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Physique Goal App Download

Most of us are working out to build symmetric muscular bodies, but few of us know exactly what that is.

This easy-to-use app not only shows you what the muscular proportions of U.S. average, Ideal, Brawny, and Champion physiques are, it shows you how close your build is to each of them.

Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig in their best condition approached the ideal physique. This is the one most women find most attractive.

The brawny physique represents an advanced bodybuilder who does not use steroids.

The champion physique is a viable contestant for a Natural Bodybuilder Contest.

People don't normally have ideal bone sizes for their height. This app adjusts all the muscular proportions depending on whether you have larger or small bones than ideal.

It also keeps track of your physical proportions and the progress you have made since your first measurements were taken. You choose U.S. units or Metric units.

Instructions pop up when you tap the name of what you are measuring, such as chest, biceps, etc. Percent body fat is calculated for you.

Jump between measurement entry, your build, average, ideal, brawny, and champion physiques pages with a tap.

Measurement history and progress are also available with a finger tap.


Physique Goal App User Reviews & Comments

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Mazi GOONdogan👽💫@MilitantXhaka @Lj9Liam @nocontextfooty Physique/physical strength, stamina, dancing during goal celebraions, tint hair/dreads. Showboating is majorly associated with street football but pro football there is less showboating there.

Optimus-9aul@ISamcyn You see that physique that's the goal this year.. 💪.

Mark Bski 🇺🇸🐶@JessJonesLdn On my 100+ lb we loss journey, I’ve done scads of 24-48 hr fasts, one each 3,4,&5 day fasts. As I close in on my desired physique I do not see a need for me to go past 36 hrs. What’s your reason or goal?.

FittrI was involved in a lot of sports activities and being fast & powerful on the field & maintaining an aesthetic fit body was what I always wanted. I had my goal physique set in my mind. But again, without a proper guidance, I made millions of mistakes on my way..

FISH@CosmoDiGirolamo Goal physique and probably attainable natty.

Steve WyssMayron George, who was pretty ineffective in the Eliteserien at Vålerenga has been on fire since joining Pau! 3rd goal in 4 games for him and his sheer physique is causing all sorts of problems in French #Ligue2 .

Kunte’s KidGoal physique for me at 50 tbh .

Kentronttv@icemantvgaming Is your goal just to get stronger? Or do you have physique specific goals? This is a really good video IMO. Jeff is really good about explaining the proper form for doing things and avoiding injury. .

Krystel 🦁🐯I'm posting physique updates here so I'll get motivated to work out regularly and start eating healthier again sksksk i haven't worked out since mid-Jan :( Today I exercised for 10 mins and I died HAHA my goal is to at least get 20 mins done .

Sadaf Sayeed ChowdhuryFourth Raikage in Naruto is my ultimate physique goal .

Suresh Singaratnam🎼🎺🇨🇦@fzzfzzfzzz @arthur_affect That’s making a lot of assumptions & generalizations. What if the actor was already at a state of fitness/musculature that was only 6 months of training away from their goal? I’d also argue that most superhero actors are closer to a cut NBA player’s physique than a bodybuilder’s.

LG🍫There is a guy who started the gym same time as me and now this nigda has Captain America’s physique and I am now reaching 1/3 of my body goal😭😭😭😭 I hate niggas fr.

Cocomelon Hate AccountMy fitness goal is to have the physique of R2D2.

I do it for cloutGreek God IQ, Greek God physique is the goal. Working on mental health | @heathensEsport .

AminoIt's not just about physique, it's also about performance. Whats your goal? Let us know athletes ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #drinkamino #teamamino .

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