.Version: 1.4

Love this gameI’ve been playing this game for three hours and I got this game soon as I’ve got my iPad and I love it I’ve been playing it and I got my iPad like before my birthday so this is like my favorite game I have literally on the top I love this game.Version: 1.5

Delicious game :DThe game has very little ads unlike other apps similar to this one having ads every game. Also, it really isn’t lying in the ads when it says it’s tricky 🥲. I’ve only gotten to millionaire twice but hey! At least it’s not false advertising..Version: 1.5

Too many ads 🍗I absolutely love this game! It is really fun and I just love it. I love how you get money and try to avoid robbers and crack open safes to get money, but my one problem is the ads. Every time I come back from a game there is an ad. And their like 30 seconds or something. So like I said, I really enjoy playing the game, but I barely get to play, because I’m stuck watching ads..Version: 1.5

🤩AMAZINGThis app teaches children to save money don’t do drugs and especially not to drink alcohol ever and to go to school if you still need to go to school get an education and never ever gamble ever. Furthermore it’s just children to become rich and have a nice life that does not include drugs alcohol or any gambling of any sort as a mother of four I am very pleased with this app and I wish that more apps were like this..Version: 1.5

Bad InfluenceI’m not trying to hate on the app. But it’s teaching kids like my cousin bad stuff. It can be good, and bad. Like when it says “school or party”. You get money for school which is good. But if you look at it the other way, (you have to get money in order to succeed.) Then it can be a bad influence to children. And I get it, there’s a reason why it has an age limit, but people like my cousin (5) doesn’t read stuff like that. Kids can pickup on stuff REAL easy. So if you make stuff like this it can teach a bad influence. But it’s a pretty cool game. I don’t really recommend playing it in my point of view. But they put effort into the game, and I appreciate that. Thanks for your time!.Version: 1.5

True love and charity...Dear person reading this , Hi, This is a O͟K͟A͟Y͟ game. I am disappointed at true love and charity. Obviously you would pick true love right? But some how it’s the wrong answer and the other answer is gold digger! Obviously you should pick true love!! 🤬😡 The other problem is you could either save your money or donate.. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE TEACHING KIDS TO NOT DONATE TO CHARITY?! Your game is a terrible influence. Please make a update on that. From , One of your users..Version: 1.5

Good with but with issuesThis game is fun but the levels are short but the good thing is that there’s not a lot of adds so if you didn’t already go on App Store type in run rich 3D and start having fun..Version: 1.5

Ruins your phone, racist, bad message.This game is racist and horrible in many ways. The robbers are mixed or black. Also this is a bad message because it’s showing that you are only appreciated as a rich and wealthy person. Please don’t get the app. It will make your phone glitchy too!! My screen turned black during an ad so I pressed the home button and my screen went to the home button but it was very dim. By the way it went to the home screen so delayed after I pressed home. Then I glitched and turned off and almost didn’t turn on!!.Version: 1.5

AWESOME! AMAZINGI really love this game honestly and it’s pretty fun ngl. I really recommend you try this wonderful game. I showed this game to my friends and they all loved it so I think you would like it too, but ofc it’s ok if you don’t like this game it’s just my opinion. My luvs! <33.Version: 1.5

It was not workingAt first it was good but then something happened and I deleted it and then I tried to Re-download and it wouldn’t let me..Version: 1.5

It’s goodThe game is pretty fun and it gets hard sometimes which I love! The only problem is that after every level there is an ad. But I do love that you can play without wifi for like a long trip or car ride!.Version: 1.1

I like the game please read thisIts very fun and it gets to show you how people can get to poor to millions there are lots of options in the game I have one dislike in the game when you are running there is a option saving or charity the charity is the bad one in the game I thing they should swap that.Version: 1.5

Good game! But…the messages?I started the game yesterday and loved it! But…it shiwed gold digging and not giving to the charity. This game is fun and addictive but, can you guys please put the messages a little down? There are kids on this app and these are teaching kids to be gold diggers?! Not so good, please put the messages a bit down? Thank you!.Version: 1.4

This game is so much funSo when I downloaded this game it’s free and it is kind of hard to get rich in a millionaire but you have to keep on train for this game again it’s free and I think it’s so much fun I don’t know about you but download it and see how it goes.Version: 1.3

You might want to read this before downloadingHello, iv noticed that some people who wrote the other reviews have said that this game has bad messages. It does have some bad messages, but some good messages. For example a bad message from the game is that if you Marry someone who is rich or a gold digger you will be successful. A good message is to study instead of playing video games that is true if you want to be successful in life. Another really bad message is if you donate to charity you will be poor or homeless. That is teaching you to not help others if you want to be wealthy. (Rich) this game said if you marry your true love you will be poor. But this game is very fun and addicting. Getting this game is your choice..Version: 1.5

AppIt’s a good app but the control is a little hard and when ever I enter the app it won’t load so I have to keep re downloading it for it too work but over all it’s amazing and it has amazing quality.Version: 1.1

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.5

Get this gameI love this game it’s so fun I def recmmoed (sorry I can’t spell).Version: 1.5

Don’t waste your timeI hope they’re getting ok revenue from their ads because that’s all you’ve really got here. The gameplay is boring as hell, and EVERY opportunity they get they slap you with another ad. Deleting straight away..Version: 1.5

Please read before downloadingWorst game I have ever played don’t get it no point, glitches and lots and lots of ads..Version: 1.5

Awesome!!Very popular on TikTok and it’s hella fun!! I recommend!!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥.Version: 1.1

Run rich 3DThis game is a little bit hard but I find it easy for a couple levels.Version: 1.5

Nothing but addsBoring and constant video adds.Version: 1.5

This app is kinda boringSo the game is kinda lame because it’s repetitive and all you do is walk around collecting money? Add some levels maybe. Don’t download the app...Version: 1.2

LoutfoutWayy to many adds.Version: 1.5

OffenciveThis game is fun but disrespectful to people who dont believe in vaccines. Very ashamed.Version: 1.5

BugsThere is a bud where I get stuck on level 64 from a robber.Version: 1.5

Love itGood.Version: 1.5

To many adsI was playing the game and I just got 10 ads in under a minute.Version: 1.5

Whom ever u are pls read thisAbs a.Version: 1.5

GlitchWay too many ads it made my phone lag.Version: 1.5

Rich runCool game😎😎.Version: 1.5

Very niceIts one of my favorite games.Version: 1.5

NONo point to game u do nothing in it.Version: 1.1

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Run Rich 3D 1.5 Update

Version 1.5 (2021-07-13): Lots of new things: - Take the escalators and jump with your umbrella to land again. - Progress through the levels to unlock new items to pick up as you play! - Lots of new levels. Have fun!.

Version 1.1 (2021-06-16): Overall optimization. Welcome to Run Rich 3D!.