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Asian Cuisine Aachen | Lieferservice für leckeres Essen, schnelle Lieferung! Suppen, Salate, Thailändische Spezialitäten- Pad Prik Gaeng, Thailändische Spezialitäten- Gaeng Massaman, Thailändische Spezialitäten- Gaeng Keaw Wahn, Gebratene Nudeln, Gebratener Reis und viel mehr!

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Ironing Man@NGB2020 @4ever_days @Eva64513505 @SeveralMadmen @TheLiberalPoet @JakeLobin @RaheemKassam Have you tried much Vietnamese food? Southeast Asian ingredients combined with a lot of French cuisine as it's basis. Baguettes, chili's and rice paper crepes..

Maria A. Perez@CreationNovel Oh I'm no expert in Asian cuisine, but the recipe called for soy sauce and rice wine vinegar...I used a bit of 5 spice too.

El Jodón🃏Dominican moms will see you eating asian cuisine often and say some shit like maybe you shoulda been born korean/chinese/japanese. like its a personal attack that i dont eat “dominican” food 24/7...

JMCTThere’s this trend on Instagram and TikTok of people hating on folks that are making rice and not washing it… but if you want the texture that’s common in Latin American cuisine you shouldn’t wash it! If I’m making an Asian dish I wash it, for a Puerto Rican dish I don’t 🤷‍♂️.

Carita peláI have never been as delighted as when I found out the yautia malanga I grew up eating was also prominent in Asian cuisine! That was a day.

Not Delusional but, Delushurin. 🥴♉Ginger. I hate ginger. That's the post. It has a weird spicy taste that I hate, it's just weird and the texture is a Horror. Ginger has kept me away from most Indian and Asian cuisine because I can't take that damn root. Has to be in a powder form for me to like it. .

🏹To this day Polish Tatars cultivate their rich culture by practicing Islam, preserving traditional Turkic names, and nurturing traditional Tatar cuisine (Central Asian dishes with Eastern European influence) .

Escoffier Home Gourmet#Lumpia combines all the best aspects of the Chinese egg roll with the best of Southeast Asian cuisine--often served as an appetizer or snack. Here we share a recipe for this delicious Filipino dish. #escoffierhomegourmet #NationalEggrollDay .

DestinyAsian cuisine today 👩🏾‍🍳.

स्वाभिमानExcept ramen and sushi Asian cuisine eh.

Aa@Javierlookies she craving fr some asian cuisine la ccb go send some din tai fung.

DLP Town SquareI’m salivating just reading the Chinatown items. It’s about time we got some good Asian cuisine at DLP..

James Eyler@RadioFreeTom Don't worry, authentic asian cuisine isn't that spicy. You can trust me.

🇧🇸 Mastr_C Bahamas 🇧🇸So from what I’ve ascertained, you came to an Island nation of blacks, ate at a restaurant in a foreign owned hotel and had Asian food as your cuisine of choice. You do realize The Bahamas not Asian right 🤔 .

Jeremy CooneyThe first upstate and downstate South Asian senators come together at @KaravalliLatham to celebrate the end of the NYS legislative session. Locally-owned and serving delicious south Indian cuisine… thanks for the tip @KevinThomasNY! #AAPI .

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