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You tried ,but you FailedFirst when I open the app the woman is wearing a very small 2 pice bathing suit and second this is making people insecure about themselves and it’s teaching people you have to be skinny to be beautiful but that’s not true and if you get too fat you die and you have to start over in the game that is very unprofessional for a game to be doing what they are doing. And also have these developers ever heard of kindness and showing people very beautiful the way they are no? Well then Devlopers pls go on YT and watch Darh Man and maby you will learn a thing or two.Version: 0.4.0

Horrible!This game is extremely disgusting and disrespectful towards women and people that are full figured. There are so many things wrong with this game. For example, why does the character have to be a woman and why is it seen to be a wrong thing to be full figured? Already children are taught that there are some of their classmates that “don’t fit” to the criteria of society. The only thing that we are doing with creating idiotic games like this is that we are setting even more of an image that upcoming generations have to look a certain way and if they don’t they’re not accepted in society. We are teaching children to view different bodied people with sadness or disgust. Games like these are extremely disappointing and it is so sad to see that our children play these games..Version: 0.4.0

Absolutely disgustingWhat a terrible message to be promoting. Fat bodies don’t have to be fixed, especially if they’re perfectly healthy. Not everyone is meant to be a size 2 and under! Anorexia and other eating disorders kill so many people yearly, yet this game is entirely about how much weight you can lose, and bases your success/worth in the game on that. You think that concept doesn’t then transfer into real life and affect people’s views of their own self-worth? I hope other people will see this review and other ones and decide against downloading this disgusting app..Version: 0.3.2

Awesome and not body shaming!I can understand how some people think this game is body shaming. But it really isn’t. There’s different goals, like once you have to be 220 pounds and another time you have to be 110. There is a variety. And if you make the goal, it says “perfect body” no matter what size the goal is. So they are basically saying all bodies are perfect. :) Also, this is a really fun game! I love it..Version: 0.4.0

Change it pleaseThere is literally no purpose for this game. Nothing happens. You cant win. You cant lose. I get it, it was ‘offensive’ to people but change it back so its here for a reason. There is this other game that uses a bear instead of a person, this might stop you from getting sued. And you could aim for being fa- I mean, thicc. But pleaaaaaaase change it back!!!!!.Version: 0.7.1

DisgustingAt first i saw this game on tiktok and thought it was pretty weird? i had to download it and see what the hype was about. At first i thought it was cool on how no matter what size you were it was like “perfect body” .....until i saw the outfits and seen a whole niqab outfit that was skin tight and showed curves. it’s VERY disrespectful and should be taken down immediately.Version: 0.4.0

OkI just want say this game is great but I don’t know why it has a lot of commercial because I don’t have that much commercial on my other games but other wise it is great..Version: 0.3.3

AwsomeI have a hard time finding games that are as amusing as this one when I was playing and popped from eating too much junk food I laughed until I almost died. I was just trying to find the perfect game for me to do... and then I see the ad for this one and I wanted it. It is free so there is no problem in getting it. I do have some bad things but I will not ruin the new gamers life with this game. It is absolutely amazing! I love it! P.S anyone who thinks this game is horrible is a horrible person for trying to ruin other people’s experience in this game.Version: 0.4.0

Don’t downloadThis is one of the worst games my little sister has downloaded on my phone it promotes fat phobia and if you get “too fat” you die basically saying if you’re thin you’re healthy and you won’t die from something that includes food i deleted it as soon as i watched her play it i don’t recommend at all please look at what you’re child/siblings are downloading on you’re phone..Version: 0.4.0

Needs more of everythingIt’s an odd game, but it’s a game none the less. I don’t find it challenging at all, but it’s somewhat amusing to see the character strutting toward the goal constantly shifting in size. Basically I played it until I got all the outfits, so I say what this game could use is more levels, more outfits, more character models, more animations, and more sizes. Also it needs sounds. The game has no sound effects or music when I play it. In a way this game is bare in bones. Add some more sustenance to it..Version: 0.3.2

What you can improveI love you game, but If you could do a bit more ( though I gave you five stars) it would be. Add music Make the track longer and that’s it!.Version: 0.4.0

This game looks rude but it’s notThis game does not body shame you when I first started playing I thought it would but it does not I tried to eat all the hamburgers and when I weighed myself on the game it said good job I really like this game never let anyone body shame you it is wrong if someone judges you say that’s you opinion not mine we think about different things I hope you guys like the game it’s the best it does not body shame you so that’s good.Version: 0.4.0

Good but needs moreI don’t know why a lot of people are mad but I think the game needs for outfits and stuff Becuase when I was playing all I got was money or you could make the money have a use for like more poeple to unlock and I saw some person saying that it was teaching kids to say that anyone plus sized is bad but it didn’t do any of that.Version: 0.4.0

No.This game is just body shaming people... People are insecure about their weight and this game only makes those insecurities worse. Why would anyone make a game like this? Just let people live their lives. If they need to lose weight and they know it or their doctor tells them to, that’s their business, not anyone else’s. This game is really rude and honestly, it repulses me. Why do people think that this is okay?.Version: 0.3.3

Puke! 🤢🤢This game is extremely offensive to over/under weight individuals. It’s rude to say that the character has a “perfect body” just because you are skinny. Everybody has a perfect body no matter what there weight is. Not to mention, the vegetables that are in the shape of a male groin. That is extremely inappropriate for children 12 years and younger. This game is disappointing to parents who got this game for their children, thinking that it was harmless entertainment. I am also disappointed in the creators of this game. ☹️☹️☹️.Version: 0.4.0

By Pokémon lover so dumbI hope that this game will get off the App Store it’s so mean fat shaming people why is this game a thing how stupid we’re the people that made this game! What is with people. But over all it is fun but it hurts my heart that people would do this you should delete this game and never download it again it’s so dumb I hate it like I cant even look at it wow it’s so dumb please delete this game if you have it I’m praying for this person who made this game to find his mind because I think they lost it.Version: 0.4.0

Fun game ig but gives off rude messageFun game at first but I realized how mean this game is! It’s really messed up that when you get too overweight you die. That’s just mean. That’s a real health problem why would this even be a game? I don’t know I just think this game gives off a wrong message. We don’t need ga,es about girls body’s people. Stop making games like this. 😢 😔 ✋🏼.Version: 0.4.0

This game is fun. But it is kinda rudeIt is a really fun game but. It’s really kind of rude to other people. It might be offensive to other people. But not to me I really like it. Just feels like you’re going over and over your records. It gets kind of boring after level 30. But the ads are not that bad..Version: 0.4.0

Game fatThis game glitchy and it is un-protectable. It is annoying and gets the Weight off. The outfits are inappropriate and not necessarily. I think that this game should be for losers. At the end, it reminds me of roast beef because it shows all the outfits you CANT get and makes me jealous. The adds are every second and it is annoying. Don’t get this game If you are not Justin Bieber!!.Version: 0.4.0

Not offensive, the ads just look like itIs it weird to make game out of gaining/losing weight, sure it’s kinda weird— but most games are about killing people and doing crimes and that’s weird too. Anyway, it’s not fat shaming at all, sometimes they’ll have weight goals that you can miss, but it doesn’t matter bc you can get the outfit anyway. And the girl does little dances after every level, so not putting out any negative messages so far. The game is pretty repetitive though..Version: 0.3.2

Needs some work but good gameOk it has the idea, but it desperately needs more levels and more outfits. Maybe make custom outfits, and different game modes, like get as fat as you can, or be the same weight you were at the beginning.Version: 0.3.3

Ok this is one really messed up game!😡😡😡😡😡Ok first they are calling my friends big and there in there 80 s but also it’s very affencive when you just make a game about fat and how other ppl are skinny and it’s just not right bc I have a friend that’s in middle school and she’s heavier than my mom but she still works hard and she doesn’t eat junk food. And if she saw this game I be she will give this a one star to so pls don’t make games that ar messed up.Version: 0.3.2

NoThe game really made me feel insecure and I don’t think this game should be aloud on the App Store because it can cause self love problems and make people feel as if they can’t fit into that dress in there closet because they are too fat. All body shapes are beautiful and who ever is reading this is beautiful and don’t need to change because they are perfect.. self love isn’t selfish it’s important!!!!.....Version: 0.4.0

Body shamingI downloaded this app to see what it was and when I started playing it I realized how disrespectful it was. The game is all about finishing skinny and when you eat to much you loose the game. At the end of it your character steps in the scale and if it is a number as low as 40 it says perfect. However if you don't get skinny you fall to the ground and loose. This game is playing into a role of body stereotypes and should not be available for anyone to play excpeciall children/.Version: 0.3.3

ChubbyI like this game very much and I gave it a four star rating because I been seeing multiple ads about this game so I decided to try it out and I saw a person playing the game on TikTok and a comment said only eat junk food and the lady got real fat and chubby and it said that she weighed 100 pounds and it wasn’t real 100 pounds that lady probably weighed like 200 pounds and I mean the lady wanted the maid outfit and I saw her put it on and she looked misshapen in the outfit and I was about to say that she looked over grown in the maid outfits in the comments but I chose not too do it but anyways I love the game 💖❤️✨.Version: 0.3.3

Good game but A few issuesSo i’ve been playing this game for a few days now and it’s good but I’m a little mad that whenever the levels are higher the harder they get and I usually don’t get it in the right place this is the issue also I don’t like one of the levels because of the fans that pushes you away and why do you need to get different clothes like it’s a game you don’t need different clothes so like if you see thisrate you can still buy this but if you see this issue just do a four-star OK🤫.Version: 0.4.0

If only there was a zero star rating optionHorrible! There are skimpy outfits you have to unlock for the women, such as an anime schoolgirl outfit and a bunny costume! It also is not very body positive. It makes if look like that if you eat more than one cheeseburger, you are gonna get FAT FAT. It also says that like 100 pounds for a literal GROWN WOMEN is overweight. Really? This needs to be taken off the App Store..Version: 0.3.2

It looks terrible it really isn’t that bad..I saw the game and I thought it would body shame.. but oh boy I was wrong it isn’t I tried picking all their un healthy meals and at the end it didn’t say Anything thing rude. And there’s barely any adds I don’t have anything to complain about people are so angry for no reason it won’t body shamming this app seems DISGUSTING but isn’t. And if you took time out of your day to read this Thank you! And LAURENZSIDE SAW THIS IM SO HAPPY I’M A BIGGG FAN OF HER! I hope she’s reading this to. Love you Lauren hope your doing well!.Version: 0.7.1

DISGUSTINGThis app is extremely disgusting. This teaches young girls and boys only eating healthy and exercising gives u the results of being skinny. Also the “fat” person falls on the ground when u feed the women too much. I also hate the fact that there is a scale and the skinny girl has to be 20 pounds! It’s is horrendous. This teaches young children anorexia, eating disorders, and worse. If I were the person who made this I would delete this game from existence..Version: 0.3.3

The game is okOk people the game is so good but I have something bad to say. 1. There are TOO MANY ads. You have to turn off the internet so that you don't get so many ads. 2. I don't think they should be teaching your body by doing these games, your body you do what you want with it..Version: 0.3.3

This is a stupid gameThis game is just straight up wrong. It’s saying to young children that it’s wrong to be over weight and that your to big to wear skin tight dresses and that it’s not flattering because you have a little bit of fat. I think that everyone is beautiful and unique in there own way skinny or not and that you shouldn’t listen to what anyone tells you. And on top of that the way there losing and gaining weight isn’t very correct, if you eat a little bit junk food you’re not gonna gain 60 pounds and if you eat healthy you’re most likely not going lose any fat..Version: 0.4.0

OkayListen I’m not trying to offend anyone and I think that it doesn’t matter what weight you are but if you are overweight or ”fabulous” it comes with Health issues I’m not saying you have to be super skinny bc that’s not healthy either bc your not getting enough food to help your body work all I’m saying is that you shouldn’t put fabulous when it’s clear that your obese again not trying to offend anyone and it is your body and your choice but I don’t want anyone to get health problems bc they think that it’s healthy to be overweight..Version: 0.4.0

Nope. Just no...When I was playing my favorite game I saw this app on a ad and i downloaded it to see what it was about. But when I first open the app I knew this would be bad. And guess what? I was right! First off this app is so offensive. Like come on. Do you really want to make people feel bad? Like your literally creating this game to MAKE PEOPLE INSECURE!? That’s not okay!! Especially on the App Store. Also later this day I was looking at the reviews and all I saw were poor reviews which is good. The create should be ashamed of himself by making this... INSECURITY!! I hope this game will be taken of the App Store for good!!!! >:C.Version: 0.3.2

AMAZINGMedium amount of ads so far but this game is all about body positivity. No matter what size you end up with it says it’s perfect (for me so far) I would recommend! You can also unlock new outfits to put on at the end of certain levels!.Version: 0.4.0

What…The game itself is mediocre, like most games of this nature. However, some of the design choices are…questionable. The playboy bunny costume? The fact it considers 100 to be fat (either it’s been made in a different country where the weight system is different or this woman is super short)? The cucumber-tomato penises? What even?.Version: 0.3.3

Guys, stop it now.This game is NOT body shaming, you can get too skinny. It’s not saying you have to be skinny to have a perfect body. They have different weight goals each round. ATUALLY PLAY THE GAME AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND BEFORE YOU WRITE A DUMB REVIEW. It’s not meant to be taken seriously, it’s a game, get it in your head..Version: 0.4.0

Really great no body shameThis game is great it dosnt body shame it has good outfits the only thing is the energy stats is weird but it’s fine you should definitely get this game and parents listen to your kids and also if you dress as a hotdog for Halloween your a Halloweener hahahaha get it.Version: 0.7.1

HORRIBLE!!!!THIS IS HORRIBLE! My 12 year old got this game because she saw it was 12+ and soon after she asked if I wanted to try! And I said sure, I played two rounds, and the first was so bad! Because it can give you a EATING DISORDER! the second the same BUT it shows two Tomato’s on each side of a cucumber! Like WHO IN THE WORLD WHOULD PUT THAT IN A 12+ GAME!! I think this game SHOULD BE TAKED DOWN! It fat shames, and shows a two tomato’s on each side of a cucumber! If you’d don’t know what I mean BASICALLY IT LOOKS LIKE A MANS YOU KNOW THING! Idiots!! 12 year olds and even less might play this game! And might not even know what that is because there young! They might learn it one day and know that they new what that looked like before they even new R U KIDDING ME! DELETE THIS disgusting GAME! 😡😡.Version: 0.3.3

Good game just need to add some thingsI like the game it’s easy and fun I collected all the outfits and I think more outfit should be in the game also add my characters different races so we don’t have to be the same person this game is no offensive idk why people saying that but the worst part of the game is the ads every time I’m done with the race a ad pop up please slow down with the ads..Version: 0.3.2

Body race is greatMost of the reviews are fake this is great for small children because it teaches them not to be too skinny and don’t eat too much junk food if your too skinny or fat you fail it doesn’t body shame it’s ok to be uncomfortable with your appearance it shows 20 pounds is too skinny for a grown person the purpose is to know your perfect if you a normal weight for your age.Version: 0.3.2

Where has this game been my whole lifeTHIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!! The game shows you what to eat and what not to and it doesn’t body shame and it barely has ads it’s super easy and has lots of funny stuff :).Version: 0.4.0

Love itI love it I saw ads of it and I thought it was body shaming until I saw the ratings which wasn’t saying anything like body shaming and stuff but I love how it says perfect body for what ever weight it’s just a good game it makes me have condensed..Version: 0.4.0

Body shaming?I’m confused because this game does not promote body shaming acually it is giving challenging levels to promote eating to be happy so y’all people who keeps saying that it is promoting body shaming aren’t very bright now I only give 4 starts because they did have false advertisement but over all this game is fun and a little bit challenging.Version: 0.7.1

Its ok but..1st of all this is offensive especially to the people who are Over weight and under weight and second of all its kind of boring. like they don’t ever get very skinny or fat and this can even make people think they will get very fat from one burger and ice cream. and can lead to eating disorders. and all you do in this game is eat,lift weights,and and try to win outfits. But on the bright side, there’s not that many ads you get to chose different outfits. I know your trying not to make your game offensive but I will have to rate this a 3 sorry..Version: 0.7.1

Beautiful Job! -Old AccHello Dev(s). I think you did a wonderful job! I know that it may look like body shaming to some people, but.. it has its own way of showing one thing. So, it may look body shaming to other people because they aren't usually used to that. Though, * VEGETABLE PENIS *.Version: 0.4.0

Back to old updateI really love the game and I still do it’s just they took the Harley Quinn outfit and the dinosaur outfit and I really loved those outfits and its like you can take your energy away or something like that idk but you don’t go fat anymore and that’s the point of the game to be the right size for the scale am I right?? I just wanted to say please go back to the old update..Version: 0.7.1

HorribleI don’t know how this game has such a high rating it’s horrible how they hav a scale at the end and it’s saying that being a certain weight is called a “perfect body” witch is not a good image for young girls and boys this is teaching girls that you have to be a certain wait to look or be “pretty” or fell “ Beautiful” and is teaching boys that only “skinny” girls are pretty and coming from experience of self doubt and felling bad about how I look this is not teaching anyone anything but that they are only “pretty” if they are “skinny” which is not true.Version: 0.4.0

Body Race…I played this game today and there is a limit on the body fat can you take off the limit and make it bigger and at 300 if you can I would like you to do that 😊.Version: 0.1.0

It’s okLike previous reviews had said, I expected it to body shame. But it didn’t! But the stack of veggies are in a suspicious shape. It might be just me having a dirty mind though lol. I would definitely rate this a solid 4 stars ..Version: 0.4.0

How high were y’all?Soooooo… the game is good honestly it’s fun and everything except… it got a bit weird in the second round. There was a cucumber between 2 tomatoes and it made it look like a you know what.. I’m not sure if y’all did this on purpose or what but kids play this game and kids these days are not dumb. I would appreciate it if you guys fixed up the game a bit because that’s just gross and yeah..Version: 0.4.0

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NoLiterally promotes body shaming 😐.Version: 0.7.1

Really fun.Idk what to say except it’s fun so buy this app 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 0.3.1

Good gameI just got this game and i love pls get this game and give it 5 star.Version: 0.4.0

Fat people pleaseIt was better when the people got fatter.Version: 0.7.1

It’s the body dysmorphia for meGuys why are you advertising this to kids? Just saw a kid I was babysitting playing this and I downloaded it to see what it’s about.Version: 0.3.1

HorribleThis is a completely stupid game for many reasons. 1. It’s body shaming people. 2. Kids with eating disorders such as anorexia could go extremely downhill from this game. 3. Eating broccoli and over-exercising don’t make you lose weight overnight anyway. 4. A burger and ice cream every so often does not make that much of a difference in your weight. Stupid game and should be reported and taken down..Version: 0.4.0

?!Sooooooo problematic. the SCALES?? The DRESS??? the "perfect body" ??!!!!!?!!?!!!!.Version: 0.4.0

Why?Some people have weight problems because of medical conditions and we struggle every day trying to overcome these obstacles and be healthy but it isn’t as simple as eating burgers vs eating cucumber. It’s very complicated and serious and this game is so very upsetting. It really hurts..Version: 0.4.0

Body IssuesOk so this may be a fun game for some but like? Literally saying that you need to be tiny to be “perfect” and you touch 1 thing that is unhealthy like a burger and you immediately become overweight, this is not teaching kids good things and it’s not ok! Imagine a slightly bigger child downloads this and sees that a bigger person in the game is a fail? It’s such a stupid idea for a game!.Version: 0.3.2

:(I’m not a fan of the new update like i don’t like the energy thing and i miss the old update.Version: 0.7.1

Toataly recomendThis game is realy fun but could use some impeovements i love how it has Lots of healthy foods and work out objects.Version: 0.3.1

Amazing at itIt is an amazing game every one should no Nono must get this game.Version: 0.7.0

Just a little bigger maybe?If she continues to eat too much junk food maybe she is no longer able to move?.Version: 0.4.0

I hate thisThis is no joke body shaming people 😐.Version: 0.4.0

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Version 0.7.1 (2021-06-25): What’s that? Update and get: - Challenge yourselves to all-new levels - Bug fixes than make gaming so smooth What’s left? Just to click update, of course..

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