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Deep Clean Inc. 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Fun Game!I love this game and it is very satisfying to play, it helps me calm down and relax, the levels are very fun too and it is awesome how you can upgrade different cleaning items! The disadvantages of this game is that whenever I am almost done with cleaning it will leave a little bit of “mess” left and finish the level without me being able to clean the rest. This is sometimes annoying and not satisfying. Also the levels repeat without Increasing in difficulty, but overall this game is very fun and i would recommend to download this game!.Version: 1.0.40

Not the best game!Hello, if you are looking to get this game do not get it. There are way too many adds and this game is kinda glitchy and I have only had this game for a day and I have gotten so bored of it.😕 And I thought this game was going to be fun but it’s not which is a big disappointment. So if you want to download this game I suggest not to because you can get board of this game really quickly and this game is glitchy and has too many adds but if you like games you can get board of super quickly and you like glitchy games than don’t make me stop you. Sincerely, Butterfly🦋.Version: 1.0.40

Oh. My. Lord. 😑So like y’all, this game be fun for like the first 40 levels. They don’t let you finish cleaning up at all, and then they just keep on repeating the levels. I know that sounds like I’m a snob or something, but it says theirs like mini games and stuff, BUT THEIR ISNT! So they got empty promises. And another thing, their comerciales are totally not ok. I was playing this game I like called Color By Number, and it was an add for this. It was a naked girl behind a dirty glass window that you had to clean, so I just had to write a review. I had to game to do that, but so what? That comercial was totally sexist and demising to woman to basically say, “Your body’s get to be shown off even without your permission” I’m a girl, and I know that that is DEFINITELY not ok. So yeah, I throw this game lots of shade. And I’m deleting the game after writing this so, oh well. Another thing, MAKE IT BETTER AND APPROPRIATE!! Jesus Christ this game has lots of problems. 🤨😒😑🙄😡😤👿😾👋🏽.Version: 1.0.40

Good but easyI like this game it cool but the challenges are easy but if you your look for something to relax and rest your mid this is the game but if your looking for a game to get into because your bored this is not it wish is not a bad thing some games are like that so this gem is like a relax chill vibe/ game 💆‍♀️🧘‍♂️ also sometimes there is still sort or like food and it just disappears and it’s so annoying so overall this game is not that bad but only to 39 levels and then the rest just repeats.Version: 1.0.51

Ads and annoying level-completionTypical of every other game on the market, there are really too many ads for the game to be enjoyable to play. You’re interrupted constantly. To get special items you have to watch an ad, but if you click “No, thanks”, obviously not wanting to watch an ad, you have to watch one anyway to continue. In addition, the game will auto complete the level before you are 100% finished and that is annoying. It’s not worth it to spend so much time watching ads, and when I play the game, I don’t even get to finish the levels all the way myself, so I will be deleting this app..Version: 1.0.40

Just a little fixI really enjoyed the like first 20 so levels but after that, it repeats. And it gets a little boring. Also the only thing you can buy with the coins are cleaning supplies. And I know that it’s the game but if you don’t have enough money to buy something on that level, you have to keep playing until you go back to that level to buy what you wanted. So I would be nice to have a little tab on the side that has all the cleaning supplies, and you can buy when you have the money. If you didn’t buy it, it would have a lock in the corner or something..Version: 1.0.51

Inappropriate adds!!This game is fun itself, but I’m concerned about the adds! And also I played the game til level 60 to see if that was REALLY in it and I didn’t see anything for cleaning the windows with a girl behind the dirty glass. Yes there were cleaning windows, but nothing like the add. And yes it does say 12+ but it’s still an add, therefore it could show up on a 6 year old’s gameplay when they are trying to play their game. I do think the game is fun, but the ads should show that kind of stuff. It might even convince a child to download it to see that! But thankfully that is not in there. Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.0.33

Be creativeHi so I was wondering actully I was thinking why the levels repeat like I play other games with like300 levels and they are all different. So I think you could be more creative and make this appropriate for little children, so all I am really asking is why are you guys so boring like when I started playing I was like oh a yeah this will be fun and it was until it got boring like I loved it and it was fun but they started repeating over and over I was cleaning car seats then cleaning more car seats , and then wiping windows then wiping more windows , then cleaning up broken glass then cleaning up more broken glass so you get the point that it is. And your ad is not okay it has a naked female in the window while some one is wiping it . Plz fix this.Version: 1.0.51

It’s okayI like this game because it is satisfying but there are too many ads and it repeats after about level 38 and that bothers me a little but then it doesn’t let me complete some of the things which is frustrating. Also there is a couple ads that keep popping up and they’re not child friendly and I’m old enough to know that’s not okay, okay so please make the ads more appropriate because sometimes my younger cousins and siblings play on my phone and they really shouldn’t be exposed to that kind of thing! Idk maybe it won’t bother other people but it bothers me so🤷🏻‍♀️ anyways that’s my opinion.Version: 1.0.40

The game..Okay well the game is good further all but there a bit things that needs to be fix..1. There’s like this little lag I don’t know if it’s only me or everyone else.. the first level I didn’t even finish doing the teddy bear and cleaning the dirt it just disappears and cleans it for meh I love the game mostly threw everything else but that theirs mostly the same things to clean also.. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t want to be cleaning the same things it just different stuff animals every time.. no hate just a bit of help to fix the game a bit😁.Version: 1.0.51

Inappropriate ADWhen I saw the first part of the add I got it and finishes the AD and saw window and I saw a naked Lady in There and looked at the reviews and saw the same things too and then I thought it my head this is supposed to be kid - friendly but looked at the age and it said 12+ and I am 9 and also 12 year olds still can’t see that especially me this game should she shut down for supposed to be kid friendly but made it also inappropriate I warn you to read reviews first before you download And yes I did delete it I don’t want kids to suffer Playing this game with inappropriate ladies and I thinks that all and and don’t forget to finish the add before you download It I want this game to be banned from apple.Version: 1.0.51

Repetitive and annoyingThis game has a great idea, and the actual mechanics of it aren’t half-bad. However, it moves you on to the next task before you’ve even finished cleaning the thing you started, and it gets super frustrating. Also, there’s not a lot of room for progression. You keep getting coins, but there’s nothing to spend them on after the first set of different tools. I really like that you can easily get coins just by playing the game though, and I don’t think that should change. Maybe just some new tools and to be able to finish cleaning what I’m cleaning..Version: 1.0.51

It could be a lot betterI will be honest I think you could have done better, because every few levels it is just different things that you are doing the same things to. I’ll be quite honest it is really annoying it just goes you sanitize the bear then the unicorn then the duck. The game would be way better if you came up with NEW ideas! Also there is 1 ad, I’m going to tell you it is very inappropriate. It shows you a women taking a shower and it does not show anything, but I really think you should change the ad and the ideas! Thank you 🙏. Good game tho.Version: 1.0.51

Please read!!A few notes! For the people complaining about ads in this type of game, turn your phone to airplane mode and play the game without connecting to the internet and there will be no ads. You can use this trick with a lot of games like this. Also, I played 100 levels and there are around 30 different mini-game type levels. So every 30 or so levels it’ll loop but often with a different theme. Do not expect an exciting game but it is definitely satisfying!.Version: 1.0.40

Kinda weirdSo I downloaded this game off another game as usual..and I’ve been playing it and I enjoy it. although there is a few things that upset me. the ads lie. I mean that’s very common it’s just clickbait but in the ads it says you can choose the item you want to clean with which is false. another thing is that this game gets boring after awhile. I play it for about 10 mins then I’m done. it’s not very intertaining. another thing is a inappropriate ad. it’s a ad where your cleaning the shower glass then you see a naked lady in the shower. And considering that this is a kids game Is not ok. I’m not gonna make a big fuss about it but the game’s not worth downloading. and I honestly think they could put more effort into the game. like more creativity. but I hardly get ads while using this game..but overall the game is not the best.Version: 1.0.40

It’s too laggy I deleted it on level 1Now this game seemed super fun and I was excited to download it because I saw a YouTuber play this. So I opened up the app and kept on moving my finger to clean the bear. It was so laggy and got to the point where I just deleted it. If this game wasn’t laggy I would’ve probably continued playing it. I’m so disappointed in this app right now I just wish it wasn’t laggy. My device will lag with some games. But it don’t lag like that. I think it’s generally the game lagging then my device because my device never lagged like that. Until you fix that lag problem I’m not gonna download the game :/ sorry if I sound a little rude or something like that. It’s just that I’m really upset that I can’t play it because of how laggy it is. I hope the maker of this game sees my review and says that they fixed this problem..Version: 1.0.40

UmmmmIt’s ok but it doesn’t let you finish the level it’s very laggy A lot of people recommend this game but to be honest it’s kind of trash I’m sorry to the people who made this game but it’s the truth. So my friend and I thought it would be fun to get this game and see what it was like once we opened it we found a teddy bear and it was brown when we cleaned it it turned white and the face was still left and it said it was completed so that’s the thing it’s kind of weird because why would it do that it doesn’t let me clean the rest of it and once you get past level 40 or level 46 it starts to get boring and it repeats the levels over and over and whenever you’re cleaning something it doesn’t have any sound so I tried to turn my volume all the way up and clean it and it didn’t work so I don’t get the point. I don’t recommend this game but if you want to get it go ahead.Version: 1.0.51

Really Inappropriate AdsI thought this game was kind of cool when I started playing it but about the fourth ad in, there was an ad for another game where you can strip a girl naked. Then the next two ads were for a “decision” game based on a couple mostly undressed engaging in sexual role playing. These are not at all appropriate ads, especially not for children. The developers need to put a higher age rating on this game if they are going to buy ads like these and let parents know that their kids are going to be exposed to these sex-themed game ads. It’s too bad, it could otherwise be an entertaining game but I had to delete it..Version: 1.0.51

Good game, DISGUSTING AD 🤮So I downloaded this app because my friend had it and it seemed really fun. It’s super satisfying and I like it very much. as the game got more popular I started seeing more ads. and there is this one ad. this one ad that made me write this review. IT LITERALLY SHOWS A NAKED WOMAN. in the ad it shows a woman i think in the bathroom or sum and you have to clean the windows. as a woman myself im very disgusted so I checked the age limit and it’s 12 👏 YEARS 👏 OLD!!! there can be someone who downloads this because they think they will see this ‘stuff’ I’m not just throwing criticism to this app though, there is many games who do this to and I feel uncomfortable seeing their ads. and on a side note I hate how the levels repeat..Version: 1.0.36

Repeating levels after lvl. 40Okay, I’ve got to be honest, I was expecting more when I got this. I know, it’s a mobile game so you can’t really expect the most out of it, but I honestly expected a bit more from this game. Yeah, for the first 40 levels, it’s fun and stuff but then it just repeats. Every. Single. Thing. Repeats. It might have different looks/designs but it’s still the same. All in all, it’s fun, but after level 40 it gets boring. I recommend getting it if you’re bored, but after level 40 it loses inspiration and ideas for the level. A lazy design on the developer’s end..Version: 1.0.51

Great GameI think this is a good game. My sister has OCD and she likes to clean a lot. So when we found this app, we knew we had to get it. It really helps her and me, so I 100% recommend. The only bad thing about this game is the ads and the levels. The ads are ridiculous. There is an ad every time you do a level. (Tip: when there is ads every level, just do the one where you get like 3x what you are supposed to get or else you are getting ads for no reason. Trust me, it helps.) Second the levels. The levels repeat after level 39. It is kinda annoying. If you can fix these problems then I will give a 5 star. Thank you for your time, Savana Lavsa.Version: 1.0.33

Just, wow.Okay so I’ve had this game for about a month now, and there is so much to say. First of all, There are so. many. ADS! Not for the game, no, for every 5th round. Speaking of ads, this game has them horrible. I constantly see inappropriate ads such as cleaning a window with a naked woman behind it. That’s disgusting. Third of all, be more creative. I’ve gotten through so many levels and they are just repeating over and over again. Fourth and final, the lies. There are so many lies through your ads about your game. I know your advertising it, but you should advertise what the game is actually like. And if you think “oH pEoPlE wOnT lIkE tHe gAmE” then your game isn’t good and you need to upgrade it. That’s all that I have to say. -Erio.Version: 1.0.46

The AdvertisementWhile I was playing another game, the advertisement for this one came up. It was showing the different ways that the game allows you to clean and then one of them had a women in the shower (supposedly naked) and the glass of the shower was dirty and they showed that you are supposed to clean the glass. If you cleaned the glass it would be pretty self-explanatory that it would show the women naked. This already sounds weird. The “person” playing the game was going around her body with the cleaner tool implying that you want to clean the glass to be able to see the women’s body. This is just weird in so many ways, it’s really pervy may I say. Please change this if you can because this is unsettling and makes me NOT want to download the game. Thank you..Version: 1.0.51

Okay lookSo I’m not gonna say this is a bad game, because it’s not. However I would like you take my criticism and also everyone else’s into consideration. Now we shall begin, the first one: I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or something but whenever I’m trying to complete a level like deep cleaning the teddy bears, I make it to the head(and I’m not 100% done) and it just disappears and says the “level complete”. Just a little annoying and could use some fixing, next, second one: I honestly have a problem with the fact that you could be more creative, just a little, no disrespect of course the game is pretty well made, but generally after level 39 the levels repeat but they just look different, for example, the first level is a bear that you deep clean but the 40th level is a unicorn that you deep clean. See what a mean? I know you can come up with more satisfying cleaning levels just look up ideas or ask family and friends. I know this game has potential but it just needs a lil more elbow grease ya know? Okay hopefully the game goes good -God bless you xoxo.Version: 1.0.33

It is ok but OmgOkay don’t get me wrong this game is good But there are some things that could be fixed to make it better. First, The levels just repeats. And when you get to about level 40 you don’t even finish the tasks. I like this game but it just done not let me finish and it makes me mad and bored. But this game is Satisfying with new tasks but it gets boring when we just have to keep doing the same tasks over and over again!🙄😒😕🤢😴 Now I know I sound all like “No this is terrible” is or crap like that or like a snob but I promise I am not trying to be rude!! I am just giving Advice. 🥰🙄.Version: 1.0.51

Best app ever! 😘😜🥰🥳 👍💖So I’ve been playing this app for a few minutes and it has become my favorite app ever, 10/10 would recommend, and I’ve herd other people opinions about this game saying it crashes or it has a lot of glitches in it, but for me it doesn’t glitch it don’t crash and it just a amazing app to have, so please download this app right away it will change your life forever and it’s a great game to play and free and fun!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂.Version: 1.0.33

The game is pretty well doneI think the concept of the game is really well there is just one thing. I hate how repetitive it can get. I get how it might be hard to make a lot of different levels but they could atleast add updates from time to time to add new levels or add bonus levels? also for all the people saying it has a tons of ads you can turn off your wifi and date and turn on Bluetooth it will make all the ads go away! <33.Version: 1.0.35

I think it needs a update.So I got this game thinking well from watching Laurenzside play it looks really satisfying! And it was I loved it! But then I made it to level 10 it told me to clean the mall. There was no mess. I don’t know if it’s just my iPad being weird. So I thought I could just delete it then get it once more. I made it to level ten again and there was still no mess. So I thought it was like dust so I moved the mechanic everywhere but nothing happened. So I looked it up and it showed that there should be a greenish brown mess on the floor. Other wise this game is great I don’t know if it’s just my iPad or the game I tried to read other reviews to see if anyone else had the same problem. But I was lazy and read like 2 sentences. I think it just needs a update because my iPad has never done this with and other game. But this game is really fun and satisfying ( if you can get pass level 10 ) I love this game a lot I really do think it just needs an update. Also a new add because I was playing a other game and a add for this showed up and it showed a steamy shower room and a naked woman. So it just needs an update and a new add. Other wise this game is great and I love it..Version: 1.0.51

Good game but…This game overall is really fun but I do have some suggestions. First you guys should come up with more levels instead of repeating the same levels over and over again. You could have done more with this like get more items to buy, for the unicorn that you clean you could put rainbow or gradient colors instead of white. Lastly I think you should make the levels satiating (some levels are but the level with the fan is really not), I hope you take my advice! Overall great game! Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.0.51

ANNOYINGI got this app because I thought it would be a fun stress reliever. It’s not. You are bombarded with ads every fifteen or so seconds, a little popup bubble blocks your screen so, when you eventually accidentally click on it, you have to watch ANOTHER ad, and some of the ads shown are very perverted! THIS GAME IS MARKETED TOWARDS CHILDREN! Is adding a perverted, disgusting ad really worth that $0.19? 🙄 On top of that, there’s no option to return to previous levels, and the game often prevents you from cleaning something all the way. So, when the level is completed, the item is still filthy. Just don’t waste your time with this app. It’s honestly annoying, and I’m convinced that all of these good reviews are bots..Version: 1.0.36

Please read!I never leave a review on games/apps but this one I felt like I needed to. So I absolutely love this game! And it was pretty fun until about level 40, somewhere around there I noticed all of the things you have cleaned in the past levels have piped again so basically like re cleaning the SAME things! Which got in my nerves. Another bug is when like vacuuming or washing the cars or anything else, you won’t be done cleaning the mess and it just says complete and throws the confetti and your “done”. I like a challenge and like to finish things to that was driving me crazy. Overall this is a very good game in my opinion and I recommend it..Version: 1.0.51

It’s ok but it needs some fixingSo this game is pretty satisfying, but the levels repeat so much and it’s not fun anymore. Also, I’ve been seeing lots of people complaining about one of the ads. It shows that there is a naked woman and you need to clean the window. They never showed any actually inappropriate graphic imagery, but it said “I need to see what’s going on in there” and it’s disgusting and disrespectful especially because THOSE ADS ARE ON AND FOR KIDS GAMES!!!! Little kids playing games SEE THOSE INAPPROPRIATE ADS! Also, they need to lower the amount of ads. Usually I don’t suffer from them because I play this game in the car when I want to do something without cellular data, but it’s annoying. And like all these games, they show the game that you get to choose more than you really get to which isn’t fair because It’s tricking people into getting the game.Version: 1.0.51

Too many adsI love this game but it has too many ads! For example when I, playing the game they always comes up. I, not saying I don’t like the game but there needs to be changes. Cleaning these stuff in the game is very relaxing but not so much when there are so many ads in it. If you guys could fix this aspect of the game I would really love that. There are also too many glitches when I’m playing the game. Every time there are glitches I get an ad and it’s very disrupting. I hope that you can resolve this issue..Version: 1.0.33

You Lied...It only took me 5 levels to realize this game is nothing like the ad. It finishes the cleaning for you, all you do to complete a level is drag around a brush or whatever. That also supports the fact that you literally can never fail a level, unlike what is shown in your ad. The ad is inappropriate too. You clean a dirty window with a naked woman behind it. That makes me want to look away. Each level is around 20 seconds long and has awfully programmed water sprayers, brushes, etc. Please update! I thought I would be addicted to this game but is just a ripoff of the ad! But, if you are not a YouTuber testing bad games, please don’t waste your time and storage on this game. Thank you!.Version: 1.0.51

Not horrible but bad...Ok so the only reason I got this game is to make the add stop popping up and omg did I get so upset when I read some rewiews ok the add is a naked women going to the bathroom and you have to wipe it down that is so rude to woman like me and others you only use an add like that to attract people from age 10-26 it is not fair if your favorite game when you were a kid was only using a disgusting add would you be angry maybe maybe not 😠 But it is so horrible how some men abuse women just to have trophy wife’s who do everything for them (not all of them but some of them) And doing this is such women abuse omg if you keep putting up this add more and abusing woman like this I AM SHUTTING YOU DOWN.Version: 1.0.49

MehSo this game is ok. I liked it when I first got it but now it’s not really fun. The first reason is that it repeats levels. Im on level 150 or something like that now, and the levels are all the same. It’s kind of annoying how there aren’t any new levels. Second, it glitches. So I saw somebody else with this complaint too and it needs to be fixed. Anyways, when you start to clean and you are almost finished, it’ll glitch and finish it for you. I really don’t like this and it makes me think the game is “impatient.” Please consider trying to fix this because it’s really annoying..Version: 1.0.46

Not a great gameThis game gets so boring after like 3 levels, the levels start to repeat, and I got so frustrated that i just gave up, there is like no fun in this game unless you like to clean and you think everything is super satisfying. Apparently people get adds very often but for me I never get them, but even still it’s really boring, and honestly the adds would be fine just so then I can actually do something besides cleaning the same thing over and over again. My opinion, I would definitely not get this game, there are so many other games out there that you can do that are actually interesting, but that’s just my opinion..Version: 1.0.33

Good. If you have the attention span of a goldfishI played over 100 levels of this game and there is some good and some bad. Let’s start with the coins. You use coins to obtain different colored items that don’t work any better than the free ones. It’s like shiny Pokémon but without the appeal. Just take the coin mechanic out if it’s not going to be useful in any way, shape, or form. Secondly, let’s talk about sensitivity. It’s too high in some levels and too low in others giving it(at least to me) an unsatisfying feel. There’s about 20 different levels in the game making it super repetitive. Lastly, the game itself. The spin mechanic was only made to shove in an optional ad. Some mechanics are different from others leading to me “failing” in my own head once or twice before I got the gist. Plus there is almost no way to fail any of these levels. Give some risk and reward to it. If you’re looking for a good game to spend time playing I suggest you keep looking. One thing I’ll give them credit for is bug finding. That’s it. It’s sad when you can only say that the best thing they did is the bare minimum of their job. I will probably only get a sample to this as well since this looks like a game that was shoved out in two weeks. (Hey look you and Sega have something in common!).Version: 1.0.51

>:(Hello, I just wanted to write this because I am absolutely disgusted. On other apps, I have received their ad and I think it is so horrible. The popular ad is of a naked girl behind a fogged glass panel and you are given a squeegee. (You can guess where this is going). I have received this ad many times and I am just so disgusted. The app really has nothing to thing to do with this. You really just clean objects! WE ARE NOT OBJECTS. It is just so sickening that they have to use this to promote their app! Whenever I see this, it makes me want to download this app less! I just had to download it to write a review though! I hope this app becomes banned due to their lack of human decency!.Version: 1.0.40

Many inappropriate ads and repeating levels!This game is fun, but most of the levels aren’t that great, and there’s HUNDREDS of ads. Once I got 5 in a row! Every single second it’s asking for you to watch an ad, whether it’s to earn a wheel spin, unlock a new tool, or just to get coins. And after every level it plays a few ads that you just have to sit through with no warning. Also, at a certain point the levels repeat and it just gets terribly boring after a while. Basically, it’s ad-filled, the levels repeat, and it’s cheap. Don’t download for kids, it’s filled with inappropriate ads and may cause a loss of money for parents/caretakers..Version: 1.0.40

Needs an updateI had this game for 1 day now. I’m on level 100 and I got to say for a couple minutes it was pretty satisfying. That is ONE reason I like the game. Here is why it needs improvement. The first reason is it lied on the add. It said you could pick the tool you wanted, but no. It just picks a tool for you. The second reason is when I clean something, it says that I’m done and there is always one dirty spot left. That really annoys me. The third reason is they can be more creative. After 39 levels it repeats over and over again! They could really put the effort into really having it creative. And the finally reason, when I saw the add again, it was inappropriate! What if a little kid was playing on their electronic and they see that and start to play it? That is very disgusting and that should not be shown. This is not a bad game, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I hope someone sees this review and puts this into consideration thank you for reading. - the person who wrote this lol.Version: 1.0.33

It’s fine... butI haven’t seen anyone else who said they had this problem, but on the level(s) where you had to clean the shirt, the stains don’t wash off for me. I do think there are just a few too many ads. Other then that all I can think of that bothers me is that you don’t get to fully clean some things and it freezes A LOT. But it is a fun game to play when your bored (before you get bored of playing the game itself) And just one more thing, to the people that are saying they are here because of the girl in the ad that is VERY rude and offensive (I don’t know how you would get the game without seeing the ad unless some one recommended it to you). Get a life honestly 😤. And this isn’t a kids game to people who are saying that, in fact it says it’s 12+, even though it shouldn’t be. Thanks for taking up half your day reading this ;-;.Version: 1.0.40

ErrorsI love this game it’s upper fun and easy to pull out and play while in the car. However one certain levels (like for example the teddy bear cleaning) it never lets you finish. It always clears it before you get to the last parts and it does bother me. This also happens when I clean the car, mow the law, and clean up the Cheetos puffs. If you could get around to fix these issues that would be great. Also the adds are disgusting and wrong in so many ways.🤢 I will not be saying all of them but it shows a female half naked in a towel. That’s not ok. If you take down those adds then it would be up to a 4 star. But in all the game itself it’s good..Version: 1.0.40

Can you update your game from MobilI’m trying to beat level 10 in the mall I can’t beat it because I’m supposed to be having to clean dirty spots in the mall for first floor and there’s no spots and I try to reset nothing happens and I’m not sure if this is happening to other people too but if it is could you fix the game please. And if other people are having this problem could you fix it for people who are including me. Thank you Ps can you update your game.Version: 1.0.48

Ad is way to innapropiateSo basically I started to want to play cleaning games and I found this and I looked at the reviews and it was saying some about the ads being way to inappropriate so I looked and it and I immediately knew they were right. But I tried the games and did about 130 levels then realized the ad was lying the ad maker is just getting simps into the game. Also if you haven’t seen the ad yet it’s basically just your cleaning a window but there is a naked woman in there and you’re trapping here like a simp and I want to be able to play this with my cousin not be a simp also don’t watch ad unless u simp.Version: 1.0.40

The ad isn’t okay at all! 😡😡😩😩😥😥I saw this game with the ad at first. The first part of it is actually interesting. So I download the game! Then I watch the rest of the ad... My first reaction was, “What the heck!? Isn’t this like.. A kids game? Not cool!” And I didn’t even play the game. Like, that’s wrong! Geez.. The ad kept popping up and I decided to search this “game”. It’s for kids 12 years and up. Are you serious! Now, to the people reading this, the bad part of the ad was when there was a female women in the bathroom. The windows need cleaning. You clean the windows until you see the you know. (By the way, the female is naked.) This game is going to get kids to play because kids like seeing gross stuff. This isn’t okay! Please someone! Take down that ad! I’m very upset about it and I don’t want my little sister to see that. The internet isn’t safe!.Version: 1.0.33

A problem along with the ads alsoSo, when I installed the game it started out great but when I reached level 10 it was glitching. Well it’s not really a glitch but it’s a problem, I could not see the dirt that spilled to I could not pass the level and it got me so annoyed because... I could not skip the level so it just gets worse... I have to stay on level ten. Please do ad “Skip level?” , because I have to restart my device and it never works. :< I saw the ad when I was playing a game and it’s so inappropriate for people to see, first of all when I saw the ad it showed a fogged window and a naked woman. When the person wiped the window I got grossed out! I mean like why would a person make this ad. That is why I rated this a one star. Very dissatisfying and disappointing 😔😔😔😔.Version: 1.0.35

Horrible and needs improvementsThis game started off very interesting but when I got to like the 30’s everything started all over again they need to add more levels! And why it’s horrible is because when your cleaning there’s always one spot that hasn’t been done but counts as done. When you get to the point of cleaning the inside of the car you can’t tell if you got it all the way done because the bubbles sink in! In real life bubbles don’t do that. Thank you for reading this I hope the developer gets to this and have a lovely day..Version: 1.0.28

Its okay.. butOkay. overall its pretty decent add but the level get quite repetitive. it gets boring after a while and really loses my interest. on the add it showed you got to choose what tool you wanted to use but in the game it chooses for you. this app is one that i would not recommend downloading , i even deleted the app myself. there is also way too many adds , like WAY TOO MANY. i play 2-4 levels and after there is always an add. i get the promoting but it gets annoying. also , when i go to clean and im not 100% done , it shows “level completed”. its really annoying and seem sorta poorly made. if it gets the updates it needs and less adds and i may consider redownloading. but DO NOT download..Version: 1.0.40

Ads are disgusting and very sexistI am purely here because of the ads. I very much agree with nonvirginhole and have also downloaded only to comment on the ad. The one, in particular, shows a level where you clean the windows of a bathroom with a naked woman inside. The developers should be ashamed to show that ad. What if a four-year-old watched that?! Correction is watching! I would give this negative 5 stars if possible! I am a girl and that is very sexist and gross! Also, the DOP ( aka delete one part) app has very gross ads too! I do not recommend that game either. I am ashamed at the direction our great country America is headed. Thanks for reading and please change that ad..Version: 1.0.33

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Doenst look as advertisedThe ad for this game depicts a naked woman and you are exposing her body slowly. Not only is it sexist and super strange since the game isn’t rated 18+ or an older age but it also is complete clickbait or whatever the term for it is. The game isn’t as it’s advertised. I would not recommend this game. Purr 😏😏😏🥰🥰😘😘😘🥵🥵.Version: 1.0.51

GameSome things over and over boring.Version: 1.0.24

Best gameHas games to make you happy teachs that when you older you will have to clean your house and that’s it’s good😍.Version: 1.0.33

Crappy 5minute made scamI just kept waiting and waiting for the level where you clean the lady’s winder because I really wanted to see what was in there, but it was absolutely an obvious scam made in 10 seconds. It is crappy, horribly animated, and overall boring and repetitive. If you don’t want ads, also just turn of WiFi morons!!! But yes, there is an overuse of ads. If I could give it a 0 star I would.Version: 1.0.33

To many adsThere are way to many ads when you complete 1 levels there’s a ad and it does it for every leave I don’t think there’s not 1 level without a ad.Version: 1.0.28

ANNOYINGThis game played ads over and over agian and also false advertising as well because on on of the ads on the game there was a level that didnt exist.Version: 1.0.28

Ads after ad after ad...Don’t download this game, it’s not fun and it’s filled with adds, every time you pass a level, get a bonus or anything it’s another add..Version: 1.0.40

Ads - gah!Is there ANY way to remove ads? I don’t mind paying, but the game is unplayable with having them there!!! I actually really enjoy the game but there is WAY too many ads.Version: 1.0.40

How do you pass the levelBy the ads I think it is a good game but the first level is just vacuum the teddy bear and once you do that the teddy bear just goes back to being black. Anyway there is no settings too so I thing it is a average game.Version: 1.0.40

False advertisingFirst of all, according to the ad of this game, there is apparently what is depicted to be a nude lady and the game allows for the player to see this. This would mean the rating should NOT be played by people ages 12 or higher till at least 18 as nudity is apparently depicted. This is false however as the game itself seemingly does not feature any nude women. This is false advertising and i find it stupendous how this game made it to #2 in causal when it’s seemingly the same 3D corporate-styled game as many others that bombards the player with ads..Version: 1.0.40

Called clown games for a reasonQuick grab game with ads after every mini game. Saw a crappy tik tok add that they reused sounds off so they could produce more adds. After 5 games the game gets repetitive. Game states that it can “cure OCD” but when you get 3/4 through cleaning the game stops and leaves the dirt, mud, etc left on it saying completed. It’s a quick grab game don’t play unless you love ads.Version: 1.0.40

Well it’s okThere are so many ads like way over the top with ads and that one lady level it just wouldn’t COME! I kinda think this is a bug SCAM! But the reason I’m rating the app three stars is because I like it but there is just lots of ads so there’s my app review:).Version: 1.0.33

Pls read creatorsThe game is so fun and relaxing but if I could make one change it would be to add different levels so there is a verity. The reason why I want more levels is because they just keep reappearing and replaying, So overall add more levels. Thank you.Version: 1.0.51

Deep cleanI’m it’s really cool. I like how it vibrates when you clean and it’s different each time but I wish it wouldn’t repeat stuff so much I mean think of of new ideas! Any this game is well not really fun it’s other good words I mean I wouldn’t say this game is fun I’d say it’s good, interesting, sometimes satisfying, feels good and you don’t smell the bad stuff when you clean for example the kitty litter one cause I’m real life that stuff STINKS!.Version: 1.0.40

HorribleJust a cash grab with the all the Ads, and after every level there’s an ad?.Version: 1.0.40

Good game but a few issuesI like this game a lot and have been having a lot of fun with it, but there are a few issues that I do not like. My first issue is that the levels just repeat. After the first few levels they just start repeating and it can get boring. I think that you should make more levels so they don’t repeat as much. My second issue is that on some levels, I can’t finish the cleaning and there is always a little bit left when it transitions to the next level. I find this very annoying as I got the game so I could relax but not being able to finish the job really doesn’t relax me at all. My third and final issue is the false advertising that the game has. This game looked really fun and relaxing on the advertisements, but when I got the game, it was nothing like the advertisement. In conclusion, I think this game is fun but there are some things that I think they could improve on.🙂.Version: 1.0.51

AnnoyingVery annoying. Too many advertisements after every two seconds. Going to delete this app. Improve !!.Version: 1.0.40

Adds!I get it. Every game has adds but if I see the same “pocket designer” add that I have been every five seconds, I’m going to punch the screen! Just like other reviews say it’s not what it looks like on the add! You can’t choose the cleaning tool and it looks way more fun than it is. I don’t recommend it, but it’s okay..Version: 1.0.51

Stuck on level 10I am on this one level that is very hard and won’t let me pass it!.Version: 1.0.46

This is confusingPLEASE READ! I don’t know how to pass level 10 since there seems to be a glitch in my game. It also has false advertising and you can’t pick which item you use! Please reply if you know how to pass level 10 since I have been trying and reloading the game for like 8 minutes!.Version: 1.0.51

Not keeping kids happyWod be a lot better if you could actually watch a video to upgrade Not be constantly told video not available..Version: 1.0.33

Deep cleanThanks to clown games for making such amazing fun and good game.Version: 1.0.40

Good app. Just wish the ads would goThe game is great but I’m sick of the adds.Version: 1.0.40

GameI wish that there was more things to do as well we could do more things like on the adds.Version: 1.0.51

Same Levels.....READ REPORTThis game is relaxing but after around 10 levels, it just repeats the same levels! I had this game for about 2 hours and then I got sick and tired of doing the EXACT SAME LEVELS multiple times! Get it if you like this sort of stuff, but it’s not like you get to pick what you do, it’s levels they choose for you that just REPEAT. If you really want to get it please do it is a great game, but you soon get bored! You’ll see!.Version: 1.0.33

This game is so satisfyingThis is the best game ever it is worth install.Version: 1.0.40

Horrible!Don’t get it it does the same thing over and over and once you get to a certain point there is nothing to do! I regret getting this stupid game!.Version: 1.0.40

So badI didn’t get to play over level 9 and it would let me do anything! And way too many adds.Version: 1.0.32

Not like what it shows on the adI just downloaded this game today, because it looked fun from what it showed on the ad, but you don’t get to choose what cleaning tool to use, that would be more fun. Maybe later on in the game it will but it doesn’t seem like it. -Allira.Version: 1.0.35

Best game everEver one has been getting annoyed at the repitive level BUT they are just giving you a chance to improve on the level U MORONS so there I personally love this game Five stars.Version: 1.0.33

AnnoyingWhen I got to when I had to clean the mall there wasn’t anything to clean and I deleted it and redownloaded it but still didn’t work I am deleting this game and now my day is RUINED!.Version: 1.0.40

This game is glitchedThis game is bad because whenever I do level 10 the dirt DOSENT show and whenever I restart it it shows the dirt then disappears so it’s glitched advertisement is different..Version: 1.0.51

AdsThere are to much ads and every time I do a task I get ads come up and some ads or inappropriate pls less ads and appropriate ads that’s all but everything else is good.Version: 1.0.51

It’s fun while it lastsI cannot clean the items! Once I reached level 9 I couldn’t clean the items! I couldn’t even SEE where the dirt was! But it WAS fun at the start (up to L.9) and VERY satesfing.Version: 1.0.40

Ads after every levelDownload this if you want to spend more time watching ads than actual playing a level.Version: 1.0.51

GlitchIs it just me or when you get to level 10 it doesn’t work.Version: 1.0.33

This game help’s us learn to clean.Get this app.Version: 1.0.36

Don’t downloadThere’s an ad every minute and the levels repeat after level 39. Poor quality and lazily put together.Version: 1.0.51

To many addsNot to bad way to many adds was a little fun would have been funner if there wasn’t never ending adds.Version: 1.0.33

Cant get past level 10This app is good until Level 10 with the floor cleaning so I deleted the app and then re-downloaded the app and I still can’t get past level ten 🔴.Version: 1.0.40

ReviewHonestly pretty boring man, ads like every 20 seconds don’t play.Version: 1.0.51

Horrible game!This game is soooo boring and there’s lad after ad I recommend not buying this app. Another thing is on the advertisement there was this one where it’s like you clean a window and there’s nude women behind it? I’m not sure but please change that and it’s not even in the game. 🤨.Version: 1.0.51

Level 9 clean the mallI can’t do anything does anyone know how to do it.Version: 1.0.33

AdsAfter every level i finish there is an ad but when i want to use an ad yo get an item it says that there are no ads available when literally one second later an ad plays..Version: 1.0.40

Fun But Not Sure How To Pass Level 10I have been having fun but I am up to level 10 right now and cannot for the life of me pass it. I’ve tried believe me countless of times, please help..Version: 1.0.51

I love the game but...I love it’s a great game and it’s helping me to clean better however there are ads and I hate ads hopefully you can fix the ads and this will be my favourite game!🥳. Diana devil🌈.Version: 1.0.51

It is so satisfyingAnd you get new tool you should try it is not any money.Version: 1.0.40

Stuck!I really like this game but I’m stuck on level 9, it won’t let me out of it and is glitched so I can’t see the mess to clean sooo I need this to be fixed pls.Version: 1.0.40

Don’t downloadThis game is nothing like advertised and there are ads after every level seriously would highly suggest NOT downloading this unless you wanna delete it 10 minutes later.Version: 1.0.35

Clean upVery good game and I love the graphics and challenges😁.Version: 1.0.40

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Deep Clean Inc. 3D 1.0.51 Update

Version 1.0.51 (2021-04-30): Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.49 (2021-04-28): Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.40 (2021-03-12): Performance improvements have been made..

Version 1.0.33 (2021-02-27): - New levels are added! Enjoy your cleaning experience! - Performance improvements and bug fixes have been made..

Version 1.0.28 (2021-02-18): - Now you can use different objects to deep clean the mess! Come and join our cleaning adventure! - Keep cleaning and enjoying! - Performance improvements have been made!.