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Interrogate suspects to find out if they are guilty! Can you punish all criminals?

Too many criminals, too little time. You’re on the hunt to pull the bad guys off the streets. Who robbed the bank? Who broke out of prison? Who caused this death? Find the hidden object or the clue to get crime out of your city. Incoming!

Evil characters from famous tv shows, and more are up to no good and it’s your job to get even those bad guys out of your city. You gotta hustle! There are daily crimes to solve and cases to crack on these streets!

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Detective Masters App User Reviews & Comments

Fun but way to many aqa xI literally just downloaded and used it today like 20 mins ago. and I’ve already had 15+ ads. Y’all need to lessen the ads by a lot. I at one point hit the option to not play an ad and keep playing and got an ad anyways! it’s obnoxious i wanna enjoy the game but the 3 ads every minute ruin it. i stopped playing for now bc the ads annoyed me. Z.Version: 4.5

It’s just a long ad!AD 30 seconds then 15 seconds of play then you have a option to Watch a 30 second ad and if you refuse you just get to Watch a 30 second ad that you can click off of after 5 seconds. Then you get another 15 seconds of play then rinse and repeat!.Version: 4.5

More LevelsCan you more levels the Game only has 107 and the others are the same I did..Version: 4.5

Ok wow worst game ever it’s like just a copy off the next crappy mobile gameJust the average stupid mobile game that you get ads for every two seconds. Nothing fun about this game it’s to easy it’s not enjoyable, think of your favorite game, now imagine that but you tap a button and you win. No challenge even in higher levels. And I’m guessing the other good reviews are fake or under the age of 3. Get a different game this one isn’t worth your time.Version: 4.5

False advertisingOnce you start playing and get to level 130 the game repeats itself and it advertised that you can get 50 diamonds for watching ads and not once did it work I thought it was cool at first but after it was a disappointment.Version: 4.4

Great but one issue.Ok so I got this after an ad lured me in. I instantly thought “Great game!” And continued to play it. Although after playing it for three days and reaching level 100, the game literally started over at the beginning with the same levels. Add more levels please!.Version: 4.5.2

Cool game but...As you can see the ages recommend to play are 12 and up. Why is there so much cussing on the game, such as the b word and so on. Yes this game has no adds but can we at least bring the cussing down and/or change the recommended ages if you would..Version: 4.5

It’s okI like the game for what it is but a lot of things don’t work and it’s a ton of ads and I understand you have to pay for the game some way but my lord. So first off when you watch videos for the 50 diamonds it doesn’t work at all and when you want to play the special character missions it won’t let you watch the video to unlock them and they look really cool but he regular ads still work.. please fix this problem.Version: 4.5

The lack of adds has to be fixed:/Alright, This is game is fun I saw an add and said "I'mma download this" so I did and after I completed level 1 there was an add, At first I didn't anything of it bc most games have adds, but T̳H̳E̳R̳E̳S̳ A̳N̳ A̳D̳D̳ A̳F̳T̳E̳R̳ E̳V̳E̳R̳Y̳ S̳I̳N̳G̳L̳E̳ L̳E̳V̳E̳L̳! And thats mad annoying, Ik as a creator adds do make money but... AN ADD AFTER EVERY LEVEL?! Y'all just being greedy now:/ FIX the lack of adds an I'll come back and give a better review, Ty for reading.Version: 4.5

Too easy, too many repeatsIt’s an ok time killer. Way too easy. Biggest problem is everything keeps repeating. Stories exactly the same. Dating resets then repeats. Less than a day after download maybe 20 minutes of play time it’s just repeats with a different level number. Also constantly says no ads available for bonuses but then forces you to watch and ad to move on without the reward. Overall 1 star because of the glaring issues. Could be much better if effort is put into it..Version: 4.5.1

No adsI like the game but every time a special scene comes up, there’s no ads to play to get into it. Not sure why this is happening but according to other reviews, I’m not the only one..Version: 4.5

Fix thisThis game is fun and is really good. But there’s a glitch. I’m stuck on this alien thing where it says get it or not and then I press not but it won’t let me and then when I press to do it and finish it, it never lets me out and when I get back in it makes me do it again I think I’m on level 99 fix it plz.Version: 4.5

Tone Deaf RacismStereotypical black guy in a gold chain accused of stealing money?? And there’s a segment where the black character spits at the officer and you have the option to hit him?! Very hard to believe that this is not making fun of the entire police brutality situation that disproportionally affects black people. This is very dangerous and careless considering the social climate around this very topic. I would urge the developers to take this portion out of the game entirely. Now the devils advocate would say “Maybe they didn’t know that could have that impression?”. That is NOT an excuse. It’s 2021! There were protests around the entire world about this very issue. People can no longer pretend to be naive about this..Version: 4.5

Different levelsThis is a good game but I was at about level 103 when I realized that the game was repeating the same crimes from before and I’m wondering y didn’t you guys just end it there or add new levels, also those special levels I couldn’t play because it kept on saying Ad not available..Version: 4.5.1

Really???I just got this app and it was fun until you added Donald trump! Like REALLY!! I’m not into politics but even if he is or isn’t a good person it doesn’t give you a reason or excuse to manipulate kids into thinking he is a killer and a horrible person. It’s not your job to tell people what to believe it’s your job to make kids happy! Plus take out curse words, REMEMBER this is a KIDS game! I’m twelve and I still think it’s not right. So don’t be so ignorant dudes and racist.Version: 4.5

Good for a whileIts a good game to play if you’re bored and need to kill time. It’s repetitive, but unless your expecting an actual mystery type of game it’s not annoying. But, after about a hundred levels the levels start repeating which is really annoying. For some reason it wouldn’t let me do any of the special levels or dates, saying that add weren’t available even though my wifi was on..Version: 4.4

Ads and WallsI liked this game until the second investigation, which required me to use gems to actually PASS the level. Then, a few levels later, the entire ad system stopped working..Version: 4.4

Good but...There are some things that shouldn’t be in a kids game ( idk if it is meant to be or not ). There curse words and some inappropriate things in cases. But other than that it’s a good game. If any parents are reading this review please don’t let your kid play it if you don’t like them hearing words like that. Good game over all. ❤️.Version: 4.4

Very good game but to many adds!I made a timer for every 39 seconds of game time there are 10 seconds of advertisements. I understand that the game hasn’t to make Minh but it would be much more enjoyable if their were less ads!.Version: 4.5

Fun but very creepy and psychoticThis game is really creepy I downloaded it because the ad looked OK. Am I play this game for like two minutes and you’re killing innocent people that’s kind of horrifying I feel like this game is meant for psychopaths lol No offense to the people who like this but it’s really creepy.Version: 4.5.1

Really good game but..Once you reach 100 level the levels repeat that’s y it only have 4 starts just add some more levels but love the game very addictive I did 100 levels and more in 1 and a half.Version: 4.5

Awesome game but....This game is amazing but there is a problem the problem is that when you get to a certain level the game makes you do the previous levels again I think that you should add more levels instead of using the previous ones. Developers I hope you take my review under consideration. Besides all that this game is fantastic I would totally recommend to friends..Version: 4.5

It’s fun but...So I just got this game last night . You can’t watch a video or do any of the extra challenges. I got to a certain lvl and I guess there’s no other levels. I guess I beat the game in an hour. It was fun but it also repeated the same cases over..Version: 4.5.2

Really enjoyedI really liked this game it was fun but definitely not for kids. And also after a hundred or so levels the levels just repeat which was a bit disappointing. Other than that I really enjoyed it.Version: 4.5

Good Game, not enough levelsThis game is fun, but after a certain amount of levels they start repeating. Once they add more, I’ll be happy to play again!.Version: 4.5.1

Good but it repeats.I really did love this but after level 104 it repeats, please make a few more levels, I just want it to at least have an ending, or keep going..Version: 4.5

FUNI was playing this game I just downloaded it and I’m on stage 106 I gave it 4 stars because it looped some of the levels but still very fun.Version: 4.5

No addsI have to say this is one of the best games I have ever played in my life. I have played about 300 games but this is the only one without adds. And I am not the only one who appreciates it. Devs if you are reading this do not add adds.Version: 4.4

TO MUCH ADDS!Over all this game is fun but there is to much ads. I’ve seen this game as an ad in so much other games I’ve played and I thought I should download it. It’s fun but the ads are annoying. When there is to much ads it just makes me want to play something different..Version: 4.5.2

RepetitiveI liked the game til I got around to 30 or so and they started repeating. Also my answers started to glitch and show the same thing over and over.Version: 3.2

Good game but the ads won’t workWhenever there is a special event that you need to watch an ad to play it says there is no ad available every single time..Version: 4.4

This is a okey gameThis game is good game but I hate that most of the people who you have to interrogate or have to go to prison are Hispanic ,coming from me being a Latina/Hispanic I feel offended and a little mad but over all it’s a good game I guess👍🏻.Version: 4.5.2

Good gameThis game is over all a fun and great game but I have an idea for an update. This update would be some cops interagate you and identify you and you are the killer. It would be cool for our avatars to be the killer at some point Please take this into account.Version: 4.5.1

FUN GAME. BUT THE GLITCHES THOUGH!!!!I love this game. But, the game has a LOT of glitches. It freezes, glitches out, makes me redo passed levels, brought me back to level one when I was on level 157, and sometimes when I click play it doesn’t even do anything. Currently, the game brought me back to level one and when I click play it doesn’t even do anything so the game is useless. But, I still love this game and hope that the glitches are fixed soon..Version: 4.5.1

Amazing game!This is so addictive for some odd reason and I normally hate games like this, but it's so good. But there is one small problem. Don't tell me that I can watch an ad for a special subject or more diamonds if you don't even have ads to give me. So annoying..Version: 4.5.2

👍🏾I have no problem with the game. It’s overall fun. I just think there should be more levels. 🙂.Version: 4.5

☟︎Good game but I don't understand why you put an execute option and made the criminal a really bad offense for Donald trumps character, when he didn't even do anything wrong.Version: 4.5

Game is stuck crashingI got somewhere above level 100 and the game just stopped letting me play. It just shows level one and two when a check next to them and nothing happens when I click play. Would rate higher but I cant play anymore please fix this..Version: 4.4

Extremely inappropriate ads.I got this app just to write a review on the ad for the game. I got the ad while playing another game, and it was gross. This game is advertised on other children’s games, and is directed towards 12+. The ad for THIS GAME showed a tablet going along a woman’s skin, and it was revealing what’s under her clothes. The point was to ‘find the diamond’ under her clothing. The diamond was on her breast, so it shows finding the diamond on her private part. This is extremely inappropriate for the age group, and disgusting to attempt and attract kids to play a game in this way..Version: 4.5

Very good game!!This is one of the best games I’ve played. It’s very fun and addictive. And the funny things is i usually don’t play mystery games a lot but this one is amazing! But your probably wondering why I didn’t give it full 5 stars, well there is one problem, there are different levels and when I try to play a special level by watching a add it always says no adds are available, I don’t know if I’m the only one having that problem but I just wanted to let people know. Other than that I really recommend this game:).Version: 4.4

It stopped working halfway through.When I was halfway through the game, it stopped working and I know it’s not my phone because all my other games work except for this one and I’ve tried everything to get it to work. I’m not saying this is going to happen to everyone, I just need to know what’s going wrong so I can fix it..Version: 4.5

I dislike this gameI don’t think it’s fun I don’t like how many adds there are.I know they need to make money but I don’t like it. I hate when they but an fake “trump” in it like even if you hate him that just rude! I am for trump but there is a lot bugs in this game to. I didn’t play a lot but people said it started getting same aging and aging. And some adds just won’t work to play lock levels. I don’t like this game.I would give it an one star if I would..Version: 4.5

Inappropriate.My child saw this ad on a child friendly game that he was playing. He started saying those bad words that were on the ad. This is despicable. You guys are lucky I’m not suing. I would like you to take off this inappropriate content or I will sue you. If I don’t see any change in the ad in 3 months I will sue so be ready!.Version: 4.4

Why???It was a good game at first but then for some reason I kept on saying there’s no ads available and there’s way too many ads going on so then when I actually finish I waited for about four months and still nothing has changed.Version: 4.5.2

There’s a mistake!You spelled coffee wrong. Seriously?!? You can make a app but you can’t spell coffee right??? That’s just weird! I just got this game and because you spelt coffee wrong I know I probably wont be so amazing. So you should probably fix it.. but I don’t mean to be a Karen. But you should know how to spell coffee... that stupid... you spelled it coffe, coffe!!!! Bruh... lol.Version: 4.5

Wont even let me playEvery single time I start playing I just get kicked out. I even wait for a day it still kicks me out. I can play a little but then when I complete a level it just kicks me out. Devs please fix this. I was so excited for this but now it disappointed me..Version: 4.5

MehThe date never works!!!!!!!!!! Something I have to delete apps and swipe and sometimes that does even work. And I know my internet was on! Ugh it’s so annoying! Oh and also the cussing is terrible and even 12 year old shouldn’t be hearing the “s” word and the “d” word you should off the cuss word I don’t recommend.😡DELETED!.Version: 4.5.1

Have Donald Trump die...Yeah because having Donald Trump kill a prost*tute definitely looks classy and not at all political, The true icing on the cake is that he’s the first you get to kill. I don’t care if it’s Joe Biden or Trump your disgusting. Honestly the one with Donald Trump was so immature that you would think it was just an angry twelve year old who made a garbage game just to diss Trump, what’s next are you going to have him crucify Jesus? I don’t expect much from a mobile game but congrats you went below the bar of expectations even without the political non sense..Version: 4.5

Crashing👁👄👁Don’t get me wrong, The game is good. It’s pretty fun. But my problem is that every time I try to play the game It crashes every 20 seconds. I can’t even play it. If you fix this maybe I can play the game. But right now I can’t without crashing..Version: 4.4

Omg! I. Love. This. Game!!!!!If you're reading this I would like to say this is my favorite game and I hope you make more levels because my one complaint is that on level 107 it starts repeating but again I LOVE THIS GAME!.Version: 4.5.1

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Too many adsAd after every level- annoying AF..Version: 4.5.1

ProblemFun game, but after a while levels start repeating themselves.Version: 4.5.2

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Detective Masters 4.5.2 Update

Version 4.5.2 (2021-02-26): Bug fixes so you can keep up your game addiction!.

Version 4.5 (2021-02-18): Bug fixes for better game playing.