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Just choose where to drop your bomb. It takes care of the rest.

• Smooth gameplay
• Simple and colorful art style
• Dynamic mechanism
• Enjoyable levels

Arm!y App User Reviews & Comments

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EileenY’all’s arm ever be twitching ???.

KiLike I really do this shit and coming into this school year I was overwhelmed and I really jumped into summer semester classes and was still healing from my c section and had Korbin in one arm and my computer in the other and was a mess. I’m really doing this shit y’all..

GOODY2CHAMPS #17💜💛🏆Damn everybody forgot about cp3 tryna trip AD(while on offense) and grabbing lebrons arm that fast??! 😂 or it didn’t matter cuz it was against players/a team y’all didn’t like? .

MK⁷So y’all telling me there’ll be an OT7 #cns performance and we’ll see Namjoon moving is MUSCULAR LEGS??!!! Spare my life I’m still not over him flexing his ARM MUSCLES yesterday. #BTSSOWOOZOO2021.

TThe Teres Minor originates on the middle part of the lateral border of the scapula. It inserts on the inferior aspect of the greater tubercle of the humerus. It laterally rotates & (kinda) adducts the arm. It’s innervated by the axillary nerve C5,C6 (y’all can unfollow me) 😂📝📝.

Puttin it in they face@ALLICONICSPORTS Yes, his HAND is on the ball. So y’all don’t see his arm on kd arm?.

Nicky Flash@VanHornHogs I hope tonight you not only think about the fact that you still have 0 national championships (congrats on those 2 SEC ships this year!!! 😂😂) but you also lost in spite of trying t to ruin a kid’a arm along the way. Thank God y’all didn’t make Omaha.

Tony RoblesIma trynna join a Sunday league baseball team or something. Lemme show y’all what this arm can do ⚾️.

$$Till$$@Jayzon481 Nah bruh dude swung his arm hit bruh in face, the funny part he said himself tried to do hard foul but y’all call it soft. And their a difference between hard fouls and hitting someone around face. But yea you can let someone get away with that not me..

Google Lewis Herber@arm_muscle I was so disappointed with "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!", because referencing her kind of excludes her from the MCU..

Captain of scraps disposal!!This but in ur car idk y but i gotta know wat u keep in that arm rest cus im convinced its snacks and ur not sharing .

Chris Texture🐢If Durant doesn’t win the finals by himself his legacy is even more tarnished dude is trash. I wont forget when y’all saw Kevin love get his arm twisted out his socket then kyrie season ending knee and y’all told Bron get it done or you suck.

Long-forgotten hippofishIn ffxiv, raubahn loses an arm. y’shtola goes blind. thancred loses access to magic. and it shows them coming to terms with those things, learning to live with them. it’s a nice way of showing that there are stakes even beyond life and death..

Real T maestroOn my 21st birthday I got my initials tatted on my left arm TMC because my name is Thomas Michael custis Jr I'm not going to tell you all the rest of the story if y'all haven't realized or can I see the seven dimensional thanks the marathon continues let's get it.

Symone@KamRenee @subZ6RO @lxoelo He’s dragging her hair. What y’all see is just her arm holding him which looks like he’s grabbing her arm but he’s not..

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