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Nail Woman: Baddies Long Run App Download

Hi Baddie Girl! Are you ready for the longest nail-walk? This game is fun, this catwalk is epic, this game is for baddies!

Make your nails longer by collecting the ones on the podium. Slide down the rails and bars! There are obstacles on the way, watch out! Use your long nails and pass the rails.

Escape from traps. Slide on rails with your long beautiful nails.

Overcome the guys on your way by your long, shiny, colorful nails.

You look awesome! Be careful about your nails!

As a baddie girl with beautiful nails, have the best fun of your life.

This game is fun, this game is epic, this game is for baddie girls!

Nail Woman: Baddies Long Run App User Reviews & Comments

Very fun butThis game is very fun! But it twirks at the end of it and it’s made for four year olds....Version: 1.5

Nail womenI love this game cause I love long nails and I like it cause it show me how to do my other game too.Version: 1.8

It’s okIt is ok but I would like more color to the nail.this game is very similar to another game plus the graphics are bad so that is why I’m giving it a 3 star..Version: 1.7


No horrible and too inappropriateFirst off the outfits are very inappropriate like the main point may be about being a baddie but not all baddies look like half of their outfit got lost in the closet!!! The characters have huge curves, horrible clothing ,and hypocrisy! It has men holding signs saying women should be skinny but they make sure the girls are skinny and have curves Very sexist do not reccomend It also lags for many people.Version: 1.4

I don’t understandMy character won’t change it literally show another character then when I select another character it looks the exact same please fix get rid of the slicing of men bc ur teach kids to kill men/people please get rid of that.other then that great game.Version: 1.5

InappropriateThis game is creepy if you pay attention you’ll see that with your nails are killing people.Version: 1.8

This game is so funI couldplay for ever.Version: 1.8

InappropriateThe clothes are too revealing and this should be for 18+ not 9+.Version: 1.4

Knock offThis game is just like another game, but worse. It’s also really glitchy and not fun to play: pretty lame overall..Version: 1.4

I need help fixing thisSometimes when I get the nails it dose not go on the girl and when I get a skin it glitch’s when I hit a button I think you need to fix that and can you change the turking maybe? It’s kinda gross at the end and killing boys is teaching kids to slice a man when the want you?! Can you maybe fix the bugs and stop the slice and Turk stuff maybe??????.Version: 1.4

Completely badCompletely bad it laggs so much and whenever i have enough nails to go across the sliding thing it lags and says i failed fix ur game😐.Version: 1.7

So many puns:)This game is so smart. There is a philosophical meaning underneath this fun gameplay:) Congrats who made this.Version: 1.4

Kinda bad but I’m not being meanSo it is still very laggy and I’ll walk through the nails but they won’t collect.Version: 1.4

لعبه ممتازه جدا💞🤗😉كفو.Version: 1.8

Gah daymn 😫😫😫😫😍This game is so good omg mostly because you can slice up men, slicing the men is my favorite part 😍😝😊❤️.Version: 1.4

Thank youThank you.Version: 1.5

WOWSO BAKA😩😩.Version: 1.3

Good but needs work.This is a good game but, can we talk about HOW MANY ADS THERE ARE? I love the game but it’s a bit laggy and there are SO MANY ADS. Good game, but you could have more gameplay and less ads and lag. You also need to watch 3 ads to unlock a skin? Yeah, let’s just not..Version: 1.4

The gameThe game is to satisfying I wish my nails were that long like OMG I wanna be the person in the game. From iliyah.Version: 1.8

WARNINGDO NOT PLAY IF YOU’RE NOT A BADDIE GIRL. When I first downloaded this game it was out of boredom and I figured that nothing much would come of it. I was so wrong. I used to be 6’5 and so ripped I could crush a minion between my pecs. I had a beautiful girlfriend who I thought would be with me through all my highs and lows. I had only played a few levels when I felt a strange tingling sensation run through my body. I ignored it and in my free time I would occasionally play a level or so. Soon I found myself drawn to the game and was unlocking a lot of characters. My girlfriend started to get frustrated with me because even on dates I couldn’t resist playing a few rounds. It evolved to me missing our dates because my mind was focused on one thing only: ‘Nail Woman: Long Heels Run’. One morning I woke up after several days of robbing shirtless men and collecting nails nonstop and went to the bathroom. I believed that my body was sore from the position I had been sitting in the previous day. That was until I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. My buff physique had been altered drastically and my waist was now snatched. I had some major bandonkadonks and a lace front wig. I was in shock- almost scared because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I looked down at my suddenly super long nails and noticed the hot pink shade they were. Then I proceeded to almost trip on the glittery platform heels that were somehow now strapped on my feet. I ran to call for my girlfriend but all that escaped my mouth was a high pitched voice that could only say things like, “periodt” “queen” “slay” “miss gurl” “sksksk” “as she should” “love that for you”. I went to call 911 but suddenly there was a bright flash. I looked around and all I could see was clouds above me and a seemingly endless white platform that I was standing on. I began to walk forward and noticed I was above a city and there were tons of similar looking half naked men standing still. As I got closer I suddenly collided with a glowing vortex and I moaned as my nails grew longer. I no longer thought of my past as a useless man- I was now a baddie girl and my only purpose was to grow my nails, assault men and take their cash, and bust it down with the other baddies at the finish line. Men: if you play this game and resist your enlightenment and transformation to a baddie girl you will be stuck frozen and used as a scratching post and have your life savings drained from you. You won’t be able to close your eyes or scream as us baddies slice your flesh with our nails and throw it back. 💁🏼‍♀️💅🏻👑👠💋.Version: 1.5

Talking about the gameWhat I understand so far from the first few games I have played is that you get nails to slice people (mostly men) in half. It could have been to slice fruit or an object but instead it’s humans personally I don’t see what would be fun about doing so. I noticed that the people that are in your way mostly have their phones out making it hard for them to defend themselves. in general it’s unrealistic and doesn’t make sense but other than that it’s OK.Version: 1.4

I ain’t a botI love this game. It’s addicting. You should try it. I love Level 10 especially because u don’t even have to move..!.Version: 1.8

I dislike this gameI honestly don’t think this is a good game for kids bc look at there outfits and why have the person slice up boys??! And it is copying the game high heels big time!!😒👎🏻.Version: 1.8

TERRIBLEThe game sucked. It lagged. She would she just fall through the floor so you can’t really get to the end. Sometimes the nails wouldn’t even go on the girl. It lagged so bad it would just skip parts of the game and just show the girl falling. If I could give 0 stars I would.Version: 1.7

LaggyReally laggy every time try and watch a ad to get a new girl it just freezes.Version: 1.3

UmmmOkay, so i'm not sure why but she's like- cutting men with her nails... and they like die and stuff.... i guess it's one of those men-hating-feminist games....also the girls (or "baddies") are wearing suggestive clothing.. eh.Version: 1.4

Game is okay, but similar to another game with better graphicsSo, this game is okay, but it is REALLY similar to another game called “high heels”. Both games are in the sky, but also high heels has better graphics. One thing I also noticed about this game is that the person you move goes super fast. If you just slowed down the character a little bit, then i think it would be a little better. Another thing I don’t like that much about this game is that the FOV (how close or far away your character is) is really close too the character, if you don’t have really long nails. If the FOV stayed the same, but too zoomed in, I think that would be good. But if you do get a lot of nails, maybe zoom out a little. One more thing, maybe make the pathway a little bigger. But, other then these things, this is an okay game. Thats why I gave it 3 stars..Version: 1.4

Very Inappropriate gameI do not think that this game is that appropriate for kids.Version: 1.5

😗✌️I’m already obsessed with this game,I would like it if you could maybe even add Like different types of colors for the nails Bc like..yeah :) overall I love this game even tho I had it for like a day 😛.Version: 1.4

Too glitchyI really wanted to like this game, but it unfortunately is unplayable. Besides the near-constant lagging and bugs, once you get to a certain level the game will not let you progress. Instead, it will let you “start” the level, but will send you back to start a few seconds in. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.7

Need to fix some thingsWhen I play sometimes mid game it will reset and go to a different level and sometimes the buttons do work. So if you could fix that it would be five stars..Version: 1.7

=|Omg y is this 9n up this should be 18n up or BANNED!!!!!!.Version: 1.5

🤪OMG SO BADDIE 😍😍‼️.Version: 1.1

Completely copied a different game and glitchyThe game is really laggy and it’s hard to move her. Also so THEY COMPLETELY COPUED THE GAME HIGH HEELS like the same thing but glitchy and with nails (they even copied there adds by calling the characters baddies like how the adds call them) over all it sucked don’t get this get High heels Also you get adds so often Ok update I’m giving it another star because it less laggy now BUT that does not make up for the fact that they copied a game.Version: 1.5

2/5The game is a bit laggy and I collect the nails and then it doesn’t connect the nails..Version: 1.0

YeaaaSo when I got the game it was very laggy and when I get the nails it doesn’t collect it also when I got to the line thingy where you slide with your nails it always make me fall even if I have the long nails but I like how the game is a baddie game it’s nice but there’s some bugs ✌🏻.Version: 1.3

AmazingI love it it is so funny game get the items that doesn’t cost money I love this game you can buy this app if you want.Version: 1.8

BriI love this game it’s amazing and boring sometimes but amazing everybody should play😀.Version: 1.4

EwSo I think the game is not bad but she is so disgusting.Version: 1.4

Best game everIt is funny and just like the high heels game could never be as good 💖❤️.Version: 1.5

Freezes after two rounds/levelsAfter just playing two rounds/levels it freezes and if i want to continue playing i have to exit the app and go back on it to fix it. But it just doesn’t it all over again..Version: 1.3

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Nail Woman: Baddies Long Run 1.8 Update

Version 1.8 (2021-04-17): - Important update - Performance improvements.

Version 1.2 (2021-04-05): - New fun baddies - New levels - Bug fixes - Performance improvements.