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The game is kind of hard but when you get a hang of it it gets easierYes.Version: 1.6

Perfect example of pure garbageIt’s a fun strategy game but since it’s not online it’s pretty pointless because you’re going to loose a bunch of times against a bot because they know what to do but online you get players with different skill levels. This game has a lot of potential but isn’t using it and I really want to be able to come back to a good game in a couple of months but for now I’ll leave it to rest..Version: 1.6

To many addsThis game has so many adds it makes me want to cry and go to a corner if I could recommend this game to someone I would say no go play a different game and I played it for maybe an hour and saw so many adds I am going bald now if you have this game delete please.Version: 1.6

Fun but....plz read.This is not that fun in my opinion all u do is ouch a button and wait then push it again then wait u win! It’s not that fun. And too many ads any time I play a game and win (witch it takes 2 secs to win) there’s 2 ads then Asian then more ads I’d ONKY download if u like to ouch buttons and want more games..Version: 1.6

Better to loseThe games fun, it’s easy to learn and play but when I win I only get like 900 coin but when I lose I get 1500 mostly because you get more coins from merging your troops together wish is good but you can just focus on merging and lose after u merge all you can, so in a way it better to lose..Version: 1.6

Something to fix an issueIf your have an issue with ads turn your WiFi off and re open the game.Version: 1.6

AdsI get you have to make money, really fun game, but you truly need to stop putting ads in the middle of the games, because then it just straight up make you lose every time. I really hope you can fix this, because it getting really annoying to be playing and then in the middle of a play, when your moving a person to its spot, and it auto puts things down. Please fix this!!.Version: 1.6

Cant stand games like thisThe ads are on a different level of annoying but what irritates me about games like this is the fact that they purposely set it up in order for you to continuously loose you can spend 20 mins trying on one level and you will never beat it because of the simple fact they put cpus against you that are almost twice your level I don’t recommend this game isn’t even fun :/.Version: 1.6

Ads in the middle of the gameThe game is fun, but I quit playing and uninstalled it because I can’t play with ads in the middle of the game that sometimes cause me to lose. I’m fine with ads, but not during the gameplay, especially when it causes me to continuously lose the game..Version: 1.6

VoodooAs anyone who plays games on their phone knows, Voodoo has the most ads on their apps than any other app developer on both Google or Apple. This takes it to the extreme by playing ads in the middle of matches. Yes, while you are watching an ad, someone can be spawning more people to fight you..Version: 1.6

Way Too Many AdsThe game is pretty fun to pass time but sometimes I don’t know if I’m playing the games of the ads they get annoying when you really are into the game and they just pop up in the middle of a match and before and after..Version: 1.6

PauseThis app is great except for the mid game adds they never caused me to lose like the other reviews said but they did pause and so I had to close the game and open it again and again but it might just be the age of my iPad so it a great game!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😀.Version: 1.6

To many adsIf you lose or win you will get a ad and it’s annoying to me so stop all the ads pls I hate having to watch them each time..Version: 1.5

How Easy it isThis so easy make it hard you people.Version: 1.6

Ads every fifteen seconds. Not worth it.You literally cannot play a whole round without ads. I had the game open for ten seconds the first time before I got ads and they are constant after that. I think you only play against bots too because the ads will start playing in the middle of the round and pause it. It’s really stupid and unless you pay 3 dollars they don’t stop or slow down at all. Not worth it..Version: 1.6

Fun time waster but has flawsLately when you attempt to drop an man on the far left it decides you meant the middle and helps you lose. This has been an issue and ends up being more frustrating than fun..Version: 1.4.1

AdsThe game had to many ads so if anyone has gotten to many ads just turn off ur WiFi for this way ur not playing online game tho lol.Version: 1.6

Not even real playersThe game is covered in ads unless you pay 2.99 and after you do pay that, the game lets off this illusion like you’re playing against real players, but they are all bots with the same repetitive strategy. Quite frankly easy to beat as well. Here’s the real question though, if they are all bots, why not have them be the same level as you?.Version: 1.6

Pointless Game... no real progressionFirst and foremost I don’t think I even need to address the ADs in the middle of matches and why that’s a major problem.... It’s a very simplistic and lazily made game. No matter how much you upgrade, the CPU is always going to be equal to you the first few games, and then after winning a few matches they just get ridiculously hard to beat, because their stats get too high and they start to know how to counter everything you do. Upgrading your stats does nothing, because your opponents are programmed to always be stronger than you after a certain amount of wins. In other words, their stats go up with yours. Why don’t you guys have REAL matchmaking instead of just generating bots with fixed stats..? Game is a bust. Not worth playing for more than 15 minutes..Version: 1.6

Alright gameThe game is fun but too many commercials, glitches, and bots. Every single match I play is the same person I played against a couple matches ago. Also commercials make me lose the match. There is a glitch where when you place a person down it goes behind the enemies troop..Version: 1.6

The ADs Kill The FunHi, so I really like this game but... there is way too many ads. Each time I click there’s an ad most of the time so if you are able to take out most of the ads out it would be a great game!.Version: 1.6

It is good but...You can lose a battle when an add comes during a game. Make it so that that you rarely get adds and they only come after a battle.Version: 1.6

Great game but....Now with most games, unless you pay, ads are always going to be there. I’m fine with that. But this game continuously pops up ads during the gameplay, not just once but multiple times which result in me losing the match, which is really annoying. Please stop this!! If it weren’t for the ads randomly popping up during the game I’d be happier. Another thing is every opponent I’ve played against is twice my level, there’s never a match where our levels are the same or my level is twice that of the opponent. Try to have better diversity when I comes to opponent levels. Being the underdog isn’t always fun. Fix this and I’ll give you 5 stars..Version: 1.6

AdsCompletely understand ads but the ones that come in the middle of play interrupts the game and is frustrating. Could you limit ads to between play times and during upgrades?.Version: 1.6

Don’t put adds right in the middle of the gameWhy would you playing hide right in the middle of the game like there is no reason to interrupt someone whenever they are placing down the little people and playing an ad right as they place it down that is why I put a two star review. Not satisfied..Version: 1.6

Pretty badIt has to many ads in it, not letting you play for even a few minutes. terrible ads, gameplay is also pretty bad. I had more fun playing interactive ads than I had with the game altogether..Version: 1.6

Sooo many ads and fake reviews!Ok I don’t need to point out the obvious fake reviews but there are so much ads and when you get a ad the game keeps going so most of the time you die and if you turn internet off it asks how old you are over and over and that kills you too. Bad game I would delete but it’s my sisters phone. One star rating goes for everything about this game, btw it’s the type of game that’s so easy you never lose until ads start killing you. But by then they’ve got 5 bucks from all the ads you watched....Version: 1.6

Fun but ad placement is problematicThis game is pretty fun! It’s not too hard, and it’s easy to level up especially if you watch ads to multiply your score at the end of each match. The only issue I have is that there are ads in the middle of the games, and it causes me to move the fighter to somewhere I didn’t want to. The ads mess me up and sometimes make me lose when I otherwise might have won. I don’t have an issue with watching ads, I just dislike when they pop up during a game and mess it up..Version: 1.6

By JaxonThe game is really fun and I’m hoping for more updates whoever created this game you’re the best game creator maybe sometime you should create a game for the PS4.Version: 1.6

This game is terrible.For the first day this game is maybe fun but it honestly isn’t even worth the free download. Ads will randomly pop up while you’re in there middle of the game play resulting in you losing a majority of the time. The also don’t have enough ads so you will have to go out of the app multiple times because your screen will go black with an “x” that doesn’t work. This game is absolutely infuriating despite the easy gameplay..Version: 1.6

Fun but...This game is fun.. super addictive. Buttttt way too many adds even after you pay the $3 still ads when you freeze someone. Just annoying when playing. The placement of the freeze button is also placed in such a way youll accidentally press it or you won’t be able to move you man to the proper place. So then your irritatingly sitting there 15sec through a ad. I understand you have to make money but after we pay there shouldn’t be ads. That’s the point..Version: 1.6

AdsOk I know you need ads to make money, but chill out with putting them in the middle of the game, I understand putting them after the game but you do that too, so I have to watch an ad in the game and after the game. I gave it three stars because I like the game but seriously stop putting ads in the middle of the game..Version: 1.6

To everyoneIf you turn off internet no adds can come through..Version: 1.6

Overall goodIt’s a very fun game just the ads are annoying because they come so often.Version: 1.6

To many adds...The game it’s self is grate I love it but adds pop up in the middle of the game and I HATE it and they should have less adds I’d say they should put in less adds everyone hates it I say if thare were less add you should buy it but with all the adds I’d say wait till they put less adds in.Version: 1.6

Decent, but ads are way too frequentIt’s an ok game, but it’s simple to tell that the people online are bots, and that you’re not fighting against real people. And not to mention, the ad place literally WHEN YOU’RE PLAYING THE GAME. The ads are laggy, so they’re super long, but when you get back, they make the game have almost 45 seconds of lag after the ad before you get back to gameplay. It’s not too bad, but I recommend playing off of any internet. Hope this review helps. Final conclusion: Would not recommend..Version: 1.6

Poorly timed adsDon’t get me wrong this game is fun, but the advertising is so obnoxious that it makes the game unplayable. Every round I played, I had a 5 second Ad pop up right in the middle of the game. It threw me off every time, and even caused me to lose once because I wasn’t fast enough. I get it, this company is notorious for its advertising. But this takes it way too far..Version: 1.6

Game fromjasmeetThis is the best game I ever played please play this game I love it it is the next game please please please please please download this game because someone got hurt. From Jasmeet.Version: 1.6

WAS a cool gameThey recently updated it so that ads now pop up in the middle of a match. Plus the match finding is totally broken and often I find myself playing against someone with twice and many levels. I tried to hang in there but the ads killed it for me..Version: 1.6

Why?!?!Ok so this is a good game but 1 there is ads in the middle of every match 2 the game always puts you against higher leveled people that you example, my characters are on level 6 and then the people I am going against are on level 11 or higher please fix this game or have some type of update.Version: 1.6

Ridiculous adsI expected ads between levels. But you have them in the middle of gameplay. And they’re longer to skip than most. To make it worse, the game itself is far too easy. Thanks for an almost fun 5 minutes. I am deleting and never reinstalling..Version: 1.6

Game is trashYou play against bots but occasionally against a player which when you do they are a no life sweat that is like level 10,000, every time you place a guy their is a cool down but for bits their is no cool down at all so the send like 100 guys at you at once.Version: 1.6

TO MANY ADSThis game has so much potential but you just put ads in the middle of the game come on now. Plus you get more tokens when you lose than when you win. If you asked me what I thought about this game I’d say literally GARBAGE. Don’t recommend:))).Version: 1.6

This game has too many misplaced addsI got an ad for this game, and it looked fun so I installed it. After playing it for a while it thought it was a better game than the other mobile games, Then I got an ad in the middle of the match and after the ad it said I lost the match without even playing. Please fix these adds..Version: 1.6

Needs more workToo many ads. Ads pop up during game play. Constantly being matched with opponents who are on higher levels..Version: 1.6

GoodnightI’m good with it cause all u needa do is turn of your data and your fine or wifi and then boom no more ads it’s cause being smart and saving 3.00 guys ;) you should try it.Version: 1.6

This game was probably thought of in the dumpsterWhen you play it spins a thing full of names but there not real people they always go to the left and they just are horrible at hiding it and there’s adds every three seconds I’m tired of so much of these adds.Version: 1.6

This game is So funI’ve been playing this game for three days now and I can’t stop it is so fun and addicting but in a good way I can’t stop playing now I’ve been playing for a week and nonstop please you have to buy this game it’s so much fun. Hope you in joy😀😀😀😀.Version: 1.6

At times, ads annoy me...There are ads right in the middle of ads, that make me lose, the other player keeps putting more and more characters and by the time I get back there is no way to save myself..Version: 1.6

Ad plaguedI can understand ads between games, but ads in the middle of a live game is stupid. Because I can still lose during the ads. So basically when the ads are playing during your game the game is still going on, so you lose sense you can’t see what’s happening and I can’t interact other nothing.Version: 1.6

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Ads and glitchesWay to many ads. It comes up during games and one after another and the glitches. Sometimes I can’t put my person on toe walkway.😤🥺☹️😖😭😨😑😬😥😨😶🤭😤😟😟😖😩😫🤯😥😑🤭😟😢😰😡😩😉☺️🤣😂🥰😗😁😂🥰😛😉🤣😍😘☺️😄😂😘😉😋🤩🙁🙁🙁😔😒🙃😍🤨😘😂😇🥰😩🤩😔😒😍😛😇😉🙃🥰😋😘🤣🙂😬🤭😯😲🤫😐😦😋🤨🥳😒😝😛.Version: 1.6

Why with the addsI hate the fact that when I’m in a round I get killed by adds. It’s really annoying..Version: 1.6

AdsPaid to have the ads removed as my kids love this game. It’s cost $4.49 but the ads are still there? What’s the point?.Version: 1.6

Too many glitches and adsAds keep interrupting in the middle of a pushing match. This also causes game to crash multiple times. When I’ve played this on my iPhone (with no other apps operating in the background) it was less than 1 minute of gameplay before my iPhone started to overheat which I found weird considering the graphics are fairly low tech. No family sharing (level saving on multiple devices with same account) occurring. Will delete game from all devices if issues are not resolved within the week..Version: 1.6

To many adds!why.Version: 1.6

My report About how long this game isIt takes soooooooooooooo long to get the people not like the add shows xoxoxoxo.Version: 1.6

Fix the add issuesEverytime I play the game in the middle of a game an add pops up and I end up losing due to the App Store appearing and closing 2 adds!.Version: 1.6

😆😆😄I love voodoo games I have all of them make even more for me to play in my free time my friends will love as well my grade will as well I will tell everyone that I know about voodoo games 😍😍😍.Version: 1.6

Addictive... but...Very addictive game, I could play it for ages... but the ads pop up at absolutely ridiculous times which makes it frustrating..Version: 1.6

LolI gave it one star when I just got it lol.Version: 1.6

TerribleI downloaded this game yesterday, and it was going pretty well. Until all of the ads rushed in which is horrible, for my opinion. Then I couldn’t even play this game anymore because it glitched me out whenever I wanted to play. Now I am deleting this game since it’s a waste of storage and there’s literally no point using it if it keeps glitching me out like that. Horrible..Version: 1.6

Way too many adsRidiculous amount of ads and they appear half way through a game. Deleted immediately.Version: 1.6

Voodoo🤪🤪I love voodoo games it is so fun and addicting but can you add multiplayer.Version: 1.6

PooPooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop.Version: 1.6

DownhillThe games use to be great now they are so overrun by ads that u can’t even play the game and enjoy it it glitches constantly I’ve tried deleting and re downloading beginning to think the company who makes them don’t put any effort in honestly they have so much potential but fall very short.Version: 1.6

Nic gameNice game.Version: 1.6

Adds adds and more addsGame could have been good, but it serves adds up all the time, even in the middle of a game, just too frustrating to play it..Version: 1.6

VooDoo up to their usual tricksTypical VooDoo, producing a mediocre game that’s near unplayable without paying to remove ads. It’s another one of their PvE games that pretends to be PvP and encourages you to upgrade, even though it has little to no bearing on the outcome. What’s worse though, is they’re now playing ads mid-game, on top of the ads in between games, and to upgrade your units. The game itself is simple but unrefined, as are all VooDoo games. No thought goes into making balanced but challenging gameplay, and instead is easy, while giving the illusion of progress through the upgrades. The whole aim being to keep users on the game as long as possible to get through as many ads as possible. These guys do not care at all about making decent games, which is a real shame, because with a few less ads and a bit more time spent on balancing the gameplay, nearly all their games could be really good..Version: 1.6

Love it but to many adsI hate the ads and love the game ty.Version: 1.6

Too much adds. Will leave soonUseless.Version: 1.6

Don’t bother downloadingThey put the adverts in mid-gameplay, stopping you from reacting to your opponent at all, and so sometimes it’s impossible to win, don’t download it, waste of time. If I could give no stars I would..Version: 1.6

BadAds keep loading in the middle of games then I die from the half a seconds of lag, otherwise it’s a great game just less ads in middle of game.Version: 1.6

Poo poo islandBaja daddy koooo.Version: 1.6

Fun until Ads took overThis was a fun game for 5 seconds. Nowadays pop up IN THE MIDDLE of a game. Making you lose. So annoying. Waste of time!.Version: 1.6

Crappy game that stops working after a whileIt was an enjoyable game until at some point it wouldn’t let me place the little blue men on the platform any more, i.e., it simply stopped working. It didn’t allow me to play any more, basically. And ads pops up with halfway through gameplay..Version: 1.6

Amazing appThis app is great.Version: 1.6

Too many ads!!!Game is a good way to pass the time, but with the banner ads, ads mid games and ads post game it’s just not worth the time.Version: 1.6

This game suckssssToo mannyyyyy adsssss.Version: 1.6

PusherSo funnn.Version: 1.6

Ads play in the middle of battle!!?How the hell can you guys let an ad pop up in the middle of a battle? So damned frustrating!.Version: 1.6

VooDoo you always do this WHY?I get ads mid level and after the level this shouldn’t be happening but it’s just what VooDoo I guess..Version: 1.6

ADSThere are two ads per round. One at the end and one IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROUND. I love this game and have had it for 5 minutes but there are too many ads. The ads happen every thirty seconds of so and it is already driving me nuts. I will not pay 5 dollars for no ads and I am considering deleting the app because of the misusage of ads. If you remove the ads in the middle of the round then I will begin to play again. It is a great app otherwise..Version: 1.6

NiceNice.Version: 1.6

NO ADDS PLSEvery time I loose because I gat another add and the battle is unfair they have 10 more level people😭.Version: 1.6

It’s okTheres to many ads.Version: 1.6

I don’t like the bots but it’s a good gameI wish it was online and there’s no bots Because the bots only go on one lane it’s so annoying But overall it’s a great game and I would recommend.Version: 1.6

What is WRONG WITH THIS GAME!It won’t let me plase down my person!.Version: 1.6

I hate the game it is badDo not download it.Version: 1.6

Adds between rounds are expected butIn the middle of the round stop play for an add. I get the adds pay for the game. In middle of play is beyond a joke.Version: 1.6

AdsIf you love watching ads your going to love this , ads mid game lol.Version: 1.6

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