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Build your Island with your wood !

Craft Island App User Reviews & Comments

Very good gameBut need more levels at least 100 more😀 And more buildings.Version: 1.2

To many adsHonestly this game is good but there’s to many ads please fix this.Version: 1.2

Waiting on Island #3Can’t wait for the next island, hopefully I could get an ETA for when the next update is..Version: 1.2

Horrible unoptimizedIf you want your phone to burn your hands and your battery to die within a half hour this this should be the game for you. This really can’t be good on the phones physical battery with how hot it gets.Version: 1.2

Too many adsThere is to many ads in the game please take out ads.Version: 1.1

Too many adsThis game could be fun if I didn’t have to wait to skip an ad every other time I collect wood or decline to have a better axe. Felt like more time was spent with ads than playing the game. I really like playing the game though, it’s simple and fun. Maybe if they do something about the ads I’ll redownload but it’s staying deleted for now.Version: 1.2

Not enough content to many adsI’ve played this game for like a day and I’ve already completed everything they force ads onto you every minute and most of the things you build don’t do anything collecting doesn’t have any purpose other than getting more I would not recommend this to anyone.Version: 1.0

Great game tons of ads and crashesLike the title says game is fun and simple but between the crashes (5 times in about an hour) and the ads it’s almost impossible to play. Also I cannot get into it now after it’s most recent crash.Version: 1.2

Amazing game but one thing Wrong 😑Too many ads besides the ads the game is so fun 🤩. I play it on my break any where I go and in my house I’d recommend downloading this game.Version: 1.2

Too many adsThe game concept is great, but there are way too many ads. When you chop down a tree there is a chance for a power to drop out of it when you hit it. A notification pops up asking if you want to watch an ad to get the power up, but even if you say “no” then it’ll still play an ad. Just please less ads.Version: 1.2

Absolutely love this gameReady to see world 3 and hope there will be mannnnnyyyyy more!!!!!!.Version: 1.2

Don’t over farmSo I managed to build 170k wood on the second island however only maybe 15k of it actually counts so now I’m just sitting here with a huge amount of wood showing that I can’t use to build and I can’t sell it other than that that game is vary fun however the adds drove me to spending on the app just to remove them.Version: 1.2

Very goodIt needs more islands with the boat to travel after you travel to next island with more wood and upgrades.Version: 1.1

Rip-off!I was playing the game,(this has happened multiple times) and the offer for infinite damage came up, and I had to watch a video to get it, which I totally understand, but when I said “No Thanks”, it made me watch an ad anyway. Even worse, I didn’t get Infinite damage! When the ad was over, my character had walked to the edge of the island and was wasting ALL of my money. The game isn’t a bad game, but it’s kinda boring. You should be able to do more in it. Please fix the ad thing and make it so when you’re watching an ad your character doesn’t move. Overall, the game should get a solid 3 star rating. Thanks!.Version: 1.1

AddsThere are too much ads please get rude of some of them when ever I collect my wood or build something ads pop up so if you could please fix that I would rate 5 stars.Version: 1.1

Good but glitches my phoneI love this app, it is a very fun game and addicting, but it makes my phone heat up a ton and then i have to restart my phone because my phone can’t handle it. i have an iphone 11 and this shouldn’t be happening. hope to see this fixed in the near future!.Version: 1.2

Way too many adsI love the game but having to deal with ads every 5 min is annoying.Version: 1.2

Too many bugsThe game is nice and all but there are too many glitches and bugs in the game the worst one is sometimes you can't even interact with ANYTHING! It’s so annoying I wish you could fix it. If you fixed it it would be way easier to actually play the game because the only thing that works all the time is cutting down trees. To all those people: turn airplane mode on if the ads glitch or there are too many of them. Those reviews are completely useless. There none of my business anyways....Version: 1.2

Fun but to many adsI actually find the game to be very fun, but every time I do something I got an add. It’s like you want to upgrade your axe once and you get and add, if you want to collect from you wood farm you get an add, it really ruins the experience of the game and makes me not want to play..Version: 1.2

Awesome but shortI was able to craft the entire island in around two hours total over a few days time. I dig the game, but more content is added, it’s a pretty quick run..Version: 1.2

UpdateI’m actually pleasantly surprised, the update really did bring in some nice new content and a promise for more! Excited for more game play!.Version: 1.2

ONLY TWO LEVELS😂DONT WASTE YOUR TIMEI played for like two ish hours and I basically beat the game cause you can’t use the second ship. There’s not much more to the game after first 5 mins of playing, it’s just repeating. Your basically working for this company by playing this game. Sad how apps these days have become all about the money and not the content. Ads have ruined apps and this game is no exception. So yea don’t even bother with this one if you value your own existence👍.Version: 1.2

Good gameI already maxed out my level. Pretty fun game. Can’t wait for the next island. Here’s some tips: -only watch ads when you want to upgrade stuff ( like your ax and wood mill. It only takes a couple of minutes and before you know it you fully upgraded everything ). No need to waste coins on since you’re going to be needing the coins more to expand the land. -once you’re done fully upgrading all your stuff just put it on airplane mode so you don’t have to watch any more ads..Version: 1.2

Auto 1 starGets my personal data Why does this game have to be in my business looked fun to bad did even accept the terms and conditions to see if game would be any fun hey developers mind your business and let us enjoy the game.Version: 1.1

Finished entire game in an hourThis game is great (put on airplane mode to eliminate ads) I finished the entire game on an hour. So if you only need to pass an hour then it’s great. After that there’s nothing to do.Version: 1.1

Virtually unplayableI love the concept and the game itself, I really do... but there’s so many ads that you can’t even make the progress that you should within the first hour of playing... not to mention how quickly it eats up my phone battery and makes my phone heat up... such a simple game shouldn’t make my phone feel like it’s about to explode and there shouldn’t be nearly as many ads as there are....Version: 1.0

Very fun, but doesn’t lastIt’s actually a lot of fun to continually upgrade your island and house and such, but it doesn’t last long. I beat the game in an hour or two without using any power ups, there is an unused boat so I hope they will keep adding on. Fun game, hope to see it grow.Version: 1.2

Crashes a lot.App is fun, but my game crashes a lot when ads play. I avoid picking up extras, but an ad usually plays anyway, and it’s hit or miss if my game will shut down. I never lost progress so that was a plus, but now my game just loads to a black screen and is unplayable..Version: 1.2

Too many ads and crashesThis looks to be a fun relaxing game. I say looks to be because with forced ads every few minutes, frequents crashes from ads, and constant failures starting it’s difficult to say for sure. If you are going to force someone to pay to remove the ads just to be able to play, make the game a pay game. In addition, forcing someone to accept collection of personal information to play claiming GDPR goes against the very nature of GDPR and is just downright slimey.Version: 1.2

Make the boat usefulIt’s a fun game. But they don’t make use of the boat yet *knocks on wood* So that you can travel to different islands but you can still travel back and you can keep the wood and gold you earned from the last island.Version: 1.1

Great concept, poor contentMore or less a simplified survival game, your task is really to just expand your island and improve the buildings on it. Problem is, assuming you have airplane mode on to stop ads, this game lasts maybe an hour or 2. Nothing is randomly generated despite the game design being perfect for it, and very few structures actually serve a purpose. I get the feeling the creator made a conceptually interesting game just so he could collect the ad revenue from those of us who didn’t bother reading the reviews..Version: 1.1

99.9% ads. Probably will delete because of itProbably just gonna delete the game. It would be fun if you weren’t plagued with ads. Even if you decide not to watch an ad for double earnings or for an axe, you still have to watch an ad..Version: 1.2

Great gameI got addicted to game sure there ads but I just bought the ads blocker but other than that it’s great I can’t wait for the next update.Version: 1.2

Addicting but would give five starsI would give 5 stars but there are sooo many ads I mean like every minute. It would also be more fun if there were more islands to explore and such..Version: 1.1

Far too many adsIn the first five minuets I had to watch give ads, then I immediately deleted the game. Every so often you can watch an add for special items, I choose no, and I am still forced to sit through an add..Version: 1.2

More stuff to doI did everything already and I had it less than an hour.Version: 1.1

Can you fix this?Hey so it’s a fun game but I paid to remove my ads and I still have to watch the ads for the rewards..Version: 1.2

So soGame start off ok but after I purchased the cancel add option in market my game no longer loads. If fixed I will continue to play for sure though..Version: 1.2

Very goodI like the game and the rest of it but the problem is that you get ads a minute like it's annoying bruhv.Version: 1.1

Why do I need a titleGood game but not enough content. I completed everything in about a hour and a half. Pls add more worlds and items..Version: 1.2

UpdatesHey I got the game about a hour ago and I completely finished the game will there be a world 3 or more?.Version: 1.2

ADDSWay to many adds I can’t play the game without something popping up love the game but it just becomes so boring because of the adds.Version: 1.2

Love the gameIt’s a great game fun to build your islands and upgrade your house/mill but within an hour i beat the game unlocked/upgraded everything to max and my wood/coins is in the hundreds of thousands, when is world 3 coming?? i need more.Version: 1.2

Hard to control the personI can barely control my person please add touch control to The settings..Version: 1.2

So many addsThis game has so many adds and it spams you with an add when ever you do something I think there is so many adds and I can’t enjoy the game I deleted this app the same day I got it because it has an add every minute.Version: 1.1

Neat concept but problemsWhile I was playing the game, haven’t even left the first little island yet, and the game shut off on me four times. I got pretty aggravated so I deleted the game. If you want to have people playing your game you need to fix this problem. In other words the game is fun it is a neat concept for a game.Version: 1.2

IssuesThis game is great and fun. But every time there is an ad the game exits out and I can’t use the axes or get the gold. Also I have been playing it for a whole day and now it won’t open for me and I want to keep playing but I can’t bc it won’t open. There is no update on it. Please send a fix to this because I really like this game.Version: 1.2

Ads are ridiculousThe game is fun, but you can’t play for 10-seconds without an ad automatically interrupting play. I watch the ads for upgrades and such frequently, but they still pop up so much on their own that it takes 2-minutes of ads to play 30-seconds of the game. It’s ridiculous. Bye..Version: 1.2

Ads ads adsThis game is terrible. The only reason I say it’s terrible is because the ads. I’m a 19 year old you think I got time to be writing ios app reviews? Duck no. But I decided to due to the shear assness of this game. Don’t download this unless you want to exit out of ads you didn’t ask for every 25 seconds..Version: 1.1

AdsFun game but the golden axe upgrade drops way too often, forcing you to open a prompt that tries to get you to watch an ad. Even in airplane mode where it can’t force ads on you the game is nearly unplayable because all they care about is money :(.Version: 1.2

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Version 1.2 (2021-02-20): - Discover a whole new world: Reach the boat to unlock it! - A brand new level system: earn experience to win rewards! - Hire your lumberjack buddy to help you in your quest! - New boosts to improve your character! - 3 IAP with awesome bonus! - Bug fixes - Performance improvements.

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