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World Of Pets - Multiplayer App Download

Collect, Hatch, and Tame loyal pets in Norris Nuts: World of Pets! A social RPG adventure game where friends set out on a quest to discover hidden secrets and explore colorful new lands!

Enter a land of fantastical animals and colorful characters in World of Pets, a place to meet, play and trade with friends! Explore magical locations together, with their own Quests, Items, and Pets!

Pets start as eggs, once hatched it's up to you to look after them so they can grow bigger! Use potions to create elemental versions of your creatures.

Customize your player and your pets, take them to new areas and take on Quests!

World of Pets is a social place! Meet with friends and make new ones, play, trade, have competitions, and compare styles in the Town Center!

World of Pets - Multiplayer App User Reviews & Comments

Super Legend ArmyHi, I am a huge legend. I love watching your videos in my free time and there is basically no video that I haven’t watched. Sockie, I hope that your dream of baffles comes true. Sabre, you are so brave and have so many talents. Biggy, you will always be biggy no matter what. Naz, you are a great make up artist, dancer, and drawer. You guys are amazing and your vlogs always make me smile. The game is good overall but sometimes it can be glitchy with the controls(it maybe that I am bad at the game). It also has recently not allowed me to sign in due to the game version being outdated, which I am not sure if this is true. But also there are plus sides to the game, for example it is a very fun game and I enjoy the concept. I like all the special features you guys added that make it a NN game. I understand that the game is new and that it is not going to be perfect, and I am not trying to be rude but this is only from my experience and I hope you can understand that..Version: 1.0

Okay game, BUT YOU MUST READ!I’m a legend, but I didn’t find the game very interesting, but I am wowed that you guys created a game, but you can do anything if you put your mind to it! Although I didn’t find the game interesting, you guys are smart, funny, I am proud of all of you, and I rated you guys a five star because I know you worked hard for this and I want you guys to that you are all individually amazing, and make such a great team! Please continue to believe in your self! I know there are a lot of reviews! I live in America, but sometimes after I watch your videos I talk in an Australian accent! Video Idea: Make a video about reading the comments on this game! Sabre: You are so smart and funny! Sockie: Funny, and smart and ( I’m afraid of traveling over seas to!) Biggy: Funny, clever Naz: so cute and funny, tell bunny I said hi! Disco and Charm: both adorable! I am a huge legend, and I think you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!! Please continue to make awesome videos! P.S. You all are amazing, but Sockie is my favorite, because I love cooking, and I love NUTELLA, and were around the same age! 5 star of course!! #Legends #catchmenukles #baffles #WorldOfPets #Army #NothingWithoutYou.Version: 1.0.1

To: NN and Legends <3Hello all Legends and NN! For NN: You shine brighter than the stars. I get lost in your blue mysterious eyes. The things that are not so mysterious is your kindness. Your bravery. Your Care for all us legends. You might not read this and that's okay. You don't need to read this because we are legends together and are legends forever. To Legends: America, Canada, Australia, Asia, and anywhere. We are always legends. Even if we don't get noticed by the NN, we get noticed by the Legends and support each other in whatever, whenever. When we subscribed to the NN we did it cause they made us happy and we made them happy. That makes us a true legend. Even if you're new to the legend community. That doesn't matter as long as we are strong, true and not fake. We are legends. And I know we are 💖. -Kash from LA, California, USA.Version: 1.0

Hi Norris Nuts I love you guys so much!!!!!!Hi Again lol. I love the game so much I think that you guys are such good remodels and such and inspiration to all the legends. And you have help me during the hard times and really taught me how to be strong. So thank you soooooo much for doing everything. And I will love for you to comment back. Thank you!!!! - Kaeden McCarthy Sockie- no matter what people say and say the doubt you show them what you can do and pursuing you dream (Baffles) I love to cook too. Sabre - you have shown me how to be strong I have some medical stuff but when ever I am going to the doctors I always think about how strong you are and that I can do that to. Biggy - you have taught me how to be funny even though the times might me hard. # shrimp squad Naz - your art is amazing don’t let anyone ever Change the way you do it and to trust the process. Slender mum and gamer dad lol - you have raised the best children they are such good remodels and such hard workers and I wanted to say thank you for everything that you do for them. - Kaeden McCarthy I am from America. It is so cool here..Version: 1.0.1

NORRIS NUTS FAN!!! Pls reply🥺Hey Norris nuts I just wanted to say I love you guys so much! I’ve been a legend ever sense you guys started your channel and I just feel in love. You guys are so sweet and Caring and I know you guys truly care about us legends. I love your spunky loving personality Sabre!💖 I also loved your sense of fashion as well!😉 Sockie I love the way you think of things and we are so similar and many ways💛⭐️🌻 btw I LOVE THE COLOR YELLOW LIKE YOU!!! Biggy I love your personality because you don’t care about how other people think of you and you are your own person. That’s why I support you and getting earrings👂💍NAZ you are so SWEET🥰 I love to draw and do makeup just like you and you are such a role model out there for girls your age. I am so happy you guys have done this! Y’all have come so far with the merch and the game. We legends are so proud!!! Love you guys💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Btw sorry if I missed spelled anything😂😂😂.Version: 1.0

I love you nn catch me knuckles I haven’t even played the game it already love itMy game hasn’t fully even loaded I haven’t even played the game yet and I already know it’s beautiful because I’ve seen the trailer 16 million times and I love it already noris nuts of you guys are my favorite Youtubers if I ever got to meet you either game I would legit crying happy tears and I haven’t even played the game it’s already so much fun I think and it’s like adopt me and I love adopt me and I love how many pets you can get and I really love the game for us not you guys did great on this like beautiful and saber you’re my favorite where exactly do things like height and I’m nine and I think you are a guy you guys are beautiful and great I love you all😍🥰🤪😜😂😁🐱🐶🐭🐹🐹🐮 ps #papa given naz a guinea pig.Version: 1.0

I’m a big legendHi NN I’ve been a big fan of you I think since 2019 you guys have inspired me so much and I absolutely love you all. You guys help me when I’m sad and whenever I’m bored or mad or sad I watch you. I take so my inspiration from you guys I love your game and I support you all. I hope sockie can open up a baffles food truck and Naz can become a professional drawer. You all are basically my life if you ask my friends they would tell you I am one of the biggest legends. I litterally cried when I figured out slender mom was having a nothing baby! I love you whole family and I really hope you see this! Love you all saber sockie biggy and Naz and disco and charm and slender mom! (Sockie my favorite I’m inspired by her everyday I hope you archive you goals one day!).Version: 1.0

Norristown Nuts.I love you guys is much! The game is still downloading but I know it will be amazing, because you have put so much hard work into it. Y’all don’t even know how inspirational you guys are. Biggy, you are so funny and you will be such a famous star when you get older. Nazzy, you have such a loyal and kind heart, whatever you put your mind to I know you will achieve it. Sabre, you are beautiful inside and out, one day everyone will know your name as the most fashionable and most beautiful fashion designer ever. Sockie, you are so nice and bright, Baffles will happen, I only know this because whatever you put your mind to you achieve it with flying colors. I probably will never meet y’all but I just wanted to say always stay true to yourselves because we need more people like you in the world!! Love you guys!❤️💜.Version: 1.0

𝑻𝒐 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑵𝒐𝒓𝒓𝒊𝒔 𝑵𝒖𝒕𝒔Hello Norris nuts!!! I am a huge eee legend!! when I saw yall were coming out with a game I screamed so loud I was so oo exited I got it the day you put it on apps! you guys really inspired me! I hope one day I will get to mete y'all but I am an American legand so it probably wont happen ٫ but I always keep my hopes up!!! I love your videos yall are the sweetest kids ever!! Sockie ٫you are an awesome cook and always caring for the other nns. Sabre٫ you have a great taste in style and even tho you have a problem with your height you are no different than anyone! Biggy your singing really puts a light in my heart and you are so sweet and kind! Stay Shrimpy!!!! Naz ٫you have always wanted a guinea pig but papa wont let you . Dont ever let him stop you from getting one and dont get your hopes down! love you legends!! catch me nuckles!!. From Shelby Power my roblox user is Shelbypower9 so friend me tysm.Version: 1.0

NORRIS NUTS PLEASE READ THISI downloaded the game and loved it it is so fun and interactive!and i just wanted to say that you changed my life and that i have been watching you science the start and watching your videos makes me so happy and i’m so excited to play world of pets even more! i love you guys so much and your my idols also please tell nazzy that i’m starting a squad called “ NAZ NEEDS A GUINIE PIGGGGGGGGGGG” and tell biggy that him and his crush belong together, then tell sockie that the us is 100% safe and we don’t carry guns anywhere they are 100% illegal and also once she starts baffles i will be the very first customer, and then tell sabre that she will find a boyfriend soon and that she is beautiful! i hope you have an amazing day!! ily guys so much and i love your game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.Version: 1.0

Good idea, but lots of bugsI am having a bunch of these bugs when I join the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Norris nuts fan. I’m not feeling that surprised because this is you guy’s first game. So, when I first joined the game it was normal, then I tried joining a server but it brought me back to the sign in screen. It made me sign in again even though I pressed “Remember me on this device”. I don’t think much of this bug because it’s pretty small. Then we go to the bigger bugs, when I finally join a server there is this one imprint of a fountain on the screen. It’s see through, but pretty annoying like the sign in bug. When I try to leave the game and rejoin, it doesn’t have the imprint anymore. In its place is something worse. The screen is completely dark, I can see the places where light is supposed to show, like the salon. Something I would like to suggest is that you add more things in the salon. I would also suggest you lower some prices. People have to stay in their default outfits, while the game testers are standing around flexing or something. Though I might have not played the game myself, I watched your gameplay and think that without the bugs on the mobile app it would be amazing!.Version: 1.0

Dear NN,You guys are the best people, when I’m sad I watch your videos and I instantly feel better! I love you guys and Sabre you getting so much older and I’m so happy for you, sockie your an amazing chef! And America is safe I promise! I have lived here for 12 YEARS!! You will be fine I promise you! Biggy, you are sooo funny you make me laugh every single day, things have been pretty hard for me and you have made them so much better with how funny and how much you make me laugh! Stay shrimpyyy!! Naz, you have gotten so much older naz! You are amazing at makeup and you deserve a guinie pig! My sister got one and he isn’t hard to take care of but they need a lot of attention or they will get very bored and lonely but anyways I love you guys and thanks so much for all the hard work you have done just for us legends!! #catchmenuckles!.Version: 1.0

Awesome game!!This is so fun because it’s sort of like a mix of all of my favorite games, like Roblox, Minecraft, etc, but I also found that it logs me out sometimes even if I click, “remember me on this device”. I am on IOS; is this just because of that, or is it a bug?? It happens whenever I close the app. Also, I was wondering if there is a way to report players for scamming possibly?? I’ve never been scammed (as far as I know) but I’ve seen people in chat get angry at other players for scamming, and maybe a way to prevent it is to have a “report player” option or something. It would be a lot of work, but it might be worth it if lots of people that get scammed!! I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with this awesomely fun game!! Love you guys!!.Version: 1.0

PLEASE READ THIS I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!Dear Norris Nuts. I love you guys so so much and have been watching for about 3 years now. I have been so sad and depressed lately and just watching helps me get through it all. For you to create a game for us legends is just SOOOOO crazy and kind. I will play this game everyday now and think of you guys. Now I have a little note for everyone (including mama, papa, disco, charm, sockie, biggy, sabre, naz) Dear Sockie. When or if you come to America, I will be here to protect you and look after you. Sabre, I would love to go on a roller coaster with you and get French fries and and EEEEEXXXXXTTTTTRRRRRAAAAA large thick shake. We could mukbangs together too! Biggy, will you teach me how to surf? Could I be part of the shrimp squad? When you lose, it’s okay to cry as long as you know that you did a great job. Naz. I would love to go to the UK with you and catch a squirrel with you. I could bring my bunny and we could play dress up and play with dolls. Dear mama and papa. You are great parents to the Norris Nuts. I watch you guys and can tell how MUCH Sabre and the Norris Nuts love you. Dear charm and Disco. You guys are so cute and funny on the cooking show. You guys make me laugh when I’m sad. I hope you guys know how much I support you. Bye! 😻😊🙂🥺🥰 <3.Version: 1.0

Great game and peopleHey Norris nuts I’m a huge legend and I have watched you guys for 4 years! I’d hope someday I would I get to meet you guys. This game is amazing and I love getting all these pets and having so much fun. Me and my family watch you guys and play the game together. Naz you are a very brave little girl and I can’t believe you will be 11 this year! You deserve a guinea pig so much, I’m sure you will get one soon. Biggy you are so respectful and kind to your 4 sisters. You are very good at guitar and I enjoy watching back on that video of skate gangers. Sockie I love watching your cooking videos and making them with my mom and family. You are a very good cook and I hope that some day you will have your own restaurant. Sabre you are a very independent women, you have grown so much this past years and I’m so proud of you being 5 foot! Over all this game is great like you guys. I am subscribed to all your channels. I love being a legend and wearing your guys Merch a lot! I know people just see you as you tubers and social media stars but your more you all are great, independent and smart people in your own individual ways. I am never gonna stop playing this game it is so fun!.Version: 1.0.1

I’m such a big legandI’m writing this for a couple of reasons first I love the norris nuts and I know that they can see this and I want to say that you guys have brought me through so much when I have friend issues I watch you guys when I’m bored I watch you guys because you guys always put a smile on my face, my second reason is that I want to say that I love them and I want to support them and that’s why I give the app an 5 star review #cathmeknuckles. I’m editing this because I wanted to say one more thing to the norris nuts I think that you guys are so awesome and I just love you guys so much I think you should do a video called looking at the game reviews but yeah that’s all I wanted to say..Version: 1.0.1

Awesome game! Just a few suggestions!So I adore this game. I love the Norris Nuts. You guys are so great! It’s nice being able to communicate with you guys as well, since I don’t have Instagram and I cannot comment on the gaming channel (and all your other channels that allow people to comment). Honestly it’s a great game. I just have a couple suggestions. I really hope a map can be added to show you where you are, and when you are on a quest, it shows you where you need to go for that quest, because I’m stuck on a quest as of now. 😬 The game has also glitched a bit, and it won’t let me join games sometimes and just goes back to the login page. Anyways that’s all I have for now! You guys are great NN’s! 👁👅👁💕 Edit: Now that the game has updated, it WONT stop crashing! Please fix this :(.Version: 1.0.1

Thank you Norris Nuts!Us legends have been waiting for this app to come out for a very long time, and once it was out, it was beyond our expectations! Everything in this game is so detailed and the ideas to grow pets and be able to trade is AMAZING! Sab, Sock, Bigs and Naz, we (the legends) love you so so so so so much and we really appreciate all of the hard work you and the playside team have put together. To be honest, this kind of proves to Slender mum that you can do lots of stuff without anyone’s help, and that showed that YOU GUYS are legends too! We’re so proud of you guys! We can’t wait to hopefully see you in WOP, and you can meet ALLLL of the legends in the world! Thank you so so so much! - Asma, a legend from Dubai..Version: 1.0

WOW!Ok! this game is amazing! i’m going to give it a 5 star review because it deserves it but I have some reviews. so, whenever I try to join a server with more than 0 people it never works. so, I mean private servers are fine but it’s annoying. also, I know the rocks to get the the fishing place are parkour but it’s a little hard. also, it never saves my info when I check the mark to save it. these are some tiny fixes that may just be on my device but all and all I love this game! the quests make me engaged and the pets are fun! also, THAT NORRIS NUTS FASHION SECRET BORING VIDEO THING IS THE BEST. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I GOT SOCKIE’S FAVE!! EEK! thanks for being amazing youtubers and thanks for playside and the team that helped you guys make the game make all us legends happy! catch me knuckles!.Version: 1.0

I LOVE U NN 🤍🤍🤍 PLEASE ITS IMPORTANTNorris nuts! You guys are my idols even though I live across the world I look forward to every single part of the day when I get to watch your gaming channel your main channel and NN do stuff and clips and even Norris not cooking and play town just for the fun of it. you guys are the kindest nicest funniest people I’ve ever seen. I took your channel every day because it’s the best part of my day I am so excited to play this game and I guarantee it’s gonna be my most favorite game in the whole entire world you guys have accomplished so much. Really my friends have been very mean to me and I’ve been left out, so every day I go into the back room of my house and watch TV and you guys are like my friends and even though you’re across the world from me I still feel like I’m sitting right next to my best friends and just the presence of you is amazing thank you for all you do. Also maybe for baffles Sockie you could make a açaí bowl waffle? Just like how you have your compost waffle? And a video idea is review all the good and bad reviews of world of pets? Love you guys..Version: 1.0

To The Norris NutsHi Norris Nuts! I downloaded this game and I love it! You guys worked so hard and that is awesome! I have rated it a 5 STAR! My dream has always been for 3 years to have a FaceTime call with you! I’m a true legend and watch actually all your videos on every channel! Also Nazzy I love how your so kind, sweet, and you do makeup and drawing just so amazing! Biggy I love how your so compassionate, funny, crazy, and caring! Sockie I love how you are yourself and remember let nobody change that! Your cooking is amazing and just so good! Sabre I love how you don’t let anybody change yourself, and your so kind, caring, and I can’t believe you can drive a car but remember never give up! You guys are the best! I have a great challenge who can eat the most toast or last to leave the garage! You probably won’t do it but ya. Also tell mama to let you guys eat chocolate! #sabresockiebiggynazdiscocharmmamapapa#Catchmeknuckles! I love you guys literally so so much and wish you can make my dream come true! STAY SHRIMPY! 🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I’m a Legend from America and Sockie I swear and promise it is safe here trust me! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.0

ProblemsI’m a super legend and I can’t wait to play *our* (as in all of the legends and yours) game! The only thing is I’ve tried making two accounts and BOTH didn’t work!! They keep saying “login error” or something close to that. I don’t know if it’s just me having this problem or not but I’ve tried everything!!! I just can’t wait to play WOP and I’m so appreciative of all that you guys sacrifice and do for us. Never give up on your dreams and you’ll no doubt about it, achieve them. I’ve had a bunch of mental health problems and watching your videos really helps me. I look up to Sabre so much, since she is so brave. (I always remember this: being brave isn’t being not afraid... it’s being afraid and doing it anyway) so I am being the most hopeful and brave I can be. So sorry for the loooong review that I guess turned into me just blabbering and stuff. Love you all smmmmm! ❤️❤️❤️🤜✋ (Btw Biggy/Bibby if you want you totally should pierce your ears. It’s up to YOU if you think it’ll make you happy, do it! Us legends support all of you no matter what! #stayshrimpy #shrimpsquad) -SUPER legend from America (Cally).Version: 1.0

Legend!!!Hey NN I remember when I first found your channel. It happens to be the gender reveal of disco! And I felt like I could relate to every single Norris Nut (I still do). Sabre, I love how open you are about your growth. I also understand you 110% when we NEVER get imposter in Among Us. Sockie, I know your love to be comfy and I do too! Also I happen to love cooking as well! Biggy, You may be one of the only boys but you bring such a funny crazy style to the NN. Naz, I love how as your getting older you developing a style I cannot wait to play this game with my friends/family!! Also I’m an American #Legend and I know Sockie is scared of going to America but it’s nice out here but you need a mask! My dream place is to go to Australia so I can see you guys and go to the shops! (In America we say mall or store) Anyways, Sabre Sockie Biggy Naz❤️.Version: 1.0

World of petsHi I am a legend and when I found out that the Norris nuts were making a game I immediately wanted to play. I love the Norris nuts and hope this game goes great! Sockie, I believe that you will become a famous chef and open a restaurant called Baffles! You are a really great cook! Sabre, you are great at makeup, fashion, and I think you are a great driver and I hope you will one day be able to buy everything in Macdonald’s and stuff your belly. Naz, you are a great artist and I love your edgy stile! I know you’re the youngest ( besides the babies) but I think you are just as cool as the other Norris nuts! I hope bunny is doing good too! Biggy, you have a great voice and totally will become a famous singer! I also hope you will be able to eat every kind of Cheetos! (I am an American legend and I see them EVERYWHERE) STAY SHRIMPYYYYYY!!!!!! I am an American legend, so I will probably never see you but I hope to see you in this game, Roblox, or among us soon! You guys work so hard and don’t even ask for subscribers or thumbs up. You nns are so kind and I really hope you all go far in your lives when you grow up! Also, I know that you Norris nuts really like Reese’s! I personally don’t like them but kinda do since my name is actually Reese! And in America we also don’t say Reesie’s, we say it like Rees’s ( plz reply if you can :)) BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0

Hi Norris NutsThe game is fun and It is very enjoyable but... I have a few suggestions. I was thinking you guys could add a tour guide to help you if you get stuck it’s a really fun game but sometimes I get stuck like where the heck are the truffles? Another suggestion is well the clothes are crazy expensive but I mean if you don’t want to change that I totally understand but it is a little odd I mean a egg /pet is the same prose as a hat? Also I feel like adding daily log in streaks would be cool and it would urge you to play more often. Oh and maybe you could give us a lesson on rarety? Like what are all the pets worth. Over all the game is good I just really REALLy hope you add a tour guide. I am a big big Legand! Love you Saber, Naz, Biggy, Sockie, Charm and Disco!!! You guys should do a reading suggestions on world of pets video or reading reviews! I love you guys and this was so cool . I freaked out when I heard your game launched and I’m still kinda freaked! Just because I gave suggestions does not mean I don’t love the game! It truest is fantastic. Also maybe in the future you could add homes and decor!.Version: 1.0.1

I’m confurgled (ㆀ˘・з・˘).Ok so I love the Norris Nuts so I had to get this game and I know they worked super hard but I’m having a lot of trouble and I’m not really enjoying the game as much as I wish I could. So I’ve been trying to log in to the game for 20 minutes now. I’m putting my correct email and password every time but still nothing. I don’t know if it is because I live in California and the game was created in Australia ( probably not the reason). And this is getting very frustrating and I have given up. And I also tried making a account with my other email but still nothing. Okay I finally got it to work but there are a ton of glitches and malfunctions. And your articulation’s are very limited on the game. Also the map is very confusing and hard to get around. And sometimes the graphics will make my character glitch. And the portals don’t work even the glowing one..Version: 1.0

Amazing GameI am a huge legend and have been watching you guys since your channel was called Sabre and the norris nuts, and you guys used a green screen. I was so excited when you guys were making a game as the “big big suprise”. The game is honestly really nice and interactive and I am really enjoying playing it. I wish I could meet you guys soon, and I think Naz is mature enough to get a Guinea pig. She has been asking for it forever!!! I also love your Channels and am subscribed to all of them. I know I am late to say this but congratulations on your 5 million subs! That is insane and you guys definitely deserve it, you put so much time and effort into each video and it’s editing. It’s crazy how well you guys edit vlogs. Sockie, hope you have a real restaurant one day and become a great chef. Good luck!! Sabre, you are an incredibly brave woman, who has gone through so much and is still strong! I love your personality and the way you talk and express everything to us, legends. Biggy, you are an incredible person and are truly kind! Nothing can make you less biggy no mater what you do. Cause there is only 1 biggy that I know. Charm and disco are so cute and kind to each other. I love your game and am hoping to get to play more...and I really hope I get to see you guys soon. Your videos out a smile on my face and I truly enjoy them. From Sanyogita Bobba (Nickname: Sree).Version: 1.0

Review and noteI’ve been a Watching you guys since your channel has been called Sabre and the Norris Nuts, about a year and a half ago I became a SUPER legend. I’ve listened to all ur songs and hope you keep writing them. Spare time and so pretty were by biggy and so different was by Sabre and Sockie so I’d love to see something by Naz! I love you guys so much and when I saw u created this game I immediately started playing. As much as I love you guys I wanted to give an honest review. I love the game and the quests are fun! I like how you thought about people scamming and tried to stop it too! If I could change anything is that I noticed in the beginning there wasn’t a curly hair option. I wanted to look like myself in the game and I’m naturally curly and I like my hair down a lot and I don’t wanna have to pay for it I think it should be an option in the beginning, but other than that I love your game and you guys! Catch me knuckles.Version: 1.0.1

Love this AMAZING game✨OMG I love this game sooooooo much and I am so glad that this game is out!!! There is nothing wrong with this game at all and there is nothing bad to say about this amazing game! I spent hours playing it yesterday and doing the quests are sometimes hard but so much fun! I love a good challenge! This is a great game and I recommend you should download this game and play it! Also, I am a SUPER Legend and I live in America and it is a great place to live in. Sockie, if you are reading this PLEASE listen!!! You should definitely come to visit America! It is totally safe (other than there being a pandemic so don’t go yet but you should definitely come when its all over because the pandemic is worse in America) Enjoy your day!.Version: 1.0

I love you Norris NutsI loveeeee this game I immediately wanted to play it. You guys worked so hard on this and it is and amazing game. And I love how Nazzy is so kind,cute,caring,an amazing daughter to mama,and so talented (Aka Brooke) . I love how Biggy is so funny,talented,an amazing Shrimp squad member 🦐,an amazing son to mama,an amazing skater, and caring. I love how Sockie is an amazing cook,sweet,funny,an amazing gamer,talented,a amazing daughter to mama,an likes to be comfy. I love how Sabre is amazing at makeup,kind,an excellent driver,an amazing daughter to mama,likes to be fancy,and she has a wonderful voice. I love how Disco is so cute,so hilarious,an awesome son to mama,and an amazing example to Charm. I love how Charm is so cute,an amazing daughter to mama,and lovely. I love how Mama is so understanding,kind,pretty,an amazing mama,and such a lovely young woman. I love how Gamer Dad (Aka Justin) is such a great dad,an amazing dad,an awesome judge and gamer,an excellent swimmer,and handsome. #SABRESOCKIEBIGGYNAZDISCOCHARMMAMAGAMERDAD #STAYSHRIMPY #WETHELEGENGS #DANCINGINTHEELEVATOR #SOPRETTY #WEPLAYALLNIGHTLONG #SODIFFERENT #SPARETIME #TROLLINGTROOP I love guys so much keep up the great work you guys are my idols❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.0

Love the game but....I came to report a problem love the game but I do not like that every time I try to play I have to put in my gmail It won’t remember me when I press that button so every time I try to play i always have to create a new account and it is getting really annoying when I do that I love the game I really do but I really want this problem fixed so I won’t have to create a new account cause it takes some time because on my phone I only got to play it once it is a really good game that’s why I rate it five stars so please Norris nuts I am a super legend and I really want to help you guys out with playing the game so pls read this i love you guys I wish we could meet in person love you #catchmeknuckles.Version: 1.0

HEYYY nOrRiS nUtSI love your channel and everything, but.... there were major issues with your game. I gave it five stars because you worked really hard just to make all the legends happy. One major issue I have having problems with is that the game would kick me out every five minutes. I tried other things to make it stop but it just kept on happening. And something that I don’t get is...... what is the point of the game? There’s no adventure and action. The only thing that is really adventurous is the obbys. Something you did really good In is the animation. The animation is amazing and I think that you did an amazing job on it. I am a huge legend and I love your channel and all of your videos. Oh yeah. Another thing. I purchased the founders pack.... and......... nothing happened. I tried to do something to get it back but I can’t find a way to get it. I got the pre order and I signed in to my account and I saw that nothing had happened. I used the same email and account. I’m sorry but you maybe could have put a couple more months into this game to completely fix all of the issues. Byeeee!!! #legendarmy From, AnnaTank.Version: 1.0

Catch me knucklesI haven’t downloaded it yet but i wanted to show my support!! i love you guys and have been a legend since the beginning of 2020!! you guys make my day so much better and i just wanna thank you for that. i hope you’ll see this, because you really make a big difference in my life! i love how you guys are real and honest, but also so funny. it really helps my anxiety when i watch you guys! and sabre, congratulations on your progress with your sickness. you’re so kind hearted. keep doing what you’re doing! sockie, you’re so sweet! i love you’re recipes on the cooking channel (i made the açaí bowls and they were delicious)!! biggy, you’re so funny and so nice to everyone. and just because you’re bad sometimes doesn’t make you any different than the biggy we all know and love. naz, you’re the kindest little girl ever! you’re just kind to everyone and you’re such a good drawer! i really hope you get a guinea pig one day! please none of you ever change!! i really hope you guys see this because if not, i’m gonna look really stupid haha! well, i just wanted to say this!!❤️🥰💖 p.s. i also really hope you guys can come to america one day (i live in america) i’m a 13 year old girl and nothing has ever happened to me or my family before❤️.Version: 1.0.1

I HATE IT...or do IThis game is one of the worst games in the world i don’t know why everyone likes it i don’t even like it....or do i....i was a legend for the longest time and i love the nn but, i thought that it was going to be another one of these ransom games but i was very wrong the norris nuts are so smart and intelligent people and i am so thankful to have them to watch i hope that one day i can meet them on the game. i am 11 years old and i have been a legend for 3 year the first video i watched was ( 4 kids haven’t sleep in a bed for 2 years) and after that i saw them on my recommended and i just kept watching and watching until i got basics addicted but i am so happy that the made a game and they really care about their supporters. so if i where you i would download this game ASAP.Version: 1.0

Very good. Addicted. Update ideas :)Hello. As a legend, when you guys first announced that you were making a game I was so excited. I tried to be one of the first people to play by signing up but sadly I wasn’t. I was waiting and waiting then a video came out that you released it. I was soooo excited and I instantly fell in love with this game. I love going around doing the challenges. I have something that could be updated. Right now I play on mobile, so I am not sure if it is the same on computer. But, when I touch something in my inventory to see what the name is, I take my finger off and I close the inventory but I still see the icon that says, “wheat, common” or any other items. In conclusion, I absolutely LOVE this game and I think it could be the new roblox/adopt me. Have a great day and thank you for reading this!.Version: 1.0.1

Mind blown🤯I am always looking for a new game to play so when I found this game it looked pretty cool. When I played the game.....I found out that the game was not pretty cool, it was amazing!!! My mind was blown I have just never found a game so fun as this one. If you are reading this you have to get the app. Yes I know if you read my other reviews I always say it is the best game ever but this game when I say best game ever I mean it!!! The only reason why I gave it four stars is because every once in a while it will kick me out!! So creators if you are reading this please try to fix that. It may just be a glitch. I give this as a idea not a complaint but you should maybe make a way to get gems because I have had this game for three day and have not found a way to get gems. If there is a way I don’t know please tell me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this game!!! Thanks for reading this review and sorry if it was long. I love this game😁😁😁😄.Version: 1.0

Thanks So Much NN!I’m so happy that the Norris nuts finally released world of pets. As soon as it got released I download it right away. Before I got this iPod I was very nervous that I won’t be able to get World of pets, because I don’t have an iOS device or a MacBook. And I really wanted to download it. But now that I got my iPod for Christmas, I’m so excited to finally be playing it! Thanks so much Norris nuts! Naz: I named my genie pig Baz! Sockie: in the US, we are allowed to have guns, but only so we can protect our home if someone tries to break in. Sabre: I understand your urge to go to America. I really wanna go to Australia to, but we don’t really have time, a flight to Australia takes forever, and my parents are afraid of the venomous bugs. Sorry! Biggy: could you please make boys Norris nuts fashion? My brother really wants some! Thanks guys! Love you! 🥰.Version: 1.0

HiEven though I already made one I just wanted to say that I love you guys Norris nuts i love how you guys don’t give up on things and I’m happy that I finally get to play your game and I am so excited to see what it is I just wanted to tell you guys that I wish I was like you guys because you never give up. Sabre you are very good at driving and your good at makeup . Nag I love your drawings that you made and I do hope you get a guinea pig. Biggy I love how you cook in the Norris nuts cooking videos even though they don’t turn out the way it’s supposed to but I like how you never gave up on what to do with that. And sockie I love your cooking when I see it it makes me want to make it. I love how all you guys are very close with each other I love that your whole family doesn’t give up when you guys give up I like how you guys get back up and try again ..Version: 1.0

I Am A LegendI have been watching the Norris Nuts ever since their second video. They have encouraged me to be the person I am. World Of Pets for me is a game where I can actually have fun. Raising these pets make me feel better about myself and I hope that one day this kids can turn into successful adults. Y’all are amazing and inspirational. Nazzy, you are very sweet girl and very loyal to your family. Biggy, being a singer can be a tough job but I know you can do it. Sockie, an amazing cook but also a wise young lady, rock on! Sabre, whew, you are a woman and don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t, you have come a long way to be this kind of LADY!!! I hope you all can keep up the hard work. A former Legend, Me.Version: 1.0

Best Game Ever!!!!!When I first played This game it was a little glitchy but the more I played it the less glitchy it was also I changed a little bit in the settings to make it a little less glitchy at first I was not really anything to do but then I watch the Norris nuts video on how to play it and then I started falling in love! It’s not like adopt me at all so if you think they’re copying they’re not they have their own unique way of hatching eggs and leveling up their pets and I love the idea of how they made every pet had their own favorite food and how when you level them up enough they give you surprises and presents this game just keeps getting better and better and the fact that they just started this means that this is going to be the best game ever!.Version: 1.0

World of petsHi Norris nuts Ima legend and I always watch your videos and they are awesome and make me happy and smile 💖💖and this game is so fun and awesome and I can’t wait to play with you guys and what I’m trying to say is that world of pets is so fun and awesome and you Norris nuts worked so hard on it and you guys have done so much for us legends and now it’s time for us to do something for you guys the legend army is gonna try to make you guys go from 2.03m subscribers to 10 million subscribers because we love you guys and make us so happy and you guys should come to America it’s so fun here I live in Texas. And my dream come true is me and you Norris nuts becoming friends that would be a dream come true 💖💖 Your game is awesome and fun.Version: 1.0

HiOmg i am so happy the new game is out! If you guys are reading this à love your channel! You guys are such a loving family and watching your videos just make my day😀I am an American legend by the way and I’m hoping to move to Australia one day. But one day is not today so that’s a bummer. Since I don’t live in Australia I won’t get to see you guys so I’m so happy you’ve made this game. Hopefully I’ll get to play with you guys that would be so much fun! I just wanted to say that Sabre you are amazing and I learned a few things from you. Sockie I know one day you will become a professional cook so keep working hard! Biggy you are so good at the guitar and I think you should start a music channel! Biggy don’t give up on txunamy! Naz I love you because you’re like the nicest girl ever! You have such a kind heart and don’t ever stop being nice. How’s bunny going haven’t seen here in any videos lately. Tell you I said hi! Love you guys❤️.Version: 1.0

World Of Pets :)Dear to the person who’s reading this, I’m a massive American legend, and when I figured out that the Norris nuts were making a game, I freaked out, it has some bugs but it’s just because it’s their first game, you can do many amazing things in this game you can hatch different pets, name your pets, grow up your pets, and many more! But the most amazing thing is that you can MEET THE NORRIS NUTS ALL 4 OF THEM!!! And since you guys live in Australia I thought I would give you some facts about America that some of the Norris nuts were wondering about it: Sabre: you went there but there is lots of donut shops and lots of TASTY donuts! 😊 Sockie: America is totally safe, don’t be afraid! 🤗 Biggy: There is lots of cheeto flavors! For examples: Regular, puffs, flaming hot, and even baked! STAY SHRIMPY!!!!! 🦐🦐🦐🦐 Naz: There are lots of squirrels 🐿 and Guinea pigs! 🙂 Thank you for reading this! From the writer Kaydence! 😊.Version: 1.0

Amazing Game!This is my new favorite game! It is like a mixture of a bunch of popular games including Adopt Me, Animal Crossing, and Pokémon! You can tell there was a lot of thought put into this game and if you love the Norris Nuts you will love this game too! I love how instead of just “making a game” they actually made “their” game. It is very unique and has a lot of the things that make the Norris Nuts so amazing and a lot of references to their yt channel!! There is lots of fun things do in this game so you will never get bored and it is so fun for Legends like me to get to play with their favorite YouTubers! And overall, the game is not that glitchy and you can basically play it on any wifi which is super helpful and convenient! You can also have a very good experience playing this game without having to pay money at all because it is completely free! There are some boosts you can buy for money if you don’t have much time to earn gems in the game but whether you buy it or not doesn’t really affect your gameplay that much. You just have to work and play a little more without it! Definitely recommend downloading this game! You won’t regret it!.Version: 1.0.1

AMAZING GAME IM A HIGE LEGEND PLS READ THIS!!!Hi I live in America California :) and I’ve dreamed of meeting you. When I heard u were making a game I was so happy!! I really hope I can see you in the game Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, and Naz. I’m a huge legend and have been for years. I’m a huge huge huge huge fan!!! I really like your game btw! I think it’s amazing!! Btw watching your vids make my day better and makes me laugh and smile! Naz I love your artistic vibes and all the love in your heart! Biggy I love your personality and your love for your family btw u rap really good in my opinion! Sockie I love your comfy style when you get a baffles food truck when your older ima buy every waffle from the menu!! Sabre I live your fancy Kawaii style and your amazing love in the world!! Lastly slender mom, gamer dad, charm, and disco, I love you guys so much! I will never stop watching ur vids!! Btw I don’t comment or sub because I don’t have a channel :( I’m so srry but however when I do I will always comment! Hi and I luv u guys! Btw my name is Isabella And I’m 11 years old so ya bye I hope you remember me!! Love u guys forever byeeee!.Version: 1.0.1

To the Norris nutsI have watching you guys since your channel was called saber and Norris nuts my favorite was the one who knows each other better with their steaks it was very funny and big he thought he was the oldest person but now I’ve been watching you over for two years you guys make me happy when I watch you and I watch every single video and I really want to get your march but is I just don’t want to buy it because it’s too much money but I want for my birthday and you guys make me super happy I watch you guys I know you guys live in Australia and I live in America so when it’s night for us it’s morning for you guys and you guys usually post during the day but when it’s in a day for you it’s 6 AM for u.s people’s but I tried to buy his much as I am as I can on your Tik tok because I really like watching me watch you guys and that makes me just feel closer thank you for everything you have done for me I am very proud of love you guys so much..Version: 1.0.1

World of Pets is incredible! 💕✨I started playing world of pets two days ago, and it’s already one of my new favorite games! I absolutely love playing with my friends and being able to do fun quests around the map. I think that the Norris Nuts should add NN fashion to the clothes that we can buy! And that Sockie should create the bakery/restaurant behind her into baffles. There is a couple glitches though, I can only play on my phone since when I tried on my iPad the screen showed an overlay of the fountain, and couldn’t see where I was going. Besides that, I think that the game is great! Also, when I try to join my friends it dosent bring me anymore after clicking I doing something wrong! Love the game, love the Norris nuts!.Version: 1.0

Please read NN and all the way through#1 this is the best game ever. #2 I know all of y’all worked super hard on this. #3 I have a few thing I have tell you. Y’all are the best thing that happened to me besides Jesus and family. You are one of the most sweetest you tubers ever. And Sockie you are the best cook in the world and I hope I can me you one day and I hope I can try your baffles too. And I think we would be best friends I love to bake too. Biggy you are the sweetest boy I ever. I hope you grow up a rock star because I know you are. There is a little rap for you. Because I know you like to rap Naz I think you are so sweet, pretty,and a awesome artist. Tell papa to please get you a Gini pig. I have a good name for it to cheder or chesey. And Saber you are the most prettiest girl I have ever seen you are going to be a the greatest fashion designer ever. And I would love for y’all to check are you tube channel it is called the Twisdale twins and Sockie I did some baking videos for you. And maybe could you dm us we are not aloud to get Instagram so my mom has a acount called Elainekeithtwisdale Please I know this is a lot to ask for and it would mean the world to me I love y’all so much. Ps. Please dm me we sent you some videos and my name is Stella and I have a twin sister Gena and a best friend Mary Denton even my mom loves y’all. ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.0

Go legandsI gave it 5 stars cuase I think the game is very good and fun but I did realize that if u click on something in your inventory and it tells u what that thing is on moble the definition of what it is doesn’t go away so I just wanted to say that so y’all could fix it sock I know for sure if u work hard enough u can have a baffles food truck/cafe and max u can become a professional artist u are amazing at art and biggy u are a great singer so don’t give up and u can become a great singer and Sabre u are the best driver ever and if u keep working hard u can go thru the McDonald’s drive thru and I’m your biggest fan and I want to subscribe to your Chanel’s but my mom says I can’t subscribe to any Chanel but if she said I could subscribe to people y’all would be the first and only people I would subscribe too and I live in America and I wish y’all could come to America some day and biggy u will be the best boyfriend for Tsunami sorry if I spelled something wrong or if I spelled your names wrong and check out Jkrew and jkrew gaming cilla and Maddie buy so much of your Norris nuts fashion it’s crazy so ya I just thought I would say that! :) Go Legands!.Version: 1.0

Hi😱this is the real norrisnutsFirst of I am Chloe I am a super legend and I know that this is your first game but there are a few bugs I got on a user and there was a imprint of the fountain I got on a new one every thing was dark like night I could only see glowing things at that point I was tired of trying so I deleted it and got it agin I got onto one and same thing it also kicked me out to the sign in screen I am not trying to be mean sorry if you took it the wrong way. Wait I have more not about the game it is something I want to tell you all pleeeease read. Sockie there is nothing to worry about going over seas gun shooting hardly happen I would love to meat you I live in Indiana. Sabre I don’t know if you know this but in America we can have donuts for breakfast I don’t know is you knew it yet. Biggy you are just awesome I love your memes you are so funny. Naz you are going to get a Guinea pig one day I just know it just keep asking it worked for me don’t doubt yourself you will get one I would love to meet you all it would light my whole world up please fix the bugs like I said I don’t want to sound mean don’t take it the wrong way..Version: 1.0.1

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Why doesn’t it let me play?When I sign in and it goes to the “choose a name” screen, I type a name and it always says “action failed-name not available” and I’ve tried everything! I am a super legend and I have watched every single one of the Norris Nuts videos, and I subscribed to every single channel, even the World of Pets channel! Could the Norris Nuts please please please fix the glitch or someone tell me what the registered names are? It would mean a lot. But I still rated it a five star because I know the game would be amazing once I get to play it. I love the Norris Nuts soo much and it would mean a lot if you could fix the glitch or someone tell me the registered names! Thanks! Bye.Version: 1.0

ReviewI give this app a 4 star rating. This is because I didn’t want to make any purchases but to sign up I had to enter my parents pin which they gave me no consent to do so I have to play on their phone. I have found no bugs except clothing glitches where I have found people with 2 different coloured eyes. When signing up on my parents phone i got my mother to press the I am a parent button which then gave us a blank screen. We then flicked up the app and tried again. It still didn’t work so then we deleted the app and reinstalled it. After that it worked but we had to wait another 15 mins for it to load. Other than this I love the game and the Norris nuts but these are my only concerns about the game. Please change it so I don’t have to enter my parents pin until I decide that I want to make a purchase in the game. Xx..Version: 1.0

Great gameThis game is great so easy to play but a few down sides when you log in it is very confusing I kept entering my email and I wondered why it wasn’t work you have to click register and then do you email other than that bit of confusion the game is great I really enjoy playing the characters are so cool but the clothes are cool but everyone looks the same because they have no other options other than the 2 you get at the start. Don’t think this is not a great game cause it is just a few things to work on and thank you NORRIS NUTS for being awesome and creating a great game for everyone.Version: 1.0

GlitchI love your game so much, but I was looking at the eggs and I clicked on the cosmic eggs bio and then when I tried to take the writing away it stayed on my screen the whole time, I was also wondering if I could change my name to a different one even though I have already entered/picked it. I’m sorry if this is to much trouble for you guys but it’s making it hard to play the game with the glitch, and I have tried logging out and back in multiple times. Btw I’m sorry if u guys have better things to do I will understand. I love you guys and the game so much!.Version: 1.0

World of petsHi Norris nuts I’m Caitlin I’m 12 and I just wanted to say the game that you have created is super fun to play with me and my friends play all the time together and it’s such a great way to have lots of fun I love everything in it from all the different shops potion making crafting and collecting new items every day, The map is super awesome can’t wait till the first update comes out or the first time that I click on again and you’re (the Norris nuts) in the game and I’m actually playing with you that would be my dream thanks for creating such an awesome game I love you all so much and I hope one day I get to play with you in the game. Ps: say hi to mama and papa for me. Lots of love Caitlin. 😘😀.Version: 1.0

BIG BIG LegendI just want to say what a big fan I am, and I don’t want to come across as a hater. It’s just that I have been having technical difficulties with the game and I am only telling you so I can help you improve it. I think you game is great however when I first logged in it wouldn’t let me type my name/ nickname as it kept coming up as a non-valid name. I tried doing nicknames and my real name however it still didn’t work. Logging in with my email was easy and the only problem was the nickname. I am also on a Mobile if that helps identify the issue. I also appreciate you guys working hard for us legends and making us feel happy :). Also I would love it if you could reply to this message. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.0

This game is super addictingHi Norris Nuts I am a huge fan I have been watching you guys for so long now. World of pets is a very addicting game my sister and I always play together the game has a few glitches but other than that the game is so good I can’t wait for further updates. I live on a farm is Queensland and in my spare time I like to play your game in one of the updates I would like to see some farm animals if there aren’t any already I live horses and cows so I would like to see them in an update. Any way I love you guys can’t wait to see you guys in the game hopefully sometime, I always play in teal town. Love form Kacey and Kate..Version: 1.0

I do recommendThis game is creative and fun I played for like 3 hours and I am addicted! It is great but confusing. Most of the time I was playing I was looking for how to get wheat or truffles I also think the eggs are a little over priced but it also isn’t too hard to make money. If u are under 10 I think u would have a hard time figuring out how to play but since it is multiplayer u can ask someone else I also think they should add something like ‘private servers’ I also glitch out quite a bit so yeah, over all this is a great game and everyone should play! (I’m not just saying it’s good cause I’m a legend!).Version: 1.0

Pls read it’s not exactly a review thoSame as teen. I love you guys! Sabre, you are so brave! I freaked out when I got my immunisations and you take needles every night! Sockie, you have an amazing talent, COOKING! I absolutely adore your apron! Biggy, I love your sense of humour! Your jokes always make me laugh! Naz, I love your determination towards Papa yo let you get a guinea pig and your strong, confident personality! Mama Norris, you are hilarious and your slender mum twists always add an element of surprise to the clips! Papa Norris, don’t worry! You are amazing at Gamer Dad twists! And finally, Disco and Charm, I know you aren’t actually able to read, but maybe when you’re both older, you can read this. I love watching Disco cook,vlog and play with all the Norris nuts! I love watching Charm cooking with Sabre. You are amazing and you all are my idols Love Annabelle ❤️❤️💖💖❤️💖💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖🖐🤛 PS this wasn’t really a review I just wanna any you to know how I feel about you.Version: 1.0

BEST GAME EVERHi Norris nuts I really hope u see. The game fills my day with happiness and joy, and I love all the cool features.I rate this a five star because it made by the one and only Norris nuts,It’s SO FUN! And I love playing with my friends.I I have watch all of ur videos and all Chanel’s, and some of your videos make me cry with happiness. I am a Aussie legend and I am the same age as biggy. I can’t wait until you move up to Queensland’s because I live in Queensland’s. Back to the game I have had no issues so far and a hope none at all, thanks you Sabre ,Sockie, Biggy and Naz. Love from one of your biggest fans Alice,and of course catch me knuckles!.Version: 1.0

World of pets ( By Milani)World of pets is the best game I have ever played. I am sure all of us Legends are super proud of you Norris Nuts for taking up all your time and effort to make a game just for our enjoyment. When I saw your tik tok that The game World Of Pets was out, I went straight to the App Store and downloaded it.I love the game World Of Pets because it is creative and Incooperates everyones passion (e.g Sockies Cafe.) World Of Pets is a kind , safe place to be your self because that is what a true legend is! The only problem i have is sometimes when I am playing ( I am am mobile player) it will auto matically kick me and and take me to me Home Screen. I am a Super legend and I aspire to be like all of you I love cooking like sockie and I love how nazzy is always so nice to every body and how Sabre is so positive and how Biggy is so caring and open minded. I have been a legend from the start and I have watched all your videos at least 3 times . Thank you so much Norris Nuts !! ❤️ Stay Shrimpy🦐.Version: 1.0.1

I’m having some issues with the gameI played it once then left because know one was in the server then I tried to join another server but my account wasn’t really there. I rated the game a 5 because I’m your biggest fan and have watched every one of your videos I’m waiting for new ones but sadly I can’t comment but I think a good update/thing to always do is when it’s summer make all Sumer like and when it Autumn do the same ect ect. And I think Charm looks most like Sockie and Disco most like Biggy. I also named my dog after Biggy because I love you so much and he is big I am in the shrimp club and I have eaten one before😳😩. I personally think that I am most like Sockie and Naz I like surfing 🏄‍♀️ and skating and have always wanted to meet you oh and can you help me with the problem mentioned at the start and I am turning 9 so you are much older then me Sabre you are like me in tower of hell but better I have never made a tower in my life! I think Naz should get a Guinea pig but you should get 2 if you we’re getting any as I know because my friend has 3 because the first one was getting lonely 😞 and Sockie you are a better dancer then me. My name is Ruby and have been watching you from the start..Version: 1.0

#LEGEND👊🏻Hi Norris nuts I am a big legend I’m not quite sure how to access the game. I’m not really sure what the launcher is not how to do that I just am if you could please write back and help me out because I really wanna play. I like started watching guys like maybe two years ago but since then I’ve watched all your videos and I miss you and am I just want to say I like what you guys do just wants me to do it you know like getting out there like if you play Minecraft it will just make me do big ideas and actually I’ve built this huge cruise ship in Minecraft and I love Minecraft and Roblox but I think I was a bit addicted to Roblox so I actually had to delete that for my own good but yeah as long as they can give you guys because when I watch your videos just missed a really happy so thank you!!!.Version: 1.0

Help!Hello! I hope you receive this feedback. Second time writing this. I don’t know how to name my pet! I accidentally pressed out of the naming box and I don’t know how to fix it! I literally don’t know how to name my pet. It is one of the tasks! Please I need help immediately, I really want to play! But I just can’t. Please reply and tell me the answer on how to name it. I will be checking for any replies. Great achievement though! Just need help, once you reply, definitely 5 start game. Also sorry I have been spamming this for a while, it’s just really upsetting and I need help, PLEASE. Okay...4th time posting this because it isn’t posting! Please reply, oh my gosh. Or at least wipe my email...just I wanna play...okay!? - Al xoxo.Version: 1.0

Love itThank you NN so much. Here are some future ideas if you ever want to add a few things. This map is huge ans can be hard for new players that just started to navigate themselves around the world. In any corner or settings add an option to have a map showing. The map could show where everything is and also show where the shops or places are and also where your friends are if they are in the same server as you. This game is amazing and i definitely recommend this to anyone even if they arent a legend. This game is still worth playing since it is so much fun interacting with other fellow legends. Im so proud of you guys keep you keep up the good work.Version: 1.0

GlitchHi Norris Nuts and Playside! I’m a super duper pooper Legend! I have been watching ever since you basically started your channel. (Now onto the topic) So basically I downloaded World of pets it was fine yesterday when I download it but when I logged in today it said the servers were off-line and I didn’t know what that meant. So then I refreshed my iPad since I’m a mobile player and then logged in again, it still didn’t work so I deleted the app and re-download it so it would work.I logged in again and it still didn’t work and I kept on the doing it again and again until I gave up and wrote this review hope you can fix this soon because I really want to play World of Pets again and get more pets! Thank you sorry!.Version: 1.0

World of pet is the bestHi Norris nuts my name is Bailey sorry if I’m under my dad’s name LOL anyways Sabre you are the bravest person I know with everything you’ve been through I wouldn’t know a braver person than you. Sockie/Cerus you are such an amazing cook I think you should be the next Gordon Ramsay I make all of your recipes at home so thank you for that. Biggy/Coda whenever I am sad I watch you and you make me happy because of all your positive energy by the way keep on drinking red drink and eat skittles. Nazzy you are the cutest person I know I wish I could hug you in real life you are such a kindhearted and loyal person you make me feel very warm inside. Thank you so much Norris Family keep doing what you do never give up I’m sure you have changed many peoples lives in a positive way (sorry if there is any spelling mistakes) bye Norris Family I hope to meet you some day from, Bailey #catchmeknuckles love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.0.1

World of petsWorld of pets is an amazing app! You can hatch eggs, grow pets, talk to friends! 4 Amazing children worked on this app, they are hard working, kind and always caring for others! Sabre- Sabre has amazing fashion sense, although her heath stopped her body grow, her kindness and care for your siblings expands everyday! Sockie- Sockie always cares for (especially) her younger siblings, she lets them help her make delicious meals and plays the guitar to them! Biggy- Biggy is a funny, laughing, joking type guy, yet he can be caring and heartfelt when it comes to emotions and how others feel. Biggy created a funny “squad” called “shrimp squad” which is always making every legend laugh. Nazzy- Nazzy is always looking out for how everyone feels, if she feels like she has done something wrong, she apologises and moves on! Naz is great in the kitchen and laughs at her mistakes. No matter the outcome shes always happy for her siblings achievements. Over all these 4 kids defenetly deserve a 5 star rating! Catch me nuckles! A super legend, Stellar.Version: 1.0

Legends ❤️😜✨🌈👑This game is amazing my name is Georgi and my best friends Milly and Charlie I love you again so so so much it’s all we can play and I was subscribe to you but then my iPad got burnt down in a housefire and anyway so Charlie loves you so much she can’t live without you every time you post she is the quickest to get there we were playing world of pets and then arm mum and Norris join the game and said that Charlie had a massive cat was really cool and Charlie almost cried and she screamed and if it is okay could we please have a shout out because it will mean the world to Charlie and names are Georgi long Milly rose and Charlie tredigo Lots love Georgi ❤️😜✨👑🌈❤️💛💜💕🌻😍🌈❤️😜✨👑💛💜💕🌻🌷.Version: 1.0

A few problemsHi Norris Nuts I am a legend here and I love this game it’s really fun and creative but there are some things I think need to be improved. First whenever you want to play you always have to put you password in, and sometimes when I try to join it goes back to the login screen. Second of all yes you do have a getting started tutorial but most of us don’t know how to obtain items like pink roses and how to go into the green portal so maybe you could have a book full of how to obtain items? Third of all, I get how it takes hard work to obtain rare items but I haven’t gotten a single pink rose and I have 4 forest keys. Fourth of all i have hard quests and it’s really hard now to earn money and the only way I know how to get money is by quests, the quests I have is ‘Cook a donut’, ‘Get 30 pink roses’, ‘Complete 5 quests’, as you can see I won’t be earning money until I finish one of the quests which is really annoying for me so maybe if you could in the future try and add where you can have more than 3 quests going on? Thankyou!.Version: 1.0

Love this game! But there is one glitchI love playing world of pets! but recently i haven't been able to log into the game and play. after i log in and try to go into a game it will then immediately log me out. i have reset my password and it is still doing this. it has only been doing this recently. but i used to love playing world of pets you can never get bored it’s ALWAYS entertaining. usually i can’t find games that me and my siblings of all ages can enjoy, but world of pets changed the game! i love this game and it’s twists of mystery and fun. i recommend this game to all ages - even my parents enjoy this game! i really recommend you download this game and give it a try, you will NOT regret it!!.Version: 1.0

Congrats!I’m a huge Legend! I’ve been waiting for this game to come out of a month! When it came out I immediately made an account. The only thing I was questioning was it was a tiny bit glitchy at the start when I am to load in every day. It takes quite a while to load. Btw congrats! 1# game!!!!! We all knew the legends could do it! I can’t wait for all the updates coming out! I love your idea of Açai Baffles Sockie! I also love ‘Mummy’s Compost.’ I’m really proud of the Norris Nuts for making a game! AS KIDS. Just so you know I could never do such a thing. Thank you guys so much for trying so hard on the game! And remember STAY SHRIMPY!.Version: 1.0

Having a lot of things going wrongFirst thing, when I fish it always says that I’ve pressed it to early when I haven’t even pressed it. Secondly, i just booted me out of my account and I can’t log back in even though I’m putting the right details and it boots me out if my account every time I leave the game so I have to remember it even though I pressed remember me on the iPad. third, my inventory for when I trade is half cut out so I can’t trade because it’s half cut out. Forth, I can nearly move in the game. But other than those things the game is great but I would love for these things to get fixed so it can make the game more enjoyable because at the moment I can even get into my account. I’m a legend but though that you guys would like some feed back this doesn’t mean I hate it it just means I’m giving you feed back on your game that I would love to be improved❤️.Version: 1.0

Good, but there are minor thingsI am a legend and I love the game! But there are a few minor things I would personally and I’m sure others agree like to be fixed. The game is sometimes a little bit laggy that could mean like bug fixes or something. My next thing is that it is sometimes annoying how you have to put your email in everytime you join and even when you put “remember me on the device” you still have to put an email. But otherwise I love the game and can’t wait to see more updates and stuff! (Update idea- you could put Norris nuts fashion clothing in the game to wear on our avatars, Nazzy could have a art shop or Makeup shop ect!).Version: 1.0

Great Game!The game is amazing and I think the Norris nuts did a great job in making it! There is a little glitch though. When I go in to play and I play for a while, it goes out of the game as If I had pressed the home button (I am a IOS player) and when I click the app again it makes me log in again. Then it happens again later but the time is not specifically the exact same. I am also having trouble of where to find truffle and I need it for one of my quests. I would definitely recommend this app and it blocks out swear words in the chat..Version: 1.0.1

RegistrationHello Norris nuts and people who are reading this! I just downloaded the app 10mins ago, first of all, when you open the app to the front page. The registration button is on the bottom left, I think this is a little bit silly because I sat there for 3 minutes try to figure out why my email address wasn’t working. So I think the Norris nuts should of but on the front screen a big box saying “new to this game? Sign up here” and then maybe in a corner of the screen (decent size) saying “sign in”. And the reason why I think this is because I am 13 years old.. and I sat there trying to figure out why my email account wasn’t working, and then after 3 minutes of trying I look over and I see a small red button saying “registration” all I’m saying is maybe you should of put a larger box for registration and a smaller box for sign in. By the way I love guys I am just trying to give a tip on how to make the game even better and easier to play ❤️.Version: 1.0

The biggest legend in the world, (my name is Ella and i am 10 turning 11 this year!)Hi Sabre, Sockie, Biggs and Naz. You are my biggest inspiration to keep motivated. Sabre, you are the most heartwarming and open in a good way person i have ever met. Sockie, i am almost identical to you i absouletely adore cooking and i kinda sometimes wear comfy clothes but sorry because i do not like composting. Biggy, i am absouletely crazy just like you i think you should definitely get your ears pierced i think it would make you more Biggy like. Then little nazzy, you are growing into the most caring and beautiful girl in the world but i haven’t seen bunny in a while have you lost her?. Then to. All you Norris Nuts thank you for creating this wonderful game I am absouletely addicted if you reply can you send me a time and date so i can play with you but i will check if i am available, (i live on the Gold Coast so we will probably have different times because we live in different parts of Australia). Love From, Ella..Version: 1.0

Please add better controller support.When using my controller you can jump move forward and backward but not left and right and can’t look around. Keyboard and mouse works great and if possible can you move away the touch screen controller when connected to a controller or keyboard and mouse thx. Also just wondering could you make the sensitivity have options so us legends can play comfortably thanks again. When making this review I bumped into a glitch where your game would just kick you out I would please like you guys to fix this because I would like to play the game without getting kicked out thx..Version: 1.0.1

GREAT GAME NORRIS NUTS!So Norris nuts this game is amazing but I got some ideas and feedback. Maybe don’t make the clothes too expensive with like gems. Also I thought maybe Sabre can own the clothes store, biggy could like sell seafood and nah can be the hair salon or can sell pets and pet food? I also have another idea! Maybe when you spawn into the game you like can spawn into a house or apartment and you can like decorate it and stuff! Also maybe add a daily streak so like when you log in you earn coins and if you have been logged in for like example 5 days you get a reward or a bunch of coins. I really hoped this helped because I love u Norris nuts so so so so so so much! And I’m Australian too! Hoped this helped..Version: 1.0

NORRIS NUTS ARE THE BEST (Sonita)I love the game sooo much but I only got to play for 5 mins because it logged me off and it said that we have to leave because you guys were updating. DO YOU THINK I WAS MAD?? no of course not. I didn’t get mad because I know that they are trying SO hard on world of pets. They spent over a year on making it for the legends! That’s so nice of you Norris nuts. I am soo happy that when you are finished updating we can play it and it would be so amazing to be able to play for a long time and appreciate all the hard work they have put into the game! I can’t wait to play it😍.Version: 1.0

Have some trouble with the gameHi Norris nuts I am a super legand and I have been there from the start and I was so exited when you told us about world of pets coming out and so I went to the App Store immediately and downloaded the game but when loaded in the game (I did sign in) there was a fountain stuck in the middle of my screen so I went out of the game and went back in but still there was a fountain stuck in the middle of the screen so then I went and deleted then app and then re-downloaded world of pets but still there was a fountain stuck in the middle of the screen so it might just be on my iPad but the reason I rated this app a five star is because I love you guys so much I listen to your songs every day and if you are reading this now I am your biggest fan and Sabre you are a very good driver n Nazzy you are amazing at drawing and have inspired me to be better at drawing and sockie you have a talent at cooking and I watch your cooking videos and I follow along and make the food and let me tell you they are DELICIOUS and I can’t forget about biggy your are a very open minded person I love your personality Laura your biggest fan/legend.Version: 1.0

Password and GlitchesHi Norris Nuts! I’m a huge fan I just wanted to let you know about some Glitches that has happened to me in the game! The first this is I LOVE the game and it’s AMAZING! But when I try to log in and I’m doing the right password it says I’m doing the wrong password. It’s very strange and it happens to my sister two. The second thing is that when I go onto the shop it ALWAYS says this: Hat common. It’s VERY annoying because when I’m just going around collecting ingredients it always stays on my screen. ( I’m on mobile) I really hope you fix these bugs! Love you Norris Nuts if you see this! I wish you the best of luck! Congrats for getting NUMBER 1 on the App Store! THATS CRAZY! I can see why❤️ have a good day or night whenever your seeing this! - Milla.Version: 1.0

Hi I’m Chloe!!I’m so exited to play the game it means so much to me that I can play it I love you guys you are so inspiring!! And I hope that Naz can get a Guinea pig soon charm and disco are so cute and say hi to Justin and Brooke for me when this game came out I literally downloaded it straight away it’s so exciting and I gave it five star rating. I love your vlogs so much and I like how you’re always being yourself and not changing yourself for anyone. I love the cooking channel I love the main channel I love Norris nuts do stuff I watching your Norris nuts c clips all the time and when I watched Sokie dance for the first time it was amazing. I hope you see this bye love you guys!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0

Love this game!Hi NN, I have been watching you guys for over a year now and I love the game! It’s so fun and engaging but I do have a few requests and ideas. The first thing is when you are trying to create an account for the game it’s really annoying because sometimes it just glitches onto the login screen when your halfway through setting up. The other thing is if you could make a video on how to play it on an iPad? My ideas are having NN mercy available in the shop! Maybe you could make it for gems or more expensive but it would be really cool. Thankyou for making this game it is so much fun!.Version: 1.0

Why this is my fav gameThis is the best game ever because there’s so much stuff to do and because it’s so much fun and because you actually get to help raise your own pet and because there is so much more stuff to do you like go to the other world and I literally just started this game 10 minutes ago and I literally love it trust me you’ll love it too and you will want to give it five stars and your name can be pretty much any time you want like for my first pet in my egg that I got was a guinea pig and I named it peanuts and I thought that was like so cute or name and show me your name can’t have the same two letters in the some type away and that’s why I named peanut because there’s no more repetition of the same letter. Love your second ever Sub ever.Version: 1.0

Help meI keep trying to join servers but it either says can’t connect or I join but the graphics are messed up like on ei just joined the entire screen was black but I could see the water on the waterfall please help me Norris nuts I play on Apple iOS and I really want to play your game but it’s not working PLEASE HELP!! PS: I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your vids 😍😁 I can’t put a picture but it’s also putting one picture like how it’s supposed to of the screen but then a picture of the fountain that just won’t go away I’m serious please help me it looks like so much fun but I can’t play help me please. I’m never playing this silly glitched app unless it’s fixed! I’m sorry if this comes across as rude but I’m just upset because I’m been waiting for this since the first announcement and now it’s not working so I’m really upset I’m really sorry Norris nuts..Version: 1.0

Awesome but needs more workHi I’m a super legend and I’m so happy to know the the Norris nuts have released a new game once I logged on I instantly loved it. It was bright colourful and gorgeous I watched the Norris nut Video on how to play and it helped a lot but here is what to do to make this game better! Can you please make some outfits cheaper as it is hard for the new players to gain so much money quickly maybe as well a daily store that changes every day or so, do a normal store that has awesome options to .As well as this it glitches me out a lot even though I turned down some things in settings I love this game and I hope my feedback really helped keep the amazing ideas coming Norris nuts and STAY SHRIMPY! Edit: hi I’ve been playing for a while and still love it just PLS STOP THE GLITCHES ON PHONES Because it won’t let me login without a password and when I put in my password it says it’s wrong but it’s not wrong I hope you can pls stop these glitches and make the legends even more happy love you guys 💕 PS I have been a legend since your first vid and still love your work bye PPS WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU 💕💕💕💕💕💕 PPS no body is the biggest legend we are all equal and I adore how you Sabre,sockie,biggy and naz all believe that stay awesome you make me laugh love your work bye!.Version: 1.0

Review/feedback on World of Pets!!!Hey Norris Nuts, thank you so much for producing a game for us legends to play. I am so grateful and appreciative that you took up a whole year and a half of your life just to make this for us legends. I am so excited that I have this opportunity to be able to play with other legends from all over the world, and this wouldn’t have happened with out you guys. Today was my first time playing the game, so I’m still trying to figure out how to work some of it but so far I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I am so excited that the game is finally out, and I can’t wait to continue playing it. Thanks so much Norris nuts. Love your vids btw xx.Version: 1.0

I’m having some trouble with this gameHello Norris Nuts!, I love your new game World of Pets and have been a massive fan of you for ever! However, I’m having some trouble with this game. I get kicked out a lot and every time I get kicked out I have to enter in my details again even though I clicked ‘Remember me’. It also says I’m putting in the wrong details even though I’m putting in the correct ones. But, other than that I’m having so much fun with your new game! Congratulations on your game, I know you guys have worked really hard on it over the past year and a bit and I appreciate it very much. You guys put so much effort into what you do and always make me smile! Thankyou!✨😊.Version: 1.0.1

GlitchHey Norris Nuts! I wanted to address this glitch. I am a mobile player. When I first join world of pets, I tap my quest book then I tap the gold, and it says “gold! You struck gold!” But when I close the tab, this message doesn’t go away. I tried to leave the server but it’s on the main menu aswell. It doesn’t go away. Another one is that I play for about 5 minutes, then it randomly kicks me back to the Home Screen. I have had to delete and re download the app twice for that because it wouldn’t load after hours. I’m not a hater, in fact, I have been watching since Sabre went on the Ellen show for the first time! I think it was the first time... anyways, I love you guys. You guys are my support you tubers, because you cheer me up no matter the situation. I would give my left arm just to meet you guys in real life, but I live near Melbourne in Victoria so I don’t really think that can happen. Other than this glitch, your game is a 10/10! I really hope you see this and reply! - love, Teen (yes that’s my name).Version: 1.0

Good but has lots of bugsI really love the concept of this game, and when it is working it is super fun and addicting....BUT... first off even though I say remember me when I log in it still logs me out all the time.. and I could be in the middle of fishing or something and all of a sudden it glitches out to the login page. I’ve also had problems joining servers, sometime it glitches out back to the login page and sometimes when it loads there is like a glitch where there are 2 different things happening on my screen... like the fountain and then my person in the background... and sometimes it is just a black screen. I have now had to move from PC to mobile because I can not tap buttons at all... I can open crates but I can not press buttons like ok and ticks, etc. (this may be a glitch because my laptop is touch screen) Besides these bugs the game is awesome and if the game was easier to access I would 100% be playing this all the time. :).Version: 1.0

This game would be amazing but...World of pets would be amazing and I have been very excited for it but it has been gliching. When I say gliching I mean the game when I’m in a sever goes pich black and I can see it the water. The other glich that happens when I’m in a sever is a picture of the water fountain appears but I can still move around. Sorry I’m probably very confusing but thank you for taking your time to read this if you readed it. Also this is for you Norris nuts, I am a BIG legend and I really wish I could subscribe to your channel but I don’t have an account to do so. Don’t stop being yourselves even if people are being mean to you. From a legend in Australia..Version: 1.0

Lagging and glitchingHey nn, I really love your game and appreciate the time u have put in for us! The game is super enjoyable and I love the idea of it. However, I always glitch out or it takes super long to load. I don’t know if it’s me but it is also slow. When I first started it was really confusing for me. To improve your game I would suggest that you put like maybe a manual when u first sign in with controls and a map of where everything is and where to find things. Other than that I love you guys sooooo much and I’m a big legend. You guys are so passionate and it’s so good to see siblings that love each other! Tell sab she is so pretty! Sockie is such a great chef! Nazzy she is a great artist and soooo kind and such a beautiful soul! Biggs is soooo funny! I love watching you guys and remember to to stay shrimpy! 🦐💕.Version: 1.0

World of pets is the best game ever!I have been a true legend and a huge fan of the Norris nuts. As soon as I found out that they where making a game I was so happy. As soon as it came out I downloaded it straight away. Since that day I have been addicted to it. There is so many pets to collect and so many fun quests. You even get to play with other legends and trade pets and items. My dream is to join a game with the Norris nuts, yes it is possible. So overall, I definitely recommend downloading this game, and the other amazing thing about this game is that there is no ads! Yes I know, mind blowing. So I think everyone should download this game. Bye.Version: 1.0

Hey Norris nuts! I’m having weird glitches..So when I log in it takes me about 5 minutes to actually get in the game. My internet works fine. Sometimes when I’m enjoying doing my quests and stuff it just automatically puts me into my home screen and logs me out of the game. Which means I have to wait ages again to join another server.. the game is amazing and I live everything about it! But another thing is that it tags “nuts” so you can’t say “Norris nuts” which I think is a bit weird considering the people who made the game are called “The Norris Nuts” other than that I love everything about it Love you Norris nuts. -Legend Jess 🤍.Version: 1.0.1

What pets is it the best game everrrrrrrHi everyone I’m a Norris nuts I’m so excited that you bring out a game when I clicked onto this game I immediately fell in love with it you do all this for us and it’s just so nice of you I’m a legend catch me knuckles stay shrimpy and stay amazing and Who you are and Norris nuts you are so inspiring to me you’re the one who got me into Roblox you’re the one who got me into Minecraft you’re the ones who got me into this game and thought I could be someone and I live in Australia too i’m in Victoria so that’s pretty cool and sabre you are the one of the best drivers just I’m so excited and that we can meet you in the game is just amazing and it’s incredible and I’m so proud of you that you everyone that loves you they are all true legends and I’m A legend from the start and you just do so much for us so thank you so much you are inspiring to me I love this game it’s like the best game ever I love it it’s my favourite game in the the universe 🦐👗Oh and Nazzy deserves a guinea pigAnd stay comfy sockie.Version: 1.0

BEST GAME ON EARTHFinally the game is out! I really enjoy Collecting items and pets and i just love the game! I know you Norris nuts have worked hard on this game and it’s not a rip off like literally I love the game! I love that you can trade money and other stuff and I can’t wait for updates and more to come to the game! I can’t wait for your vlog on you guys moving to Queensland but why are you moving? Isn’t your family all in Sydney is there a reason or would you just want to move? If your going to move for us legends we really appreciate it<3 I love how the game is free and it is suitable for all ages. I really love the game! Catch me knuckles!!!!.Version: 1.0

Super Legend but there is some issuesDon’t get me wrong I love the game and the Norris Nuts. But every time I play it will lag out and take me back to my home at least 10 times! Then when this happens I will loose some of my stuff like one time I used all my ingredients got my pet to a high level and then it lagged out took my pet back to level 4 and I lost my ingredients. Also I put my email and password in and ticked were is said remover me on this device and I still have to put my email and password in EVERY time even when it bugs out. I don’t know if is because I’m using my iPad but I don’t really think it should matter what I’m using. But beside all those miner thing this a really fun game and I love it soooo much the pets are adorable and I am naming them after all the Norris Nuts. Tysm <3.Version: 1.0.1

Omg I love this game!This game is soo good and I am not having any problems Norris nuts after all the time you have spent on this game it has definitely paid off because I love this game! I watch all your video’s and I have been a legend since when Sabre did videos in front of a green screen! You are so nice to be making a fun game like world of pets to thank subscribers. I really look forward to what you have in store to add into the world of pets game to make it better (I don’t even know if you can make it better because it’s already so good) thank you so much for making this incredible game!.Version: 1.0.1

This is one of the best games I have played bye farThank you so much Norris nuts I love you guys I have been a super legend from the start and I cannot believe how much you all have grown up sockie your my idol I am just like you everything you hate I hate and everything you like I do i love you all your mum and dad have raised amazing kids this bit is for Justin and Brooke to see I just want to thank you because of you guys you and the Norris nut make me believe in my self you guys are such good parents you have done an amazing job raising your kids and they are so lucky to have you my biggest dream would be to meet you guys one day I love you all so much lots of love form Emily.Version: 1.0

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World of Pets - Multiplayer
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World of Pets - Multiplayer 1.0.1 Update

Version 1.0.1 (2021-04-14): New clothing packs available in the Store! As well as lots of bug fixes and updates for you Legends! - Trading issues (eg. showing baby icon when trading any aged Pets) - Forest Portal fix - Fixed items not updating on log out - Added store button to the main menu panel - Server name now shown in the settings.

Version 1.0 (2021-04-06): .