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It's time to get sassy! Get prettier as you walk along the track by picking up beautifying stuff! Makeup, Beauty Products, Clothes, you name it! Begin your beauty run today!

Makeover Run App User Reviews & Comments

Ok gameSo when you play the game its really fun but somtimes you get what you dont want to get and i dont like how theres only two different hairs. and when you get to level like 6 i believe you start over to number 1! i dont really recommend this game..Version: 0.2

:/Every time I opens the game it kicked me off 😐.Version: 0.9

AwesomeI think this game is great! 😁😁😁😁.Version: 0.8

Eh..This game is cool and all but I just downloaded this app and every time I play I’m on the same thing over and over again. There are WAY to many adds. If I could I would’ve never downloaded this game. Don’t recommend but try at your own risk. 💣.Version: 0.9

AwfulThis is sexualizing woman and young girls it should be deleted.Version: 0.7

I don’t like How There kiss ewww🤢🤢🤮🤮.Version: 0.7

Not making a big deal about it, but I do like the game a lot.There is absolutely no problem with this game I just figured that I could comment on something. At the starting of the game, the girls are obviously laughing at the girl because she looks “nasty” and so on. My problem is that she changes herself for them. Gets a whole makeover because of the girls laughing at her for the way she looks in the beginning. I noticed that a few rounds I played this game. Game Rating: I love this game! It doesn’t have that much ads compared to other games. I play this when i’m bored and have nothing to do. It helps me defeat my boredom and makes me try going outside to feel the fresh air. Graphics: The graphics are SO good!! It’s not laggy(most of the time), and I can play without interruptions for about 2 rounds of playing, so about 2 minutes, which is enough for me. Conclusion: I absolutely LOVE this game! The graphics, and gameplay itself! But I recommend changing the clothes on each level to something different so there’s something I can look up to going forward into the game. And the skins not being always purchased by ads. Thank you. Sincerely, a person who downloaded your app..Version: 0.7

Not bad at allSo when I got this I loved it but here’s the problem with it i was walking and failed the thing but I did nothing so just so you know don’t listen to those haters love your game and everything about it:).Version: 0.9

It’s okI am new but so far I like your game.Version: 0.8

Where’s the POC?Yeah this game is fine but atleast add a skin color changer and maybe an opposite gender other than men🤮though the game is perfectly fine🧚🏽‍♀️🍭.Version: 0.4

Help meeeeeeeeOn level 6 it freezes fix that plz.Version: 0.4

OkI like to how if you get 3 keys and wast them you can get a refill get the surprise.Version: 0.7

AMAZINGThis is the game when ur a girl collect the GOOD cloths to meet a boy then make out then get coins unlock new cloths to wear, new boys, and unlock the right chest for a special outfit, or boy! But... the game....u just do it OVER and OVER again then I already unlocked everything and then I don’t play it no more. till u unlock everything I guess!?.Version: 0.7

To slowI mean your girl is kind of fast but she’s too slow I still like this game though I just started.Version: 0.8

From KhloeI love this game and it was good I like the kissing one hehehe.Version: 0.9

So cuteIt reminds me of me and I might have a boyfriend and I hope I do miles.Version: 0.6

AmazingSo first you do and then when you get to the boys you can kiss!.Version: 0.8

It’s good butIt’s fun just needs levels and new characters and new hairs and maybe more stuff to the game.Version: 0.3

Makeover runIt is a fun game that challenging you guys to think.Version: 0.9

I love itI love it this game is so awesome! You can get different characters to dress up as you should change how they look at the starting because that’s.... I just don’t like it but otherwise I like it!.Version: 0.7

I’m srryThis is not a child game there is kissing and girls get mad and like 5 year old play it.Version: 0.8

Can even playCan’t exactly play the game when it kicks me out before I even get to play it.Version: 0.7

OkTry to add more outfits.Version: 0.8

PLZ get rid of itThere is this glitch where where when you fall you keep walking plz fix....Version: 0.7

SofiaI love this game by Sofia.Version: 0.7

HiYou guys are really good at creating this game my friends like it to be out and I’ll keep it for the rest of my phone time.Version: 0.7

GameTo the girls: Haha tuff luck brats This game is amazing it pretty cool to-.Version: 0.7

CrashGreat game when it actually runs. It crashes every play either right at the end before reward or during the play. Really liked it but it’s hard to enjoy a game you can’t much play.Version: 0.6

Why are you cannot download thisI do not download this for kids 12 I am literally seven and I’m bout to be eight but this is like don’t isn’t a kid and that’s supposed to say that that way but they have a mouth close like kissing and like two kisses with your mouth closed the more people who agree with me..Version: 0.8

Really really fun n gameWhen I started playing this game I. Won and this game is so really fun and Cool. To the people that don’t have this game really should try it it so easy..Version: 0.7

Makeover runIt’s a fun game 🤩.Version: 0.7

Awesome gameGive it five stars because it’s so awesome.Version: 0.8

Best game everrrr😍😍😍I really like this game it is fun and amazing thanks for making it🙂.Version: 0.7

Absolute love!!!😍😍This game is a 4/5 stars. I love the amazing features, especially the kissing at the end. Animation spectacular. The way there heads slightly slide through each other?😩 goals. 4 stars because u can’t kiss the girls at the end, tho bcoz they fine‼️🤦‍♀️🙄 so maybe put that as an addition idk😆😆😆😉😉 also take a minute to appreciate the lovely sound affects. Wow. Just wow..Version: 0.3

GAME NOT FOR KIDSI swear to my toes if u let a 4 or 2 year old get this u r gonna lose yo chale.Version: 0.7

IdkIt’s ok but it’s really easy I don’t understand it.Version: 0.8

Meow I forget what it’s calledI mean I don’t like it with all the kissing and stuff but it’s pretty good and it’s hard to control but I’m doing OK.Version: 0.7

I kinda like itI love how there’s no ads and it’s fun to play but it’s kinda boring to.Version: 0.2

AddictiveSo much fun. It’s the opposite of boring. Love to play it and make some feel like in need a shower (witch is a good thing).Version: 0.4

*ITS OKAY.*It’s not the best app for kids but honestly it’s a fun game. If they did not add the kiss part at the end I would have I gave it 5 stars. This app is not the best app you could have played. In my opinion, kids should not play this game just because the end, and this is not good for kids to learn. All of ya’ll reading this should know that your beautiful no matter what happens to you..Version: 0.8

Terribly madeListen I can not even go in the app it will all ways keep me out like my mother.Version: 0.8

Fortnite SkinsOf course after playing and earning three Keys you get to open 3 treasure chest. They get the skins from fortnite! So far I have earned Chun Li and Lara Croft. But, the game is super cool. I haven’t played a lot so maybe there are other skins not from fortnite..Version: 0.9

Plz fixI love ur guys game but their a bug where when u get to level 12 and when u make it to the boy u can’t go to next level I keep resetting it but it still won’t let me to level 13.Version: 0.4

I want more options !!It’s an oki game but i want to have more options wif characters!!.Version: 0.2

Needs updateI love this game a lot but it needs more levels, there is only 6 levels. Good game.Version: 0.2

This game is toughI love the new update it’s amazing you can get new boys I just love it ok this is amazing.Version: 0.4

Makeover run!This game is awesome! Anyone who doesn’t play this has problems! So just sayin DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!!!!.Version: 0.7

OkThe thing is whenever I try to move it is sooo glitchy.Version: 0.9

OMG I love itThis game is amazing.Version: 0.7

Like it or noI like it it’s really fun to play!.Version: 0.2

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Great game but to laggy!Good game but so laggy please fix it:(.Version: 0.7

I don’t knowI think that it could use some better touch ups. I have been lagging a lot and the game seems to always messes up. Really great game tho.Version: 0.4

Umm well it’s not the worst game but it REALLY needs improvement😑😑😑.Version: 0.8

Good gameHi so I’ve seen this game on YouTube and tic Tok and stuff so I tried it out on my cousins iPad and I love it it’s like so much fun!and I look fabulous ✨😌✨😌.Version: 0.4

The best gameI can not stop playing it it is my fav game.Version: 0.8

Not suitable for 4 year oldsThis should be put in 11+ at the minimum.Version: 0.8

👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤬I hate this game because it never works don’t play this game it’s discussing 🤬👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 0.8

The gameI love it so much 😍🎉😍🎉🎉😍🎉😍😍🎉😍🎉🎉😍🎉😍.Version: 0.8

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Makeover Run 0.9 Update

Version 0.9 (2021-05-08): - new items - new skins.

Version 0.7 (2021-04-30): - new levels - new obstacles - new skins.

Version 0.2 (2021-03-09): - Bug fixes.