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Can you be a very successful construction expert?

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Handyman! 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Pretty good butI really like the game I just got it and it’s really good up until it froze and would not let me play again 😢 I really like the game so please fix this.Version: 0.2.6

Basically an ad app with short games betweenThe games are simple and could be fun but from my experience there’s an ad after every two levels. The ads last 30 seconds. The two games last a cumulative of 30 seconds. So enjoy the ads..Version: 0.2.81

Amazing!Cant stop playing! I have reached to level 57 and played the special level! It was amazing thanks alot.Version: 0.2.3

Ummm it’s alright, just read my the reviewOk so first of all it has WAY to many ads. You basically just watch ads and not play the game. I mean it’s pretty fun but it gets boring when you play it a lot. So let me just tell you the story....I was looking up games and a saw this game “handyman 3D” and I wanted to get it. I TOTALLY forgot to look at the reviews and when it downloaded my mom said to get off you phone and I didn’t get to play the game until the next day. When I did get to play it, it was fun at first, but now it’s kind of boring. I kept playing it because I thought it would get more interesting, but nope. Now it comes to this day when a 10 YEAR OLD KID is writing a review and so I would think that if you want to get it you should, but if your like me then I would say don’t get it. It’s your choice if you want to get it or not. Peace out guys..Version: 0.2.81

Phone damageNot satisfied. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game but when it started making my iPhone 11 Pro vibrate it broke the vibrating device in my phone now it makes a weird noise. Very disappointed.Version: 0.2.81

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢This game is horrible it’s nothing like the pictures all it is is just u working nothing like when u scrap a bucket all it is is jut work I would rate this 0 if I could 🤮🤢🙄.Version: 0.2.81

I hate itThis game is awful. It took almost a minute to load, and then an ad immediately popped up. The levels take two seconds to complete, and when you do complete them, you just get another ad. It’s not at all like the ads or the pictures, and it’s extremely boring. I would not recommend this app, and I would rate it 0 stars if I could. Thank you for your time, and please fix all of these flaws..Version: 0.2.81

Awesome gameI’ve been playing for a while once you high ranking the level site harder and more interesting to me barely any ads and if are shorts ones or skip able ones excellent work devs.Version: 0.2.5

The gameI think this game is really good because you basically working but your not really O don’t hardly like games like this but I like this one a lot.Version: 0.2.6

Not at all like the ad.I did not like this game. I saw it on tiktok, and I thought i’d try it. But it is not what it said it was. The other review saying it isn't clickbait, had to say it wasn't clickbait. To get you to download it. Do not recommend..Version: 0.2.6

CLICKBAIT GAMEIt’s so glitchy it’s ridiculous, one wrong move and the character gets lost in another realm. Plus the advertisement I’ve seen everywhere showed paint bucket scraping and you have to watch an ad to even play that “level”. Don’t release apps until you’re 100% ready, because this one needs MAJOR updates.. it’s almost unplayable. Not to mention it’s full of ads for no good reason. If I was sponsoring this app, I would be so disappointed by the awful quality. The boring and repetitive games make you lose interest fast. If I could give this app 0 stars I would..Version: 0.2.6

Sooo badThere are way too many adds. There’re all the same thing. It is just absurd if someone doesn’t want an app then stop bugging them about it..Version: 0.2.6

AwfulThis game is awful. There is a 15 min ad after every level you play. The levels take u around 5 seconds so usually the ads r longer then the games. And it nothing like the add i saw on snap. not a good game.Version: 0.2.6

Way too many adsI played for about 5 seconds before the first ad came up. It was a huge red flag to me..Version: 0.2.81

NopeAfter completing the first task and I had popped up had no control over it automatically turned off my music. This game thinks it’s as are more important than my music it is wrong would not recommend negative one out of 10.Version: 0.2.6

Same levels over and over againStarted out as a fun game until the game repeats levels on endless loop plus no way to customize the character or spend money on what’s the of making money that you can’t spend.Version: 0.2.5

Ad spaceGame was ok, had some really good pote... Saucy, tangy, tender and shamelessly delicious… the McRib is the sandwich fans anxiously await all year. And this year, its highly-anticipated return is bigger than ever! So mark your calendars because McDonald’s® is not only bringing the McRib back in 2020, we’re taking the fan-favorite nationwide for the first time since 2012 starting December 2..Version: 0.2.5

This is super satisfying you guys need to try this gameAnd the bad thing a re ads.Version: 0.2.81

Harder Than You ThinkHarder Than You Think Is A Bunch Of Crap. Don’t advertise Games Saying Their Harder Than I Think. Because I get the game, and it’s not hard at all. So you’re wasting my time and space, And It Pisses Me Off.Version: 0.2.3

DONT DOWNLOADThis game looked like something from the app Tiktok which is a 5 star app definitely download tiktok but anyway this game is a ripoff of something from tiktok and gets my phone hotter then the sun which is terrible so NEVER and I mean NEVER download the game.Version: 0.2.6

The moneyI have a lot of money on the game how do I spend it.Version: 0.2.6

Wanna watch ads? Money hungryThey make it seem like it’s a great game and make it interesting and boom !!! Ad after after ad after ad forced ads you have to watch and not skip horrible deleted app !!!.Version: 0.2.5

THE LAG!So, my the title of the game, you would think that the game is about a builder. But by the ad, you would think ur a cleaner. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! Also the lag is UNBELIEVABLY terrible. I can barley move the characters. Wouldn’t play it again ever. Hope this isn’t to harsh for the creator..Version: 0.2.81

Watching ads more than playingWatching ads a lot more then time played when you are.Version: 0.2.5

Horrible read every reviewOk so the characters are scary also when I finish a level ads just pop up do not get this game scam.Version: 0.2.5

Satisfying but..!I like the game a lot but what’s the point of the money? It keeps going from game to game that it doesn’t even have a home screen to buy anything in. No power ups or new tools? Or am I just missing something? Still addicting though..Version: 0.2.81

It’s pretty good. 🙂Ok this game is pretty good, But the designs of the characters are a little bit scary. There is not way to much ads but there is a lot. I’d give this 4 stars. Overall it’s a nice game!.Version: 0.2.3

Love this game!I saw this game on tiktok! The ad is just like the game, not clickbait. It’s very interesting and entertaining! Not that many ads, but I do wish there was less, but really not that some other games with way to any ads! You can play this game forever! 100% recommend! 😊😀😌.Version: 0.2.6

EhIt’s alright because I saw on tiktok and then downloaded. but when I saw the game it nothing like the adds. it’s still a fun game but not like what I expected.Version: 0.2.6

Good GameThis game is very satisfying and relaxing wile I’m in a traffic jam I play the game because it relives my anxiety and helps me calm down when I’m stressed the only thing that makes this game 4 stars instead of 5 is all the adds I’m getting the same adds over and over at least make then different but in all this game in really good and I would recommend it..Version: 0.2.81

AdsThis is definitely a good game to get if you like ads. It is fun don’t get me wrong. But I watched at least three ads before I even got to level three..Version: 0.2.6

Game had potential but to many adsFrom the advertisement on Facebook this game is like it could’ve been a lot of fun download it started it after every little move you do there is a ad you get five seconds of playing timeAnd 20 seconds ads..Version: 0.2.3

AmazingThis game is so fun a little bit of adds but that’s ok I love it totally recommended.Version: 0.2.81

ClickbaitThis game is definitely a clickbait. The sounds that we’re are on the ads for this game was fake because it has completely no sound at all. It glitches and there are too many ads. I lost interest after the 10th level because it was very repetitive..Version: 0.2.81

This game is trashI hate it it was suppose to be only paint but they gave me extra stuff and I don’t like it so I hate this game this game is stupid I don’t know how y’all like this game but this is just my opinion I don’t care if y’all like it but I don’t so I gave it one star rating so yeah this game is trash.Version: 0.2.81

GameThis game is so glitchy that I could barely move the characters hand the characters hand would keep on shaking and every time that I try to do the bucket scraping game it would always mess up so I don’t think that this is game is really good because it is really glitchy and it gets really annoying because there’s like 10 to 30 ads in just like three minutes and it’s really annoying how glitchy this game is I would not say that this is a great game but it’s not the worst game I’ve ever played.Version: 0.2.81

I wouldn’t recommend.I downloaded this game because of the ad I saw but it’s far different this game is kinda boring and has a lot of ads the reason I gave this game two stars it’s because there’s some good things about it first I like it because there’s a bit fun things about so it’s not that boring ok bye guys I’m gonna go eat now 🍕🍕 byyyyyye!!.Version: 0.2.6

False ad/to many adsI downloaded this game because of the ad I saw. The levels are completely different from the ad. I’ve played plenty of levels and there were only a few levels that was the same thing i saw in the ad. Another thing is the ads(in the game) its just way to many, after every level there is a 10-30 second ad. It’s very annoying to keep watching ads over and over. Also, I thought this game was supposed to be “satisfying” 🤚🏼😃.Version: 0.2.6

The chartersThe characters are a bit scary but this game is fun and I wish they could update the face but it my favorite.Version: 0.2.6

Click bait!I cannot even begin to explain how strongly I DESPISE devs that allow forced ads. Wasn’t in the game for more than 45 seconds before a forced ad pops in. Immediately deleted the game. Shame on all you devs that do that. Money hungry morons....Version: 0.2.3

Nothing worksI tried level 2 and I couldn’t slide down and I have new iPad so there’s nothing wrong with it do not download this game I repeat t9 not download this game.Version: 0.2.81

It’s very slowThis game is very glitchy and it took forever to download. But over all it’s not a bad game just make sure it doesn’t take forever to download.Version: 0.2.81

THIS APP IS AMAZINGThis app is amazing it is soooo satisfying in every way. The only complaints I have are the ads that’s it but over all this app definitely deserves 5 stars.Version: 0.2.81

It’s ok...... I thinkI thought this game would be cool and fun but no I downloaded the wrong game 🙁 the adds show it like a really fun game but it’s actually not that fun. IT’S ALSO CLICKBAIT. I downloaded t thinking it was soooo satisfying but nope. You even have to watch a video to do the cool scrape the paint from the bucket! Just if you make the bad choice of downloading this app that’s fine BUT DONT DELETE APPS TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!.Version: 0.2.81

How do I spend the money I madeHow do I spend the money I made.Version: 0.2.3

Really click baitIt doesn’t do what the cover says it’s click bait and If this doesn’t change I will make sure this game gets taken down.Version: 0.2.81

TOO MANY ADSWay too many ads to even enjoy the game. Wish there was a option to pay and shut them off..Version: 0.2.5

Awesome can’t stop playingThis game is so fun I can’t stop playing it I started playing yesterday and already on level 50.Version: 0.2.6

I’m not a bot and you can start can start the gameFirst of all, it’s a very fun game. Second of all, you people If you can’t start the game, it’s 2021 get a new device. You can definitely start the game. Overall, great game!.Version: 0.2.3

It’s good butIt’s always glitching I always have to exit out of then come back.Version: 0.2.6

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Handyman! 3D 0.2.81 Update

Version 0.2.81 (2021-03-19): Good News! -New ASMR gameplays ! -Lots of improvements -Minor bugs fixed Thanks for playing !.

Version 0.2.6 (2021-03-05): Major update released ! * Lot's of new unique satisfying gameplays ! * Hyper relaxing new minigames ! Thanks for playing !.