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Grow your crowd! Pass the traps! And destroy castles!

Crowd Battle 3D in bundled with dozens of levels for your enjoyment, whenever you want. Become a crowd leader starting today and win with your followers!

* Various courses and challenges
* Progression and upgrades
* Colorful graphics

Crowd Battle 3D App User Reviews & Comments

,dFalse advertising.Version: 1.6

Waste of time to downloadWay to many ads!! All you do is watch ads this game is garbage..Version: 1.5.1

DisappointedThe update that just happened changed the entire game. Now it’s fighting other people and pushing them instead of knocking down block castles. I DID really enjoy this game how it used to be. The updated version is mean. I will not be keeping this app if it stays like it is..Version: 1.6

Ad trapWould be a fun game if not for the sometimes 3 minutes of adds followed by 15 seconds of play time... so many adds it will make the game run slowly..Version: 1.6

Too many ads for such a boring gameQuit playing after 5 minutes and deleted it. You play a single 15 second board then have to watch a 30 second ad..Version: 1.5.1

Not what the other reviews sayThis game is so fun there’s only like one ad per 3 games and plus it’s worth downloading it I don’t like many games but this one is awesome. I play it a lot and so worth the wait for the download!!!!.Version: 1.6

Good game, but a lot of lag.I know your game has amazing work, but I lagged very badly with 0.5 FPS for a second. Hopefully you can revise this. Thank you!.Version: 1.5.1

Too many ads.Could be a fun game.Version: 1.6

Good reviewThis game is fun but it also has ads when you finished the game but the ads don’t take for ever they only take 15 seconds and after that there is a button to skip the ad.Version: 1.5.2

Way to many commercials!!!!Commercials are longer than the game. Yuck!.Version: 1.6

FSussy balls.Version: 1.6

Fun little game w/ too many adsFar too many ads make this almost unplayable. Too bad as it was fun. Removed in just a few minutes of play..Version: 1.6

Five levels in and I am already sick of this game15 Second levels followed by a 30 second ad every level. I’m out..Version: 1.5.1

Add differentThe add of this game is completely different than what it actually is.Version: 1.6

TerribleMore adds that game.Version: 1.6

NBABueno.Version: 1.5.1

Not bad, but please change.One recommendation. Please add an option for players to increase difficulty. As it is now, it seems very easy to pass every level with with no obvious goal other than to reach the the end. It isn’t clear what the canon at the end of each level accomplishes. We are awarded gems for actions at each level but it is not certain what gems are for..Version: 1.5.1

It’s ok………IT HAS TO MANY FRICKEN ADDS.Version: 1.6

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Crowd Battle 3D 1.6 Update

Version 1.6 (2021-05-06): Gameplay improvements.

Version 1.5 (2021-04-27): Gameplay improvements.

Version 1.4 (2021-03-31): Gameplay improvements.