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MHA: The Strongest Hero App Download

An action packed adventure in the world of My Hero Academia at your fingertips! Be the hero you always wanted to be from the hit anime, take powerful quirks into battle, and fight against villains alongside other players!

Experience the city of Honei, with its many heroes and heroes in training. Take a stroll through the streets, greet its citizens, and fight villains threatening the safety of the world. Collect your favorite characters from MHA and create a squad to take on patrol! Train them, upgrade them, equip them, even feed... them(?) to reach the top of the Hero Rankings!

Control the likes of All Might, Bakugo, Todoroki, and many others in high octane combat through a myriad of stages. Accept missions from pro heroes ranging from protecting people, arresting criminals, to rescuing cats! Become a symbol of peace for the bustling city!

Explosions! Anti-Gravity! Sound Blasts! Detroit SMASH! Fall in love with the incredible graphics and beautifully hand crafted animations. With a unique mechanism created for each individual quirk, pay close attention during battle to unleash your signature move in a cinematic finish!

Learn the ins and outs of your favorite character and never lose again! Kick, punch, and style on opponents in one on one duels in the live PVP arena. Maximize your combos, minimize your salt, time your abilities, and go beyond!

You don’t have to fight alone! Find other players in the open world to strike up a conversation, send emotes, and make new friends. Join Unions to create your own makeshift hero agency and decorate the Heights Alliance dorms just like the show!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be one of the bad guys? With characters like Hero Killer Stain and many others on the way, those who wish to experience the powers of the anime’s most feared villains will now have their chance!

Daily quests, login rewards, special stages, big boss fights, and new character releases will keep you coming back each day for more! You’ve been given the right to stand at the start line, and the journey has only just begun!

Go from the quirkless Deku all the way to the arrest of All for One! Play through iconic moments and events from the original series in scenes rendered in game and voiced by your favorite voice actors!

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MHA: The Strongest Hero App User Reviews & Comments

A free to play newb reviewI’ve been playing just a bit over a week now, honestly I was so happy that this game came out. I’m not really going to complain about the whales or it’s p2w elements, I mean that’s just how games are now. My gripes come from the ui and how it takes over 24 hours to refill energy. Because of how long it takes people like me who can’t wait to see more of the story have to pay the very steep and rising coin price to give back 50 nrg.... once again that’s me but let’s be real the capabilities I’m most games coming out at least have a balance I’m nrg used, to the way refill. The ui I just get lost a lot, if they could make it one cohesive menu it’d help so much, especially since they have the events, money events, etc but it’s just scattered around. Tldr:Why one star? Honestly it’s because that’s how I feel right now, I feel like the player is an after thought and they are way too stingy. Update:6/19 wow what a scummy money grabbing attempt to be a game…. Had so much hope but it’s not worth the time to play knowing the cash barriers are too strong. This will start at 1 star until they decide a game is meant for people not what’s in your wallets for stockholders.Version: 1.2.45

Its good but i can’t even play anymore-Ok so you know when i started the game it was incredible everything was fine but then when co op battles and dorms got introduced whenever i went in it would load a bit then my game crashed and i just ignored it and was happy i could atleast play the main part of the game. Until for some reason i tried to do the stage 5-2 for peacekeeping rewards and to advance but when i tried to change my characters it said something about that when your in battle you are unable to change characters? like i was sitting in the city i wasn’t fighting anything… and also whenever i go onto that account i also have tsuyu asui equipped when i usually have todoroki equipped and now i can’t do peacekeeping anymore and i just got 3 more S ranks this week and i was so happy except i can’t use them at all because i can’t play the game. And i even made 2 more accounts to play on and co op and dorms still don’t work on either luckily peacekeeping is working for now but on one of my accounts i got ojiro but whenever i click to level him up my game crashes. This game is awesome but needs major major bug fixes because i’m not making a fourth acc i just want to play the game..Version: 1.2.45

Great game, time consumingIf youve played afk arena or any other gacha game you already know how the game works, gameplay is pretty distinctive with hands on controls and movement or a 50/50 auto AI, i hope they improve AI based off of character rank, but this game is satisfying, its also mha so its already pretty good, other than the fact that all might is broken in co op, like being able to completely coinflip battles when ratings are completely against you, and a few minor bugs that i know will be fixed in the future with compensation in return. i recommend this game if you like hands on combat with the joystick on the side with abilities on the other. i look forward to new updates especially towards stamina because it seems very rigged at the moment, but only because i want to play more, so the game makes you play everyday basically to use stamina for battles and 10 refillables a day..Version: 1.2.2

All For OneThis is one of the worst most predatory games I have ever played. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll start with the pity rate. The game was designed to have a 60 summon pity. By changing it to 100 for global it doesn’t work as intended. The rewards you receive and earn in the game are structured to have that 60 pity so you bunked the game from the get go. Also we can see we don’t know the game has existed in other regions for over a year we see that they have a better experience on their end. Take it from top tier games like Genshin Impact they have all versions of their game operating on the same systems as to not intentionally screw over one portion of the player base. It’s a super greedy tactic and cash grab. Introducing all of the banners they have at this point is also disgusting considering in impossible to even earn up enough to hit the 100 pity on any of them. This game is not only pay to win but it’s also pay to play with the worst stamina system to date. Putting that Aizawa challenge there but not giving enough time to complete it is also a giant F you to everyone who isn’t planing on breaking out their wallet too. Do yourself a favor and don’t play this game unless they make some serious changes..Version: 1.2.45

It’s a fun game, but needs improvementsFirstly, I have to say that this game is among the most fun mobile games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Secondly, the developement company listens! The recently had a scandal over a nerfed premium character being nerfed so badly that he was literally unplayable unless you’re a whale and pulled him at least 3 times to get him to SS and even then he still dies faster than his opponents due to self damage, not only that but they made this change without telling the playerbase and unfortunately you can’t see the stats on character skills until you pull them. That being said, they heard our complaints and have promised to buff this character and give REFUNDS in the way of Event character summon tickets. So, now is the time to play this game. Now that the positives are said, there are negatives. The stamina system in this game is less than desireable. It’s taken me 3 days of using all stamina available to me (besides using hero coins for stamina) to be able to level ONE character from level 93 to 100. And the other problem is that once you get to a certain rank on the Super Coop Battle there’s hardly any Hero Coins to get. This game needs to give out more summon currency for f2p players, all I’m asking is the same as the original version of the game. Give us more weekly missions to do and get Hero Coins from..Version: 1.2.45

This Game is the biggest scam of 2021...Many people like myself were extremely excited for the release of the long awaited endeavor. But the game developers chose to nerf him to the ground by completely taking his healing abilities that he had on the taiwanese version without ANY WARNING. Then they said he could heal once again if you pulled his exclusive lance card. Once again many players like myself spent money and summoned for the card. When we got the card we then noticed after about a day the cards wording changed and it no longer healed anything.... leaving us with a screwed up endeavor.... all because the dev team didnt give us any warnings or any way of checking endeavors abilities UNLESS we summon and PULL HIM, overall the majority of the game is behind a major pay wall, as a f2p youll have a multitude of stamina problems due to the fact that every mission is extremely expensive as well as the pathetic amount of base stamina. Even after you complete all in game content, you wont have enough coins to summon for any exclusive character. This is honestly heartbreaking because i had such high hopes for this game, and if the devs dont change their greedy ways the game will die..Version: 1.2.45

A lot of work needs to be doneCheaters in arena specifically, all with the same names and same team comps and same BP with different ranks. Secondly, if you are a free to play player (F2P) reconsider a different game like Dokkan Battle, 7 Deadly Sins or something else of the sort. There is absolutely no balance to stamina and stamina cost and how much stamina you actually earn. Also, getting items that replenish stamina are scarce unless you’re using coins which is a valuable currency. It’s VERY apparent the paywalls that are put up against F2P players. I shouldn’t have to wait to play the story unless there is a level cap/wall which is understandable. The game makes you come back daily to progress through the story, why draw that out additional with stamina like this? 5 minutes for 1 stamina to replenish, it takes 25 to do 1 mission. That is approximately 2 1/2 hours of waiting for stamina to recharge just to play an additional 5-6 minutes. Since I won’t be spending money on stamina, do you want me to play your game or not? Because the ratio is way off. EDIT: Also, why does stamina not refill when you level up? Almost every other pay to win game out there has that mechanic it’s like you don’t want people to continue to play after stamina has been used..Version: 1.2.45

Fun, Intuitive & Promising!This game is something you would at least want to try out. Even if you’re really not into mobile gaming. Sure I have games on my phone, but it’s just something to have if I’m bored or at a Dr.’s appt, etc. I’m familiar with the show so I decided to give this game a try even though I’m not a huge fan of fighting style type of games. This game is fun, and it keeps you coming back for more. I don’t think I’ve ever played a mobile game this consistently. Like any new game there are going to be bugs, glitches, issues,etc. and there are some things I believe that need to be improved upon like the progression of your characters, matchmaking, the use of stamina to complete levels, but in time I hope that changes to where it doesn’t feel like such a huge grind for a mobile game. The auto feature in my opinion is a GREAT and intuitive. Not everyone like myself can hold their phone for a long time or for other with other conditions. That feature to me is like a welcoming to all players. Like the saying “you too can become a hero”. With the good and the bad I’m loving and enjoying this game. I plan to stick with it and grow with it. Give it a try. I will say at first it’s a lot thrown at you, but take it slow and learn your menus, and also don’t use a guest account and try to sync it or you will lose your account. Either login with FB or your Apple account. Now get out there and have fun and always remember “Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!”.Version: 1.2.2

Greedy Developers are the main problem with this gameSince the developers ( who didn’t tell us anything) decided to nerf Endeavour that also force us to get two of his support card to make him at least good, I decided to either continue play the game or not by summoning Endeavour with the rest of my coins. I didn’t get him because my god this summoning system is so ridiculous. Takes so much of your coins just to summon 10 and get bunch of shards that doesn’t mean much to me since some of the characters I don’t use are not built yet. The game is more like a chore instead of being fun. PVP is such a mess like All Might having a huge hit box in arena where you can’t escape and Aizawa and also Deku is so annoying to fight because once they combo you, you lose like half of your health already and you can’t do anything about it. This game also makes you feel like you need to spend or else you get left behind against other players who spend money on this game to get better stats and cards for their characters. They also make it where they shove these ridiculous pricy ads that they really want you to spend it on with a timer and it’s ludicrous most of the time. If anything, this game may not last long as long as these crazy developers that can only see money on this game. In my opinion, play something else, it will be worth it and best for you..Version: 1.2.45

Wasted PotentialThis game has SO MUCH potential, but it falls short on so many levels. First of all, there is a massive paywall for progression. The stamina system is a joke. Why can’t we have stamina charge every minute? Supply stages and hero shard stages are 25 energy per run. Either cut down on the energy costs required for stages or implement faster energy recharge times. The fastest way to kill the game quickly is to disappoint your free-to-play playerbase. Bottom line is you need people to play your game, whether they are paying or not, to develop a dedicated playerbase. Just because they’re not willing to spend now does not mean they will not spend in the future. Developers need to establish trust with their playerbase. We want this game to last for years to come with a lot of cool new characters coming out! Speaking of trust, why did you guys nerf Endeavor? He was one of the characters I was looking forward to, but you guys nerfed his healing ability without any announcement or warning. I don’t even know where to start with this because this is so wrong. So many free-to-play players summoned on his banner thinking he would be an amazing character. However, many of them were discouraged to see that they let all their hard earned coins go to waste. There needs to be compensation for those of us who summoned on his banner because we did not receive what we were advertised..Version: 1.2.45

Timegating behind stamina is not funThis game has a lot of issues design wise. The energy system is aggressively slow. A mission can cost up to 25 energy to run, and if you don't use items that takes over two hours to get back. Even using the refill items the game gives you naturally, and even buying a daily energy pack that still lets you play for maybe 30 minutes before you run out of energy. The packs you buy in this game are over priced AND labelled in a way (different from every other Gacha I've played) to make it seem like you're getting twice as much value as you actually are. The regional pricing differences are also aggressive. China gets a much better return on their currency (17,5000 currency to get the new character in China, 25,000 currency in the west) and they're giving out free rewards differently between regions (Europe getting more than America) The gameplay itself has been pretty unstable with people losing entire accounts they've spent money on at the start, as well as buying real-money item reward packs and not getting the items they should get. (Not just the confusing wording for the currency labels) This game really needs a re-work to address their predatory spending issues, or they'll end up having almost no players in a month or two. And as someone who's sometimes playing 3 Gachas at a time I have to say it's pretty sad to see this game with this IP have such a negative start despite having such good potential..Version: 1.2.2

Not F2P friendlyAt first the game was fun but I noticed pretty quickly that it’s the type of game that you NEED to grind constantly for free to play. I have gotten stuck so many times on progressing through the story because at a certain point I don’t have enough cards to upgrade my heroes and that is pretty much the only thing I can do to increase their combat power which is important in the storyline otherwise you will fail at your mission. Leveling up heroes doesn’t increase the combat power that much but evolving a A hero to a S hero is a BIG difference however it’s really hard to get lucky enough to pull dupes to upgrade them. Even if you do manage to pull a extra hero that you already have you don’t get that many hero fragments. The stamina system NEEDS work for sure. Also beware of the auto system in battle because it can be pretty dumb as in running into the boss repeatedly when the boss is doing a ultimate move then your hero dies if you’re not fast enough to cancel auto mode. The hero banner rates need some work as well because a 1% chance of getting a S character off the bat is not a fair rate. This certainly isn’t the type of game I want to play. I would rather play a different gatcha game that doesn’t require you to grind so much with so little stamina. I’m just disappointed is all because resorting to pay to win so early in the game. I hope the developers listen to everyone’s input and change this down the road..Version: 1.2.45

Not free to play friendly.I love this game overall but I’ve learned that if you want to be good at it you’re going to be have to be willing to pay some money. The first issue is stamina, you can rarely play the game because of the lack of stamina the game gives you, you only get a single stamina every 5 minutes when you’ll need about 25 stamina to play a single match of most games. It takes forever and you can burn through most of the stamina you gain very quickly. Unless you’re willing to pay for more stamina you’ll have a difficult time grinding for exp or items in this game. Another thing I’ve seen is that this game has nerfed characters like endeavor to a point where you’ll need to get him to SS in order to make his gameplay enjoyable and fair (which if you’re f2p you’ll know it’s near impossible to get any limited character to SS). This game is very greedy with the hero coins given, even if you grind this game every day like I have you’ll rarely ever have enough to hit the 100 summon pity for the guaranteed limited characters that you’d want. Overall, unless you want to spend every single day trying to grind and wasting money on the game then this game is not for you..Version: 1.2.45

It’s a good game however...As a brand new released game it’s actually pretty good and had me up for hours. However I dislike the auto navigation and the forced gameplay. The forced gameplay might be because I haven’t really gotten out of the tutorial yet but I still don’t know how LONG the tutorial is which is really frustrating. Then we have the auto navi which makes me frustrated because you get sent to places automatically. In the exploration world you get auto navi’d but you can move around still if you move the touch pad which is good but in missions you’re forced to do that until you reach the area of the battlefield. The combat is short and easy unless you’re under level so mobility is kind of the only thing to look forward too even though it’s just moving around. But it’s enjoyable because you’re in control. But erase these problems (that are my opinions) and it’s a pretty good game with fast dialogue and passable graphics..Version: 1.2.2

Great! But there are 2 main issuesOk this game is very promising already even though this game has already been out for a week. This game already has a great combat system, many game modes, unique ways to upgrade your characters, many unique characters with their own fighting styles, and has a run around and do quests rpg thing. But, there are so many problems with pay to win. Sure it’s very free to play friendly but there are so many buy this and buy that in the menu. The drawing system even tho you get a lot of recruit cards is still pretty bad since the pity system resets every time you get a character. So good luck getting the character you want. But, some people are ok with pay to win and doing 2 multi draws costs a lot of real money since 5000 gold is about 100 dollars. Then the stamina system is also really dumb, yes you get a lot of stamina but when you play a lot it goes down fast and you can’t continue to progress in the campaign if you don’t have any. So I truly hope the devs see and read this so they can make their game even better and turn it into the perfect game. Thanks for reading my review Ok so this is like a couple weeks after writing this. I finished a battle with the pet snatcher and for some reason I got teleported out of bounds and can’t get back into the main area. I hope this bug gets patched soon with a get unstuck button or something. Until they do I can’t enjoy this wonderful game and really hope this gets patched..Version: 1.2.2

“Amazing” GameThe game was great, great graphic, fun story, all of that. But I’ve lost my account, I got the game on Wednesday the 26th and played as a guest account to see if I liked the game and I did. I link the account later that night to Facebook and it says the account was linked. On Thursday I log in again to play more, and I couldn’t get on Any Server saying “the server was full” on a green server the rest didn’t work, so I reload the game and it still wouldn’t work. I don’t play the game Thursday that’s fine maybe it was a bug. Now today of Friday I log in the thing goes through and I’m greeted with the starting cutscene again, I though maybe you do that every time the game starts to get coins, Nope! It started from the beginning again. So I leave the app and try again does the same thing. I think maybe they started a new account when I linked Facebook, and tried the guest login different account, beginning cutscene. Now I’m not a mad sort of person I could work around if it stayed a guest account and the Facebook account got linked to another account. I could still play on my account as long as I don’t delete the app. But tell be why my account is completely gone, I can get it back since it’s a guest account so now I either restart the game OR delete the app and I’m leaning towards the second option more. —DONT DO A GUEST LOGIN WHEN YOU PLAY OR YOULL LOST YOUR ACCOUNT—.Version: 1.2.2

Account Issues... Also, where’s Jiro?So, at the moment, this game is getting three stars from me. Don’t get me wrong, the game’s fun, I enjoy running around as Deku in Honei city jumping around and doing the combat. But, when I tried logging in today, I just kept getting the same message over and over again. “Account Login Verification Failed”. I have tried for the past 10 minutes to try and get back onto the game without any success whatsoever. If Sony’s reading this, which I kinda doubt they will, I logged in initially with my Apple account and have tried logging in again and again into the same Apple account. It also doesn’t really help that I can’t even access customer support without having to do the login or that I can’t even find a customer support website for this. So, that said, if this issue didn’t happen, I would give this game five stars, meaning this current 3 is tentative. ... Okay well, maybe 4.5 if that was possible. This is because I can’t Jiro, at the moment, and so the thing where we can “Take control of the entire Class of 1-A” feels a little like false advertising right now. With that, I have to ask, when are more characters going to be released?.Version: 1.2.2

Dishonest developers, no communicationI could write a novel on the shortcomings of this game thus far. No communication with players, nerfing characters without warning ahead of global releases, mediocre energy systems, mediocre servers that make half the game almost unplayable, monetization at literally every corner (every action you complete has minimal rewards unless you buy one of the 50 different battle pass type systems), extremely confusing and messy UI (you have to go to about 7 different places to check for/claim rewards), intentionally misleading premium currency packs for purchasing, zero responses on support tickets, incredibly infrequent chances to summon for FTP, terrible pity system, and a brutally poor mid-game where momentum grinds to a screeching and frustrating halt. The core gameplay mechanics of this game are really solid and fun, which makes it all the more frustrating that the devs are running this into the dirt. Combined with the fact that MHA is such Ana amazing IP, I really want this game to be successful and enjoy a long run of active players. Devs need to actually listen to player feedback and establish some line of regular communication or this is going straight to the bottom of the bin very soon..Version: 1.2.45

Almost PerfectAfter playing the game for awhile after the release, I have a few criticisms. Before I continue just know, this game is fantastic. The gameplay, graphics, upgrade systems, and voice acting are all amazing and if you’re a MHA fan, this is a must play. However, there are a few inconveniences. For starters, your progress doesn’t save from server to server. So let’s say you’re playing the game for awhile and you stop to do something. You get back on, and Oh no! You’re servers full. If you want to play with all your characters you’re gonna have to wait until your server opens up again. Another thing is the system chat. While playing, a bar will pop up in the middle of the screen notifying you of... other people’s progress. I don’t think anybody wants to see “MommyMilkers collected a 6-star support card!” While fighting a boss level. (Yes that’s something that happened to me). Overall, the game is highly enjoyable and I would totally recommend it..Version: 1.2.2

Let me grindI have two main problems energy I mean I get it you need people to pay but maybe put in a one time payment to get infinite energy I would never stop playing to be honest two just let us do the shard raids how ever many times there’s no real reason to put in extra time I mean just do the side quests but that’s kinda forced I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to just keep doing the shard pieces it would make the game a lot more fun and you would get a reward for actually grinding and don’t make it so it’s required for you to do the grinding keep the level progression the same one more thing there is almost no possible way to evolve s tier characters to triple s+ I mean just make people do a extra quest line not like the current events something where there’s only 3 quests the first is a kill quest the second is a scavenger the third is you have to beat the s rank character your currently trying to get but to unlock the quest line for the s tier character you have to find them around the map and you have to be like level 60 to them and also when you get to level it will say you can find the s tier characters so please just give me a one time payment that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money, let me do the shard levels to my hearts content and give every character a shard level.Version: 1.2.45

You’re killing your own game. Blatant cash grab.Before I start, let me just say that I love My Hero Academia. I read the manga, watch the anime, and play some of the video games. So I was understandably very excited for the mobile game. And now, I’m just disappointed. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on mobile games. Other games, like Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, and Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle make it easier for free to play players to enjoy the game and still get the units that they want or need if they prioritize summoning. I can drop $50 or so on either game and can get guaranteed featured units. I don’t HAVE to whale out on the game. MHA, though? Good lord. For the new unit, Endeavor, you need to summon 10 times on his banner to get him guaranteed. You will need 100 event hero tickets to get him. Each ticket costs 250 hero coins. You will need 25,000 hero coins to get Endeavor. You would need to spend over $100 just to get one copy of him. And on top of that, they nerfed him out of existence. This is the biggest problem on a list of other problems. It seems like the devs are listening, but just don’t care. They think that they can just throw 200 hero coins and 50 stamina at us to appease us. Uh, no. So I’m deleting the game. I’ll follow all the updates, and if they fix the problems, I’ll reinstall. I want to like this game, really I do. But it’s just not fun in the state it’s in now..Version: 1.2.45

A couple of bugs I’ve encounteredI’d like to start off by saying that I absolutely love this game from the fighting to the upgrade system and graphics and the only problem that I have had so far is the co-op battles I have set up my team but every time I go to do a battle but it will immediately crash and take me to my phones Home Screen I even tried to put the graphical settings as low as they can go thinking maybe it’s just my phone not being able to handle it and I was fine with the low settings cause I was wanting to get the materials from either a win or loss but even that did not help. I have also noticed that if I go to change which lobby I am in to get one less populated it acts as if I clicked start new game it didn’t effect my original progress and I haven’t had any issues logging into my original server so I didn’t see it to much of a problem but still worth pointing out. I hope to see this issue fixed in the future and even with those two bugs that I have encountered I still say that if you like MHA you should definitely give this game a try.Version: 1.2.2

Fun Game, VERY Greedy DevelopersThe game is really fun to play, IF you have something to play that is. It’s not “open world” at all. Just set to auto, it runs for you does objectives for you fights for you. It’s more like an My Hero Academia: AFK. Of course you can play yourself too, but you have to spend stamina for almost anything. Which you BARELY have enough stamina to do anything. You can be done with the game daily under 10min. But oh boy oh I wish that was the only problem. The biggest problem is how this game is SO scummy! They change things from the TW version of the game and make it p2w on global. Of course all of this without any notice. You were expecting to pull the godlike Endavour, nope he is nerfed like crazy unless you also summon all his cards with dupes and get dupes on him too. Which then makes him kinda playable. There are SO many more scummy ways they put in-game. I believe they don’t care about longevity but just to milk people out as much as they can. Sorry but if you wanna play sure go ahead although I don’t suggest it, but DON’T spend any money on it as they don’t deserve it. So much potential this game had, ruined by super greedy scummy developers..Version: 1.2.45

I love this game...BUT....There’s so many issues with it. I understand games like these are meant to make people spend money but there at least needs to be an incentive to get people to grind content. The compensation for doing anything is so low in terms of hero coins that you really can never summon. This wouldn’t be as big of a deal if you weren’t required to have to pull a certain character MULTIPLE times in order to max rank them. On top of that I can’t turn a blind eye to some of the “greedy” tactics being implemented here. The differences between the global version of this game and the Taiwanese version are insulting. Global has 100 summon until you get a pity S character while the Taiwanese has it at 60 and trust me I almost always have to get to the 100 to pull an S class character. Additionally the way they changed endeavor’s regeneration without even telling the community did not sit well with me. There should have been an announcement before people spent their hard earned coins on a character who was secretly nerfed beyond belief. Until the community management improves, players are able to reliably play this game free to play and they lower the pity summon I’m not planning on spending anymore money on this game because I can see it dying in less than a year..Version: 1.2.45

GAME NEEDS IMPROVEMENTSThis game has a lot of issues design wise. The energy system is aggressively slow. A mission can cost up to 25 energy to run, and if you don't use items that takes over two hours to get back. Even using the refill items the game gives you naturally, and even buying a daily energy pack that still lets you play for maybe 30 minutes before you run out of energy. The packs you buy in this game are over priced AND labelled in a way (different from every other Gacha I've played) to make it seem like you're getting twice as much value as you actually are. The regional pricing differences are also aggressive. China gets a much better return on their currency (17,5000 currency to get the new character in China, 25,000 currency in the west) and they're giving out free rewards differently between regions (Europe getting more than America) The gameplay itself has been pretty unstable with people losing entire accounts they've spent money on at the start, as well as buying real-money item reward packs and not getting the items they should get. (Not just the confusing wording for the currency labels) This game really needs a re-work to address their predatory spending issues, or they'll end up having almost no players in a month or two. And as someone who's sometimes playing 3 Gachas at a time I have to say it's pretty sad to see this game with this IP have such a negative start despite having such good potential..Version: 1.2.2

Unfortunately….From what I’ve played of it so far it’s a pretty decent game, however the login system is horribly flawed as the number of times I’ve had to re-login in one week alone was more than half the whole week. I’m unfortunately and regrettably reducing my rating from 5 stars to 3 since the issue with logging in hasn’t been fixed, this is a decent game otherwise. Update: I feel the need to add this since it still hasn’t been addressed, the login system this game uses is absolute trash, I’m still frequently stuck re logging in because this game can’t do that itself and sometimes it won’t even re login on the first attempt, the devs took a good ip license and trashed it with this half baked poorly made game. You guys should be looking at other games that do this better and learn rather than sending out these aggravating boiler plate style “responses”. Never mind your scam-esque microtransactions and gacha systems that needs major rebalancing and fixing so this game is playable for all and not just your “whales”. To further put another nail in for good measure your zendesk app support page doesn’t work so fix your crap since at the time of this update post to my review you haven’t updated the game in over a month..Version: 1.2.45

Deceptive/Not f2p friendlyThe game/combat mechanics and characters makes this game fun, until you see the main issues start to crop up. The stamina system is SO BAD that you can barely play the game at later levels, the game is stingy in giving players coins to pull on characters, the pity system was changed for global to 100, and is persistent with reminding players of its paid packages, which aren’t even good. Fun game but gated by predatory practices. EDIT: I went from 2 stars with the hope of improvement, but this game has hit an all-time low now. The release of Endeavor has been one of the worst business practices I’ve ever seen. He was presented one way in the TW version to have massive healing but was reduced from 90% to 20% in the global version WITHOUT any notice to players. It’s not even the nerf that’s the issue, it’s the fact no update was issued. Not only that, but they advertised on his banner that his support card would give him “massive healing” that was nerfed; however that was a blantant lie. The devs stealth changed the wording and removed it AFTER players pulled for it. They give a measly compensation and threaten players with ban who are asking for a refund. I’ve never ever seen a business threaten it’s customers after misrepresenting a product. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME..Version: 1.2.45

Great game but developers are ruining itOverall I really had high hopes for this game when it came out. I am a really big fan of my hero academia franchise and when I heard this game was coming to global I was so excited I heard from youtubers that this game was good on the other versions, but when the global version first launched it was nothing like the other versions. First of all the stamina system was so bad it would be so hard to get stamina at the beginning you could play like five stages on the game and boom you were out of stamina and you would have to spend your premium currency to get more. Another reason this game is getting ruined is when they give us compensation or our daily rewards it’s not even enough for a single summon it’s always short of that it’s not very free to play friendly it’s all about spending money with this game to be super good. Recently they released a new character and his support cards and they were falsely advertised!!! And they quick fixed it and didn’t even tell us. This game has good content but after some time it gets harder as you level up and with the developers being so greedy and not helping out free to play players it is so hard to enjoy the game because it gets so hard. Hope they get it together in the future if not this game is done..Version: 1.2.45

Greed and false advertisingSince my other review was deleted. Besides the crappy pitty draw being increased, barely any way for f2p players to get HC to summon, barely addressing the stamina issue, secretly nerfing All Might in certain modes along with todoroki with his chip set. They make Endeavor absolute trash with no warning. After patiently waiting all mind you SOME not everyone (only those who summoned his lance card) who summoned got 200 HC and 10 event card summons. Along with an “apology” letter basically blaming us for thinking it’d be the same as the TW version. Honestly this whole dev team needs to be fired and replaced. This game is an absolute joke. If you’ve spent money GET A REFUND. In their apology they briefly talk about people “malicious refunds” we didn’t abuse anything. Your shady company went ahead and tried to “balance” characters without any update or warning. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE JOKE. With the way things are going and it’s only been a month and they’re this greedy? Secretly nerfing, no apology, and no compensation. That is just straight up shady. I sincerely doubt they’d make any changes to improve the game and only their wallets. Anyone else smell a class action lawsuit for false advertisement? Bait and switch might be legal in Asia but in America it sure isn’t. We have proof of false advertisement..Version: 1.2.45

Don’t buy this game until it’s issues are fixedThis is quite possibly the worst gacha that I’ve ever played in my life. The amount of money you have to spend to keep up with the server is utterly insane and the stamina system is horrible. Adding insult to injury everything that comes to this game from the Taiwanese version seems to be inferior with every event finding a way to have monetization. The fact the devs feel that they need to make money on weekly events that should benefit everyone in the server is abhorrent. They’ve even nerfed what once was known as the best PVE unit in the game Endeavor on this version compared to the Taiwanese version for the simple fact that he made PVE fun and easier and an enjoyable experience for a F2P player but now he just does mediocre damage before dying due to self-inflicted damage. If they’ve done this too Endeavor there’s no telling what to come in the future. They could fix these issues by compensating those who summoned for Endeavor by issuing a refund and then putting him on par with the the version of him released on the Taiwanese version which many people summoned on him based on how good that unit is. It doesn’t help that the game very much doesn’t even want you to play it with how long stamina takes to restore and how little daily gold you get as a player not being able to get to pity after 2 whole banners is absolute insanity..Version: 1.2.45

PromisingThe game just launched so the issues it has right now are to be expected (minor translation errors, bugs, etc). There’s plenty of stuff to do, and rare character drops are frequent enough to not feel unfair. The one thing that seems to be a problem is I’ve noticed that in the Arena, there’s a way to attack a player such that they’re essentially stuck: can’t move, can’t attack, can’t dodge. I’ve had it happen mostly w Midoriya by just repeatedly using his base attack but I’ve seen other players pull it off with other characters (off the top of my head I believe Todoroki and Kirishima). This essentially makes arena battles a competition of who can lock the other player out of moving first, which isn’t fun. Also, the description says “play the villains.” I expected playable villains, not just cards to attach to the main cast. I mean, Shigaraki is pictured on the arena screen, but he only shows up in game right now as an ultra-rare card, which is a bit underwhelming as I was really excited to see villain stuff from this game. I’m assuming there are plans to add playable villains in the future which is why I’m not rating this any lower, but if that’s the case I don’t think the description should imply you can play as the villains until that’s actually implemented..Version: 1.2.2

Okay, the games definitely getting betterThe combat mechanics are super fun in PvE, there’s so much content to go through, and the pvp is fun. I also like that your formation can make a huge difference in super co op battle. Some things I would reccomend is adding more ways to get hero coins, maybe giving out more hero coins, and add more VALUE to the packs in the shop. Realistically you have to spend over FOUR HUNDRED dollars to reach pity on one banner, not to mention you need THREE pulls of the character to upgrade them to SS. The whole buying coins part of the game lacks anything worth purchase. However, you do have good bundles in the shop. Another thought would be organizing the HUD layout and navigation better. I’ll end up finding a page of rewards, loosing it, then finding it the next day on accident. A little more organization would be nice but overall you guys are doing pretty good, and you definitely made up for nerfing endeavor. Maybe once I see some improvement and as the game progresses this review will go to 5 star!.Version: 1.2.45

Bugs and things I don’t agree withTodoroki when in his special mode, dashes the opposite way of where ever ur moving, this game also stopped a perfect run I was having to beat a boss and didn’t even pause the game so I lost my momentum with liyda and lost a bunch of time so I had to quit, it said my phone was overheating but it was perfectly fine. I also think it’s really dumb that if ur wining in super co op but run out of time u lose, that’s a horrible way to run things. Another thing that doesn’t make sense to me is when I’m doing agency for gear n someone leaves the team, if I lose my permit shouldn’t get destroyed. It’s not my fault someone left the team n messed up my chances to beat the floor. There’s also the card fusing, I’ve put in 12 5 star cards and gotta back 1 5 star card for each fusion that’s 12 5 star cards traded for 3 5 star cards and 0 6 star cards. My Aizawa sometimes does a bunch of 1s for damage when popping his special (not his ult), my stain also did something similar but i don’t know the terms of which it happens. I also don’t like how I’m getting chips with power stats and the chip is made for a technical character, that doesn’t make sense. Chips should come with the type stat for the character it’s for..Version: 1.2.45

Game is cool but it has some problemsThis game is cool, and easy to play, i literally play it every single day!! And everyone should download it, it worth it, anyway, i have some problems with this game, the first one, annoys me so much which is when i’m in the middle of playing, the game crashes, so i have to open the game again- second is the sound, when i’m not using my headphones or AirPods or anything similar to that, i can’t hear anything, it’s like the sound is off, and i don’t wanna play this kind of game with no sounds when i’m not using my headphones/AirPods so please fix this it’s really annoying, also when i’m trying to click the screen to play the game, it takes forever, i mean i literally clicked like +7 times just to finally play the game, and sometimes it logs out of my acc, which is really annoying, and what i hate about the battle is that sometimes i only have 2min to kill some villains, and after the 2min i start losing a LOT of blood or whatever it’s called, why don’t you make the character lose blood when the villain attack us a lot? Also this game is 8GB, this is an iPhone not a pc, the size is huge- and i lost my other accounts, because it says failed to log in, but rn i just use Apple ID to log in, so it’s fine for the Apple ID but not for Facebook or Google acc, It would be much better!! Overall, the game is cool, i really hope you fix these issues..Version: 1.2.45

Fun but can be seriously buggyIve played this game for about a month now and I am overall have a great time. There’s a lot to do in just one day and i think all the side modes like the dorms and operation X is a nice break from the main game! But recently (in the past week) I've had some serious issues. One being that I was supposed to unlock 2 medals for my profile, one being for beating peacekeeping 9-6 and one for doing 10 joint ops. But I have yet to unlock them. The medal for getting to level 40 and 50 work fine, so its just those two. Ive contacted the twitter and haven’t gotten a response. The second is in the past 3 days my game has constantly crashed from doing things I've always done. I can’t get one single battle done in operation X without it crashing, cant do any co-op or vs without it crashing, sometimes even navigating menus it’ll crash. This has only started happening the past few days so I don’t know what changed suddenly. I do really like this game but I think more manpower needs to be put into fixing bugs and crashes cause its become a chore to play..Version: 1.2.45

Games deadIt takes 2-3 days to level up 1 rank because it takes literally 45sec to complete the only missions you can do each day, after you complete them you have to wait for reset! Also it’s impossible to get a characters because they don’t even give you enough tickets to summon and it takes a crazy 100 tickets to pull 1 s character, they want you to spend 100 bucks for 20 tickets worth to not be able to pull them still! Not to mention how slow they are but the game only has 12 characters which it will take you another 4 days to level 1 character up to 90. If you want my support back add ways to get tickets and coins so we can be able to do more summons because this game is by far the most greedy company I’ve ever played for and it isn’t even close! Second stamina needs to change ASAP!! I use all my stamina in like 10sec and then like well their goes my game play for the whole day gone! It’s ridiculous! If you want players to play the game then change the game so they can play allllllll day!!!! The more players play and have stuff to do the more they will want to spend money and time! Make changes ASAP! This game could potential be one of my favorites if y’all do the right thing and listen to your community! Other than that I’ll add stars once I start seeing positive changes!!.Version: 1.2.45

Good but..Graphics and gameplay are good however storyline wise? Not really, its quite repetitive. The story isn’t very good and quite repetitive with the whole training, defeat villains, the villain(s) get captured blah blah blah. It would be nice if we actually interacted with actual characters and do stuff with them like hanging out and rising your friendship with them by giving them things or help them with their troubles you can take Yakuza or Genshin Impact as an example for what i’m saying. The side story is alright however it would be interesting if they added class 1B like a whole different story with the class 1B characters. The main story? Eh it feels like its getting nowhere, nothing interesting is happening. The content they have is good but stamina is stingy, i feel like it should extend one stamina bar each time you level up or every 10 times you level up you again 10 stamina bars to store if u get what im saying lol. I also feel like we could’ve gotten a demo play with all the characters in the main story only a temp amount of time tho. Overall, i feel like this game is unfinished and doesn't feel well thought about especially about main story..Version: 1.2.2

Stamina and hero coin dilemma has not been fixedI know everyone was excited for this but you disappoint at the end. When we asked for the stamina and hero coins to be fixed we were expecting a increase in both like a 1000 stamina and a 100 hero coins to be given to us on a daily. With the way how you dealt with the situation was only temporary. If you need an example take dragon ball legends they have a great stamina rule so we can play the game hours and hours later and they have ton of events to get the currency to pull for characters and they still earn money cause we still have to buy but they give us a fair chance to at least earn the currency to get new characters but with the way you dealt with it we would have to wait 9 days to get 1 SINGLE SUMMON how are we supposed progress like that?? We can’t at all so please go back to the drawing board and actually fix the problem cause the stamina that was given cause be finished in 10 mins then with nothing else to do in the game I come off to do something else..Version: 1.2.45

Very fun game but with two MAJOR drawbacksOverall i really enjoy the game, very fun gameplay, characters, and lots of different yet repetitive events. 1) HOWEVER, the stamina system is completely butchered! You have to prioritize one goal, either leveling up your characters, raising their rarity by completing shard missions, or progressing through story. YOU CANNOT DO THEM ALL. If they fix the stamina system or remove certain areas from consuming stamina it will massively improve this game. 2) Monetization- i understand its the purpose of the devs to make money, but making everything in game a cash grab is pretty scummy. It would at least be well-balanced if the amount of obtainable in game currency and rewards were acceptable when completing challenges and missions. But when you get 1% of the rewards and put 99% behind a paywall, it’s make people want to not play anymore. In conclusion, I love the game and want to continue playing. I am not Free to Play but i’m not a huge spender either but if it continues in its path i will take a huge break from it in hopes of improvements, or leave entirely.Version: 1.2.45

Has PotentialSo far the game is great and enjoyable. I do have an issue with the PVP arena combat system. I am by no means an expert at this game, but I have won my fair share of matches. What I find irritating is the flash button to avoid contact is not balanced. For example, I was recently fighting a match against another player who seemed to be able to avoid my attacks every time. They would perform an attack and my flash said it needs to recharge after only using it twice where theirs never seemed to run out! Another issue is the chain attacks, which I love but they too are unbalanced. An opponent would run through a chain and I was unable to do anything about it. When I freed myself, I performed the same chain sequence only to either have them escape when their flash should have been recharging! I hope they fix this issue as it is very frustrating to fight an opponent and have the tables so lopsided where they can escape whenever they want yet I can’t do a thing about it. Another issue I have is the character Shota who can block players power. He is a great character but too great. He has a combo that an experienced player can continuously run. I just fought another player who literally did a continuous attack with no break that decimated my character. Flash, nothing could help me counter or escape it. Please look into this as this is a complete one sided fight that is ridiculous!.Version: 1.2.45

These 2 moves need to be nerfed into the ground!I been playing some and there are two moves that actually are unfair and should either have some properties full on removes and or nerfed to the moves and they are ururaka and her flying and dekus teleportation. These moves not only are unfair but can be spammed to get a cheap unfair and unbalanced one sided win and and these two moves are just simply way too powerful and she but nerfed to where you can be completely hit out of said moves or simply remove said unfair and unbalanced advantages or you can straight up make the teleportation way slower and actually possible to counter as well as lower ururaka flying to a float or remove the attacks from said flying or some sort of actual fair exchange to her flying because I don’t see it fair to do massive damage and fly and I can’t hit you and all I can do is try to dodge but for some reason the attacks hit anyway even tho I completely dodged. I’m not trying to bad mouth or be rude or anything I really ain’t but whoever made these two moves specially should be fired and kicked out the office for such a poor and stupid design.Version: 1.2.2

Great game(fan of show too)It really is a great game, but there are certain aspects of the game that are unfair. Just off the top of my head the PVP Arena, for the matched rank games, there is no reason for a person starting out to be going up against people who it clearly states have won 33 matches against others when you have won non and only played the pvp arena 3 times. That’s not matched, same with the ranked arena, tried that 2-3 times but it just seems unfair based on the differences in wins and they match you against people with higher ranked hero’s. Also the combat of it makes it very easy to get stuck in a nonstop loop of not even getting to try and do anything you can only dodge 1 time every like 4 seconds but if ur stuck in the other person hitting u it’s 1 time every 10 seconds. And you can’t attack them while ur getting pummeled which is stupid, a red text message pops up, you can’t attack the player right now, or you can’t use that attack now, all because I’m in the air? Doesn’t make sense especially since when playing against a cpu you can use ur attacks whenever no matter the circumstances? Just fix pvp so it actually fair Update: I have been donating to the alliance for 3 days in a row, there is a bug preventing it from counting towards my daily goals.Version: 1.2.2

BugsPlenty of bugs in co-op, sometimes no animation plays when my character attacks and sometimes my buttons disappear for the whole match so I can’t tell when skills are off cooldown. There’s also a daily mission that’s just broken. I’ve seen other reviews about this, but one daily missions requires you to donate to your alliance. Even though I’ve donated twice I haven’t gotten the mission complete. Today I donated the maximum amount of times you can (4) and I still didn’t get the missions complete. I’ve clicked “go to” to make sure I’m doing what I am supposed to and it takes me right back to the donation screen that I can’t donate to anymore for the day. It’s even more annoying when you realize that there are other missions tied to completing daily missions a certain amount of times. There are plenty more bugs I’ve experienced, but these are just the ones that I’ve experienced the most. Connection issues in pvp can be really bad too. Every other match, the game will stop for upwards of 10 seconds to connect (it will do this multiple times). Pretty sure it’s not my connection since some match are perfectly smooth and others are basically unplayable. Also the game likes randomly crash. When the game actually works, it’s pretty fun, but the amount of bugs are so numerous that I find myself frustrated more often than I find myself having fun..Version: 1.2.2

THANK YOUI just want to say, I only rated it poorly cause it seems like they respond the most to bad reviews. Thank you all for just creating this game. It is my all time favorite game and has legitimately changed my life. I have a few requests but neither are negative or a demand. Just fun and hopeful thoughts for the future. Number One: Please add a hero trial for Mashido Ojiro. Number Two: Please add Jiro, and any other characters. And finally, Number Three: Please do a second event for limited characters. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I would love a second chance. If u responded to this it would mean the WORLD to me. I love all of your work, and as always, PLUS ULTRA! With Happiness, Mika Mcgeraki. (Yes, that is my in-game name) :) PLEASE take this into consideration or at least respond. Update: Thank you for responding so much! Even though this seems pathetic, But I actually feel honored! I fixed the stars now that you have responded. I will get in touch on your website, so PLEASE look out for the name Mika Mcgeraki! I love your work, and as always, PLUS ULTRA!.Version: 1.2.45

Great game with quite a few issues.Overall, I think this is a solid game! The combat is great, with a vast number of fighting styles and abilities that differ with each character, allowing for different approaches to each fight. Even if you don't try to get any characters other than the ones that the game gives you, you still have enough variety for a fun experience. My main gripe with the game, however, is the VAST number of typos within the game's dialogue. They are so frequent and blatant that it makes ths game feel VERY rushed! Additionally, as other revies have stated, the stamina system can be quite bothersome, but I personally think it does a good job of spacing out my playing sessions. Anothet thing to note is that each character seems to only have ONE voice line, despite the "Voice" page in the character menu, which actually just has text. This singular voice line repeats almost EVERY TIME YOU OPEN A MENU FOR THAT CHARACTER! It gets annoying very quickly, and, along with the text, makes the game feel rushed somewhat, despite its good mechanics. These problems, however, can likely be fixed, thus my 3 star review. It is a good game that is free-to-play friendly, but there are obviously problems that need to be addressed..Version: 1.2.45

It’s a fun game, just a couple major issuesI’ve been playing the game for some time now, and it’s not something I’m gonna drop for a while, or at least that’s what I would say if I could still play it. You’re probably confused by what I mean, so to put it simply, the game crashes anytime I move past the main menu. Once you’ve played for a while, you get to a 3rd map zone. I’ve entered this zone which is what started the issue. I had this problem with a couple of the side quests as well, so I’m almost positive this has to do with the map zone not loading correctly. The only saving grace for the side quests is that the map zone times out after the crash. I’m stuck here, unable to play the game because it just crashes when I try, and the customer support tickets aren’t exactly that good. I made a ticket regarding this issue and waited for a while. After about 5 minutes I didn’t want to just sit there watching a chat screen that I might not even get a reply too (it states that they *might* reply if needed after sending the ticket). Fast forward about an hour, I come back to check the ticket. There was a reply, but any time I open the ticket in attempt to read the response, it just gives me an error message and doesn’t show anything, not even my original message in the ticket. These issues are pretty big in my eyes, so I had to drop the rating to 2 stars. If these problems weren’t so problematic then I’d happily give it a 5..Version: 1.2.45

Just greedy devs that don’t care about the game long termOk so first off I am changing the review because they decided to do copy and paste the same response to everyone that gave the game a one star which is stupid because many of them just write a few words. Ok now on to the game it is way to forceful and pushes way too much payed contend on the screen, making it very annoying to navigate. Most of the stuff they give it for free they make you go threw stuff you have to pay for. The combat is very boring you just spam with a character and win, want to play with just 2 characters you can, there is also be fact that it takes a lot just to upgrade a character should be much simpler. Then to even get into combat you have to use energy which is gone right away. And there is no other content once you have used up all your energy. Then the travel mechanic is just down right terrible you can auto pilot it but at that point why not just teleport everywhere no where near open world. It is also very annoying to talk to npc’s. And final thing they failed at is smart style compared to the anime it is way different, the art style in the game is over saturated or way too dark, and all of the textures are plastic making it seem like dolls almost. Overall the game is way to p2p Genshin or even honki is better waste of time and storage..Version: 1.2.45

Just DONT think about downloadingPlayed the game since launch day and saw so many changes and thought things were going to change in the future…… nope things just got worse to the point you can’t do anything without a paywall in front of you which leading to them advertising every single in game event once you log in and plus the releases of new characters *cough* Endeavor *cough* had a huge nerf without telling anyone and many different players spending thousands of dollars just to find out at the end they got scammed, and lied to. The dev team first put that his cards will fix the character and people wasted more money but turned out to be a lie too which is false advertisement in many ways which is a CRIME just don’t think of downloading this game the developers don’t care about you or anyone who supports the game all they want is money and blame their own community for refunding when they have every right too since they got scammed out of their real life money that they worked hard for just to support your game and end up finding out that devs don’t give a f about the game and just use it for money DONT DOWNLOAD AT ALL UNTIL THEY FIX THEIR GAME AND GIVE AN F ABOUT THE COMMUNITY..Version: 1.2.45

Promising but...I think the game is fine, but is rare... there is no “gems” or some currency so that we can summon, and getting the 10 tickets is not too common or easy, without tal into about the events tickets for Allmight or those characters rates are fine tho... on the other side, I think the main screen, with all the options and features and going to train or claim reward etc, is way to complicate, u get lost sometimes trying to get to some places, I think u should make things more organized and clean in the main screen, overall I’m putting a 3 star in this one because I don’t find myself on the game, and it’s FUNN, it deserves a 5stars playing wise, but men is wayyy too complicated navigating trough the main screen and getting tickets por especial or even normal summons once u have completed the Peackeeping rewards..! Pls don’t let this game die. I know u got some cool ideas so put some good updates and ways to farm, AND PLEASE a more organized main screen and features of the UA button such like the bag, the hero trials etc etc....Version: 1.2.2

Fun game but some things to probably fixThe game is p fun but sometimes I open the game and it’s just a black screen with music and tapping makes the noises of the normal menu so I think it’s a visual bug. I have to close and reopen the game to fix it sometimes. There are also a lot of other things I’m confused about. Did I miss something or why are so many quests unclear on how to complete them or why does it make you wait to play the arena after losing one match? Update: still no answers and more questions. The game feels unfinished and many issues aren’t addressed in game. After playing more I find more and more to love about the game, but also many annoying traits. Points battle in the arena feels like it is designed to tilt you as it makes you wait and does not show you how much you gain when you win, but it does when you lose. Alliance is also annoying, there doesn’t seem to be a way to invite your friends to the one you are in, manual search is the only option. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to tell the time in game, so it’s hard to know when the characters stop feeling full. The mix exam rewards may light up but won’t let you accept them..Version: 1.2.2

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Very Pay To Win GameNow keep in mind that this is my first review ever in the App Store. MHATSH is one of my favourite game and the fact that they nerf Endeavor is probably the scummiest thing to do without giving us any notice. The game itself is already in a lot of trouble due to lack of resources as a F2P. But the without notice is just crossing the line already hence 1 star from me, I don’t enjoy it..Version: 1.2.45

Best game everIs the best game ever and like I gave it a five star eyes cause I’m just so quirky and weird and like I’m gonna pick Gurl but like I’m just still Quirky to handle and like let’s go to the beach beach let’s go get away they say about the gonna say get a drink drink sorry I’m just so quirky and like I love Anime and yeah this is your from your quirky girl quirky girl.Version: 1.2.2

Money hungry sneaky scum devsIssues with the game… 1. Premium packs for everything makes the game p2w and says screw you to f2p players. 2. Nerfing endeavor without mentioning anything in dev notes 3. Hero shards, money, food, card upgrades, gear upgrades, story missions, event missions all cost 25 stamina each. We get 160 stamina which takes 11-12hrs to regen.. how can we grow and enjoy the game when stamina runs out in 2mins.. 4. Changed the pity from 60 too 100 costing players an extra 10k in gold to get the character we want… 5. We make 60-80 gold a day through all our daily missions. Saving this up will take a year to reach the 25k needed to do 1 rotation on a banner… how is this right… 6. Don’t even bother trying to do card draws because it’s just a waste of gold and stopping you from getting characters Seriously devs listen to your fanbase with what is wrong with the game. You had a good balanced version with the taiwanese game all you had to do was translate that game into english for us in the western world. Instead you opt to change things and be greedy for money. Breaking and ruining your own game….Version: 1.2.45

Pay to have funHaving to spend real money on the game just to have fun is bad. Eventually the game will die if whale spenders are the only ones left to play. And the pity system for the game is not great. Many players try getting a S rank unit but end up getting garbage most of the time. I know many people been trying to get All might but gotten A rank or shards only.Version: 1.2.2

DisappointingI have spent on this game and was still spending for endeavour until I received him and noticed the uncommunicated MASSIVE nerf to his kit. Making me even question why I spent to get him and feeling like I just threw money away. I’m not frustrated with the nerf but the lack of communication is what is truly disappointing as the devs are clearly just trying to take our money. I don’t endorse this game until they improve their ability to communicate changes or anything effectively.Version: 1.2.45

Good game but takes a long time loading and practicing skillsThis is a good my hero academia game for mha fans but it takes a long time loading and practicing skills but I do love this game so please make it a better game for all of us.Version: 1.2.45

Wont load saveIve only been playing this game for a short time and it keeps restarting everytime i try and use my apple account to log in. I stupidly thought it would finally save on my third play through since i got pretty far after some time playing, i then spent money on the top up. Next day it restarted my account. I tried to contact support with no reply. Seems like i got taken advantage of.Version: 1.2.2

Definitely a great MHA Game🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I must say this game is a lot of fun 😀😀 I like how it brings in the My Hero Academia experience to life and becomes very addictive. The game looked promising and it definitely exceeded my expectations 😁😁.Version: 1.2.2

Epic gameThis is a really good game based on one of the best mangas ever but I think that when we go into different servers we should be able to keep our save and not just restart every different server.Version: 1.2.2

Amazing but Need more charactersThe only character are class 1a and all might.Version: 1.2.2

They want too much money..Great game base on awesome comic. Pretty decent graphic too. But if u want to win.. then u need to pay fair a bit. Even you have re-roll to get one S character or more. So many monthly passes n add on purchases. U can still enjoy without pay but soon u will see the great wall of cash.. Sad that nowadays games only want you to spend more money to get a better character or luck. Hard to see game with fair play n challenge ur skill..Version: 1.2.2

Frozen screenWas having fun with the game so far but 4 missions in and my game freezes and i cannot play it. And anytime i go to continue that mission it just stays frozen stopping me from doing anything else with the game. All the visuals and gameplay are fun but only when i can actually play it. There doesnt seem to be a contact for issues with the app either?.Version: 1.2.45

Horrendous practice and false advertisingThis game is great if you can look past the fact that their are huge pay walls, and the fact that time after time devs have continued to nerf characters without saying a single thing. There’s even video and photo evidence online showing how. They dumbed down the Auto AI’s for Uraraka, Momo, All Might to say a few and they ninja hid the fact that Endeavor was not going to heal days after his release when many people had already pulled for him. People spent hundreds of real-life currency for a healing character only to find out he was never going to heal even though it was proudly advertised he would heal. The devs went behind the consumers back and said days later that he DOESN’T heal and sent out a ‘sincere apology’ and compensation. Compensation which was diddly-squat in comparison to how much some people spent. Remember, some people spent $100’s of real-life currency and they compensated what amounts to $0.50 US. They false advertise and they are trying to milk out money out of a community that loves MHA. But the community can only take so much of this for so long before it snaps, and the community has snapped. The original devs were onto something great but the new devs are only looking for ways to get money. My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is a great game but do not get baited into spending currency in this game. You will only be left with disappointment and self-hate..Version: 1.2.45

Good for first few daysThe combat is fun and visuals are fantastic, however after a few days you’re expected to make real purchase to level and progress the story. I cant progress the story because my team dies but to train them up to be stronger I need to progress the story. I’m not spending money this early into the game. Thanks anyway though, could have been a great game. Edit: down to 1 star now, I’ve upgraded everything I can and even changed my team composition and yet the game will still force my weakest hero against the boss to get constantly stun locked and beaten. This game had so much potential..Version: 1.2.45

Dev’s don’t care about player equalityThere was a issue with devs massively changing a character (endeavour) and not telling anyone, they decided to refund people and let them keep what they got, which is nice… but only on certain servers, so half the player base got screwed over. Similarly, the codes they have given out (4 so far) only work for some people on certain servers. The game has promise but they need to treat the player base equally and not lie when they change stuff and hope we don’t notice..Version: 1.2.45

This game is the best!I’ve always wanted to play a mha game that’s not on roblox! But just one thing- maybe we can move the characters instead of odo mover? Just a thing- but other than that it’s a amazing !.Version: 1.2.45

Not letting me download itHello the game looks very good but its not letting me download it I keep on re-trying to download it but its not letting me do it can you please do something about it please leave them like a five star review please fix it.Version: 1.2.45

Games funI love everything thing about this game I just started playing and it’s awesome but it’s kinda sad that you only use the pathfinder instead of walking there yourself (or you could make that an option) but I love it and the combat it has cool combos and everything 10/10.Version: 1.2.2

Lovin itLove the game play and the feel to it doesn’t seem to need improvement to me.Version: 1.2.2

Really?Everybody was hyped like crazy for that endeavour banner and then there has to be a crazy nerf to milk us of our real money? Everything else is okay but this p2w motive is getting frustrating..Version: 1.2.45

I love it but one problemFirst, this game is really fun. One problem though, i can't change my graphics to custom. It wont let me. I want to change the outlines to a better quality..Version: 1.2.2

Pay to win crabsI have a family of 12 kids to support and this game has taken away our home! I clicked to buy an offer and for some reason they didn’t ask for money but they asked for my HOUSE!! Now we are homeless and I still only got a tail man shard. I’ve tried selling one of my children for hero coins but they won’t accept living beings as currency. This week for dinner we had worms dug from the local park. I hope the greedy devs are enjoying their roast pork and wine while we live on gutter worms. On a side note: Endeavour is a broken pay to win killing drug mule. He stores wins in his whale belly and chuckles deep while he penetrates me with his long, warm spear. Ways to improve the game: 1. Drop Deku’s Mum as a playable character. 2. Give my home back. 3. The earth is not flat ya dummies.Version: 1.2.45

AmazingI preordered this game, I was so excited it said some time in June but CAME EARLIER FOR US! loving it so far, I’ve unlocked my favourite hero’s and it’s so entertaining 🤍.Version: 1.2.45

To much storageI really want the game but there is it needs a lot of storage.Version: 1.2.45

Amazing graphics and gameplayAnother great game ruined by lag and crowded servers. Arena matching is a joke. Always matching to players that are not compatible with your connection. Constantly “reconnecting to battle” while the other party is raining carnage on your characters and by the time you are “reconnected” your entire party is wiped out. Not spending anymore money on this game until this gets improved and we are actually matched with players with better connection compatibility..Version: 1.2.2

Good game but..This is a very good game the only downside is the storage and maybe you should allow players to be able to try characters they don’t own? Anyway thanks very good effort and keep it up 👍👍.Version: 1.2.2

Good game just some bugs...All in all this is a fun time killer of a game, I’ve been loving it but when I purchased some coins, they just never arrived. I tried contacting support on the app, my initial tickets go through, but when I get a reply I can’t view them, I know they’re there but when I tap the convocation, the convo opens and says “failed to load comments”, when I try to reply, I just get a “message failed”. What’s going on!? I’ve spent $20+ on coins I think that haven’t come through, only 1 transaction went through and that was when I started the game. I’ve been deducted from my account for the other coins, but where are they? Please developers fix this and get back to me because this really just isn’t fair, you’ve got a good thing going here, don’t let some bugs ruin it..Version: 1.2.45

Problems loading into level 5-5The game so far has been incredibly excellent, the characters have been fun to play and difficult but not impossible to get. The play style is fun and i have no complaints about anything to do with the gameplay. The only thing is I keep trying to load level 5-5 but it kicks me out of the game, it’s starting to get really frustrating as i sent a sent a support request and it still hasn’t been answered..Version: 1.2.2

Get this game!The game is amazing and any of your concerns can be added. The only thing that bugs me is the 3d character graphics its not clean pls improve that.Version: 1.2.45

Good game but a few problemsHi this is a great game but when I downloaded it it took forever I waited 1 hour for it to load There a huge paywalls it’s not fair please keep up the good work though.Version: 1.2.45

Game has potential, but devs to greedyHonestly, I don’t usually spend a lot of time on mobile games, but being a fan of the anime I had to try this out. Game is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but the developers of this game are as greedy as they get. Making nerfs to characters before they are even released, advertising them one way but releasing them another. Terrible stamina system which hardly allows you to play the game. The game is just a cash grab. Terribly unfortunate, game is very fun to play, but revolves heavily on in app purchases to either continue playing the game or roll for the hero’s you want/need. Maintenance compensation is terrible as well..Version: 1.2.45

Arena is a problemThe rest of the game is great but arena is horrible just getting caught in stun locks where I can’t do anything against the opponent. Then you think you get saved by the invincibility frames but it doesn’t last long enough so the same thing repeats until you either got that small break from the invincibility frames or your toon dies then just to end it off when you spawn in with your next character there’s absolutely no space in between you too and it’s whoever gets the first hit in wins But apart from that the rest of the game is fantastic, beautiful but fix arena plz.Version: 1.2.45

Downloading problemsI think it’s a great game but whenever I download it the thingy keeps restarting, I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something wrong with my device.Version: 1.2.45

Ipad problemHey just saying this is The best pvp gmea I ever played but one thing When I went to this game on my iPad the screen is black but I hear the music help pls I don’t know what to do.Version: 1.2.2

The good is so goodI been waiting for years to the game to release and it was worth the wait the fighting and graphics are amazing for a mobile game.Version: 1.2.2

Fun but won’t stop crashing.This game is super fun, at least it used to be before it started crashing every few minutes, I literally cannot play it now because of how terrible the crashes are. This is really disappointing, please fix this ASAP! (Yes, the game is fully updated, it still doesn’t work)..Version: 1.2.45

Absolutely amazing!!This game is beyond amazing, everything down to the graphics, game play and story line and how everything works so well is phenomenal. This game has filled in the empty gaps during my day and love grinding out for hours on end this game is so addicting and is easily up there with PC graphics and looks/feel. Great job, will cherish this game forever 👍🏻.Version: 1.2.2

Don’t Play - Developers Killing GameGame was great to start. But has had a snowball of problems that never get addressed. Now they are illegally promoting characters descriptions & people pay for summons to find out they weren’t true. They even changed the descriptions later & said nothing. People have lost thousands of dollars. Even another previous top unit has had a nerf in a mode without any notice from devs. Scummy company. Play at your risk..Version: 1.2.45

Beyond amazing and I love this game❤️💕💕😍😍😍❤️❤️💕I love everything about this game the graphics are amazing and the game play is awesome this is the best game ever and I love it so much I am definitely addicted to playing this game and I am definitely going to tell my friends about this game and to download this game..Version: 1.2.2

Good game Shady DevsI actually enjoy the game it has its floors but nothing I can’t work around. I don’t write reviews often but I feel this company is extremely hard to trust. Massive changes from the previously released Taiwan version which is fine imo it doesn’t have to be the same game. The issue is the devs just refuse to communicate anything that changes with the customer, then worst of all on the latest Endeavour support card banner they falsely advertise a healing ability from a support card, then mysteriously change the text on the banner in game after people have spent thousands on summoning for the champ and the support cards. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR I would seriously urge anyone not to spend another cent on this game and I’d imagine a large part of the player base is likely ready to walk away after the slap in the face they got from the devs here.Version: 1.2.45

Resettled accountI honestly can’t believe it my progress all gone. Just because I clicked that replay story button which would give 100 coins. How stupid is that!?, my account, all gone. I can’t believe it. If I don’t get my account back I’m just going to delete the game. I was even saving up for Todoroki. I was so close to the 100 ticket mark. That’s just messed up, and I’m really ANGRY about IT..Version: 1.2.45

I lost my progress and not even a free worldI’m giving this a 2 star cuz this game is average at best that’s what I would’ve said if it hadn’t deleted my progress I had to start from scratch and I’m not a fan on replaying games like these so yeah.Version: 1.2.45

WhyHello please respond to this, it’s taking forever to load the game I have no tabs open or whatever I have good internet why is it taking long it’s been 24 hours and still loading.Version: 1.2.2

Great gameAbsolutely love the game but the arena pvp is too bad. When you got hit it seems like you can not do anything else. Beside somehow i can not change custom setting as i want to play the game in 60fps I would love to continue support MHA if the developer fix it.Version: 1.2.45

Complete SCAMFalse advertising! This team of devs / execs are full of liars and snakes. Please stay away! This game will have you spend real life money on characters obtained from loot box but the characters do not perform as advertised. Compensation offered was pathetic. Rather than refund players their currency spent. This game developer has chosen to drop the nuke and ban players who have requested refunds. Australian consumer rights would have a field day over this..Version: 1.2.45

DecentGood game PvE wise, with a lot of potential to be a great game especially with how much attention to the characters they brought. The arena mode for me is why they don’t get a 5, I am not sure if it’s just me, but I cannot seem to move when I’m getting attacked? So I go from 100-0 and I’m spamming every button or trying to use them effectively. Anyways, great game and i reform does it..Version: 1.2.2

Misleading devsThis game is a pure cash grab. No ethical thinking when it comes to devs making changes to the game. Literally nerfed an upcoming character without letting anyone know and let many people summon on it withoy knowing the changes that happened to him. Terrible team running this game all they think about is money. No love for the players only for their pockets. Strongly suggest not downloading this game until the devs decide to wake up to themselves..Version: 1.2.45

Keep it upLook I’m abit cynical still so from now on I will not be spending anymore money until I see continuous improvements with all the issues we have had , but the most recent notes are great! And I appreciate the promises but you have to deliver and keep delivering. Into the future of your game -Continue to be vocal about you’re changes please that’s all we really need and want -do not shadow nerf units with intent to milk more money -please stop with the paywall behind the premium rewards -you still haven’t really fixed the stamina system it adds only like another 30 minutes of playtime at most -one of the worst problems with the game is premium currency gain in the mid/late game is horrendous! It really needs to be fixed! Please read this and take into consideration!.Version: 1.2.45

It’s good butEverything is well polish except for the pvp it’s a sloppy and slow. Everything is delayed and a lot of time it’ll disconnect. Attack in most fight for some reason melee attack hits you from a mile away. Using skill against an attack will have you stunned because the attack hits you first even though you’ve attack them with a long range teleport attack and you’ve counter their combo..Version: 1.2.2

My favourite gameI love watching things like this and when I seen the add it came to me I had to get it thanks for making this game!.Version: 1.2.45

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MHA: The Strongest Hero 1.2.45 Update

Version 1.2.45 (2021-06-02): Black screen launch bug FIXED! Billing and Payments OPTIMZED! Text and UI IMPROVED!.

Version 1.2.2 (2021-05-19): The launch version with final features including limited and live game events. PvP and Co-op Modes..

Version 1.1.1 (2021-06-01): Guest login has been implemented, more UI has been localized, additional translations added, first IAP is added for review, App preview trailers added to metadata..