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Keep track of what you find and where. Especially useful for those using Metal Detectors. Start by adding a Site, with each site being able to keep track of your Finds and areas where you have searched. With each Find, you can add a category, rating, notes, and a picture using the camera or from your photo library.

Totally customizable to meet your specific needs. Set the map to be a satellite view, road view, or a hybrid view. Use either Miles or Kilometers for measuring distances. Add and Edit the categories used to classify your finds.

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SmilingSailor.Ladies, if you plan to cheat on him after making him buy you Bone straight hair. Use Our Gorilla Glue to hold the bone straight on your head strong. My dear, you have to defend your loot. No spirit of hair removal will find you Amen. .

/dev/nullIf I don't find another closer decently sized Swamp I might just make a new world and try to find it there, thanks to persistence of characters I can just loot all the scrap iron and bring it right back to my main base, bypassing the "no teleporting with metals" rule..

Sas@TheTrueVanguard The problem with getting people in to trials is having to go to LFG, I think. At least that's my main threshold. Then there's gotta be a reason to go through that entire LFG ordeal of hoping you find anyone reasonable that won't quit or rage, IE loot reasons. EOG or bounty loot..

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Paul@TitanfallBlog Yep, with all the hackers you are inundated with the only loot box I find is my own. Yep just tried again still can’t get in it............

Sam🤣 Casually grinding quests with my friends and three butt-hurt "40 year olds" with WIVES chased us for 3 hours. We decided to end the fun and we boarded their ship and killed them to find TONS of loot. 😅 Gotta love Sea of Thieves.. #seaofthieves .

Wolf of Thor@RyleHoshi @Valheimgame Over 100 hrs so far. We've got a dedicated server we run and we're 4-6 people playing on it daily. Only once did my friend not find his "Body/Loot" We just had him use the console in his own game and got his equippement back. Invisible mobs we have not seen yet. Unlucky..

Darick Oswalt | CHARM3RTonight, I'm streaming @PlayRuneterra like I frequently do BUT there's a catch: I'm a #PrimeSponsor this time. That's right, the first hour of my stream is sponsored by @primegaming so stop by and find out how to get a free epic wildcard and other loot. .

⁉️New Year More !PANIC! ~ #BLM 🤜🏻🤛🏾@bbrode You mean like these? I wish I could find my Loot Deck so I could show the rest off... (Yes a deck built completely from Looy Cards...) .

Plain, Simple Plippy>be pirate >sailing in Sea of Thieves >it’s going well >other crews not interested in attacking >setting sail to port to earn at least 50k easy >30 second power cut >won’t be able to go back to the same server to find my loot >mfw .

PStabsI'm legitimately analyzing data on my day off of work. It's Trials data so it's video game related so it's not really work right? Does anyone have a list of what the loot was for each week for Trials or know where I can find one? #Destiny2 .

Madridista—Abdlwahab ★ 🇳🇬@gbemy01 @oladejo_funmi @bimbo_cash @Ralphjinity Hello o!!! We continue next Friday !!! @oladejo_funmi wake up o!!! Over to @bimbo_cash !! Palliative sharing ni easy biko!!! Never again!! Loot @bimbo_cash next Friday... she’s your palliative... rush her beyen @Ralphjinity if you find my trouble again🥴🥴 🤣🤣🤣.

Thdlock@eyad23470 @BSqueeze303 Find a good guild I started christmas of 2015 looking for guilds and this guild was on christmas break and helped with a heroic HFC run to get me my tier set and I did not get mythic loot for a few weeks because they needed to trust me I earned their trust and I got the loot..

LaIkre🌃I've been counting minutes It's 3am I need to call it Thinking about you is real shxt Oh how I wish my neck would slit I've never reached your expectations to suite You have never started the path to root Break the ground till you find your loot Ignore me, the only filthy soot.

Crisp@thevikingjim I mean, I will leave all my bald eagles at home. But I need hot sauce in my life. I had a four hour quest in Dublin trying to find something that wasn’t Tabasco, and I’ve learned to keep that loot on me now..

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