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This world needs a little color! Don’t you think? That’s why it’s time to liven things up in Pencil Rush 3D!

How to play Pencil Rush 3D?

1. Open the app and pick up your tool – a colorful pencil.
2. Next, it’s time to take on the challenge. With your pencil in hand, trace and race your way along the obstacle course.
3. Add to your color collection by picking up more pencils along the run. Wow!
4. But, oh, no! You gotta avoid those obstacles. Hit them, and it’s game over!
5. Run and make it to the finish line. Look at that colorful collection. AMAZING!

Don’t live in a world of gray! Play Pencil Rush 3D and color your day with the rainbow.

Pencil Rush 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Love butLove but I’ve painted the same picture of sneakers at least 45 time ugh!.Version: 0.5.1

It amazingWhen I first started it was easy and it’s just really calm and good.Version: 0.5.1

Pencil rushThe game is really good but the game needs some more famous pictures any body that has this game on there phone or tablet is going to get tired of seeing the same pictures over again and then they will just delete the game when this app do a update again please add all tips of art like classic all every black history all graffiti comic books from marvel and dc comics dragons dragon ball z and presents of the United States and dinosaurs and cities like all part of new yourk city and different parts of the country so no body will not be bord playing.Version: 0.6.0

This is weirdOk I like this game but why do u ad crayons lol.Version: 0.6.0

Same pictureThere were a few different pictures at first but now it’s the same one over and over again. Needs more variety.Version: 0.6.0

Unlockables Repeat ConstantlyThe game is ok; but the lack of variety kills it. I’m 58 levels in and the unlockable paintings keep repeating, and the level variety makes it tedious..Version: 0.5.1

Really?I just downloaded this app and it’s really hard because it’s so small. You could do better than this. I also do not like the ads. The first one I saw was about a cat that’s actually a giraffe because it has a really long neck that it can stretch out it’s weird. Why?.Version: 0.6.0

😼😻😹😸😺😽🙀😿😾It’s fun but after level 90 something the only painting I could use was the shoe😾.Version: 0.5.1

Here’s a little tipIf you don’t want to have a ad after every level then turn your WiFi off.Version: 0.6.0

I love this appHi this is the game that I really wanted for a long time.Version: 0.5.1

Overall a great gameI love this game it’s fun and addictive! 2 things could change I think 1. There are literally so many ads you really don’t need to shove an ad every 10 seconds and 2. In the beginning there were different paintings then you started to repeat them by rotating but now it’s the same one over and over again atleast before it was rotating them but I would prefer to see more paintings added..Version: 0.6.0

Why is the whole screen black with a tiny screenWhy is the screen just black with a tiny screen please fix☹︎.Version: 0.5.1

NOT AGE INAPPROPRIATE!!! 😡I downloaded this for my 5 year old and the ads on this app are DISGUSTING. Constant ads for chat rooms or video chats with young girls. Also VERY inappropriate images of these girls pop up. I’m infuriated that the age range for this is 4 years and up. This app should be taken down! It seems like they are just using the app as a disguise to promote these nasty ads because they pop but every level!!! NOT HAPPY AT ALL!! 😡😡😡.Version: 0.6.0

Not kid appropriateThis game is fun but when it says stuff that kids shouldn’t read and also it had too many adds and some of the ads are very inappropriate.Version: 0.6.0

UmmTHIS APP is great for people that love drawing and so pretty I think a little satisfying and I reccomand it.Version: 0.6.0

Fun but TOO MANY adsI love the game, it's cool seeing the pictures come together and all but dang dudes. y'all got me bent if you think imma play a game with an ad popping up every two seconds of the game..Version: 0.6.0

Too many adsThe game itself is fun to play but the constant ads just ruined it for me, like c'mon atleast let us pay to have the ads removed..Version: 0.6.0

My faaaaaav gameeeI found that game a week ago and can’t stop playing. That game is so relaxing and asmr 💅 Finally chill runner for me.Version: 0.5.1

You guys are a good GameYour game is awesome I love it and if you can make more of them then I will appreciate it so I love your game.Version: 0.6.0

I like itIts fun and I like the first painting it’s among us.Version: 0.5.1

Fun but stuckIts fun but i have painted the same picture of Freddy mercury over like 60 times. Plz fix.Version: 0.4.0

It’s okUhm so, when I play the game I’m not able to put the game on my whole screen, it’s looks like the shape of a phone..Version: 0.5.1

New puzzles/A LOT of fixing!The game is new and ok but it still needs A LOT of fixing. Also it needs more puzzles cuz I keep getting the same bear puzzle.Version: 0.5.1

So funHi it’s so fun to play but it’s also hard if I was you I Will buy it.Version: 0.6.0

It is good and the bad please read my reviewThe game is really fun it is just that there is always the same picture and you cannot do another picture but the good thing is is that doesn’t scam you it doesn’t make you pay or anything game is if I had to vote I’d say three star because it’s kind of bad and kind a good I know what I mean.Version: 0.6.0

How to get rid of ads for freeGames like this are offline so you do not need WiFi to play these games. These games just wants you to pay for ads. If you don’t want ads, turn off your WiFi while playing this game. I only put 5 stars because I want everyone to see this..Version: 0.6.0

AdsThe game is really cool and I think the game has a great concept but the non-needed ads have to go. This game can get way more downloads if the random ads after each level just don’t pop up. The ads for cosmetics are enough ads..Version: 0.6.0

This game is asomeThanks for making this game is so fun.Version: 0.6.0

SoSo i beat the game in two days lol. and have every skin offered. except orange and green don’t have new skins? and why is there no like drawing sound or sound effects during gameplay? no offer to remove ads? same pictures over and over again? max level is 10? come on guys!! it’s a fun game tho ☺️.Version: 0.6.0

I love this gameThis game is a great app but it needs to get better and more levels.Version: 0.5.1

The adsYou can choose to watch and get coins... or skip and watch them automatically for nothing. Not even an option to opt out? Not a game I’m going to keep for long..Version: 0.6.0

This is The worst game everFirst of all it doesn’t let you through the screen and when you try to do the app again to these ads and it’s like every time you get a color and when you get another color one breaks off and you have to buy a coloring box to finish it and even if you don’t finish it I say you win when you lost.Version: 0.6.0

Love itI just downloaded this app today and started playing and so far I love it!.Version: 0.6.0

Too many adsThe game is honestly fun but there are way too many ads and need more pictures to paint.Version: 0.6.0

Can’t get frustratedCan can’t get frustrating yes Is it a good game yes Is it wird yes.Version: 0.6.0

Going do your work tomorrow andRight in the just going to get.Version: 0.6.0

Too many adsThis game is chill and fun but there are so many ads. There’s an ad literally after every round..Version: 0.6.0

AdsI don’t like that there’s ads in between each level.Version: 0.6.0

AddictingSo I love this game I remmed to get it it is FREE i love it so get it.Version: 0.6.0

Pencil rushOver all a great game but one thing I noticed is I keep getting the same picture over and over and I hope you can fix it plz.Version: 0.5.1

Too many adsIts a fun game but when your practically shoving the ads down our throats and always asking for a review it seems desperate and frankly really irritating i get you guys have to make money but tone it down on the ads it gets really annoying and kills the mood to play this game.Version: 0.5.1

It’s ok I guess 👌👌I mean the game is ok but the thing is not as fun as the AD and my expectations but it’s more easier as most games just not as funner as challenging games it’s a bit boring as I thought it was gonna be before I downloaded the game. But mostly it’s okay so thank you for creating the game anyway!.Version: 0.5.1

Tiana walkerI love this game so much because you get to collect crayons in the game and I love this game because you get to throw crayons at the board.Version: 0.6.0

Great, just a few additionsThis game is great! I’d just add different road things (for example the pencil crayon things would be sliding on bricks and tables n stuff) and also the ability to remove ads for like $2.00 or less maybe.Version: 0.5.1

It’s alrightI loved the game at first, and I still do, it’s really fun. However as of late I’ve been getting the same picture to fill in every single time and it tends to get annoying..Version: 0.5.1

Great funI really like this game I hope you make a sequel.Version: 0.4.0

It’s fun butIt has limited pictures. It would be boring after awhile. Get more pictures.Version: 0.5.1

Good game!OK so I think this is a really good games I’m used to ads by now and I and I really don’t like all the complaints about the ad because everyone’s used to ads.Version: 0.6.0

Ads!!!I’m fine with ads but getting one on every level after turning down two options to watch them is annoying.Version: 0.5.1

Worse game everBelieve me I’ve played many games before but not like this one it’s terrible you can barely control the crayons and it doesn’t even splatter that much cream on it again worst game ever.Version: 0.6.0

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RequestI love the game it’s so entertaining and fun, but the pictures to colour, get so boring especially if you’ve already seen it, a collection book of the pictures would be amazing especially with tons of more pictures,.Version: 0.6.0

Great gameI really like this game because the game shows me my favourite game when I finished a drawing and also I like this game because you can collect so many pencils to draw but can you just put in of what you can draw please? I love this game so keep on the good work. 😌.Version: 0.6.0

Sound issues..I love the game! It’s really fun but.. I play on my iPhone 6 and there’s this annoying sound that happened when I colour the pictures and collect pencils! Is there something I can do? Thanks!.Version: 0.6.0

OkIt’s great and all but 1. The skins are hard to get and take ages to find 2. There are only like 10 paintings and they just keep cycling through.Version: 0.6.0

Epic gameI obdgkerfcgweqrcgfeqwg2uwgcfr2ejgt44hwt.Version: 0.6.0

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Pencil Rush 3D 0.6.0 Update

Version 0.6.0 (2021-02-12): It’s our newest update: - Cool new levels - Bug fixes that make gaming so smooth New hot updates and epic challenges COMING SOON!.

Version 0.5.1 (2021-02-06): The great update arrived! In this version we added: - New challenging levels - Minor bug fixes And it is legendary! Don’t believe us? Try for yourself..

Version 0.3.0 (2021-01-21): - New levels & mechanics - Bug fixes & improvements.

Version 0.2.0 (2021-01-14): - More levels & content - Bug fixes & improvements.