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Conquer the whole world! Command your troops and capture all the states!

Our new cell battle game will challenge your logic and reaction. is an abstract real time strategy, a tactical clash of dots, an exciting countries takeover.
Solve strategic puzzles to beat your rivals and expand your superiority in the world arena.
Fight for territories, destroy your opponents and defend your borders.

This war simulator demands tactics, not power. You are to use your brain, not muscles.
Be on top enjoying our free RTS either online or offline, playing 1v1 on first levels and versus more competitors on further levels.

Ready to complete this epic conquest and make your domination story?! Then download the game to begin your strategic expansion.

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Too many adsThere are just ads, nothing more. You gotta watch ads even if you decide not to get extra rewards and click on “no thanks”. So it’s like we are going to show ads no matter what. I understand they need to make money, but there are ways not to show too many ads and still earn some revenue..Version: 1.2

Good concept. Needs memory managementThe game is great. Unfortunately, it wasn’t tested on older phones and makes no use of memory management to make up for the fact that it’s individually simulating hundreds of little army drones. My iPhone 8 can’t keep up..Version: 1.1

Needs contentReally disappointed there wasn’t other municipalities/countries/continents. Also sad i couldn't play the entire U.S. Would be really cool to see a multiplayer. I know its just those bulk game makers on tiktok but they could make so much more money with some improvement..Version: 1.2

Good but needs a few changesThe app is very good, it is a strategic game that is very addictive. One bad thing is that the app keeps asking me if it can access my photos and videos, which is weird but not surprising. Also the constant ads NEED to stop.😡.Version: 1.2.1

Short as all get outDo not spend any money on this game! “Eliminating the ads” is kind of a scam tbh because there will still be ads. Also, this game is insanely short! You play the exact same layouts (3 of them) over and over again...there is no challenge to this game and there is no variety. To be honest, I think 2 stars is generous..Version: 1.2.1

Conquer the USAmazing game and playing mechanic but should be labeled conquer the US since that’s all you play for the entirety of the game.. needs more maps ANNND it needs the option to attempt to take over an entire country state by state as a longer conquest leave the same playing style just add more in a given round...Version: 1.1

Stupid ad you madeLike bruh Biden is brain dead he wouldn’t even remember the name right after he saw it while Trump has 200 iq Trump wouldn’t even get this idiotic game you made it’s trash your probably dumb to think that this will get to a famous game just from the ad nah it won’t.Biden bought votes and you know it #Trump2023/Trump2024 Biden trash can lol.Version: 1.2

Needs more options and contentGreat game and good mechanics, would be great if you could play all the states at the same time. I also notice that alabama is targeted by the computer for no particular reason sometimes..Version: 1.1

Canceled?I saw an ad for this game and it was being political. It was one of those pros vs noobs and Trump is the noob while Biden is the pro. I can agree with this a little but that ain’t right. I would recommend that you take down the ad as soon as possible so you just won’t get canceled entirely. Thank you for reading this if you did..Version: 1.2

I liked it but it needed more contentOne of the best mobile games, but it needs new maps like Brazil, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean because this game seriously needs more content..Version: 1.1

Follows that awful trendIt does what an average garbage game would do - make you complete levels to get certain rewards then when you complete enough levels the game forces you to watch an ad to be able to receive said reward. Following that awful trend that was created by an awful game is an automatic 1 star and deletion..Version: 1.2

Good but...So the game itself is simple and fun, it cold use some detail but it’s free so I’m not gonna complain. My reason for this not being 5 stars is that even tho I paid to remove ads I still have to watch them if I want to unlock certain cosmetic items, I understand why the feature of tripling your income from a round or your offline earning would have you do it, but cosmetic features shouldn’t have ads after you pay to remove ads. (For clarity it did remove the random unskipable ads.) overall fun simple game. A little note to the developers, a small cool feature to add would be allowing you to pick which state to play as, also allowing and Bette royale where all the states are separate or all the states are available at once..Version: 1.2

Fun game and concept, but needs more contentThis game is fun and addictive to play, but after a few days of having the game I already got everything to get. Some things that would be nice to have are more colors, bases, and projectiles (obviously). But a few bigger suggestions would be the ability to play bigger parts of the map, and even the whole map (maybe you have to play a lot to unlock this feature), as well as the choice to play with differing amounts of AI..Version: 1.2

Untapped potentialWhen I first opened this game, I was adamant on believing that it was another one of those grindy annoying .io games. What I was met with exceeded my expectations, and I enjoyed my first play through of the game. I will address 3 points in this review: game progression, ai, and the potential this game has. When I started, it was rather easy to grind out upgrades, and I enjoyed playing a game that actually felt like it had a tolerable grind. Right now, the ai in this game is quite lackluster in the later stages of my play through. Ai only attack each other most of the time, and it is quite easy to conquer their territory. What I would suggest to the game devs is an increase in ai difficulty, and maybe a buff in their forces. Now, onto the potential. Right now, there is only one continent, North America. I think it would be a smart idea to add more continents and countries, as one map tends to get stale after a while. If the devs feel like being lazy; then they could just give the player the option to conquer the whole United States. If the devs run out of countries, then they could move into areas in a certain state. Like I said earlier, the potential of this game is untapped, and if the devs see this review then I give them this advice. Please don’t change the progression system, make the ai a little bit more challenging for the player, and please consider expanding the map so that the player doesn’t feel bored after the first few playthroughs..Version: 1.1

Drop the adsYou would actually get more and more players it works I tried it👍👍.Version: 1.1

It forces you to let it track youIt stopped letting me play after 3 days and forced me to allow it to track me across apps. There was no choice to ask it to not track so I uninstalled it. It was a trash game anyway. All you do is repeat the same thing like 4 times each time in a different area of the US instead of giving us the whole mall and options. Absolutely trash game.Version: 1.2

Stupid ads on YT?Dear stupid game company: When I see this ad on YT I feel so bad and scared! It says there are no Chinese people in America then is pro?! I am a Chinese people and I come here because I love American I have watch a lot of movies about America when I was in China. And now I finally got here and I have been here two years, but now I can only feel unwelcome and sad. You know there are a lot of people hate Chinese, when I walking on the streets I always afraid that someone will jump out and punch me! But you still putting that kind of ads on YT!!! I hope I can never see that ads agin! If I still can see it I will tell everyone don’t play this game! And I hope you guys don’t delete my comment! If you do, I will repost it every day ! I know that my English is bad but I have too say “stop RACIAL DISCRIMINATION!!!!”.Version: 1.2.1

Same story different gameI have played many of these types of games where you go in after an ad and enjoy the first few rounds of it, but after 5 or so matches you get almost constant ads taking all the joy and most of the ability to even play the game. I will say it was a fun little drag and drop territory game but be ready to hate it after you get put into forced ads over and over again..Version: 1.1

Too repetitive and too many addsThought there would be more country to fight over. Like different stages but it’s the same US map cut up into small sections and just fighting over and over again. If it’s time you’re trying to kill then get the app but you’ll probably delete before the week is over..Version: 1.2.1

Fun but too many ads.I really enjoy it, but there is a mandatory ad after EVERY level, and when I can win the easy ones in 30 seconds, it starts to get really annoying. It’s a lot of fun though..Version: 1.2

Simple and sweetGreat game and straight forward! Only thing is there are only three maps and only the US I wish the map could be bigger and get harder? Am I missing something or is this everything?.Version: 1.2

So many advertisementsThe game is fine but you spend more time watching advertisements then play time. The most infuriating thing is that at the end of every round there is a option to get 3x if you watch and ad and a no thanks button. If you press no thanks you still get an ad!.Version: 1.1

Fun concept, boring to continue playingThe game does not get harder. I’m on level 50 now and the only thing that’s gotten more difficult is waiting through the same set of cringy ads after every round. There needs to be a difficulty setting or something to switch it up because I genuinely enjoyed it at first, but each round is as easy as the last and I haven’t even gotten close to losing..Version: 1.2.1

Ads cause lock upI understand the need for ads on free games but these cause the game to lock up. You they have to close the ap all the way out before going on. Happened three times in the four rounds I played. It wold be an okay game otherwise. It is like many other capture games but they computer does seem to have better strategy parameters built it to try to beat the player..Version: 1.2

Great! But...This game is absolutely amazing! Very enjoyable and strategic, the levels are evenly sized and each level comes with a different set of difficulties that are perfect for the ideal tactic player. The only downside is that I find myself doing the same levels over and over again, I hope more levels are added such as Europe or Asia. I could conquer the world in this game if they ever added more!.Version: 1.1

Great but needs more content and strategyI have always been wanting a game like this since the OG coolmath game and I love to see a mobile version that is actually polished. However, it desperately needs more countries. I would love to dominate North America, Central America, The Caribbean, S. America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, etc. HUGE POTENTIAL it just needs to be fulfulled. Also it could use more strategy. Maybe only let units move to ADJACENT states? Or also more upgrades to purchase between rounds or maybe even powerups to purchase in the middle of rounds. Also it is currently WAY too easy to win and I got tired pretty fast since there was no longer a sense of accomplishment. But overall good game with a lot of room for improvement..Version: 1.1

Glitch at rewardI enjoy the game but there is a big glitch when it comes to the rewards section after each match. It freezes up wither I choose to triple it or not. Probably have lost 400,000 coins or more because of this. Happens when playing using data plan or home WiFi..Version: 1.1

Can’t load addsI like the game itself but if you want to unlock something or increase your currency it requires an add to play as you may expect. Problem is, about 80% of the time it locks up when trying to launch the ads and requires you to restart the app. Far too many bugs to enjoy the game..Version: 1.1

Great Game, but needs something newI always tend to enjoy games that are like these, but It starts to get repetitive and I have an Idea that might change that. A Sandbox Gamemode where you can control everything..Version: 1.1

Addicting but hardI got this game yesterday and have been playing so many times since and I’m Addicted but I notice that when you upgrade your starting point the bots get theirs upgraded above you and I find that unfair, also when I get a originally unclaimed state like 2 bot come After it please at least make the bot have the same starting points as us. And maybe add more places and stuff.Version: 1.2

Stay away fromAll of the games that have ".io" at the end. The ads are longer than the actual game play. If you want to actually play the game without going thru at least 5 minutes of ads you'll have to pay for an ad free version. You guys may as well charge for the game initially..Version: 1.2.1

A good game that’s not ad hungryThis game is really fun and not a ad after every thing you do like other games this one is really fun I would recommend if you don’t want games that are ad hungry and money hungry like there’s some ad but not like ads after a level like twelve times this is a really good game keep it up.Version: 1.1

Good but freezes to muchAlmost every time you choose the 3x bonus multiplier or the “while you were gone” multiplier, the game freezes and you have to remove it from memory and restart. And any time you earn a new color or anything else, it freezes.Version: 1.1

Not worth the time.Their ads are politically biased when politics has no place in the game industry. The gameplay is boring and vague. How could something like this be getting players? Probably all leftists like the developers. 🤷‍♂️. When’s the Anti-Police ads coming out for the game? Sure you will clickbait more people then..Version: 1.2

Best game ever you have to try it!!!This game is awesome. I have had it for 8 days and I have not been bord for those 8 days. It is free for all and relaxing to play. And the states you have taken you have to try to keep dots at your state’s like say you have fifty at one state and 3 at the other you want to put some dots at the state that has 3. You can take other peoples states. Once you take all of someone’s states then their out. I hope you enjoy..Version: 1.2.1

Fun but plateaus quicklyTitle says it all. The game runs great, easy to learn, entertaining but the game plateaus almost immediately. Even if you pay to have the forced ads removed you’re still “highly encouraged” to watch a ton of ads. If you don’t, the game becomes unplayable. It’s ok. Not great..Version: 1.2.1

Great game, lacks contentIt’s a great game, however it needs more content such as maps. It’s great that the game is confined to one map that being the U.S., but why don’t we ever fight for the control of a particular state such as California or Texas. There should also be free mode where you can play casually and not competitively against the computer in going to another level. There should also be a multiplayer mode..Version: 1.1

Good gameThe rounds or level aren't short they are like one minute or two so adds between every level is goo and the adds are only 30 sec..Version: 1.0

Fun game, horrible adsI get the need to make money on advertising. But EVERY level??? And when I decline to watch a video for the extra perks, I’m still forced to watch one and then it goes and opens other apps on my phone. Maybe if you reduced to every three to five levels and got rid of the ads when I decline to watch , I would have kept the app and given it a higher rating. Also, whenever I play this particular game, my phone heats up like crazy indicating that it’s most like pulling data off my phone I didn’t authorize..Version: 1.2

Very goodThis is very good. I like the strategy involved, sometimes I lose based on how I play, a lot of times I win though. I feel like winning is a bit too easy. Also some more stuff would be nice I played through like 5 levels before it started looping so if you could go to different countries and stuff that would be really cool!.Version: 1.1

SlowTakes way too much time to load for a mobile app I would expect this kind of lag time on a 90’s desktop. Also why all the ads I want to play the game not watch commercials. But if you can handle all that the game it self is alright..Version: 1.2

Very fun and addicting, but repetitiveThis is a very fun game, and the concept I really good, the only thing is that it’s the same board over and over. Maybe if other contaminants are not an option, maybe there can be a survival mode or a speed run mode or even different difficulties. This game is really fun, and I would like to see some cool updates. Thank you for your time!.Version: 1.1

Glitchy- can’t upgradeIt won’t let me even watch ads to upgrade my color/army/symbol it just freezes up.Version: 1.2

Good but needs a little moreThe game is fun but after a couple of days it gets really boring not to mention how I’ve done 50 levels and it’s only been the same states. Which are southern ones as someone who was hoping to be able to lead their own state to victory this makes me sad.Version: 1.2

Great GameIt is very fun and has a great smooth incline towards more difficult. Once it has more content I would like to see some different AI moves and such but overall great..Version: 1.2.1

More gamesNeed something like this but with a little more to it good game over all for the people who are in there heads most of day should be able to play online.Version: 1.1

Fun for a bitI paid to remove ads which made for a better gameplay experience, but cosmetic items still require you to watch ads. I paid for ads because I got an ad after every game, and sometimes games would last a minute. The game gets repetitive, and the AI isn’t challenging enough. I’ve noticed in some rounds that the AI will let me win. Like I’ll get distracted by something and put my phone down and not play for a minute, and then when I come back the AI will have dominant numbers but will not actually play to win. It lowers the stakes. Difficulty and multiplayer settings would improve it. Also, the AI really like attacking Alabama for some reason? Every time I have a round on the east coast, all the bots will attack Alabama..Version: 1.2

Ad infested, mushroom wars knock offYou pay to remove ads and you still are forced to watch them to upgrade your army and not fall behind the difficulty curve. What did I pay 2 bucks for exactly? Absolute scam. Devs, try to remember why you started making games in the first place. Is this what you envisioned for yourself? Being a con artist? Be better! Quit scamming people with copycat games, you scammers. The game would be fun if I didn’t have to spend twice as much time watching ads than actually playing. Don’t waste your money paying to remove ads, 95% of them remain. I want a refund!.Version: 1.2.1

Gameplay is decent, too many adsThe gameplay itself is actually pretty good, but there is no sense of difficulty. i’m on level 128 and it doesn’t seem to get any harder. Also, there are way too many ads..Version: 1.2

Would be 5 stars, BUT...I’ve lost countless rewards to the game freezing up. Doesn’t matter if you try to triple up on rewards, or just choose “no thanks”, game freezes up after about 70% of the matches. Have to close app, restart, reward isn’t applied..Version: 1.1

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.2.1

Easy to predict ai too many adsEvery time I attack a country one of the over powered nations attack it and then th rest gang up on me every time make all the nations equal and make them attack each other way more to make it remotely possible.Version: 1.2.1

AddddAdd more country's its boring and it is just the same thing nothing changes its pretty boring if you ask me.Version: 1.1

ADD More county’sThe game is fun but it’s boring having the same country pls add more in your next update.Version: 1.1

Great, but it needs...This game is strategically satisfying and is all I need to have fun, but... It needs multiplayer. I want a way to play with my brother on this game and I was thinking if two people entered a certain code on the multiplayer mode, then they could be on the same match together. Thanks that’s all, really good game. Just needs multiplayer..Version: 1.2

CrashWhen I go to collect rewards and even typing this message it crashes often..Version: 1.2

!!!Can you please add more countries or just add the whole world.Version: 1.1

!!!Add more countries it is boring having the same country over and over! For example add Germany or Russia or Canada! Please could you add more countries! PS: I love geography :) -Brain- edit1: Plus the app name is CONQUER THE WORLD at least put more countries.the name was kind of misleading.Version: 1.1

To many adverts you cannot enjoy the playYou cannot enjoy with so many adverts.Version: 1.1

Love the game but add more continents.I love the game but there are far too little continents so please add Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Oceania/Australia and New Zealand. Oh, can’t forget Canada and Greenlend. That will make my day and make less repeats of the same countries. I have one more problem. There is a bit of an overload of ads here but I still love the game Difficulty for me: easy Difficulty for most people: intermediate Thx for this game!.Version: 1.2.1

AdsGood game but too many ads. You even get them if don’t request them.Version: 1.1

I’m A Great GeneralIt’s Really Good And I want to do these things when I Grow up.Version: 1.2

Good game but...ADDS!I love playing this game when I have some free time but the fact that i cant enjoy it because every time I finish sending my guys out and win I want to do upgrades but no POP UP AD right in MY! Face.Version: 1.1

NoCan’t even open the game bruh.Version: 1.2.1

Fun game. Needs improvementIts a fun game and a good time killer. If more levels can be added would be awesome. I have reached Level 100 and the same old states are coming back again. If it can be made more interesting would be awesome..Version: 1.2.1

TOO MANY ADSRemove the ads c*** it ruins the game.Version: 1.2.1 - Conquer the World (Version: 1.2.1) App Screenshots
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Version 1.2.1 (2021-04-30): Our application has become faster and more convenient for playing. Thank you for staying with us! Enjoy the game!.

Version 1.2 (2021-04-23): Our application has become faster and more convenient for playing. Thank you for staying with us! Enjoy the game!.

Version 1.1 (2021-04-02): Our application has become faster and more convenient for playing. Thank you for staying with us! Enjoy the game!.