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Spin the alphabet!

The shape of the rotating object changes according to the characters you enter.

Aim for the goal by making good use of the action of physics and the shape of letters!

Type Spin App User Reviews & Comments

Needs more levelsI like the game but you restart the levels so I would like 5e game to add more levels pls.Version: 0.0.2

TerribleIt’s not like the ad at all. you don’t like race against someone else you just go by yourself as far as i got before it became boring. and it got boring really quick dont waste your time with this your just gonna end up deleting it anyway.Version: 0.0.1

Basically single player and not enough levelsAll these types of games that you race AI in a straight line are all the same. You usually are equal or a little bit better than the AI for the first level or two, then you beat the AI every single time by a long shot and they don’t even stand a chance. These kinds of games are basically single player because you don’t even compete with the AI. Also there’s only 10 levels, which can be completed in 5-15 minutes. Usually by round 5 you can figure out the best letter to use for speed and climbing. More levels must be added, and I assume they are already being worked on. Please add difficulty for the AI. I know that some people struggle with the AI but also some people don’t. I would like a genuine challenge. Being able to choose my difficulty would be amazing. I hope my two suggestions are added into the game as they will definitely make others want to play more often. This game is very good but lacks certain features that make it enjoyable for genuine gamers..Version: 1.0.0

A little bit misleadingThought there would be more levels and letters. If you put a whole keyboard in your advertisements, people are gonna expect all the letters on that keyboard. The gameplay is fine..Version: 0.0.1

HorribleThis game is nothing like any of the ads it’s portrayed as and only has 5 levels and when you are done with these levels it resets you back to level one to repeat the same levels..Version: 0.0.1

40% gameplay, 60% ad watchingCool concept, boring levels, too many ads; basically every mediocre phone game you see on social media. Not even worth the internet it took to download this game..Version: 1.0.4

It’s just the same 5 levels over and overYou get 5 levels then they repeat. There is nothing else to this game.Version: 0.0.1

Review from a kid 8Umm this app is good I just do not like that it is to short . 2021 made by Lilly.Version: 1.6.7

Waste of spaceGame has ten levels, all the same thing, 30 seconds long, restarts after you beat them. Pointless game.Version: 1.0.0

The game was copied DONT downloaded “letter run!”I don’t like how this game was copied because it has the same of everything. It also won’t let you write a review so don’t download it.Version: 2.0.0

ThankI love the play.Version: 1.6.7

ScamWaste of time..Version: 0.0.1

Q is impossible.^ I.Version: 1.6.7

Can I even get an appWhen I try to go in the app it’s just does not work it shows me that I’m a level but I cannot move.Version: 1.6.7

Loove itVrdvecced dcrcfvx x. Feb gg. Gg. G fveegngegrhntbfbffb gg. Gg. Rev tech f g g gg t g f t baby hbhbbhbn B. Bbqb. Gvvhcg. B b. Ggg b v fcffc. BVC. Be but by v t JJ b BJ. T be y. Hi n h th n I’m JJ n bubunu.Version: 1.6.7

Garbage game, garbage AI,garbage game company.That sums it up. Way too many ads, levels are so incredibly short. If you play this game you’re essentially playing a 10 second max mini game in between ads longer than the level you just played..Version: 1.0.4

Use N in steadWhen I was first playing I wanted to be like a M so I choose N and then one round there was a M and I was a N and you know what had happened I won ! So you shouldn’t be a M but instead be a N..Version: 1.6.7

Garbage so garbageThat’s it. This game is garbage. This game has too many ads, levels are too short. Literally this game is just you playing a 10 second level and then the community of ads messing up your game. I rate it a 1 star (the most why I rated it) because, of course the ads and the levels. Well, this is about the levels I know I said that the levels are really short. Another thing about the levels is that there aren’t enough so you can play. The reasons why this is a waste of time of playing; So look, ads of course ads. Little mini game and then a whole community of ads come. Like come on, If you want someone to play your game, THEN LIKE GET RID OF THE ADS. (Also this was not meant to hurt anybody but I’m just being honest). Levels are really short and I totally get that but it is just a waste of time of playing this game because it’s just ADS. I really don’t like how this turns out, it’s just a waste of time..Version: 1.6.7

Too many adsSo I got the game today and I’m like midway through the game but there’s way too many ads after every round you get one and it’s getting really annoying and I’m getting really annoyed bc why is there a ad one after another.Version: 1.0.4

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Actually goodIt’s pretty fun.Version: 1.6.7

Actually goodIt’s pretty fun :D.Version: 1.6.7

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Type Spin 2.0.0 Update

Version 2.0.0 (2021-02-18): Added some new features..

Version 1.6.7 (2021-02-05): Updated some levels..