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Inject Color Dyes into Jellies. Enjoy the Perfect Spread and Twisty Curves. Easy Mechanics, Incredible Feel

- Realistic Jelly
- 100+ Shapes
- Multi-Color Dyes
- Special Collection

Jelly Dye App User Reviews & Comments

Because Why??It’s a great game which is why I gave it a 3 star but there are way more adds than there should be. It’s unbelievable. I can’t even get through one game without an ad popping up. So I’m uninstalling the app until there are less ads which probably will never happen..Version: 2.4

So many ads ugggI love this game but so many ads five stars but so much ads 😐😱 l play this game for30 minute a day 🤗 And another thing that I would love to add to the game is more colors.Version: 2.5

Way to many adsSo I downloaded this game because I thought it was cool and satisfying but I’m barely on the 3rd level and I already received 6 ads and when I’m trying to relax it gives me a 1 minute ad I don’t like it so developer please remove the ads I know you want me or other people to play your other games but please stop it it’s pretty annoying but other than that it’s an amazing game with satisfaction but another thing that I don’t like is that it dosent give me instructions like what am I supposed to do if I don’t have directions and the colors that I use just fade away please fix this game please 🙏🏻.Version: 2.6

🥨🥯satisfiedSo this game is really awesome and I honestly think that this game could one day be a famous stress reliever. So consider buying it.’s completely FREE!!! But be careful to not fall asleep..Version: 2.8

Read this person that made the app😒Okay so it is a very good game and I like it I just started playing it today I just downloaded it thinking it would be a fun game whenever I was making the little jelly flower there was literally like five or six ads and I was like what the heck why is there so much ads on this game whenever I was playing and I just started playing this game so person That made this game can you please get rid of the ads, please?😊.Version: 2.9

AddsThis game is so much fun!! But it has so much adds and glitches so much if you like satisfying things then this is the game for you 😋🤪🥳🤩❤️.Version: 2.7

To many addsOk so don’t get me wrong this is a good game. But after about 30 seconds of gameplay there is a ad. I am just asking if you change that?.Version: 2.9

Pretty good.Everyone is complaining about the picture in the corner being black & white, so let me just inform you IT IS A PUZZLE GAME, it is SUPPOSED to be black & white, you have to figure out by the saturation of colors in the picture what color goes where in the jelly. It’s pretty good for passing time, but there could be less ads. There’s an ad every 5-20 seconds which is pretty annoying. But aside from that, it’s pretty cool..Version: 1.9

Unplayable....(Speaking from what I had experienced) I saw this game from and ad, and thought, “This looks interesting. I should check it out”. I downloaded the game, and immediately tried to start playing. (Notice how I said “TRIED”). I opened the app and I immediately got kicked out. I was unsure and confused why this happened, so I tried to restart my phone and open back up. However, it still kicked me out. I tried this ANOTHER time, and the results stayed the same. I then tried to delete, then reinstall the game. Same results. I’d REALLY love to play and enjoy this games like some others have, but I unfortunately cannot.....Version: 2.2

I really love it butAs I said in the title I really love this game but I don’t like how there’s no sound and that some levels have to have an add seen to open them I don’t like that but besides that I love this game oh and I don’t like how the paint that you have it always goes down so it makes people think that there using the other one thanks for reading this review 😁😁😁.Version: 2.4

Horrible game IMOI downloaded this game yesterday, and the first jelly object to dye was an eggplant. The image to replicate is only black and white for me, the ads pop up in the middle of the dying process, the actual dye doesn’t load after 5 minutes of playing, and I couldn’t finish. This sounds harsh, but it was my experience. I deleted the game, and I don’t recommend it to anyone. The ads are just too numerous and irritating for me. I’m sure the producers of the game worked very hard on it, and I’m sorry about my criticism, but I was very disappointed in this game. This is just my personal opinion, and I mean no disrespect, but take these facets of the game into account before you download it! Thanks for reading, and I hope u have a nice day..Version: 1.5

To EveryoneEVERYONE HAS NO IDEA THAT YOU CAN JUST TURN OFF THERE INTERNET FOR THE ADS! I’ve seen so many comments like “to many ads” or “no more ads.” Stuff like that. So take my advise and turn off your internet..Version: 2.6

OkA lot of adds I only put 5 star so you will see this and ignore the letters after this. Hi d no f nene,Alfa,a even,add guide lace. Hi leaf. Hfjel few n. Arch me fee. Few= felon jofe a in fashion up frank cea feqbhilfqe five quick and red red yellow red white white red yellow yellow white.Version: 2.8

Needs more levelsPlayed all 119 levels in a matter of a few days. Didn’t take me long but I stretched it out on purpose. Be nice to see more levels..Version: 2.4

Level 5 is badWhy level 5 is bad I do the same thing the picture shows and guess what after I’m done it won’t let me to stage six please fix this.Version: 2.8

I like it but....I like the game a lot but there is SO many ads. When I’m in the middle of it, it cuts to an ad in the middle of it making it really annoying but other than that I really like the game!.Version: 2.8

OMGOSHThis game is fun but gets on my nerves!! It actually took me 15 min to complete one level. Your probably thinking oh wow she's slow but NO it's because of the ads!! I couldn't even touch my screen for more than 5 second without an ad popping up!! So if you're thinking about getting this app just don't. It has a lot of glitches and in the long run its not worth it. Sorry😕.Version: 2.5

It may just be me. I kinda like it but not that muchI don’t really like this game it doesn’t really look like the ads the ads have that thing at the bottom where you can get more but when I downloaded the game it didn’t have it, It also doesn’t fill up the jelly all the way, And the reason I downloaded it is because I thought it would have that thing at the bottom of the screen to get more but it doesn’t, I thought maybe it would change so I was playing with my niece and she said I don’t really like the game it doesn’t fill up the jelly all the way, I’m going to keep the game for a bit more, I may delete it though..Version: 2.7

Just no!I discovered this game from an ad I got while watching mrbeast, and said “eh, looks interesting. I’ll give it a try.” So I opened the app and immediately after I got through how to play after the “do this to fill it!” Tutorial, I got 5 ads in a row. Once they were done, more ads went up in the middle of me filling the whatever it is. This game overall is a dump truck, wouldn’t recommend it. Please don’t waste your time on this!!!!.Version: 2.3

Second best gameI like the game but it is a little confusing like when you want to use a color its going to be small and the color you dont want to use is going to big so it looks like your using the color you dont want to use..Version: 2.3

Inappropriate, too many ads, buggyDownload the game just so I could say how inappropriate the ads for this game are. There are ads of legs and underwear. Woman’s tops showing them filling specifically the cleavage, and worst off a eggplant which starts out with an hand running down it and rubbing it before actually doing the purpose of the game. This game is rated for FOUR YEAR OLDS. This is immature and absolutely inappropriate. Your marketing should not only match who you’re audience is geared toward, but also what you’re game is. An let’s be honest suggestively rubbing a egg plant has nothing to do with anything. On top of all of this the actual game it’s self is just filled with ads and is buggy and completely unplayable. Do not play complete waste of time..Version: 2.4

Good Game needs more levelsThis is a great game. I think there are a little to many adds but other than that it is really good. I have had this game for not to long and I have already completed all of the levels! I am really mad because this is a great game and I can’t play it until they update it. So if the people who made this game read this please add more levels and maybe less adds. But overall this is a great game. I definitely recommend it if you need to relax..Version: 2.9

I really like this game but the person name silent rose is stupidI really like this game bc there’s a lot of colors so good job games u did great (be safe during quarantine but silent rose don’t be safe during quarantine ).Version: 2.6

High quality graphics, low quality gameHere’s a quick list of things that are wrong with this game: -It bombards you with ads. If it only made you watch ads to get certain colors (like the multicolor dyes) and certain needles, then that would be fine, but this game practically uses a machine gun to get you to watch ads. -It lags. On my phone, this game lags after a certain amount of time and makes my phone heat up Please lower the amount of ads this game has, and I might give it a second chance..Version: 2.3

Good but InappropriateThis game is good but I am disappointed and upset about some things. One,I was upset that the game didn’t have something it had in the ads. In the ads you could switch between the syringes but you can’t do that in the ACTUAL game. Second, is that it’s very inappropriate. I was playing level 9 and it was a lady’s chest and she was wearing a bra,I’ve seen some other reviews and they are saying the same thing about this game being inappropriate. Other than that, it’s a good game, just change the inappropriate stuff thats in it..Version: 2.9

Don’t download it🙄I first saw an ad of this while I was playing another game and thought this was very satisfying so I downloaded it! At first this was AMAZING then it started being ads EVERY SINGLE SECOND I was gonna try dealing with it bc that’s what I do with every single game that I download I mean every game has ads in it right? But this one is not just ads this is like every 10 seconds and if you don’t believe me download it yourself the first one was okay but the second one and on is terrible😖 So overall this game is okay but has TOO MANY ADS PLS PLSSSSSS it’s okay to have ads but this is TOO MUCH!!!!.Version: 2.9

Needs some fixingOk this game is really great but on level 7 I get to the last part of the avacado and it just goes all over the place!! It’s a big mess and not even a circle. Also wayyyyyyyyy to many ads, like I’ll be in the middle and a ad will pop up, also every time I press the arrow, it’s an ad. Very annoying. Otherwise than that great game ✌️.Version: 2.0

Not what I was expecting(This is my experience) So I say the game and thought it was good so I downloaded it and I got on an it didn’t even do what the add did I don’t know if you can get the dye like the add did but I couldn’t and it took forever to get it where it didn’t have and swirls overall this can isn’t satisfying at all and really pretty boring ok thanks for reading bye.Version: 2.3

Way too many adsI understand you need ads and that’s fine. Ads don’t bother me. But it gets to a point where you’re seeing more ads than game. I did the very first introduction one (lightening bolt and cloud) and I didn’t even finish the one and had already seen 3 ads!!! Cute concept but way way way too many ads. Deleted game before finishing the first one. Take some of the ads away and it will be worth it. If you don’t want to see at the very least 5 ads per level then don’t download this game.Version: 2.7

It’s pretty fun but some issues1 first:So the game is so much fun but really there’s so many ads it’s such a issue like if you just take a while like all ads but I’d probably think you’re not do that I don’t know just got in my mind anyway the adds are so annoying and I don’t think anyone likes it. 2 Second: although the issues are kind of annoying you know what I mean (by the way I mean like the issues the adds) anyways so you know what I mean but other than that I would probably highly recommend to give it A couple stars down because the ads so I would like to make the rate if you hate the ads 5/1 or 5/2 would be the best to give this game. 3 third: anyways if you took away the ads I would probably give it an 5/5 but it be pretty fun but this Game gets boring like in 2 or 1 minute for me I don’t know about you. 4 fourth: this is for the editor please respond and also please fix the ad it’s getting really annoying and maybe you could add more levels but the levels is not an issue to me other than that this game will be pretty good..Version: 2.7

Waste of TimeLike everyone else has been saying, the ads in this game are ridiculous and the game isn’t actually enjoyable. I also don’t see the point in getting other “injectors” as despite my best efforts I never found a place to switch between the injectors you have. Don’t waste your time; there are better games in the App Store..Version: 2.5

Good.. butI like the game, but after when i finish every dye, there is a ad. I don’t know if the developer does the ads or not. But its a great game that i would recommend. And also, why do we need to watch a ad to get a new color? Cant we just use money? (Not real money, game money.) Thank you for reading! -iwillwin:).Version: 2.5

So many addsI love the game part of the game but there are so many adds people in review complain but like it is ridiculous every new part of the jelly there is a long add. I love the game but I could not stand the adds so I deleted it.Version: 2.8

AdsThe game is great... except for the fact that their is an ad every like 20 seconds. I was in the middle of coloring something an ad piped up. When I hit the button to go to the next part i get hit with an ad. I rate 2 stars. Mostly because ads annoy me a lot. Good game overall but the ads just make it 2 stars..Version: 2.2

This is a pretty good gameThere may be some down falls to it like the adds but other then that it’s actually a good game for me I don’t get adds that much but they do show up a decent amount of the time..Version: 2.3

Too many ads for it to even be playableThe app itself is unsatisfying, but would be fine if there weren’t so many ads. It gives ads in the middle of levels, and it’ll tell you that you “unlocked” something, but in reality, it means you can unlock it if you watch an ad. Then, after watching the ad, it will give you another ad. I don’t have a problem with most of this, but seriously? Ads in the middle of levels? The levels that take less than a minute to complete? How is anyone going to deal with that?.Version: 2.4

Why?The game is pretty fun, but I colored almost every one of the things, the reason it’s “almost” is because you have to watch an ad to get the rest. I had my WiFi off because I saw people talking about the ads and I didn’t wanna have to deal with them, but you have to complete ALL the levels to get to the next thing, and when I try to watch the ads to get the next level all it does is say “the ad is not available” and so I’m gonna delete the app because I can’t progress. Good game, I just have an ad problem. (I had my WiFi on when getting the ads and it still didn’t work) So turns out I had a glitch of something kind…after writing this review I looked at the app again and…it works now? I’m confused but I take it back I guess…sorry.Version: 2.3

New updateSo i looked at the new update and all they put in was a button which i dont approve of what was wrong with it before? i find it less satisfying now and i dont like the button at all plz take it away on my phone. ty.Version: 2.5

This game is the worstThis game is the worst game to download. Sure, it looks so fun on the ad but once you download it there are levels. If you think it will take you a long time to finish so it’s a great game you are sadly mistaken. You can finish the levels really quickly. Also you have to watch ads to unlock new tools and there is no other way to get them. Sometimes you don’t know what you are coloring and pick the wrong colors and it looks awful by the time you get done. This game is pretty boring. Of course this is just my personal opinion. I hope you read this before you download the game. Ps: to the ppl who made the game pls take these FACTS and make the game better for the ppl who want a fun creative game. This game has a lot of potential you just need to take my advice..Version: 2.7

Ads Ads Ads Ads AdsThe gameplay loop isn’t satisfying or fun enough to even come close to justifying the amount of ads this app has. An ad not only in between every level, but another between every stage of a jelly. Enjoying yourself and taking your time filling in one piece? Too bad, you took too long to watch and ad so we’re going to interrupt your gameplay to force another ad down your throat. Exploitative and not worth the time..Version: 2.4

Fine, but the amount of ads is insaneI didn’t get very far in this game at all because of the massive amount of ads that were being given to me. I get it, you have to make money, but when you get a full screen and in the middle of a level, that’s just way too much, especially since there’s already an ad at the bottom of the play screen. Not only that, but it seemed like literally interaction triggered an ad. When the game is that simple, an ad shouldn’t happen after every button press..Version: 2.3

Fun but needs fixingI get that you need ads to make the game better but there are TOO many. there’s also no picture for me to follow, i would at least like to know what the thing is before i color it.Version: 2.2

Fun, but not meant for kidsI was playing the game, enjoying it (i had my wifi off so i didn’t get ads), and the first one of level 2 was a womans legs and bikini bottom/underwear. The second one, was a woman’s torso with a bra on. Then what really sent me over the edge, was there was a tshirt, but there was no body attached to it, presumably bc it wasn’t a sexy lady. I would never let my kids play this and certainly won’t be supporting it.Version: 2.4

What’s to complain about.I will say the game is very good and all the other stuff y’all saying I think it’s something wrong with y’all phones or tablets, And all you have to do is turn off your wi-fi while playing you will be fine no adds OK👌🏾.Version: 2.3

This is a good game but *sigh* the. Ads.Okay I don’t normally review games but after playing for less than 5 minutes I can already say, TOO MANY DARN ADS!!!! 😤😡 I was gonna say that it’s a good game, but I can’t tell if it’s a good game because I CAN’T EVEN PLAY BECAUSE OF THE ADS!!!!!!!!!! Like they show you an add every minute! I NEED you to fix this or else I will uninstall it and to the best of my ability I will make sure I never see the ad for the game EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Sincerely disappointed, KittyMcSloth.Version: 2.2

It’s a good game but too many adsOverall it’s a really great game fun to play when you inject it in the jelly it feels like your injecting it into your phone it’s super cool but there’s too many ads like out of no where when you finish injecting an ad comes up and there all 40-30 seconds long which is one of the things I don’t like about the game but that’s the only part it’s a great game besides that part..Version: 2.5

Could be ImprovedI honestly like this game. I don’t think there’s much wrong with it... there are a ton of ads, so I turned on airplane mode, but then I can’t get any notifications. Also, I’ve read a lot of these reviews and a lot of them say the little picture in the corner is black and white..? It’s not, at least for me, however, the colors that it gave me to dye are completely different from the picture. Idk if it’s black and white once you get to a certain level..? Or if it’s just a glitch for some ppl. You do have to watch ads to unlock certain levels, which I’m ok with, but I hate the ads that pop up when I’m right in the middle of a level... otherwise this game is pretty decent, it’s satisfying and it’s a way to pass time... especially when you don’t have internet. 🤦‍♀️.Version: 2.3

I Love It But There Is Something WrongI love the game so so much but when I blocked the adds it still gives me adds but you should still get the game cause I really really love this game and I think you would to but don’t block the adds cause it brought me to so much more fun! Ps you should play stretch guy. Sencerly, Pbear.Version: 2.6

My reviewIt’s a really fun game and mixes colors good but then the colors darker a little bit and adds pop up once a while but besides that it’s a fun game if you like coloring and satisfying things it’s good.Version: 2.7

It’s ok 👌Jelly dye is an ok game but I do wish that you could choose your own colors and set the jelly things in a random order so you could be more creative with the game. I hope you could fix that a little!.Version: 2.7

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Stop 👏 With 👏 The 👏 Ads 👏Look, I understand having ads in a game, but what the hell! This is insane! Y’all could at least wait for me to complete a level before you make me watch an ad. Honestly it could have been a good game without the ads..Version: 2.6

STOP WITH DA ADDDDSSSTo many adds ima delete this game it ruins everything no ones gonna play it if there ads popping up every second 😡😤.Version: 2.7

NopeThere is no colour guide so I don’t know what to do, really frustrating , ads suck as well, way to many. Waste of time don’t bother downloading..Version: 2.6

Way to many adsIt’s a fun game but ads pop up every 2min and it’s frustrating I get about having ads but you need to tone it down a lot it’s just ruins the game and now I will delete the app because the ads just ruin it for me. Sorry not sorry.Version: 2.3

It’s so funI know it has ads let’s of ads but I found a trick all you have to do is put it on airplane mode.Version: 2.7

TO MANY ADDS!I like to listen to music and there are SO MANY ADDS! I can’t play a single round without getting interrupted by adds three times..Version: 2.8

30 second ad every 2 secondsBeyond ridiculous amount of ads. I managed to play for 5 minutes before deleting app. The developers would maybe have more ad views overtime if they didn't bombard every few seconds..Version: 2.6

SO MUCH ADSIt’s a well thought game but ads pop up so frequently, it’s annoying and just ruins the gameplay..Version: 2.5

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Jelly Dye 2.9 Update

Version 2.9 (2021-02-19): New Levels! New Skins and Palettes! Bug Fixes and Improvements.

Version 2.7 (2021-02-14): New Levels! New Tools Added! Bug Fixes and Improvements.

Version 2.3 (2021-01-29): - Incredible Jelly Feel and New Levels.

Version 1.6 (2021-01-18): You asked we made. New levels for many hours of Jelly satisfaction!.