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Hey girl! Ready to DIY makeup? Mix crayons and coconut oil to make stunning lipstick, beautiful eye art, and tons of other DIY makeup like avocado face masks, raspberry blush, and more! How do you DIY lipstick you ask? Simply mix kitchen ingredients together and boom, you’ve got a fabulous new lipstick color. Now with beautiful lips, what color will you make your eye art? Girl, DIY makeup is #1 of all makeup games and we can’t wait to see what makeup you create!

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DIY Makeup App User Reviews & Comments

AMAZING APP DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!!😝😝😋😋I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! It’s so satisfying and relaxing like when you melt the lipstick by the candle it’s so satisfying!😍😍😄😄😋 Soon I’m going to try this I’m real life!🤩It looks super simple. When you are playing the game, you like can’t take your eyes off the app!😜😜.Version: 1.2.0

Nice!😀I like this game because you get to move and do a lot of the stuff by yourself and the game doesn't control all of the game. There is adds after all of your clients. But over all I love this game and it’s a very nice game to play in your spare time!👌👍.Version: 1.2.0

StarI love it when you go up to next level your stuff gets upgraded.Version: 0.6.0

See what i have to say pleaseOk I absolutely love this game and I would give it 5 stars if it had a few small changes. Ok to start of with I think that in every time you want to make the makeup that has glitter you should have a choice of either wanting to put glitter or not I mean I am not that big of a fan of the glitter already so yah but when it forces you to put glitter it gets on my nerves. Then for the last change I would like it if you could get to a certain level that allowed you to get the filters. That’s all.Version: 1.1.2

It’s an okay gameIt’s fun I downloaded it because I wanted to do the face mask thing that it shows on the thumbnail but it’s not like that and it gets boring after like a day (or at least for me anyway) you just do the same thing over and over again......Version: 1.1.2

💖I luv it so much💖Omg this is a great game and I love making my own makeup!!!!! Pls download guys this has barely any adds and is so satisfying!!! I also hope u developers can add making mascara bc that would be awesome too!!!! Tysm and I love this game!!!!!.Version: 1.1.0

Great gameThis game is so fun and it’s really relaxing and yo7 can test looks and make your own person and dress them up and put makeup on them you can also copy the look on your own face to see if you like it so I really recommend this game if you like to make stuff.Version: 1.1.0

To many ads and there’s no point of itI Downloaded the game and 2 minutes after there was an ad and 2 minutes after that another ad and it just continued. I also think there is no point for it yes you get to make diy makeup but there’s no challenges or levels you just make the makeup and your person puts it on. Another thing is that it just tells you what to do I mean at least let us figure out how to make it. If you are gonna download this game don’t unless you like no challenges and nothing to do..Version: 1.2.0

Best ever, it’s the best, everything, is perfectSo I’m playing another game and I see this one in an ad over and then if I decide to get it I want to play almost all day it’s just perfect I love it so much best game ever!😻😻😻😻.Version: 0.6.1

GREAT GAME!😍😊😁🤩I love this game so much. I love that you can choose a character at the beginning to be the makeup artist! Also I LOVE how you can choose your own color or ingredients unlike most games. I noticed that in the game it doesn’t have the jelly face masks🙁☹️. Besides that this game is great and it doesn’t have allot of ads either. The adds are mostly when you want to get a special item or something. If you love makeup games I recommend downloading this one. This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played!🤩😎😜😝😘😍😀😃😄😁😆.Version: 1.1.2

Plss readSo I think it’s kinda fun and ur probably wondering y I only put one star well bc 1.WAY TO MEANY ADDS. And that’s really it u might like this game but I honestly just don’t think it’s fun. Also some things don’t make sense to me like how u make a face mask by blending a banana and then ur just done like wth. Also the glitter in the eyeshadow don’t show up. When u go shoping the foods don’t even look eatable! So that’s why 1 star also if u like role play I suggest toca life it’s fun ok well bye bye now♡︎ ♥︎𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑚𝑖𝑎♥︎.Version: 1.1.2

Fun game butHi I love DIY’s so I downloaded this game when I first started playing there were so many ads and I think most people would love it if it didn’t have so many ads but overall it’s amazing game it’s fun to play I love this game so so much but there’s too many ads thank you for listening..Version: 1.2.0

Amazing!!!!!!One day my sister and brother were fight and I ran to my room and locked the door, and I saw this game and was super happy, I played it for like 45 minutes and I couldn’t believe how good it was but just one thing can you change the levels to be different or harder but still right now it’s AMAZING.Version: 0.6.0

Amazing appSo I was on the App Store and and I saw this game I’ve seen it in adds so I got it and unlike other game this one didn’t have that much adds, the adds will pop up every 10 minutes or less and if you wanted something you can get it for an add or coins but I really love this game and the craters did an AMAZING JOB! So thank you for this game.Version: 0.6.0

I love the game but fix itIn the add you can put bugs in the face mask maker but in the game you cant and I hate it but I still love the game like in the title title: I love the game but fix it star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ get fonts fonts emojis:ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ♥︎シ☠︎︎༒✔︎☯︎︎✈︎✌︎︎♧︎𓃗𓃱𓄁𝗙𝗢𝗡𝗧𝗦 𝗜𝗦 𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧♥︎♥︎ sub to June bug’s cat world how to sub: like comet a nice comet get all merch like and sub to all vids 🌈⭐️😮😁👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.2.0

Great game! Just a few things | please read this developer and future players!The game is great overall! I mean I love how YOU get to make all this makeup. I’ve been wanting to maybe try it out in real life cause I’m curious. There are two things though that could be changed to make the game MUCH better! 1: It’s repetitive so maybe you add a mini game where you go against other people in it or a challenge where you have a bunch of random items and you can use them to make makeup. I don’t know but please take my idea into consideration. 2: The add was false. It showed you can make a face mask and take it off too and it will make the person your making it look different. But it’s not like that in the game. I was really excited about doing that part, that’s why I downloaded the game, so I was disappointed when I did not get to do that. Again it’s a great game and I would recommend it but there’s still just some things you can do to make it even better. Thank you so much for taking time to read my long review. - Fighterchick10.Version: 1.1.0

Awesome BUT needs improvementsYou should be able to pay a one time fee to remove all ads like in “super stylist”. i love this app but the ads make it almost un-playable. i would pay from $0.99-$1.99 to remove all ads forever. (maybe even $2.99 if more features are added).Version: 1.1.0

Fun game but what is not really fun is....So I just downloaded this game and I had a lot of fun! It felt like I was actually making makeup and serving customers. One problem is that there is so many ads! Whenever I am finished with serving someone or making someone, there is always an ad!! So maybe can you take out some ads and I would be very happy and enjoy the game! Thanks!.Version: 1.2.0

AMAZING!Thus game is absolutely amazing! Its so satisfying and realistic! This is the type of game i can play for hours without getting bored! They only problem is all the ads! After every level there is an ad!.Version: 0.3.0

Absolutely love it 💖Hi I’m Jasmine and I LOVE this app my younger sister likes to play but I am 18 Years Old and I have to work and every time at lunch me and my friend eat and go on her phones and I was on my phone and told I literally NEED new apps she said “Hey my boyfriend just got some new apps and he saw this one and I looked at it and I played a couple of rounds and then I loved it” and the next day I got it and 1 freaking day later I freaking loved it 👍💖.Version: 0.3.0

HiiHi so I think this app is really good compared to acrylic nails and lip arts 3-D these are the ones that I have basically liked I got a lot of more make up apps but this one diy make up is beter compared to all the ones that I got💄💄.Version: 1.1.0

It’s awsome but just something that is weird from the adIt’s great but it’s kinda a fake to me in the ad it said that you would take a ingredient and put in the thing and it would come out jelly like but it never happened Idk if I’m not there yet but I’m on level 108.Version: 1.1.2

AWESOME APP HOURS OF FUN but...1. This game is honestly a endless game that I could play ALL DAY! But I’m just wondering where this machine is in the app picture I saw it in the app and I wanted to try the face mask machine on mobile but I didn’t see it and that’s why I so had got this app cause I wanted to try the machine. 2. The second thing I wanna talk about is the adds. One add that gets on your app is a thing about S*X IT IS DISCUSSING!! I’m a kid and I shouldn’t see that stuff so please remove that add I think it’s called guilty. PLEASE.Version: 1.1.2

This game is fun!You should get this app because it is fun and you get to chose what you want to put in the face masks, eyeshadow, lipsticks, and blush. I don’t like when you do the eyeshadow with glitter because when the girl character puts it on you do not see the glitter. Also if you pick a color, it gets lighter in the color. This is a free app you DO NOT have to pay. I hope you enjoy this game like I do!.Version: 0.3.0

🤩😍Great and I love it but...This game is awesome for me and the little girl I babysit. I love the makeup diy concept especially cause I’m a diy-er myself. I have had the acrylic nails app, tie-dye app, phone case diy, and this one. Out of all I give this one the best thumbs up I can give👍🏻 my title has a but in it though because every time and ad pops up for this in another game its false advertising, some of the stuff that’s in this apps ad isn’t in the real thing. The tool were you put the fruit in the top into this mold and it becomes a jelly mask isn’t on the game, which upsets me a little☹️ all in all this game is great, has amazing people and not terrible animations, needs to cut some ads though and quit repeating the service chat and get some new one. But then again it great and I’m loving it!!!😍🤩👍🏻 A special thanks to the creators of this app👏🏻.Version: 1.1.0

Great game!Hello, my daughter was playing this game on my phone, so i decided to see what it is and play it, and it’s really fun! Thank you for making this game, it’s satisfying also, Love it!!.Version: 1.2.0

AdsHello! I just got this app last week and I thought it would be amazing, and it is but there are ads every time I’m done with makeup, I thought I could ignore them but I can’t and it’s just really annoying. Please fix this bug, and please read this DIY makeup creators thanks.Version: 1.1.0

Everything is perfect!!This game is awesome! to be honest i was expecting weak simulator people but they are absolutely amazing! One of the great things are that there are not too many ads. Also this app gives me everything i wanted to be but never had (probably cause im 15)😂But most of all this game is not just addicting but makes me really happy ☺️Im just very glad i came across this wonderful app. I just want to thank all of you for making this game brighten my day🤗.Version: 0.3.0

To many adds✋😐Ok I love the game it’s like the best but there is to many adds and each time u finish u we’ll probably get a add but this game is fun 🤩 I think u we’ll probably like it too if somebody is reading this it is a fun game and is amazing 🤩 but like I said there are wayy to many adds also I don’t like that I have the same adds all over and over agian so please change that but like I said this game is fun and amazing u Might not get of ur phone bc of the game btw bye I hope u have a good day..Version: 0.6.1

Just a few complaintsI really like this app. It’s really cool, but there are WAY too many ads. Also, whenever I try to skip a ‘full makeover’ or ‘this company wants you to make makeup’ it forces me to watch the ad and do it anyway. Otherwise, great game. I especially love the levels where you can make whatever you want..Version: 0.6.1

It’s awesome but here’s a few improvementsI love it but I wish you where a bit more free it would make the gameplay a bit more fun I mean a lot more fun.Version: 0.3.0

I don’t suggest it cause it liesI mean it’s great and all but it’s not like the add. We all know the add that got us drawn into downloading like the add where they have a mask mold and some mask maker and they put bugs in there or a worm and they say “oh no take it off of me!” So when they take it off they have pimples. It’s nothing like that you just put the product in a blender then you put it in a mini makeup container and try it on then people will be like “OMG I WANT ONE” or “EVERYBODY IS GONNA WANT THAT!” The only thing that’s not different from the ad is making the lipstick So yeah that’s all I wanna say byeee.Version: 1.2.0

So happy:) please read this!I finally got this game after a lot of begging. I played it the next day and was really enjoying myself! I will NEVER EVER delete this app! Thank you!.Version: 1.1.0

It’s fun for a little bitI have played this game and it’s gets boring after a while playing it but it’s really fun and cool you can pick your own make up and you can go shopping for ingredients for blush I no longe have the app it got boring but I think you should try this app out and see if it’s the right game for you. Enjoy playing this game 😊.Version: 1.1.2

SO OBSESSED!!!!😀🥳🤪🐈😃😋😛This game is THE BEST game ever it is fun , creative and is satisfying you probably have seen the add and it is better than that .But I would really enjoy if the adds weren’t there ,I know adds are how free games get money but please make an I app purchase to get rid of them -P.s I feel like this game is fun for all ages.Version: 0.3.0

Please read about this game.When I saw the ad for this game I was like sure yeah let’s get this it looks cool, then I got it! It was super cool but after a while I was like.. it just tells you what to do. I think it should be improved. I’m giving this a 4 out of 5 star review because this game is good for little kids. It’s kinda boring once you play it over and over and over again. I’d recommend reading some of these reviews before getting this game. :).Version: 1.2.0

It fun....but to many addsSo I downloaded this game because I thought it was cool but there was lots of adds. If I wanted to get somthing I would have to watch an add! But you don’t have to buy anything with money witch is good 😌 I would recommend this game just WARNING ⚠️ there’s a lot of adds.Version: 0.3.0

My name gameI really like DIY make up it’s a really good appI’ve seen the ad before and I was like I can’t buy another app then I saw the ad now and I’m like Yep I’m getting this app..Version: 1.0.0

I don’t know about this game =3=I started and the first thing that shows up is an add and I h8 adds but I said “ok that’s fine.” 1 Minute later another add and I said “ok what the duck man I already had an add.” I have been playing for 30 minutes I am tiered of the add I don’t like this game who ever made this game should take this shish off.Version: 1.2.0

HateWhen I saw the ad for this game I was like oh this game looks fun let me download it so I did and when I played I was expecting to make a face mask and stuff and guess what I did not be able to make it so it started to get even more boring so I deleted I just want to say ads stop adding things in the ads Bc all u want is money we all know that so this review is mostly about the ad I do not recommend this game 😤😡👉🏾👈🏾.Version: 1.1.0

WAYYY TOO MANY ADSSo I I like the game I would give 2 stars if I didn't like it. There is too many ads and they mostly appear while you're in the middle of a level. I normally can handle alot of ads but this amount is ridiculous!!! I'm not a game developer so I don't onow how hard it is to make games and make money off of them but PLEASE try to place the ads you better places. I suggest putting them after levels but not after every level 😁😁.Version: 1.2.0

SO FUNI LOVE this game I can't stop playing it I just got this game today and it so much fun I wish I could get it 100'0000 starts I recommend this game it is so much fun.Version: 1.1.2

PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING!The game is really nice and very entertaining but through the whole game you do the same thing over and over and over again and it gets pretty boring. Another thing is the fake advertising. I got the game because the jelly face mask on the ad looked really fun but after a bit of playing I did the same thing over and over again with no change whatsoever. At first I thought that you unlock the jelly face mask but after a while I was convinced it wasn’t there so I went to look at the good old reviews when almost all of them said that it’s not there. The last thing I wanna say is that this game seems great for younger kids who might not care that you do the same thing over and over and over again but if you are a teenager or an adult who downloaded the game for the jelly face mask don’t bother playing it because it is boring af..Version: 1.1.2

Recommend downloadingThis game is absolutely awesome!!!! If you are wondering why I did a 4 stars I’ll tell ya, it’s because 1. When you make eyeshadow and you add glitter it doesn’t show up (the glitter) 2. The face mask color doesn’t change from the beginning color. 3. The poses are the same for different things, there are only 4 poses. That’s pretty much it! I totally recommend downloading this! (To the creators, please try to fix these problems and I will rate a five star and I will ABSOLUTELY love this game!).Version: 0.3.0

Love it, but there is a problem.I really liked this game so I got it and on the first level it was very laggy and I cant really play. I really want to play but it’s so laggy and I have to keep restarting the game. I couldn’t wait to do the level with the face mask but I can’t because it take me so long just to do the first level. Please fix this!.Version: 1.2.0

PLS READ IF U R GONNA DOWNLOAD THIS APPOk so I love this app it is awesome you can make blush, lipstick, face masks, ETC. But there is one flaw that I don’t like. When you start making makeup you get coins but there is nothing to spend them on except for boosters that just give you more money I really wish I could spend the money on something. But other than that the app is amazing..Version: 0.6.1

Best game ever!I came across this app one day, of course I looked at the reviews. The reviews are good so I downloaded the app. I am so glad I downloaded this app! It is so fun! The characters look so real and the graphics are amazing! I recommend downloading this game..Version: 0.3.0

Really good :)I really like this app!! it’s really fun to play. i don’t really know how to explain it but it’s just so fun to imagine i can create my own makeup and help people. i would complain about the ads but hey, most free games rely on as revenue for profit. I don’t write reviews often but i thought this game deserves a good one.Version: 1.1.2

Sheet mask?The ads clearly show a sheet mask machine for one of the levels, and there aren’t any levels where you can make a sheet mask. I’m hoping this is just a feature that isn’t out yet; it’s the main reason I got the app! Besides that, it’s really fun and good for some mindless stress relief..Version: 0.6.1

Not worth your time pls don’t get this gameThis is.. WHAT?! i so i got it right?? yes... i did. THINKINH that this would be decent!! 😂😂 NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! it’s literally so boring and you just do the same things OVER AND OVER!! my face went from 😌 to 😐. ITS BAD. BUT. i will re consider getting it... if you can add more content. 🥺🥺🥺 it’s just... SAD! i wish there was more you could do!! but not really. and a lot of the customers are the SAME. plssssss fix this.Version: 1.1.2

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ARE YOU WATCHING US BISHI played this game for a lil bit i thought it was boring and bad but..THEIRS MORE WHY IS THEIR A [rec]/recording SO 1 STAR BISH.Version: 1.1.2

Make up wake upI know right the title is so amazing.Version: 0.6.1

BoooBad quality, you lie on the cover with the masks that aren’t in the game and I only got it for the masks that aren’t in the game!! Plz fix this now!!.Version: 1.1.2

Best gameFun to play al the time my sister loves it she can’t stop playing it..Version: 1.1.2

UghThis app has so many ads and you can’t make face masks like on the ad.This app is basically likeFive minute crafts and troom troom. Cause you can’t make eyeshadow out of liquids and other things.So do not recommend..Version: 0.6.1

Adds say thatOn the adds all of them they show that you make the mask in the matches but I have been playing this for a while and I have not this game is a lie do not install.Version: 1.1.2

DIY makeupThis game doesn’t even have the face mask dispenser, that’s so stupid as it is the cover. I am deleting this game shortly..Version: 1.1.2

BadI only Downloaded it because you could make gross face mask and you can only make normal face mask and you can’t put them on or and also after your done and you select a filter that you have to watch a add for it does not work please fix it.Version: 1.1.2

My reviewThis game is honestly the worst, All of the levels are the same and every time you finish a level you will start hoping you’ve finished the game! I like the new update but they need to start making theirs ads legitimate. Yours Sincerely Me.Version: 1.1.0

Bad weighs out the goodLike on the adds you don’t make the t Face masks. You have various options I guess so it dosent repeat people complain about that adds I don’t get a lot. Let alone when there putting on the product it sounds inappropriate apart from that good game I deleted it though.Version: 1.0.0

Adds after...Once you finish making it after that it goes to a add every time.Version: 0.6.1

DisappointedThe app cover and add has nothing to do with the game, that cools face mask thing you don’t even get to use and each level is the same thing ..Version: 1.1.2

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DIY Makeup 1.2.0 Update

Version 1.2.0 (2021-04-11): Bug fixes so you can keep up your game addiction!.

Version 1.1.2 (2021-03-31): Bugs fixes for undisturbed hours of fun.

Version 1.1.0 (2021-03-21): You’re 1 click away from smoother playing..

Version 0.3.0 (2021-02-03): Exciting new features, such as new visuals, and cool new levels and new makeover game mode!!.