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We're bringing audio conversations back. Use BigTalk to find people around the world to connect with on a variety of topics. Practice casual conversation, network, cure your boredom or loneliness and make new friends.

After creating your account you will be able to call other users and be called by other users about a variety of topics.

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Amy H@mischiefcomedy @henrywlewis @HenryShields @JonathanSayer1 @DaveHearn2 @CF_Russell @bryony_corrigan @TannahillGreg @chrisleask @bigtalk @bbccomedy So excited for series 2! 😁🤗.

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🦅theBluprint🦅These new kids are different, now i gotta play the “bad guy” lol .. here’s to no Xbox or TV for the night 🙄🙏🏾 lol.

🦅theBluprint🦅So my son decided is was ok to fall asleep briefly during his Language Arts class today ... he’s an eLearner .. bro lol .. these kids TODAY . Like for starters, I would NEVER and secondly, the nerve ... JESUS be with US🙏🏾 i was baffled to say the least 🙄.

🦅theBluprint🦅Nonetheless, my mom called the humane society to come get them .. we asked to keep them but that was OUT 🤣 .. anywho, animal babies deserve to be with the parents, not sold to pay your bills #animalrights.

🦅theBluprint🦅One day my mom said she heard something that sounded like a cat crying .. we went to the utility closet and she gave birth to her litter there(didn’t know she was even pregnant) ...

🦅theBluprint🦅We started giving her, didn’t know the gender at the time, bowls of whole milk and my mom kinda said stop but still let us ...

🦅theBluprint🦅I remember back when I was like 8 or 9 and my sister was prob 4 or 5 it was a cat that used to hang around our back porch .. #thread.

🦅theBluprint🦅Idk .. but to me i think dog breeding is a form of animal cruelty like .. why are you taking this baby from their mother? #animalrights.

🦅theBluprint🦅I need to be careful bout the energy i feed you .. but i be feeling like i need to😎.

🦅theBluprint🦅So the state of l New York just reached an agreement to legalize marijuana .. WOODSTOCK OG’s would be proud✌🏾😎.

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🦅theBluprint🦅You’re not as “rich” as you POST to be if your parents, children and/or grandparents are still paying their OWN bills🤫 #calmdown.

🦅theBluprint🦅If you wanna make a change, then you and your family should #BankBlack w/ @oneunited & Kevin! hands down best decision i’ve made here in 2021👑🦅🔛♾🥂💯.

🦅theBluprint🦅‘We weren’t wealthy. But we were rich.’ .

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