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Get ready to become the best JUICETENDER in the city! You should do the best job in lots of mini games.

In this beautiful game, there are tons of mini games which you can play different gameplay in each of them. As the development team, we keep adding one new mini game every day. Just keep playing!

Could you be the best juicetender?

Mix and Drink App User Reviews & Comments

MehDon’t get me wrong this game is good is just that there are too many adds after I’m done playing a Mini game there’s a add please remove some of the ads there’s just too many..Version: 1.6.6

GoodKept seeing this on Snapchat and the ad made me mad bc I though it’s not that freaking hard stop messing up so I downloaded it out of angry and let me tell you I was surprised it’s quite difficult well it was for me anyways it’s a good game to play when your bored there are some ads but just turn off your WiFi and your good !.Version: 1.8.4

Fun!It's really a fun game. It makes you want to make drinks in real life though 😄.Version: 1.6.0

Good game but not worth it for the adsThe game is a great idea and well developed for a free game but every 60 seconds their is a ad because it takes about that time to serve a customer in the game so you get frustrated the longer you play and takes away all the fun I had to delete the app cause I was getting upset cause I just wanted to unwind but could not cause they care about money more than their audience..Version: 1.8.4

Glitching on level 24When moving in to level 24, it says I reached a “new theme,” but only half the photo shows. It says I reached 100% when it only looks like I’ve reached 50%. After this happens, I can’t click anywhere on the screen to move on. It’s a really fun game, but I can’t continue past this level due to the glitch..Version: 1.7.0

Pure ad money grab gameHad high hopes based on the reviews, but this game is completely pointless, impossible to lose (and therefore boring/unchallenging), and feeds you more ads than I’ve ever gotten in a phone game after every single move. Don’t waste your time with this one!.Version: 1.8.0

To many adsThis game could’ve been good but the amount of ads it has is crazy every single prize you get you got to watch an ad..Version: 1.8.2

Love itThis game is great. It is really fun and engaging to play. It’s not just the same thing the whole time like other games do. It has other activities other than just mixing a drink that just make it much more interesting. Very well thought out games. Just too many ads..Version: 1.8.4

Too many adsIt genuinely is a fun game for awhile, but there are so many ads to the point where you're seeing more ads than actually playing the game. There's also glitches every now and then.Version: 1.8.0

Eh, it’s okay.Overall the game is good but the Native American character is kind of racist, and there’s too many adds. It’s like one every customer..Version: 1.8.2

TOO MANY ADSSSThe ads are absolutely crazy!!! I was excited to play from the ads I saw on Tik Tok, but was not very excited when I saw the amount of ads. There’s an ad after every customer, and you finish a costumer VERY fast. The game and events were fun but it’s definitely not fun with the ads coming in every second..Version: 1.8.4

AdsI would honestly give it 5 stars if you didn’t have to watch an ad every ten seconds. Also why do you keep the “one time offers” up for so long before you can choose not to watch the ad. Games are so thirsty for money from the ads now a days that they aren’t even fun anymore..Version: 1.8.4

A bit inapropreitFirst this game is really fun with different juices and more! But the down hill is its 4+ and drunk people with shot glasses in it....Version: 1.6.0

Amazing!!’This is the best game ever I hope people that make games have one just like this 🤩.Version: 1.6.0

Good gameI like to play this when I have nothing to do 👍.Version: 1.6.0

To Many AdsIt’s a fun game, but there is way to many ads. You can’t even finish an “order” without a 30 second ad popping up! It would be a great game if you didn’t have to be constantly interrupted. It’s not worth spending money to go ad free..Version: 1.7.0

Thanks for creating!I love this game and I will play it a lot thanks for creating!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.2

Greatest game everI saw an ad, a bottle is just pouring lemon juice into the shot glasses and it was very interested. Until I play the game... The game itself is so much better than ad. I wasnt expecting this beautiful.Version: 1.1.0

Fun game but...The game is fun, and even the ads don’t bother me, but then not working when you want to unlock something or play a special level and it not ever working is very irritating. If they fix that would definitely give 5 stars!.Version: 1.8.4

It’s fun BUUTY’all have way to many ads makes me wanna delete the game like how u gonna give me a ad in the middle of a the game like not when I finish the task as usual seems like ads are timed every 30 sec to a min y’all making way to much money off me😂👋🏼.Version: 1.7.0

Alright but couldn't progress past the second “world”I stopped making progress in the world so I was basically stuck on the Beach forever.Version: 1.8.4

It okayI wish that there were more girl hands and less adds other than that it’s great. And the games really fun!.Version: 1.7.2

Download PLZZThis game was on my Snapchat and I don’t regret downloading it. This game is easy smooth and relaxing and not to mention its really good quality! Downloaded its worth it!.Version: 1.7.2

IssuesI actually really enjoy this game but it includes stereotypical and false depictions of Native Americans. Also the lack of black/POCs in the game is striking... you also can’t choose the color of the bartenders skin. I recommend these issues are addressed..Version: 1.6.4

Paid for ad freeI paid for ad free and i still gotta watch ads to literally do anything in the game??? Like i paid to not have to have ads and to get/do anything you have to watch an ad??? Seems kinda sketch to me. Just my opinion..Version: 1.8.2

Too many ads.As addictive this game is it’s such a shame that you can’t even go 30 seconds without an Ad. It was so much fun but I couldn’t take it anymore so I deleted it. Don’t download this game I promise it’s just ad central..Version: 1.8.2

Too many adsThe game is fun but it has too many ads. I am tired of getting anew one after I click something or get a new person. Too many new things that you need to watch ads to get.Version: 1.8.0

Most ads everI have played a lot of games and yes they do have ads which is acceptable but this came in the middle of doing tasks an ad comes up.. You watch more ads on this app this then you get to play the game. I strongly recommend not to even bother downloading this app.Version: 1.8.0

Pretty goodThere are not many adds and the prizes are nice. Cool concept. The game is not how it is advertised that’s only the bonus levels but I like the game and I recommend it! 😊.Version: 1.8.0

Game has racist ad!This game has a racist AD of a indigenous person chasing and person pouring water in a cup. Though this may seem harmless indigenous people struggle with getting good water and yet this game is making fun of it??? Another thing, if you’re gonna make it so that you get an AD after one or two games, at least make a good game..Version: 1.6.6

Seriously!? Wow just wow.Ok first of all I was only playing this game for LITERALLY 25 minutes then I deleted it. Yup it was that horrible. I will tell you why. This game is not necessary for kids to play. It’s basically all about making drinks and honestly it’s not that fun. Maybe other people would suggest this game but not me because this game is a little inappropriate for children especially for 6 year olds. I don’t recommend this game for young children but Maybe people 14 and up will enjoy it..Version: 1.7.2

It is good but for some reason it keeps freezingGood game but it needs more levels it only has 100 levels.Version: 1.6.0

BugThere’s a bug so I needed to unlock a theme the beach theme and it says 100% but it’s not letting me get it and then my screens stuck and I cant play so I have to re join the app.Version: 1.6.6

Too many adsHave of the game is ads and it makes it hard to want to play. Also it is not very enjoyable. You play the same few levels over and over. So if you can get over that it is fun..Version: 1.6.6

So yeahSo it says it is for 4+ but i mean there pouring drinks and wearing weird stuff like the girls are wearing bikinis and the boys are wearing weird swimsuits and I mean it’s kind of a bad influence to little kids it’s saying like hey drink when you get older and that’s not okay cause you know they are little and there’s an ad like almost every round it’s weird and I’m not saying it’s a bad game but I mean..Version: 1.7.0

PoorThe game itself as advertised is appealing but once played it’s not how it is portrayed to be. There are way too many advertisements in the game, you can simple do a quick level and an ad will come up and it happen over and over and you don’t have full control over how you pore into the cup. Overall the feature are very poor with this game and I have been let down because it comes off as enjoyable but in reality it just got VERY irritating😕👎🏽.Version: 1.8.2

LOTS OF ADSOverall it pretty good!! But the ads are so bad and maybe put a no ad option for like $2.99.Version: 1.6.6

AdsThis game is fun when you can actually play. I cannot remember a game that was this aggressive with their ads. There is a 30 second ad after EVERY customer and sometimes there is an ad while helping a customer. 70% of your time on this game will be spent waiting for ads if you don not want to spend the money to remove them..Version: 1.8.2

BETTER THAN THERAPYThis game is super immersive. Found myself getting in the zone and forgot all my problems for the day. I highly recommend it. Some of the most unique features and gameplays I’ve seen. Casual and fun!! A must try!!.Version: 1.6.0

Too many adsThe game is very good and oddly satisfying but the problem is that there’s too many ads. Like what I’m saying every time when I go to do one other person there’s an ad Or between each minigame there is an ad if there wasn’t as much as maybe I would like it better..Version: 1.6.4

This game is so cool just the ads are not cool I’ll delete this later but until then !!!!1/10 7.Version: 1.7.2

5-star reviews are fakeThe game barely worked when trying to open it. I had to restart the game 9 times before I could actually play it. Half the mini games are not that fun and most of the time you won’t be playing the game anyway. Ads take up more screen time than the game it self. There is 1 or 2 ads each new person before you get to play a game. Some of the mini games take 5 seconds and then you have to watch a 30 second ad. Most of the 5-star reviews are from bots to make the game look better. If you see this, do not buy this game ever..Version: 1.8.2

It’s okThere are too many adds and it gets annoying and makes you stop playing it and eventually you forget about the game becuase you stopped playing because of too many adds. 😬.Version: 1.6.4

Ok but too many adsI know lots of mobile games have lots of ads but this one is just loaded. and overall, even without ads it’s just an ok game..Version: 1.7.0

Not okShame on you for allowing kids ages 4+ to play this and even if it is a game you created for adults you should know that it is targeted toward children. I hope that this is taken off of App Store.Version: 1.8.0

Let me play the gameI mean I see that it has potential IF you let the player PLAY the game, but instead we get at least 3 chances to watch an ad that each take about 15 seconds to skip..Version: 1.8.2

DisappointedI was looking threw the App Store, then I saw this app had great ratings. I immediately downloaded it, but when I tried to play the game all it did was freeze and than made me leave. I was not very worried, I tried 3 more times than I decided to reset my phone when it didn’t work, still it froze and just didn’t work. It sounds like a nice game but I was just informing you about this issue. I was a little disappointed about this game :( 👋😔🥺.Version: 1.7.2

Not worth gettingIt is fun at first until you reach a certain level it starts saying New theme 100%but then doesn’t move on to the next level. It is not worth getting and the only way to move on to the next level is to reopen the app. Do not get this game it won’t be worth your time..Version: 1.6.6

Don’t get not recommendedI downloaded loaded this game bc all the ads made me mad so I had to show them how it was done then the game froze a lot and it kept freezing I reset my phone and it still didn’t work I’m honestly disappointed 😩.Version: 1.8.0

How to turn adds offTurn airplane mode on and WiFi off enjoy.Version: 1.8.2

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Mix and Drink 1.8.4 Update

Version 1.8.4 (2021-04-14): Thanks for playing Mix&Drink! We keep updating our beautiful game depending on our beloved players' feedbacks. 1.8.4 Update includes, Performance improvements.

Version 1.8.0 (2021-04-04): Thanks for playing Mix&Drink! We keep updating our beautiful game depending on our beloved players' feedbacks. 1.8.0 Update includes, New levels Brand new items! Performance improvements!.

Version 1.7.2 (2021-03-27): Thanks for playing Mix&Drink! We keep updating our beautiful game depending on our beloved players' feedbacks. 1.7.2 Update includes, New levels Minor bug fix.

Version 1.6.4 (2021-03-18): Thanks for playing Mix&Drink! We keep updating our beautiful game depending on our beloved players' feedbacks. 1.6.4 Update includes, New characters In game Improvements.