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Vitamins in Latin are life. This is a group of organic substances of low molecular structure and various chemical nature, united on the basis of their absolute necessity for a heterotrophic organism as an integral part of food. Most vitamins are not synthesized by the human body, therefore, they must regularly and in sufficient quantities enter the body with food or in the form of vitamin-mineral complexes and food supplements. The exceptions are vitamin K, which is synthesized in the large intestine through the activity of bacteria and vitamin B3, which is synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan by intestinal bacteria.
Vitamins are substances necessary for every person; all processes take place in the body with their participation. They are part of more than 100 enzymes, play a critical role in maintaining immunity and making our body more resistant to disease.
The program contains all vitamins and all trace elements.
To know how to make up for the lack of a vitamin, there are products for each vitamin and trace element. It is very difficult to keep all of them in my head and I decided to make a program that will store this information.
The program is designed for hours, compact and convenient. Bless you!

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Baasooli bhai🏹@mohan_anand @Karannautiyal9 @aageSeLeftLelo @ANI @drharshvardhan Yeah .. pr ab adrak haldi , vitamin C suppliments ko vaccine se thodi compare krega anand bhai .. Different vaccine work for different disease anand bhai.

MexicanBulge@JunyIsHere Howni feel when I've eaten ab extra flintstones vitamin.

A👽@Marrr1ah fasting doesn’t help as my water intake was very low already and idek ab vitamins but I take vitamin D tablets.

Nicoleeeee💋🇳🇬♡Shakema must feel sick that Nicki actually loves asian and could care less ab her vitamin pills popping ass💀.

🇳🇵🇳🇵अमिर दर्पण 🇳🇵🇳🇵Vitamin Happy is AB D 😍😍 #AbDevilliers .

ᴺᵒ¹Ana⁷ᴮᴱ | (Namjoon's Attention Seeker)@baselineseokkk [email protected] i think she needs help. or she lack vitamin U. dekh le ab..

Wild Prairie Soap CoFrom lavender to grapefruit to classic vanilla - we have the lip balm for you! With 14 different flavors & ingredients like #AB beeswax, Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter, our lip balms are your perfect companion for healing chapped lips! #yegmade #yeg .

HG@_hawkeyed @UnaRoseauthor I don't know ab genetic tests, but I know this: CD8+ T-cell deficiency underlies the development of chronic autoimmune diseases... It is also proposed that deprivation of sunlight+vitamin D at higher latitudes facilitates the development of autoimmune diseases by aggravating the.

Rob Rohrke@HabDomination @charliefox_1984 @GrahamCracka07 @PaulMitchell_AB 1/2 One thing people are finding out thanks to covid, is that Vitamin D is not easily absorbed by the body and most people are deficient...it’s key. You need k2 in order to absorb it probably...fermented foods have a lot of k2. Combining the two with zinc have proven to prevent.

Jim Storrie@Patricia_Ann_E @_is_no_princess @CaulfieldTim vitamin D megatherapy seems to be a fixation for quite a few folks in AB .

ᜃᜁᜎ kyla ✿ thank you, Hara@Koektrommel10 @brendan_keith_ oh i forgot ab vitamin me but i meant koi no oswing and bunkasai.

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