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Blob Runner 3D App Download

Are you ready for a super fun run race? Blob will be your favorite runner of all times!
Your goal is easy - Watch out for the obstacles, push them off and collect all jellies to become a GIANT blob!
If you can’t escape from the deadly obstacles and lose a limb, or a few, don’t worry! Our friendly jelly can continue the running for you, no rush, just clash all jelly particles and sculpt your Blob from stracth!

Remember, the price pool at the end will be determined by your ability to get your Blob bigger. Get bigger, stronger and super jelly to collect special rewards! We may also have some surprises as you slide on the roof :)
Wait! Did we mention you can also make over your Blob with super cool hats and plenty of color matching skins?! Join this epic race and show your unique style by customizing your Blob Runner :)

Blob Runner 3D App User Reviews & Comments

SO ADDICTING! DOWNLOAD NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T!!!I really really enjoy playing this game and it is SO ADDICTING!!!!! First, the details and the artwork are very good! Second, I love how the shop has varieties of hats and skins and they all look really cool! Last, I really enjoy how the levels are laid out and it’s super fun to watch the blob guy grow bigger and bigger! And there is one last thing I wanted to say which is to keep updating the game as much as you can because I always see brand new updates for this game and they all make the game A LOT BETTER!!!!!!! 😃😃😃.Version: 1.9.1

I like it buuuutttt1: super glitchy 2: very repetitive and 3: the App Store says 4+ but I kept getting ads for this game called high heels (btw great game you should play it) but the ad had a song in the background of it that was sped up really fast and (I’m gonna say it like this because this is a kids game) the song said “I frick him like I miss him” except it well... didn’t say frick. Older kids you know what I mean. So yeah I wouldn’t let your kids or ultimately any kid get this..Version: 2.2

Its a good game...Sooooo i was playing and i dont know what the deal with the ads tho, like i was playing and there was and ad AFTER EVERY SINGLE GAME, but thats nit as bad as whats coming up, so when you are trying to multiply your gems with and ad after being flung, you dont get and ad, then when you try and buy 3 more keys, it wont show an ad, same with all other transactions that you have to do with watching an ad, and also to all the other people who are complaining about the ads, you might as well turn your wifi off on the device that you are using because the ads dont do ANYTHING!.Version: 1.2.1

Great but ehThe game is really fun. For like 10 minutes. It lags every nanosecond there is an ad every ten seconds. Also even if you do the best you possibly can on a level you can’t get the x10. Some levels don’t give you enough slime to get it and it looks like you can but for some reason when the bar still has some left you just fall. And sometimes when you hit a multiplier it doesn’t give it to you or you go through the multiplier.Version: 1.1

WOW 🤩I absolutely love this game. It is so awesome to play and so so fun. The skins are pretty and the hats are cute. Just one thing... The adds are way too inappropriate for kids. There are some bad words in them and they include lovey sappy stuff that kids don’t need to see. But, if I were you I wouldn’t listen to those one star reviews because they are just trying to find something wrong with the game to make things more dramatic. Please get this game because it’s awesome!!! Thanks to the creators of this game for making it!!.Version: 1.6

Alright Not The BestThe character in this game does a lot of things the character Patric in Spongebob Squarepants does also this game could of been a little bit longer/better similar to the game temper run but a better chance of not dying and if there are a lot of ads then no ads at all or barely give any ads to us to watch cause even if we do for any reason get any ads then reason we want some is to get something we want/get it for free instead of paying money but don’t give us a lot of ads if for any reason we get ads but make the game longer/game periods are games end so quick..Version: 2.6.2

Horrible GameIt’s so laggy and there is so much delay, after every match you get an ad and it’s so annoying. you can’t even complete most of the levels due to random things getting in your way and the ping pushing you around. also when you are flung off the end you go flying around which is cool but it’s even more laggy there and you could barely hit a gem multiplier and it takes your whole blob or you hit and and you go through and also when you think you will make it to the end and you fall but end up hitting the big multiplier it just goes through the multiplier instead of giving you it. i also can clearly see why the ads made the game look so hard, i bet even the person playing for the ads was astonished by the lag..Version: 1.0.1

This game is awsome but there are some problems.This game feels like the best game I’ve ever played and it is. Since I stated I loved this game, but the problem is that I noticed there are some add problems. The add problems are when ever your done with a round it makes you each and add, and that a little annoying. But the game still is my favorite all the problem is in the game is the adds are just to much and it wastes my time to play. But if that’s fixed I’d love to play it everyday..Version: 1.6

I like itI really like the game but I think it’s annoying that once you have gotten all the skins with ads it makes you watch ads if your not even getting something it just says claim and then you have to tap it or the game won’t continue. This game is like many other games like hair challenge and bounce big and even that high heels game but I think this one out of all of those other games is easier and I like that you’re a jelly guy! I don’t think this game really needs improvements because it is already great but just keep in mind about the ad thing please!.Version: 2.3

Great game BUT THE ADS OMGThis game is very fun and addictive, like most idle/runner games and I enjoy it. But if there’s one thing that makes me hate a game it’s ANNOYING ADS! I get it, a lot of games have ads and I don’t mind them IF YOU CAN CLOSE THEM!! there’s this one ad that I CANNOT close and I have to exit the app. Also it makes no sense how if you want more gems you can watch an ad to get more, but if you want to just move on to the next level, YOU GET ADS ANYWAYS. AND SOME OF THEM YOU CANT SKIP OR CLOSE!! It’s SUPER annoying and this app would be SO much better without the non-close able unfairly placed repetitive ADS. Other than that this game is great and a good way to pass time..Version: 1.0.1

Love it, and not that many adds!I think that this would be a great app if you like adds! When you finish a level, you can choose if you want to watch an ad to get 3x what you hit or 1, or get 3, 4, 5, or 10 times the gems you got without the ad. I am having a blast with this game, and it is probably unlimited levels! The people that made this game deserve a lot of thank you’s. Those of you who want a game that is unlimited, this is the game for you. You can skip the level with an ad if you die, or do that level over again. Thank you creators!.Version: 1.6

WHY??!!This game is sorta fun and all I am giving it is 2 stars, I think they could add a few adjustments to this game so that there is not so many commercials, like if you want to unlock a new skin, then you always have to watch a video! It’s so annoying and if you want to unlock a new hat then guess what! You also have to watch a video to unlock it!!!!, I would NOT recommend this game... but there is another game that I would recommend which is called hay day, and you get to like take care of a farm and it’s so fun, and you can unlock so many animals like pigs, cows, chickens, goats, sheep, horses, bunnies, dogs, cats, squirrels, and more!! And you can also unlock things without having to watch videos!! And there is NO videos in this game at all unless you watch one to get a reward that is like duck tape or diamonds or something and by the way the duck tape is one of the things you use to upgrade your barn and all that, anyways I would TOTALLY recommend this game!!!! It’s so addicting and it’s wayyyyyyy better than this game!!! Plz get hay day!!.Version: 1.9.1

Great game love it super funI love this game so much but let me say the pros and cons first pros first you can play this game offline even without WiFi next you can unlock skins and hats and save your gem/money I forgot what it is called there is lots of levels it is super fun it’s like you are doing a obstacle course now the cons it is so annoying when I play offline and I unlock skins but I have to watch a ad and when I am offline I don’t get to unlock those skins or the hats next a lot of time I unlock skins and hats I have to watch ads and it is so annoying overall it is a fun game I recommend.Version: 1.6.4

It’s alrightIt’s alright if yer looking for a runner game but when I was like 5 to 7 I only played runner games like jet pack joyride and temple run but I see a lot of reviews that say there’s a lot of ads but there’s not that many because I have played games that have like 20 ads on the screen when you are playing so this game is just boring to me cause I have been playing runner games for like 2 years but it’s not that bad if you are looking for a new runner game you might like it.Version: 1.7

The EndI think I am done with mobile gaming, and this game is the one that broke me. I literally set a timer and I spent 10 seconds on a level that was followed by a 30 second ad. This is not the only game that have had this issue with but I think it’s the same company. When I’m playing a game I would like to have more game time than ad time. On the game itself, it’s a mediocre ripoff of Temple Run with a semi-interesting premise that is cut short (pun intended because your blob guy gets appendices cut off) by 10 second levels with no challenge whatsoever and the controls of the guy are spotty at best. All of these games have a currency (which if you would like to triple or quadruple, guess what?! You can watch another ad!) that is meaningless. I guess the currency and the pointless chest are there to give you a reason to keep going and grinding but they add no value to the experience, and are just another way to sell ad space (which are more games that do they same thing). So, in conclusion, until the quality of mobile games improve there is no point in playing them, don’t waste your time and please don’t spend any money on these cheap, pointless cash grabs..Version: 1.5.2

Could be betterI think it’s a great game but there are some things that could be better. First, I wish there were more skins and hats. After around an hour of playing, I already had all the skins and hats you can buy. It would be nice if there were more. Second, I think the levels should be harder. I think there should be harder obstacles or they should be a bit longer as the levels go by super fast. Thank you for your time..Version: 2.3

How to skip ads on portion of terrible styled mobile games.If the game loads faster than the ad, just swipe and restart each time. For this game, as long as you hit the target, (you can’t restart before the target, but you can restart before hitting continue.) you can immediately exit the game, and jump back in, and into the next level. I hate games that have this new weird idea aspect that you see all the time, like wood cutting, or collecting people, and other garbage..Version: 1.5.2

Ad riddled mediocre gameThe game lacks content and creativity on the levels. Levels are too short and repetitive. The only way you can unlock anything is if you watch an Ad. In fact, ads are shoved down your throat at every chance they get. You can choose to “watch ad to claim item” or “lose item”. Half the time you choose “lose item”, they force you to watch an ad on the next screen anyways. I know that this is how devs make money, but for gods sake, this is just ridiculous. Horrible game that had potential before they turned it into a shameless cash grab.Version: 2.0.1

FunScheme is so fun when I watch the trailer of it it was amazing so I download it and when I play it it’s so cool I like when he loses his legs and it just has slime dragging all over the place and I like when I try to go for the 10 times and it’s very cool so people are pretty lucky that you made this game thank you😃😃😁😁.Version: 2.3

NiceThis is a great game! You can get hats and different color blobs! I have two tiny suggestions though. Maybe you should do something so you can buy something with the diamonds. Also maybe you shouldn’t have an ad to get the stuff you earn in a game. Honestly there aren’t many ads. The ads don’t bother me at all. Thanks for making such a great game to lift up people’s spirits!.Version: 1.8

I Recommend Very Much!!I Started Playing this Game a Few Months ago And it Went Well! I was Playing it Nonstop, Til l already Beat the Game l had all the Colors to The Blob, Hats, and l Still have a Lots of Gems Left Over. But it Didn’t Let me Stop Playing The Game! But all l Ask if you can Make More Colors to The Blobs and Hats, If you Can’t It still Would Be For me A 5 Star ⭐️ Rating l Adore This Game Very Much And l Still Play It To This Day! I would Also Like to Say l would recommend This Game! PS Your Doing Great 👍 I Love All of Your Work And Very Impressed By Your Game!.Version: 2.2.1

Eh.This app is a 3/5, I only have a few reasons why. Firstly sometimes when I become huge I get all the gems in the sky, yes halfway through I lagged and froze a little bit, no big deal. But then once I meet up with the 10x board. I get closer to it but instead it glitches and makes me go through the 10x and I end up being in the sky until my blob pops. I just get 30 gems. That’s unfair because I was about to hit the 10x but went through it and instead of getting 500 gems I get 35. Yes I am grateful that you gave me any gems at all, but you gave me the wrong amount. This happened multiple times but I just brushed it off, please fix this. Second problem: The prices. If you want people to play your game then make the prices for hats at least 1M because you’ll be playing for minutes and not even notice you already have 10k gems. I pretty much have everything in the clothing shop except for some skins and hats that you had to get with three ads. Honestly I think this game is too easy, Thank you for your time..Version: 2.2.1

Okay but crashes and freezesI first saw this game from an ad and I thought it was so funny so I downloaded it. But, as soon as that happened, it crashed trying to load me an ad. Also whenever an ad tries to come and be in my face, it either crashes or freezes. Also, all the skins look pretty much the same where they’re just one color you’ve already been playing with. Whenever it does crash or freeze it is a good game and as soon as they update and “kill” that bug I will recommend it. (I will update this by then).Version: 1.8.1

Needs some updates but it’s a great game!👌This game is extremely fun it’s a little challenging tho I think you should probably be able to jump and slide like swipe down to slide and swipe up to jump and I also think at the end when you are flying in the air that you should be able to hit multiple targets but like the x1 would take about 1% of you little blob guy because you can just hit it once and that you score anyways great game just update some stuff it it would be a even batter one 👌🤷‍♀️🙂.Version: 1.1

Cash grabIt is pretty obvious from gameplay that this games entire existence is to trick you and make money off the dozens of ads you will watch after only a very short time of playing. The game has no other controls besides left or right. Which sounds ok but many of the obstacles are obviously designed like things from games like fall guys where you need to be able to at the very least slow down or speed up accordingly to pass them but not this game. No care or effort put in. Just out for ad rev. Steer clear of this game.Version: 1.6

This is really good!Okay so I don’t know why people are so mad like “Why is there so much ads 🙄” There are not even a lot of ads it might be a lot of ads for other people because they want more coins when they win but this game is good I hope the creator sees this! I don’t care what other people think I think this game is good it’s really good to make text to speech videos have a good day everyone!.Version: 2.6.2

One little issueI love this game. It is sooooooooo much fun. But I have only one problem. There are way too many ads. Every time the game ends when you hit one of the like 5x and stuff an ad almost, no not even almost. An ad pops up before you get a chance to blink. Please fix this. I will still give it 5 stars though because this game is still really fun..Version: 1.8

Almost the best!The only thing that’s wrong with it is that you have to watch an ad to get a new accessory!! It would be funner if you could get the accessory’s for free; besides that it’s fine! I rated it three because of this and something else... The gems you earn are useless; Absolutely useless! I guess if you compete on getting the most gems that could work, but still I think the gems should actually do something....Version: 1.5.1

Technical difficultiesSo I was planning the game and on one of the levels it would not let me play and I had SUPER good survive and it would not let me play so then I had to close out the app and I tried it again and it did the same thing.😡😡😡😡😡So the I did it AGAIN and I could play but it would not let me move so I died and I was REALLY REALLY mad!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡But otherwise it is a GREAT game so if I were you I would TOTLY get it.😃😃😃😃.Version: 2.5

Best gameOnce I downloaded this game I thought it would be bad but it actually turned out to be very relaxing I have been playing for about two days and I just checked to see what level I am on I was on level 45 I was surprised how much I’ve been playing this game it’s a great game there may be a lot of ads it’s still super Duper fun I recommend you buying this game my brother bought it and he loves it to 🤩🤩😆🤩🤩😆🤩🤩🤩🤩😆🤩😆😍😍😍😆😆😆😊😊😀😃😀😃😀😃😀🤩😆😊🤩😆😃😆😃😆😍🤩😍😆😃😆😍😆😍😆🤩🤩🤩🤩😆😍😆😃😍🥺😍🥺😃.Version: 1.6

3 keysThis game is an amazing game and fun to play, although I have found something that should immediately be fixed. When you have gone up to the point of getting the three keys, (which I have done over 20 times) you get to choose 3 out of 9 boxes which has a prize. The thing is with the boxes that I have figured out is that you never actually get the prize within the first 3 boxes, you have to watch an ad to get 3 more keys which doesn’t work either, then you have to watch another ad if you want 3 more keys to finally get the prize. This should be fixed immediately and until it is I will not go further with this game..Version: 1.9

Way too many ads!It’s a good game but there are ads every 20-30 seconds. I suggest this game because it’s good but I also warn you if you get triggered easily by ads don’t get this game. Please give less ads. Also! It asks you if you want more crystals things for an ad but even when you say you don’t want to watch an add for more. You end up watching an ad just because. Please give less ads maybe like 1 add each 3 rounds?.Version: 1.5.2

Too Many Flipping AdsOverall, this a fine game, EXCEPT for one thing. THERE ARE SO MANY ADS! I swear, I played one level and then it gave me an option to get my reward x5 or x1 and I clicked x1 because it said it didn’t have an ad with it, and guess what? I clicked on it it and it brought me to a flipping ad. My perspective, is always click the x 1,2,3,4,5, and so on so you get the good prize, because either way you get an ad. Also, when you find an item IT MAKES YOU WATCH AN AD TO GET IT?!?! This game is pretty stupid for the amount of ads there are and I don’t think you should get it, it’s a waste of time,.Version: 1.9.1

Funny but...Ok so first of all the game it’s kinda fun... we could say... and how the person gets cut, it’s really satisfactory, I would read before download if I were you, but wait. I’ve had the game for a week and the game is only fun like 5 or 8 minutes, then you get bored. Only when you are the most bored person in the world maybe you would play it . I like a lot the colors of the person, I’d love a update but whatever. I think I did waste my time downloading but if we see the positive it is a lil fun. I won’t say I would give this 5 stars. Or 4 stars. Or 3 stars. I would give it 2 it’s not really good. Try it yourself.Version: 1.6

Please read this if you want to get itThis is an amazing game i just got this yesterday when I’m writing this and I already love it 😍 there may be a short amount of colors but i still love it! Some people may not like it but this is only my opinion thanks for reading this if you want more of my reviews i have made some on roblox , high heels, ibisPaint I’m now going to make a review on pics art thanks for reading this byeee <3 lyric.Version: 2.4.1

Best game everThis game is so awesome to play blob runner is the best everyone should play it I love it so much you have to download it and why I gave it a five star it was because it’s better then the games I have I’m going to tell everyone in my family to get this game I’m going to download it on my iPad most relaxing game ever!!!!!!.Version: 1.5.2

My review is about this new game.My review is about this new game called Blob Runner 3D 3-D. And it is like the best game in the whole entire world world well so well for an hour. I mean like you have to try this game like a phone you can get pets you can get the pets for the really awesome you can get a boyfriend. This is the best game in the whole entire world and I mean it you have to play it.I’m a make myself..Version: 2.1.3

Great game! Highly recommendI play this game a lot and I find it so fun!!!! I love how it gives you encouragement when you get a blob, and I think it’s very underrated. I love the hats and skins that you unlock throughout the game! I also love the graphics! It’s very bright, and I can tell the people who made the game worked very hard on it , so I would recommend acknowledging how hard they worked and how many days / months they worked on this :) I also think it’s very creative how they made it a blob, most games are humans, bugs etc. if you are looking for a unique game that is bright and colorful, I would recommend this game 😄😄😄😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.0.3

Good Concept But Very UnderdevelopedI played this game for about 20 minutes so I thought I had enough experience to write a review. This game has a very promising concept, it’s a typical “run and reach the end” game with obstacles. It was fun for about ten minutes but after that it does get a bit boring. I feel like this game does not have enough to it to keep people engaged, for example, you collect gems as you run but there is no place to spend them or do anything with them (hopefully a future update). Another thing is the end “board”, where your character is launched at a target to determine what multiplier of gems you will get. In my time playing, I have never been able to get over a 3x multiplier because they throw nearly impossible obstacles near the end which makes you lose most of your progress. Honestly, I have high hopes for this game but I currently do not think it is worth my time or storage..Version: 0.5.1

NOT HOW GAMES SHOULD WORKHello, I was searching for fun games to play when I came across this game and decided to give it a try. As I began play I realized that this game isn’t about getting diamonds because it makes it almost impossible. No matter what, whenever you get more blob, it is just instantly taken away by an unavoidable trap. This is the BIGGEST problem in the game. The boxy thing is the fact that EVERY THING and I mean EVERYTHING that you work hard for takes an ad to get. Say I have been playing for a while and I finally unlock a skin, I need to watch and ad for it, what if I risk the whole game for a hat, I have to watch an ad to get it. This is unacceptable mostly because if you fail and retry you watch an ad. If you finish a level, you watch an ad. And finally, the fact that I work SO hard to collect diamonds and THEY. ARE. USELESS. I have SO many diamonds and can’t use them because “To get this item you must unlock through gameplay”. And then, when I DO unlock it via gameplay I HAVE TO WATCH AN AD. Don’t waste your time with this worthless game. Game devs, if you wish for players to actually enjoy your game... THRN MAKE IT GOOD..Version: 1.2.1

It’s okay??I think it is an ok game especially when you have nothing else to do but I think it could be better such as there are a lot of obstacles that you can’t even get passed. I think that there should be a way to get passed them also it only takes like 10 seconds I think you should change it up and make them longer and different and the adds are after like every round and last like 30 seconds maybe after every 3 rounds and like 15 seconds at the most but other than that it fine if you’re bored and just want to play something..Version: 1.6

This game is everything wrong with mobile playing.The ads are just too much. The gameplay is too simple and repetitive. This is why no one takes mobile “gaming” seriously. This is the standard of something that could have been great. Games with heart and stories. Interesting new takes on old games. But the possibility of the mobile “gaming” industry coming back from the trash heap of today is slim to none. The reason I called it playing in the title is because if you play these and call yourself a gamer, you are lying to yourself because this is a hollow shell of a game. This has nothing put into it and I suggest you play more games like Sky Trail on mobile, because at least the devs there tried and didn’t just copy a stale genre like these imbeciles and those like these people. Overmonetized, cash grabbing, stale and repetitive games should never be accepted and rewarded with our time. I may never come back to the App Store looking for a game ever again, because my expectations are so low now that I will just keep being dissatisfied..Version: 2.5

Good gameThis game is fun to play, but....... there are to many adds. Why does every game have to have so many adds? I just want to play the game, not have to wait for an add after every turn. Other way from that this game is really fun. I want to keep playing it but I do not know how much longer I can go before deleting it because I get enjoyed with all the adds..Version: 1.1

A classic mobile gameI had seen many ads on this game, so I checked it out. Most reviews said this game was not recommended, and had too many ads. I just wanted to see for myself, and when I did, I found out that the negative comments were true. After every level, an ad popped up. This happens with almost every other mobile game I’ve played. The goal is the same with them too. Collect something and the more you have at the end, the more currency you get. Third, the ads made me wait too long. I do not recommend this game, or most mobile games..Version: 2.5

Pretty good!I love this game for when I am bored but I beat all of the levels like really fast and I stopped playing. I think it would be much better if more skins and hats were added. I also don’t care for all the ads that pop up, I get an ad like every other round and they are really long. It gets pretty annoying really fast when you have nothing to accomplish and then you have to watch an ad. Other than that this is a really great game!.Version: 2.3.1

Love this game can’t stop playing it 😍You unlock more silly hats 🧢🎩👒and skins as you progress to more levels and more levels I have unlocked all the hats and skins but the levels never end but still love it 😍 and please make more hats and skins that would make so much better and funner and more fun obstacles to run past and more obstacles to jump over.Version: 2.7

It’s ok I guessOk so I was bored during lockdown so I was looking for a game and found this one. It’s fun at the beginning having to earn hats and different skins. But after you collect everything it get boring. Also I think there should be different like power ups or something. Like you can pay with coins to get a power up we’re your blob can’t get cut of at all because it is basically impossible to miss some of the obstacles. Thank you for listening to my ideas. Overall this is a great game..Version: 1.4

Okay...not the best but better than nothingI was playing on my iPad normally, but then I wanted to find a different game to play and it looked fun, so I downloaded it. It’s ok, but when I started playing, I was surprised with what I saw. First off, REMOVE THE ADDS! OR AT LEAST MAKE IT SO THAT THEY’RE NOT POPPING UP EVERY TEN SECONDS! Like that’s really annoying. Second of all, I’m not quite blaming the game because it might be my ten-year-old iPad, but it keeps on turning itself off and going back to the home screen. And also, when I get to the end sometimes, like the end of the level and I’m a small blob, instead of letting me fly to the x10, x3, x5, I am a small blob running in place when I’m not standing on anything and its like there’s an invisible barrier blocking me. And it’s like there’s sometimes more add time than game time! Well, I think that this is getting really long so I just wanted to say that I recommend trying it. Ok now I’m going to get back to playing blob runner 3D. Bye!.Version: 2.2.1

I just downloaded itSo when I came home from school today I was just playing a game and then an ad popped up it was showing this game so I wanted to download it it is very fun I started playing it today I hope there are more features added that I haven’t found out yet I bet there is plenty though anyway this game is awesome it is a little tricky because I’m new but it is really fun keep up the good work.Version: 1.7

Too many adsThis game is kind of cool. The way it’s developed is amusing/clever (the way the blob hops around when it’s missing a leg or slides when it’s just a gushing torso). But, I don’t know what the point of the game is - there’s nothing to achieve besides completing the level. Sure, there are hats and skins to collect but you have to watch an ad or you lose it, which is pretty lame, considering there is an ad after you complete EVERY level. I’ve never played a game with this frequency of ads and quite frankly it’s not worth it. It was a fun run (or one legged hop, rather), but this app is getting the boot..Version: 1.2.1

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Way too much ADIt’s a fun game , but it has way too much AD, IM DELETING IT.Version: 1.4

So many adsDeleted after 5 minutes due to a ridiculous amount of ads, felt like an ad every 30sec.Version: 2.7

Eh..In your game you have so many adds and that just makes it boring slap maybe some sound?.Version: 1.8

IdkIt is good but it is really glitchy and pls add sound.Version: 1.5.2

Worst game ever and failed advertisingI’ve rated lots of games before and this is the worst terrible disappointing and frustrating terrible do not ever get this game or any games by these pepole.Version: 1.3.1

..It’s SO LAGGY... legit when you pick up 2 blobs the game barely works.Version: 0.5.1

Wow! So many ads!I noticed there was a playable game in between the ads? Is this intentional?.Version: 1.9

Amazing game!Game is amazing, I love how you can run around. It’s adorable. Here’s a tip if a game has ads. If a game has ads and the game doesn’t require internet, go onto areplone mode. It doesn’t make ads come up. Before you enter the game or the ad trick wont work. Inform others so people can stop fussing and be a ad-free family!.Version: 1.8

It’s a good game but few things I would change.It’s very laggy, so if anything could be done about that it would make this much better of a game... and also sound. Sound. Sound. Sound. It would be a 5 star game if it wasn’t laggy and there was sound..Version: 1.1

This game is not inappropriate it is awesomeI love it by the time I downloaded this app I loved it.Version: 1.7

Why the words? And why the glitch?! Wait there is one good thing!Hi I’m a normal teen how likes to play games. This is not one of them! This game was amazing just the way it was! Before the creator had to go on and update it! My opinion... don’t add words! It makes it weird! And honestly! I don’t like the music! If you add updates do better! And turning off your wi fi does not help with the fact that adds pop up on you screen every level! Also has you read from the title. Every time I move my character on the iPad screen it glitches! I’m am so bummed that the creator had to go listen to the stupid reviews and update a perfectly good game! On the other hand, I like how on some levels that you can jump as your character! This is so fun when you are board on the weekends. But I hate the Yolo! At the end of every level that u complete. My suggestion do not up load unless you like seeing a game fail. I am deleting this app right now!.Version: 2.2.1

Good game but needs more.Ok first of all thank you QUOK for making this game but i agree with the other reviews so pls add sound. Also a few more things: Pls add more levels because after level 10 they just repeat and it becomes really boring because I'm on level 157 and i am just seeing repeats also please add more skins and maybe even think about adding back-wear. Also please add some more hats, Here are some ideas: Back Bling: Wings, Bags Clockwork key things. Hats: Monocle, Leprechaun hat helmet. Also pls add multiplayer and hats and back bling having little effects: Faster fly speed, Start with bigger blob and finally more luck to get rarer hats also maybe chests: Wood, Iron, Diamond. Pls read this i spent like an hour writing this..Version: 2.6.1

BEST APP EVERI think Blob runner is an awesome game and the community is nice too but I think you could make it better if you added back items like a backpack or something but still, blob runner is AWSOME!.Version: 2.1.2

Nice jobI like how when you play the game if you like grow it you break it off and then go back again and like your head comes off the legs come off and you can cruel as well arm it’s like the long granite produces a colour and you advertise different colours in at the end when you fly it shrinks and it can give you up to so many levels and yeah but the thing I wish was that your avatar can grow more bigger and you could lose more body parts like maybe your arms and stuff but yeah that’s like it’s like one of the best games that I have on my phone right now.Version: 2.4

I hate this game- honestly, it’s TRASH.Okay, listen I was reading all the reviews and I didn’t know if it was really that bad, I downloaded the game and it was hella laggy, I thought it was okay at first since I just got it! But after a couple levels it was very very very laggy, if this doesn’t get fixed I’m never getting this trash game again, besides there are way WAY WAYYY to many ads, people want game without ads, they are annoying so please try thinking about actually caring and make this damn game less laggy. Thanks..Version: 1.5.2

GoodGood.Version: 1.3.1

TerribleStupid amount of unavoidable ads. Don’t waste your time!.Version: 1.4

IdkSo I really like it but I think it needs some sound.Version: 1.1

Great game but a few probsThis is a great game for anyone who wants a quick little turn on a device but one thing I don’t like is that it has words , it’s reeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyy annoying.Version: 1.9.1

Great gameIts good but it needs multiplayer.Version: 1.6

Seems fun but quickly frustratingThere are too many obstacles that are unavoidable, if you could jump or control the character more it could be more fun, but you just bounce between tiny blob and big hulk because everything is unavoidable. Seems like a mindless game for little kids. Could be a lot better though.Version: 1.1

YesNou bf.Version: 2.2

Why should I have to watch an ad?Why do I have to watch an ad to get the hats and skins I earned!? It’s extremely annoying and half the time when I have wifi it won’t let me watch the ad. Also I agree with others all obstacles should be able to be avoided. Otherwise good game.Version: 1.8.1

It is FaneAnd is good game.Version: 1.5.1

Awful amount of adsOh my god the ads I CAN’T TAKE IT.Version: 1.6.4

Fun with evil add trickeryPaid for no adds, but left with intrusive, poorly indicated add-traps. Spoils the game entirely..Version: 2.5

Basic game and way too many addsThere's a crazy amount of adds compared to game play time.Version: 2.2

One long commercialThe ads are genuinely longer than the levels and there are a lot of levels..Version: 1.6

I love this game😁🤩This is a really funny game I love it!No feed back.Version: 2.4

Add soundAdd sound please.Version: 0.5.1

Blob runnerMy computer just kicked this app purchase into the ‘chest’ MALWARE ATTACHED.... Not FUQING happy 👹👹👹.Version: 2.3.1

Could use some improvementsThe game forcibly resets your size several times per level by throwing undodgable bars at you, that cut off the majority of your character. Some of the bars are angled so you can at least minimize how much goo is lost but many are perfectly horizontal. I don’t like this as it has nothing to do with player skill and makes collecting goo before them largely pointless. The double door’s close and open at the same time, the problem is they close and open slowly enough that your character will often be unable to pass though either door as neither will be open enough to allow passage though them. The only way around this timing issue is to happen to approach the door when it has just opened. But I find that the game seems to naturally time the doors to switch when we’re are close, thus making it essentially a dead end about 45% of the time. Also I find that the touch receptiveness can be picky at times Lastly, larger/longer obstacles like the triple axe/hammer pendulum will despawn before you have fully cleared them as the front of them be far enough behind you to disappear when you are about half way though..Version: 1.5.2

BADReally laggy really hard boring.Version: 1.1

More ads than game timePiss poor set up can’t touch the screen with out a add pop up honestly be better.Version: 2.4

HvccfgfjvhjvhgbhbVvtfvfuvvgbhgfgbhbgvgvg.Version: 1.6

ReviewIt keeps asking for a review even though I press not now, so here it is.Version: 1.4

Best game everNo ads no problems if I could rate higher I would rate it 900,000,000.Version: 2.7

Good gameIt’s AMAZING.Version: 1.4

SO MUSH FUNI love this game sooo much it’s so fun I love the blob man and the way he gets squished and he looks funny.Version: 2.0.1

Love this game!I really like this game and I’m on level 463! Only bad thing is the new update took off the latest updates items that I had gotten all of 😅.Version: 1.6

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Blob Runner 3D
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Action, Simulation
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Blob Runner 3D 2.7 Update

Version 2.7 (2021-06-11): New levels are added, enjoy!.

Version 2.5 (2021-05-21): "Performance update New features New Levels!".

Version 2.4.1 (2021-05-14): Performance update.

Version 2.4 (2021-05-07): Come and find our new hot streak feature!.

Version 2.3.1 (2021-04-30): Performance optimized.

Version 2.2 (2021-04-20): New levels added! Enjoy!.

Version 2.0.1 (2021-04-02): New levels added! Beware of newly landed obstacles! New icon! Performance optimization and bugs fixed!.

Version 1.9 (2021-03-20): -Don't be a shopaholic! Amazing items just landed in our shop! -Funny visual feedbacks added. -New icon! -Thanks for playing! Enjoy!.

Version 1.7 (2021-03-08): New surprising features added! You can jump NOW!.

Version 1.6 (2021-02-19): Performance update New features New Levels!.

Version 1.4 (2021-02-06): Backgrounds and new levels..

Version 0.6.1 (2021-01-27): -Store added! Enjoy your new hats! -New levels with new mechanics added. -UI experience improved. -Performance improvements and bug fixes..