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The longest answer wins! Answer each question with the longest answer you can think of to build your tower and escape the rising waters!

As long as you can outlast the opponents, you wont get eaten!


Text or Die App User Reviews & Comments

This game is good but not good at the same timeFirst of all the game is 4+. So that means there should be words say, a five year old can spell (and think of an answer). But this game asks to name states and elements. I don’t think this game should not 4+. Also, some words seem to be spelt wrong when there not. For instance, pineapple. This is not spelt wrong. And on bonus levels they make it the same category. So for the gaming console one there’s only so many responses. Also when you get one wrong or you spelt it incorrectly it makes you die right away. I hope this review was helpful and I don’t really recommend this game unless it updates..Version: 1.3.3

Super disappointingThis game is actually fun. If you enjoy crosswords or classic word games like Scattegories, you’ll love this. What you’ll absolutely HATE are the ads. This is one of the heaviest ad apps I’ve seen in awhile. Not only do you have adds between levels, they took extra care to throw a few in during level play. You cannot skip, so you spend more time watching ads then actually playing. Now if you’d like to be extorted into paying the 2.99 no add fee, look no further, this is your game..Version: 1.5

BoringThe opponents are obviously bots who put in the answers with the least letters so the player can win. On “social media sites” the answers were Vox, TikTok, Xing and Flixster. I havent heard of three of them and its obvious that the bots are trying to let you win. Some answers dont make sense for example, the bots just type “it” sometimes and it works. Some of my answers aren’t valid when they should be, in music genres it didn’t except “electronic” which definitely is a genre since I listen to multiple artists in this category. Also of course there are too many ads..Version: 1.3.3

Worst game everAfter you play 1 round you go to an ad then after the ad it freezes so you have to close it out and start all over again and it get VERY annoying after a while and some of the answers are just dumb like for example it’s said name a social media platform and I put Instagram and it didn’t work but someone put Qq and it worked for them and I don’t think Qq is a social media platform so if your reading this I do not recommend this game it’s a waste of time trust me on this worst game by far.Version: 1.1

Major issuesIt’s a fun premise and game (about half the time), and the major issues make it almost unusable. I had the prompt “name a team sport” and I put in hockey. I made sure to double check the spelling because I can sometimes rush. And it didn’t accept it. I then put in cross country and it didn’t accept that either. These need to be fixed and the developers need to be more open minded.Version: 1.4.2

Not quite thereWay too many adds, literally for every round of every game there is a 30s ad to watch just to continue! Also, def not online play. And Bots use words that aren’t even words so makes the fact that your not playing other people very obvious and thus makes the game boring. Great concept tho, online play or better bots. And less ads, also work on the vocabulary cause there are easily recognized word, foreign words, or even countries that the game doesn’t accept as an answer.Version: 1.3.3

You will get madOk I just got this game and it was fun but it is hard to win and on some of the questions it tells you that you spelled it wrong when someone else has the exact same answer as you and spelled the is exact same way as the other person for example I spelled pacific and it said I was wrong and I was like ok I made a mistake but then it tells me everybody else’s answers and one of the people have pacific spelled the exact same way and they said it was right and that was just one of the occasions that it happened, it’s happened multiple times and I just got this game literally two hours ago. Also one of the other thing is it gives you a add then it exits out of the game so you can’t be in that game that you didn’t finish you have to start a whole new game..Version: 1.2

Needs workIt’s a fun game and a good idea, and really my only critique is the ads. It’s utterly ridiculous that you give me an option to watch an ad to get more coins or say that I’m ok without the extra, BUT I STILL GET AN AD??? At the end of the day, if you made it so where the ad only played if you select that option, then you get a lot more people choosing to watch the ads. Because you aren’t being forced to..Version: 1.5

Has potential if they actually triedThis game has many things wrong with it. 1. Too many ads 2. You are going against bots 3. The questions they ask you arent even based off of facts. For example: name a breakfast drink. There are no fact answers based off of this. Another one is name some consoles. Only PlayStation 3-5 works and Xbox series x is the only one that works. And any other console from Nintendo other than the switch works. Plus if you are going against bots from different countries why do they speak the same language. If they fix their questions and answers, make this game online, and stop the amount of ads they bombard you with I will most definitely play this game. But for now this game is terrible..Version: 1.5

Frustrated by rejected (correct) answersThis is a fun game. Very simple, moderate amount of ads... but when I answer prompts with correct answers, I have repeatedly lost games because someone hasn’t recognized popular-ish answers in the system and will count the answer as wrong all together. Name a wizard, name a social media platform, name a vegetable... these are questions I have typed multiple good answers and lost games because of. Not wanting to play a game if I lose because of a technicality. I understand spelling is important in this game, and if you are off by a letter it gets marked wrong. I just think some bumps need to be ironed out before I’d give this a 3 or 4 star review..Version: 1.1

Good game, a couple problemsThis is a fun game especially if you’re into word and thinking games. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. But there aren’t all that many different questions in the bonus round categories. Also, I put “blue” for a color on a bonus round, and it wouldn’t accept it. Blue is a color, of course, but on the bonus rounds when you mess up you automatically die, so even though I was about to win the grand prize, it killed me. The game is still fun, but that was disappointing. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.5

THE QUESTIONS ARE ALWAYS THE SAMEI really liked this game at first, I even decided to pay the $2.99 to remove the ads to give this game a fair chance. As previous reviews stated the “bots” give strange answers, this is sometimes true. That is not my issue with the game, my issue is, THE QUESTIONS ARE ALWAYS THE SAME! It becomes boring to keep answering the same questions over and over and over again. I would not recommend this game to anyone looking for a challenging word game..Version: 1.6

This game is dumbIt’s not dumb in the sense that it’s a stupid game to play. It’s actually a great game that makes you think, and tests your knowledge on which words are the longest and can you spell it correctly. The problem I have is that it’s game is dumb, and doesn’t know some of the advanced words that you would use. Just to give an example of the gameplay that I just had. “Name a shoe brand” the first shoe brand that came to mind was Louboutin. That was wrong. I was like, okay… that’s clearly a shoe brand but whatever. Then it asked “Name an Olympic Sport” so I said Field Hockey. Wrong! Then it said “Name A Currency” so I said United States Dollar…. And then that was wrong! So then the next question was “Name a character from Mario” and I said Bowser because I didn’t want to pick something crazy that the creators of this game didn’t know. I was wrong. Bowser, the main villain in the Mario franchise was a wrong answer. There’s no way of actually winning, because you have to guess words the game knows..Version: 1.3.3

AddictingI like this game ever since I downloaded this game I played it nonstop. My one and only problem is that if you want a second chance or you want to spin again on the bonus round they play commercial breaks of different games that I’m not interested in. Just watching these random videos is a waste of my time. What’s worse is they put these commercials right in the middle game. It’s a fun and an addicting game but watching these random commercials makes no sense and wasting my time..Version: 1.5

I love the conceptI love the concept of the game, but it seems like it’s in an early access phase. There aren’t that many questions so it gets old pretty quickly, and there’s no reward system. You can’t change your avatar’s skin or change the color of your blocks, which is something I really enjoy doing in games. It’s not bad and I will continue to play it, but it definitely seems like it’s missing things..Version: 0.1

Terrible gameThis game is so annoying! It asked fruits or vegetables starting with “p” so i put “peppers” and it gave me an X and zero points but my opponent got 6 points for putting “pepper” and this happens all the time!!!!!! They say an answer is wrong when correct. Then you can’t even customize your character or even put your name and the bots all have names. Then the ads are constant and irritating. Just a good game if bored but definitely many others that are better so wouldn’t waste my time on this one..Version: 1.1

Needs more possible correct answers.I can excuse the boys inputting dumb answers. But what I can’t excuse? The fact that I can put in a word that is true it fits within the topic perfectly and is long enough to make me get a lot of blocks, yet it gets counted as wrong anyways simply because it’s not part of the games list of “correct” answers for example: “fruit or veg that starts with a” I put in artichoke. It’s a vegetable that starts with a and kinda a long word. but it got counted as wrong anyways. Fix this..Version: 1.2

Just don’t.This game was okay when I first got it. Just okay. As I started playing it more I realized that this game definitely needs a lot of work. 1. It doesn’t let you put in spaces which can make typing the answer a bit confusing. 2. Sometimes some words will say incorrect because according to this game they don’t exist. For example: “Name a room in the house” I typed livingroom and it was apparently wrong. This happens with a lot of other words. 3. Some of the topics are hard. For example, I got “Name an NBA team” I know what the NBA is, but I don’t know any teams because I don’t even watch it. 4. The idea of the game is just really weird. Like srsly. You gotta type a big word or else you’ll be eaten by a shark. I know it’s just for entertainment, but honestly it’s just really weird. 5. It gets repetitive. I think the only thing I like about the game is that they give you time to guess a word. There also isn’t too many ads. There is some, but it’s not like some of those games that you first open the app and get an ad..Version: 1.1

It’s okayThis game is nice. It’s actually pretty fun to come up with the words. However, it has a tendency to count perfectly correct answers wrong. For instance I got the question, “Name a pizza topping.” I put “sausage” and it counted that as wrong. Another question was, “Name a color in the rainbow.” I put “lavender” again, counted me wrong. Finally I was asked, “A girl’s name that begins with ‘S’. I said “Shelly” and again, I was wrong. Now I have to break the bad news to my coworker (Shelly) that her name isn’t really a name… I just hope she takes it well..Version: 1.3.3

Needs more vocabularyThis game was really fun, and I don’t mind when I get an answer wrong for spelling. However, there’s a lot of inconsistency. Sometimes two-word answers count, sometimes they don’t. You can’t put a space in, so it’s 50/50 if you’ll get it right. For a breakfast drink, “orangejuice” is just fine. For a state with an “n” in it, “rhodeisland” will get you killed. I finally gave up because I felt the game unfairly penalized players due to its own limited vocabulary..Version: 1.2

Really starting to bug meI know it’s just a game but there really needs to be an option for my peace of mind where you can submit a word that the game rejected that you think shouldn’t have been rejected. In a round I just played, the game rejected my answer of “aluminum” for “metal” (and I know it’s not the way I spelled it because I’ve spelled it that way for other categories like “element” and it accepted it) and “penguin” for “flightless bird”—the latter of which I found ridiculous because penguins are probably the most iconic flightless bird, and because another “player” (almost certainly a bot) entered “JUNINGREBE” which I had to look up—it certainly is a flightless bird, but one only found in one specific lake in Peru. So it accepted that, and not penguin—and yes, I did a double and triple take to make sure I spelled it right in the game, and I did. It’s just not very fun to play when you can be penalized for having an answer that was perfectly adequate. Also, the bots are too easy—I don’t think I’ve ever lost to one. But I like the visuals of the game and I like unlocking new looks..Version: 1.6

Not ready yetThis is a very nice game to play that challenges what you know about different subjects. It still needs a lot of work, as you can’t play the videos to unlock new looks. Also, the computer players keep giving answers that are not valid. I got a question to “name a sport beginning with the letter F”. A computer player put “Fast5” which isn’t even a sport. Also, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with the coins I’m collecting. There is no tab to adjust any settings or contact support..Version: 1.3.3

Oh my wordI’m done with this game, it’s such garbage it asked for a dinosaur I put tyrannosaurus and it counted it wrong where as other people had (dinosaurs) that aren’t even real I have almost all of my life into animal research and I have never heard any of the names they put, oh don’t stop reading it gets better if asked for a month of the year and I put February my birthday month and it did not count it so I died because this game is stupid, I’m deleting this game definitely But if you don’t care and just want something to do it is fun except for the stupid ness of it.Version: 1.3.3

Meh. it’s not badIt’s not bad it’s like “type run” however you’re not even playing with other real people online on either of them. They’re both just artificial intelligence as your components and this game is alright, good to pass time. haven’t experienced any glitches like the reviews say and the other thing is yes, sometimes you’ll say a 100% correct answer and it hasn’t been added to mark it correct💀these games need to stop making games where you have to play against robots it should be real humans..Version: 1.2

DON’T PLAY IT!ITS BAD!!!! 1. There’s no girl characters 2. There’s no challenge 3. I put the right answer and it put it wrong 4. There’s bugs! 5. They repeat the questions! 6. There’s nothing fun about it 7. On bonus level the water goes al the way up when you get an answer wrong it’s only supposed to go a little bit! 8.Honestly the only thing good about it is getting off of the game! You shouldn’t play it I’d rather play something that’s really bad!!!! So should you download it? No you shouldn’t. Now now! What’s the funnest thing about it? TO GET OF!!!!! Yay when I did get of I smiled:) so I hope you read it all! And Mahalo! If you did read it Mahalo! Thank you for reading ^_^.Version: 1.5

Great but missing informationIt’s a fun game that really challenges the mind, but there are times where I would type a correct answer but it wasn’t counted. For example, the game asked for an item that could be hung and I typed banner, but I wasn’t given points. It also asked me for lake animals for which I typed salamander, and, once again, I wasn’t given points. Also, the list of names should be updated as well. I gave an answer of Sal which wasn’t counted, but I’ve met many Sals in my life..Version: 1.4.2

BruhOne of the bots answered “bellpepper” to “name a green fruit” so later I answered “bellpepper” to “name a fruit” and it counted it wrong:( And apparently “Tilapia” is not an edible fish. Yall should make a button to report words that should count but were wrongly counted incorrect. Also, the ads are crazy. I dont mind watching an ad between games but they shouldn’t be randomly popping up in the middle.Version: 1.6

I would like to like it moreWhen is Frankfurt not a city in Germany? How is the cerebellum not a part of the body? When is Aston Martin not a brand of car? Albus Dumbledore isn’t a wizard but Yoda is? 🤨 I would really like this game if the answers that I give, which are very much correct, are actually counted. Please update the answers to your database. It’s frustrating to answer a question and be told that’s not a valid answer when it most definitely is a correct one. I get it’s hard to have all of the answers to questions, but that’s kind of the point of this game. Will try again after an update..Version: 1.2

Wrong Answers?!This game is fun and everything but the answers is included as “right” and “wrong” is just dumb. I have seen many times in the game where I answer a question and know it’s right but it says it doesn’t count. Such as, Name an Airline: Southwest (WRONG), Name a fruit starting with p: Pomegranate (WRONG). The game is a good idea and can be enjoyable but the answers it has just make the game very unfun. It would be 3 stars if the game was a little less glitchy as well. Thank you for taking the time to read my review..Version: 1.1

Terrible updateFirst of all, this game was really fun until this stupid update! At first, the game was kinda hard because all the answer the other people (or robots) put in and it was fun because it was hard, but now the people (robots) don’t even try to win! And when you’re at the bottom, the water doesn’t even rise, but when you get to the top, all four of the people (robots) just sink and it’s not really a “competition” anymore because you win just like that.🤦🏼 So please get rid of this stupid update!!!!! Two stars because it was a fun game when it first came out. ⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.6

This game would be fun if they actually knew the answers to the questions they askedYou can give fully correct answers to questions they ask and they will just tell you it’s wrong. It asked me to name an animal that likes in a lake and I said Perch, the most common fish for eating in multiple of the great lakes, and it just said that that wasn’t a thing. It also asked for countries in Africa and I had said Morocco, and I guess the game just doesn’t recognize them as a country, so if you are from Morocco, you may want to talk to the devs on this one. Point being that since the devs have a combined IQ of room temperature and tried to make a game based on knowledge, it really just doesn’t work..Version: 1.5

Words not countedIt seems to run off a hand put list of responses based off what’s most likely to be put in, so many words can be put in as a shorted answer and be accepted but the legitimate answer be denied, in the case of the question “name a car manufacturer” I put Mitsubishi Motors which is the official name of the company and it was incorporated or in the question “name a dinosaur” the answer micropachycephalosaurus, which is the longest dinosaur name according to a simple google search, was counted as incorrect while trex was correct it was very frustrating to try and use correct terms and completely legitimate answers only to be told that they were incorrect.Version: 1.1

HOW DO I CHANGE MY NAME/PROFILEOk this is a fun game but they count the right answers wrong and the wrong answers right it needs more vocabulary and the most annoying part is, is that I can’t change my profile like I’m from Framingham but I’m Brazilian and I’m right now I live in Florida but I want to change my profile pic and I wanna change my user to something random like chocky milk or idk! Just something other than “You” like cmon you have to admit that is pretty boring anyways gtg to the pool byeeeee.Version: 1.2

I Don’t really recommend this game yetFirst of all the bots put in answer that make absolutely no sense for example it was girls names starting with i and one of them put it or should I say It, it is not a name so I’m not capitalizing it. Second, some “almost all” of the answers I put are wrong, example when I put Afghanistan on countries in Asia they count it wrong and when I put “It” on girls names starting with I it is wrong even tho the boys get it right by putting It, and on breakfast drinks I put chocolate milk it counts it wrong Lastly on countries in Europe I put Macedonia “if you don’t know what Macedonia it look it up” but Macedonia is a European country and it has yellow and red colors on its flag. Third you can’t change your platform color or your profile and barely any questions. And lastly why when you push the space bar there’s no space that goes between the words which make me think that I don’t even push the space bar which is probably the reason why the two word answers don’t even count. If the owner of the game reads this plz comment on it and fix this..Version: 1.1

Unfair and a rip offSo I played this game for about 3 days and was giving it many chances. Don’t get me wrong it’s a fun game but it’s unfair. With some categories I will say something some once said ( it’s not even real people playing ) and they put Pokémon once, I got the same category and I put Pokémon and it didn’t take it. Also on a bonus round it was name sports begging with B and I put beach volleyball and it didn’t take it even though it begins with B. I wouldn’t recommend this game if u get mad really fast. Horrible game and would not recommend to anyone.Version: 1.7

It’s OK.Honestly, I play this game all the time. I like this game and I think it’s fun. But I do have a few complaints. 1. On the special level, the question that says something about animals living in the swamp, but I put in “worm” “alligator” “frog”….Apparently that’s ALL wrong! The only answer that’s right for me is “fish.” This makes me really angry and frustrated.. 2. Bots put in ridiculous things. I was on a animal that starts with L and the bot put “Leap”. I GUESS LEAP IS A ANIMAL! And the game is kind of unfair because names that start with an a? Alex isn’t one, and Addison isn’t one either. Not to mention that the level was easy because Addison is my name. Actually Addisyn but still it’s fair because my name is spelt different.. 3. The thing that frustrates me the most… WHY ARE THERE ONLY BOY SKINS?!?! Besides the default skin, this makes me angry because only the free default skin is the only girl skin in the WHOLE game!! Thank you for reading to the end. Please fix all of these. I would f be really happy for a fix or a reply..Version: 1.5

It gets boringI liked it at first but it becomes very repetitive and boring. There is not a challenge. The opponents aren’t really people and like others mention the vocab isn’t that strong. I think it would help if there was a time limit on how long you can think of a word just to get that rush of adrenaline because other than that, giving too much time just makes the game way too easy…which can get boring. So yeah.Version: 1.3.3

Words don’t countI downloaded this game hoping to have a fun way to test my vocabulary. My first round went fine, all my words were accepted, and I had hope for this game. My second round was a much different story. Apparently Chevrolet doesn’t make cars anymore. Also it didn’t like the name Annika for a girls name with A. These two words not counting dropped me from first place to last and I ended up losing. There were also bad answers coming from the AI characters but their answers always work. FOR YOUR SANITY DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.Version: 1.2

It’s fun but has some glitchesThis game is pretty fun. But one thing that I’m having trouble with is when it says “name a social media platform” I name ANY social media platform and whenever I press “done” it completely logs me off of the game. And whenever I’m done with a match, it takes forever for the “play” bottom to pop up and takes forever to load, (I have perfect internet) so, If you’re reading this, please consider fixing this if possible. -SoMeOnE rAnDoM (my yt channel name).Version: 1.1

Word Game Seriously Needs a DictionaryBy now everyone realizes these fake multiplayer games are only played in single player against bots that are so braindead the player is practically forced to win. Kind of scummy to imply the game is true multiplayer, but not the end of the world if the game is fun. What really makes this game painful to play is how obvious it is that it was designed by non-native English speakers. This is a simple trivia/word game where half of the time you’ll give a correct answer that the game will not recognize. Other times, answers that are two separate words or just not real English words will be input by the bots - those answers will be scored correct. If you look up the developer, Rollic Games, you’ll see they’re based out of Turkey. I’m all for developers in non-western countries working in the games industry, but perhaps they should not be designing English language word games if their staff are not actually fluent in English. This game could actually be worth playing if the scoring system worked consistently and you could play against other real people, but as it stands even as a free game this simply isn’t worth anyone’s time..Version: 1.5

Not recognizing correct answersWhen I first played this game it was enjoyable and challenging because I thought I was spelling words wrong. Well after the games I would look up the correct spelling of the word for next time I get the question. So once I put in the correct spelling, the answers where still wrong. Plus all the name questions can't understand any name that isn't in a top 10 baby names chart. So it would be nice if it could use more then six's answers for a question it will accept..Version: 1.2

Fun, but also a messThe game concept is good, and would be fun, except that the execution is poor. The ‘dictionary’ for the game is extremely uneducated, and marks many good answers wrong, but then accepts answers that don’t even fit the category. Not sure if they just haven’t developed a dictionary of good answers, or if it just randomly decides whether or not accept answers. For instance, asked for “A country with Green on its flag”, it marked Ireland as wrong. Ireland’s flag is three colored stripes, orange white and green. A third of the whole flag is green. But it accepted Norway, which has no green on the flag at all. In answer to ‘Things in a bathroom’, it accepts toilet paper, but not bath towels. And yes to shampoo, but no to conditioner. Girls names? It accepts It and she, which aren’t even names, but turns down Allison. I just don’t understand what it’s using for a reference to decide if answers are right or wrong. I like the game concept, and the visuals, but it’s really annoying when it doesn’t accept reasonable, correctly spelled answers, and you lose to answers that don’t even make sense..Version: 1.2

Who comes up with these answersI really want to enjoy this game. I love the premise and even bought the no ads add on. But when you ask a question and I answer a correct answer that is said to be wrong makes me annoyed. One of the questions was name a top designer. I wrote Yves Saint Laurent, huge designer; had his own line, head designer for dior and did so much more; but was said to not be an answer when Nike was correct by someone else is insulting. Not the first, or fifth time I have seen answers that I or other people I am playing with should be correct but are said not to be by this game..Version: 1.6

Fun but annoyingThis game is amazing really. But there’s 2 problems. 1st is the ads. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. The 2nd thing is that I will put in a correct answer like for example the name Sonakshi is a girl name and when I put it in it said it was wrong another example is like for fruit or vegetables that start with a B I put Blueberry and it said it was wrong. I think that sometimes it counts right answers wrong. Other than those 2 things this game is amazing. The creator did really well designing and adding amazing features to this game that make the game fun and enjoyable other than ads and everything else wrong about this app (which there’s very few) Also customer service is VERYYYYYYYY slow so maybe you might wanna fix that. Thank you for your time!.Version: 1.2

Good idea, not so great executionI like the idea of the game - using the longest words you can. And I don’t mind simple art/animation; it’s totally okay as it is. HOWEVER, the number of ads is insane. I understand ads at the end of the game to get more coins, or maybe having to watch ONE ad to start a new game… But they make you watch one after almost every round :| Also, they make it seem like it’s a “multiplayer” game while it is most definitely not one of those. The bots pretending to be other players are either very bad or very good every round. Player “from UK” puts UK as a country in Europe, not even United Kingdom. Player “from Italy” lists a 3 letter city in Italy instead of ANY OTHER MORE FAMOUS BIGGER CITY IN ITALY. And during those rounds I played, the answers NEVER were repeated….Version: 1.6

Not Ready for Public, Real Answers Counted WrongAlmost all the answers I put in were counted wrong even though they were correct. For example, it was counted wrong when I put steer under farm animals, it was counted wrong when I put Barack Obama under name of a president, and it was counted wrong when I put Verizon as a cell phone carrier?!! The answers they had were not sophisticated enough for a game like this, a game where the longer the answer, the more steps you receive to rise above the ocean and gain more points compared to the other players/bots, which seems to be the point of the game..Version: 1.4.2

I think this game needs an update an doesn’t have all the right answersThe reason I gave the game a 1 star rating is number one the bots put outrageous answers so u purpose have no way of catching up not once then next comes the spacing u can’t even space which confuses people which makes the players loose then one time I put for breakfast drink chocolate milk it was wrong some how then it said animal with l and I put liger and it didn’t go thru “if u don’t know what a liger is look it up” then I put for a girl name with t tiyah it didn’t go they just because it thinks it is spelled wrong people spell that name different that makes no sense that it is wrong then some of the questions are just way to advance I understand it 12 and up but then again some school haven’t got there then there might be kids who don’t understand these questions as well also sometimes when I enter an answer it will log me out the game as if it didn’t want me to win and this phone I have is new and it never did that with any game until I got this one all I’m saying is there are a lot of flaws that really need to be fixed pretty sure a lot of people have the same issues and I think the creators should look more into these issues please and ty I don’t think I will be playing this game anytime soon anymore sorry but hopefully u understand..Version: 1.2

Misrepresentation of game aestheticsI was under the impression that you were going up against live players. My fiancé and I downloaded it to compete against one another. You can’t compete against anyone live! Every character is automated and give crazy insane wrong answers and get credit but if you misspell a word you die. It has way too many ads for comfort. The concept of the game was fun until it WASNT :(. If you can play other real life players it would be much more fun, otherwise it gets redundant. Add real players to compete against and I’ll revisit my review for a better rating. This game could be highly addicting just missing certain elements..Version: 1.5

MehA fun game, but substantially lacking. Multiple answers that are correct are marked incorrect. For example, “name a color” and I answered “blue” and it was wrong. According to this game also Pachelbel is not a famous composer either. There’s no option for this game to submit correct answers or to challenge them. Rather obnoxious. The bots answers are waaaay too easy and over time it loses the competitive edge. Hopefully the developers look at this and fix it. Way too many correct answers marked incorrect and after about 10 rounds it just loses its luster and challenge..Version: 1.5

Too many bugsThe reason I’m giving this one star is cause it needs some serious updates. With over half the questions I give an longer answer for more letters and I will even look it up after to see if it was spelled correctly and it was but the game says the word does not exist. It is like there is only a few answers for each question and you have use many letters in your answer. Also there were soo many ads I couldn’t get through a game without getting 3 or 4 adds. I had to tour of my cellular for the game just to play without getting interrupted every minute. Also another bug is that this happened to me a few times but the bots would misspell a word and the game would still count it but I did it wouldn’t count and even if I didn’t misspell it but the answer was just too complicated for the game it would say it was wrong. So all and all this game needs some SERIOUS work and it dos t seem like they will anytime soon.Version: 1.2

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.7

Needs a lot of workIt’s a great concept for a game but it needs some serious updates and needs things like a way to report a problem, a way to argue a word is correct when the game says it’s wrong, harder levels or more intelligent players.Version: 1.5

Unfair game that needs mega updatingAs I have read from several reviews from not to long ago and that I agree with myself, HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW ALL THESE THINGS ABOUT AMERICA!!!!!!!!!???? America is one country in the whole world and you only have country questions about America, it’s not fair to players like me who don’t know much about America let alone a popular shop in America. I get that people are proud of their country but if questions about countries are in there you should expand the country’s and not put specific things like most popular shop. Also some questions say they are wrong when they are right I know they are right because I double checked spelling and searched up weather it was true or not, like an animal you encounter in Australia or a country in Europe. I live in Australia for goodness sake how could I get it wrong!? There are also way to many adds and the game is not worth spending money on at the moment. Please address this you have quite a few recent reviews complaining about this to. Thank you.Version: 1.7

Not worth itI purchased this because the amount of ads in the free version was infuriating. This was really fun at the start. I assumed the questions would get harder as you progress through the “tournaments” but they don’t. In fact, they repeat the same questions over and over again. Often in the same tournament you’ll get a question more than once..Version: 1.7

Entertaining overall but one problemI’m having fun playing this game but there is one slight problem, it’s that I can’t change my nation. I am not from the US and I want to change it to Australia, if you could please maybe add a feature that lets you change the nation I’ll give 5 stars..Version: 1.3.3

Needs some workAbsolutely awesome game but needs some work. Seems to work against you the smarter your answer, but get rewarded for the simplest answer. Entered cross-country skiing as an Olympic sport which was marked wrong and lost to someone who just wrote Canoe as their answer. Name an NBA team. Obviously everyone wrote things like Heat, Celtics, Jazz. I wrote Golden State Warriors and got 19 points. An artichoke isn’t a fruit. And when I wrote Napoli as an Italian city it said it was wrong. That is literally the name of it what we’ve translated to Naples. Seems tailored to a stupid American Audience.Version: 1.4.2

Super repetitive and so many addsAt first it’s fun but once you play it for a while it just becomes so repetitive like the topics don’t ever change and you get the same questions over and over and it’s just bad. Also I wrote down an answer that I new was correct and it said t was wrong! This has happened so many times and it is so frustrating. Also the competitors that your versing will say random stuff as there answers and it will make no sense and it’ll say it is right for them! I don’t get it. It is fun at the start but it was poorly made and defiantly not worth it compared to other games..Version: 1.4.2

Needs to Include more for non Americans.I am Australian and many words that I put in are either “Spelt wrong” because it’s not the American spelling, or it’s just wrong because we call them different things. For example I put in rockmelon for fruit and veggies and was wrong because in America it is called a cantaloupe. I think more range needs to be added in to the game to make it more easily playable for non-American players..Version: 1.7

Review B)I do not recommend playing this game, my younger brother was playing this game on my phone and I was sitting next to him, one of the question ask “What item can you hang” and he answered “Lantern” but correct answer was Lamp… even though it’s the same thing but more advanced. Next question was “Name a fast food restaurant” so we put it in “McDonald” guess what happened.. not correct. Man he cried, thanks to this game! GG EZ.Version: 1.2

Stop with the all the American Questions.Lots of people that play, aren’t American and don’t know the answers to a lot of questions. As an Australian that sticks to Australian culture, I find those questions extremely irritating. Also sorry for sounding like a Karen lol.Version: 1.6

BruhDon’t get me wrong. The idea of he game is good. But the execution is terrible. All the geography related questions are linked to the US only and they try to make you watch an ad if you want to get anything in game. Additionally, the purpose of the game is to use sophisticated words but some of the words aren’t registered. For example, apparently the developers don’t know what a timpani or a compact disc is. Like bruh.Version: 1.6

Needs more inclusivityThis game could go from being average to great with improvements. It’s fun and there’s a large audience for trivia and competing, but there needs to be more inclusivity with names and other countries top answers. Maybe look up statistics and big brands that could also be answers, rather than USA based. Or contrarily, if including USA teams, why not include other countries teams as well? For me, an Australian, touch football not being recognised as a sport is pretty annoying. Same with big brand cereals not being recognised, like Nutrigrain. Annoying enough that I wrote my first app review. Otherwise, it’s a fun game. The ads go pretty ham though..Version: 1.7

:( WHY did you do that ??!!Okay I first loved this game but then when I clicked on hints it sometimes give me nothing . And when I spelled it right you said I was wrong, and you should given me something that we all know . This game gave me USA quiz , last of all this game gave us quizzes of movies and sometimes we don’t know these movies 😒.Version: 1.2

Seems fun, isn’tAds. Ads and ads and ads. You’ll get an ad every second or so question. You can’t play a single round without multiple ads. Then there’s the lack of actual understanding of words. They ask questions that they haven’t bothered getting all the answers for. The questions are repetitive as well. I first downloaded this game because of an Insta ad and thought it looked fun, but any chance at fun is ruined by an ad more often than once a minute..Version: 1.3.3

NEW QUESTIONSReally need new questions. It’s always the same ones each round. I’m from Australia too and most questions are American related. And SO many ADS!!! Every question answered there’s an Ad. It’s a great game and has great potential just some minor fixes needed..Version: 1.5

Should be a great gameExcept for the over saturation of ads. Everyone expects ads in a free version but not mid level and every single time I opt either or out of choices. It just kills the game and takes way too long to play. I hope that gets addressed because it’s a great game otherwise..Version: 1.6

Don’t even downloadMisleading, the other contestants are bots and can’t play well. The game has a advertisement permanently at the button of the screen as well as *frequenty* having 30 second long advertisement that can’t be skipped or closed... I understand they need to make money but spamming me with advertisement isn’t going to make me play it nor recommend it. Overall the game was fun the first round but anything more is just ruined by the advertisements in my opinion so I don’t recommend..Version: 1.7

HONEST REVIEWVery simple game but has lots of potential, it is quite enjoyable and with a bit updating it could be really good ADS! - the main problem with this game is the constant advertisements that pop up mid game and so often, more then I’ve seen in any other game… very disappointed as it ruins the whole flow of the game.Version: 1.5

HorribleIt always says that some of the right things are wrong for me I would give it zero stars and way to many adds if it says that watch an add to get something I say no I still have to watch TWO adds soo bad do not get this game. IT SAYS SYDENY ISN’T A CITY IN AUSTRALIA IT IS GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT never get this game I was only playing it for a few minutes and it is horrible never ever get this the worst game ever. It is all based on stuff in the USA I don’t know everything about that think about people in other countries..Version: 1.6

Needs attention1. Literally every survivor round there was an ad or even in the game itself which was annoying fair enough if it was after you won/lost but not between every survival period. 2. Yous need to make it cater to every country as if it is not familiar with something you write then it is wrong even if it is correct. 3. Can yous make the Aussie’s have our actual flag not the Americans..Version: 1.2

BadThis game is so frustrating because if your in another place there are different names so the game won’t under stand different names and I get really confused. Sorry I’m only ten and I get angry fast so give it an three star review I’m from Australia and it said a country with stars and Australia has stars on its flag and it said it was wrong and it said that Asheley is not a real name but it is and Asheley is a real name it can just be spelt differently.Version: 1.2

DisappointedI’m an Australian player, so questions aimed directly at American players do not give me a fair chance to proceed. From what I have read of other reviews, you need to expand your vocabulary to include words used in other countries, so people like myself and others can play the game with enjoyment and believe that we have some slight chance that we might succeed. Otherwise, you will find people will simple delete the app and not recommend it to others. Now I’m also finding the anomaly’s associated with writing blackberry and plum for fruit starting with B and P. If this doesn’t improve I will be deleting the game and telling others not to play. It’s up to you people to fix it! One last thing - give people the option to play under the flag of their country....nothing against America (one of our allies), but I have pride in my country too!.Version: 1.4.2

This is greatWhen i started playing I fell in love with it immediately you should play it.Version: 1.7

DO THE RESEARCH ITS NOT HARDI’ve only been playing for a couple hours and already I can tell that the creator didn’t research and/or left simple things out. For example I got a question like “name something in the bathroom” I answered with soap…it said I was wrong….. THERE IS SOAP IN A BATHROOM IS THERE NOT OR DO WE JUST NOT WASH OUR HANDS ANYMORE!?!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬anyway there is a lot of research that the game should never had been released without of, and maybe don’t BASE THE ENTIRE THING ON AMERICA! I live in Australia, I was born in Australia and I’ve never left Australia so getting questions like “name a popular supermarket in America” is so so so so so soooo FRUSTRATING! But overall the game has good potential but the creator just needs to put the time into researching first..Version: 1.4.2

New update needs workAwesome game something to play when bored every tournament has the same questions and it’s easy to win with the same answers. i feel like it needs more questions. exp (name a human organ) science category on bonus level. at least for each category have different questions because everytime i land on science it’s the same question. which makes it easy for me cause i come up with the same answers to win not only this goes towards bonus levels but also tournaments aswell.Version: 1.6

Good but too many adsI really like this game but it has WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! It gives you an add about every second time you add an answer, which is really annoying. I want no ads but there is no way I am paying for it..Version: 1.6

Too many ads and incorrect answersWay too many ads, you should be able to play a whole game without having to skip through ads every two seconds. So many times I’ve given correct answers for questions and they’ve come up as incorrect, such as a name starting with S, so it must be catered towards Americans, like everything else..Version: 1.6

Pretty good but could improveIt’s an entertaining game but there’s definitely a very annoying side to this game. A lot of answers aren’t valid when they should be, and a lot of them are US based which is annoying for those who aren’t familiar with for e.g. NFL teams. Also the fact that papua new guinea is recognised as a country in this game is kinda weird. this game would be much better if they included more inclusive answers.Version: 1.7

Won’t accept correct answersSo several times I’ve put an answer in got marked wrong then I google it and find out that the answer I gave was right. Supposedly according to your game a southern cassowary is not a flightless bird that is just one of the many 🤦🏻‍♀️ good idea behind the game but if your gonna make it make it properly so the right answers are actually accepted..Version: 1.7

Unique idea but lacking and misleadingWhile the premise of the game is enjoyable it is very poorly executed. The game is presented as a multiplayer game but you can only verse bots, there is a 30 second Ad between each round and there are too many words that aren’t accepted as answers when they should be. For example I got incorrect for putting netball as a team sport..Version: 1.4.2

I don’t get itOk so I don’t get this I had a boys name that starts with a so I put my nephews name artyom it’s a Russian name and apparently it was wrong but it was right and is a name and then I put down a currency and I wrote the currency which was Azerbaijani manat ( AZN ) and it was wrong I then had a name a gaming console which I then put magnavox odyssey and that was wrong so I lost the round but I don’t get why I did what it said and it was the right thing. Ps other then that the game was good..Version: 1.2

It's a great game but..Yes, there are some words that are correct due to the question, but there are some harder words and names that should work when playing. For example, I put Annaliese as a girl name starting with A, but I got it wrong! Improve your game please, I'm a bit disappointed with it 😕.Version: 1.5

Ads after every turn, questions favour US playersThe game has potential. After every turn you are forced to watch a 30+ second advert. I played for about 15 minutes and have now deleted as I couldn’t stand how frequent they were. Note that the questions are US oriented. One question was name a Telco provider (didn’t specify a country) and I answer Telstra which was marked as incorrect. Something for players from other countries to be mindful of when playing.Version: 1.6

Legit malware do not installYeh so you probably found this game or a game like it while you were scrolling through instagram or whatever, and thought that looks fun. You know it has a bunch of adds on it but whatever you get it anyway. Then it loads an ad and when that ad finishes playing you wait to click the close button. Then it doesn't respond. You try to double tap to swipe but it freezes more. You try turn of your phone and it freezes. Yeh this is the ad using up your phone's processing power for malicious purposes. Also on other apps like this they ask to see your location, so it could also be spyware..Version: 1.4.2

Needs heavy workThis game seems to be unfair against the player. One of the questions was “Name an animal seen in australia” and one of the opponents answered “angora goat” which is a Turkish breed of goat. Not only this, but on the bonus question in the science genre, the question was “Name an organ of the human body”. I answered “Appendix”, now I’m no Anatomist, but I am pretty sure that an Appendix is an organ. Needs lots of work, as those where only two examples..Version: 1.6

Seems interesting but there is a problemHi I cannot get past level 2. The advertisement after it keeps freezing. There is no x to close it, so I close the app, and then have to replay level 2. Not sure if this is because of you, me, or the advertisement, but the game is unplayable for me..Version: 1.4.2

Not a lot of rangeThey don’t have a lot of range when it comes to the options. Name a type of cloud was one and I don’t know any of the technical terms so I said white. They didn’t accept that but accepted fluffy. Very stupid. Also doesn’t allow for any spelling error, a one letter pass would be nice. You also still get ads even if you click the option not to watch the 30 second ad. It’s just kinda frustrating to be honest, Improve it and it would be a whole lot better..Version: 1.2

Get your facts right,Before you guys put a question into the game you MUST do research into the question so that you have every possible answer, I know that is a lot but some questions can be answered with very common answers except the game thinks they are wrong. As an Australian studying to become a veterinarian getting a question such as “name an animal you might find in Australia” and getting the answer wrong because I wrote bandicoot (which there are multiple species of in Australia) is ridiculous and not being. Able to change my country to Australia to have more questions that would better suit me is also ridiculous and may I state that using “name a dinosaur” is a bad question because you will have many dinosaurs that you do not know exist be answered and stated as wrong because you didn’t think your questions through or do enough research into them..Version: 1.2

This game is a waste of everythingI was so excited when I got an ad for this, um, ‘game’. Firstly, you are forced to be ‘American’ in the game. So I’m Australian and I get AMERICAN questions. How the hell am i supposed to know the answer!? One of the questions I got was ‘Name a store in America’. What, am i supposed to know what Walmart is? There isn’t a Walmart in Australia. Secondly, some of these questions are too hard. Such as: Name a team in the NFL. What, like, Roosters? I know they’re not in the NFL. I don’t frickin watch sports! And is the NFL American? WELL DUH! This game is a waste of storage, fun, time, and habit. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!.Version: 1.2

Potentially great, ruined by adsIt seems like every opportunity there’s a long unskippable ad. After every level, ad, and they’re the 30 second ads that really disrupt gameplay with pop ups to the App Store. Otherwise super fun game and has good potential. The AI is a bit simple with their answers so the rounds can be easily won but sometimes a difficult level comes up. I’d love to see this as a game you can hook up with other people you know..Version: 1.5

Too many adsToo many ads in the game! I get it’s helps run the app. But every third answer submitted it’s an ad. Recorded in the space of 4 minutes there was 8x30 second ads. So ridiculous But it’s a good game, questions can be repetitive..Version: 1.6

Great idea, terrible executionHello! First off, Netball is in fact a team sport. Also, Rhythm and Blues (aka r&b) is in fact a music genre! You really don’t care about if people do or don’t like the app, you just want to mass produce a product to earn money. I respect the grind, but at least make it even slightly playable. You can’t set the content to any particular region, so all questions are Americanised. Sorry all Non-Americans who don’t know American Sports teams, find another game or get eaten by badly graphic designed sharks, then sit through yet another ad break! Yeah. wouldn’t download. not worth the time.Version: 1.4.2

Text or dieThis game is a really good one one of the best I have won so many times and I will have to show my friends this game definitely.Version: 1.5

Good gameThis is a good game except I dislike the ads there’s a lot of them but mom said that it helps people get money so I guess it’s ok then so thx for making a cool game!.Version: 1.3.3

Do your researchAs far as I know an artichoke is a vegetable, breadfruit is a fruit, an aeroplane is a mode of transport and a living room is a room in a house!!! What is the point of playing a word game that cannot understand the most basic of answers. Very frustrating! Also - I’m Australian, not American, but apparently there is no option to choose this. The game has frozen three times in short time (45 minutes) that I’ve been playing it, and there are too many ads!! Brilliant concept but very poorly executed. Do better!.Version: 1.2

Not likedMakes me mad because it kinda annoys me by I say like pepperoni is a pizza topping and it tells me I’m wrong so I start to go down and that doesn’t give me the opportunity go at some reason that happened and then I named Egypt but because I got one letter wrong which is the G I didn’t get it and I lost again just not very fair and I don’t like it about that that’s just a bit I don’t like it it’s really annoys me and it’s really unfair I get one of the best and he doesn’t count it is the worst.Version: 1.6

My thoughts on this appFirst off, this app has A LOT of ads, but what would you expect from a free app. I found that there weren’t many outfits for female players, and some of the questions were answerable for Americans who know stuff about, well America, i would like to ask the makers of this game to make the questions more inclusive, being aware that America isn’t the only country in the world. Also make more outfits for girls too. Other than ads, question and outfit issues, it is a fun game to play..Version: 1.7

Love it!❤️❤️Can’t wait for a new update. A bit glitchy but still I love it 😁. Keep up the good work! Maybe you could make customisable skins?😘😘.Version: 1.7

Could be funThis game has a great concept but there are too many things that bug me. There’s way too many ads and no option to pay for no ads. You are an American character and can’t change that regardless of where you are actually come from. The questions are very American. There were a number of answers that I know are correct and they weren’t accepted. I will probably end up deleting this game..Version: 1.2

Basically just an ad machineInteresting game concept, poor implementation. I played for 20 mins and I would have seen more than 20 ads. If you click the bonuses, it shows you an ad, but if you skip the bonus, it shows you an ad anyway. Why even have the option! It literally shows you an ad at every possible opportunity, which makes it very hard to enjoy a game that stops you every two questions to show you another ad. As a side note, it also advantages US players by asking US specific questions and no non US specific questions. Consider it deleted..Version: 1.6

Nice game- full of ads before advancingIt’s a really nice game, but each time you need to advance you are FORCED to watch a 15-20 second long ads before advancing to the next level to play. If you have so much time, nice game to play but it’s very annoying not worth it tbh..Version: 1.4.2

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Text or Die 1.7 Update

Version 1.7 (2021-09-18): - Bug fixes! - Gameplay improvements! - Performance improvements! Thanks for playing.

Version 1.5 (2021-09-05): - Bug fixes, gameplay improvements and technical enhancements Thanks for playing.

Version 1.3.3 (2021-08-20): - Answers enhanced, gameplay improvements, bug fixes and technical enhancements Thanks for playing!.

Version 1.2 (2021-08-05): • Bug fixes and enhancements Thanks for playing!.

Version 1.1 (2021-07-31): - Gameplay improvements and bug fixes Thanks for playing.

Version 0.2 (2021-05-21): - Bug fixes and technical enhancements Thanks for playing.

Version 0.1 (2021-04-17): .