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If you are a fan of Monster truck games or Truck games Wheel Offroad will be on your favorite games list.

You can change the size of the tires at any time during the race to control your Moster Truck and get over different types of terrain as fast as possible. The first one to reach the finish line will be the winner!

You can choose from a lot of tuned high performance monster trucks.Upgrade your vehicles with new tires, nitrous, exhaust, engine, gears, booster and body!

Who has the best ride? You do! Race as fast as you can to become the top new monster truck driver in the world!

Wheel Offroad App User Reviews & Comments

Love this game​‌​​   I have seen reviews that say games are additive and think “whatever” while rolling my eyes. Well this game has literally kept me up hours!!! When I get to the next level I think that when I get to the next one I’ll be able to put it down but I have no self control and end up playing for hours until I can’t hold my eyes open!! I need more self control!   ​  ‍ .Version: 1.0.9

Keep playing!   ‌ ‍‍I know you all see those "I can't stop playing" reviews, but seriously......I. Can't. Stop. Playing! Please someone help me! I've only been playing a day and a half and I'm already on level 118! 😱 ‍​ ‍ .Version: 1.0.9

LOVE this game‍ ‌    I just got it and I love it same with my sister we love it. It is fun so if you’re thinking of getting it you totally should it’s the best‌    ​.Version: 1.0.9

Fun​     I play this game all the time!! Level 28,300!! Absolutely love it but when can there be different brick obstacles to shoot at and would love to have the 2 balls brought back! Also, the game would really be better if it had more choices with the backgrounds and cannons. Overall, can’t stop playing this game!!!!!!! ‍‌     .Version: 1.0.9

Playing this game very long‍ ‍‌  I haven’t been playing this game very long so I’m not sure if I’m super good at it or not. Anyway it seems pretty easy. You just aim and shoot. It’s pretty easy.‌    ​.Version: 1.0.9

Very nice app       This game is so fun! I am literally ADDICTED! I play this all the time (even in class), that is how fun it is so I strongly recommend you to download this game!!! ‍‍    ‌.Version: 1.0.9

T still is really fun    ‌ There are a couple levels that are exactly the same, but it still is really fun. Even the ones that are the same, it changes the amount of ball you can use to knock the tower down. It has ads but they don’t phase me in any sort of way, in about five seconds the X button appears and you can skip it. Over all it’s a pretty fun game!    ​   .Version: 1.0.9

Best Waste of Time, Ever‍​ ‍  This is my absolute go to no stress game. Lots of ads but they don't interfere with game play. They come between levels. I really like how in later levels new (sometimes huge) formations appear every now and again. There are definately some challenging ones. My one wish is that the game would keep track of the minimum number of hits we have done in each formation and orientation! ​ ​  .Version: 1.0.9

I can’t stop playing it    ​​I love this game I can’t stop playing it I don’t think this is boring at all I don’t care if there are ads I like this game a lot       .Version: 1.0.9

 It’s a GREAT game!!!   ‌   Great app! Keeps kids very entertained. But is very entertaining and gets you really excited!!!!!!! That’s my review (I have never done a review jsyk-just so you know-)      .Version: 1.0.9

Enjoyable       I like the game it’s enjoyable and pretty easy if you just have some patience. Levels look great and a good stress reducer.  ‍     .Version: 1.0.9

Feel so good       When you play this game makes you feel so good. It’s about strategy and I love Shattigee anyone want to play this game download it now .Thank you for your time!!  ​‍   .Version: 1.0.9

One of the Best games ever  ‌‍  I think it’s pretty fun! It’s kept me from getting bored and whenever I play it I just NEED more! I’ve never felt anxiety until I played this! (In a good way)‍ ‍   ​.Version: 1.0.9

HEAVY ARTILLERY!   ‍ ‍ To be fair I’m totally addicted to this game!I don’t know what the problem is that people are saying that the ads are to long.I agree with the ads but the ads in my phone in the game aren’t aren’t that long,I think it’s a great game so I would give it an 5 star and I would suggest u give it an try and download it yourself!      .Version: 1.0.9

Immensely satisfying      I love knocking down the balls. It’s addicting. It’s a challenge to hit them in the right spot to cause the structure to come tumbling down!   ‍ ​.Version: 1.0.9

Amazing Shooting Game!        Amazing Shooting Game! If u like shooting stuff this is your challenge! This game just gets better and better the longer u play it!#Amazing       .Version: 1.0.9

Pretty cool.    ‌ ‌I think this game is pretty cool. I like the challenges at the end of each level. There are almost no ads which is why I gave this game a five star rating. Good job guys!!!! ​     ‌.Version: 1.0.9

Excellent game      So when I saw this on my brothers iPad I went on and had a blast I loved it I was knocking balls down like crazy and so far I have no problems with the game so I think it get’s 5stars! So that’s all I’m writing ok byeeeee!​      .Version: 1.0.9

Very addictive    ​ This is a very addictive game the only improvement I would like to see is different cannons and ammunition. Excellent game!!      ‍.Version: 1.0.9

I really like it      ‌I really like it. I enjoy the satisfaction of completing levels. I also like that it’s hard and easy depending on the level you are on. I could sit here and play this game for hours! There are a couple ads, but not too many. Just about as much as there should be. I’d recommend this game & I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. ‍ ‍‍ .Version: 1.0.9

I have grinded for like 2 hours‍    ‌I got this game cause it was literally called shooting balls 3d. For a joke. Then I got addicted and I’m level 251, I have grinded for like 2 hours but I love it. It’s one of those games you play for the whole car ride on vacation or something like that. But what I love is that it had differ cannons and backgrounds so it’s not always boring. And as you get better there are different combinations of blocks to shoot down        .Version: 1.0.9

This game is super fun!   ​ ‌ This game is super fun! You have a random amount of balls to shot at the boxes. I play this game for a long time when I get on it. I think you will to. So go test it out I think you'll love it. I hope you you play it as long as me.​    ‍.Version: 1.0.9

Never loseIt’s fun to boost your ride up, but you can never lose. I actually stopped my truck to wait for the other players, but they never caught up. It would be a great game if there was some kind of challenge/competition. It got really boring winning all the time.Version: 1.0.9

Fun      I literally had a migraine for two days straight and this game really helped distract me from the pain. So fun just relaxing and shooting boxes!!    ​  ​‍.Version: 1.0.9

 I like the game       Its good because the game shoots out balls and I like it because when I was playing me iPad I saw an ad of this and I downloaded it, it was fun​​    ‌.Version: 1.0.9

Super fun little game    ‍  You should play this game when you are bored and it’s makes you try harder every time so you should play AND THATS ON PERIOD POO   ‌ ‌.Version: 1.0.9

This game is the best      ‍This game is the best that me and my whole family play it can you make more games like this please ‌ ​   ​.Version: 1.0.9

This game is so fun    ​‍‍This game is so fun and relaxing and when you knock over the boss it fells good and you can get new canons how about that so far I enjoy it I hope you do to thanks for reading.​ ‍   .Version: 1.0.9

This is really tons of fun!    ‍  For just a simple little game, this is really tons of fun! Although I have lots of other games on my fun, I keep coming back to this one. ‍‌ ​ ​.Version: 1.0.9

FUN!!!      You made a really good game happy face I really like it I’m really happy I am yes I gave you five stars because it’s really nice I like it I’ll actually I don’t like it I love it  ‍ ​‌  .Version: 1.0.9

Such a good game ‍‌ ‍‌ This game is such a good game it is so good because it helps u and when I say that I mean that it helps u I really mean that it helps u calm down and say it is ok 👌🏻 u got this and it helps u take a break from the world and shuttle down and just relax 😝 and be urself 😁😁😁 Thank you for reading this 👍🏻‍‍    ​.Version: 1.0.9

So amazing and sickYou are amazingly asome at maceing games and I play 24.7. The best game if you have time to play go on it and play like me. SO MUCH FUN..Version: 1.1.0

Such a good game    ‍  Amazing Shooting Game! If u like shooting stuff this is your challenge! This game just gets better and better the longer u play it!#Amazing   ‌  .Version: 1.0.9

Love the game    ​  Love the game, but would be nice to knock down taller structures with more blocks. It’s the same designs....TALLER, WIDER structures would be a real improvement!,...and I paid for “no ads” and it worth!! ‍    .Version: 1.0.9

Best game      This is one of the best games I’ve ever played! After playing it 2 or three times, yeah, I did notice all the ads, but I figured if I enjoyed it this much I’m going to pay the three dollars to go as free! Definitely worth it! I have it on my iPad and my cell phone and love it. It’s something like bowling except this set up is different each time and architecture - (where to find find the weakest spot to make things come tumbling down). Just a great deal of fun. I recommend it for everybody.‍ ​   .Version: 1.0.9

Good game      This game is awesome 😎 I love it because you pass levels and you can get new canons and backgrounds. I always want to play it to get new canons and backgrounds‍ ​​  .Version: 1.0.9

RELAXING  ‍   It’s really one of those focus on only that for hours and it never stops it has like infinity levels and they do get harder and make you rage but you can be in an argument and this game can calm you down      .Version: 1.0.9

CANNOT STOP PLAYING!!  ‌ ‍ ‌This game is awesome. These other reviews aren’t lying!! You CANNOT STOP PLAYING!! It does get a little repetitive. And also compared to other games the ads aren’t that bad. It’s fun, simple, no “pay-to-win”. just a good old fashioned game. BWell worth 5 stars. It would be cool to add a challenge mode though where the levels actually get harder and harder as you go up. CANT WAIT TO SEE ANY NEW THINGS COMING TO THE APP!    ‍ ​.Version: 1.0.9

 Cool      Did you give me a circle I want to play it’s hope for my stress I think you are you are you should get it thank you for the game I love you  ‍‌ ‌​.Version: 1.0.9

MUCH FUNNY THAN YOU THINK​ ‍ ‌ ​This game is a ton of fun, and it's a great way to lol a few minutes or decompress at the end of a long day. I highly recommend it!‌   ‌ .Version: 1.0.9

Just like the adsI think this game is great and fun just les adds and more playing time because if you have much time watching ads then playing time more people will delete the game I would like more maps And more customary options and it would be cool to have the option to change the tire size and more trucks. Other than that I think this game is awesome More updates regularly would make this better. hope you read this-Eric.Version: 1.0.9

 Love it ‌     Best game ever little hard but so so so fun I have a poem about it Balls knock down bricks And they have hard hits We like to knock Down bricks But sometimes we Miss By coco. ‍   ​ .Version: 1.0.9

So fun ​     I literally had a migraine for two days straight and this game really helped distract me from the pain. So fun just relaxing and shooting boxes!!    ‍    .Version: 1.0.9

I give this 5 stars    ‍  It passes the time but it’s so easy i have not played it for a long time I am on level 100 I died 5 times it is so easy it has adds don’t mind them I think it’s the best I think everyone should play it but it’s so addictive I can’t stop playing it and we have a life and it’s so hard to stop playing it that is good and bad it mean you did a good job making it but it’s bad I can’t stop playing I think it’s the best game I’ve ever found I just wish it was harder I’m on level 100 and it seems a lot of the levels are the same I give this 5 stars it passes time I can’t stop playing it I wish people made more awesome games like this      .Version: 1.0.9

So addictive ​    You know those adds that say “Can’t stop playing” or “So addictive”. Well I really can’t stop playing! I highly recommend this game. GET IT       .Version: 1.0.9

Challenging enough      I like how the makers of this game took something as violent and destructive as a Canon and loaded it instead with croquet balls launched at innocuous blocks. It’s one of the few games I play online that does not stress me, but instead relaxes me. It’s just challenging enough without being stressful. Love it.   ​‌‍‍‍.Version: 1.0.9

Relaxing and entertaining   ‌  It’s hard to come by a game that is just relaxing and entertaining at the same time Love this game!    ​ .Version: 1.0.9

AMAZING SIMPLE GAME!     ‌This is an amazing simple game that I personally think everyone should play. The simple part is just shooting balls at blocks and the boss levels are really fun and when you get extra balls shoot at the same time as the ball about your shooting. And here’s a bonus there aren’t many ads. And if your mom reading this review or dad. Then you should definitely let your kids play because there aren’t any bad ads so your kid or your child or a literally anyone in your family should play it it’s easy simple and fun! ​​  ‌  .Version: 1.0.9

Oddly satisfying      As for the other reviews...... the game does have sound effects now, but I usually just play with the sound off. Yes the game has a lot of ads, but they’re not too long and you can close most of them out early. The game is oddly satisfying. I can’t stop playing it! Even though a lot of the setups are repeated throughout the levels of the game, I still really enjoy playing it.😁    ‌   .Version: 1.0.9

Really addictive game    ‍  It’s a really addictive game I feel like a gunslinger shooting bottles etc. Especially the blocks that are let out mid air and you have to knock them. Or aim for the TNT blocks and watch all the blocks go​      .Version: 1.0.9

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Wheel Offroad 1.1.1 Update

Version 1.1.1 (2021-03-02): Improve gameplay Add new levels.

Version 1.0.9 (2021-02-11): Improve gameplay Add new levels.