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Tyndall Effect App Download

“Tyndall Effect” app brings to you a guided tour to acquaint yourself with the lab experiment that Tyndall Effect. The app brings to your finger tip the step by step protocol for the experiment. The “Tyndall Effect” exhibits all the apparatus required for the experiment. Also, the app illustrates the entire procedure for the experiment to show Tyndall Effect.

Let us explore the offerings of the “Tyndall Effect” app. The user first gets acquainted with various glassware and apparatus used in the experiment. The user is then guided by the app to perform the experiment with explicit instructions. The experimental procedure is followed by interpretation of the observation and conclusion. This robust application is a great teaching and learning tool for students, educators and teachers wanting to study or teach about Tyndall Effect.

- 3D models that you control, each structure clearly labeled with useful all apparatus information.
- Audio guide available about Tyndall Effect.
- Rotational models (views from different angles)
- Tap and Pinch Zoom - zoom into and identify about Tyndall Effect.

Tyndall Effect App User Reviews & Comments

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