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This is the delivery app for online grocery shopping

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Lauren, POTUS Biden/VP Harris #DemCast@BellaQuinn18 @DEFendFURiously Exactly! A call came in for a pick up in one of the neighborhoods I was told to avoid, I declined; the other driver said he’d scope it out. When he got there, he radioed that it was a just guy with a kid, so he was taking it. A while later, the dispatcher announced he was dead..

Tracey 😷💉🇨🇦 👁️‍🗨️#IamAwitness 🌈 ally #BLMTwo more drivers down (variant testing results pending ) a dispatcher and driver off cuz his entire family is infected with P1 Their own tests pending Still contact tracing ,so expecting more Have I mentioned how scared I am for hubby ,hundreds of drivers and office staff ?.

Disability Mobility InitiativeCommunicate through a dispatcher when trying to find her driver, which adds a lot of confusion. Anisa really wishes she had more options to be able to get out of town to enjoy the outdoors, like if there were transit options to the Snow Parks. #MobilizeWA .

DoneireWorked 6 hours as the only driver with non-stop orders. Not feeling 100% after my vaccine still and tell my dispatchers that I'm clocking out early. Not even 30 mins later, I have another dispatcher asking me if I could clock in to help with orders. ????????.

Ephy@kenbensinger I used to work for a brand new DSP for Amazon, both as a driver and (later) as a dispatcher/assistant manager. While my DSP strived to be different for our employees, the way Amazon handled DSP's and package loads caused a few of our drivers to urinate in bottles. Can confirm..

James MartinThe joys of the boss cutting our losses. - dispatcher, fuel level management, oil level management, inventory, delivery planning, overseeing warehouse, maintenance, pumps and dispenser troubleshooting, and now bobtail fuel delivery driver. Shit! I need a drink..

Kuehjo@AOC I'm a driver and a dispatcher, and I can absolutely guarantee you that this DOES happen..

Midlife Crisis ActorI'm a driver for an Amazon contractor. While I have never personally found a pee bottle in a van, we have been coached about it by our dispatcher in a morning stand-up, so it's definitely been happening. .

Savage Dee 😈I and a gold member plus gon tell me they don’t got no account or payments from me that driver randy and the dispatcher tried to scam me i believe it..

Jessica Mathews@DanWhitCongress Makes you kinda wonder if a truck driver will be making any deliveries in the state of Georgia. If I had a dispatcher told me they have a load to Georgia I would refuse to take that load there..

Joey t@sean18743005 @kenklippenstein Ha nice Sean. I was a dispatcher for a long time. I’m just saying that people like Ken don’t understand the reality of being a truck driver like you do..

Lani@dehavenbethany if youre ever uncomfortable or suspicious of a cop, you can call a 911 dispatcher and ask if any cop cars are supposed to be in the area or (im not sure abt this one) maybe report the driver and say youre feeling uncomfortable and maybe theres something they can do? im so sorry.

Salvador Montas@rubendiazjr After I called 911 I immediately called Diplo Radio Dispatcher and I notice the driver from the other vehicle that stop one foot in front of me standing near my window. I heard a sound and my phone dropped and my body lean toward the steering wheel and I just stood.

Salvador Montas@rubendiazjr The other miracle was in September 2010. I was working with Diplo Radio Dispatcher as an independent taxi driver..

Thoughts Of DanSubstitute dispatcher let one of our most popular diesel stations run damn near empty yesterday. But we still had another driver out for hours after I was done yesterday so he just had him bring in a little diesel and then didn't tell me so I woke up early for nothing.

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