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Music Battle FNF Game App Download

Are you ready for some cool music battles?

Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to follow the rhythm, and beat your enemies!


Music Battle FNF Game App User Reviews & Comments

Needs much more things to be better1 less ads every thing you press leads into a ad 4-5 ads in a row to be expected 2 more weeks you can play week 1 on all of them 3 you don’t really see the arrows on the other side example you will see the dad do the inputs but no arrows unless you memorized them it’s gonna be a lot more harder on mobile then pc 4 no music it could be my phone but I hear none of the songs like the dad you don’t hear anything just like spooky month To me personally it’s should not be too free games but it’s still early but great job to the makers I can’t do anything like this in my dreams but make these changes and this could be an easy 4-5 stars for me and most people that play.Version: 1.0

Great game but too many adsI love this game, but there’s too many ads. Whenever I tap to start, there’s an ad. Whenever I tap free play, there’s an AD, and when I’m playing, there’s always an ad that it makes me lose. Pls make it have less ads..Version: 1.0

Awesome but...When I started playing this, every time I finished a song or went to free play or story mode, there was ads every time I pressed those buttons and finessed a song. There was also few arrows missing from some of the songs and there was only one song in each week. Also week 6 is in a different game. Can I have this fixed plz?.Version: 1.0

Best Friday Night Funkin’ you can find on App StoreSo I played through this game it was extremely close to the real game. I think if it gets more updates and more features added it would be even better. Now the ad rate is to much, everything you click your going to get an ad for .but just because of that is it a bad game. NO of course not. I recommend this game to mobile users who cant play fnf because they don’t have a computer. Als obj found some other fnf games that were terrible and had nothing to do with fnf but this is really good. Game creator keep updating this game and add more features to make this more interesting 😋.Version: 1.0

FNF Music Battle ReviewIf your like me who can’t get a PC to play fnf, then I recommend this. There’s not that many weeks but that’s because this is the second app, and you gotta download the first one to play the others. The controls/layout are amazing and honestly is pretty much just like the game itself, only for mobile📱. Like always, the ADS are the biggest problem. Just turn of WIFI then your fine. 4 outta 5 stars. Just like the pictures. Needs a bit of working on and development but would definitely try!✅.Version: 1.0

Would recommendI,m a child but seen games that are adds filled but loved it since it has the songs and does not ruin the game since it’s on mobile and since the while of technology this is probably one of the best games on mobile since most people are poor and cant afford computers to this is so convenient since I,ve been dying to see a similar the only flaws *only one song per week *an extra add for just choosing which I find a downer..Version: 1.0

This person is profiting off of someone else’s workTHIS IS PURE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT This emulated game of fnf has ads on it which is beyond scummy if the app had no ads and was just an emulated port of the game to mobile it would be fine but the game has ads so many ads on it the person who made this app is profiting off of someone else’s hard work that’s why this app is very scummy if the person who owns this emulated app of fnf with so many ads is reading this didn’t teachers in school teach you to not plagiarize other people’s work go back to school idiot I hope you get sued for copyright infringement. If you read this whole review have a nice day unless you’re the person who made this app and put ads on it then screw you..Version: 1.0

Just a few problems..So I like I love FNF so you know what ya girl gonna do type FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN and not what I hoped for but better then other like this is the best FNF app to me but..There’s WAY TOO MANY ADS first thing tap on the girlfriend AD go on free play AD and sometime when finishing the song..AD! I know your game is free so you need to make money but..Think of people the kids the FNF fans that just wanted to play Friday night funkin on the mostly iPad and I’m only a child no miss Mission of Friday night Funkin complete! If you make some of my changes the real app mission is complete!!!🙂.Version: 1.0

Honestly pretty goodIt’s good if you can’t play on PC honestly like all the other apps they have ads. I really dislike ads and this would be perfect, especially this is mobile. The thing I dislike is the ads because when you join there’s an ad but I expect to be able to play. Next and then again after I get out I press another button comes up another ad and there’s more but honestly pretty good..Version: 1.0

Really nice! But..So when I was going to download this game, I had very low expectations. I was very doubtful and I thought this would be a crappy game in general, but I was really shocked when I played this, it felt just like the actual game! But, there are four things I think should be important/improved. 1st, I feel like compared to a character in this game to a character in the real game, the one in this game makes less notes? I don’t know why, but they just do. 2nd, it’s either my bad playing skills, or the notes are off timing, I don’t know which one. 3rd, please I’m begging you, add week 6! It will complete the game and if week 7 comes out really soon, add that too! Lastly, why can’t you play all the songs? It would be a lot more enjoyable, especially in week 4. This is everything I wanna address, but overall this is super nice! Great job!.Version: 1.0

Better than the others on here, but the ads are absurd.I get that swift is hard to work with, but really? The charting wasn’t even copy pasted, it was remade poorly. Every time you do anything that isn’t play a song, you get an ad, and for some reason the songs don’t even have difficulties. It’s at least better than the others on the ios app store, but overall not much compared to the original..Version: 1.0

More songs please !! Less adsI really love the mechanics on this, it works really well! But the ads do get quite annoying and keep it to a bare minimum. Yet I would love for this to have a lot more songs!! Such as the mods and regular songs from the games. Other than that, this is really great. I hope more songs to come 🤟🖤🖤🖤.Version: 1.0

Too many ads.This game is great, it really is, but the amount of ads you get is insane. You get an ad after clacking any sort of button, and right after you finish a song. There should be a no ads feature that cost 3-5 dollars. Most people would probably buy it. This is a really good game and is very similar to the pc version, but please chill out on the ads?.Version: 1.0

Problems with the appWell it’s good and everything but they need to add the other songs like in week one there’s only bepoode which is the only song I like other songs but it’s in week one so can you like put like three week ones or one week one but put all the songs on there or in there. Also put all three songs in for each one week or create a new app with that.Version: 1.0

Good but just one problemSince I’m a Mobile player I really don’t know but the reason that I’m writing this report is that it has to many adds like I would get 5 At the same time which was pretty annoying but the most part it was very good!.Version: 1.0

Fun! But to many ads!This game is amazing! The fact that this game has a lot of levels and different songs is amazing! I just wish it had less ads I have to watch 2 ads to be able to play a short level so I end up getting bored because I don’t want to watch the ads and almost all the ads are the same so if u had less ads and different ads the person playing this game would enjoy this game more! After all this is a pretty fun game, I just wish there would be less ads..Version: 1.0

I like the game but I want a some updatesSo yes we all know that Friday night funkin is the number one most played rhythm game in the world. When you download the game for the first time, you will get a screen. Now, for this one...I like it but it doesn’t have all the tracks from the real game like south or other tracks. Plus for me it’s kinda laggy. Mobile is easier than computer, but with not all the tracks on mobile, 👎. Please add tracks to the game. If it’s good, then I’ll give it a five star review..Version: 1.0

My reviewI would say it's good Its a bit glitchy and doesn't really pick up the buttons but it's still good and it's not those trash games where it gives you an add each 2 seconds so I definitely recommend.Version: 1.0

It’s not that goodIt’s cool and all but there is a couple things I don’t like about it. 1. I have to go though 3 adds to get in a game music battle like literally why is there so much adds please remove some adds.2. There’s no modes because I want to try hard but I can’t change it.3. There’s only 1 song in the weeks for example when I was playing week 1 I was only playing beep bo bop so also change that. Please change these problems thanks😊.Version: 1.0

Better than last oneI has week 1 to week 5 there 6 weeks but there’s no lemon demon you still can’t choose hard or anything but still not like the real one because there’s no Second song Or third song.Version: 1.0

Woah..Ok, so I was expecting this to be a quick cash grab but this is actually like the actual game. (despite the ads) I wanna say you guys did a good job at replicating what fnf would be like if it was on mobile. I would of rated it a five if it had week 6 and no ads but over all its a pretty awesome game. I recommend downloading this..Version: 1.0

This is awesomeI know this is intended for pc but seeing a replica in mobile seems cool too but theres is things i want it to have,1.make a difficulty too choose 2.make more sprite animations for the characters and make it match when the arrows already been pressed 3.make more songs for the weeks it will be more entertaining to play 4.Is it possible for you to make it it have mods? And number 5.make the villains also have their arrows if you do pls do it it will be super amazing and and im sure people tons and tons of people will instantly download this please dont stop,this is a chance that for once a pc game in mobile please dev please make it happen 🙏 people already have been begging for this even me.Version: 1.0

It’s okay.It has all of the songs and everything, but sometimes the hits wouldn’t register or just would register, but the arrows wouldn’t disappear. Sometimes, the character wouldn’t move when you hit a key. For being a pc game redirected into a mobile game, it’s pretty good considering it’s free. Just a couple of bugs need to be put into place..Version: 1.0

Better than others, but still bad.First of all, the amount of ads is insane, just like every other fnf Mobil game. You can’t change the difficulty, so it gets really boring. But how it was made is pretty impressive. The gameplay itself is boring, but it’s really smooth, just like in the original game. The sprits are good, timing is good, and the menu are also good. I know you won’t add any changes to it to make it better. Overall, boring, but better than the others..Version: 1.0

It’s fun but not what I’m looking forEverytime I finish a week or click a button an ad pops up and it’s getting pretty annoying. And the weeks aren’t even full yet. But, I’m not gonna pressure you because it’s gonna be hard to make a Friday night Funkin game on mobile because you have to use certain keys. The creator of the game might make a game for mobile so no worry?.Version: 1.0

This Game Is Awesome but needs some work..Don’t get me wrong I love this game it’s perfect but to start things off the ads are unbearable and keep popping up. secondly not all the songs for the weeks are here hopefully they can manage to get more songs in the future. last but not least they forgot A WHOLE WEEK the week is the week 6 Also known as “Hating Simulator” or “Senpai”.Version: 1.0

Fun game but...This is so realistic and I love this but there is WAY to much ads. Whenever I press something an ad pops up which is annoying, also you should add more levels, like dadbattle, south, philly, and more! (Edit) for some reason the sound just when off on the game. So I can’t hear and I’ve tried everything. Sooooo.....Version: 1.0

What will make it betterThis game seems like one of those games that do not try at first but they actually took the time to put details in it and also it would be better if there was a easy, normal and hard that you can do and please put all the songs in the game plz but the game is really fun and good.Version: 1.0

Amazing! One problemAmazing! I’ve always wanted to play Friday Night Funkin’ on mobile. I don’t mind week 6 being in another whole app, but please make there be less ads. I really don’t like the ads, but I love the game! Keep the great work up! The mod game is amazing too, please add more mods there.Version: 1.0

Mobile and pcI love this game I love the details and this is perfect for when you don’t have a PC just to play it on but there is one problem I would like to mention well actually two first there are many ads second it doesn’t have a hard easy or hard mode let me re-say that it doesn’t have a hard normal easy and easy a bar that lets you choose the difficulty that’s not perfect for anyone who likes to do hard the most and don’t have a PC so I recommend you should have that and also I don’t recommend getting a separate app just for mods I feel like you should put it in the game but put it in another section that would make it fair for anyone who has for storage and wants to plan a mods on one app this is nice and all but I like PC better this is pretty good for people who don’t have a PC so overall I say 4.3/5.Version: 1.0

Good but I don’t like the adsI feel like this game is very fun it’s a mobile version of FNF but it has some issues most of them come from the acts there are just too many of them you click a single button and you just get hit in the face with an ad and it’s overwhelming I’m not saying you should take out the ads entirely I’m just saying you should make them less frequent because I cannot deal with them it’s so annoying also this isn’t really a game changing problem but when the characters or singing sometimes they’re Sprite is not moving correct either they’re not moving at all or they’re moving in the wrong direction.Version: 1.0

Needs some fixesThe game is cool and all but I don’t have a computer so I play on my iPad but when I play on my iPad I noticed some things. When I play on my iPad there’s a lot of ads more than I can count so I want the person who made this game to fix the ads on the iOS so I don’t have to deal with all the ads because the ads are just annoying so if you understand can you please do that for me it would be a really big help thank you By: Alyssa Iglesia.Version: 1.0

Impressed.I went into this thinking this was just another crappy mobile game, but gameplay-wise it was very good! I didn’t give it a direct 5 stars however because of the amount of ads i would get, i have to go through 3 ads to get to a level, and during that level there is a banner at the bottom. So i present you My final thoughts Tone down the ads a little, make them rewarding more weeks to the player that they do not have to see again, or keep the one at the start. Another thing that has been annoying me is that if i want to see a new level after i best one i have to go through 4 ads. But overall very good..Version: 1.0

Good, but could improveNow i know this may sound really terrible, but you should add ALL the levels in the weeks. i know it’s hard to make the arrow keys for mobile and line it all up, but at least try. other than that, this is a great game that has lots of ads, but the gameplay is fun and addicting..Version: 1.0

Needs some tweaksNow don't get me wrong, I love FNF but this game needs some tweaks. One of the major things is the ads. There are WAY too many. Seriously everytime I click something I get an ad. Also why is there only one song for each week? I know it's the free version of the game, but come on have some variety man..Version: 1.0

Woah-Okay tbh this is a really good game if you don’t have a computer/laptop. Sure there is less songs no difficulty’s and it’s harder but that’s only because it’s a mobile game. It probably came out really recently and it will probably get more songs difficulty’s and maybe even mods? okay probably not mods but beside the negative things, this is a really good game if you don’t have anything to play the original game on!.Version: 1.0

Are you adding senpiAre you going to add all the other songs for the people I’m not saying it’s bad this is actually a really good game thank you for making the second part I’m just wondering who you are the next song is gonna be out Please do some mods i’ll be real fun and make the game better.Version: 1.0

Amazing but a few changes will helpHello, i am a person that checks on games and I am here to say that you’re game had a lot of potential. Everything that computer Friday night funkin has is on this mobile. But there is something you need to do to SKY ROCKET this games popularity. 1st of all I see some reviews that say the game has ads. If it does please remove them. 2nd of all if you can add every single sound track that Friday night funkin has trust me this game will go VIRAL. 3rd of all of you can add the difficulty’s as well that would help your game. So if you want your game to go viral and very very popular then consider adding these features. Have a good day Sincerely- Jake.Version: 1.0

Idk what to title itI’ve always wanted to play this game I’ve been looking everywhere I’ve seen a lot of Youtubers play this I’ve always wanted to play this game but my mom and dad Will not have or the Computer so it’s so great to play this game you know the notes are great you know those people saying oh I can’t click the notes well that’s probably just because you’re bad but this game is really fun.Version: 1.0

It’s great but I could be betterIf you can reduce the ads to where if you die or finish a song then an ad would play and also maybe instead of holding the phone up it can be sideways so you can see the notes if you can do that it would be nice.Version: 1.0

Good but needs moreOk this is a really fun game I have two complaints though, 1. The ads you get one every time you click a button and it can get really annoying. 2. There’s less songs then the original version on the pc with is kinda of dumb but other than those two things it’s a great game and you should download it.Version: 1.0

Insanely goodIt looks like another annoying cash grab but it’s more then that, sure it has lots of ads which I feel is just to squeeze a quick buck but you can tell they actually tried unlike others. You can download 10 fnf mobile apps and this would be the best one you can find (on iOS at least) I hope the developer(s) work on this more and not just leave it unfinished with a few bucks. I feel like this could be the best mobile game based off of a mobile game if there’s enough effort. The main thing I want to see is the other 2 songs for each week and the medium and hard mode (senpai can wait) because I’d rather have the blocks place horizontally then vertically (everything be done before moving on) so I hope they can add the other songs for week 1-6 and To the developer(s) if you’re reading this: keep up the good work and this game has so much potential so don’t let it go to waste (also don’t take it too literal because nobody likes a big cash grab).Version: 1.0

MultiplayerGame is good like the songs but two things I wished would be changed which is make a multiplayer mode and make it where when you push the right or left or whatever to not be exactly on cue but close on it cuz there’s a Friday night funkin game kind of like this too and it doesn’t have it right on cue pls change where not on cue and make multiplayer pls.Version: 1.0

Just a way to make easy money off of genuine fans.This is just another app that doesn’t do a good job of simulating the actual version of the game. 1. It seems like every menu has a ad waiting for you before you can continue. You pass the first screen- there’s an ad- you chose a song- there’s an ad- you finish the song- yet again there’s another ad. I think you get the point now. There’s simply too many ads and it makes it obvious that you’re ripping off a game for easy money. 2. I don’t know why there are 6 weeks even though there are only one of the 3 songs from each of them... like I know you want to copy the original game, but at least do it properly. Either just have the title of the song or add the whole song collection for the week. 3. Feels like you got lazy to add in different difficulty levels. Each song feels like it’s stuck on easy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I guess the only good thing I could say about this is that the formatting for my phone was well done. Feels weird not seeing the other side (you would understand this statement if you played or seen the original game). Otherwise there isn’t weird lag when pressing the buttons and that’s why it’s 2 stars and not just 1..Version: 1.0

Couldn’t playSo when I saw this app I thought it was for real. And i downloaded it and opened it. I tapped my screen to play but a ad came up. Then I pressed free play or whatever it said. Pressed week one. But it kicked my out. I couldn’t play it because it would just kick me out for some reason. It was like I’m not supposed to be playing this game. I was so annoyed because it looked so legit and plus, fnf was my favorite game to play I wanted to download a fnf game cause it’s 10:26 pm at night. And I can’t play my computer at the moment..Version: 1.0

Good but missing some thingsGood mobile version but missing things : 1. There are only 1 song each week, but in the original there was 3 songs in each week. I think you should add 3 songs to each week(note: week 2 only has 2 songs because of lemon demon. So add a secret week) 2. In the original after beating the 2 songs in week 5 you go against lemon demon. So after adding the other songs. Add lemon demon with a Santa hat. 3. There is no senpai week(week 6) and currently in the official fnf there is a week 6. So add that. You should add an update as soon the official versions gets a new update or a new week Otherwise this is a good mobile version so 5 stars!.Version: 1.0

Amazing But...The only thing not good about this app is that it has way to many ads. There should at least be a option for ad free. Every time you click free play it will give you a ad and when you click which week you will get a ad. So this game would be a lot better if there was a ad free option or just less ads..Version: 1.0

Good and very close to real gameIf you’ve seen the oh one in the App Store by These people you might have played I wanted more and I got it everything is great minor issues are pico is messed up that may be with the others to also pls add monster or maybe mods or just the extra songs for them(like the after them the second and third songs a character sings)I like it over all and didn’t have any issues with the first few weeks pretty hard and challenging do recommend..Version: 1.0

GgThis is a very good game but can you add week six. can you also add three songs in each week like the new grounds version. so please do it please do it please do it please do it please do it please do it and make it a little bit easier or I could just select easy so if you see this review you must respond to this OK bye.Version: 1.0

Mobile vs Pc/computerYou see, I’m on ipad I think the game is really good but it’s very different from the pc version. I’m talking, lots of adds, less weeks and songs, smaller screen, and etc. You also can’t choose difficulties. But all negative things aside, this is a really good game. You can tell the developers put lot of effort into it, and the drawings are amazing. Plus the songs, they are really well done. Props for those people! But things you could improve are, bigger screen and show the other opponents keys/ arrows. Add all of the songs in, it’s just not the same without all three for each week. Add all the weeks in too please. Also less adds. But when you go onto this app on pc you can have, mods, more songs, all the weeks, selections for difficulty and story mode, and it’s better overall. If your on mobile I do recommend a version on Roblox, it’s called (right now) Funny Friday but it changes when it has more updates. It has mod songs and the original songs too. But still, play this game because it’s the original and it’s still really good. If you don’t want to play the roblox version, I recommend pc more then mobile for this app. That’s all pretty much. But yes, pc is better for this game..Version: 1.0

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Missing thingsI gave it a two star because it’s missing the difficulty,the notes, every single song in the week 1 2 3 4 5 is missing and 6 is five that’s not like the real game so change it and too many ads.Version: 1.0

Super goodIts really good because theres alot of weeks and l want more weeks pls if you see this maker pls make more weeks pls because l finshed all of them.Version: 1.0

GoodThis game is good but copied the real gameeee.Version: 1.0

It’s the adsHey the game is amazing and all but it’s just the ads I’m just thinking can you fix it please? Overall the game is perfect.Version: 1.0

Why mymacca’s???Well I was playing spookez then it says “this game wants to open my mymacca’s “ or something like that so I say no. But why???.Version: 1.0

Pretty please put a difficulty setting please people who knew me the difficulty settingOk.Version: 1.0

AdsThe game is AMAZING but there is way too meany ads.Version: 1.0

It’s okThere is a lot of ads which is annoying but its ok it needed more tracks. It’s a good one on the go.Version: 1.0

Lovely appOnly 3 ads a second.Version: 1.0

Legit comments a no whereThese comments for this review are that fake, game was poorly made as well.Version: 1.0

TIt hate the game because it should have slower notes and make it see the people:(!!!!.Version: 1.0


Really goodReally good quality nice animation and amazing songs.Version: 1.0

AWESOME: GET THIS GAME IMMEDIATELYI have only played this game for a day. ITS AMAZING! I LOVE IT! No kidding. It works similar to the real game just with less songs. It needs more songs, that’s my only complaint. Otherwise, 10 out of 10 Best of all, it’s free! :).Version: 1.0

AdsToo many ads.Version: 1.0

The ads tho…Yes this game is a great mobile version but with a few bugs but PLEASE. GO SLOW WITH THE ADS..Version: 1.0

NoahWould enjoy if u added every track in the week and rename week 4s tracks to mums track 1 and 3 2 doesn’t need a censored.Version: 1.0

Good songNot too shabby nice songs.Version: 1.0

Love it butCan we add more songs like mother week 6 or goes up to more weeks?.Version: 1.0

Wow!It’s amazing because most other fnf games only have like 2 weeks but this has 5! Really fun and my whole family plays it.😁.Version: 1.0

It’s okIt’s good but it has a bit too much adds but anyway it’s good.Version: 1.0

Friday Night Funkin ripoff.This game is just a ripoff of Friday night funkin. It’s good and all, but there are way too many ads. Overall, it’s good if you are bored, but it’s a shameless pirate of a good game. If you are looking for a good music game, go onto a computer and play the real Friday night funkin..Version: 1.0

Good except the notes...Is great except for the notes because I hit them but they don’t react!.Version: 1.0

Good game but one thingHay good game but I know the computer vision and it has all the songs in 1 week but this game only has 1 song per week so add all the songs plz.Version: 1.0

Needs more songsThis is a really good game for mobile just need more songs!.Version: 1.0

Amazing! But I have just one complaint..Amazing! Love it! Just like teh game! Perfect for mobile users! Just why is there so many ads for a amazing game?! I press one button and BOOM A AD. Could you please fix this? It will be really helpful..Version: 1.0

Fun!This game vis super fun and has the right amount of difficulty to it, amazing!.Version: 1.0

Room for improvementHas one song per week instead of three, notes aren’t timed properly, and you can’t change the difficulty..Version: 1.0

NiceNoice.Version: 1.0

Could be betterIt is a good game thats true but every single click its ad after ad and also were are the different difficulties and other parts of the week as there’s more than one track per week.Version: 1.0

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