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Revenge is a dish best served cold. Say hi to your new stress reliever because it will be non-stop prank games with your friends. Magic? Occult? Play god or the devil, and have fun pulling pranks to get your sweet revenge. Did that passerby just cut your line? Has your ex been cheating on you? Well, it’s time to give them what they deserve.

Indulge in the satisfaction of your choice. It’s no brain teaser so sit back and relax, and let your imagination run wild. Before you know it, you’ll be pulling off the best pranks your friends have seen. Each unique level will surely surprise you!

Game Features:
Make the right choice!
Have you ever wondered how people pull pranks on others? Well, here’s your chance to play the best prank game in the neighborhood. Tap away. It’s not a brain teaser. No need to think or judge because the devil has got your back.
Roleplay different scenarios
Are you gonna stand there and do nothing? Don’t watch your ex or boss get away! Customize that doll into your enemy and get your revenge!
Simple and Addicting
Joke’s on anyone who hasn’t played the game! Once you start you won’t be able to stop because there are endless tricks to make your buddy mad.
Fun for everyone
No matter if you’re the angel or the devil, this game is fun for everyone!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level, or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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Voodoo Doll App User Reviews & Comments

Horrible I would NOT recommendHorrible game the girl gets mad a little things and voodoo is witch craft so ya plus a lot of blood and violent stuff like it is the WORST GAME EVER I tried it to blow off some steam but it didn’t even work!!! Ugh!.Version: 1.29

They killed a dog , bro that’s meanJust because dog aren’t people doesn’t mean that we can kill them that’s so messed up.Version: 1.29

Omggg I love this gameI love this game cuz I have anger issues also I’m gonna keep this app forever!.Version: 1.30

PLEASE GET RID OF THIS GAMEIt Seems really stupid also please get rid of this and similar games and apps cause it’s not just older aged people that download stuff I’ve seen some people who are like 16 or even in some the reviews in elementary school still which seems stupid!!!! PLEASE GET RID OF THIS GAME AND ALL OTHERS!!!.Version: 1.29

I love this gameThis game is the best game ever I played 😁.Version: 1.29

YayI can kill people with out getting in trouble 🗡.Version: 1.29

DramaOn the first level this guy sit's on the bench before her and then she's cuts his hand of like just why that is so dramatic (O_o)??.Version: 1.29

I love thisIt sooo fun and I get to hurt badder pepole 😎😎😎😎 and you need to get it and I’m new but I love it bye have a nice night or day 😅😀😀.Version: 1.29

I don’t know why I downloaded this gameI don’t know why I downloaded this game because it is so boring and it has way too many adds and voodoo dolls are like black magic and kids should not play this game.Version: 1.29

It’s okThe game is fun but it’s laggy kinda and it took 1 hour to load so please fix that.Version: 1.29

IsabellaThis game is so fun bc If someone steals something for you it would let your anger out.Version: 1.30

AwfulThey are only three levels and the app has no sound..Version: 1.0

Homophobic app 😒🥱There is one level when to lesbians kiss and then we have to change the tv. I was very disappointed when I saw that 😬.Version: 1.29

It’s not fully preparedSo when I was playing some of the levels it just started over and I was very confused and I was going to give it five stars but then you know what happened.Version: 1.29

Laggy and CrashesIt’s an okay game, but it has some major issues. First of all, that diamond over their head is obviously a ripoff from The Sims. Next, it’s just the same 3 stages that you play and always crash when you play it. The skins are glitchy and we need more characters. On top of that, the girl we play as gets mad over little reasons. I really don’t like this game at all..Version: 1.26

For people with anger issues or gothicI love the app cause I have anger issues and I make voodoo dolls but they don’t work but this does. So thank you for my app!.Version: 1.29

I do not recommend itThis game isn’t fun because there is just stage 1,2,3 and then it goes back to 1 and keeps repeating. Also there is so many ads and she just gets mad and kills people over the stupidest things..Version: 1.21

My reviewThis game is not for kids but it is fun.Version: 1.29

Awesome, fun game!!Simple but fun af to play & get your aggression out!.Version: 1.30

Not the best game that said not horribleThe game is well made and put together pretty nicely and has lots of background detail and designs that’s the only reason I’m not giving a one star. A for effort am I right. The game is the definition of repetitive you will get bored of this in less than 1 minute. Also there a ton of adds. I would recommend that the developers put a lot more into the game to actually do. also if you don’t like blood they went a bit crazy with it..Version: 1.29

Repeats itself dont downloadSo I was having fun playing the game until after I beat level 3 it repeats don’t download.Version: 1.0

Vodo dollHi this game is so great I can do whatever I want.Version: 1.29

Not family friendlyThe game has a lot of gore and mostly encourages bad things the ads don’t help it at all.Version: 1.29

This game is terribleHave you seen the skins they are inappropriate and terrible and this is supposed to be a children’s game😡.Version: 1.29

More levels pls3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars. You want it? It’s yours, my friend. As long as you have enough LEVELS. Sorry Pizia I can’t give 5 stars. Come back when you’re have more mmmmmmm LEVELS..Version: 1.4

Not badIt’s not too bad I mean all you do is hurt people who make you mad..Version: 1.29

TrashYou do the same thing over and over there’s no other places.Version: 1.0

I see what you meanI was playing the game but before that one of the reviews said that they only made it to level three and it went back to level on and i am taking that as day 3 but i made it to day five and after that day it restarted.Version: 1.29

Rip-offIt is a total rip-off you shouldve never click on that.Version: 1.0

Is this even a kid’s game?I get that this is supposed to be fun.. but there’s a lot of blood. I would not recommend kids under 14 to play this. It’s really overrated, and it’s really just boring. For the last 3 rounds I’ve played, there’s not a lot of settings. The only one that I’ve seen is the bus stop..Version: 1.29

It’s a bad game but kinda goodThe person you are playing as gets mad for everything just because you can’t get a hot dog doesn’t mean you kill them same with a pizza Bad game.Version: 1.9

Terrible gameIt’s terrible because why would you put a karen who gets mad at literally EVERYONE just for nothing there’s no need to grab out your voodoo doll and kill them.Version: 1.25

Sage coderreIt’s fun but the bus stop is not really good for kids maybe if you are 5 or 6 don’t play it’s fun ..Version: 1.29

BugsWhen I complete a level it just stops my phone and and I can’t continue and I can’t play so don’t download this.Version: 1.26

10/10 I love this game10/10 I love this game.Version: 1.29

Why you need to die or this gameYou are only a girl I don’t see any blood or something stupid like getting in front of you or sitting in a chair before you is so stupid this game is so dumb I rather kill myself don’t download this game this game is horrible.Version: 1.29

It's cool but it gets stuckThis game is great, the only bad thing is that when I finish that part of the game it crashes and cannot continue playing I have to close the application and re-enter.Version: 1.25

Trophy of trash gamesU do the same thing over and over it’s a waste of time it’s un creative and more worst things.Version: 1.4

Lol so badBad game who makes this game no wonder it’s one star .Repeats the same game levels I guess u did not put in work on this..Version: 1.21

I wish I could rate this worseAds in game take longer to watch than it does to actually take the game. It is boring and everything is just a repeat. What is the point?.Version: 1.29

No just noIf you like repetitive games this is the game for you so that’s the bright side for people who like those types of games. Now this game just dose the same thing over and over and over again i literally just got it played some rounds enough to give it a rating and it’s the same thing just different settings don’t download if you dislike repetitive games!.Version: 1.28

Way too goreyOk first of all on that one level when the guys head explodes what if there is a child on here playing this it has to much gore you should put down the blood a notch :).Version: 1.29

A FailureThis is a game With little to no effort And you Just play the same three stages over and over Don’t play it.Version: 1.0

It’s cool but here are some things I hate about itDay three. you see an old man giving attitude to the lady. But here’s a problem. The way that the positions to hurt the man kind of shocked me because you can’t be rude to old people the man didn’t know his language. You in real life should respect all people not a kid ok.Version: 1.26

Great but one level 😭I love this game I’m so evil but the dog chasing the man level I hate it it makes me cry and if you have Roblox I’m chirstmasMarley follow or join my group and we can chat.Version: 1.26

Add more levels.Three stars, four stars, five stars! Its yours my friend! As long as you have enough LEVELS. Sorry link. I cant give five stars. Come back when you have mm, more levels..Version: 1.0

Bad gameThe game gets 1 star because I can't give it 0 stars also it just guesses you gender; what if your a boy trying to get revenge on girls.Version: 1.29

LoveI always wanted to be evil this is the perfect way to get people to be evil.Version: 1.29

Don’t Download thisThis game is very very terrible, there’s a lot of blood, gore, and death, This game supports Murder, Torture, Assault, Animal Cruelty, and much more, I’d not recommend this game, they said this was made for kids, in fact is saw this ad on a kids game. A KIDS GAME!!!.Version: 1.29

Gets boring and way to much bloodFirst of all there is was to much ads in the game also why in one day you have to save a guy from a dog and then the dogs die from the guy head becoming to big and squishing it to death and blood comes out and there more! Just maybe come down with the gore stuff because kids might download the game..Version: 1.26

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Its OkayWell idk if its good or not really bc i just downloaded this game as a beginner thinking it was pretty cool because of the adds, except it has some downsides, so it shows alot of adds and you dont know whats going to happen to the person, like for the first level i chose the leg, because why not, and i thought that when the person stepped into the bus their leg would get chopped off or something like that although this games add is pretty dope, the actual game itself isnt, so i reccomend you read this review before downloading this app, like back to the bus dude, when the person was ABOUT to step foot into the bus he randomly slipped on thin air, and then the bus sped off like it was automatic. I THOUGHT I PRESSED LEG like wth please pay close attention to reviews insted of adds cause they always clickbait! -Laura.Version: 1.30

Good gameToo many ads.Version: 1.21

Good game i guessA little too many ads but tbh I think it’s fine.Version: 1.29

This game is sexist it only kills boysYeah It’s so stupid.Version: 1.28

I thinkI think it’s going to be good? I think it will be and ignor that one star one that’s titled u idiot 🤪.Version: 1.25

Your a sexist idiotFirst of all you’re lucky to be even getting 1 star this game is really sexist i am a girl but u only kill boys. this game has way too many ads. btw stop making games as u suck and clearly cant make any good ones idiot :).Version: 1.29

Lightning killing someoneIt’s so funny when someone gets off the train and gets eletrified.Version: 1.29

This game is stupid to many adds and it’s sexistYour game is terrible.Version: 1.26

Voodoo dollI am enjoying it because we get to hurt him from their voodoo doll.Version: 1.29

Good game and a little bit notThis game is an amazing game but killing boys that’s not the best part adout it and I’m a boy :(.Version: 1.29

Why dose it twerk on usI just think it’s funny how when u complete a level the new skin twerks on u like why why do this lion studios?.Version: 1.29

You idiotThis game is sexist you only kill men.Version: 1.21

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Voodoo Doll 1.30 Update

Version 1.30 (2021-04-14): +Bug Fixes and Improvements.

Version 1.29 (2021-04-04): -Gameplay improvements -Minor bugfixes.