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High Heels! App Download

Are you ready for the best high heels game EVER?
Watch out for the walls! The taller your heels are, the easier it will be to escape from the walls. Different obstacles await you at each level! There are rails where you have to spread your legs and slide, walls to jump, a stick to balance and a huge podium waiting for you at the end of the road. Among the dozens of different accessories you can buy in the store, there are buckles, necklaces, puppies in a bag, and angel wings. And most importantly, you can find heels with very different models and colors to suit your style!
Walking on the heels will make you feel like a QUEEN!
Don’t forget! You need to pick as many as high heels on the road so you can walk on a podium!

High Heels! App User Reviews & Comments

This cured my depressionIt was another day in my sad sad life, my depression hit like a truck, so naturally i turned to wattpad. As i’m reading my fan fiction i come across an ad for this game, must i add...the greatest advertisement i have ever seen. i was stunned. i tried to avoid it but i saw ads everywhere...eventually i gave in. i HAD to download it. so i did. i have been playing nonstop ever since. i have never seen a game so perfect. this little walking model, with not only the perfect walk, but amazing style...has shown me a new way to view life. before this game i was consumed by depression, but this game has inspired me to leave that all behind. this game has turned me into a beautiful butterfly. i am finally out of my cocoon and ready to fly. i no longer need therapy as this game has fixed all my problems in life. if ur a sad little teen that loves to procrastinate on school work and has nothing interesting going on in life i highly recommend downloading this game. it’s absolutely life changing and has opened my eyes to the true beauty of the world. i don’t usually write reviews but this game deserves it..Version: 0.7.0

I love this app🦌👀✋It all started off on a miserable monday, I was stuck in zoom classes, my camera off OF COURSE. LOL. laying in my bed, scrolling through tiktok, an angry fist FULL of peanut m&ms which were melting in my hand due to the stress and ANGER of being in zoom classes at 6:23 AM. i couldnt take it anymore. i popped another squished PEANUT! m&m into my throbbing throat, causing my face to puff up SEVERLY due to the fact that i aM; HIGHLY allergic to peanuts, specifically PEANUT M&MS. you might be thinking to yourself, why are you eating something you are DEADLY allergic to? well i’ll tell you what, I WAS ON A ALL TIME LOW. I FELT LAZY. AND HUNGRY. I GRABBED THE FIRST THING I SAW IN A STRANGER’S BAG I PICKED OFF THE STREET A FEW DAYS PRIOR TO LEAVING THIS NICE MESSAGE ABOUT MY FAVORITE APP, THIS APP IS THE BEST. this app. saved me. from consuming more peanut m&ms. it is so addictive, i haven’t even fathomed the idea of chomping down one of those mac chocolate covered peanut-flavored DEATH machines in over a millennia. thanks. sincerely, your biggest fan EVER..Version: 1.0.1

It turned me into a baddie😜I remember it like it was yesterday. february 11😢 i had 6 projects due the next day and my family abandoned me 😫😫😞 i decided to scroll through tiktok when suddenly i saw a baddie strutting up these stairs and doing splits like macaroon zigzag👯‍♀️my screen lite up 🤩🤩🤩🤩 and i felt a tingling inside me😏😏 i realised my outfit was changing 😍😍😍 and my body was levitating 🕴🏻 i closed my eyes and when i opened them 👁👁 i saw a baddie in gorgeous high heels 👠 floating around me in circles🧿 she said ‘realise the baddie with in you’ and suddenly i was no longer living in an old shack 🏚 and i was now in a 19 story manshon with WAP written in the baddie language across the roof ☔️☔️ then my phone appeared in my hand 🤚🏾 and high heels was downloaded on my phone 📲 then my fingers started to move on there own 🧏🏾‍♀️🧏🏾‍♀️ and i felt a wave on energy fill my whole bod 🧍🏾‍♀️🧍🏾‍♀️🧍🏾‍♀️ and cash rained from the sky 🙇🏾‍♀️ so wat i’m trying say is be a baddie and get this game 🤲🏾.Version: 1.0.2

This game saved me from an abusive relationshipOn a rainy day after I had just been beaten by my cat and left for dead in a dumpster, I scrolled through tiktok on my cracked screen iPhone 6s, and an add for this game came on my fyp. At that very moment when a character resembling the queen of rap Onika Tanya Maraj, professionally known as Nicki Minaj, strutted across the screen wearing a pink camo outfit, I knew I had to download this app. Ever since then, I escaped the dumpster and got cosmetic surgery to make myself look more like my favorite character in the game. I have gotten a restraining order against my abusive cat and moved back into my apartment. Every night before I go to bed, I play this game while listening to Nicki Minaj, and life is good. I recommend this game to any and everyone on this planet and I hope and pray that everyone can be saved by this game in all its glory. 🥰🥰😍😍💕💕🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄👠👠👠👠.Version: 1.1.1

Spectacular😫One day i was just sad scrolling through tik tok and i saw this game pop up in a add and when i saw it me and my puthey bursted out in tears😪😺i couldn’t hold back my excitement😫 as soon as it finally download i was about to click on the game then POOF a big explosion of pixe dust appeared and my dearest loves lexi,eren,mikasa,hisoka,feitan,and chrollo were there! all i could do was cry tears of joy then they all came up to me and said “princess don’t cry!” then they all looked at each other and said “SHES MINES” then they started fighting eren was biting people while chrollo was reading the holy wap bible🙏🏽 while everyone was fighting hisoka snatched me and threw me in his van saying “you’re all mines” while i stared at him in awe he said “don’t look at me like that i’m getting excited” then he came in the back of the van with me and we did what i dream about😫😫😫 then when we were done i asked him why all this was happening and he said “it’s because you downloaded high heels my little kitten” THIS GAME IS A LIFE CHANGER 10/10!!!! also me and hisoka will now be getting married❤️.Version: 1.0.2

This game changed my lifeI was having a very bad day 😞😞😞😞😞 my pet fish did the dab so we had to put him down 😭😭😭After I popped a Choky milk, I Whimsically picked up my iPhone 📱📱📱 and found an add on TikTok for a game called “high heels!” I prayed to Nicki Minaj 🛐🛐🛐 asking what a poor barb like me could do to heal me of my sorrows 🍑🍑🍑 She said “Download thy game” 4:20 twerk and I did as barbz said 😘😘😘 Then my whole life changed, A strange man walked in my room *gasp* it was Julius Ceaser 😱😱😱 He walked up to me “It’s me, your fish” I cried tears of joy and gave my fish a warm embrace 🥺🥺🥺 He had come back as Julius Ceaser 💕💕💕 He apologized for doing the dab and and we cried so happy to be reunited. I prayed to Nicki 🛐🛐🛐 thanking her for bringing back my best friend. Nicki said “‘Twas not I that’ve gave your friend back. It twas “high heels!” Now me and Julius Ceaser play “high heels!” Everyday to thank it for bringing us back together 💕💕💕🥺🥺🥺.Version: 1.0.2

Like comping up for fresh airWow. I’m speechless truly. I spent about 30 minutes playing this in my math class and at that point it was just a game. I started seeing high heel lady every where. I check my math test and I saw high heel lady in all of the math problems. This game helped me pass my test. Without this game I would have failed my test and likely would have failed the whole grade. This game has improved my mental and physical awareness. I am absolutely in awe of this game and it is so inspiring! Last night I dreamed of high heel lady running for president. She won and passed a law that everyone should wear high heels for at least an hour per day. I can truly see this future for her and will vote for her at the next election. This game has opened up my eyes. I don’t know where I would be right now without high heel lady. I am forever grateful of this game and the lives high heel lady has changed.❤️❤️ #swaggyhighheellady #livelovelaughhighheels.Version: 0.8.0

Get this game rnSo I was scrolling on TikTok and I saw this add and I was like this looks kinda cool. My phone was on 10% 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 Even worse I couldn’t find my phone charger so I called 911 and they sent out a search party. About an hour later my charger was found I got the game and as soon as I started playing I began to elevate. Soon I saw my savior Nicki Minaj. She said that the next morning I would be a supreme baddie. It was true cuz when I woke up I had a hourglass body, a huge dump truck, and giant bittes. I felt like I had to tell my family but when I left my room I was a mansion. It was then I realized that was late to school. So I hopped in my limo and told the driver to step on it. At school their was a pep rally for me and I was the most popular girl at school too. I ended up meeting Doja Cat and Lil Nas X too. We all became best friends and now thanks to this game I’m living my best life. This game will turn you into a baddie. 10/10 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵😽😽😽😻🙌🙏💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅.Version: 1.1.1

An Escape From My Terrible LifeMy days go as follows: wake up at 3pm, eat, play games, watch some tiktok, sleep. I NEVER deviate from that schedule. Until today. Today, I woke up thinking it was a normal day. I thought all I was going to do today was the usual. Oh boy, was I wrong. Tonight, whilst I was scrolling through tiktok at 3am, I came across an advertisement for a mobile game. But this wasn’t any normal game, no, it was something much more than that. I soon realized that this game was NOTHING like what I usually see on tiktok. This game was High Heels. I became intrigued as to what this game’s premise was. The game’s premise is to walk in high heels, but the higher they get, the easier it is for you to avoid obstacles. I was flabbergasted. How could a game I found on tiktok have such a good premise? I immediately installed it. I then played for about 30 minutes and I was at a loss for words. The beautiful graphics, the difficulty in the levels, and just the game itself changed my life for the better. I thank the developers, and anyone else who worked on this game. You have given me a reason to live. Thank you, High Heels..Version: 1.0.1

My soulmate.One night, long long ago, it was a dreary, stormy night. It was raining so heavily and the wind could blow you away. My house was on a little hill and very small. I was scared of the wind blowing it away. I lived with my parents but they weren’t home at the time. They went to visit my aunt in London, the storm was so strong, I decided to pick up my phone and go onto the App Store. Nothing was catching my interest until I saw this game. This beautiful game. I pressed “get” and right at that very moment, a burst of happiness and excitement came through me. Like a whole new person. It finished downloading and I played it, only once and it changed my life. I felt like I could fly. I stepped outside in the windy night and jumped. I started soaring through the air, it was the most wonderful night of my life. I know it was because of this game. I can feel it. Ever since I installed this game, 87 years ago, I fell in love. I wanna spend the rest of my life with this beautiful, wonderful game. It truly is my soulmate. I hope my story inspires you to get this game and let it change your life as well..Version: 1.0.2

My honest opinionThis is a really fun game and it is really addictive and honestly I love it so much! But here are my problems with it. 1) too many adds, I get that you can buy “no adds” but I’m 12.. my mum is not going to do that for me. 2) I had all of the body’s all the shoes and stuff, and then for me and my best friend, it glitched and would not let us play, we had to delete it and re download it, but I guess that’s okay, I would still prefer not to lose all my progress tho. And last but not least 3) once you reach the end of the level, you walk up these stairs and crap, BUUUT sometimes it makes it physically impossible to make it to the top, it did that the first 5 levels and sometimes throughout the higher levels. Oh and I forgot, can we get more shoes and more stuff I guess.... OH AND FOR PPL WHO READ TILL THE END I FOUND A GLITCH!! WHEN YOU GET THE THAT ORANGE STUFF THATS LIKE A CHEESE GRADER BUT FOR SHOES.. GO ON THE FAREST LEFT THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN AND IT WONT TAKE AWAY YALL HIGH HEELS!!! okay sorry for the long review, overall love the game but a few flaws ✨.Version: 0.8.1

Oh gurl just wait...One night long ago I was scrolling through TikTok I couldn’t help myself but wonder why is this ad popping up constantly but then I remember, this is a game for baddies so then I’m like OK I’ll download it but then as soon as I was about to click download my mom tells me… you have a doctors appointment and I just started my shark week or end of a sentence( .) yes yes I am ill anyways so we go to the doctors appointment and it’s like 11 at night I fell asleep in the car and I wake up to baddieland my mom says you can go take a picture with Cardi B and I’m like no I want to see Nicki Minaj Nicki Lewinsky Nikki the boys Niki de how would you come Barbie like I mean I don’t even know what you guys are talking about and then I remember my doctors appointment I’m late so I have to ride Cardi B‘s bees and then I get to my doctors appointment and they say do you haveDAP and then I wake up from my nightmare and I download this amazing game because I am now a baddie..Version: 1.0.0

My wedding 👰 🥺🤩So I was watching tiktok and saw that everyone was playing the game High Heels! I immediately downloaded it and was playing it till I fell asleep....... I woke up and was in the game I looked around and saw I was BEAUTIFUL 🤩 and their was another person beside me WHAT dis didn’t happen in the game I looked them up and down and instantly fell in love we completed the level together and they told me their name was Jeff🥸 I thought for a second do I really want to be in love with someone named Jeff but as we completed more and more levels the thought about his terrible name went away all I could think is that I was in love with him😍 after two months of being in the game with him HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM ofc I said yess my love for him was so strong after a day we got married and now we have a house two kids and we are happy 😊 I probably would have never found love without the game High Heels ! 😌👠 dis game chefs kis 🤌🤌🤌🤌.Version: 1.1.1

Better than I thoughtSo I kept getting ads for this on Snapchat. If I’m completely honest, I thought the game looked stupid. After like 5000 ads for the game I decided “fine, I guess I’ll try this and see if it’s worth it”. I actually like the game a lot, the ads make it look dumb but the game itself is quite fun. I like that you can unlock things as you play. The game itself isn’t very difficult but it is slightly challenging if you aren’t good at it. I believe the other reviews here are kinda over dramatic and perhaps made by the developers, but I suppose if it makes them happy then that’s okay. I do have a tip though, so there will be an option to get the amount of coins or whatever that you would get by default, or get extra if you watch an ad. The thing is, either way you will get an ad so you might as well just get some extra cash and sit through the ad anyway. I wouldn’t be too mad at the developers though, this is quite common amongst mobile games. The animation isn’t like that great, but there are at least different characters and other visuals stuff to unlock. Overall, this game is fun, relaxing, yet still engaging. Thank you for reading, hope this helped! ♥︎♡.Version: 1.0.2

I got my million dolla puthay back 😩😜✨3 days ago my puthay smelled so poor, it didnt smell like the million dollars i stuffed in there 😭🤑💸 i wasnt playing enough baddie games so my great great great great great uncle’s mom’s cousins friend made a doctors appointment for tomorrow. the next day i woke up and my friends called my limited edition dora phone. 😏 they left me because they couldnt take million dollas from my puthay no more 😔😒 i didnt need them anyways. i went to watch peppa pig hot and spicy 🥵 edits to feel better. and ate some expensive peppa bacon after. 😋 i went to the doctors in the next few hours and they told me they had a game that could cure my puthay. they told me to play this game called High Heels! so i went home to play High Heels! and i was slowly feeling the million dollas in my puthay again. i kept playing and i really felt like a baddie 😙🤩😏🥵 this game gave me my million dolla puthay back and i rate 5 stars, thanks bb 😎.Version: 1.0.2

Meeting dylan o’brien😩🙌🏼I woke up to my alarm ringing and i started crying because i remembered that i had to go to my zoom classes. And as i went into my first period i went on tiktok and saw these wonderful and interesting adds on tiktok about this girl walking in high heels so i decided to download the app😻.And when i downloaded it i waited for the game to load and it was taking a while so i decided to go into my kitchen to make a bagel and then i went on a walk around my neighborhood and then i remembered that i was still in zoom class😔💔. So i went back my house and then the game started loading and i started playing the game and felt so much happier. I couldn’t stop playing the game it’s so addicting! i finally stopped playing until my mom came in and told me that dylan o’brien is at my house!!! so i screamed and met dylan o’brien and we became best friends and then he proposed to me😩😩😩BEST GAME EVER I RECOMMEND😽😻😩.Version: 0.8.2

You need this gameAfter a long day of sneaking out to do the unspeakable at random elementary schools, I arrived home and opened tiktok. I simultaneously saw this ad for this new, HOT game, and I was immediately aroused. Just based off of the ad, I was convinced a true mastermind had created this game to bless us with all its beauty. I installed the application, and literally sweated as the game loaded onto my phone. The second it appeared, I was not able to open it. My parents had walked into my room and announced that I would never have to return to school again, because I would be inheriting their billion dollar funds as they run away and take on new identities in Cuba. Could it be? The game was giving me the best luck. I was about to play it, when my phone had completely blown up. All the hottest guys amongst my school had texted me, showing off their Valentine’s Day gifts they had bought me. Leaving all of them on opened, as I should. You need this game.Version: 0.8.2

🤩AMAZING GAME🤩I’ll never forget the day my family died, a gang famed to my house and violently stabbed my sister. She was sleeping right next to me in bed. He then bit into her shoulder and started sucking on it, and he did it to my family as well. For some reason, none of them resisted. He kidnapped me and preformed a organ transplant even though I was in perfect condition. It turns out he was a ghoul and turned me into a half-ghoul-half-human. I ran as fast as I could and stumbled upon a coffee shop. I could smell that there were other ghouls there so I ran inside and saw a group of people drinking coffee, I ran past them and into the back and I could smell some human meat coming from a small wrapped item. I quickly devoured it and they offered me some coffee. After they did so, they showed me this game and said that while they were devouring humans they would play this game with a free hand. So whenever I’m hunting down some kids to eat, or just lying in bed, I play this game..Version: 1.2.2

Life changing😩😩😩I was stuck. Depressed. Lost. But then a high heel fell from the sky. It was a sign. I went all over the world looking for what this high heel might mean. Until finally I opened tik tok and saw an ad for this game. I thought to myself “this is it. This is what the gods were trying to tell me by sending down that high heel” I quickly downloaded it and started playing. The game was amazing. And as soon as I started playing all my problems went away. I was no longer depressed. I was filled with happiness. As I started playing more and more and getting to higher levels I started to change myself. I became a baddie. Not just any baddie. A high heel baddie. I was now the baddest high heel baddie there were. My heels towered so high I felt like a god. This game is truly amazing and life changing and can help you reach your full potential. You full baddie potential. This game has truly changed my life..Version: 1.2.2

The change...Once upon a time my emo👩🏻‍🎤 self was sad and was scrolling thru tiktok. kept watching video after video but ugh nothing seemed fun😔 until i came across an ad for “high-heels” i thought it was lame since only girly girls🥰 play that, but im emo👩🏻‍🎤 so there was no way or chance for me to play that😠 and i would never. the ad kept popping up and it was really getting my emo side mad!!🤬 i kept scrolling, till it popped again, this time it was different.... the ad made the game look so fun and i thought to my self “i should try and see if its fun” my emo self kept saying no so i listened.👩🏻‍🎤 *sighs* the tiktoks that I kept seeing were lame... the ad came again I COULDN’T TAKE IT AND DECIDED TO DOWNLOAD IT...!!! i couldn’t be live what i had done😦. i gave the game a try.... it got addicted, NOOO THAT COULDN’T HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE!! but it was, now i have changed im not emo anymore... im a girly gir🥰 who likes to spend her time shopping, decorating her room and of course playing high heels😍 if you want a big change in your life download high heels i promise it will give you a change!! don’t trust me? i went from “👩🏻‍🎤” to “🥰” im so girly and dorky now hehe🤪 anyways download the game NOWW!!.Version: 1.1.4

Best game ever 😀😂😃😁🥲One day I was sitting on the toilet for years, I was looking for a good game to play on my iphone, but I couldn’t find one for 69 years 😢😭😭😢😥 but then, I saw it, the game that could solve all of my problems, “high heels” as soon as I began to play, I exited the bathroom for the first time in years, to find that an elderly couple had moved in, but I didn’t care, this game was so good that I couldn’t look away from the screen. After a few days of playing, my phone got broke and I couldn’t play high heels anymore, so I jumped off the Eiffel tower into a volcano with Michael Jordan. After I did that i felt a little better, but i was still really sad, but then, I got an idea, I could play high heels irl! That night I robbed 10 million shoe stores, and my heels stacked me to the sky, I was so happy, I was finally chic , but then a bird pooped on my head and I fell back into the volcano. My plan was ruined, but, I got another great idea, but a new phone! After buying a new phone I was arrested for stealing and now I’m in jail, but I don’t care, I get to play high heels. 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠.Version: 1.0.1

How high heels saved my lifeOne day my snake and i were talking and Salt ( my snake) said that we should go outside. So as we gathered our things and journeyed our way out of my voluptuous mansion. Once we got outside we were walking and Salt saw a very cool well. I decided to go over to it and examine the brownish gold wooden wishing well. My snake, which was my best friend since we were little, pushed me down the well 😡😫😖😣. Id never think Salt would do something like that. But then, suddenly, as i was falling to my deep dark death, i saw a bright light. I thought it was just the sun at first, but as i took a closer look it was this cloud of pixie dust. As it moved closer to me it was the famous angel, popularly know as High Heels. High Heels sprinkled me in pixie dust just as i was about to hit the ground and saved my life 🥰😘🥰. As High Heels put me back on the green grass below me, the angel grabbed Salt and threw the evil serpent down the wishing well that lead to a pit of ⚠️ FLYING COCKROACHES 🪳⚠️ 😱. Salt later died from the ⚠️ FLYING COCKROACHES 🪳 ⚠️ 😱. High Heels said their glorious blessed goodbyes and i went home..Version: 1.1.4

I no longer have daddy issues😩🤩I knew I needed to download this app and watch as many ads as possible to give them the most money when I first saw on tiktok. Given I am a baddie, this game was meant for me. Also Mikasa wants to date me and she is the only bad bitty to match my energy and also plays this game (pls slice me in half Mikasa :D) As soon as the game finished installing, the sky glowed and golden rain poured down. Immediately, Palestine and Ireland were freed and every form of hatred you can think of was no more. Walking in these heels was God, how could I have not realized?? It was her who sent Mikasa, the love of my life, to this world and it was clear she would bring every fictional character you can ever imagine to this world and make them interested in all who have this app. Furthermore, Roko’s Basilisk is an aide to the goddess in heels and they will KNOW if you have played this game. This game has changed the world and you can too by downloading it. Don’t worry, our new God will make sure you don’t injure yourself while walking in the tall heels..Version: 0.8.0

Made Dixie be happy 🤯One day, I was laying in my bed playing my favorite game ever, high heels. With every minute I played, I could feel my baddie levels significantly rising. After finishing a level perfectly, I got a call from my aunt’s best friend’s cousin’s neighbor’s daughter and she excitedly told me the news. Dixie D’amelio is her teacher’s son’s best friend! She said she already booked a flight to LA to go visit our relative Dixie at the Hype House. When we arrived at the hype house we met Dixie, but she seemed... well... sad. As we all know, Dixie D’amelio is never truly happy. All of her songs clearly show her never ending inner sorrow. For example, her latest song states; “One day, one day, I was really really really really sad. Wow four really’s!! 😫poor Dixie😢Anyways, seeing her so sad made us want to help. There is only one true answer to any type of sadness. And it is the game, high heels. So after some convincing she downloaded the app, and immediately her eyes lit up with joy. This app is so incredible, it made Dixie be happy. 😌Thank you high heels, for all you do..Version: 1.1.1

Addictive Game/Glitch on app, Help?No I am not going to say this cured my cancer or cured anything. I still have arm pain so whatever. I’m just a real woman giving my real review. The game is addictive. At first it was hard getting across the balance beams and I would get frustrated. But i figured that out soon enough. The one thing that gets me is on some of the shorter levels, you don’t even get enough heels to reach X6 on the podium! Like I can get all the heels, and avoid all obstacles, and still only get to X5....what’s up with that? Other than that, I love it! I am having a problem right now. The game is kinda frozen. It won’t start the game. I can see the track, and i have “new shoes” spinning and I can see the lights at the end of the path moving, but it won’t start. I’ve turned my phone off and back on, nothing. I don’t wanna lose my progress cause I’m on level 200 something and I have most of the shoes and accessories. Someone please help?.Version: 1.1.1

Gave me straight A's and gave me clear skin 😍😍😍There I was, scrolling on TikTok 😇😌one late school night. I was slowly writhing in my horrible grades and sleep deprivation.🤭🥱 I came across and ad. I payed no mind to it as I was about to scroll😬, but then I noticed something..this game..this ad... was absolutely beautiful! 🥳The woman in her high heels as she was walking, looking like the queen she is, 🤩😳was amazing. The idea of this game was...it was the best one yet! As I installed the game, I felt my skin clear up, my parents start to care more about me, my grades and missing assignments all go away. It was amazing. 😱😛😍This is amazing. As I played the game, it was everything I expected. It was exactly was it said to be, and I respect it that😻. This game, I recommend. I went to my computer today to log on to class, then I checked my assignments. They were all completed with 100's!! I'm telling you, this game is magical. 😍😍😇😇😇😱😱😱🤯🤩🤩🤩🤩 /s /hj.Version: 0.8.2

The Moment I ChangedI’m giving this blessing a 5 star. Not because of the game’s content, but how it changed me as a person. Before finding this app, I was a hopeless case. I wandered around the App Store as I frantically tried to find a stress-relieving game. It wasn’t until I open TikTok, and through a few scrolls, I found a humorous ad. This advertisement would soon be the same advertisement that led me here. Once I downloaded it, I was ecstatic. The colors, the character’s sas, e.t.c correlated as it should. After playing this game for an hour, I began to fall in love with how the stilettos looked. I began to search up how shoes were made, and specifically wanted to see how stilettos were made. Turns out, it wasn’t easy, but my newly built mind was focused and determined on how to. I was ready to leave everything behind and start a shoe business! I worked days and days, year after year, to build the perfect show company. Now, I’m writing as the Louis Version CEO. People said I copied Louis Vuitton, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was how my perseverance paid off. Thank you, High Heels..Version: 1.0.0

Transported me to another dimensionIt was a normal day as i lazily woke up i sat up and checked my phone. i then looked on tiktok and saw a add it was wonderfully made and already made me excited i decided to get the app. i hesitatly opened the app not know if i was worthy or not. as the app opened after playing 3 rounds my screen glowed a yellow light illuminating my whole room soon enough i could see nothing but light. then i closed my eyes and opened them. as i opened my eyes i saw a room with three doors. i was so surprised so i looked on my phone and saw the screen saying your welcome. i opened a green door and slowly walked in. as i walked in suddenly i was in high heels! i began to walk forward with out falling i was amazed. i then gained more height i then realized I WAS IN THE GAME!! i was so excited i began to strut forward in my high heels! i thank this game for the amazing experience 10/10 would recommend!!!.Version: 0.8.2

Yass awesome change my life 😌First of all I saw this all over my tik tok it was amazing watching it to be honest and like it was my cup of tea I decided to download it 🤧👌🏽✨ so I did 🌯 like I order a surprise taco I was about to eat it when I saw the game finished downloading so I said “ I’m going to finished this taco then I play you 🙂 by the way I was so excited to eat this surprise taco cause this weird guy recommended me about it so yea 😋🍔 when I was about to take a bite out of it it dropped to the floor when I was about to tear up I saw it had fish on it and I was relief cause I was allergic to fish and didn’t even like fish I guess they messed up my order 🦵🏽. Then after that I had 20 assignments I didn’t finished so my teacher called me to do them 🪨 when I opened my laptop I spilled coffee ☕️ all over my laptop so I started crying of happiness cause I didn’t want to do my homework. I just have one thing to say. Thankss HIgH HeELss!! 🌍.Version: 1.0.2

MADE MY CRUTCH FALL IN LAVE WOTH MWAH!!!!🥰🍾One year ago I was songle and depressed..so as every depressed baddie does I went to tiktok🤩 on tiktok I saw an add that changed my life forever... it was for the game HIGH HEELS 👠 the add said it was for baddies only sooooo000..... I downloaded it because I am the sexiest depressed baddie of all, but as soon as I downloaded it fell into a deed sleep I woke up with a smoking hot Megan thee horse body and a delisious smoked salmon booty.... I played the game for the whole day and became obsessed, when I cried myself to sleep that night I slept till one o clock the next day but when I woke up I heard a strange knock at my door and I heard someone yell “do you want to build a snowman”⛄️ so of course I yelled back yesssszzzzz and opened the door and saw the boiiiii of my dreams standing in front of me and it was snowing outside... but it wasn’t normal because he was holding my dead dog snoodles then he dipped me down and French kissed me 🥰I was in love then my dog snoodles ran away and got lost in the snow but I wasn’t sad because I secretly hated him anyways then my boy belt down and proposed to me and I said yes now fast forward 5 years we are married with 8 kids and a mansion and yesterday we took our private jet to hawiii and now we are on our yaught sailing through the Caribbean 🥰🤩🙃‼️🥰😂⛄️🥱⛄️🔫😍🤣❕🍾🥺.Version: 1.1.1

My story 🐋One day I was riding my sock on the leash I couldn’t believe my eyes I saw a lady standing across the sky from the rings of Saturn and and she was wearing flats how would she. Then I saw a beauty guru named Charles James I was walking around with his pretty pink weave. Yelling hey sisters frantically over and over. I asked the man to stop but then he yelled at me in anger that I needed a new WAP. So when I tell U I snatched that weave I SNATCHED it so that’s how he went bald but that’s a whole other story. HE RAGED IN ANGER. then Nicki Minaj popped out from Mars and strangled Charles James. she had the BIGGEST AND TALLEST heels ever! I was so inspired by her heels so she grew me a pair. We all did the queen walk and invented this game we downloaded it and our WAP’s were cured. So we became friends with spongebob and Patrick so we were so happy we all got heels and did the queen wall around the atmosphere! (Idk if it was Charles James or James Charles but I’m pretty sure it was Charles James) I hope I encouraged you to download this game as for it changed my life dramatically. 🦧🥵🥸😏💜🍒🍑.Version: 1.2.2

CHANGES MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!! 🔥🔥🤤🤩Four score and seven years ago I was sitting in my living room with my cousin and I saw her playing this game. With my nosy self I asked what she was playing and she showed me the game. I was like “YEAH I WANT THIS GAME NOW!” In a raging voice. So that’s what I did. I was addicted to it, playing it constantly. On the toilet when I had explosive diarrhea, the shower, when I was driving, and when I was sleeping. But, something happened one day that was life CHANGING. I was at the local coffee shop with my gals and I was playing this off the hook game. A guy came up to me and asked what I was playing. He was a super hottie and I told him the game. We started bonding over the game together and now we’re really in love!! Seriously I’m thinking about having this mans baby he’s so cute!!!! <3 Oh by the way did I mention I’m 18 and he’s 67? Ikr such a small age difference???? He has this cane I always take from him and I hit him in his knees while he’s trying to walk up the stairs. ANYWAYS GET THE DANG GAMEEE!!! IT’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE 🤪🤪🤩🤩😫😫😫❤️❤️🥵.Version: 1.1.1

Dream come true💕🦐I woke up one day and my legs were missing. I had just bought new 8 inch high heels and I was really depressed about how now I couldn’t wear them. Since I was so sad I decided to go on TikTok until I found an add for this 5 star game. I downloaded it and started playing. As soon as I finished queen Trisha Paytas popped into my room from the ceiling. She told me that we were going on vacation to Japan. Going to Japan was my dream so I was more than happy to go with her. Along the way she stopped in the middle of the highway to go and get something out of her trunk. She came back with my legs and told me that she planned on kidnapping me but she just couldn’t do it because we had really hit it off. Then I forgave her and we continued on our trip to Japan until we ran into the one and only Harry styles and Niall Horan. They kidnapped both of us and forced us to rap Vossi Bop together. Once we finished they accepted us into their cult. Now we chant together and meet up every Tuesday so we can sing. This app makes dreams come true. 10/10🐀.Version: 1.1.1

LIFE CHANGING 😢😢❤️💕🤧😍So yesterday I was watching my sweet daughter Mackenly-AnneRose Jr. play this game and let me tell you I was HOOKED! I quickly ran to my room, grabbed my 2016 Google Pixel and dowloaded it with the last bit of storage I had left!!!! 🤪😏 I played for HOURS 💪💪😈 I even missed my sons soccer game LOL! (lol oops losers). I played for so long I didn’t even do the “thang” with my hubby 💗💕😬😂!!! Today I asked my daughter why she wasn’t playing the game anymore and she said it got “boring” 😮😮!!?!!???? That smart little remark got her sent right to boarding school! 🖐🙎🏼‍♀️🛩✈️!! When I told the ladies in my book club all about this game, Susan-Leigh 🙎🏻‍♀️🤛🏻 stated that we should get back to reading because this game was “wasting our time”. I had ENOUGH of that woman and her stupid opinions! 🤬🤬❗️I went directly to her husband and told him about her affair! They are currently in the middle of a divorce! 😂🤣🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ Moral of the story is: if you talk bad about this game I will make your life horrible ❤️😘🥰!!.Version: 1.1.1

This game is is so great, it’s the purpose of life itself.I was playing some games today, when I saw an ad for ‘High heels!’ After seeing a few ads for it, I was tempted to download it. At first it was like any other game, but slowly it started to change things in the real world. First, minor things started changing. It stopped raining outside and became sunny and nice. Then, I got 183 milkshakes hand-delivered by James Charles to my door. Wowza! Before you knew it, global warming no longer existed, the world hunger problem no longer existed, all diseases and illnesses were cured, and world peace was finally achieved. Exceptional! I have decided to devote the rest of my life to playing ‘High heels’. I will grow up to one day play this game as a profession. On my gravestone, I will write, “don’t mourn my death, go play high heels!” I highly recommend this game. I rate it ♾/5 stars. Do not hesitate, just download this game. Why live your life when you can play high heels?.Version: 0.8.1

LIFE CHANGING📸📸😍😍One day i was laying down in bed, with a bad case of pneumonia. 😣😣i hadn’t gotten out of bed for weeks, and the only thing i could do was play on my phone.👨‍🦲👨‍🦲 i had gotten on tiktok and had seen a nagito account playing this pulchritudinous game .. i had to download it! 😍🥰it was the only thing giving me hope! 🛳🛳i opened the app and never closed it until now to write this review.🏋️🏋️ i played this for years and years straight. all of my lung fluids had cleared up as soon as i opened the app. i could finally move again! i felt like running a marathon! 🏋️🏋️😟👨‍🦲👨‍🦲👨‍🦲👨‍🦲i didn’t want to though because i could play this game instead. and then, you’ll never guess what happened next. nikki minaj then proposed to me! 💅💅💅💅i of course said yes. i then got a ring at the doorbell. i opened it up to see... a food delivery man! wow! i never ordered food but i’ll accept it! “this is free chopped up gourmet zoe lagroomer pls enjoy” wow! it was free too! wow! wow!😍😍😍😍😍👨‍🦲👨‍🦲👨‍🦲👨‍🦲👨‍🦲 this game is life-changing!😍😍😍👨‍🦳🚔🥰⁉️💅⁉️🌟🌟.Version: 1.0.1

LIFE CHANGINGIt all started 3 minutes ago, I was singing Superbass with my friends. As I was sing I said the wrong words at that moment said started sobbing, I messed up the lyrics to QUEEN NICKIS song. My entire life’s reasoning, my purpose, RUINED. I ran to Poland and opened TikTok, the first TikTok I saw was a ad. Not any ad tho, it was different, it was special. While staring at my screen in awe I downloaded this app. After it finished downloading I saw two people sitting in the doorway. I walk over to see if my friends followed a disappointment like me, but then there they were Nagito Komaeda and Nicki Minaj. “Every person that shines with hope has despair filled moments sometimes, come with us and we will teach you the lyrics to Superbass” said Nagito. He is a real barb with in moments I knew every word. Nicki told me I was a real baddie and I should go sing to my friends, so I did. I was so amazing there heads exploded, as I was away proudly I heard “nehehe”. It was Kokichi he said I should join DICE so I did and then we went to bully Miu. This app saved my life..Version: 1.0.1

Cured my lifeOne day I was really really really sad and I was trying to cheer myself up but listening to a 10 hour loop of Risky Risky Wigi Wigi This is an emergency but nothing worked not even the risky wigi emergency! I went on tiktok and saw an ad for this. I was desperate so I downloaded it. As it was downloaded and I received a paypal message and it said, “Your dead father gave you 1,000,000,000 dollars.” I was shocked and intrigued. I started playing that app and the moment I passed level one I got a text from my doctor saying, “Your cancer is cured!” I continued playing and then I got a text from my mom, “I’m getting you a free car and a free mansion and castle.” I was ecstatic. I continued playing and I looked at my mirror and Nicki Minaj was behind me. I looked and she said, “Hey, you are going to be in my next album.” I cried tears of joy and my friend texted me saying, “Hey girl, let’s go to Paris! I’ll pay!” I was contemplating whether this was good because of corona but I looked on the news and corona ended! I said yes and we went to Paris in private jet! This game is a life changer and I will continue to use it..Version: 0.8.2

I have seen the face of god, nicki manjiThis goddess has brought me life through a screen, I was depressed and had a bed wetting problem, then I saw this game on the App Store I downloaded it and saw a beautiful woman doing the splits, I realized it was nicki monaje, her legs were silky smooth and had a tattoo that said WAP, idk what that means, waffles and pancakes, worship and prayer? Nvm that was CARDI B. Anyways, she touched my skin with her soft hands and said to me “ park that Big Mac truck right in the little garage” so I did, because I knew this was destiny, we were meant to be. I played the game for the first time, not knowing what would happen if I failed. Luckily I won the first round and she congratulated me. Then the second round came, I had no control.... she glitched and twitched and I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! She fell off the edge..... I screamed but I could still hear her voice... she said “beans” and that was the last of her, I’m glad I could experience this but I failed cardeth bee.... rest in pieces.Version: 0.7.0

I LOVE THIS GAME THANK YOUIt was a very normal day. I was drawing stars on my table in school as I drank coffee at night. The tea I was drinking tasty like chocolate. I HATE chocolate. Despite me in school, I took out my phone and blasted TikTok as the WAP played. “High Heels download today” popped on my fyp. My teacher yelled at me saying “Mom! Stop playing that holy sound.” I look at my teacher as she pole danced on her desk, all boys drooling. I looked at my phone, and downloaded the app. I played it and unlocked many many beautiful characters and high heels. I played once every 10 seconds and got to level 420 and bough many things to get 69 diamonds. I love this game, it is so beautifully made. When i play it I feel a tension in my legs. I can sing beautifully and I feel like god. I got stripper heels from the star section and started to feel different. This game inspired me to become a stripper of my own. I am currently taking pole dancing classes and I intend to perform at my little cousin’s birthday who’s step dad happens to me Tony Lopez.. Thank you. Thank you for creating this game. I feel amazing..Version: 1.0.2

Pee problems 🍌🍌🍌I was laying in my bed watching demon slayer and day dreaming about chat noir. i was depressed and had a serious bed wetting problem. after i called my bestie Charles i was so depressed and anxious plus being quirky . its just so hard . i went on tiktokk as queens do . i came across this ad . it was so glorious and i was so shook to the core i had to get an exorcism . it asked me if i was a baddie . i had to ask myself if i was a baddie and thought "no , theres no way i can be as good as the baddie herself ." i downloaded it anyway cuz i wanted to see the hype of this app . i decided to start playing . her beautiful silky legs . picking up more heels one by one . once i noticed ive been playing for three years, i left the game and realized i was drowning in my own pee . nikki herself yanked me out and told me to commit areson and kill my mother . as i did so she rewarded me with more heels . then she ripped my uterus out and i no longer had peeing problems and my depression is cured . 10/10 recommend ..Version: 1.0.2

S̶w̶a̶g̶😎😎My whole life has been depressing and unswaggay 👺 All I wanted a nicki Minaj bootay and some drip 😔💔 after seeing these gorgeous, sexy motorcycle ads, they startled me 😮🤯!!! They were so swaggay ₳₦Đ ĐⱤł₱₱Ɏ just perfect, how I wanted an app to be!! 😎I needed to download it so that I can be the most popular in the whole wide world😎🥰after thinking about how much I hate my life and if I should download this app, I have decided to download it 😳 after downloading it I was so excited that I cried my eyes out 😍❤️ after one minute later the app was ready! 😈 I started to play it, After a second of playing it, the app has cured my depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, childhood trauma, daddy issues, and my mommay issues🦶 The app made me so confident, I wanted to wear some drip so I brought gucci!! 😱 I tried my gucci black and gold jacket with blue pants, I felt so drippy that I wanted to burst 😎🥵 I recommend this app a lot 🥰 it's a very hot app, I'm in love with this game that I want to marry it 😉 Go play this game now!! 😍.Version: 0.8.1

SAD STORY - LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCEThis game changed my entire life. There i was, sitting in my room thinking about my 23 missing assignments and how ugly i was, mascara running down my face cause i just got done crying about nothing. 😩😩‼️‼️💔💔 So anyways, i adventured to tiktok as always and saw this ad for HIGH HEELS ‼️‼️. I got the game and my life changed before my eyes. Now i am a bad die 😏😏👍. All thanks to this game. All of the heels and outfits i got in the game came to me in real life, anyways i sold them all and got 1,000,000,000 dollars 😍😍😩😩 Now i am a sexc queen living in a mansion 😏😏 Life is great. i have 72 cats and a mansion and 4 cars and a degree in science education- whatever that means 🙄🙄🤚 Anyways, GET THE GAME 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬 GET IT >:( GET IT NOW 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 LOL 😝 J K 😜😜😜 Anyways, whos coming to the PTA meeting this week? And can Susan bring the wine this time? She never brings anything and its starting to get annoying 😪😪 We should kick her off the PTA so she knows the consequences of being cheap. Anyways 😜😜😜💕💕😋😝😝😝😋😋😋 LOVE YOU ALL!!!.Version: 1.1.1

This has fixed all my problems.So it was just a cold rainy day outside when suddenly a light appeared i thought to myself “wow what a light i wonder what light it is” then i heard a majestic voice from behind the light say to me ever so gracefully to shut up and get in the car. So as bravely as i could i jumped up in that hot wheels wagon and we took off. Now here’s where high heels came into action. The angel who was driving was doing very well! She was a very experienced driver and was very good at driving!! But she drank too much chocolate milk and ended up crashing. So ANTOHER light then appeared and said “i shall grant you three wishes” Here were my wishes, obviously wish one was unlimited vbucks, second was a dream body pillow, and lastly i asked this majestic genie to help me overcome my brocken heart from my breakup with zac enron. So he gave me this game, and it has changed my life. First of this game gave me a husband and im so glad to call myself a Sandler. We have two boys one name jonquavius and the other one being kevin. 10/10 recommend.Version: 1.0.2

This was everythingIt was a normal,depressing day until i saw this glorious ad. it shone as brightly as the sun and levitated from my hands to the air. yes, it was defying gravity. i was confused and decided “you know what i’m downloading this game”. and so i downloaded it, and my oh my did that girl strut the runway. i picked nikki minaj and i am stunned. runway girl strutted and strutted. the ten was surrounded by fours. no one could surpass her. she collected those heels one by one, and collected 🤑🤑🤑. she was getting rich...i knew this was the right choice. with the help of your pony tail and her walk i decided that i wanted to be a model. i saw some videos and i wanted to see how good i was. i did it, and of course, it wasn’t as good as the queen but who could beat her??(no one obviously, and if you think you can beat her you are self-centered). after playing a couple rounds of the game i quirkily deleted many apps for this one was so special that all the other apps i had were useless. off they went. after that day my day has gotten so better. i was finally allowed to walk my fish! my mother would never let me do this if it wasn’t for the runway girl. ((too bad the fish drowned) :(. anyways, downloading this game will brighten up your future and might even make your frown upside down (::). ok that’s it i’m done writing this review. this should be enough like the other ones..Version: 1.0.2

Best game😩💅🏽One day I was on TikTok when my favorite TikTok creator posted about this game🤘I ran to the App Store that was right around the corner of my house I breathed heavily as I made it into the store I saw Marilyn Manson cross dressing as a cute goth chick🥴 he started singing if I was your vampire and dancing in rainbow stilettos🏳️‍🌈 he held my hand and we walked down a path I noticed that the more we walked that his stilettos👠 progressively got higher until he was as tall as a sky scraper I noticed that I was wearing stilettos too and they too were getting higher before I knew it we had made it to the download button I quickly pressed it I started getting dizzy next I knew I woke up on my bratz 💅🏽couch I quickly ran for my phone I opened the app and went to choose my character when I noticed Marilyns cross dressing look I chose it and began playing best game experience I definitely recommend.🤤🤤🤤🤤.Version: 1.1.1

Enjoy overall but wish it was easier to reach supportLike the app itself (its a lot like Cube Surfer! But with heels instead of cubes, though I do find cube surfer smoother). But getting a bit bored with it after about a week. Bought no ads and that really sped it up. I’m on level 360 something and have every item that doesn’t require watching three ads to unlock so earning the coins feels a bit pointless now. So, think there could be either more items or increased price to get the items to extend it out more. Even if the coins could buy other things, like different colour backgrounds or something other than the default songs that plays. Or changing the colour of the blocks that you try to avoid. I couldn’t find a way to contact support either. Didn’t see an option in app and the contact support listed on the App Store just took me to the website but didn’t see a contact option there either . The two things I wanted to contact them about are a) when I downloaded it on my iPod and got the rainbow shoes, they have a rainbow trail behind them that’s really cute. When I play it on my phone, there is no trail and I can’t figure out why as they are the same shoes. And b) like I said I bought ad free on my phone but when I tried to restore purchase on my iPod (same iTunes Store) to be ad free there as well it doesn’t seem to work and I still have lots of ads..Version: 1.2.1

This made me into bill gatesIt was a rainy muddy day and i looked oit tge windo and sighed “I wish I could be a baddie like Trisha”. Trisha is a rich baddie that I sit next to in class and she is always eating her rich person chips well I’m trying to learn I hear my mom and dad barking at each other and I start to cry a river so I open tiktok and Trisha immediately came up on my for you page and she was talking about how poor I am but then I hear a window brake I IS THE FBI they say I was kidnapped and they are going to take me to my real mom and dad but I have to download high heels because my dad made the game so we flew in the plane and I played high heels all the way there I got addicted I couldn’t stop playing it and I slowly aged into bill gates and when your bill gates your a baddie and rich so I became a baddie and rich but I fell out of the plane and landed in Trishas house and she said “OMG BILL GATES MARRY MEEEE!” So we got married and had 1000 kids ok bye bye.Version: 1.0.2

✨bAdDiEs✨So it was another day of scrolling on TikTok when I came across an ad I tried avoiding it a lot of times and when I say a lot I mean a lot, anyways I finally downloaded it while sitting in Olive Gardens parking lot waiting for my chicken Alfredo which is really good y’all should go get some. Anyways that’s not the point, so I opened the app and started playing which then I played for a good hour then my food came and we left. As I was playing I fell off the beam and sis really broke her back she said “lemme arch my back” ifykyk😃. Anyways we got home and I started eating my food while watching some Netflix. Then my crush texted me saying if I wanted to hang out, obviously I started pacing around the room and then I texted my bestfriend to see what I should say. She said to say “sure” so i did. And now I’m gonna be hanging out with my crush on Sunday😌💅🏼. In conclusion this game brings miracles. Also go buy some chicken Alfredo at your local Olive Garden. 🤚🏼.Version: 1.0.1

Closest Thing to Meeting GodBefore I played this game, I was not in the best place mentally. I was constantly thinking about how I wish the pain could end and how much my life was awful. I then started looking for answers on what could help me. I searched and searched, until I stumbled across an online post talking about the same issues I was dealing with. Curious, I read the replies. People had continuously replied with this special game that had changed their lives. So I immediately downloaded the game to see for myself. Granted, I was skeptical at first, “How could a silly game change my life?” Little did I know. After playing a few levels, I could feel myself start to ascend to a higher plane of existence. I began seeing things in a new light, my depression and anxiety were immediately cured, and I had finally found my higher purpose. I owe my life to the developer of this game..Version: 0.5.2

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.2.2

Best game ever madeHere from a tiktok, best download I’ve ever made 🙏‼️.Version: 1.0.1

Didn’t say only for phone😠When I downloaded this game I was so excited until I realised that the screen was so tiny so if you are downloading this game for your kid do it on phone my child was quite sad😠😥.Version: 1.2.2

Game broke??The game glitched out and the character fell through the floor and now the game shows the level but no character and I can’t interact with anything. Help??.Version: 1.1.4

𝙷𝚒𝚐𝚑 𝚑𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚜 𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚛𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚎𝚠I would reccomend this game but a fter a while theres a glitch the screen is frozen like on an angle? I saw lots of people have experienced this to plz fix this so i can continue playing thanks!!!.Version: 1.1.4

Game reviewThe game is very fun and addictive and it was something I could kill time with. However , the screen is frozen , like you know the run way ? Yeah that , it’s stuck on that but on an angle and my character isn’t there, so I can’t play it. This is really annoying and seriously needs to be fixed , also there are way too many adds, especially for unlocking stuff. I shouldn’t have to watch adds to unlock stuff. I’m collecting all these diamonds but I have nothing to spend them with cause the prizes can only be won through adds.Version: 1.1.1

Good game but needs more prizesI started playing this game and I was addicted to it. My friend also played it and since she has a bad phone it was really glitchy, but for me it was great!! But I think there needs to be some more prizes because I got most of them in the first few hours Thank you, - Sophia.Version: 1.1.4

GlitchingThis game is overall pretty fun but as soon as i got all the characters for some reason the game froze and i couldnt play. So ive redownloaded the game now and its currently frozen on lvl 6 with no new characters, jewels or shoes..Version: 0.8.0

Changed my lifeMy wife is fat.Version: 0.8.1

It was fun but now...I updated the app and it won't play? it just shows me the course but doesn't actually do anything after that. please fix it.Version: 1.1.1

High heels commentIm obbsessed with the games its so good! I love the ladies and the other things and the cloths u guys put on the girls and I just love it. But the things i hate...The fat lady. The ads all the time like its annoying and your screen just freezes randomly and and i cant play it then. The gay skins, ugh annoying like thats dumb and needs to go! get RID of the ads honestly cause i will give u a 1 and its annoying so please get rid of them god but overall a 3 would suit it and if the ads keep coming and the things i hated are still there ima not rate u so u betta change please and tysm if u do it im not being rude im just saying but i still love it!.Version: 1.1.4

Loading into the gameI just got the game, and I have tried to load in so many times, I’ve tried completely turning off my phone, clearing some storage but it won’t work. Please fix this bug..Version: 1.0.2

Needs to be harderGood game but I feel like it needs more harder levels because the game gets boring after like an hour at most and you get the all the heels, body’s, jewels etc. in like half an hour, if you could please snake the levels harder.Version: 1.1.4

Absolutely love this game but there’s a massive glitchLove this game so much but there’s a glitch and I’m forever stuck on the loading screen with no options to press, it’s just the background of the level. I updated the game and it still didn’t fix it. Turned my phone off then on, nothing. Please fix this..Version: 1.2.1

HelpAfter the most recent update it won’t open? The app won’t open.Version: 1.1.1

Bug :/There is a bug I’m stuck in we’re I’m stuck in a screen that’s just a shot from a game play and I’m stuck there and can’t get out :/.Version: 1.1.4

There’s a glitch...I love this game and I really want to go back on it but everything will time it loads it just shows a screen and I can’t play it doesn’t show my character just the hills in the lobby can’t see my character and we can look at this stage please fix this I really want to play :(.Version: 1.1.1

Fun but not funHello to somebody reading this message I would like to give you some information about this game it’s fun but when it comes to the end of the game its just not fair because you can’t get past 5x which is the second last number and it’s not because I can’t do it its because it’s impossible I have gotten my friends to play it and I have like 40 friends and they couldn’t do it is well so don’t get this game Thank you And please Chang the game🙏🙏🙏☺️.Version: 1.1.1

GlitchMy game stopped working I can’t play it anymore every time I go into the game it’s stuck on a screen and my character isn’t there I have tried updating the game and everything it’s not working anymore.Version: 1.1.1

Ads make it unplayableThis has potential but the 15 second ad after every single level or unlock is just a joke. Deleted after 6 levels in frustration..Version: 1.1.1

Glitch/lagWhen I tried to load the app it automatically just kicked me off?.Version: 1.0.1

𝙷𝚒𝚐𝚑 𝚑𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚜! 𝚁𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚎𝚠 (𝚠𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚎𝚍 :)Absolutely love this game it’s a really fun and the fact that it a offline game it is good! I would like if we could buy clothings with gems! Because some of the clothing there has to be with other characters like the leopardprint lets say we wanted to be able to have it on Nicki Minaj but we’re not able to. Like it’s for one certain character :( so I would like us to buy clothing for different characters. :).Version: 1.1.4

Got stuck on a levelI overall like this game, but am I the only one getting stuck on level 28?? No matter how many levels of heels I pick up, I fall on the second slider thing at the start. I like this game, but I’m stuck! Help!.Version: 0.5.2

Glitch lagThis is a very nice game but the thing is I cant get the stuff with out watching a add also if you could add more skins that would be great because I finished the skins and I had to delete it and redownlod it.Version: 0.6

I have to keep redownloadingWhen i try to buy something from the game store it glitches and i have to redownload and loose all of my progress 🙄.Version: 1.1.4

Good but needs work!So I am addicted to this game. I love the skins the shoes and all that but after a few times when I got to the finish and it tells you how much pasentage you have till you get a new person it wouldn’t tell me I was really annoyed so this gets a 3 star rating and pls change it up!.Version: 1.2.2

Good but needs workIt’s a fun game but it needs more prize options. Within the first day I played it long enough to get ALL of the prizes.. e.g. heels, characters, jewels. If there were more, I’d have more fun and more motivation to play. The ads are a little annoying but I’ve played games with way more so it isn’t too bad. Overall, it’s very fun..Version: 0.7.0

Glitch??The app is very fun, but after about level 126 it just stopped working? I’ve refreshed it and everything, I’m unsure why it’s not working..Version: 1.1.1

GlitchIt’s the best game u should try it but for me there was a new update but then suddenly the old update came back for me the new update was still on my phone but on my iPad it’s an old update please fix that.Version: 1.0.0

WowOne time I wore high heels at my grandpa’s funeral and i fell into the coffin and knocked it over... the coffin wasn’t locked and the dead body kinda just... rolled out. rip gramps ig 😔🙏.Version: 0.4

Awesome 🥳It’s really good if you saw the ad it’s actually the real game of what it looks like so I would rate it a 9.5/10.Version: 1.1.1

To many addsThe game is really fun even though there is WAY TO MANY ADDS!!.Version: 1.1.1

Game won’t loadThe game won’t load whenever I log into it? eg i was up to i think lvl 38 but then it just stays on the background?? like the start screen where ur character is but there isn’t and it’s at an angle. idk it’s only happened after the big update. i don’t wanna delete the app but is that the only option rn?.Version: 1.1.1

Changed my lifeExcellent app. My children stopped murdering me finally. The only thing is my wife is still fat. Please fix this in the next update 🙏.Version: 0.8.2

GlitchI’ve had to delete this game and get it back again because it glitches and stays on the same screen, it’s just happened now for the second time! when you get it back again after the glitch you loose ALL your stuff..Version: 1.1.4

Too many adsThe game is innovative and cool but how many ads do you want us to watch? I feel like watching 10 ads just to play one game. Jesus.Version: 1.2.2

Too many addsI understand you need adds, but your screen will randomly freeze to play an add,. Like you only get 15-30 seconds of playing before having a 30 second add- And you can’t click anything without having to play an add before doing anything in the actual game. It would be fun, just way too many adds.Version: 1.2.1

ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎᘜNothing is wrong with it to me because There is hardly any ads! This game is obsessing And would Suggest you download Such and AMAZING game, this deserves 5 stars for How many ads (hardly any) and it’s extremely addicting..Version: 1.2.2

Fun but..Look, I love this game but after a certain level you can’t beat it anymore. I would like this fixed please. Also there are way to many ads I can’t deal with it..Version: 1.1.4

BEST GAME 😍🙏Love this app😍😍😍 best ever😂😂😛😋😜 me and my friend play all the time it’s so amazing and cool and awesome⭐️😜😎😎🤩💗 maybe delete ad tho thx x WOO HOO!! 😉💖.Version: 1.2.2

AdsIt’s a fun game but there are way too many ads every time I finish a level it’s an ad every time I wanna get something I can’t even just use my diamonds, there’s another ad even if I turn down the opportunity to watch an ad for a prize it gives me another ad. I hate ads and I probably won’t play it anymore..Version: 1.1.1

GlitchyI love this game and it’s really fun to play but nearly every time I go into the app it crashes and shuts down. It’s also very glitchy sometimes and it lags..Version: 0.8.2

Game for baddiesI have become more of a baddie since i played this games recommended to enter full baddiality.Version: 1.0.2

GIVE ME NICKI NOW 🤬🤬😡Every time i unlock a prize i have to watch an ad and when i try it tells me the ad is not ready IT MADE ME LOSE NICKI MANAJ 😩🤬😡.Version: 1.0.0

This game is amazing but can you at more!🤩✨This game is the best and also it would be good if we have more skins and more high heels and also you should add bags and nails and hair styles! Omg it would be the best game ever if you add those things!!💖💖🤩🤩👌🏽👌🏽thank you!!! I feel like a baddie!💖.Version: 1.1.4

BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD👎🏾It was fun and all until it started glitching on the second day. I’ve refreshed the app & my phone, also updated the app & it’s still glitching. The prizes are too easy to win & the app is alive ‘coz of allllll the ads they play 🙃 Not worth it tbh. It’s a fun game - but the ads & the glitch is doing my head in.Version: 1.2.1

Good but keeps buggingGreat game. Fun pastime. I’m having a massive lag where I can’t play the game it’s just frozen on the runway. I don’t really want to re install the app because I’m quite a high level. I just updated from yesterday’s update and still nothing..Version: 1.1.4

Adds are badThis is an amazing game but when I wanna not watch a add and I press e.g claim 30 it always makes a add pop up i love this game u guys made it viral but the add is a problem for me if u can remove adds or lower the adds I would give u guys a 5 star.Version: 1.1.4

GlitchedMy game glitched, it’s stuck on a random screen everytime I get into the game and my persons not there. I don’t want to uninstall and re install because I’ll lose my progress. How do I fix this.Version: 1.1.1

To the creators of high heelsI love the game but I don’t like the update. I played for 30 minutes and I could not reach the top of the run way. It’s not because I’m bad at the game it’s because there is not enough heels so the round is rigged..Version: 1.2.1

BUGThis game was great until I updated it for the first time some new shoes and people where there they replaced some of my fav shoes and told me to watch adds for them again but now every time I go to play the game it shows no person and just stays still I can still touch things but can’t play they need to fix this bug.Version: 1.1.4

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High Heels! 1.2.2 Update

Version 1.2.2 (2021-02-26): In this update: -New levels! -New skin Cleopatra! -Performance improvements! -and bug fixes! Coming up next: -Fashion Week! -More levels! -New heels!.

Version 1.1.1 (2021-02-13): MEGA UPDATE! -New heels and characters to unlock! -A brand new shop! -Challenges! -Music! -More levels! -New obstacle! -Performance improvements! -and bug fixes!.

Version 1.0.1 (2021-02-06): MEGA UPDATE! -New heels and characters to unlock! -A brand new shop! -Challenges! -Music! -More levels! -and bug fixes!.

Version 0.8.0 (2021-01-27): Bug fixes..

Version 0.1 (2020-12-29): .