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Let's play catch and throwing game!

Goals - Pass the ball to your teammates and avoid getting tackled by enemies!
Controls - Swipe to turn and release to throw.

Hope you enjoy the game!

Catch And Shoot App User Reviews & Comments

Needs updateLevel 94 is the same as level 4. There is like total 10 levels or something that get repeated over and over..Version: 0.1

The graphicsThe graphics.Version: 1.3

WowAlright, so I DEFINITELY recommend this game!!! Not because of what it has to offer, but this is the FIRST game where I’ve left a review and literally every single thing that I said should be fixed, was fixed. Now the ball spirals, you can use the coins to buy stuff, etc etc. kudos to the developers in charge. Much appreciated.Version: 1.0

Hear me outIts a great and fun game the we just need more skins and items also make it harder to get some items and skins the games also needs harder levels like for example im at level 302 and its just as easy as 102..Version: 1.3

TrashVery terrible too many ad.Version: 1.3

Worst gameThis game is normal game to play with if ur bored but u will more adds then u will play.Version: 1.3

False tik tok advertisingWhen I saw it on tik tok it showed that you can move the ball mid air so I downloaded it and I couldn’t pleas fix it.Version: 1.3

To many aDdsBroooo if I get 1 more add ima kms like I get it u wanna get money but dood make it so u can at least buy no adds with coins I beat the game tho cool concept u should make more things to do.Version: 1.3

Rip-offThe ad shows the ball being controlled why can’t I do that UPDATE IT NOW.Version: 1.3

Really badOnly like 10 levels repeated and very hard game.Version: 1.3

BestI love this game no matter what anybody says.Version: 1.3

Hdgscsjd dhsvisgsos go veodbdpdvsdoudvdodvcddjndndjdhdgdjdisbzk isbdodbdodnddogwaterJejrhrjdjdhfhfbbdnfnfnffjfjjfjfjfkrkr ey ywuwi djhdjdjxjdjc.Version: 1.3

ReviewVery good, just i think it has too many ads..Version: 1.3

Amazing game 🥰Good game but I don’t like the ads no offense!.Version: 1.2

DedicationCan we take a moment for our fallen soldiers that dove off the building for these footballs r.i.p..Version: 1.3

Good gameNeeds like 30 more skins I got all of dem and I got 10k.Version: 1.2

AddsAdds=AIDS.Version: 1.3

New objectivesThis game is fun but I feel like there needs to be more to the game like being able to upgrade the catching ability and such, this game is fun but needs to be touched up and updated a bit and it would be fun! Would like to see more to the game itself.Version: 1.3

FunI already love this game it’s addicting.Version: 1.3

LameI want the balls to spiral.Version: 0.3

Great gameI play it all the time. Only thing that bothers me is the spiral rotates the wrong direction. A right handed spiral always goes clockwise. :).Version: 1.2

SOOO MUCH LAGGGFirst time i played was good and then ads and then lag so bad I could play it would stop for like 5 min before going again for 10 seconds remove the ads and lag and maybe I’ll play.Version: 1.3

I must be doing something wrongI do not get this game. I have been playing it off and on for a week and am still stuck on level 2. There is no rhyme or reason to ball flight and direction that I can determine. Maybe I am just too old for this....Version: 1.3

Great gAmeLove it.Version: 1.3

WOW!This is so fun! I’ll play it when I need alone time, or in the car offline. It’s even so good, my dad bought it on his phone! Voodoo is the best. I have all of there games. Seriously! It’s a heart warmer type game!.Version: 1.3

Awesome gameOne of the best free games out there in my opinion. I really enjoy the game! I think the idea for this game is a really great idea and the execution is well done. I hope that u keep adding on new items and skins and stuff, that would be awesome. To add to the marvel stuff, I’d love to see the Thanos gauntlet haha. just a small request, but yea fr this game is fun and one of the better free apps out there no doubt. Very good job on the game..Version: 1.3

Fun, but could be better.It’s a fun game but it’s too easy and repetitive. I wish they would expand on the game a bit more like make more obstacles or more moves the player could do. I’ve ran through 100+ levels in a couple of weeks and they don’t get any more difficult or fun. Level 1 is the same as level 100 just catch the ball and throw it. They should have power ups or more rewards or something that makes it more interesting..Version: 1.3

UpdateI think the game would be way cooler if you could upgrade your characters ability like speed and throw power. game also needs new maps..Version: 1.0

It’s alrightOne thing that is a problem for me but I don’t know about anyone else is that after playing it for a while it’s starts to freeze and lag a lot. Another thing is that in the ad you could control the ball when you threw it but you can’t.Version: 1.3


AttributesI like the game but could u possibly add attributes, like add arm strength, speed etc.Version: 1.3

Quite excessiveThe amount of ads on this game is completely ridiculous and aggravating, I can’t play this game without wanting to “Shoot” myself in the head after 2 minutes of playing..Version: 1.3

REALLY FUNThis game is so fun I’m not even going to lie this is the best game I’ve ever played on my phone so thank you.Version: 0.2

No banana man skin ad liedThis game lied to me I wanted to be banana man but it’s not even in the game. The ad lied I can’t be a banana man and for that this game is unforgivable.Version: 1.3

ControlsLove the game honestly but the how the ball controls is kinda irritating plz fix.Version: 1.3

App has no soundJust bought this game and the sound won’t work..Version: 1.3

Pls remove the adsThis game is so cool I love it but can you remove the adds pls.Version: 1.3

False AdvertisingIn the advertisement the player can turn the ball while in the air but on the actual game you cannot fix this immediately.Version: 1.3

Banana skinI downloaded it to use the banana skin and little to know it’s not in the game which made me a little disappointed but overall it’s fun..Version: 1.3

It’s funIt’s a fun game but wayyyyyyy toooo many adds. Like an add for literally everything,and you have to watch the whole thing.Version: 1.3

GameThis is a very fun game the bad part about it is when someone is behind you the still can tackle you and your can’t see them so that’s unfair.Version: 1.3

Great gameI think the game is great! However one thing I would like to see is more things to unlock. Such as backgrounds, balls, or characters. Once you unlock everything there is no point for coins. However this game is great I play it when I need to kill time and it’s addicting.Version: 1.1.1

Great footballI love this game Thank you.Version: 1.2

It looked better on the adIt’s not that good.Version: 1.3

Hate itYo there’s to much Advertisement 🤦‍♂️.Version: 1.3

NoNo.Version: 1.3

HowI just want to know how to turn because when I throw the ball and try to move it it dosent work.Version: 1.3

Same mapI unlocked everything already, you should add new stuff and a new map, over all its a really good game just addd new stuff please.Version: 1.3

Make it harderAs the levels progress, the game should get harder..Version: 1.3

No adsNice game lose da ads.Version: 1.0

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Version 1.3 (2021-02-19): 1. More optimizations!.