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War Of Rafts: Naval Battle App Download

Do you love io games? Then War of Rafts is just for you!

War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle is an epic battle royale in the sea setting! Battles with other players around the world await you!

Sail the sea searching for your raft parts, expand your territory and team to defeat ‘em all! Choose a color, fortify your raft with other pieces floating in the ocean and face your opponents head-on!

You can make your team bigger by picking up a stickman from the lifebuoys, and they’ll become a part of your army! The bigger your crew, the better your chances to survive in the sea battle!

If you're lucky enough, you can even collect a defensive tower! Then it’ll also become your raft part! You can also pick up an additional engine and many other elements to increase your defensive and attacking power!

Any sea adventure can't do without treasure chests! Collect chests and coins to get various cool skins!

Game features:

- Interesting gameplay in the .io genre!
- Epic sea battles!
- Beautiful & colorful graphics!
- Intuitive interface!
- Easy controls!

So, what are you waiting for? Download War of Rafts for free now and let the fight begin!

War of Rafts: Naval Battle App User Reviews & Comments

Make game work gameGame shows zblue screen only.Version: 0.14.95

This game is badThis is the worst game I have ever played I can’t even get into the freaking game so it’s just so trash..Version: 0.14.95

Too many adsYou will spend half your time watching ads. If the games were longer or you only got an add every 5 to 10 stages I would have kept playing.Version: 0.14.95

I CANT EVEN JOINIt just gives me a blue screen CHANGE IT.Version: 0.14.95

EE.Version: 0.14.94

What the..?!?When I downloaded the game, it only showed a black screen, someone should fix this.Version: 0.14.95

AdsWay too many ads and a bunch of bugs.Version: 0.14.95

UmmIt get boring after a while cause the levels are the same. Theirs a add after every level..Version: 0.14.95

Never loads but it looks funThis game ain’t working mate so RIP OFF YOUR NOT MH MATE what is this game a rip off of a sea battle loser HOW DO YOU PLAY DIS GAME.Version: 0.14.95

Why does it not loadThere is a problem with your game. It doesnt load up i click it and it just show blue screen....Version: 0.14.95

BoringEvery level is the same and what’s the point of progressing if there’s no upgrade.Version: 0.14.95

YEETI Tried To Open The App But It Keeps Logging Me Out! You Trash.Version: 0.14.95

WhyI do not like this game it does not save your hard work on the game and you dont see other kinds of stuff so owner plz fix this game.Version: 0.14.95

RidiculousI can’t believe this is actually being billed as a game. There is nothing to it. Nothing to do. There is no,progression. No skill or strategy..Version: 0.14.94

TrashAd filled, repetitive trash..Version: 0.14.94

The game don work don play don downloadF F F steal internet.Version: 0.14.95

>:(It won’t let me play.Version: 0.14.95

StupidThis is a garbage game. It also spy’s on other apps on your phone. Similar to Facebook..Version: 0.14.94

Best game?I can’t play it because it won’t load, but I bet it’s a real good game. For people who are mean, don’t read what they say. Since it’s the internet, people can’t see your real self. Meaning they can be rude on the internet without getting in trouble..Version: 0.14.95

Good concept, but flawsIt’s a decent game, and it’s a good concept. However there is no real progression and you just do the same thing for every level. Also there are ads after every level so it’s not great. Has good potential as long as the devs aren’t too focused on being super monetized..Version: 0.14.94

Not workingI keep trying to load it in but it doesn’t work >:(.Version: 0.14.95

Great GameThis game is so addicting! It is very good. 😁.Version: 0.14.94

One more thingYou should really add ISLANDS at least so it’s more cool Thandriving a boat in the Indian Ocean..Version: 0.14.95

FixYour app doesn’t allow me to play.Version: 0.14.95

Fix thisGame please don’t just stop us while we’re playing I was at 300 units and it ended. Please fix that and also make less ads..Version: 0.14.95

Loading issueThis game would not load past the initial screen when opening the app. It is compatible with my iPhone 7s and my iPad but will not work on either..Version: 0.14.95

WowI would not let me in the game it with stay on a blue screen.Version: 0.14.95

I CANT PLAYI cant play on iPad I only have a blue screen.Version: 0.14.95

My opinionIt is trash becauseEvery time you try to get a certain square in a place it never goes.Version: 0.14.95

Fun but crashes constantlyIt’s a decent game to play it’s fun but it crashes like every two adds and then it’s almost impossible to get it running again so you play it for maybe three minutes before it crashes and you have to delete it put it back on delete it put it back on so you spend more time dealing with a crash than you do actually playing a game so what’s the point.Version: 0.14.95

Can’t playI can’t even play the game because it’s just blue.Version: 0.14.95

Had potential, but just horrible.Only played the first stage, but the fights were lackluster at best and I find no enjoyment nor satisfaction from winning a battle. engage opponent, animation, end..Version: 0.14.94

This appI thought this game would be fun, but alas. I can’t even open the app? It’s so bizarre..Version: 0.14.95

Holy AdvertisementsThis would be a lot more fun if there wasn’t an ad after every three raft battles. Genuinely the most obnoxious thing ever..Version: 0.14.95

Um okayPretty disappointing, map is small, no skill or strategy involved. It got boring in under 5 minutes. Most boring io game yet..Version: 0.14.94

Great potential but needs a bit more developmentThe system doesn’t keep track of high scores and every run is pretty much the same. My battery is draining very fast too so not sure if I want to keep playing the game if it is that power intensive..Version: 0.14.95

HORRIBLE!I just got stuck on some Blue Screen..Version: 0.14.95

DumbToo ez and can’t merge.Version: 0.14.95

Don’t playBad.Version: 0.14.95

BadI can’t even play.Version: 0.14.95

AdvertisingAfter each round. Deleted.Version: 0.14.94

It’s trashYou don’t even load in you sit there on a blue screen.Version: 0.14.95

Not loadingWould love to try it out but the game won’t even load, have deleted twice and re installed, powered off and on still nothing working..Version: 0.14.95

What I thinkIt’s a great game to past time But if you want to take your game to next level put a real time versus mode between actual people on there and your game will blow up even more.Version: 0.14.95

There is a bugEvery time I try to play the game the screen just turns blue and I’ve wait 5min for it to load but it did not load. You need to fix it.Version: 0.14.95

Realy funOne improvement would be more in game purchases and less ads.Version: 0.14.94

Not able to buy no adsI’d like to not see ads and I can’t purchase no ads as the button doesn’t work..Version: 0.14.95

Really goodThis game is the best when I don’t have internet I play it all the time also it don’t take internet this app is the best SO GOOD YES I love ❤️it YES.Version: 0.14.95

Way too many ads!There’s an ad after every single round, and the game is very difficult to beat. I’ve played 10 rounds and didn’t win a single one. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of progression or upgrades without an ad. There’s no fun aspect to this game whatsoever..Version: 0.14.94

I agree with themThey need to fix it right away.Version: 0.14.95

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AdsWaaaaay too many adds.Version: 0.14.94

Worst game everHow can you play a game that doesn’t load.Version: 0.14.95

Click baitThis is click bait you can’t play it or anything hey developers talk back.Version: 0.14.95

Claire ivoryThist time playing bet the game is amazing.Version: 0.14.94

Not loadingIt’s soo bad it never loads I stayed there for 20minuits and it’s stall haven’t loaded.Version: 0.14.95

Nothing like the developers said 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬This game is so bad.Version: 0.14.95

I can’t even play!I can’t even get into the game let alone play it.Version: 0.14.95

It won’t let me download againI deleted the game to re-download it but its not letting me download again it’s because there was a lot of glitches and lag.Version: 0.14.95

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War of Rafts: Naval Battle 0.14.95 Update

Version 0.14.95 (2021-04-29): Fix some bug!.

Version 0.14.94 (2021-04-10): Fix some bug!.