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Coin Hunters - check your change, have you got a valuable coin in your collection?

Use the Coin Hunter app to find and value your coin, pictures and information about every United Kingdom commemorative coin design in circulation today.

List all circulation coins worth more than face value or view the 25 most valuable Brilliant Uncirculated fifty pence and two pound coins. Coin values are regularly updated, but the app includes much more to help build your knowledge and collection of UK Royal Mint coins.

Coin release time-line - coins grouped by year date.
Coin search - find a specific coin or coin set.
Keep track of your collection – print coin collection sheets from the app.
Mintage figures
Error coins
High quality images - pinch to zoom and see the fine detail such as the designers initials.
Coin Dealers Directory - find coin shops near you and browse online sellers.
Coin valuation
Check virtual change

Coin Hunter App User Reviews & Comments

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Nayt Breeze@snailbrainx @Bami54101064 @XAYA_tech @Poloniex Nothing was ever communicated to stating us investors weren’t allowed to hold hunter coin during the snap shot nothing stated we would not be eligible to get chi coins. It just never happened while I had account active. Things may have changed years later by now. Smh.

Nayt Breeze@Bami54101064 @snailbrainx @XAYA_tech @Poloniex Exposing myself to who? I could care less about this scam at this point. You all can change your name from hunter to chimera to xaya to trAsh coin for all I care your fooling anyone..

Nayt Breeze@snailbrainx @XAYA_tech @Poloniex Well imagine my frustration from someone who believed in hunter coin enough to invest my hard earned money into it. Someone who believed in chimera and the air drop only to be snuffed out. Then banned by poloniex before I got anything. No help. No customer service. Nothing..

Nayt Breeze@snailbrainx @XAYA_tech @Poloniex 3) lies. Hunter coin is same team as chimeras and xaya. You acted as three different companies to scam out us investors of the air drop is clear.

Nayt Breeze@snailbrainx @XAYA_tech @Poloniex 2) we said not to keep coins in an exchange ? Funny isn’t poloniex an exchange? Didn’t you all communicate that we were to hold hunter coin on poloniex to get the snap shot? Another bs comment. Also where was this said ? Who emailed me ?.

Nayt Breeze@snailbrainx @XAYA_tech @Poloniex Nope no misunderstanding this scam. 1) you said do not buy coins? Really where was this said? By who? What email was it sent to? How are we to take part in an airdrop if we don’t hold hunter coin so how were we supposed to get it if not buy it ? Nonsense comment..

Nayt Breeze@TheCryptoPope @XAYA_tech @snailbrainx @Poloniex Part of the airdrop was to hold hunter coin on poloniex was it not! That is what we were told to do to get the airdrop that never came to my account. Which I was then banned from accessing years after the air drop anyway. So you all had ample time to fix before they got sold.

Nayt Breeze@XAYA_tech @snailbrainx @Poloniex Well seeing as all you guys come from the same development team yet conveniently pass the blame to each other is hilarious. So hunter coin = chimera = xaya which is basically in cohoots with poloniex to scam us investors out of their air drops. Brilliant too bad it was sloppy.

Nayt Breeze@XAYA_tech @snailbrainx @Poloniex Does hunter coin have any relationship with chimera aka xaya now? Probably all the same team of scammers using different names and shadow companies. Where is hunter coin now?.

Nayt Breeze@XAYA_tech @snailbrainx @Poloniex Does huc still exist ? What happened to hunter coin? At the time we were told to hold hunter coin to get chimera coin which apparently was part of the same scam project. Hunter coin looked to me like it turned in chimera coin which turned into xaya. Yea well there is my money?.

C0in.eth@coinmamba what do u think on $dot?.

COIN:))) ISR & EW? SIGINT? Submarine hunter? .

DS NAFI@coin_swe Nice project @S_a_m_i_k_h_a_n @Hunter @sami_mind.

M. Chapman@JamesSurowiecki Agreed. My only qualm is whether it's Lawrence of Arabia or The Dear Hunter. Coin toss. I love them both..

MomentumHunterConti. #AI Hunter 1-4 Week Price Target Predictions $COIN - PT: $312.45 $RRC - PT: $10.29 $IVR - PT: $4.25 $GPS - PT: $35.3 $PLTR - PT: $26.04 $MP - PT: $37.58 $DGLY - PT: $1.95 $BTG - PT: $5.38 $SBUX - PT: $126.83 $ACB - PT: $9.27 .

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