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The ball is moving more and more!

If you get the same number of balls, it will be even bigger.

Balls that are too small will not fit in the lane.

Ball Run 2048 App User Reviews & Comments

Why does this happen? Add more levelsSo sometimes whenever I have 64 (same with other numbers) I go into another 64, and it doesn’t count. I find it weird, also the levels repeat and it get boring over time.Version: 0.2.9

Great game but needs some fixesI love this game, very addicting. But every time I finish a level I get a add. I would give this game 5 stars, but the adds ruined It. Get rid of the adds and you will get 5 stars..Version: 0.2.9

BestLove this game this is probably my favorite game I am I’m going to rated a five star because this game is so fun when I started trying it it was so much fun I almost got 1000!.Version: 0.1.3

It’s OKThis game was very fun until at like level 18 they started to repeat the levels from levels 1-17. Also after every 2 levels ads. And can you guys please put settings in the game. I love to listen to music while playing games, so I want to turn off sounds plz. Thanks..Version: 0.2.6

Could be betterOk so the reason this game could be better is because the levels are way to easy and the same almost and the highest number is 2048 and I know thats the name of the game but like still it’s way to easy!! I know that it takes a lot of time to make a game and stuff I wish they would have put a little bit more time and effort. The game was really fun at first but then it started getting boring and to easy…. I thought this game would be fun bc of the ads but then I downloaded it and it was okay.. I recommend this game if you like levels being the same and easy but I’d you don’t then I wouldn’t get this game.. that’s all I have to say and I say thanks for putting your idea out there but you could have put more time into your idea…. I’m a little disappointed..😔😔😕😕.Version: 0.2.9

What I think of it.I think it is pretty fun but there are a few things I dislike. 1. Too many ads. After every level there is an ad which is really annoying٫ and also I like to disconnect from my Wi-Fi so I don't have to worry about ads٫ which most games let me٫ but this game requires Wi-Fi. When I complete a level and I don't have my Wi-Fi on٫ it says "Check your connection." It makes me angry if I don't have Wi-Fi where I'm at so please don't make us need to use Wi-Fi or just don't have a ton of ads. (And you are unable to pay to remove ads so it's really annoying.) 2. Too easy I feel like each level is just too easy and there aren't any challenges with any levels٫ so please make so really hard or just more challenging levels. 3. Repeats Some levels are actually repeats I'm pretty sure٫ and I know it's kinda hard thinking of unique new levels but please don't do repeats that's what makes it easier. So thats all I have to really say. I don't experience any other problems٫ a few tiny simple glitches but not really that many at all. Its still a pretty decent and fun game but please fix some things! Thank you~.Version: 0.2.6

It’s not what you thinkIt’s really just moving a ball until the end which is like 15 seconds away. After you get to the biggest you can get to, there is basically no fun at all. It’s just repeating the same thing over and over. And there is an ad every time you play. Honestly, this game is not fun..Version: 0.1.3

AdsFun game, but there is a ridiculous amount of ads. You can’t turn off your wifi either to stop getting them it will just say error. Tue game is good and pretty relaxed itself but the ads are horrible.Version: 0.1.3

It's okOk there r a few problems not like a glitch but I think this game needs more. 1st of all all the levels repeat and after every time u win u get an ad I really do recommend this app to people but there needs 2 be more I give this game a rating of 4.7 sipes fun but just needs more!.Version: 0.1.3

Awesome 😎 but too many adsBasically, I really like the game! But there is WAYYYY too many ads and I’m gettin kinda annoyed about it…uuugh…😒😒😒😒😒😒 can u please change that and make it less? It’s like an ad for every level. At least make it like 5 levels and then the ads. Getting annoyed…😒 Your reviewer, Anonymous. Also…PLZ DO ITTTTT!!!.Version: 0.2.9

EhFirst, I loved this game so much! It was really addictive and fun! Now I’m on level 60 and I just realized it’s the same 5-6 levels just repeated! Now it’s really boringI am probably just gonna delete it. There are also so many adds! Don’t really recommend..Version: 0.2.9

Terrible GameIt’s very laggy. And by the time you reach level 38, it’s Ads after every single level! And when it lags WHILE loading into an ad or a level, your screen freezes! I love the game idea, but it’s just too hard to play with all the lag! Please DO NOT play this game! This game is a space waster. I’m just trying warn future players, but if you could fix all the lag, I’m very sure this would be an AMAZING game! So, please DON’T download this game until the lag is fixed!.Version: 0.2.9

Why the WiFi?It’s fine and all but why does it need WiFi? It’s not even an online game that compares your progress to others Around the world, so why? I just think that’s it’s really dumb sorry. The game is good though!.Version: 0.2.6

Well…Well usually I’m very picky with games like these but… this is one of the best games that I’ve ever played I recommend anyone to play this!!!.Version: 0.2.9

Quickly boringIt’s essentially the same level over and over, and because of the bad mechanics it’s easy to skip over all of the obstacles by going on the edge. Also, there’s no incentive to get a bigger ball, no points system or anything. There’s also the issue of being too many ads as other reviews have pointed out.Version: 0.1.3

Updates can helpThe game is just the ball rolls you have to move it and there’s just 5 spikes o. The floor don’t go over them if not you go into a smaller ball, aswell if you roll over WhOoPs you died you have to restart it’s less then idk 10 seconds each round or less the levels don’t change much. The game could be really good but we will need a bunch of updates! But in all it’s a ok game :).Version: 0.1.3

Good but...This game is good but there is one thing I don’t like. The Levels are the same they keep repeating I don’t like that cause you keep play the same map witch gets boring. I would of give this a five star but this is why I wouldn’t.Version: 0.1.3

So much problemsThis is my first time playing this app and there is so much major problems like starting the same level over again..Version: 0.2.6

GAME REVIEWERDon’t get me wrong the game was fun when I downloaded it but after I played it for a while it’s just (BORING).Nobody wants to play a game we’re they don’t even get to play the game it’s just ads there’s an ad after every level. And I know the KARENS out there are probably like just pay for no ads nobody wants to pay 5dollars for no ads on a stupid game. If I were you just don’t get the game. I see potential in it just needs ALOT of upgrades..Version: 0.1.3

Mehh😒The game is amazing but the app has tons of ads. Id only recomend it if you want to watch ads an hour strait! Although i want to give it five star there are just so many ads. Im sorry but its just not the best app .👎🏻.Version: 0.2.6

The best game everU guys should really get this game the sound is so satisfying and learning just a little bit😜thanks😜.Version: 0.2.6

Repeating LevelsThis game is fun for a little bit. You aren’t bombarded with a bunch of ads, and you’re having fun, right? But then you get the same level. Again, and again, and again. There’s only about 5 original levels until those same levels start repeating again. It’s extremely boring..Version: 0.1.3

HORRIBLE💀🤬🤬Literally every single game once you win there’s an ad like EVERY SINGLE TIME so it makes me rage all the time and most of the ads are skippable but after you skip it you have to wait 20 more seconds like usual but it’s the fact that there is SO MANY ADS so pls fix it if you can 😙thx.Version: 0.2.9

Not greatI personally really don’t enjoy this game cause it isn’t really entertaining but on the other reviews people like it so it is only for some people so I think you should try it but if you don’t like it don’t play it.Version: 0.2.6

Waste of a good conceptThe game is fun enough and it’s a really cool concept but the ads after every single level completely ruins the experience and im going to have to delete the app, usually i turn of cellular and wifi and i can get around ad heavy apps but of course this one requires you to have an internet connection :/ so here it is, wish i could give 0 stars tbh.Version: 0.2.6

Glitches, same levels, etc.There are a few major problems with this game. I am going to number them to most major to least major. Also, I love this game. The only reason I’m giving it a 1 star is because I can barely play it. So, no offense, if the developers are reading this. The only thing I want you to do is fix these my issues with this game. When you do, and I notice it, you’re going to have another five stars in the app store. The game is perfect. Good job. 1. Glitches. The glitches I have experienced make the game barely playable. There are 4 glitches that I have experienced. I can’t move my ball, I get an instant game over even though I didn’t do anything, I don’t have a ball, and finally, I don’t have a level. It’s just the ball. And I instantly die. And these glitches happen almost all the time. 2. Same levels. There are only 3 or 4 levels for me to play. Please make more levels. 3. Crashes. This might be my phone, ( because it’s old ) or it’s the game. I think it’s the game, but there’s a possibility that it’s just my phone. A lot of the time when I open the app up, it instantly crashes. Sometimes it happens so much I can’t even play it for a few days. Please fix this..Version: 0.1.3

HonestlyIm giving this a full star so more people sees this, the people that you see saying its good is probably bots you have too play with internet and theres a ton of ads if your planning on downloading dont cause cause theres a lot of ads and you HAVE to play with internet or else when you finish it would just say”check you internet data not loaded” and its very annoying..Version: 0.2.9

MehAt first the game was nice and working like it was supposed to. The only thing then was that there was sooooo many adds!!! It was very annoying. But after like 5 plays the screan went black and you could play but all you could see was the numbers. Not the spikes. Then i just refreshed. But after one time it happened again and again!! So now it has no color except black, white, and all the many adds!!!.Version: 0.1.3

To many adds and didn’t get it at firstIt’s a good game over all, but whenever you finish a level you get a add and it’s to many adds also, I was a bit confused how to play I feel like a tutorial would be good to help people understand the game more.Version: 0.2.9

4 StarOkay, So the game itself is very good but it is very boring i mean all you do is move a ball and get more numbers it’s very simple and bland you need to fix this so the game will be better here are some tips Make a money system Make it an online racing game(to see who can get 2048 quickest) make levels more difficult These are some tips.Version: 0.1.3

Okay so…This is a pretty good game but it gets quite boring. The higher the level you go the more the ads. All the ads are short so I did not mind too much. I feel like it is also to easy sometimes..Version: 0.2.6

Needs more workI can see this game being a very good game. Just needs a little bit more work. I recommend this although. Keep working!.Version: 0.1.3

Love the game just to many adds 😭😭🤧🥺There’s to many adds I love the game just to many adds I don’t love adds stop the adds I am not being mean i just don’t like adds I love the game just not adds pls stop adds 🥺😭I like the game pls just stop adds!!!!😭😭😭😭🥺☹️have a nice day😇.Version: 0.2.6

Uhhh what?This game is just basically repeating the same subject over and over again. I would have rated this a 2 star if it had more activity’s. I don’t know why this game was made but it was probably just to make kids go and this game like “ooh fun!” And then a bunch of adds pop up. Yeah this is a easy 1 star and I would play Subway surfers over this game..Version: 0.2.9

This is terrible who made this was probably new to make a gameI don’t know why they put so much ads but like I can’t get the balls I want I have to get the same that I am and that I don’t like and it has super glitches in the game and I can’t play with glitches please make this a better game🙏🥺..Version: 0.1.3

OkThe levels need to longer and it just disint have that good of a theam it also has way to many adds Shute you can skip but I mean come on after every level. This game has so much potential but it’s really tha short levels and adds that are holding it back. Please take this into consideration..Version: 0.1.3

Ehhhh....The game is a cool idea but after like .2 seconds it becomes BORING because there’s only like three levels and in my 5 MINUTES of playing it already found 2 glitches. The first glitch is sometimes it randomly makes everything turn black and you can’t see anything, the other is actually kinda fun but game breaking if you are a small ball you can literally fly across the map. And the ads but for me the ads are OK because most of the time I only have to watch a few seconds then I can skip it. Other then that this game is ehhh. If you add more levels and fix the glitches I’ll probably re download this boring game..Version: 0.1.3

Kinda good but some issues…First of all.. WAY TOO MANY ADDS one second BOOM a add i payed no adds and still so many adds pop up idk how they made it but it is still fun.Version: 0.2.3

SuggestionsHi I absolutely love the game I just have 3 suggestions 1.should make higher numbers it doesn’t go verry high 2.should make the levels longer cause they are short 3.should add an online option where you can play against other players But other than that it’s practically perfect in every way.Version: 0.1.3

I love this game!!This game is so addictive!! I love the graphics and I make it to rainbow almost every time! This game made me smarter! At first I wasn’t smart, but when I started playing this game I was so smart! I love this game 5000% and I recommend it to anybody! This game is one of the best games I have. Even though I was a newbie, I got used to it right away. It’s like a merge game so I dowloaded other merge games and I’m a master at them! Hope you make more ads and more people start to play it and sharpen their mind! This game is the #1 merge game I have now so I hope this game grows to have thousands or even millions of players! My whole life changed when I dowloaded this, in a perfect way! My life is so much better with this game because I play this game when I don’t feel smart (if you know what I mean) so thank you developers of Ball Run 2048! Sincerely, Azalea Irene Aceves.Version: 0.2.6

The bestIt is an AMAZING game don’t listen to the dumb bad reviews no glitches barely any ads like 1 every 20 rounds it is amazing definitely get!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 0.2.9

Need some work! Take out the adds!Game is fun but the thing is it gets adds almost every second which is actually annoying and I was hoping that you can take out the adds like it would be more fun and less ads. Thanks- Game Reviewer.Version: 0.1.3

I have ideasMaybe you could add higher numbers and longer levels and I feel like I’ve played levels two times..Version: 0.1.3

Okay but…There are ads after every level and the game is more of adds not games. Also it is supper hard to get a rainbow ball because of all of the spikes. Aka I am not 2 years old..Version: 0.2.6

MehIt just plays levels you already played over and over again but it’s still fun and not that much adds I would recommend it.Version: 0.2.9

Easy!!!!The game was fun to play at first but then all the levels started to be the same and it was so easy! I would beat levels before you could snap your finger. The point is, I don’t recommend this game when you could be playing something else..Version: 0.1.3

The game works but adsThe game actually works! I highly recommend it. But there are ads after every level. But if you do the level it will say level completed. Then can get out of the game and you would be on the next level..Version: 0.1.3

OkSo there is to many ads mid game get a ad and I die also when I finish a level it just show a minute long ad and it’s annoying not that fun yes I’ll play it when I’m free but other games are better then this u can be a boy and a Barbie game would be better not lying ..Version: 0.2.9

To many 2048!So I was playing this game and I was like oh this game will be fun I know I’ll just get a 2048 Every once in a while but I was wrong every time I completed a level I finished with 2048 and it was getting kind of old so when I reach level 40 I thought it was finally going to give me another number since four he was in 2048 but I was wrong it just gave me 2048 again please stop that to make the game more fun I don’t want to complete the level every time with a 2048 and it makes the game really boring because you already know you’re just gonna get a 2048 but besides that. It really fun game I can learn new numbers and stuff.Version: 0.2.3

I love it and I am not botThis app is amazing. Really love this application honestly. there’s this really cool Glitch has no effect on the game: you basically just have to get to the rainbow and then all you have to do next is when you’re like a very very close to it like very very close you just swing up extremely high and land in the water. This game is extremely great i usually never give five stars.Version: 0.2.6

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HorribleFirst of all there are so many slow frickin ads Second of all it’s so slow loading that all you can see is the stupid water I hate it I hate it I hate it I’m done now adios, sayonara, aloha, goodbye.Version: 0.2.6

HBest game ever.Version: 0.2.6

Great 👍🏻I got to level 46 with a rainbow 🌈 ball!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶.Version: 0.2.9

TerribleThis game is terrible when you play it just shows you a picture of the sea and it takes forever to load. You don’t even get to play the game. So do not buy this game!.Version: 0.2.3

The best game ever UwUSo when I started playing it I got up to the rainbow hole lol no joke like get the game guys it’s an absolute best game.Version: 0.2.9

Just noThe ads like every time overall the game is pretty good without the finish line just keep going but I hate the finish line but overall I would rate it a 2/5 mostly because of ads….Version: 0.2.9

Wish could turn adds off, no way even to pay..?How turn off adds?.Version: 0.2.9

THE ADSHey I like the game and all but I can’t stand the ads! Whenever I’d get the ball in the hole an ad will show up! Please get rid of it!.Version: 0.2.9

Tip if u hate this gameIf u hate it rate it one star then leave then do it again until u are happy 😃.Version: 0.2.9

Complete crap⚠︎︎I gave it a one star because I couldn’t give zero. It as an absolutely crappy game. It takes so long for everything. There is nothing in this game about winning or losing the lowest is a 2 and the highest is 2048. It doesn’t matter which one of those you get or in between you’ll go to the next level or whatever because there is no levels. I do not comprehend how it got a 4.5 rating because I know for sure it is terrible..Version: 0.2.9

Umm nNOOONo bad game.Version: 0.2.3

Worst everThis is the worst app ever there is so much ads and it uses all of my percentage DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ANNOYING APP.Version: 0.2.9

BoringAll you do is roll the ball and match the same number.Version: 0.2.9

Great gameThis game is another way for kids to learn. My kid loves it he plays it with his friend every day.Version: 0.2.9

Best gameBest game best game best game best game.Version: 0.1.3

5 starsThis is such a good game and it also gives you an excuse to go on your iPad because your kinda just doing really fun math..Version: 0.2.9

How to split 2?I like this game but I didn’t give it 5 stars because you can’t split 2. So that’s why I gave this game 3 stars..Version: 0.2.9

Review answersJust turn off the wifi bruh then there are no ads. Boom. Also the rating has nothing to do with this I just rated this 5 stars cos I wanted to wright a review.Version: 0.2.9

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Ball Run 2048 0.2.9 Update

Version 0.2.9 (2021-07-03): - improve graphics. - fix bugs..

Version 0.2.6 (2021-06-18): - improve graphics and framerate. - fix bugs on iPhone5/iPhone5c/iPad4..

Version 0.1.3 (2021-04-20): fix bugs..