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Feel like a Judge! Decide the fate of people! Who deserves to go to jail? Who deserves freedom? Justice is in your hands! How fair are you? It's on your head .

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So much is wrong with this game…First, there are an obnoxious amount of ads versus actual gameplay but that’s to be expected with a free mobile game I suppose. The cases are not very involved and some of them are pretty subjective IMO. Also there’s a weird scene between each case where you’re forced to sexually harass your “partner” that’s very off-putting. It’s very odd, unnecessary, and frankly gross..Version: 1.4

Download this app if you love watching adsThe idea of a game where you have to analyze each case and make the correct judgment call given the details that are presented to you sounds fun right? Well that’s not this game. Every 5 seconds that you’re playing this game you will have to watch ads before you can continue. A serious waste of time. The developers of this app did a VERY poor job with this game. It’s both boring and tedious at the same time. The only people that rated this app above 2 stars were paid or compensated handsomely to do so..Version: 1.4

The game is good butI understand this game is free but there are to many ads. I have had ads after every 4 second “level” and have had ads in each level. I understand you need money but there needs to be a limit..Version: 1.4

To many addsFirst started off great but now there’s way to many adds like every 5 seconds just makes me want to delete the game I can understand every other game but come on I’m not paying to play this game honestly needs fix lucky I can’t put zero Stars for it and probably just like any other bad comment they find a way to pay apple to have this comment deleted as well welcome to 2021.Version: 1.4

Just a bad game.This isn't about ads as I can turn off wifi but here is a list of problems: 1. This game has typos which really doesn't show that you put a lot of effort into the game. 2. We don't get enough info on many cases to say if people are guilty or not, leading to a somewhat court bias. 3. You wanted Jesus to look like a criminal which I find very offensive because as a believer in Jesus Christ you just had him kill someone for no reason which just made him look like a terrible person. 4. These court cases are just biased because if someone wants alimony and they didn't sign a prenup, it doesn't matter if they are a gold digger or not, alimony still needs to be given. I know this is just an iPhone game but I feel like you should at least put some quality effort into this if you want it to be successful because this just isn't accurate or good at all..Version: 1.2

Idk broSo like…I’ve played my fair share of these bootleg, run-of-the-mill cheap-made games; the ones with ads up the wazoo, and that’s not so much the problem. A lot of the time, you only get one question to ask (if any at all) about a situation—and though sometimes it’s obvious, I really don’t think scenarios are given the proper amount of time to develop. And between these scenarios, there are these oddly sexually charged situations for someone who is your I assume “business partner”?—but she wears what is literally a graduate’s cap, and is oversexualized—and half the choices to speak to her are literally just terrible catcalls and sexual comments. It makes me uncomfortable, because sometimes I can’t even avoid them, and she is pretty much forced to smile either way. Idk. The premise of the game is cool, but the execution is sort of terrible, and certain scenes just make me very uncomfortable. Just be wary of it..Version: 1.4

The addsWhen I say that I don’t want to watch an add for 3x cash, it still makes me watch an add and that’s frustrating. Can you fix that please? Also, there are no sound effects, no background music. It’s super boring..Version: 1.4

Designed For AdsGames like this kind of annoy me because their sole purpose is to be addicting enough to deliver ads. An ad every few rounds is tolerable but this game gives you a 10 second round delivering you 1-2 ads right after. Games have been ruined on the App Store. I just miss paying for a game and owning it, but now we have every app on the App Store doing this or trying to make people pay weekly memberships etc..Version: 1.4

It’s not about the game.Look I got the game as a joke. As a joke right bc I’m a bored Gen Z kid. It was fun at first but then I found out you can flirt with the secretary???!! I mean there’s a few ethical issues with that but anyways I’m only playing the game now to seduce the secretary. The actual game is decent tho lol.Version: 1.3

Don’t waste your timeNo bad game you don’t go based on what you think you go based on what the creator of the game thinks so you don’t get to judge the creator does and so if you think the opposite you fail if you chose it and it’s boring so I’m deleting and on case 19 the family doesn’t pay bills and their house SHOULD’VE been taken away but when I pressed take away house over I’ll pay the bills it says I failed the level and it doesn’t let open the crates.Version: 1.1

This isn’t even a “game”Each court case, the app offers you one of two choices. One is correct, and the other is wrong. The correct choice is in green, and the wrong choice is in red. The correct one is always on top, and the wrong one is always on bottom. To win, you tap the correct choice. That’s it. The gameplay is tapping the large button labeled “correct choice.” It never gets any more complicated than that..Version: 1.2

This is just my opinion ! Don’t take this the other way!After I tell you about this game that is so not worth it! I am deleting this game ! Anyways so, this game is trash I am gonna tell you why! So basically you need to be a judge and make the correct choices ! But, when i was playing I closed the app then I opened the app again it made me do the level again ! I was clam bc I thought it was a lag so I restarted the app ! But it wasn’t a lag , so I did the level again . Then it wanted me to watch a ad for a new item ! I didn’t want it so I tried tapping the screen but nothing bc some apps make you tap the screen so you can decline ! But it didn’t work , so i tried looking for a decline button but I didn’t find one. So I waited I thought it was a glitch! I waited and waited but nothing !? So don’t waste your time on this app it’s so not worth it !.Version: 1.2

It’s fineThe ads are not that bad. If you really don’t want them go to settings and turn your wifi off. The cases kinda do not make sense the game also gives me a option like 5 seconds into the ad to skip it I really don’t think there is a big problem with this game. Remember it is also my opinion.Version: 1.4

Not fun enough for the amount of ads..Yes it’s a free game so there will be ads, but I’d pay to get rid of them because the ads aren’t the problem it’s the frequency.. literally every 30 seconds if not more frequent.. that’s obscene lol it’s just not a fun enough game to justify THAT many ads. I’ll probably be deleting it for that reason because it’s just annoying lol. Let me know if you ever cut down on the amount of ads and I’ll consider a redownload!.Version: 1.4

Too many addsAdds are usually fine but when I’m getting two to every level and each level takes 30 seconds that’s insane. I get free games will have adds but this is excessive..Version: 1.4

Awful AppI barely ever write reviews but this game is horrible so I feel the need to. I’m not even going to get into the actual game I just want to talk about a short scene before each level. In the scene a female assistant comes in and tells you what the case is, and you have two options to say to her. One is always a sexual comment towards the assistant, and one is usually professional but is sometimes sexist as well. This scene is completely unnecessary and is very offensive as well as uncomfortable. Perhaps the worst part is if you choose the sexual comment the assistant just smiles and takes it. She just sits there and lets the Judge sexualize and objectify her..Version: 1.4

Fix itFirst of all when you get a new skin you can’t get it off the screen if you don’t want it second make it where you can write your own thing To the people so yeah mr shark guy fight me.Version: 1.2

Only a small problemOk so there are adds but you can just turn on airplane mode and boom, u won’t be able to play the exiting levels but that’s fine. My only problem are the Jesus levels they can be very offensive, and sometimes if u pick Jesus over Santa you’ll get the level wrong and that’s what I don’t like 😡 I am a Christian so the Jesus levels aren’t for me. I’m not ganna hate on the game but I’m not ganna like it.Version: 1.4

Why does it have lots of 5 stars?THIS GAME IS TO MUCH!! It has too many adds… has adds almost every singles case I do and what made me hate it the most was when it wanted me to put Jesus in jail and made Jesus kill the guy (he would never do that, he told us to love our enemies not hate them/kill them) just because we asked him to prove it! I am disappointed of the game and would never play anymore so, if your reading this….this game is not worth it, delete it and I don’t care if bad mouth me…..and if you do gave this game a 5 star…I don’t really understand and I won’t argue with but, still the game took way too far when it came with case 14 (the one with Jesus), he is our savior, not our enemy.😔✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿.Version: 1.2

It’s not what I expected…The general idea for the game is actually really cool. BUT even though this is a free game, an add between almost every other question is a bit ridiculous. Also, the choices it gives you aren’t even good ones. The game is just “ask one question, make a decision” there’s no way to go further in depth which would have been more fun. The game has potential which is why I have it 3 stars, but it’s not quite made it to “good game” level. I’m deleting the app after I send in this review!.Version: 1.4

What’s wrong & my ideal to fix itI found the game quite entertaining oddly but almost right I after I started it I get to a level of Adolf Hitler under judge the fame I can’t just play it though I have to watch a ad I wanted to watch the ad but when I clicked that it says no ad available and not just hitlers but trumps the joker and as matter fact all of em and fixing the no ad issue is just the start of the problem there’s no way to go back and do these after the ads are put into game ... My thought is put ads where they should be obviously as for the replaying missions no longer a concern as they repeated & for everyone saying to many ads just play in airplane mode and no ads at all Which brings up this is that cases are even repeated constantly same issue same people same options to choose, options are a other thing the Q&A in general that is you only get two options nice and simple yes but only 2 questions if you get that and not enough yes some are obvious beyond belief but rest you’re left wondering what about this concept? ... my thought make it 3 options 1 of them always being “judge” the other two will be interrogating I will keep updating this as I see fit I’m highly curious how long I can make this it’s already my longest review I’ve ever done proud of my self there 😂😂😂.Version: 1.4

Dialogue Choices and Not Enough ContentThe game is okay if you turn off WiFi (the ads don’t pop up). However, after a while, the levels begin to repeat. There aren't any new cases after about 40-50. Also, the dialogue options with the partner of the judge are just weird. It’s not appropriate. It just made me uncomfortable. The case where the maid has stolen the jewelry shows a black woman stealing from a rich old white man. That’s unnecessary and could be offensive to POC..Version: 1.4

Sexual Harassment options?The premise of the game is good. If it went into detail and wasn't so cheesy looking, it would actually be an enjoyable game. Something that prompted me to delete the app is that the assistant that tells you the upcoming cases is “good looking” according to the person you play. With that said the response options to the assistant is mostly sexual harassment options. Which I find weird, disgusting, and objectifying..Version: 1.4

Sexiest and BoringThis game was extremely sexiest, made me uncomfortable to even play it. After the 3rd one i realized that it’s just clicking the same 2 option over and over again. The cases aren’t long nor are they interesting. Very disturbing how in some rounds you only can choose between unprofessional sex jokes. I feel like this app is made for grooming and making it seem as though it’s okay for an man to comment on an women’s body. Especially in the professional field seems very alarming to me..Version: 1.4

Sexist and lameI got this game to pass time but it’s super lame in addition to feeling pretty sexist and gross. Each case is only like one or two clicks and you’ve got 30 second ads in between each case. I understand ads but the game itself isn’t worth it. Also your “partner” in the court is a generic “attractive” and ditzy women and the choices of how you respond to her are disgusting. For example, during the first 3 cases you can ask her if she is married and say “I’d like to steal your heart, baby.” But the part that made me delete the game was when she toddles in and tells you about a party case and your only options for responding are “is she hot?” And “I’d like to party with you.” Idk about anyone else but I downloaded this for a fun puzzle type game, not a sexual harassment simulator..Version: 1.4

“Cases” make no senseThe cases that you judge make absolutely no sense. The very first one the guy says the baby isn’t his (baby is a different race than him or wife so fair) and if you take the option to ask the woman where she was on New Years she will answer and then your only options are to send the baby to an orphanage or arrest them both. How the heck does that make any sense?! Literally every level you just click the top option which is a green button and then you “win”. Not a court game at all, should have just called it a green button pushing simulator and saved everyone’s time..Version: 1.4

INDOCTRINATIONWhat is wrong with these people? Forcing you to choose based on a certain political, popularity, and religious belief. I get some people don’t believe in Jesus but forcing a distorted image of a religion’s God to act outside of its original personality and forcing it into “jail” is disgusting. Whether it’s Allah, God, or any other religion, this should have never happened. Also, the game forces the player to send Jesus to jail, or they lose the round. That’s not an innocent game. It’s indoctrination. Truly DISGUSTING..Version: 1.2

UnplayableI gave it about 3 minutes of my time the ads were unreal. I get you to need to make some revenue somehow, but this is completely unacceptable every single thing you do is followed by a 30-second ad. The first case is legit, “baby’s not mine” “where were you New Year” and the options are to put the baby in an orphanage or put them both in jail. There is no thinking in this game and is completely useless..Version: 1.4

Dumb and distastefulThis game makes absolutely no sense. The option choices are so unrealistic and dumb and the random options of sexist remarks to the other judge are distasteful and unnecessary. The game is also plagued with ads, and it doesn’t allow you to play the level again even if you watch the ad like it says. Overall, it gives the vibe of those really annoying ads where it’s nothing like the actual game and it’s so overdramatized..Version: 1.4

More ads than actual gameplayIt’s weird, I thought the game would be more investigative. Instead, you are presented with 2 sides of the argument and are given only two choices. Jail one person, or jail the other. That’s not even the dumbest part though, there are more ads than there is actual gameplay. It takes more time watching the 30 second ad in between every court case than choosing who should be jailed. I understand it is a free game and that they need to profit somehow, but at least give me the option to buy some sort of add on to the game to not have ads! I’d be willing to pay $5 to get rid of them. It’s just too much, wouldn’t recommend playing this game unless you like watching the same 4 ads play over and over and over again..Version: 1.4

Not that good of a game.Okay first off, this game brings in Jesus. And the fact that they make Jesus lose, and kill. And that’s going against religious believes. And for me as a Christian, I find this very offending. Second off, they sometimes make the game a little bit… sexual?? I dunno. What I mean by that is, they make that woman say, “I’ll be wearing a nice dress tomorrow..” or “how about date this Friday?” And they make the judge say “wanna help me make a family?” And A LOT of other stuff that’s very inappropriate. So that’s basically all my complaints. Other than that, it’s not that bad if you just got rid of that stuff. Thank you!!.Version: 1.3

Don’t see a problem with it…😑First of all, people can’t just expect to have no ads on a FREE mobile game. It costs money to make the game, and they need some way to profit off of their product. Second of all, I don’t understand why people are upset about the Jesus level. The game never tells you to make a decision, the whole point of the game is that YOU get to make the decisions. Just bc it implies something, doesn’t mean you have to do it. If you don’t like it, just don’t play it…it’s that simple..Version: 1.3

BORINGHere’s my biggest complaint… It gives you a green and red button to chose from. The green button is the right answer every time. And it’s also the top button every time. How is that fun? It should be mixed and colorless. The answers should be random so you actually have to think about it and not spam the green button on every level..Version: 1.4

Most confusing game ever!I downloaded this app thinking it’ll be more than what the ads showed but no! You’re only given two choices and those choices don’t makes sense at all. And before you even start the game, this other girl judge comes to you and tells you about the case and one of the choices you’re given is about flirting with that girl which I thought was super creepy and weird!! So anyway, this was one of the worst games I downloaded. It needs a lot of improvement!!.Version: 1.4

Over sexualizedI’m not sure if it’s just me, but there is a scene between each case where you interact with a you g lady who’s wearing a grad cap and short tight dress. You get two options to say to her about the case she mentions and you must click one of the two options to proceed, but more time then not have the options been super sexual. It makes me uncomfortable, therefore I will be deleting the app. I do not understand why sexual elements must be in games, but I prefer it stops..Version: 1.4

Too many adsOk, so I get that these free apps need to make money some how, but when you have to watch 2-3 ads before even playing one level that’s a little too much. I was really hoping to see a remove ad button. I would’ve paid the $2.99 to remove them. The game is fun but it’s gonna take you 3 minutes worth ads to play a 30 second level. If you have the patients then you will like the game..Version: 1.4

Too many addsThis game might be a pretty decent game if it didn’t have so many advertisements. I get that it’s free but the graphics isn’t even that great to begin with. Filling this game with adds will just turn people away. I played this game and had to watch 20 adds before even moving up in the game.. that’s ridiculous. Nobody wants to spend let alone waste their valuable time watching advertisements!.Version: 1.4

Games is pretty BoringAll you have to do to win is keep pressing the green button, thats always the winning judgement, so this game is boring. You can’t make a judgement because you can lose. So basically, it’s more of a guessing game to me. I like how you can judge famous people, but Jesus is too much. I “free’d” Jesus because he is Jesus, and besides, I didn’t want to choose the button where it says “Guards!” But to free Jesus is the wrong button because you lose. So I didn’t like the idea. Not really a judging game, hopes this help ya’ll. Not a offline game I recommend downloading..Version: 1.2

Good game. Too many adsOne of the things I’m looking for in games is something I can enjoy and stimulate the brain. I would be able to honestly enjoy the game if it weren’t for those pesky ads after each trial. It is very annoying to watch ads time and again… (one ad every two minutes is too much). I will delete this app after writing this review. These ads ruin my enjoyment of the game..Version: 1.4

AdsThis game would be fine if you didn’t have an add every single case. And if the cases actually took longer with more options and arguments. You can watch a video and get extra cash or you can deny the cash but still have to watch a video. Yes I am aware the game is free but you spend more time watching ads then playing the game itself. After three cases I’ve watched 10 videos and I’m over the game completely deleted the app and all. Ads don’t bother me constant ads bother me. The case is two seconds long and then your watching a one minute ad..Version: 1.4

Horrible!This game is so bad! I thought it would be a game where you got to ask different questions to figure out what the situation is. Instead they make one or two comments and you have to make your judgment off of that alone. So overall the judgment takes about 10 seconds and then another 30 second ad. Repeat. Really bad..Version: 1.4

The game bites on every metric applied to it.I only gave it one star because it’s the bottom. The games trash. I don’t even care about the Jesus thing. And I don’t mind ads in game. But there is literally more ad time than game time. And even if you turn off the internet to play without ads. There is no substance to the game. The “correct” answer is in green. There’s nothing here. It’s dogwater..Version: 1.4

HorribleRegardless of the ads this game is horrible. The two options you get seemed to be randomly generated and have little to nothing to do with the case. I got a couple where the father said the baby wasn’t his and the options were “What were you doing on New Years” or “Judge Now”. I picked the first and the woman said she was with her boss. The next two options were, “Send them both to jail” or “Send baby to orphanage” What? Why? This is one of the dumbest games I’ve ever downloaded and I’m shocked it has positive reviews. Must be toddlers..Version: 1.4

OffensiveI didn’t get far in the game, but so far. It seems a bit sexual? The choices they give you when the woman brings new case to you. For example, asking questions such as “is she hot?” Or “are you married?” it just seems inappropriate. Also, I’m a black woman and they had the black maid steal jewelry from a rich elderly white man. I found that to be offensive and stereotypical. I’ve also seen reviews about judging Jesus and making him lose and kill?? It just seems very inappropriate and offensive. I wouldn’t want anyone playing this game..Version: 1.4

Don’t waste your time.First off, there are so many ads that a majority of your time is spent on them. Just turn on airplane mode before opening app to bypass. Could be a fun game but it’s ruined by the fact that before every case, you have the option to sexually harass your assistant. Next issue is the cases. You are given two options and they are both the most ridiculous options available. My first game was a paternity case where the parents were white and the kid was black. The only option given was to send both to jail or fine the male $5,000. This is how case is. A big waste of time..Version: 1.4

PLEASE READ 🚨🚨🚨This game is really boring basically two people walk up and they both say something like "she stole all my jewels" and "No he is lying" and you just choose to send the person to jail or not but you don't get any evidence or anything to prove them guilty. There's a red button and a green button and if you keep clicking the green one as far as I can tell you just keep winning. It's pointless. Thanks for reading! 😆.Version: 1.2

EhhA few major details here. 1.) The levels are extremely easy and they get boring very fast 2.) There are too many ads to make it worth playing. Playing this game is about 70% ads and 30% actually playing. 3.) The game is weirdly sexual, which was unexpected. 4.) Lastly, they give you the option to send Hitler to heaven so I’ll let you be the judge of that. Pun intended..Version: 1.4

(A) I’m not a simp (B) the same button lets you win every timeThere is this partner that has nothing to do with anything other than to flirt with and predating the top button makes you win every time.Version: 1.4

MehI understand that these developers and companies and what not make money through ads but there is just way way too many. The ad frequency is about every 5-10 seconds and that’s not an exaggeration. Like I said I understand they have to make money somehow but it’s a bit ridiculous how absurdly frequent the ads pop up..Version: 1.4

If you don’t want adds turn of WiFiI laugh every time I see people complain about adds turn off your wifi and data😂🤣.Version: 1.4

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BadBruh game crashes so much I can’t even get on the first level.Version: 1.3

TerribleRiddled with ads worse than the plague!.Version: 1.3

Steer clearThe app is badly animated, the options for justice are non existent. There’s not ever a scenario or ‘case’ before you sentence them. And the options for talking to the intern are just disgusting and scream SA and harassment. Plus for every button you press you have to watch a 30sec unstoppable add.Version: 1.4

TerribleFull of adds no actual game play.Version: 1.4

Don’t expect anything sensible.Nothing is based on law, it’s all just stupid scenarios that make no sense. A guy brings Santa to court for not giving him a gift. He’s 37 and his mummy says he’s a good boy. Send them both to jail or give him a gift. Stupid..Version: 1.3

TerribleThis app only has one choice before sending someone to jail which seems unfair in all cases and after each case is an add you can’t skip.Version: 1.2

Too much adsWhat’s the point of a game when youre watching ads half the time..Version: 1.4

GoodBio.Version: 1.0

Limited choices too many adsDon’t get the point. You can barely choose many options to ask questions before ruling. The amount of ads for the game quality is simply not worth it..Version: 1.4

Too many adsThis would be great if there wasn’t ads every case.Version: 1.4

Badly DevelopedUnfair and stupid judgment. Also there is too many adds. You spend more time watching adds than playing the actual game. Bad bad bad.Version: 1.4

AddsTo many add.Version: 1.4

DisgustingThe judge is making lewd comments at his intern the whole time, it’s quite disgusting.Version: 1.4

TerribleWhere do I start? The gameplay is tedious, graphics are terrible, the cases make no sense, sentencing incredibly unrealistic (can I actually here what they BOTH have to say before I have to send BOTH of them to jail?) and you spend more time watching ads instead of playing the game. Stay away..Version: 1.4

Terrible gameVery buggy. All the correct answers are in green and all of the things you judge people on are unfair.Version: 1.3

If you love ads, download this app!There are more ads than game. Each “case” takes about 10 seconds to solve then you are forced to watch two ads & interact with the annoying Jessica before the next case. Definitely not worth downloading unless you long to watch ads for other boring games..Version: 1.4

Needs helpbGame is fine just put your data and wifi off then u will have no ads but it’s boring bc all u need to do is press the green then u win so maybe try mix it up.Version: 1.3

NopeToo many adds n slow as.Version: 1.4

AdsThey shove an ad in your face after every single level. play this game if you want to watch ads the whole time 👍.Version: 1.3

Way too many adsHonestly hard to Enjoy the game with so many ads.Version: 1.4

Fantastic for a 2 year oldThis game is terrible but fantastic for a 2 year old that like lots and lots of ads but unfortunately it is 12+.Version: 1.4

AW HELL NAWLMFAO THERES NO WAY THIS IS FOR KIDS its way too sexual + shes a minor, literally normalising predatory behaviour, sexual assault, kidnapping, sexualising women, etc. um yall what happened to nice simple things like flappy bird or subway surfs😟😀.Version: 1.4

I would give this game a negative review if I couldAside from the unskippable ads every single level, the game really sexualises the judges female intern. There’s a lot of sexualised comments- it’s very uncomfortable to play with. This game clearly also hasn’t had much time, effort or design gone into it. It’s poorly animated and the scenarios are really dumb. Just do yourself a favour and don’t get this game..Version: 1.4

Judgement day gameI have not even able to play the first level on the game without it shuts itself down..Version: 1.3

I’m here a hint for people that don’t knowHello, This the best tip for playing free games out the phone onto airplane mode and it’ll get rid of the ads Kind regards Jayden.Version: 1.4

Fix the bugsFix the bugs.Version: 1.2

Ads galoreDidn’t even get through one level before an ad popped up. Extremely annoying and deleted the game straight away.Version: 1.4

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Court Master 3D! 1.4 Update

Version 1.4 (2021-08-19): Level improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.3 (2021-08-05): Meta introduction and level improvements.

Version 1.2 (2021-07-13): New levels!.

Version 1.0 (2021-06-07): .