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There is a right shoes to match different surface types. Choose the right shoe on time to gain speed and beat your opponent.

A different shoe is waiting to be unlocked on each level. Use your fashion sense to decide which to wear on and beat your opponent in style!

All the baddies are wearing high heels for the red carpet!

If you want to walk like a QUEEN always choose the right shoe! It makes you faster, more chic and unbeatable!

Wear your high heel proud and stand tall while photographers are taking pictures of you!
Race with your style and show them how baddie you are!

Don’t forget to bring your favorite shoes! Shine like a QUEEN!

Customize your character and control your style! Unlock special characters to walk up the podium in your high heels!

Become a ballerina or japanese lolita. Choose your character for every shoe.

That’s a great game, fun game, the most fashionable race game and an epic way of showing how fabulous you are. Win the fashion world in style!

Step up your style! Join the shoe run!

Dress up, glam up and show them that you are a FASHION GIRL!

For ice - choose figure skates. For run bring your sneakers.

Fabulous girls always figure out how to walk with style!

Shoe Race App User Reviews & Comments

I love this game!I am absolutely in love with this game. It’s so super fun to play but the app keeps crashing on me whenever I want to unlock a new item in the game or go to the next level.Version: 1.8

I love this game!I really like this game it’s really fun to play and I like the idea of the game! I was reading reviews about when you change the shoes you can’t change it immediately. And she/he wanted the developer to respond and they did and they actually fixed it cause I played it and I could change my shoes immediately. So I like that the developer takes their time to respond and fix the issues. And also I was wondering maybe making this game more challenging because it’s a bit to easy. But besides that 5 STARS!!! thank you so much for giving people YouTubers est... est.. love it hope you continue your dream of making games for other people to enjoy! Surely you guys convinced me this game is amazing and have proven that you can make games while making pie pls like the game! Byee thanks for reading.Version: 1.8

It’s not hardThis if for the people that complain on how the line is too short and stuff to know if you just downloaded the game: OnE. You don’t have to change your shoe right at the time you hit the line, that’s just how you lose points you need to put on the the shoes after your reach the line if not you lose your points easy, TWO . Don’t wear your shoes before you reach the lime you lose all your points..Version: 1.8

HORRIBLESo I brought no adds because I knew before I played, there would be a lot of adds SO I SPENT $3 AND I STILL GOT ADDS. I played a round and I got a add right after it.. I am deleting this game, if it was ever a 0 stars I would definitely give the game that. You know people are going to play it so you choose to take people money and not even give them what they earned??.. I will not pay for something I am not getting all.. So I recommend, don’t buy the adds, I did it and I will never again.. Thank you no thank you.. good bye..Version: 1.6

ReviewI was playing a game and I saw shoe race pop up I thought it looked really cool so I decided to download it I love the game so much but after you play one round you have to watch like three ads and if your like me I don’t like ads so if you are the maker of this game can you please stop with the ads you can have like one or two ads but not a lot besides this little problem I think the game is great I would recommend getting this game..Version: 1.8

4 things!!!This game is great but 1 there are way too many ads. The round takes about 10 secs. 2 add more shoes! Once you have unlocked all the shoes it is kinda boring. 3 I would really like if this game added more stuff to it. Because it gets kinda boring. 1 more thing.. EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THE OTHER PERSON GOES FASTER!!! This is driving me crazy! So please, fix all this stuff!.Version: 1.5

EhhI gave it 2 stars because when you are like roller skating or whatever if you switch at the wrong time you lose all of the points when you could just lose one or two and I don’t mean like your in the middle of roller skating and then I switch for no reason I mean like at the end and you have to switch. Please fix this problem so people don’t have to rage every time they play this.Version: 1.8

Please fix this.I enjoy playing this game but there’s a bug/glitch that I keep facing. Here’s a scenario to describe what’s happening: Let’s say I’m doing heels, ballerina, and flippers if I’m walking with the heels then move into the flippers then go into the ballet shoes I’ll keep swimming like I’m still in the flippers. This glitch always makes me lose and only happens when the flippers are included in the race..Version: 1.5

Needs big improvementsIt’s a bit too uninspired. Models come in all shapes and sizes in Real life. But they don’t in this game. I can’t create a model that looks like me. And the rewards quickly run out, at a certain point you’ll just be winning money for the fun of it all. I like the concept of the game but it needs a lot of improvement. 1. Players should be able to make a model with different kinds of skin tone / body shape. Let’s celebrate the uniqueness found in this world. 2. Rewards should include more than just buying three dresses. It could include buying different shoes, hair, purses/ accessories based on the outfit, makeup, pets, etc. 3. There should be a way to try and slow down your opponent and different kind of levels with different visual backgrounds that might confuse the player so that there’s more challenge. I won’t be playing again until there’s some change. Even just playing with different skin tones would be more satisfying. But we’re here. Please let me know when there’s an update!.Version: 1.5

The game is amazingThe game is very neet except the matter I’m silly haha. I just downloaded this game I think it’s very nice I’m on level 2 this game is very cool and whoever made the game. Good job you worked very hard for everyone thank you guys.Version: 1.6

Love it!I was playing my game called pole dance and I saw the add and thought this would be such a fun game so I downloaded it and I fell in love with it anytime I am camping fishing or on a long trip the game I play is shoe race it is amazing and I think you should add a thing we’re you could change the color of the shoes or outfit because I think I would really like the last ice skater outfit but white and the shoes blue and I also think you could lower the prices a bit and that when you change the wrong shoes it walks normal but makes the shoe your supposed to wear glow and make an arrow point to it but anyway if your thinking to download the game make sure to get it I love it so much a lot of people say that it’s glitchy but I have not experienced any glitches at all Sincerely, CookieCarmelGacha.Version: 1.8

Great game but some suggestions (please respond)I like the game but I could not get past the first level because the adds keep kicking me out. The adds are so not propitiate. You can see girls boobs. I also think you should make it so that people with older devices can play. Other wise it is a cool game! If you fixed this stuff then I would get the game again. From, User.Version: 1.8

Is this appropriate?One of the ads for this game does not care about children language! Some kids might be playing on their mom or dad’s phone and the bad ad comes on! What kind of game developer does that? If I am being to serious tell me and please, reply to this! Also, I read two other reviews, and someone said that you don’t have enough time to change your shoes, I am completely on the same page. But this game isn’t that good, and I’m literally on level three. 😠.Version: 1.8

A few thingsOverall this is a great game. But it got boring pretty fast. Just one hour after playing it I had every character and some of them have all of the outfits.I like that you can change the character race but the women still look like a model not like a human. Maybe could you add a few characters that had wider thighs or was short? Something just to make them seem more like a regular person. I would also like to mention that the adds aren’t to many but some are inappropriate so if you are going to show those adds please change the age for this game. Edit: I just got the new update and I am annoyed. Now all the characters have to be the same race and one of my shoes is always glitching..Version: 1.7

AMAZING!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰This game is SO fun! I unlocked a lot of stuff. I love that when it choses your options like heels, flip flops and boots it lets you change the options, I like that about the game. But there is kinda to many ads but it lets me skip the ads really quick. I do recommend you get this game. Rate it a 5! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.7

MehI know they can't control the ads but right when I would finish on ad 2 seconds later another pops up. And the game is super glitchy and makes my screen go black for a few minutes at a time. It happens twice and I just installed it a few minutes ago. The Snapchat ad made it look fun but it gets pretty boring after a while..Version: 1.8

This is a good game but pls read!This seems like a good game but I did NOT accept the private policy and terms and services and here’s why. There private policy and and terms and services want to allow your location. When ever I saw that I need to accept private policy I was studded because of the shock I clicked to read them and saw it needed my location. At this point I immediately deleted this app. The app seems fun but I will never be able to play enjoy the experience..Version: 1.6

A glitchFirst when I played it it was so easy! Then it had a glitch where you can only pick 1 shoe and I keep losing, I bought it again and it happened again. I lost all my data and everything. I just felt like never downloading it again. But then I turned off my device and started it back up again and downloaded it, it worked. You can reply if you like. I spend an half hour writing this. Have a good day!.Version: 1.7

ONE PROBLEM...The game is good in general...or it’s just a good game, I enjoy the game because the all the pretty outfits and stuff but it’s just ONE PROBLEM... so when you get the shoe wrong on the wrong place...I HATEEE when it takes away ALL of our YOU COULDVE TOOK AWAY ONE STAR, but not ALLLL the stars!!!!😩.Version: 1.8

Plz reply and understandOk it’s a good game but it’s to easy but it changed my life a little I saw a add that was a dog game of some kind and then thought I really want a dog and got one, and that was the best pet I have EVER had! But I’m not done it’s a really good game but way to easy you can win if you don’t even change the shoes right away and it’s a little up setting, so please please please reply and make the levels harder, oh ONE more thing it’s a little glitchy and besides that stuff it’s a amazing game ( it’s already a great game but it would be even more great).Version: 1.5

I can’t even play it. May not include everyone.So I first downloaded this game about 5-7 minutes ago. And was quickly disappointed. I can’t even play it, it shows a white screen and then logs me out. My internet has no problems and I’ve tried more than once. I just wanted to play a game. Please read my review I don’t think anybody does..Version: 1.5

This game is good but keep readingI love this game it is exactly like the add says . But it’s full of adds and you have to buy something’s but it overall a good app. You don’t need to pay to play it and you can unlock new shoes.Version: 1.8

Good but not hard enoughI love your game but I seem to be faster then all of them you should get more shoes and harder levers.....other then that it’s perfect.Version: 1.7

Awesome game but...I like it and all u race I like the concept of the game and all but I’m just suggesting this for when u mess up it takes 1 of not like all of cause I messed up at the end and lost ALL of my score and it keeps happening pls it’s just a suggestion so it would be really nice for u to do it I know I am saying it like a demand but I’m not it would just be nice. Pls reply.Version: 1.8

Good but to many addsOkay for all I really like this game but there is way to many adds every time I finished and collected my diamonds I had to watch a add, and when ever I got the three keys I collected my reward then I had to watch ANOTHER ADD!!! Also the rain boots didn’t have a picture I have had this game for two weeks now and still no picture for the rain boots also every SINGLE TIME I got new shoes I had to watch TWO ADDS besides that I recommend downloading.Version: 1.8

Plz respondI like that game a lot but the rain boots don’t show up and at the end can you make the photographers taller because when you win the game that are taking pictures of your private part plz fix it if you can! :).Version: 1.7

Best Game Ever!!!!I am giving this game five stars because it is so fun! This is my new favorite game and I’ve only had it for a day. I’ve unlocked all the shoes and this is so fun! Please add more shoes thank you I love this game..Version: 1.5

The game is kinda annoyingWhen I play the game somehow the other person goes faster and it’s not like I have have some type of boost it’s just out of nowhere they start going faster then the game is kinda repetitive and gets boring after a while so pls fix get that fixed.Version: 1.5

Odd..Repeatedly kept freezing my phone. I also got pop ups telling me the app was trying to open other apps. Upon getting on the app, it would freeze after a few minutes of gameplay and yet again try to open more apps. It isn’t my device. I have no other problems with any other game, only this one..Version: 1.5

HiI don’t know if this is part of the app, but when I first opened it there was a flash but when I opened it again it didn’t. Other than that I like it.Version: 1.6

I 😍 this game!So this game makes me happy like it’s so good I can’t even and when I look at the game on my tablet I’m like OMG I want to play this if it was a real life game it would be something I play every single day and it has hardly any ads just this game rocks!.Version: 1.8

BadHorrible app. first of all, the ads are stupid and make it seem like game could be easy/ fun. when i got the game i did exactly what you are supposed to do perfectly right, however, the bot i was playing against was going faster than me no matter what.. how is that fair?? i know that they were for sure going faster than me because i didn’t accidentally change to the wrong shoes once, but the bot did and still somehow won. not to mention the amount of ads. i’ll be finishing a round, and get an ad.. then i’d collect my diamonds and get another ad before i can even start the next round! this game may look fun, but it’s really not worth it, don’t waste ur time. it’s supposed to be fun and relaxing but in reality the unfair stupidity of this game gets frustrating asl after a while. i have much more fun on the high heels game😭😭.Version: 1.5

What you can doThis game was very fun but it became boring very fast maybe if you add more types of shoes and more places like a farm of a football field not just the blue background and this is a great game but it was short you should make them longer and harder. Thanks bye..Version: 1.8

Horrible game here’s whyThe language is bad there were some bad words. Also there are adds so many. I can’t even play the game so I see no time of anybody playing this game. If I were you I would not bother getting this game. If you are under 13 I probably would not play this. When I would play it would say bad words. Please fix this game 1 star.Version: 1.6

One thingI really love this game so much but I wanted to say that there is one thing I don’t like when u make a mistake sometimes it calls u trash and that’s just rude whoever made this game can u fix that? U don’t have to tho.🙂😕.Version: 1.8

How Much a game inspired meI love this game so much because it gives me option witch shoes I should wear if it’s like somthing important and if I stuff up that important thing that would be embarrassing. Thank you so Mitch for this game.Version: 1.8

EhhOkay so, this should be 12+, the ad had cuss words, the game has cuss words, it’s not acceptable for 4 year olds, change it too 12+ if you can because if a mom sees this and it says it’s 4+, she could get it for her daughter/son and they will learn words like these, either remove the words are change the age because it’s unacceptable. Thank you for replying, sorry if I went overboard..Version: 1.8

Not bad read firstIt’s a fun game but it’s just Kinda weird because you keep changing the shoes I’m on level 20 I like this game But it needs updates or Like yeah Whenever I play Ads Are in my way I don’t know if I should Keep playing but It’s a fine game but just It’s ok.Version: 1.8

Please replyThis game is fun but it has on problem. When you have to change shoes you have to change them exactly when the ground changes. There is one problem with that. IT IS HARD TO CHANGE exactly on a little tiny line. When that happens I get a bad score! This upsets me because otherwise this would be my favorite game! My request is to give some time to change into new shoes. Others might not agree with me and that is ok. This all my opinion and you can respond to it anyway you want. This is just a little suggestion..Version: 1.8

It’s fun but at the same time it’s notIt’s really fun to play and to see how fast you can change the shoes but the thing about it is when new shoes pop up on your screen. You have to watch an ad to get the new shoes. Also, when you press the diamonds to earn the free ones, it makes you watch an ad anyways. It’s really not fun because of this..Version: 1.7

HORRIBLE GAMEPlease read this before you buy!!! The advertisement on Snapchat has made this game seem fun. Once the game had finished downloading, I opened it and the game kept kicking me out. I re downloaded it and this happened again. After re downloading it for a third time, it let me in. The rounds were all the same and there was so many ads. There was an ad after every. single. round. The time I watched the ads was more time I actually played the game. I do not recommend this game. If you add more levels that are different and stop having a round after each level, I might re download the app. Please do better..Version: 1.5

Please understand thisSo great game, I just wanted to tell you that it is a bit upsetting when you change right when it hits, and it says that you didn’t do it. The upsetting part is that when you mess up, it’s takes away ALL of your points. I thought that is puke be better if it only took away one section, for example if you have perfect x4 and you mess up, only make it go down one which would make it perfect x3. Please reply and understand..Version: 1.8

Do not get this appI don’t recommend this app it keeps kicking me out and may I add there is no real way of winning . You play against bots and can’t beat them it gets Annoying and aggravating after a few try’s. But if that’s the kind of game ur looking for you should play it but me personally I hate this app and it don’t compare to what it says it it pretty trash sorry not sorry ✨.Version: 1.5

The ads!!There are too many ads. I try to avoid them by not watching ads to get more gems, but I have to watch an ad ANYWAYS to get to the next round. In addition when I try to "spin again" it is always the same combo of shoes and I watched the ad for nothing. Also, the ads are DISGUSTING! I've been playing this in front of a younger sister and the game has shown me a disgusting ad of people making out naked in a lake, and many other ads are this way- Low quality sexual ads. Not everyone who plays this game is an adult..Version: 1.5

Tooo many addsThis game is overall good but there is two many adds I would give it 5 but too many adds,if you have less adds I will give it five stars and also pls reply.Version: 1.7

Why is it 4+I really enjoyed this game and I downloaded it after seeing an add! Although after getting the add again and rewatching it I realized that one of your adds has the word b*** and the game itself has d*** so I feel like it should be for ages 12+..Version: 1.6

It’s great but...It’s a great game. Although, I haven’t gotten all of the characters I haven’t seen a black characters. As an African American girl, I just wanted to make this review so the created of the game would add black characters to the game..Version: 1.5

OMG I love it!!!!!!!!I love this game so much if you ever see this you better get it absolutely love it you’re gonna love it too it is so much fun and I love how there’s different shoes and you can like edit it or something but it is so much fun I absolutely absolutely love it get this game I love it.Version: 1.8

Interesting..It’s not a bad game, the problem is there’s too many ads and at the end when it tells me if I wanna double my diamonds and I say no it gives me an ad anyway that’s annoying, sorry if I’m complaining too much, a lot of games have the same problems, also there’s one more thing you probably know about, when I make a small mistake it says a bad word to me, and I find that very offensive. It’s also a bit boring and too easy, one way of it being too easy is that the bots are too slow please fix that!.Version: 1.7

It’s good but....This game is fun and keeps me occupied but when I get it wrong it usually cusses and for the rating of age is for 4 year olds. I think it should be changed to 12 and up because this will give FOUR YEAR OLDS bad language. They don’t need to learn those words that early in there life. Please consider changing the age rating for this game. Other than that this game is over all a pretty great game..Version: 1.6

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Its a good game but...When I went in the game it seemed pretty cool! I love the shoes! But... There are just WAY TOO MANY ADS!! Its a good game BUT through ADS ANNOY ME SO MUCH UGH.. if the creator could update and fix the ads pls.Version: 1.8

The shoe gameI love the walk and programming of the girls and how fast they walk on different surfaces.Version: 1.6

BADThis game is utterly annoying , every time i try and start a new game there’s a frickin AD! i can’t click any buttons without there being and ad. without the ads it would be an OK game, but i’m actually just disappointed.Version: 1.5

Good but too many adsIt was a fun game but there where way too many ads.Version: 1.8

Umm I guess 2 starsUhhh well I’m strait away going into the bad stuff like cool cool yeah u get to WALK (lol sorry) it’s just there so many ads and like seriously when u press miss out on watching a ad to get a dress there still an ad uhhhh and it’s soooo glitching like it’s just not great.The good stuff is ummmmm hmmmmmm ummmmm I guess it’s a good idea like whoever made this game very well done👏🏻it’s just too many ads for me so 4/10.Version: 1.7

To many addsI just started playing and I agree there are to many adds I know how much they would’ve worked on it for it to be good but there are just to many adds I am sorry for my complaint whoever made the game I don’t want to be rood I am also sorry for all the complaints from other people but other wise I LOVE this game.Version: 1.8

It’s okay.I love this game, but I can’t handle the ads!.Version: 1.8

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Shoe Race 1.8 Update

Version 1.8 (2021-03-31): • Room for your shoes that you can upgrade! • Strike a pose after each level for more cash & fame! • Sound effects!.

Version 1.5 (2021-03-13): -Performance improvements -Glitch fixes.

Version 1.1 (2021-03-01): -New shoes, models & tracks -Performance improvements.