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MC-Timer plays music for timed intervals.

You can use this app to have some fun during workout sessions like Tabata, intervals, HIIT, or circuit training, where you have multiple, timed sets of exercise and rest phases. MC-Timer will guide you through your planned workout by playing music during the high-effort exercise phases and by being quiet during the pauses.

No need to constantly look at your watch.

Just listen to the music.

Your music.

When the work phases are shorter than the typical duration of a song, then you can nicely play a new song for each set. Let yourself be surprised and allow MC-Timer to play a randomly chosen song for each set. And if you do not want to listen to mellow song intros, you can set MC-Timer to play a suitably long section from the "heart" of the song.

While the workout is playing, you can see your progress within each set and within the entire session by looking at the progress rings and the countdown timers. The progress rings are distinct and remain legible even from the other side of the room. To make this possible, the display will stay on while MC-Timer is playing your session.

Feel free to pause your workout at any time. You can easily skip forwards or backwards in your list of sets. Independently from that, you can also skip between items in your music playlist.

MC-Timer synchronizes the workout definitions across your devices. If you like to use a bigger screen, play the workouts using dedicated MC-Timer apps on iPad or Apple TV.

The workout details are fully customizable. You can, but you don't have to:

- define any number of repeated sets of "music" and "pause" phases;
- insert special sets without music to create longer pauses;
- choose all the songs that will be played;
- use the playlist as is or randomize it;
- select whether you want to skip to the next song for each set;
- play tracks from the beginning or from the middle.


- use optional countdown beeps;
- pick a fun alert sound to play at the start or end of each music phase, or at the end of the session;
- select from 35 custom sounds: bells, horns, special effects and cute animals;

A few geeky details:

- Each set consists of a "music" phase and a "pause" phase, optionally repeated multiple times.
- Music and pause times are entered in seconds.
- Unless you defined a specific start delay, your session will start with a silent, 3-second countdown step.
- A complete session always ends at its last music phase, i.e. the very last pause is skipped.
- MC-Timer accurately times your workout; unlike other apps, there are no timing errors that accumulate as the session progresses.
- The counters/timers in the playback view can be tapped to toggle between counting up or down.
- The shuffle mode randomises the order in which the songs are played. That is to say: songs will not be repeated until all songs in the playlist have been played.
- You can override the default system-wide appearance and always use the app in its dark or light appearance.

Please consult with a physician prior to engaging in a new exercise program, even more so if this is not something that you are used to.

MC-Timer on the Apple TV

You can easily playback your workout sessions directly on Apple TV by using the MC-Timer companion app for Apple TV. However, you cannot edit the sessions there; you need to do that on your iPhone or iPad and sync your changes via iCloud. Also note that since your (iTunes) media library is not available on Apple TV, you will need an Apple Music subscription in order to play music.

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MC-Timer 1.1 Update

Version 1.1 (2021-02-22): - Introduces optional 4-second countdown beep tones. - Revives background audio playback. - Unloads a deleted session from the player..

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