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Collect blocks of your own color, place them on a bridge of your choice. Don't let others build on your bridge. Hit others with less stack than yours to drop their blocks!

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Ads!I like the game a lot, it’s really nice and simple and it’s easy to win. The thing that bothers me is that there are SO many ads!! I was in the middle of playing a match and I got an ad but I didn’t think much of it. After that ad a few seconds later after I had cleared a stage of that match ANOTHER one came on! I just find it a bit annoying because it interrupts the match and in general it’s just a nuisance. That’s all I have to say but overall it is a REALLy fun game..Version: 1.5

Great, butSo I love this game where ur the color and what ever color u are u have to get the color u are. And like it’s fun amazing 🤩 but Here’s 3 probs or 2 just know there probs 1. Uh 😐 ads 6 secs an ad- after that ad is done and u play another ad in 1 sec and that’s the PROB ADS! It’s kinda annoying but please fix that... 2. Uh so I see when like my phone is an iPhone 📱 12 Max Pro and so I see that u did not track people but now u do track ppl like really? Rlly?! But yeah just to give chu a hint and if this was not true I wish I can take a screenshot and show everyone this... 3. Uh there’s hackers on here... once my sister she was playing for 12 mins on meh phone den uh something popped up erro this app is an erro enter ur ID and I was like dis is an hacker and so I am right now just here telling y’all dis and also dis hacker is like reported but fix all of this sooo yeah uhhhhhh hmm well if u don’t then I’ll report dis game and call ur company and tell my dad to erase this app and Lol u think it’s not true but I’m not jokin so yeah! And also DONATE FOR SAINT JUIDE !! Hate y’all and check out my TikTok Charlie D’emilio!.Version: 2.04

Great game...ButAt first I really liked the game, I played one round with NO ads- there was one after but that was whatever. Second round? Two 30 second ads in the middle of the game while I’m trying to play. And to top it off the other players continued moving around! I actually really liked this game until I got bombarded with ads during the round- that’s something you should fix for other players because I’m not going to be playing this game anymore, I’ll be playing other games that DON’T have ads in the middle of gameplay..Version: 2.01

I love the game but toooooo many adsOk I loooooove this game the only thing is that there are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ads and sometimes the ads are in the middle of the game and it doesn’t freeze the other (“players”) it only freezes you I think the ads should be at the end of the round. But besides that I loooooooooooooooooooooooove this game so besides the ads you should download this game.😃😀😊 P.S. I’m not so sure if it freezes the other (“players”) or not but I don’t think it dose. Thank you for reading.Version: 1.5

I love this game!This is a great game and so addicting! The only problem is the ads. Every 1 minute an ad pops up and the only real way to not get the ads is to go on to airplane mode or turn off your wifi. Additionally, the game freezes and then the ad comes up, and not just the ones on the side of the screen- full on 30-60 second ads. Otherwise, the game is awesome! Would recommend!.Version: 2.03

AddsThere are so many adds in the game. Some times I’d be in the middle of a round and I would get an add people then would pass me and I’d lose. Sometimes there would be more then one add in a round. I have had a few rounds where once I got to a new platform it would give me an add. I gets super annoying. Then when you have the chance to make more money the adds won’t work. It’s all random, sometimes I’ll get a round done with out adds but sometimes I get so many. It would also take a long time to get the adds and gets be a black screen for a bit. That’s probably the most annoying thing in the game for me..Version: 1.5

Great but needs some changeI love the app concept so much, but omg there are so many ads and they come out of nowhere! It’s like I’m about to finish building my bridge and ad. I’m collecting bricks, ad. There are SO MANY ADS! I would love like a countdown from like 5 or 3, before ads. In loading screens I am fine to have an ad start off the round that I am doing, because most games do that, but oh my lord so many ads. Another thing is that bricks only respawn when your building your bridge, and if you want all your bricks and then build your bridge, your out of luck. Personally I am a fan of that method, so I have to resort to bumping into players to get bricks. If you change those 2 things, Amazing. 10/10 recommend, right now the game is like a 8.5/10..Version: 2.0

Ridiculous!😡I saw this ad and thought whatever and this ad kept popping up and I thought maybe people like this game so I download it It was great until in the level 20s it was RIDICULOUS and how? Will let me explain first TOO MANY ADS!!!! Second..IT WAS REALLY DIFFICULT and last reason when a FREAKIN AD plays it does not pause the game yep.. How to beat them!!! 1. When a AD plays put airplane mode on or turn the WiFi off. 2. The difficulty sadly no there’s no way of doing that just you have to be good at the game.. Let’s rate the game! Ok so we have five stars so about the ads I will take away a star + the level in the 20s so bye bye star now we have three stars ✨ and finally the one that I’m so mad about the ADs that keep popping up and when the game is not paused so + 2 stars taken stars away now we have one star ⭐️ so that’s it but I get that the app needs money because the app is free but like make things special that cost at least less than 4.99$ and at least make an ad every single other level? You reapply with: Thank you!.Version: 2.04

Ads are awfulI saw this game as an ad and I avoided it at first. After a few other ads I gave in. Not my best choice... The first game was perfect. No ads and no I did not think there would be no ads. I play the second round. THERE IS AN AD IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL OF THE STAGE THINGS! I got really mad and now debating if I should delete it. I raged as I hate ads as it is but these were outrageous! I wouldn’t recommend to people that hate ads just in general. It’s a fun game tho. If you have patients then download it. If the ads weren’t in the middle of rounds it would get a much much better review. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.5

Npc’s CheatI love the game but wished it was harder since I always win and had everything unlocked the first day. The two problems I have are the random ads that can mess up your gameplay, especially if your about to knock someone over. My biggest issue is the cheating npcs get to do. They will have no bricks on their back and barely a bridge and when I finish my bridge it’s like bam there a sec behind you. I wrote this review because on my last game I got enough bricks to do whole level on first floor by knocking everyone over for awhile. Still the box was behind me with no bricks and no bridge. Than for second bridge I watched the npc create his bridge to the door and come up without a single brick on his back. I still enjoy but I know this has to mess up people badly especially if you don’t notice that..Version: 2.03

GreatnessI had a great time playing the first round, won that match and the next. Then it happened. Out of nowhere. I was enjoying knocking others over, building the bridge, when it came... over and over... at the most unexpected times... the ADS! So often, so many, at the most unexpected times. So many adds😞.Version: 1.5

A solution to your problemsThere’s a hack that will help you. If you have a XR or up you swipe up you home line and swipe out the app. If you have lower than a Xr you double click you home button and swipe out the app. Then you turn off you WiFi. Have fun playing you “ad free game”. When your done make sure to put your WiFi back on. :).Version: 2.02

Ads.Don’t get me wrong, this game is entertaining. But what ruins it and haves me give this only 3 stars, is because of the ads. There is way to much ads. Even in the middle of a match. A MATCH. A ad pops up. This drives me insane and reading all these other reviews, it seems everybody’s mad about this to, and I’m sure the devs have read these other reviews and ignored them. Sure, it would be okay if they put ads at the end of the game, but in the middle of a match is way to far. This can get really annoying and this game would have better reviews if it didn’t have so much ads! But, this game is good other wise, and it’s really enjoyable (except for the ads of course.) Thank you for reading. -Anonymous.Version: 1.5

Only playable on airplane modeThe game itself is pretty entertaining and not too challenging. However, you get ads every two minutes WHILE you’re playing. And not just pop up ads that are on the side of the screen, like the entire game pauses and plays you a 30 second ad that you have to watch at least 5 seconds of before you can skip it. And after you skip, you have to wait another 5 seconds until you can skip the part where it displays the ad on the App Store. It’s ridiculous and totally ruins the experience. The only way you can play an entire game all the way through is if you have your Wifi and cellular data turned off (or just have airplane mode on) so you can’t get the ads. To be completely honest, putting that many ads in this unoriginal and mildly enjoyable game just feels rude. If you really need to make money THAT badly, add in more interesting features to the game that you will have to pay for..Version: 2.02

Great app but the ads are INSANE!!!I downloaded this app and went straight on. I played the first rly d and I won! I expected an ad after I clicked “next level” and there was an add. I said “Ok that’s not too bad that’s normal.” But then I played the next round. In the middle, yes the middle of the match, I was building the bridge and then an ad came!!! I was shocked and I said, “Uhhh ok that’s not normal. I don’t like that.” Then I didn’t even finish the match and then ANOTHER AD CAME!!! I wanted to see if there was a no ad purchase and luckily there was. I bought it, but still that was a complete nuisance..Version: 1.5

It’s an ok gameIt seems like a fun game but having an ad pop up mid game not once but twice gets extremely frustrating. I understand the need to have ads in the game but at least keep them till the end of each level. I enjoyed the moments where no ads popped up and I was actually able to complete a level without seeing any ads so if that’s fixed then this game will definitely get a better rating, not just from me but from several others I believe..Version: 1.5

It is a really good gameIt is a good game to play but when the adds pops up out of no where in the game it gets annoying can u like do it at the end on the game or before because it just pops up like if we are not playing the game. can you take the adds out in the mettle of the game because its like that the other people are still playing why u you watching the add. But besides that the game is good!..Version: 1.5

Horrible game because of adsIf MULTIPLE ads showing up in the middle of a round (which takes about 2 minutes) gets on your nerves/frustrates you then do not download this game. It was actually a pretty fun game to play WHEN I got to play it, but the ads made this game unbearable. I understand that the developers need to make their money, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Highly recommend AGAINST downloading this game. If the developers decide to take out the crazy amount of ads then I would consider downloading again. Not until then..Version: 1.5

I QUIT THIS GAME BECAUSE OF THE ADS!I Can’t Take it ANNYMORE!! I Can’t Take All The Ads in The Middle Of The Game. I’m On Level 628. And the Ads Completely RUIN THE GAME. I Understand The Ads are The Whole Reason why the Game is Able to Be Free. I Get That. But Before the Latest Update All The Ads Used to Be After the Game was Over and Before the Game Starts. And that was All Goood &&Fine. But Now the Ads are STRaight in The Middle Of While your Playing. ((Sometimes More than One)) And it’s Supper FRUSTRATING. 😡😡Also I don’t Understand once your about to get to the Finish Line and your way in Front Of All the Other Players that Your “Supposedly” Playing. Then All Of a Sudden Another Player Pops Up On The Last Platfom.... when Literally a Half a Second Ago they were Still Trying Stack Their Color Blocks up The Ladder. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 PLease. Please. PLease Fix This Problem. As I Am Suure I’m Not The Only One that is Having This Issue. I Would GREATLY APPRECIATE it. THankkYOuu..Version: 2.02

THE ADS ARE ANNOYINGThis game is absolutely amazing the only thing I would change is how many ads there are. I can just be playing my game but every single time I play I have at least 20 ads in total and I understand people are trying to promote their businesses but it’s really annoying when I’m trying to play against other people not knowing if I’m going to lose or not but overall a three out of 10 I would just change the ads.Version: 2.02

You are the best titleI love you because you made this lovely game and it’s so fun and challenging I like the race and that also be something cause you’re a rockstar because you made out of you made our dream and my dream. I love you so much because you may just love the game and you just make me first because I love this game and I love that you made it thank you thank you thank you so can you please make more games like it if you even make games if you send them to other people to make so I am please just make another one that’s super good like this please scan you I know you can’t respond in if you can please do it. I love you. You’re the best. Amazing awesome so good. I’ll be seeing you Sunday maybe but I don’t know when I’ll see you because you’re a game maker and if you’re a boy or a girl just make your self the best because you make the best games for other people they make up games to but I love your games the best if there’s other games that I like more years in the second and if there’s more games that then third fourth fifth or six still love the game you made I’m playing it right now but right now I decided to write a review because it’s the best you need the best game ever. And my name is Cleo and my brothers name is Emmett and I love this game I think my brother went to his name is Emmett but I love you soon love Cleo doll bear..Version: 2.05

Adds.Ok I’ll admit this game is really fun and I would play it so much more if I didn’t have this one problem, adds. Now adds are normal in a game and normally I have no problem with it, but it becomes very annoying when there is an add WHILE you are playing the game. I get it you need adds to make money off the game, BUT this much adds is way too much. For example, say I was playing the game and I was about to finish making my bridge then out of nowhere BOOM add. Having adds in a game is completely fine but a game should never have this many adds. Overall it’s a good game and is fun to play when you are bored BUT the adds are WAY to much..Version: 2.0

Way too many adds! Pls ReadThere are way too many adds on this game like I was about to get to the second floor of it and boom add the was gonna get to the third boom add AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN and they’re 18 seconds long! Also the thing that’s annoying is that when you start building another player with bricks builds on your side and you have to waste your bricks to get your lane back! Other people than that it’s a pretty decent game.Version: 2.02

Awesome game but too many adds!Ok so when I first got this game I was like “Wow! This game is so fun and awesome and cool!!” And all that anyways, after I kept playing I realized there were ads in the middle of EVERY SINGLE GAME! It got so annoying cause the same exact add would still be there. Usually they just put in ads so we get those games. But it’s just annoying. BUT I’ve got a trick for y’all who are reading this. Just turn off your WiFi so there are no ads :D a perfect right! So I really hope you fixed this game because I’ve been reading these reviews and all they say is TOO MANY ADS! So you better fix this problem!.Version: 2.02

Too many ads, but it’s still funI’ve been playing the game for about a week now and there are WAY too many ads. If there was an ad after every game play, that would be irritating but would be much more understandable. I’ll be in the middle of the round when an ad pops up. It’s just very frustrating. I haven’t noticed that it affects my game play and makes me loose because I typically win, but it’s still frustrating to be trying to play a game when an ad pops up almost quite literally every ten seconds..Version: 2.01

How is there that many adds?There is way too many adds, they have them every 10 seconds. The itself is really good, but the adds make it bad. I ha over 7 adds in the middle of the game. I understand why you would put adds at the end and at the beginning of the game, but why so many in the middle. I understand if there is about 1 or 2 adds while playing the game, but 7 adds!?!? I like the game, the only thing I don’t like is how many adds there are..Version: 2.01

I’m being sabotaged by ads when I almost won.It’s doing the same thing and I just realize that it’s sabotaging me by giving me ads when I didn’t even try to watch an ad for a new skin or something it’s just sabotaging me and I’m kind of mad about that so if you guys could like stop sabotaging us or maybe that’s the game I would like you to stop because I’m actually mad so. Just stop please stop..Version: 2.02

Lots of AddsI really like this game, it is so much fun and addicting! I think anyone who gets it will understand what I mean. The only thing I dislike is the amount of adds you get. I will get 2, 3, and even 4 in the MIDDLE of a game. I think it would make more sense to put it at the end of a level/round. I do understand that the way you creators make money is by making the game cost $ or by having adds, so I will let this slide on my rating! Overall the game is a lot of fun and I really enjoy playing it! I hope everyone that is thinking about getting this game will give it a try because it is worth it! Thank you so much for your time! 😀.Version: 2.02

AWESOMEI found a very fun game! In this game you have to run around and try to get more blocks than the other people playing. The more blocks you get the higher you can make your bridge. You make a bridge so you can climb up and try to be the first to make them all, you can knock down other peoples books if you have more than them. I think this is a very awesome game I sit on it for hours and it makes me feel like I’m actually a winner!🥳this is one of the best games I have ever played not including roblox!🤣.Version: 2.02

Errors and adsThis game is very fun! You get to race people online too, but the only thing l struggle with is ads. Every time I am on the 1st to last level an ad just pops out of nowhere and leaves me in a raging fit! I still enjoy this game, and if you are looking for an active game and raging game then this is the one to get. Other than that this game is really fun and challenging. I enjoy the people l play with and how you can knock them over for more blocks. It makes me laugh sometimes. I have won every game l have played, so far. Well l hope this review shows you how fun and also annoying this game really is. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy this game!.Version: 1.5

Good, but needs helpI like the game because you get to battle people to get to the top quickest. This part is fun, but the constant adds aren’t. About every 30 seconds or less, you have to watch the LONGEST adds ever. This takes away the fun of the game because you will be moving and just go into adds. Another thing that makes the game less fun, is that there are the same levels over and over until you reach the next level. In most other games you play on time, and then it is the next level. But not with this game, you have to play the first, or what ever level you are on, about 5 or 6 times, until you reach the next level. This game was fun in the beginning, but now with the adds every 30 seconds when you are trying to play, and the repetitive level, I think I am going to get rid of this game..Version: 1.5

Awesome but…I just like to say that this game could’ve been fun without the ads and error like literally the ads just go crazy every time I’m on the last level or the second level or when I’m getting so many blocks literally the ads are the worst part of this game and the errors sometimes when I play it just freezes and I’m like what is going on my friend told me about this game and I was addicted but we just get a rageAction when ads pop up or errors pop-up errors are basically the same thing as coaches but that’s another topic we all hate the ads in this game so please can you not add ads or errors because errors scare people if anythingIs going on and besides the ads are like every second this is the worst part about the game I’ve never seen an app with this many ads so please remove the ads just give us like 10 minutes and then ad a add.Version: 1.5

Good game but...I love the game!! It’s at the perfect competitive level but two things.. The constant ads. The ads just pop up randomly, It makes you pause for a hot second and it’s annoying. It would be better if the ads were places at the end of the game. The second thin is if you don’t want more coins at the end of your round you would press the “ It’s enough “ button but it’s too low. Time to time I would click ads on the bottom just trying to enjoy my game. Overall it’s an amazing game.❤️.Version: 1.5

Too many ADS!All in all, this game is amazing! Very creative and fun, but the ads are absolutely crazy. I am in the middle of a game, and I get an ad. About 4 seconds later, there is another ad. And so on. There is just way to many I had to uninstall the app. I really love this game but it would be a big step up for lots of people if you wouldn’t have so many ads. I haven’t learned a lot about ads cause they don’t teach you about ads in school-🤣 nor if you control the amount of ads, but I would bring the ads down a notch..Version: 1.5

Money HungryThe game itself is somewhat mediocre, but the instantaneous and constant ads are what i hate about this. I don't mind an ad every 2-3 levels, but an ad every minute While you're playing a level? That's just ridiculous.. Anyone who's getting the ads about this game should really consider changing to airplane mode more often or just staying away from this horrendous hellhole of ads. The developers of these games are hungry for cash due to all these constant pop-up ads. If the developers need advice, just get a subscription added in where you can get rid of the ads for a small price. Not saying 9.99, nor 7.99, but for a game this horrible, i'd go for 0.99 a month. Instant delete..Version: 2.03

Good but to many WAY too many ads.I downloaded this app and as soon as it was ready, I went on and played it. The first round everything was fine. It played me an ad right after I won, but that’s fine. I played the second round or whatever it’s called, and then I got my first ad during gameplay. One time thing? NOPE! 1 minute later, it played my second ad. About 15 of 30 seconds later, third ad. Mind you, all of these ads are during gameplay. So they pause the game just for you to watch an ad when you just want to play. Then a while later, my fourth darn ad. What seemed like 10 seconds later, my fifth and final ad. The last ad froze, so I wasn’t able to continue the game at all. (I’m not sure if there was just internet issues) Anyway, I deleted the app and immediately wrote a review. Someone, PLEASE fix this..Version: 1.5

SO MANY ADS!!!!Downloaded the game thought it was actually really good. Until I got to about the third round where an ad played in the middle of my game. Yes in the middle. And then the second level of the third round was another ad and then the third level was another ad there are multiple ads when you play the game during the game. If it wasn’t for the interruption of the levels it wouldn’t be half bad..Version: 1.5

THIS GAME UGH 🙄🙄🙄😩😩😩😒😒😒😑😑😑😫😫😫😤😤😤I made the mistake of not reading the reviews before getting this game. This game is so fun but it has some very frustrating qualities. Almost every 30 seconds another ad pops up!!! It is so annoying!!! Even suiting the middle of the game there are ads. I know you might be thinking well why don’t you turn off the WiFi???!!! Dummy!!!??? Well I did turn off the WiFi and the data. IT STILL HAD ADS!!! Feel free to get this game, but please fix the ads in the middle of the game!!! It is very frustrating!!! Thank you!!!!.Version: 1.5

READ THIS IMMEDIATELYThis game is pretty fun, i understand people’s concern and frustration about the amount of ads throughout the game. i like to play with airplane mode so that the ads don’t pop up. i know this means that you might lose some rewards, or bonus stages— but i think it’s worth it for the amount of time you save. this game is also too easy. i have played for months and haven’t lost once..Version: 2.01

Only one complaintI am like addicted to this game! I love and have played it every day since I got it so far. But... why the ads in the middle of the game. Like I know the app needs to make money but can’t you wait til after the round? It makes me sooo mad when I'm playing and like about to win or something and then I get an ad. So maybe try to make the ads less disruptive during the rounds. Like once the game is over I could watch an ad. However overall the app is great!.Version: 2.02

So badI don’t like your game because you keep adding so much ads we’re trying to get through level why keep adding those we just want to get to the level and you keep ads everywhere I start to go I just want to get to the level and I died because of this I don’t know why you added it but anyways your game is so glitchy to and why do you have to collect so much coins to unlock just one skin and why are they not other colors there’s so much colors in the rainbow and why do you need to get so much coins to get so much stuff in this game I might delete this game so please fix your game or please just do something to it update it and fix it with no ads and don’t do that much money please I want you to do this because your game is a little not fun for me just a little bit but please fix your fingers a little.Version: 1.5

Fun but the adsThe game is fun in all but the ads pop up out of no where. So let’s say i’m just getting bricks and then a ad pops up. It’s a good game 10/10 but now its a 7.5/10. Another annoying thing is when the ad pops up people would get ahead of you and you will loose. I like the game but the ads so please change that. I wouldn’t mind if the ads were after or before a round starts..Version: 2.04

Way to many adsThere is ads when I am building and ads when I’m done way to many ads great game but when I am so close to finishing the bridge ad and I can’t more and take a few seconds for me to move aging after the ad but I really like this game I will give it a good 7 out of 10 you can try it 😡!!! And out of five I will give it a 3 aging lower on the maybe a higher score I mean like I get like a few ads at the end of the game but just not in the not in the middle of the game please take away some of the ads it might help this game !!!!!.Version: 2.02

No ads in middle of the gameSo my biggest complaint is the fact theirs ads in the middle of game while im getting blocks. Its very annoying and frustrating when im concentrating on winning. Please remove that and maybe do ads after the player wins. I understand its for money but no money if no players enjoy the game. The small ads on the sides are a bit ridiculous as well! Besides that function, The game is great. Great graphics and everything. 👏🏼.Version: 2.0

Should be less than a star option.The game itself is decent and a time killer but the amount of ads is not worth it at all. You literally start the game and within 10 seconds you get an ad. If you knock someone down and steal their tiles you get an ad. You start building up steps and you guess it you get an ad. It takes literally over 5 mins to complete a game, that should only take 2 mins Max. Then to make it worse is it’s the same ad over and over sometimes for another game. I understand you have to have ads to make money on free games but this is ridiculous and makes it not worth downloading or playing. Highly DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!.Version: 2.02

I QUIT CAUSE OF THE ADS!Before you download this app, be prepared for the ads. I love this game and I love the design of it but the ads are uncontrollable, every time your in the middle of a game an ad will pop up every I don’t know 10 SECONDS?! And the worst part is all the ads are 20 to 30 seconds long, this app makes you watch a 29 second ad and then you get to play the round for about 10 seconds, that’s insane and outrageous and don’t get me wrong, I’m not that kind of person who will go in apps and fine something to complain or go off about, but this is a lame app, nothing about this app is bad but the ads are crazy. All I have to say is that if I had to send my ex-bestfriend to this app, I wouldn’t. Thanks for taking the time in your day to read this review, Goodbye now -Leia Damon.Version: 2.03

WHY IS THERE SO MANY ADS??!!The game is fun and all until you knock someone down. Literally every minute or 2, there’s an ad! I know this is how you make money and all, but this amount of ads is unnecessary. We already have an ad bar on the bottom. So why do we need so many ads to ruin the game experience? Then charge us $2.99 just to remove them? I know $2.99 isn’t a lot, but in a game? JUST TO REMOVE ADS is a joke. There’s high end games/apps out there that charges you $0.99 just to remove the ads. And don’t you read the reviews that people leave? There’s dozens and I don’t see not one of you replying. SMH!!!.Version: 2.01

Write back!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬This game is a really good game but there is way to many adds. I’m was about to reach the end and get first place but there was an add. Right in the middle of the game! When I’m done writing this review I’m deleting this game! Like when I saw the add for this game I thought it would be a really good game so I downloaded it. The first 3 rounds were amazing don’t get me wrong. But the so much adds came. The really bad part is I watch the add that I hate. Which isn’t the games fault but then when I get back to the game 5 seconds later More adds come. So plz fix this and reply. 😤😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 1.5

The adds in middle of games should be blockedSo I’m just playing the game as usual and in the middle I get an add I lose every round because of that like this is a great game but there so much annoyances like can the developer be more stupid than idiots licking a curling iron? Probably not but like why did this developer do this. I give this a 8.7 out of ten The adds are annoying and so much annoyances like The longest adds are too much 30 seconds A VERY LONG AD like this needs help SO MANY ADDS LIKE BRO I get it they need to make profit but 9 adds?! NO THANKS I highly recommend you avoid downloading this game if you hate so many adds but I’d u prefer the game turn on airplane mode. Overall I love the game (not anymore :( but I still like it just Hate 7-9 adds each round.Version: 2.02

Too many ads!!!I really was enjoying the game after I finally figured out a decent strategy to win a few rounds. When I hit the 4th round and the ads started popping up I was like, ok so one ad. NO it wasn’t one but 4-6 in a single round. I would play for maybe 10 seconds before the next would pop up. If I could close them fast it would be one thing, but you have to wait 30 seconds before you can close it. I don’t mind sitting through the ads to get added bonuses in play but randomly and half a dozen??? Not worth the frustration! The game itself is a blast to play. I was looking forward to playing this but not now..Version: 2.01

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AdsThis game is pure garbage for the fact of how frequent the ads are. having ads after games and you using them for double rewards is acceptable. but getting random ads everytime time you progress in a match??? why the hell is that even a thing, i finished building a bridge and instantly got an ad, and once i finished the second bridge, i got another ad??? it not only cost me the game but is just pure annoying having to sit there and endure the ad... 1 star from me.Version: 2.03

AdsThe ads are not fun at all it always comes every minute I would not recommend if your inpatient.Version: 1.5

ADSOverall brige is a good game just the ads ruin everything I am in the middle of the round and there pops a add one ad a round is fine but more than 1 is not- PLEASe STOP WITH THE ADS. Yours sincerely, anonymous.Version: 2.03

It won’t open for meI try to open it several times but then it just glitches and its me back on my home screen. Haven’t even played it yet! I have an I phone 6 and not sure if it is just the type of model of phone or the game glitching. Looks fun but I can’t play 😩.Version: 2.02

Way too many adsThere’s way too many ads and it’s really annoying, ypu are making people not like the game, we get you want us to get more games but stop. It’s a fun game but stop the ads. Do it like maybe start and end NOT mid game, anyway amazing game.Version: 1.5

AddsI really like the game, but mid game there is always an add and after that add it’s like 15 seconds and another add comes up..Version: 1.5

Good but too many adsAdvertisements come during a game as well. Developer should fix it.Version: 1.5

TO MANY ADSWhile you just play a round an ad just pops up, literally when you are building a bridge or collecting the pieces an ad pops up >:(.Version: 1.5

Less addsPlease get rid of the adds, they pop up every 2 seconds and it’s really annoying. Most of the adds are for adult games even though this is a game targeted for younger people.Version: 2.01

Poorly thought outThe game itself is okay, honestly I like it. However having adds pop up constantly while you are in a level is just annoying. I’d have actually paid for the game straight out, and while you can buy the add opt out part; it’s turned me off getting it due to the pop ups..Version: 1.5

To many ads while trying to play if there weren’t so many ads the game would be much betterTo many ads.Version: 1.5

This game is greatThis game is great but it stops halfway through a level for an add which is really annoying as it interrupts the game flow. I mean it is alright to have an add at the end of every level but not Galway through a stage with three different parts.Version: 1.5

Too many addsGame seems okay but too many adds. I don’t mind adds but the the adds are right in the middle of the game. Completely ridiculous. Deleted this game!!!.Version: 1.5

TOO MANY ADS!!!!! 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬First of all, pretty good game! But there are just too many ads that it just becomes boring. And the ads don’t come at the end or whatever, IT POPS UP WHILE YOUR PLAYING! If it weren’t for too many ads, 4 or 5 stars. Don’t recommend..Version: 2.02

So disappointingThe game actually looks fun but it’s gives you 20 ads DURING your game so all the other players beat you!! You can never win because you get ads while other people are going ahead of you. I wish I could give it 0 stars.Version: 1.5

Too many ads and the same causeI gave it one start because it won’t let me play the game on wifi or off wifi and I have tried so many times and there are way too many ads and it’s always the same cause every time.Version: 2.02

Should be called - ADS R US.I’m starting to dislike these pure money grab apps. I mean.. ads during the game is infuriating let alone ads every literal 5 seconds. I gave it two stars because I like the concept of the game but each time I play it’s the same course!? Played it for like 8 turns then deleted. Not worth the amount of ads. Hope the developers got their money and will run and never create an app again..Version: 1.5

Ads interrupting game constantlyWould be a fun game if I could get through a round without several ads popping up every few seconds.Version: 1.5

No good with adds just turning up in the middle of a gameI understand the need of adds but this is ridiculous that an ad turns up right as you make a breakthrough At the end of a game I can handle, in the middle it is giving me anxiety So not playing game anymore until the problem is fixed.Version: 1.5

AddsWhy do they have to be so many ads it’s so annoying please make that there are no more ads.Version: 2.02

Ads will destroy the enjoyment of this gameConstant ads mid game is a turn off. Seriously guys, ads are fine before a game and after, but when you have to stop mid game and wait for an ad to pass before you can continue on with the game makes playing it not worthwhile. I realise you are trying to get people to purchase non ads version, but if the player has to stop playing the game because they have 3-5 ads per game, you will get more people turning off the game and uninstalling it than purchasing the ad free version. Other than that, it’s a fun game to play when you don’t feel like the developer of the game is cheating..Version: 1.5

I literally can’t with these adsDONT DOWNLOAD! (you’ll most likely rage with the ads) Nobody is gonna play your game if you have too many ads. Every 2 minutes there’s an ad whether your in a game or not, I literally timed it and I got 2 minutes and 12 seconds. When I downloaded it I was in love but for my second round whenever I move THERES always an ad that makes me loose. You’d think the whole game would pause right? I come back from an ad and the other contestants are moving. It’s literally unfair. I deleted this app because of the ads. I can deal with ads after the round. BUT DURING THE ROUND. this game is horrible don’t download it too many ads.Version: 1.5

I HATE ADDSIt is a good game but adds keep popping up in the middle and it is really annoying. They are forcing us to buy the ‘no adds’ but it is l just going to lose people who are playing. Adds should got at the end for a reward or others not in the middle of the game. Adds should be vandalism in this game!.Version: 2.01

To many adsIf there were ads after the game it would be better because in the middle of the game you become afk while watching the ads and it would be much better if ads were on after..Version: 1.5

Too many adsGame is great but stops thru the collection of bricks for an ad. Made it to level 3 and uninstalled it. Tooooo many ads, cut ads down and will play again.Version: 1.5

Adds even interrupt the gameToo many adds. Understand having them between levels, but not in the middle of games.Version: 1.5

Ads mid gameNot worth playing when the game stops mid way through to load an ad. I don’t care about ads, but in the middle of the game is pointless..Version: 2.01

Soo many adds!This game is fun and all but there’s lots of add while your doing the race and it’s very annoying and I don’t like it either….Version: 2.02

Ads in the middle of game!I understand ads before and after a game, but to constantly pop up a few times in the middle of your race is not fun and a major turn off for this game. Deleted the app as soon as this was happening..Version: 1.5

Ads have taken overCould have been such an addictive game but the ads at the start, an ad mid way through each level and then despite only clicking continue without the bonus an ad comes up anyway so deleted it after 5 games..Version: 2.0

Ads IrritatingIt’s a nice game but why ads coming in between the same. We well be Eagerly playing and getting irritated by the ads in the between. In other games also ads r there but it ll come after the game ends. For this itself I’m uninstalling the game.Version: 1.5

Too many ad interruptionsI have only just started playing this game but there are frequent ad breaks in the middle of the game. Why? Most free games have ads between levels which is acceptable. I may delete this game because of this..Version: 2.02

MeI’m really enjoying the game but it’s just too much adds. It’s like every 5 seconds there’s a adds 😫.Version: 2.02

WhyIt says this game works on my phone but it won’t even let me into the app I have uninstalled and install it again but doesn’t work..Version: 2.02

Too many adsThere’s way too many ads stop putting them up in the middle of a game if I had the option of no stars I would give it that..Version: 1.5

Stupid ads in the middle of a round!!!This game is so annoying because when someone is in a middle of a round, a ad is popped up on the screen which is so annoying for everyone when they are trying to play this game as their free time. Can you please stop putting the ads in the middle of rounds, it is so annoying and irritating when a couple minutes later a ad will pop up on the screen for people who are playing this game thank you.Version: 2.02

Too many adsGood game but way too many ads in the middle of collecting bricks. Makes it really hard to play. Ads after each level I can handle but every level at least once if not more right in the middle of collecting makes it very annoying..Version: 1.5

ADS!I can deal with ads between levels, but then popping up 30 seconds into the level is just greedy and annoying. Don’t download! Am deleting this game now.Version: 1.5

Bride racecHow many levels have you made.Version: 1.5

Ads while playing a level??Your game is honestly the worst. What kind of game has ads come up while your playing a level?? I get it once you complete one but your halfway through building your bridge and the game stops for an ad! It’s horrible..Version: 2.02

This game has a little to much adds it gets to annoying but if I where u I would deleteYes.Version: 2.0

Too many adsI love this game and really recommend I just hate the amount of ads! You will be in the middle of a game and then you will get 2 or 3 ads. It’s really annoying. But aside from that I really recommend this game..Version: 2.02

AdsIt love this game and I'm not usually picky about ads but it have to say in the middle of the game. SERIOUSLY? Right in the middle of the game really? It love this game it is so much fun but the adds absolutely ruin the game..Version: 2.02

Loved the game but way too many adsReally enjoyed this game BUT there’s are ads alllll the time! Twice in the middle of a game, which puts you off completely! Most games like this only have ads at the end of the game, but this one just has too many. Would not recommend.Version: 1.5

CrashingEvery time I tried opening this app it would crash after 10s of loading..Version: 2.02

Ads play mid game.......complete rubbishImagine designing a game where multiple ads pop up mid round......literally in the middle of a race.....causing the player to lose momentum and eventually the’d have to be the most stupid developer in the history of the planet. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS RUBBISH.Version: 2.02

Don’t waste your timeAn otherwise decent game concept completely ruined by pop up ads in the middle of game play! Deleted after 3 games. Don’t waste your time.Version: 1.5

TOO MANY ADSFun game but WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!! They pop up literally every 30 seconds. Even while your in the middle of a level 2 ads pop up. Ads don’t usually bother me but this is just ridiculous..Version: 1.5

Too many ads. DON’T DOWNLOADIt could have been a good game, if the developers weren’t so greedy. I’ll be avoiding other games by this company in future. Way too many ads popping up during a race. It tends to ruin the experience. Will be deleting..Version: 2.02

HorribleNot worth downloading there’s ads every minute doesn’t matter if your in a game or not. Mine would also constantly freeze 30 seconds before an ad would pop up..Version: 2.01

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Bridge Race 2.06 Update

Version 2.06 (2021-04-19): minor bug fix.

Version 2.02 (2021-04-05): bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 1.5 (2021-03-12): bug fixes and performance improvements..