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Surround yourself with the best army to survive against the monster hordes!

Recruit new units with destructive weapons to survive as long as possible :

- Shockbow who sends electric arrows to stun enemies
- Akimbo shooting very quickly with a gun in each hand
- Shotgun who bursts in a cone and neutralizes zombie groups
- Grenade throwing explosive stuff in area to kill shielded troops
- Sniper aiming from far away and piercing rows of monsters
- Paladin hitting the ground with his hammer and doing a lot of gore

Go through the halls and collect powerful bonuses to reinforce your troops!

Run to the helicopter to save your army and escape the battlefield!

Create your army now and become the strongest one!

Use your soldiers to shoot bullets at the zombies and kill them.

Earn gold from dead enemies and customize your hero with funny costumes.

Discover the events : solo run, endless or money rush.

We are waiting for you on the battleground for a great adventure, are you ready for action?

Hero Squad! App User Reviews & Comments

Unfinished?It’s a fun game but seems unfinished. There is no menu and can’t turn off sound. You get coins for killing the zombies or whatever they are but you can’t do anything with the coins. If you can’t use them for something then what’s the point? Would rate higher if these unfinished aspects were taken care of..Version: 3.0

Not able to open store.Fun game but glitches when to much going on in the game at one time. Store is not able to be used because it will not open. Bonus rooms sometimes will shut down as well and not access it, have to do 3 videos again to get to it again..Version: 11.0

Fun game and excellent support!!!Complex enough to keep you interested but casual enough that you can play for a few minutes at a time. I like the various characters and using them to their strengths. Found there was an issue with the app spinning forever when you tried to enable the online backup. Contacted the developer and they out a fix in for 7.01 that corrected it!!! Very pleased with the game and the support!!! RedBarn2.Version: 7.0.1

Premium unitsSo.. the premium units are great yeah, but there needs to be an option to disable them. Having them always with you is annoying when you want to play with out them. Outside of that, great game tbh, super fun.Version: 12.0

This game is so goodI love this game so much but can you fix the frozen screen bug and can you do endless mode too. Overall this game is amazing! I hope to see great up date..Version: 6.5

Fun to kill some timeBe even better if we had more weapons and lvl upgrades I maxed out really quick.Version: 1.5

Monitor the ads betterThis game would be fine, except for the persistent and frustrating ads. I understand that free games will have ads, and I am OK with that. But as soon as there are ads running that don’t have clear “X” or “skip” markings after 5-10 seconds, I delete the game. Again, I have no issue with free games running ads. But the game developers really need to monitor the functionality and user experience for the ads it chooses to host..Version: 10.0.1

CHANGE BACK TO THE OLD WAYS!!!This game used to be awesome by only playing ads when you wanted to do the money multiplier or other things like that. Which was awesome because I could play the game and watch an ad if I wanted to be rewarded for playing. Now ads are popping up before a level and that’s the point at which I stop playing a game. Bring back the old way of letting us decide on watching an ad or not..Version: 12.0.1

Great game!My only suggestion would be is that you add an endless mode that you maybe don’t get as many rewards out of if any at all.Version: 6.5

UnbelievableI have deleted and redownloaded this game from the app store like 20 times already and everytime when i get to level 5 room 12 it automatically closes the app and when i reopen it the game is stuck at level 5 room 12 and it wont even let u start over i love the game but thats a huge problem that needs to be fixed i shouldnt need to delete it and redownload it every 20 minutes it shouldnt be freezing at all or glitching like that at all . And i watched alot of adds and racked up alot of coins and was so happy to upgrade my characters. Whoever created this game needs to update it asap and remove all those stupid glitches.Version: 9.0

Fun but freezes often and lots of bugs.I hate the fact that I paid for “no ads” and I’m having all these bugs. I can’t make it through 1 stage without my phone getting extremely hot. Then I get the black screen when I’m trying to watch an ad for bonus “whatever “. Forcing me to close the app. I haven’t given up totally on the game just yet, only because I spent $ to remove the ads.Version: 9.7.1

Love it but..I love this game!!! BUT I’m stuck on World 11 Room 25/25. It’s a wave level and after surviving the first wave, there’s nothing else.. I’ve waited on more waves but nothing else happens. The level meter shows there’s still a lot left to do. I’ve closed the app and restarted the room again 3 times & the same thing happens each time I replay it. There have also been a couple other stages where the enemies weren’t there but I was still able to finish the level. Besides this one small and one big issue, I love the game!! It’s super fun & I hope the world 11 issue is resolved soon so I can keep playing!!.Version: 11.0

Why am I still seeing adsI paid for no ads, and yet why am I still seeing ads to progress to next levels… 😒 The game itself is okay, but it does crash when I play for longer than ~15 minutes..Version: 13.0

Store is still glitchedBeen playing this game for a while now, and since an update was rolled out over a month ago the store is completely glitched out in freezes and crash of the game. Can’t buy tokens or can’t buy anything. Regular game was crashing out between two different updates, that is finally stable but it’s been long after this is ridiculous. Fix this..Version: 11.5

I’m enjoying the game but,I’m enjoying the game but I decided to spend the last of my birthday money from last Saturday that I’ve been holding onto In hopes of getting a new system so all I have to play on is my phone right now and I paid for no ads because I decided to enjoy the game without any interruptions but sadly I still run into ads around every corner that’s why my review is so low.Version: 12.0.1

Buggy to the point of being brokenWhen this game actually works, it’s one of my favorite mobile games ever. Unfortunately, there have been several huge bugs have always been annoying but didn’t mess things up too bad. Recent updates have made then game literally unplayable, though. I can't get past the level I’m on due to a helicopter not showing up after defeating the mecha. It’s a shame because I was having a lot of fun with it before..Version: 11.0.1

Hardly any adsNormally when I play a mobile game I expect to be bombarded with ads after every level yeah so far I haven’t seen any which is great.Version: 12.0.1

Game Crashed at the end of my solo runSo far I love the game but I did a solo game recently and it gave me an add before the third level and then just black screened now I can’t even watch an add to retry it so if that’s consistent bummer still worth the install.Version: 12.0.1

Great game but one problemThis game has the potential to be an amazing or even the best game but SO MUCH LAG a little to much because right in the middle of the game you freeze and when you resume after ten seconds your hit because of lag you get more lag then game and when you enter the game may crash but overall this has the potential to be the best game. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! So keep it up developers and FIX THE LAG.Version: 13.0

Great appGames these days are loaded with ads you do task for. once you click on something, an ad pops up. not this game! fit the most part, the only ads i receive are ones i actually ask for. when i need an extra troop, i’ll choose to watch an ad to get another one but other than that it’s all gameplay. there is no multiplayer function and it’s not very challenging, but then again it is a mobile game so that makes sense. a great time waster. some of the things in the game are a little overpowered, such as on solo mode after i complete one level i am able to obtain 55k coins just by multiplying what i get by watching an ad. that kind of defeats the whole purpose of the bonus level. there aren’t any defined rarities but some cards will cost wildly more than others in shops. i wish you could view previous worlds just for the fun of it, but other than those few things amazing game! i am currently on world 12 room 18, and still playing. highly suggest this game as a time waster..Version: 12.0.1

BugsGame would be great but I have found a bug that won’t allow me to keep playing. If your squad gets to big it won’t allow you to fit in the square to get to the next level. I’m stuck and the game won’t progress to next level, and it won’t let you remove squad members. Fox this bug and it would be 5 stars!.Version: 11.0.2

Good game and not that many adsIt’s a good game you get to fight all sorts of enemies and best of all not that many ads this game deserves a 5 star and you get to collect all sorts of cool units and power ups.Version: 13.0

Awesome, except…I am on World 16, Level 25 and there or no bad guys. I wander around the level waiting for the to appear and nothing happens. How do I conquer the level when there are no baddies to kill? Has happened before on other levels but I can never figure out how I got it to work. Buggy. Come on, developers. I like the game a lot but, dang, this is frustrating..Version: 11.5

Great game except forGreat game, but there are more ads than the game can handle, causing it to be very susceptible to lag and freezing, the 2 pieces of good news is the advertisements for it aren’t lies and 99% of the in-game ads are ads for coins/materials/characters..Version: 12.0.1

MehFun game at the beginning cz it’s challenging , after a. Bit dev got bored and ran out of steam lvl become tiny and boring , decoration were boring as well , same type of game play and units that never changed or scaled or even got harder. Absolutely no point in even vesting in main character cz well he doesn’t do jack anyway . Even new units it’s basically same thing but skinned take as example boomer or car guy he drops mines and he drops cars and . Could ve been pretty cool game but 🤷 you dev decided not putting any effort in it ..Version: 12.0.1

Glitch in player upgradesI’ve had fun with the game however I’ve leveled up the character 20 times and it hasn’t given me a single Damage upgrade. At this point it’s hard to believe that’s a coincidence. Health, Fire, Attack, Gems, and Dodge are 6, 2, 0, 4, and 8 respectively. What gives? Really upsets the balance of the game..Version: 10.0.1

It won’t let me have more than one soldierThe game won’t let me pick anything but a rifleman and won’t let me add new soldiers to my party so I can’t get past any levels it gives me the option but doesn’t show the other characters and when I watch the ads they still don’t give me the characters or the power ups.Version: 9.7

Pretty acceptableThis game so far I really enjoy but I am experiencing some bugs and there is problem with the 9th upgrade for the fire rate perk but otherwise I really enjoy playing this while I can.Version: 9.6

Glitch problemIt’s a good game, but they need to fix the glitches because it freezes and I have to restart the app, please fix this, thank you..Version: 11.0

Nice gameI gave this game a 4 star review because of the adds. For one they can lag the game, and they’re also pretty annoying. But, just put your phone in airplane mode. Other than that I enjoyed :).Version: 12.0.1

So glitchySo the game overall has a nice concept. I like how they keep the ads to a minimum and dont shove one on your screen after each level like most games do. only problem i have is every time, or almost every time I load into a new level nothing loads except the hero(s) and thr helicopter, which freezes my players and I have to restart my game constantly. Id almost prefer the ads at that point.Version: 11.0.1

AdsDoes no one understand that you can just go to settings and make it so the app doesn’t use data then just turn off WiFi. Then boom no ads.Version: 13.0

GlitchesWhen I started playing this game was fun but had some lag issues if things on screen got to busy. After recent update the game stall after every level and I have to close out the game. Also the different tabs don’t work or just freeze now also. Needs a fix. Pretty unplayable at this point..Version: 11.0

Fun concept but ads every other level uninstalled it after a dayI saw an ad for this game and downloaded it cus it looked fun. But any progress on this game requires you to watch ads. Every other level completed requires you to watch an ad. It’s too much and incessant. It seems like a great concept ruined by non stop ads that can’t be controlled.Version: 13.0

So addictiveLove this game alwase play it but wish the levels could be more harder and a tip so you don’t get. No adds is to turn of you’re WiFi or cellular data on your phone and boom no ads. SHH don’t snith.Version: 13.0

Good game butThis is actually a really fun game. So far, no bugs. One thing I have noticed, it kills the battery on my phone pretty fast. Went from 16% to 3% in about 10 minutes and my battery is really good.Version: 11.5

A good time wasterHonestly, I have decent fun with this game for a simple mobile game. As of the past week for so there has been issues with crashing and big performance drops, hopefully they correct this soon. Besides that it’s a good time waster 👌👌 can’t complain.Version: 13.0

Good game, but….I have loved this game ever sense I got it. But after I got out off of the the on the spin wheel level, when I got on I can’t continue. This could be fixed by adding a reset lvl button so I could continue. Would rate higher if this can be fixed..Version: 9.6

I would have actually paid for the ad removalBut every time I play it keeps closing randomly and I would have do the entire level over Fix it and I will come back but until then they I’ll be checking out other Squad games.Version: 11.5

Stop the crashingEvery ad or in between scenes the game completely crashes also during purchasing items I’ve tried to just not watch the ads hoping to avoid crashing but overall love the concept I’ve played games similar and love them but I can’t deal with the crashing it takes the fun away by taking so long to play again I’ll be on a roll then crash idk fix that I’ll def play this all the time.Version: 11.5

Great game (would be 5 star) but i wish it would not crash at level 12I really enjoy this game immensely but it’s buggy at level twelve. I don’t know why but level 12 seems to break the game. Units stop being added to your team, boosts stop accruing and about the only thing that continues to work are the ads. There is no way to contact support and it seems the cloud save is useless because it doesn’t save any progress at all. I have reinstalled the game 3 times and always have to start from scratch. Too bad it really is a great game..Version: 9.7.1

31 is the limitIn case anyone is wondering, if you have 31 people on your team, the helicopter won’t pick you up. Got bored. Wanted to see what would happen if I took every option presented. It’s an okay game. Not much challenge. Absolutely loaded with ads. Want the extra guy? Ad. Need a heal? Ad. Going to the next level? Ad. Long ads. Short ads. Annoying ads. If you pay to remove the ads then you’ll only get the ads when you want bonus stuff, or the vendors that only have stuff in exchange for ads..Version: 11.5

Good but to many addsThe game itself is very fun and good. However there are so many ads that it actually causes the game to crash and you have to close it out and restart it. I understand having ads on a free game of course. But there is an ad after almost every level and any upgrade there’s an ad coming while playing the game. Please developers remove a few ads so this stops happening because I love the game.Version: 12.0.1

GlitchyLove the game except constantly crashes especially after ads which the whole reason I watch the ads are for bonus coins etc. then when it crashes after completing the ad you don’t even get the rewards for watching said ad because of the game crashing. It’s absolutely insane the amount of times it crashes within a ten minute span. Literally hard to complete anything in this game without having to reload the app constantly. If they fix this issue I’d rate it a 4.5.Version: 11.5

More ads than playable gameThis game was downloaded and deleted from my phone within 30 minutes. Here’s why: I downloaded this app because I saw a review saying that this game isn’t one that’s loaded with ads and that they only watch an ad when it’s beneficial to them. That person must be a friend of the developer because that is completely false. I’ve never played a game that has as many ads as this one. There are a opportunities to watch an ad before you start a level, between rooms on each level, and after every level. And sure, you can choose to pass on the ads and the bonuses for watching them. But very often, they will make you watch an ad anyway, with no bonus, immediately after you passed on the bonus for watching an ad. The worst part is that the game is too easy to feel any accomplishment for succeeding. So not only is the game boring because it’s too easy, but you have the frustration of seeing ads every 45 seconds because that’s as long as it takes to clear a room. It’s abundantly clear that the developers had no intentions of making a fun game. It’s just a simple game that allows them to sell ad space..Version: 13.0

Perk upgrade glitchThe fire rate perk is level 9 right now and is the last one left for me to upgrade, but every time I do, it bugs out preventing me from getting it maxed out or anything else. I was left with no choice but to close game and end up losing the amount of gold I spent on trying to max out the perk. Can there be an update that solves that problem?.Version: 9.0

Good at first…This game is really fun at first but the farther into the game you get the more enemies there are which makes the game really laggy. Also, the farther into the game you game you get, the more ads the game offers. The game also advertises itself a lot. It gives you stuff like “Pay $2.99 for no ads” and stuff like that a lot of the time. I highly recommend not getting this game..Version: 10.0

If the game lags, it’s your deviceI’m on world 20 and have had zero issues. I’ve also never died. Not much difficulty as most levels you don’t even need to move..Version: 9.7.1

Good game but some issuesThe game is very fun but after a while it’s gets super laggy and the loading screens become very very very long and eventually the game freezes and you have to close it completely and come back to only very little gameplay. Don’t know if it’s just my WiFi or it’s actually a bug..Version: 8.0

Beware Won’t be ad free even if you payI bought the remove ads package and I still am seeing ads? I’d suggest not using this app. Won’t be ad free even if you buy the remove ads package they have for sale. Worst 3 dollars I spent today. Refund please.Version: 12.0.1

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Game crashGames keeps crashing when opened.Version: 10.0.1

JayWas great but now it glitching and won’t open up new levels..Version: 11.0

Won’t loadGame doesn’t load when I clear a room. It’s just a purple background and I can’t move or see anything.Version: 11.0

Full of adsSo many ads! Painful.Version: 11.0.1

Won’t loadGame won’t load the waves at the end of eastern market. Impossible to progress. Previous area (10) had issues with loading into new levels. Full game restart required to progress.Version: 11.0.1

Game breaking bugThere needs to be a “current world reset” button. I’ve had it happen twice to me where if the last boss battle is interrupted, resuming round 25 will not work and the bosses will not load properly. The only fix is to delete app and redownload starting from world 1 again..Version: 11.5

Game frozen on room 25 of works 12Fun game until I got to the end of World 11 eastern market. The game won’t go past this. Bit of a shame..Version: 11.0

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Hero Squad! 14.0 Update

Version 14.0 (2021-09-25): - Awesome new VIP mode with an exclusive unit and an exclusive skin ! - Fantastic new booster packs !.

Version 12.0.1 (2021-09-14): New amazing special events to try ! New diverse units to unlock !.

Version 11.0.2 (2021-09-04): - New awesome premium units ! - New surprising worlds to explore ! - More enemies to take down !.

Version 10.0.1 (2021-08-21): New amazing worlds to conquer!.

Version 6.5 (2021-07-07): - New worlds to conquer! - New squad units with new amazing powers!.

Version 1.5 (2021-04-28): New amazing levels.