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Are you ready to experience a unique car driving gameplay? Start with your SUV and unlock new vehicles as you progress through the game, playing different and unique levels. Drive your favorite vehicles, and navigate your way around new challenging environments.

We welcome all racing car game fans to experience this new driving game! Real Drive 3D is the best car simulation game of 2021 which will give you a unique arcade experience.

Become a pro driver and master your parking skills in this new classic car simulator! Use your extreme stunt sports ability to navigate your way through a virtual multi-story environment.

Start with a 4x4, be it a Prado or an SUV, and get the ultimate driving school experience! Learn to park with a manual gear shift. Make sure not to crash or burnout - drive safely especially when you are driving offroad.

Fasten your seat belt and unleash your inner racer by taking control of extreme vehicles in this parking mania. Challenge yourself with the rooftop levels or have fun in amusing virtual environments. Parking from one level to another has never been so much fun!

The game features a wide selection of cars. Get ready to show your driving skills in this feature-packed parking jam with multiple sedans, pickup trucks, muscle cars, some 4x4s, and – to top it off – many speedy supercars!


- Modern hyper-casual controls: Easy one-finger control for a new and unique
- Addictive controls: Hold to drive, release to brake
- Portrait mode: For single-handed gameplay
- Vehicles include: Truck, Jeep, SUV, off-road vehicles, hypercars, and an
exclusive sports car

Real Drive 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Cool gameThis game is so so fun but one thing i hate about this game is that it does levels over again say you were on the 7th level at 100 it Repeats that level other then that this game is amazing 😊😌🙂😍😕.Version: 21.2.24

Real driveThis is a great game because it trained you how to drive and it’s actually hard and you’ll get better and better so then when you actually have to learn how to drive a real car it won’t be completely new.Version: 21.2.24

Repeats levels after a fewThis game tells you they will get a lot of your information from your phone for playing it and afterwards after playing & passing about 30 levels then it just all repeats the same courses all over again while the “levels” keep going up even tho it’s all the same levels as before.Version: 21.1.31

Good Game, Excessive Amount of AdsThis game is AWESOME, but the ads are out of control. Every level, I get a congratulations... with and ad. I kid you not, every level has an ad after it. I understand that ads help you get paid and upgrade the game more, but does it really have to be after every round? (Don’t mean to sound like a Karen, sorry If I do :/ ) I mean the game’s great don’t get me wrong, but if they could just tone the ads a little bit and not show one after ever game, then I would totally play this game and give it five stars..Version: 21.2.24

Less adds pleaseI was like no more ads please if you guys can fix something in a little bit and try to get it working so you guys can have like nothing in the house that was appreciated.Version: 21.4.9

This the bestThis is a very good game I love it you should try it too! I dare you! Anyways I gave this game 5 stars because this is a good game that does not have that many adds and it can actually kind of teach you how to drive! 😉.Version: 21.2.24

Glitch?I don’t know what happened, but I’m on level 112 and I can’t even keep playing because the car just falls through the floor. It doesn’t even land on ground or anything and then I can’t move. Also a few levels before when I went on top of things to get to the finish line, I wasn’t able to see where I was going and I could only see the top, the ceiling I guess, and it was all gray. I didn’t know where I was going..Version: 21.1.31

A super cool nice and neat little game 😉Was feeling bit bored and decided 2 check out this cool looking driving game since I don’t know how 2 drive in real life yet and played few levels already and wow gotta say that the game is and does exactly what the title says now am practicing in real life I have a mental and physical disability and I do believe in body positivity and will never let it stop me from finding my happiness in life but this one motivates me and I found out that I can drive woo hoo how fun my very first game I played on the AppStore today after purchasing my very first iPhone 12 pearl in raspberry blue I love my new phone ❤️ and this game highly recommended 2 everyone out there that is curious and wants 2 see what it feels like how 2 drive a real vehicle very real is tic feeling each level that you unlock they let you choose if you wanna try every different kind 4 free that they offer and they give you also free gold coins (optional) have fun 🤩 👍.Version: 21.4.9

Absolutely RIDICULOUS ads!!!This could potentially be a good game but who in their right mind would spend 10 seconds playing a game only to watch a 30 second ad....over and over and over. I thought there is no way they have an ad after every single mini driving session, but I was wrong. People will watch ads for rewards or they will pay to remove them if you get them to love the game BEFORE BOMBARDING them with ads but overloading the ads is the fastest way to get people to delete the game..Version: 21.2.24

Real Drive 3-DHey I just want to say that I love the game I saw the ad and I was just like I want to try this game I just want to see if I would like it and then here is a C in I pretty like it and it’s pretty fun but after all I was like I’m a get a game because I was like everyone else got it in so so I was like I’m a get it to so I just want to ride a car now because everybody else is riding it so.Version: 21.4.9

One little concernOk I like this game 3 stars overall but one small thing I wanna go over is that when you accidentally crash into a wall and hit a little bit sometimes you don’t lose a heart and sometimes you do. I don’t know if this is a glitch, lag, or whatsoever. But, if it is something that is going on with all of you guys then developer you might wanna check what’s going on and fix it. But, overall I like this game I have many cars, I love every single car I have, and I am a pretty good driver in this game! But, developer please make sure that this is a real issue and fix it if it is..Version: 21.4.9

It won’t let me get a new carAfter each game you are allowed to watch a video to get extra coins or to unlock a new vehicle. But every time I try to use this feature it says ad is unavailable even when I am in WiFi. I would also like to say that there are too many ads and their is one after each level. Besides that I think it is a good game and something to do to pass time.Version: 21.2.24

This game is awesome!!!This game is really cool and it has really good graphics. It’s really good to teach younger kids how to do certain things with a car. For example I have 3 kids of my own I let them play this game and they love the game and they learn more about cars and how to drive every day. So if you like 3D car games this is the game for you!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 21.2.24

Ads🤦🏽‍♀️When i tell you the ads are KILLING MEEEEE🤣🤣I canttttt💀💀 but the game is pretty good.. it’s jus I haven’t gotten any games but subway surfers in the last 1 or 2 years and I’m finally downloading games again and all of a sudden I see ads BACK TO MF BACK😭😭😭 I can’t no more especially with this game✋🏽.Version: 21.4.9

I love this gameWhen I get older it likes to teach me teach me how to like drive a car but when I get older I actually know how to drive a car like thank you so much my God I love this game OK let’s go back to playing.Version: 21.4.9

Awesome game!I love this game I think it is so much fun! If you asked me my favorite game I would say this one FOR SURE! But it has a ad after every round! It is kinda annoying. But I still love the game and I would highly recommend it!.Version: 21.4.9

Why this is a great gameThis is a great game cause I literally JUST started playing and I already like it there are new vehicles 🚗 every once and a while and there are new obstacles courses and there’s just so much fun things about it and I recommend this app for you and i rate it 4 stars!!.Version: 21.2.24

Great games needs adjustmentGreat game honestly! I love it because I love cars! But one problem is that it’s very hard to move forward and backwards because you have to hold the steering wheel and it might go to the side and make you lose a life but other than that it’s awesome! Also pls add a move forward button..Version: 21.4.9

Fun game !!!!!!!!!😄✅This app is very fun 🤩 it’s the best 🚙 car game I’ve ever played!! But I saw another review and I was reading through it and it said that something was wrong with level 112 and I just passed the level I am on level 120 so don’t blame the game 😛I have only had this game for 3 or4 days I can NOT STOP 🛑 PLAYING who ever made this app 😊 THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH !!!!!.Version: 21.2.24

Needs work but very fun...Okay so when I was playing a game I got this add I kept getting I was so annoyed so I downloaded it and said ugh now it will stop but I got the add again so I played it and it was pretty fun I wish it could be like a rp game but that's just me T-T but anyways thx for making the game it's just so addicting and fun I love it have a good night afternoon or morning where ever you are but make sure eyou smile everyday cuz one smile means the world to someone, ❤️.Version: 21.4.9

Amazing game!This game is an amazing game even though I just got it so I shouldn’t talk to much. I like this game so much because it’s like your just driving a new car. Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m trying to past my drivers test lol. Happy driving!.Version: 21.2.24

Very funIt is very fun to play I never get any glitches this is not a fake or a bot I really think that this is a very good game. If you’re trying to learn how to drive this is a good start off I really think it’s really fun it’s pretty easy to go and turn and put in reverse if you’re just looking for a gallon quick easy game this is a good one and it just nice because it has commercials does not mean it’s really bad if there weren’t commercials it would be much better but it just doesn’t work like that. I love this game so much.Version: 21.4.9

My reviewSo I am trying to learn how to drive maybe for not other people but I wish like if you make mistakes it will tell you how to fix it instead of just giving you chances because this might be a game for little children but in the ad for it, it looked very grown up so I just wanted to rate this game a 3 I would recommend this game if you were a child but don’t recommend if you are trying to learn and need explaining but I will still play the game because it is fun but thank you for letting me review bye now!.Version: 21.2.24

It’s goodIt is only four star because it is really fast with speed and it’s kind a sensitive with the steering I just like the other stuff that’s what I get for start because two things for each style and I like eight things of it the maps, The bumps, how accurate it is,And other stuff but the last one is The way it’s made and how it’s painted.Version: 21.2.24

Eh, could use some work.I saw this game which was one of my ads on another game I like playing. When I saw it it caught my eye. So, I watched the ad fully and waited to see if I would get a chance to “try it out.” Eventually, I made it to the finish line. After that I was interested. I downloaded the game the first few levels were good. Getting used to how to play you know? As I progress into the game more deeply more and more ads came up every time I completed a level. I like this game, it just needs a few touch ups. Such as less ads, maybe a speed feature once you progress into it more, and maybe instead of three lives it should be giving you a chance to try to fix your mistake. Since we don’t have three lives while driving. This game should get kids to want to learn how to drive and start learning instead of just a “three strike and you’re out.” Please take these into consideration.Version: 21.2.24

Be prepared to be bombarded with ADS!Felt interesting enough and once I finished the first stage, it showed an ad. All I did was take a car up to the end and it took 7 seconds. Then it showed Me 2 30 second ads and an ad banner on the next screen. I decided to try it one more time in case it was a one time thing so I beat the next stage and unfortunately they repeated the ad cycles. How in the world can you call this a game? This is just a money grab of an app. Don’t waste your time. You’ll be better off playing other car games..Version: 21.4.9

Like game but..........I love this app and it is very fun. But would be a little bit more fun if there was more speeds that you could go or if it didn’t have cars that you could get after every round. Overall the game is fun but please fix the things..Version: 21.4.9

Overall a good gameI downloaded this game it’s pretty fun. Their are a lot of ads though so that could be improved. Pretty much you are just challenged to complete a level that’s kinda hard not really and you are driving a car. Now their isn’t very many cars to choose from but it’s a decent amount. It is pretty fun. It’s not laggy at all. So far their is no like bugs. It doesn’t take up a ton of room in your device. The graphics are really good! And I would recommend this game. It also makes time just fly bye..Version: 21.4.9

Awesome game just one thingI love the game. There is just one thing. I’m one level 44 and in the end if you take a turn right without crossing the finish line there are no boundaries and you can explore the whole area of that level. And you don’t lose the level or lives. Your free to explore..Version: 21.1.31

AMAZING 🤩This game is so fun and it could kill the time if you are on a long trip because you just just so distracted by this game or at least i do . It HARDLY has any adds so i think you should download this game 😝🥸😎.Version: 21.2.24

Learn how to driveI like this game because it’s nice and cool and adults kids and teens who want to drive can do on this app and it’s fun on the go and it’s just lovely but it gets hard sometimes but other than that I love this game and I recommend it.🚘🔥🌸😁 and yeah it’s just really fun and you can pick if you want adds or not and ofc I picked not.Version: 21.4.9

Best game everI love this game because it’s fun and it teaches you stuff and it tells you what to do if you crash there’s lives so easy and fun and it’s for any age and I that’s what I love it for and also I gave this a four star rating by accident I was going to give it a five star rating and oh I can change it never mind and I love this game so much everybody start to play this because it’s so fun it is so fun I am telling you I am only 21 and I’m doing this and I am getting high levels and I am starting to drive it and and I’m learning how to drive..Version: 21.4.9

OpinionI see why this game has a low review. There are a lot of ads too many if you ask me and I have to watch a video just to get a car or truck in the game. The only thing I like about the game is how the physics of the car feel. I don’t want to put a lot of effort in writing this review because when you play the game it’s self explanatory on why this has a low rating..Version: 21.1.31

BEST GAME EVERLet me first start start in saying I don’t really leave reviews for games because sometimes I play the game for like a week then just delete it but this game it’s so much fun and they’re coming up with different levels and it’s not just like they repeat the same thing it’s like they always have new levels I’ve just been playing this for a couple of hours and it’s so much fun.Version: 21.2.24

So goodThis game is so good I’m young but when I get older I want to be able to take my parents and myself and drive around so this game is really good but here why I gave it for stars it had lots of adds like when you get done with a car and have got your car to the Finnish Linr you get a add.Version: 21.2.24

So fun!So I was playing slam dunk and then I saw this add of your game and I tried it out and it was so fun so I’m so obsessed with this game But the only thing is it needs a few changes can you make it so what type of car you have is faster every time? And can you make races Peaceeeeee❤️.Version: 21.4.9

I like this game a littleWhen I downloaded it I was like “Hey this is easy and hard, and it helps me learn how to drive better when I’m older.” No. It’s kinda fun but the reason I game it a 4 star review is because it’s a little boring so far and the steering wheel is hard to control. It would be cool and helpful if they made it where you tilt the phone to steer. Also add a dealership so players can use coins earned by completing levels to buy or create their own cars. And a garage where they can customize and store their cars. Otherwise great game. I recommend 4 year olds to teens to play based on the way the game works. Great job creators but I’d like to see improvements like the ones I suggested..Version: 21.4.9

Amazing!You get rewarded a vehicle (if you watch a ad) after each level, All you have to do is drive for a few second son the first levels..Version: 21.4.9

Ads with a minigameThe game seems pretty fun. i like it, but the ads are just too much. i get they have to make their money somehow, but if i were to put it into a ratio ads take up to 75% of the "gameplay" it's just exhausting to wait through so many scammy ads. it got frustrating very quickly. then again i think this game is quite neat. i really hope the devs read this and maybe consider lowering the ads a bit so people can actually play through and enjoy the game..Version: 21.2.24

I recommend this gameOk when I saw it on a add I was like that game looks boring but I kept seeing it on the add so finally I was like I am just going to get this because maybe it will stop showing up that does not work by the way so there’s that but and I played one level and I loved playing it there is not many ads and I just love this game I got it like 2 days ago and I am on level 106 you need to get this game it is so amazing.Version: 21.2.24

A game I playedI like this game because I can use this in the future when I need it it helps me lean how to break and how to reverse and how to drive I would rate this a 10/10 I love this game I would like my future kids to have this game.Version: 21.4.9

Great gameI really like this game and I think it’s a good game. The only thing I don’t really like is that you can’t pay to remove the ads. Most games have a way to remove ads by paying a few bucks. Despite the ads there aren’t too many and I think it is still a great game.Version: 21.4.9

Great but...Okay so I download this game for fun because it looks so much fun but I didn’t know how to be this hard to turn and to drive should fix the driving skills make it a little bit easier and make the speed faster because it goes really slow over all it a good game ✌🏼👋🏼.Version: 21.2.24

Turn off your cellular data in settingsI like the game like a lot but they need to switch it up. Once you get to a certain level they start to repeat and that’s annoying. Also, I see a lot of people complaining about ads because there’s a lot, but once I got all the cars i wanted I just turned my cellular data off for this game and don’t play on wifi. No more ads..Version: 21.4.9

Ok...So, I just got this game and it’s really fun. The problem is, is that every single time you complete a level it always tells you a new car is available. Maybe don’t show it so often. Like every 3 levels. Anyway, this is a great game and you should definitely get it..Version: 21.2.24

WhT I thinkGreat,awesome,Perfect for kids and adults really just I don’t know it gives me like seriously is it it’s like really nerve-racking you look super fun and satisfying it just gives my stress away he would probably love it download it now!!.Version: 21.2.24

This game is amazing it’s so fun it’s so for kids we can actually drive download this game nowWe can play we can drive this game can you do a drive and listen I will never forget your dreams It took all the kids away it’s so fun Download this app now❤️.Version: 21.4.9

AmAzInG!! (This review is just for fun)Five Stars, I have a small problem though. So when I get adds they aren’t just any adds, they are adds of apps though, they are adds of apps that I already have..Version: 21.2.24

It was a great gameI had been playing for 2 two weeks now, and when they update it they mess it up. I really enjoyed playing this game before the update now it has a blue thing over the car that won’t let you see. Also, I can’t pass the level that I am in because before I get to the end line it will say that I lose. I am not going to play this game anymore, and I will say my friend to not played it anymore too..Version: 21.1.23

Doesn’t function right, too many adsYou get an ad after every level which is super annoying. I understand here and there but you spend more time watching ads than playing. Also, at the end of each round it gives you the option for extra coins or extra vehicles by watching an ad and every time it says no ad available and you lose the extra offerings. Nothing but a bait and switch game to make you buy things to play..Version: 21.1.31

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Worst dont waste timeToo many ads U don’t real play game only 😂ads.Version: 21.4.9

Amazing! But one little thing...This game is great!!I love how we have three lives and I like how some are challenging and some aren’t I love this game I could not delete it but then it said no ad available when I tried a new car?! But I really do recommend it😊😀.Version: 21.2.24

Your game is goodYour game is so cool.Version: 21.4.9

Great but...This game is great but I think they should teach us how to control the car but other than that it’s perfect!!.Version: 21.4.9

Teaches people how to drive properly so you know how to driveExcellent game.Version: 21.2.24

Ad after adPlayed for 10 minutes before deleting, more ads than game play..Version: 21.2.24

THE BESTIf you want to get your license, you could play this game and then go & do your driving test. I have really wanted to have my drivers license and after I get the hang of this game I am going to go out and get that license I have always wanted. Download this game, if you want get your license soon.😉.Version: 21.4.9

GameI like the game but you could make the car a little easier to control..Version: 21.2.24

I found a game for buddiesI just downloaded it and I am already at level 200 it’s so fun!!! 😎.Version: 21.4.9

The best game everThis is the best game I’ve ever played.Version: 21.4.9

I don’t knowI should want it to be more real.Version: 21.4.9

HorribleI’m on level 112 and they are still just repeating different levels in different order’s I would not get this game ever again.Version: 21.4.9

Very goodThis game is awesome for kids who want to drive a car but it to young. Awesome.Version: 21.2.24

Don’t get itIf you are thinking of getting this game don’t because there are so many ads and there is nothing really good about it.Version: 21.1.31

My review 🤔I thought it was a great game and really fun easy but challenging as it goes. The only thing is there are to many adds..Version: 21.4.9

I love this game!!!!!!!!!This game is so fun - Michael.Version: 21.4.9

FunThis game is fun I like carts and I like driving even though I’m nine and a girl I don’t really care because any gender can like cars right..Version: 21.2.24

Real drive 3DYour game is rubbish and i think your going to lose a lot of players because when I complete the level and it offers you to watch a ad to receive the car it keeps saying no ad available that is so annoying and I’m really getting peed off so either fix it or delete the game all together.Version: 21.1.31

AddictAddicting but to many ads.Version: 21.4.9

AshtonishingIt was really helped me learn how to drive and now I have my drivers licence.Version: 21.4.9

So satisfyingI love the way you made this game.Version: 21.4.9

No. No. No.This game is pretty entertaining, but it has no level of difficulty (it’s the same level all the way through). Which is really annoying!!!!! And also when it gives me the chance to get a car, it says no ad available to get it which is also REALLY ANNOYING!!!! ❌DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND❌.Version: 21.2.24

Ads ruin itWatch an ad after every level. Watch an ad to claim a new car. Watch an ad to triple your coins. I’ll just uninstall your game instead.Version: 21.2.24

HiThis game is very nice.Version: 21.2.24

Very good but one thingI think this game is so great but there should be more cars and they should have more speed in them. Other then that I highly recommend this game it is very fun I play it every night before I go to sleep and I stay up a bit late playing it 😜👍.Version: 21.4.9

The best came everThis is the best driving game because it is actually like you are driving in real life This is my 1st favourite game I love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.Version: 21.2.24

Your game is the best in the worldI love your game.Version: 21.2.24

NoIt needs to have less ads and not an ad every time I finish a level.Version: 21.2.24

Not muchThere’s nothing at all it just boring.Version: 21.1.31

Great gameHey guys I’ve been reading reviews and I thought oh well despite the downs I’ll give it a go and turns out that the car available by an add problem has been fixed and you can now get the cars.Version: 21.4.9

Repeats levels after 46It reverts to the same map as level 1 and goes in order, AGAIN. the ads after every short round is annoying. The game is fine.Version: 21.2.24

TerribleWhen you spend more time watching ads and loading screens then playing the game, you know there’s a problem..Version: 21.4.9

Real Drive 3DI like this game because it is challenging and fun but one thing I do not like is the ads it gets annoying.Version: 21.2.24

NO MORE ADSSI hate the ADSSSSSSSS NO ADSS.Version: 21.4.9

IdkYo bro this game is good because that is how you can practice driving.Version: 21.4.9

Best driving gameI really like it because it seams so realistic and teaches you to not crash. It also teaches you how to control..Version: 21.2.24

I love itThis honestly is the best game I have ever downloaded in my life I really suggest this game..Version: 21.2.24

Bad gameWhen ever I go into the game it take 5 minutes to load and then it freezes then go’s back to my Home Screen. This game is a waste of time do not get!!!!!.Version: 21.4.9

Amazing appThis game is amazing and the way it works is amazing and I love it so definitely download this game and whoever made this app is amazing..Version: 21.4.9

READ THIS !I rate 4 out of 5 because every l win or lose , l get ad like IT SOOO ANNOYING 😡 BUT l liked this game so much.Version: 21.2.24

GoodIt is good but when it shoes a new car you have to watch a add.Version: 21.2.24

LikeI like this game But there is one thing I would change, And that’s all the adds.Version: 21.2.24

Fair gameWhilst the game play is good, it is too repetitive. I have gone so far that it is looping, I would expect that the developers would continue to add new tracks , that would get longer as your level increases. I do have the same issues as others have mentioned Eg: no ads available when upgrading some cars..Version: 21.4.9

5/5Love it to much upgrade pls!.Version: 21.4.9

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Real Drive 3D 21.4.9 Update

Version 21.4.9 (2021-04-12): Level improvements and bug fixes New cars and new levels!.

Version 21.2.24 (2021-02-25): Level improvements and bug fixes.

Version 21.1.31 (2021-01-31): New levels and features!.