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In Bounce and collect you have to drop balls in the right place to collect the maximum and unlock the next challenge.

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Kind of fun but disappointingI first heard of this game from my friend and she said I would love it so I downloaded it! I really did like it but there were too many adds and it was very time consuming… The adds ran like crazy! There would be and add after every single level, sometimes during the level! And it drains your battery super fast! I started playing when my battery was at 82% and within five rounds I was already at 40%! I do not recommend this game but again it’s your choice! I hop this helped!.Version: 2.0.0

Eh it’s okOk like yes it’s a fun game considering I’m on level 285 right now but some times it makes me mad each level you start with three balls and you send them through stage one get as many as you can then stage two to get as many as possible but some of the levels are literally impossible to beat I had a level just now that stage one had nothing on it at all so I started with three and ended that stage with 2 because one ball just stopped mid air then stage two only had one x2 on it so I finished that level with four balls you need at least fifty to pass the level but it’s still a fun game.Version: 1.9.2

Fun, but lost of issues.Ok, first of all, this game has a great idea. I love the multiplying aspect of the game, and it’s very satisfying to play. But, there are lots of ads in the game. It makes the game almost unplayable when there is an ad every level. I would just turn the WiFi off, and that did work for a while, but they patched that in an update, so you now have to watch the ads. The second thing I’m going to be talking about will revolve around ads, but ads for this game. The game ads are dumb, not really portraying the game correctly and using the wrong audio(example: guy is shouting ‘times two times four’ when there is no times 2 or times four in the game clip). The clips also don’t even portray the game correctly. They show the person getting thousands of points(5000+), when I’ve only gotten that once in game. The third and final thing I will talk about has to do with the multiplication in the game. One time I had 180 balls in my cup, and there was only a times 4 that they could fall through. 180 times 4 is 720, but when the level was done, I had over 1000 points. While I know these issues might not frustrate some of you, it made the game very hard to play for me..Version: 2.0.0

Great game butI love this game it's fun it's addictive but i wish some things were changed like the percentage of "better then (a percent) of players" the ball physics, and the levels. the percentage i don't think is accurate it only starts when you hit 600 and starts at 30% on any level so i wish it were set to the difficulty of the level. it's "bounce and collect but the balls don't bounce unless there's a jump pad so i wish the physics were changed a bit. and lastly the levels. i wish there were more that gave a lot of balls because it's satisfying to watch them pour out. also some levels aren't even possible like you get a x2 and you have 6 balls then the next part there's only one more x2 and negative everywhere so the levels not possible. other then that i love this game..Version: 1.9.2

Good game with a few problemsI love this game, it’s very addictive. However, I’ve noticed a few problems. First is that the game sometimes freezes on a black screen while opening and never actually opens. This happens more than 75% of the time I open the app and is quite annoying. The other issue is that this game eats through by battery faster than being on FaceTime and watching Netflix at full volume and full brightness (which is insanely fast). Another minor problem is that there seems to be a bit too many ads. I understand that they have to make money somehow, but it seems a little overkill to have an ad in the middle of almost if not every level..Version: 1.8

We need the update backHello developers. I love your game. I have been playing it for what seems about a month now. I was super excited when that update came out that changed the way the game looked. I loved the game even more. I opened the app one day and the update was reverted, bringing the game to the state it was in when I first downloaded it. Where did this update go and will it be back soon? If it comes back, I will change my 4 star rating to 5. Best, Gamer.Version: 1.9.2

Unplayable (without paying of course)This could be a half decent time-waster but it’s an unplayable cash grab with little fun to be had. It’s really simple to explain how much of an agonizing experience it is to play this game: - Every level takes less than a minute, maybe 30 seconds or so. - There is an ad once in every level, and sometimes you’ll get one in the middle of a level. - Each ad lasts maybe 5-10 seconds. In short: 25% of this game is just watching advertisements. I would rather gouge my eyes out than be forced to endure a mediocre game where I am interrupted every 30 seconds..Version: 1.9.2

Great game needs workI love how there aren’t forced ads every level and how theres just a ad bar at the bottom with ads. This makes the game way more playable. Some downsides on this game is there can be a bit of delay in between collection on stage 1 and the second stage, the end collection can take a bit, and stars feel pointless since it shows how many you have but there’s nothing to do with them, maybe add a play again option for all levels in the past so you can get perfect stars and add a shop or something to do with the stars..Version: 1.8

Simple and Easy Time Killer.I will say the reasons I gave this 3 stars. I’m on a level and I have just gotten on the first part of the level. It’s been going for an HOUR. No joke. I have been playing the same level (not sure which but over 210) for an hour just letting the balls multiply in the first part and it’s still no where done (545,709 and counting). Another other thing is… the math. Multiples mean 1x3=3 not 4. It’s more like +3. Some levels you just simply cannot pass and it the levels are more like random patterns even if you intend to restart a level. No way to go back either..Version: 1.9.2

Amazing game ❤️I love this game a lot! It’s amazing! But the reason I gave it 4 stars was because every time I’m at a really high number and it’s at “Better than 99% of players” it’ll crash. It might just my WiFi, but if it’s not, I would really hope for a response back :) Overall, it’s a great game! It’s a nice thing to play when you’re bored, it’s a good timekiller, and it’s just fun to play! I really hope everyone else that has this game is satisfied with the game cause I certainly am. It’s just fun to play and to see if you can make it to the top of world!.Version: 1.9.2

Addictive, but unfair at times.When I first played this game I got really good at it and liked it. But over the past month, it started to get a bit boring. I still played the game until I read everyone’s reviews. They had good points too. Multiplication was wrong, certain goals to reach that were impossible, bots on the leaderboards. I read enough to understand what this game had in offer. I don’t to leave a bad review, but please fix that. Thank you..Version: 1.9.2

Fake ad watch game, crashes with no recoveryTwice today, I’ve made it to the top 5000, only to come back to the game later where all I get is a black screen, or maybe a frozen level start screen. I agree with all the other reviews, everything is fake. Fake leaderboard, fake levels, sometimes impossible levels, sometimes levels that take minutes to finish counting the score. I never watch ads on games like this by disabling cellular data and turning off wifi. I couldn’t imagine how painful this game would be with 2-3 ads per level. So now I’m leaving the review this game deserves and deleting it..Version: 1.8

AraiaFirst off, I absolutely loved the game when I first found it, is was very addicting and satisfying to play, (I’ve played it over 1000 times), but with this recent update 3 days ago (I believe version 1.9.1), I’ve lost the satisfaction of playing this game. I liked it more when it was nice and simple, instead of having all these fancy new backgrounds, and I liked that the numbers didn’t correspond to the actual amount that the balls are multiplied by. But all of that has changed, and I found myself actually wanting to delete the app because of the update because I find it hard to get used to these new changes, I really wish it would change back to the way it originally was :(. Please change it back. -from an original supporter.Version: 1.9.1

WHATI love this game it’s super satisfying and rlly addicting but omg… on one of the levels there was one of those bounce things (they’re OP ngl) and i used it and there was like 3 x4’s in a row basically just a rlly op level, AND IT NEVER ENDED. I didn’t even make it to the 2nd area and I sat there for 30 minutes letting it multiple over and over and i literally got over 500k thingies in the cup…. didn’t get to finish tho bc it just wouldn’t end 😭 anyway yeah that was kinda broken-.Version: 1.8

Fun Concept but LazyThe game itself is fun, but the developers were pretty lazy with a lot of aspects of the game. The leaderboard is fake, the “better than % of players” is also fake. Some levels are impossible to get 1 star on. Many levels are impossible to get a 3 star on. The star scale is 50,100,150 for every single level regardless of what is actually possible in the level. Overall, I’ll give it to the developers for their “easy” cash grab with this game, which is what Voodoo is good at anyway. Smart move on the devs part..Version: 1.8

This game is amazingI just want to say something I don’t care about the ads I just care about how much time you took to make such an amazing game and I believe you can make another version of this it could be like a snake Version. How you could make it is you still have the multipliers but multiplies eats snakes agreement with the head and a tail is not a segment so only the middle parts so I would keep multiplying them and then you were just have a long do you eat snake coming out of a cup and I believe you can do this because you guys are amazing and I am nine but I still downloading this game because I love it so much and I’m in the 800s.Version: 1.9.2

Amazing and fun game, but..I absolutely love this game. to put it in perspective, it starts you off at rank #15,000 and i’m in the top 900, and i’ve only had it for about a week. my one and only critique about it is the math issue. i noticed it when i got a first-half level than only had one x3 strip across the screen without any other obstacles. starting off with 3 balls and multiplying that by 3 is supposed to be 9, yet it gives you 12. so every single multiplying bar is really multiplying one more than that, so instead of x3, it’s actually x4. not a big complaint as it gives a higher score, but it’s just a bit odd also to any complaints about too many ads, simply turn off your wifi or data. you won’t get ads if you don’t have internet to access them 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 1.8

Really fun, one huge problem.When you get lucky, in this game you get really lucky. Unfortunately that also mean you can be staring at a screen for a bit. I found myself in a loop where it just kept making balls upon balls and it just wouldn’t stop. I checked it before bed and I was at 500,000 in the cup and this was the first stage. Then I plug it in, go to bed, and wake up to a crashed phone. No proof to show for it, non cloud synced pictures gone. Videos deleted. Dev needs to add a skip forward button desperately or those lucky runs are going to feel like a choooorreee..Version: 1.8

Great Game! 👍🏼I love this game but I have one problem for quite a while now. There is a glitch on a level and it hasn’t stopped for a long time I would like to have it stop but not lose my progress. So I think you guys should have a sim button where it can go fast through a level once you start. Love this game and the makers of it are awesome too. Hope you read this devs! From, Your Friend Jack.Version: 2.2.1

Read this! Not appropriate for kids!First of all, this is a great game! I love it, it’s fun, addicting - overall a great game. The only thing is the ads! I don’t mind a few ads, and I wouldn’t write a review because of an overabundance of advertisements. I’m just not like that. However, for children playing this game, or parents looking into downloading this for your children, the content of the ads is simply UNACCEPTABLE! Nudity, profanity, sexual content… the list goes on. For the creators of this game: please, please monitor the ads and content on your app. For the people looking to download this app: thank you for reading my review, I hope this helped!.Version: 1.9.2

No speed up option?I enjoy the game a lot and like to play it in my free time but there’s one specific thing no one has said that i think is a little odd. i’m currently on a level that has been going for about 3 hours obviously that’s with some gaps to switch between apps and stuff but it’s very unrealistic. it’s not even on the second portion of the level and i already have over 550,000 balls. i started out with 3 and there’s not many places for the balls to multiply yet it’s still going. yes the outcome will be nice because i’ll have a high score and i’ll get higher on the leaderboard but it’s not worth the wait. i wish there were a speed up button that could get me through the possible hours i have to wait just for this bit to be over. i guess this review is basically saying add a speed up button on a new update so we don’t have to wait long just for one level to be over..Version: 1.9.2

Fun mindless gameThis is a fun mindless game. Levels are randomly generated seemingly, as some are literally unwinnable. Some get ridiculously high scores due to the multipliers and those are satisfying assuming you have ten minutes to wait for the lag to catch up and complete the level. Both are relatively rare situations however. I don’t think the leaderboard is real but it’s still fun to progress if you have a slightly compulsive personality. Apparently I do and the combo of slight planning, high but meaningless numbers and sensory cues like sound and haptics give me just a little jolt of dopamine. I did discover that the game does have limits: one ridiculous level crashed my phone around 72,000 balls. Wish it had saved the score. 😅.Version: 1.8

Read thisTho shame is amazing, however I would change a few things: when you collect and make a lot, if there was a “skip” button where you could just collect everything and it’s done in seconds it would be nice, and some skins would be nice, when you have the stars to collect there’s nothing to do with them, besides that, this game is amazing, only a few ads but it’s not horrible... this game is very calming and I play it everyday since I got it. 11/10 recommend!.Version: 1.8

Lags out and too many adsThis game is fun until you play it for 15 minutes. The game is so repetitive and just boring. I know that voodoo is notorious for making games with a horrible amount of ads but that is no excuse. I and many other players can’t even play one level without two ads just being in our faces. And it’s really laggy, if you look through the reviews you can see people being on a black screen because it’s laggy and won’t load. It’s no different for me, I have spent minutes on a black screen just to get kicked out of the game. And it isn’t even better in game, I was at 99% out of all players, almost 100%, and it just crashed. I’d suggest not playing this game and just find something better, like COD Mobile..Version: 1.8

Good until updateNow when I first downloaded this game it was fun then you updated it to a new style and while I didn’t like that new style and greatly preferred the old one I was able to handle that but what I can’t handle is your latest update. In the latest update you’ve added a new feature that I don’t know how to describe. It’ll multiply your amount by twenty but you have to watch an ad. Now that on its own is annoying but I could ignore it if it weren’t for one problem you can’t avoid it. It’s stuck on one side of the screen and there’s no way to get rid of it so if I want go on that side of the screen I have no choice but to watch an ad and it is very annoying. I’m not gonna lie and say this was the best game ever but I did have fun playing it in my spare time but now I can’t enjoy it at all without getting frustrated at your terrible update. I probably would’ve given this game a three star maybe even four but now it is sadly a one star..Version: 2.0.0

Math isn’t even right.First and foremost, there are a lot of ads. I get that games have to make money for the developers, but there’s not just an add at the end of each level. There’s an ad in between the 2 halves most of the time. The game repeatedly freezes or stutters like the physics engine is about to have a mental breakdown. And the math isn’t even correct. Every level you get 3 balls. If you manage to find a first level that lets you go through a simple gate (like X2) you’ll find that you get an extra ball than what’s advertised. For every ball that goes through (effectively making it X3). Not to mention I’m pretty sure all the “world ranking” and “better than —% of players” is probably fake. I still really enjoy the gameplay, but watching a power point presentation of a number going up for 30 minutes is only bearable for so long..Version: 1.8

Fun mindless gameThe math is wrong, but you are more likely to get more than the multipliers, not less. However the levels are fully randomly generated so some are not even winnable if you get max multipliers. The leaderboard is fake, only fun part is keeping track of your own high score. Hot tip to get rid of ads is play on airplane mode (no internet) and you won’t get any ads, this also verifies that the leaderboard is bogus because you can still move up without a connection..Version: 1.9.2

IdeasThis game is amazing compared to the other apps that I’ve downloaded from the ads but there is an issue that makes it to where some levels are impossible to get more than 50 balls. Other than that the games is amazing and I have some ideas for it. 1: There could be a fast forward button somewhere for those levels that take forever to collect all the balls. 2: There could be a main menu that lets you access the normal levels or a custom level area where you can create your own levels.Version: 1.9.1

Reached #1I got this game thinking it was just going to be a mobile ad game were you can change the color, shape, or anything about the ball. Then I saw the leaderboard so I set a goal reach the top. Took me weeks, and hours everyday into the game and I accomplished it. And like all mobile games when you reach all the fun you can have you feel empty. I asked my nephew if he could get the game to see if he can reach the top ten and now it’s only a matter of time before my hypothesis is correct. If this game has a true leaderboard or just mile markers.🤔.Version: 1.8

Bad, really bad gameThe levels are meaningless, you can’t go back to replay levels, it literally just gives you an idea of you how long you’ve been playing. The stars are pointless, it just collects endlessly with no purpose or use. The leaderboard is a complete fake, it never asked for an identifier, yet somehow there are at least 15,000 people who have played it that entered a name. And the levels are all random, just before I got off, I literally played an impossible level, I got a x3 multiplier first (which by the way all the multipliers are actually one higher) so I had twelve, then the second part gave me no bonuses only minuses, so I couldn’t even complete the 50 minimum to complete the “level” which is the constant minimum for all “levels.” I don’t like voodoo to begin with, but this game was absolute garbage. I hope someone sees this so I didn’t waste the measly time I spent playing the app..Version: 1.9.2

Nice but needs improvementThere are a lot of ads first of all but you don’t need to watch any to do any better then anybody else. I think there still needs to be some performance adjustments since some times my bells don’t completely finish falling into the cup and the level ends. Wish there was a speed up function so you don’t have to wait forever or at least a skip function. I want to be able to see how many balls I have left on the second level. The slope going towards the cup needs to be steeper so balls go into the cup better..Version: 1.8

High Score IssueI’m glad the game was reverted to the more simple look, however it caused an issue. I received a high score of just over a million (around 1.1 mil) while the game had its new graphics. When I returned just today I noticed that that high score was gone, and replaced with my previous high score of 150k. The game is really relaxing and I love it, however this was annoying and disappointing. At least I still have my leaderboard position!.Version: 1.9.2

SERIOUS BUG THAT MUST BE FIXED, NOW!Hello there, Voodoo. I’ve been playing lots of your games for some time now, and BAC ( Bounce And Collect ) has been one of my fav games, but a new glitch appeared. When I got a really good amount of balls, and felt like I had reached some sort of world record, the game suddenly froze, and I had to log out and come back in. When I got in, all the progress from that level was gone, and I was shocked. This has to be fixed if I can be #1, And if you don’t, Oh Voodoo, your gonna get it! - Catman5311: Your biggest fan..Version: 1.9.2

Can only enjoy on Airplane mode.TL;DR If you want to enjoy the game, turn off the WiFi and Cell data (or just turn on Airplane mode) after the game loads to avoid the ads. If you don’t, you will get ads after ads after ads. Detailed: Get an ad when you pass the first part of the map. Get one after you beat the map. Want more balls to start or finish, they got ads for that. RNG give you a bad setup where you only have less than 50 balls and the second part has no way for you to finish with 50 or higher = get an ad to restart. I understand the game is free and depends on ads to survive, but when you hit the players with nothing but ads, it feels like a waste of time. Even worse is when the game crashes on you or if you somehow end up with exactly 200 balls at the end, the level won’t finish. It just sits there till you press restart even if you wait five minutes. Leaderboard is fake, as others can attest, and in a way that is a good thing since the maps are all RNG. I’ve had maps give me a setup where I had 10’s of thousands of balls in the end; to maps that gave me 40 or less before the second part with rows of negatives waiting for the rest..Version: 1.9.2

Surprisingly Fun, Simple Mechanic Broken By AdsDownloaded to see why this was at the top spot, and I’m not sure why. There are so many ads, you can’t feel like you can play the ‘game’ part of this mobile advertising application. Ads can be used to monetize free casual games well, or poor, but this is just atrocious. The ‘you did better that #% of people’ is based only on the number of balls you happen to create, not based on how many other balls people created playing this ‘level’. Which, I don’t think there are any true levels, because when you hit the ‘circular arrow’ in the top left, or retry if you don’t get 3 stars, it populates with a whole new area. You can’t even change your own name, so who are all those names for the rankings? The ‘ranking’ doesn’t feel real, and instead is meant to give you a sense of progression that’s completely false. But it got to the number one spot despite all this, which means they know their target audience, and exploited it. To think this is what people want; the more I think about that I’m just... there are no words..Version: 1.8

Not Bad.Overall, it’s not a bad game. the idea of the game is great and i’m obsessed. but i have a few suggestions. As fun as the game is, there doesn’t seem to be a point to it. Like u just keep playing levels, you’re not really playing for anything. Instead, add different colored balls, or make different shapes and designs instead of the basic white ones. But make them cost coins or diamonds. The more you play the more coins or diamonds you’ll collect. that way people will play more and collect coins to buy different balls. (lol). You could make different colored backgrounds, different power ups, and over all u could make the game so much more fun. You should also add sound affects too to make it more fun, these are a few things i’d love to see in this game. :) Also not to mention that all the levels are the same. If you don’t like the level, you can restart it and it gives u a different obstacle at random. as levels go on, it should be harder, because i’m on level 250 and it’s still as easy as the first level. please consider reading this and thank you :)).Version: 2.0.0

Great game, but...It’s a great time killer, very satisfying, and fun. Plus, there’s a little meter you get after hitting 500 balls in one level that counts how good you are compared to others, in a “Better than #% of players!” way. However, I finally got 99% and took a screenshot... only for the game to give me a review pop up right as I took the picture, and by the time I could clear the popup the meter was already gone. If not for that, I would have rated five stars..Version: 1.8

New game update ideaYou should just make the cup/hole at the end of every level bigger just in case the entire level gets flooded with balls (no homo) so the balls (no homo again) can go down faster and not waste 30 minutes of your time WAITING FOR ALL OF THE BALLS TO GO DOWN WHEN THERE STILL MULTIPLYING BY 6X THEN A 4X THEN A 3X TIMES FROM THEN A FINAL TWO WHOLE 2X THAT GOES UP AND REPEATS THE ENTIRE 6X, 4X AND 3X!!!! >:( and yes it did take me 30 whole minutes to complete a level like that. (My longest time on a level was 2 hours and 57 minutes).Version: 1.8

The Update Only Made It WorseThe game is ok. It’s mindlessly enjoyable, with not much else going on The game has had a lag problem for a while. I’m on level 184, with over 1.6 million score. When you have a run with the 2nd round having over 500 balls, the game just dies. It’ll play, but it will lag beyond belief. The new update changes the visuals. I personally liked the original style, but the new style is kind of interesting What they didn’t say in the new update, is they changed the way the game registers balls. Originally, when a ball passes through 2x, you would get 3 balls (your original ball and 2 more) making it more like a 3x. Now, it works like it’s supposed to where you only get 2 balls instead of 3. There was another feature where if on the first set if there were 3 layers of multipliers and the bottom was a blue upwards boost of, the entire screen would fill to the top with balls. It was pretty satisfying and you’d have over 4000 balls in the first round. Earlier, I said I was on level 184, but the levels don’t mean anything. If you start the level and immediately reset, the game will give you a completely different level design. Overall, if the game fixes its lag and makes cooler level designs with different layouts, and you got a good game.Version: 1.9.1

Brilliant game but..This game is fun for me and I love it. However, being the critical thinker I am, I’ve mathed out what results I “should” get based on the gates the balls drop through, but I was always low. It took me a few minutes of watching and waiting for a super simple level with like one gate to go through. Then I figured it out. The way the gates work isn’t multiplicatively like it looks like it should. Or I guess it does, thinking about it in writing this, but they are all one digit lower than the balls actually split off. Say your first balls goes through a x2 gate, and that’s the only gate they fall through, you think you should end up with 6 balls in the cup, but you really end up with 9. In reality, you drop the ball through a x2 gate you are winding up with 3 times the balls. A x3 gate yields 4 times the balls sent through, etc. Other than the math issue that I spent a good few sessions contemplating, this game is really addictive..Version: 1.8

Has some problemsSuper addicting game, but there is a few problems. First, way to many ads. I usually just play without WiFi, but after seeing some reviews, I turned it on to see how big the problem was. This has to be the most ads I’ve seen on a mobile game. There is ATLEAST 1 ad every level (sometimes 2) with a optional upgrade that cost an ad, aswell as a small ad at the bottom of your screen. I know, you need to make money, but this is just ridiculous. Second, this problem is rare, but still there. Once, on the first part of the stage, I get good RNG. No, way to good RNG. RNG so good that I am stuck in a infinite loop because balls are constantly duplicating. Seriously, I got up to 300k and just stopped because it was taking to long and every time it looks like it was about to stop the screen filled up again. Repeat that about 200 times and there is no hope that it end soon. Just a quick mention, if you are having a problem with constant crashing (while playing not in loading) and battery drain, you should probably get a new device because I didn’t experience either..Version: 1.8

I love this game, please getWhen I first saw this game, an ad on social media, I didn't expect it to be this good. Like almost every other game on the App Store, there's usually millions of ad pop popping through as you're playing. I personally hate that because you don't get to enjoy the fun in the game. But this game is different, there's one ad per like not even 20 seconds. And you really get to enjoy the game itself. I love the enjoyment on this game because you have the option to move the cup around, obviously, in some games don't have that. Some other games on the App Store don't even like you interact on the game. If you're confused what I mean by that is the game does it for you, but you just move your hand around the screen. This game is 100% better because you're 100% going to interact with everything that's going on. Nothing changes on the app itself in the enjoyment throughout all of the levels. I also love how there is a leaderboard. I always like to get a goal every day and see how far I get. Some games I don't have a leaderboard aren't that enjoyable. Overall I love this game so much and I have been on it for several days in a row. I'm still looking forward to five more games like this, but it will be hard because it is so fun..Version: 1.8

EhhhhOkay let’s start it off, I love this game, it is such a good idea. I have been playing forever and I have been trying to get to the top of the leaderboard. I will say some of the levels are really overpowered... some of them I have to wait about 5 minutes for all the balls to go through. I know the doesn’t sound like a lot but in a game like this, I just really love this game just how it WAS. That brings me to my second statement. The new update with the different “visuals”, the hand, 3D..... I absolutely HATE THE UPDATE. It makes the game look like one of the crappy games you see in adds and they cost like nothing to make. The old one was so much more calming and wasn’t an eyesore all the time. I’m just saying I miss the old one..... before i end this review, I can’t help but have to state the fact that NONE OF THE MATH IS RIGHT like c’mon something that would be nice about the game is that at least they can GET THE MATH RIGHT. But on a quick change I can’t wait to see what else this game can offer though. I’m sorry for this tough review but it’s true. The leaderboard is really fun and cool, there might be fake people but still. Anyway if you have read this review to here I would like to say this game has good potential and you should totally download it if ur looking for relaxing distracting game..Version: 1.9.1

It’s a really fun game butI really like this game cause it’s super easy and not that difficult but 1 problem I have is with the percentage of being better than blank percent of players ,I got a 25,000 ball score, (yes I did get 25,000 I was super shocked when I got it) and it was stuck at 99% better than other players, but it was just there for thousands starting at like 12,000, so I don’t think it can go any higher that 99% so I wish it was able to and maybe even give you like a reward like 2x starting balls for life or something..Version: 1.8

Never worksI love this game and used to play it a lot when I first downloaded it. Although after a certain while the game refuses to work at all. When I launch the app I will either get a never ending black screen or the game will load a level but freeze and never unfreeze. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, as well as restarting my phone and changing other settings. I do not know what the issue is or if other people are having this issue. If it is a bug in the game please fix it soon..Version: 1.9.2

Great idea, terrible executionThis game could’ve been amazing! But where to start? Way too many ads! 2 ads per level? That’s a ridiculous amount, considering how quick the levels are. This game eats through your batter like no tomorrow. Played for 10 minutes, lost 30% of my battery. Isn’t this just a game about falling balls? Shouldn’t be that hard to run. Also, game freezes way too many times, even when there are no more than 50 balls on the screen. Again, why is this difficult? What made me delete the game was when it crashed on me when I was on a massive streak. I ended with 3300+ balls on the first part, and was on track to have over 30k, but the game froze several times and eventually crashed at around 21k. I would’ve at least doubled my score I had at the time. At this point, I realized this either doesn’t want me to succeed, or is just so poorly optimized that it is not worth playing. TL/DR: Super great idea. Super poorly executed..Version: 1.8

Deleted Progress and very repetitiveI played this game for about 2 hours and was making good progress even though the game is very repetitive with little options to do anything besides tilt a cup over, yet somehow i was hooked to it for those 2 hours. I also had to play on airplane mode in order to avoid the advertisements that came on after what seemed like every other round.. Anyway, after playing for a while the game froze so I closed the app and every time I tried to open it, it stayed on a black screen. I deleted the app and downloaded it again but lost all of my progress without any way to recover it. I didn’t feel like wasting more of my time tilting a cup so I deleted the app for good..Version: 1.9.2

Poorly MadeDon’t get me wrong, I play it a lot. But there are so many issues. For one, the ranking system is fake. Two, the better then meter is fake. Everything is at fixed numbers. Three, there are no levels. It claims to have “levels” but it’s really just random and the restart function does nothing. Four, some “levels” are impossible. For example, on one level I just did, the first part the max number of balls I can get is 25, then in the second part every lane is a minus with no multiplier. It is impossible to get more then 50 balls in this level. There are plenty of other issues. Just read the other reviews. Also, bad advertising. Literally I could make better advertisements..Version: 1.8

Fun, satisfying, and addictive butThe ranking system is fake, and I think the meter for the high score is just a function that caps the value at 99%. Starting with the ranking system: I took the time to play the game for a couple days and get to #1 on the leaderboard, and as I rose to the top, the names switched around every when I got to the top 5. This is evidence that the game has a random name generator for each position. I reached #1 exactly when I reached one million collected balls, so I think each rank has a range of values that a player has to have in order to place in that rank. With the high score meter, I would get lucky in a round, and shoot really fast up to 99% but it would never let me get 100% even after it took 10 seconds to get to 99% and the balls kept collecting at the same rate for a few more minutes. Side note: the level system is fake also; each attempt to complete a level is different, and if you restart it changes. The level count is just the number of completed runs..Version: 1.8

Doesn’t workThis game looked like it’d be really fun but once I downloaded it and started playing I almost immediately deleted it. You start with a certain number of balls which are then supposedly multiplied by a certain factor as they pass through the multiplying bands (x2 x3 etc.), but it doesn’t actually multiply. You’ll usually end up with an astronomical number that is much higher than you could possibly get to starting with the number of balls you start with and passing through the bands. Essentially it is just letting you win over and over making it not a game but just a mundane task. Would not recommend.Version: 1.8

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.3.0

Help!I love this game but I haven’t been able to open it, please fix!.Version: 1.9.2

Fast forward!I haven’t been able to put this game down once for days, it’s very addicting, but please add a fast forward button! Or maybe automatically speed the game up once you get to 1000 at the end. Other than that, great game!.Version: 1.9.2

Dumb gameIt’s fun but same adds over and over again it makes it boaring I want to say I know my abcs abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.Version: 1.9.2

Love this gameAlthough this is the most obvious money grab of the century, I can’t stop playing, and to all the people complaining about ads, just turn your data off..Version: 1.8

Inoying adsIt’s a decent game it’s just there’s a lot of inoying ads that you wach almost all of the time. You wach an ad after every game and even In between..Version: 1.8

Worst money hungry software developers of the centuryGame doesn’t even work right but of course the ads work just fine. keeps crashing for no reason, but you won’t believe what, it works on wifi just fine, and when theres wifi on, voodoo games work perfect all of a sudden and the ads come rolling in every breath I take. i wish nothing but the worst for this company lol.Version: 1.9.2

Fix the bugsGame keeps glitching and it would freeze entirely. would still glitch despite exiting the app several times. sometimes the app crashes and exits. also so many ads. there’s an ad after every move, which is SO annoying. the higher up you are on the leaderboard, the less & lower multipliers you see..Version: 1.8

Best game but no very fastThis is a really good game for kids under 12 and also good for adults like me.Version: 2.0.0

Enjoyable game but crashedBeen playing this game for a good month or so, got into the 300’s got the new update with the visuals & got about 20-30 games in, and my game crashed cashing it not to work anymore. I try opening it and it just black screens.Version: 1.9.1

Bit of a cheatI you get to a ranking but sometimes (it go’s really fast so you) it go’s down instead of up when you have done a great job.Version: 1.8

MehGames a good one to play when your trying to pass time until it glitches and freezes, ads show gameplay different to what you get to experience, never seen a multiplier above 6x and that’s on a rare occasion, if they made the ads actual gameplay or made actual gameplay the same as the ads and fixed the crashing glitch I’d say the game would be much more enjoyable and attract more attention..Version: 1.9.2

GameThis game is the best game every and I love it so keep this game.Version: 1.8

GlitchesAbsolutely loving this game however it’s glitched and won’t let me play anymore. Every time you exit the game and go back in, it glitches..Version: 1.9.2

Fake rankingAfter playing this game for a month, I realised that the ranking is actually fake… everytime I see the ranking it’s different names. Fun game though.Version: 2.0.0

Game is freezingAfter passing about level 450 the game froze and every time I reload the game it freezes again and is unplayable PLEASE FIX.Version: 1.8

Absolutely disgustingTwo ads a round, both longer than it takes to play the game. Effectively unplayable at this point. Don't even bother getting..Version: 2.0.0

Screen freezesWhen I open it the screen freezes.Version: 1.8

Constant CrashingFun little game to play for a while, now every time I play it it seems to force crash when I have a large score If not for this glitch it would be worthwhile....Version: 1.8

GoodIt’s a good game but now every time I open it keeps freezing so can u fix it pls.Version: 1.9.2

Lots of adsYou spend more time watching ads then playing the game.Version: 1.8

Watch ads simulatorEvery move requires watching ads. I have played 4 stages so far and spent three times as long watching ads as playing the game.Version: 2.0.0

Garbage add cluttered gamePlay for 15 seconds and get an add. Another 15 seconds, another add. Deleted the game within 5 minutes of downloading. Complete garbage not worth a single second of my time..Version: 1.9.2

Fun game but it just freezes when opening the gameThe game is fun, but there a many times I had to close the game to open it up again. I’ve hit level 100 now it just doesn’t want to start the next level. The game is now unplayable please fix this.Version: 1.8

FREEZINGGame froze so i had to delete app then redownload but all my progress restarted and i was top 9000, disappointed.Version: 1.8

It’s a good gameIt was rly good but do t rly like the new visuals, maybe there’s should be an option to choose between them tho idk.Version: 1.9.1

Significantly reduce or remove adsGame is actually fun however you’re watching an ad 95% of the time. You get maybe 1 - 2 turns and a 30s ad pops up- when I say turn I literally mean move, not even a full round. Ridiculous..Version: 1.8

HelpI always played this but now whenever i play it it just freezes and i cant fix it.Version: 1.9.2

Quantity Over QualityVoodoo is literally all about pumping ads into any game just for a profit don’t expect this game to be any different..Version: 1.8

Fix your gameIt’s ok but when I got to top 1000 it stopped working.Version: 1.8

Riddled with adsPlay for 20 second intervals for 30 second ads.Version: 1.8

.This game is awesome but the only thing that’s missing is a fast forward button.Version: 1.9.2

Love the game but it crashes too easilyI can’t even open the game without it crashing or freezing, it’s a bit hard to play when the game won’t let me.Version: 1.8

MehFun game and way to many ads i understand its how you make money but its a little toooo much.Version: 1.8

To many addsGood game but to many adds.Version: 1.8

The constant freezing and glitching is annoying, but otherwise good.I’ve been seeing a lot of people make this same complaint, so I’m just gonna do the same. The game has become almost unplayable with how much it freezes and glitches and it just doesn’t work. It’s come to the point where it won’t even open the game, it’ll just crash, and if it does load, it’s already frozen. I’ve tried everything possible to get it to stop, and it won’t. As fun as it is, and it IS a really fun game and a good time killer, it just doesn’t work after a certain amount of time. Unlike others, I don’t really have a problem with ads, but that’s simply because I turn my data and wifi off and they go away. I’ve played with wifi and data on to see if that makes a difference in it not working, and it doesn’t. As much as I like playing this game, I’m deleting it, and if you’re thinking of downloading it, don’t bother, it’s not worth it..Version: 1.8

EhThis app is okay very glitchy not sure if its my wifi but overall it guess it good.Version: 1.8

Bug fixThe game keeps glitching and won’t open and when it does it won’t load and let me play.Version: 1.8

The heckA few minutes after I play almost everything turns black please fix this bug there is no places I can play so you really have to fix this bug then no one will be able to play the game please fix the bug this game is really good I want to play it without the bugs so really PLEASE fix the bug I just want to play the game it is like the best game in my apps but it’s has this bug I wish that this bug could be fixed so please fix the bug.Version: 1.9.1

Awesome game but it’s not opening for me?I live this game and I played it for a day but when I opened it today it’s just keeps crashing when I try to open it. Please fix this. If you need to know I’m using an iPhone SE 2020 on the latest iOS version.Version: 1.9.2

More ad time than game timeThe actual game goes for like 15 seconds and then you have to watch an ad every single time. I understand ads generate money to make it a free game but at least give us some back to back gaming time before we are forced to watch an ad..Version: 2.0.0

AdsConstantly getting ads. After every stage, Between sections of the same stage. Ads all the time..Version: 1.8

Good gameThis is a very good and entertaining game. My only concern is the amount of adds it’s got. If it gives me options with or without an ad, if i click no it will still bring up an ad, and ads in between every move i make. Thanks, may you guys fix those errors, but overall I like it!.Version: 2.0.0

Not respondingThis game has stopped working and has been freezing.Version: 1.9.2

CrashesWas entertaining until it starting to quit itself and wouldn’t load again. My device is an iPad Pro gen2.Version: 1.9.2

Too many adsGreat game but the amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. I think there are more ads than game time. Slightly putting me off the game itself which can actually be very fun.Version: 1.8

Nothing but gambling ads 😓Every single level. Deceptive ads, littered with designs dark patterns that trick users into clicking onto ads when clearly trying to close. No doubt a class action for Apple in the future..Version: 1.9.2

Avoid.Too many ads, too much tracking..Version: 1.8

The new updateIt is about a 4/10 I want it like before Plzzzzzzzzzz.Version: 1.9.1

Adds 🤬Fun game but the adds are a massive turn off. Adds literally after every single stage and sometimes half way through. It’s really annoying.Version: 1.8

Many annoying thingsFirst off, not even sure if the top people are real. I have never gone down ranks. Whereas I’ve gone up from 10,000 to 25th in about 2 days. And I still haven’t gone down after closing the app and leaving for a few hours then getting a low score to see my rank. Also, there are a TON of ads. But just wifi off and that’s fixed. There is about a 1 in 300 chance you find one of the “perfect levels” where you have a bounce and a 6x on its side and a 3/4 and a 4 leading up to that 6. And when you do. Almost everytime it crashes or lasts forever and then eventually crashes after an hour or so..Version: 1.8

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Bounce and collect 2.3.0 Update

Version 2.3.0 (2021-08-03): - Bug fixes.

Version 2.0.0 (2021-07-13): - Bug Fixes.

Version 1.9.2 (2021-06-15): - Minor optimizations.

Version 1.8 (2021-04-27): - Major optimizations - New languages.