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Simulation game about quickly dispatching the help needed for every emergency you receive. You are responsible to make the best decisions to help the people.

Progress throughout the new scenarios and situations!

911 Emergency Dispatcher App User Reviews & Comments

VERY GOODThe overall game is really good. It Is really slow. I kinda feel like a teacher when writing a review bc it is like giving it a grade. It is kind of confusing at some points I would not recommend this for police answering calls ( if you are trying to practice the job ) because it is just a bit unrealistic. The graphics are kinda odd but not bad. This game is really fun except for when there is an ad every 5 seconds. I get that they have to make money with the ads but the owners of this game are probably a millionaire with all of those ads. Some things that I would change is maybe make it faster like I have to spam tap to actually get what I want to pick sometimes. Another thing I would change is that there would be less ads. One more thing that I would change is that you could type the answers , this would be hard to program and if you say something unique then idk what would happen but I really think that this game is good I only talked about the bad things not the good things so don’t get any ideas..Version: 1.065

Read this before getting the game!!Ok, so at first when i got the game, it was great! you got real life cases like a robbery or a fire, but as you kept going, people started asking why they got tacos instead of pizza??! Also, after you pass day 100, the conversations start repeating! And the choices of how you respond are pretty dumb to. People who created the game, please add more levels so it doesn’t keep repeating the exact thing you did three days ago!! Also, some of the vehicles you unlock ARE STUPID!!!!!! Like, you get a zombie squad, and UFO patrol, or ghost car, you also get a super man!!! Like really, NO dispatcher is sending any of those! Please add some real stuff to this game!! Over all, this game is great, it’s really fun, you get addicted, but it gets boring after a while cause you get the same fake not even the slightest bit realistic days. Also, I was reading the other comment, and what the dude said about being able to drive the cars sounds REALLY fun, you should add that 😊.Version: 1.065

💗🧐I love this game! I saw it on tiktok. It’s really fun, the add I saw on tiktok is just like the game. It has some serious calls, turn some prank calls. But the one I hate about this game is there are SO many commercials. After every call there is a commercial. And the calls are not that long. The commercials make me sometimes not want to play. That is what I think on this game, they did a amazing job making it!!.Version: 1.052

Just what?!Good game, just too many ads and some of the dispatching calls didn’t make since like someone called saying a fire started last week and I chose to take it as a joke and failed.... okay if the fire started last week that house would be engulfed in flames and the house would’ve been in ashes by the time the person called; you guys should fix that problem, I mean calling 911 with false calls is not something you want people to think is okay.Version: 1.062

Great game! A tip about ads...I saw an ad for this game on another game and, usually, I don’t download games that are advertised to me since I know they will be riddled with other ads. This game actually looked fun to play! IT WAS!! It was very entertaining and actually funny. It’s like a choose your own adventure game. Lots of cars to unlock and such. The game finishes once you unlock the zombie car around level 60. A tip about ads: put your phone on airplane mode and turn off wifi! No more ads and you can just play the game 😎😏🥳.Version: 1.063

Great gameThis is going to be kind of short in the past I wrote really long ones so I find this game really good there are a problem with the ads though but this game teaches you life lessons in a way and I find it kind of funny that they make it cartoony recommend it on my end it’s free just like a lot of other games but if on your end it’s really expensive which I’m guessing it wouldn’t be but if it is expensive I still recommend it either way🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸.Version: 1.062

Noice gameThe choices are like if you were to be a real dispatcher almost not saying it has to be completely accurate but dude this is fun the only thing is... why are there these stupid choices on the top or even bottom bruh some choices make no sense you just have a conversation with an AI kid who wants A burger with fries I know it’s happened in real life but these choices are pretty stupid but I know you did it on purpose but yeah still very good game I’m almost addicted to this so wow you did very good. Maybe add not just dispatch but maybe actually when you deploy the vehicle you get to drive it like two different options makes no sense but that’s what I think but keep adding some more to it. Lots of adds too..Version: 1.063

It gets boring quicklyI downloaded this game with low expectations knowing it probably wouldn’t be very good(I was bored) Immediately after download I started playing and noticed that there were quite a few ads in between levels. A lot of games do this so I usually just go one airplane mode so I don’t get ads and it worked with this too. I played for the first like 30 levels or something and it was SO BORING. You start out the game and it’s just replying to people and trying to send the correct dispatch. Occasionally when you send the correct dispatch there is a little mini game like if you send police you get to kick down a door or if you send paramedics you can perform a procedure. Those were super fun and I wished they happened every time but they didn’t and most of the time you just picked a car and moved to the next person. Also once you get to like level 10 I think, you rank up. And that happened a few time but it doesn’t change anything but your cloths. You don’t get special calls or anything. Anyway I just... idk it was okay but I deleted it after two days and would not tell anyone to download it. It’s not really worth the time or energy :) If you like it that is totally fine tho! This is just my personal opinion! :).Version: 1.063

FYISo I waited a bit to review........so far everything is ok except the last “call” I took. Not sure how many other current/past dispatchers play this, however, they should understand this. Sometimes a person who is being threatened calls 911 and pretends to “order food” so that the actor doesn’t realize that the victim is calling 911. So I sent the police as trained and got an incorrect dispatch. Might wanna either take those out or make them an actual police dispatch. Other than that so far so good. Especially like the mini-game where you break down the door as a cop..Version: 1.052

I love itI recommend getting it if you’re looking through reviews. I do have some ideas that I think would make it more fun though. If there were animations of failed calls where it shows the caller’s home, that would be cool. I know that it does do this for if you give the correct answers, but maybe some funny ones for the incorrect answers. If people don’t wanna see it you could just put a skip button in the corner. Anyway, that’s just my idea. Fun game 👍😁.Version: 1.062

So addicting but... VERY INAPPROPRIATE ADS!Alright at first this game was very enjoyable and I only had it for a day and I’m already on level 76! Bot here is the problem... THERE IS A VERY INAPPROPRIATE AD!!! It’s about these two naked people in the hot tub kissing!? Bro that’s disgusting 🤮 do you really want a five year old to see that!? No I doubt it! The people who make these ads are very immature and very gross 🤢 that’s really gross and I don’t know why people let them make these ads. Usually they think it’s cool and it’s really not so please fix it because most adults do not want there children to see that! Anyways this game is really fun and addicting but please fix the very stupid ads please!!.Version: 1.063

This game is so BoringI played to level 100. Nothing changed it didn’t even get harder😡 Yes it gives you something to do. Something harder would be nice but why waste your time on a game like this. It totally boring and easy so maybe this is a game for a 2 year old or something like that but if your are older and looking for something to do on a long car ride this is something NOT to look forward to and not to download. It would be different if it was HARDER or more FUN but it’s not so I would NOT get this game..Version: 1.063

One complaint.. *or more*After level like 110, it just starts repeating itself. I want you to add more levels , but otherwise then that it’s a great game! Edit: Please don’t be stubborn devs. I want you to reply to these reviews. Your game will go down if you down. (People will stop playing it if u don’t make a update to their complaint or at-least respond) Please fix this and respond, unless you want your game to end up like among us ((IN MARCH, NOT RIGHT NOW)) And please also add a maybe online mode? Or a free play? So you can mess around with responses and you don’t have to get ‘Failed Level’ every time. And... Dude. Please less ads. I know you can turn airplane mode on / or disconnect to ur internet / And buying the no ads is a ripoff to clickbait ur money..Version: 1.065

Please read this if you are a viewer!Hello everyone! There is a lot of reviews, on this app talking about the ads, and how there is to many. Here is a way to fix it, if you don’t have a ad blocker, or subscriber. The game does not require internet service, unless you wanna unlock things quicker. You need to go into your settings and turn of your wifi. That away, you will not get ads. Hope this helps.Version: 1.052

Okay omgThis is great! This app is great for kids! There probably just gonna be sitting here and I’ll be saying hey kids what you doin and then they say I loveeeeeee this police game mom! And uh yeah I’ll say ok I’ll look at it then I looked at it and now I’m addicted to this freaking game! Is this game for parents or kids? Let me see? Oh it’s for kids you know what I don’t care lol! Ok keep up the good work! Bye! Wait wait wait I was just kidding I’m giving this five stars first! My kids where like heck yeahhhhh!!!! And Thank you so much for making this game!.Version: 1.064.1

I’ve already played it like 20 times already and I just got itSeriously I’ve never got a game like this it’s so fun and you even get to Play would like the animal control is there and the police and the fireman but it’s a really good game I read it a five star because I just got it and it’s already good to me are you a female or a mail in this game just checking though because I’m a female which is a 👧🏻 girl.Version: 1.064

Fun game but has its problems.Downloaded it a couple of days ago and I’ve really enjoyed it. I only have two major complaints. One is the ads, there are so many ads. Ads after every mission (each mission is 20 to 30 seconds long), ads to level up new vehicles. Ads on top of the game, ads underneath the game, ads on the side. It’s almost worth it to pay the $2.99 to remove ads. My other complaint is my phone starts to get hot whenever I play it. Even with all my background applications closed it still gets burning hot without a case on. Also I don’t like how to ranking system is all weird, going from private to captain isn’t too accurate. In the end if you can deal with ads or don’t mind spending a few bucks to remove the ads I recommend..Version: 1.062

It's good but one little bugThe game is nearly perfect! It doesn't spam you with ads, the levels don't repeat, and I love the side minigames! One thing that kinda confused me is on around level 20 on the choices FBI shows up but I realized I never unlocked it yet. Other than that the game is awesome and I will continue to play it..Version: 1.064

2 suggestions!⚠️First of all I would like to state that this is a very addicting game and fun to play and I send no hate!⚠️ Okay, my first suggestion is ads. Every time I finish a mission a 25-30 second ad pops up! And it’s so annoying cause it feels like a year to me. Maybe every 1-3 missions you can put an ad, and maybe lower the time to 5-10 seconds too. And finally my last suggestion is the ending to a mission. For example, mostly at every mission the end shows like a small clip when they like break into a house or something this may be to much to ask for but could you please put more info on what happens when we send an ambulance or a firefighter. Like when we send ambulance there could be a clip of how they handle the situation and like put a cast if the caller broke a leg. Anyway I’d really appreciate if you answered my suggestions and agreed on at least one of them. And just to ad i really to love this game and I look forward to playing it right now when I’m finished💕😅.Version: 1.063

Kinda good...Ok well to start off it’s fun and stuff but to give CPR to someone is just no that’s giving bad information for kids playing this and maybe in the future they may take this information especially if that want that kind of job it’ll inspire them but the fact you said that is very bad to give that type of information and the fact that on one level you said to say your voice sounds...you know when you reach it than you’ll know so I hate that you put stuff and you said ignore it? And some other stuff it just bad you should be ashamed because of that imagine if a kid saw that that’s just omg bad I love everything else expect that BUT another complaint is there is way to many ads like I’m not gonna wait every time I fail I’ll see an ad or every time I complete it I see an ad please fix that very soon.Version: 1.052

Not Enough InformationYou need to choice what to say and the caller will say something back but depending on some of choices you pick you don't get enough information to send out the correct dispatcher. This has really annoyed me because I have to start that level all over again when it isn't really my fault. Also as a Christian I don't appreciate how some of the best answer choices have cursing in them because to me I feel like in a way I am cursing so I pick the other answer choice. I really don't like that. Also after every level there is an add and some are SUPER INAPPROPRIATE. One of the adds is a girl and boy playing rock, paper, scissors and if you miss them a piece of clothing gets taken off and with the girl it gets to the point where her bra is taken off and I really don't like that since I'm a GIRL!! I mean other than those things I have mentioned it is a pretty good game..Version: 1.063

Some Inaccurate ThingsI like the game a lot, but there are some inaccurate things. How do you give CPR to a person having a heart attack???? It’s dangerous and kids can get false information about health and helping out others. Also, some stuff that suggests for you to say is just a bad reputation. Sometimes it would say to ignore it or to say that their voice sounds cute or something 😒☹️i don’t know about it but there are things I DO like 👍🏼.Version: 1.052

Very addictive! A few things..This game is very addictive and easy to just play and play. There’s lots of conversations which I was surprised about. I was expecting for conversations to repeat by none did! There’s also bonus scenes in which you get to do extra for the caller. However there is a lot of ads. And also, when you level up to the next rank, you look like you’re saluting someone who looks a lot like.. well.. HITLER. I recommend changing the design on that guy. Other than that, this game is perfect!.Version: 1.052

AMAZING! (My daughter lovessss it)I absolutely love this game. My daughter is an almost tween who loves medical things and gore. Her father is an Emergency dispatcher. She really wants to be one when she grows up. I have almost no complaints, Except..Pest control. My daughter has MASSIVE anxiety already about so many things. One part of her anxiety is Pests. She can stand Mice and stuff like that but..Roaches? I’m sorry but that’s a bit too far....Version: 1.062

Way to many adsIt was a great game and it doesn’t click bait you in ads or in the title, and I like how they switch it up sometimes like you being the police. But there is only one problem, there is way to many ads! Every call you get, there is a ad right after it and the calls aren’t even that long! Little bit money hungry, but if you don’t mind ads I completely recommend this game..Version: 1.052

MehI don’t mind the ads so much as it’s after the level and you can turn WiFi off to get rid of them which is a nice touch unlike other apps. The game itself though is generic the tasks are all easy and you think like a police officer there’s no controversy in where you would think for yourself,you can’t get fired,you randomly get outfits for doing literally nothing and you “unlock”vehicles but they are legit available to dispatch missions before you even unlock them so there’s no reward. There’s no ending to the game and no reward system so why bother playing?.Version: 1.063

Not worth the timeYou spend more time watching ads than playing the game Not to mention the game is just not fun. I wasn’t expecting a serious police game but this is just nonsense, and not even the funny kind. Your two options are saying something annoyingly ignorant or something so stupid it makes you question the developer’s mental age. This game would be kinda ok if you just got someone who actually knows how to be funny and not just some guy who thinks being downright dumb is funny. Now the comedy(?) isn’t the only thing that makes this game dry as ever, the gameplay itself is bland. You click some responses, send a firetruck, police car, or ambulance or whatever, and some stuff may happen, but otherwise it just takes you back to the dispatch. I didn’t play for long before deleting (for my own sake) but I’m sure that after a few levels it just recycles calls, and none of the ones I played were interesting enough to want to play again. So yeah if you like police stuff but also like humor look somewhere else. But if you need convincing that the app store needs better quality control then look no further 👍🏽.Version: 1.063

Great gameSo I remember playing this other game and seeing the ad for this game, and I was like, this game looks legit and the ad looks honest . When I started playing the game I couldn’t stop, it’s a REALLY good game, you can unlock different ranks and unlock certain jobs like the ghost patrol where you can sometimes play a mini game with it and you find the haunted dolls or stuff, the best part is that I’ve never seen the dialogue from the callers repeat. It’s like they are all different which is great and awesome. Definitely play this game.Version: 1.066

FreezesI got to level (day 73) where I have to vaccinate the person who was bitten by a zombie but it keeps freezing once I do the needle but it won’t register nor can I move on. I have restarted the game over and over and still freezes. I purposely put wrong thing to move on but it won’t let me I am stuck on day 73 so lame and stupid. Every time I got back in I redo day 73 please fix this.Version: 1.052

Surprisingly great!I thought it was gonna be another one of those, “oh here’s 45 adds every 15 seconds and no content” but no! It’s actually really great and so far it’s super fun! It seems like they took a while to make it unlike a lot of mobile games now a days! Sure there’s an add after every day but you can skip over it quick and it’s such a good game that u think they deserve the money!.Version: 1.062

Very good but ads.So I just started playing this game and its very fun and addictive to play. To start of, there are to many ads which they put 1 ad every mission and its boring when that happens. second they should put something where when your done talking to the person in need of help you can for example go to the place and shoot the bad guys so its more exciting and they could call medics or fire fighters.👮‍♀️🚒 They should also put more types if people talking and different answers. I mean if i were you i would play this game but they should add lots of different details like i said.🙂.Version: 1.063

💯% recommend!Awesome game! If you’re bored, this is definitely a game to turn to. I play games like this on car trips, long rides, or maybe just randomly at home! There are some mistakes such as some sentences are repeated twice on your choices for a 911 answer, and of course not perfect spelling and grammar, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Another thing, I wish there wasn’t so many ads? There is literally an ad after every little choice you make. And I know you can just turn WiFi off, but it gets really annoying if you need your WiFi or Data on for something else in particular too at the same time. Otherwise, this game is definitely a fun activity to do at any time at all, and I do think anyone reading this should download it!.Version: 1.063

TO MANY ADDSOkay so when I was first playing this game I loved it. Now I hate it, when I first played the game and finished a level it’s did not pop up with an add that’s what I thought it would do... IT DID as soon as I completed the second level and finished it... THEIR GOES AN ADD !!!!! Bruh I hate games like this this is why I like to download games with less adds and let’s you play. Hate it so I don’t recommend this game but if you wanna risk having adds pop up on your phone it’s like every 2 minutes an add pops up sometimes I skip to now retry the level and an add pops up. Why can’t you developers just do less adds like among us, roblox, and more ???!!!! Come on I hate this game I don’t recommend this game at all. Just my opinion if you guys like adds then download but if you don’t like adds do NOT download this app !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😕👎🏽.Version: 1.063

I dislikeI saw the add for it and thought it might be fun, I was very wrong. It was very and I mean VERY laggy, so laggy that it kept booting me out of the app. The calls I was getting was stupid or just plain dumb, I understand there are probably better and more understandable calls than what I got, so don’t get mad at me for saying that. I can’t really tell you anything else because IT KEPT BOOTING ME OUT SO ITS NOT LIKE I COULD PLAY LONGER. I do not suggest downloading this app. I have terrible anger issues, almost crushed my iPod to bits and pieces because of this app thank god I didn’t 😕..Version: 1.062

Gets boring quickThe game is a good game just it gets boring if you play for like 20 minutes. It also has to many ads. Every time you finish a mission you get a ad. I feel like you should NOT get a ad every time. The game just makes a lot of sound when you have all those ads. The ads are the same ads and the games that they are showing aren’t fun. Most of them are tiktok and I don’t like tiktok so I don’t really like the game..Version: 1.063

TipsSo basically I know u all don’t like ads, and to stop ads turn airplane mode on or turn WiFi and data off (you will not revive messages is u do so) but I also like doing stupid answers for no reason at all (ya h didn’t need to know that) ok edit time! anyway ima just say that it ends and starts again at around level 111 just to let ya know.Version: 1.065

Meh.The reason it gets a 2 is because, I’ve noticed that round and repeating. Another problem is my friend got a bunch of cool units like zombie squad and pest control? And other things I didn’t get. I’m even on a higher level then her so I don’t get it. Also there is some weird problems. For example, there was bees and I sent pests control. And it said incorrect dispatch! Also WAY to many ads. Even in the middle of rounds there are ads. Like every 2 rounds. Please fix this and I might at least give it a 4..Version: 1.065

Some problems... but I like ur gameOk.. so too many adds and when the game end There HAS to be an ad like slow the adds at least wait too round then do an add.. another prob is that u don’t have to do an add to unlock 15% like bruhhh bc it gon be a waste if time and ur still gon have an ad after the game(round) anyways those r the probs but like I like the game and stuff also it’s laggy and glitchy like can u fix that? But this is a good game I’ll rate it 4 stars bc of the issues this game has.... game labs need to do better work on their games....Version: 1.052

Not badIt’s not bad but I have 2 problems with the game one too many ads every time you finish the level you get a ad. like each level is 20 to 30 seconds long. the second problem is every time you finish a level I get kicked out and have to reload in the game and play another level then after that I get kicked out level after level but overall it’s not that bad of a game.Version: 1.062

Fun but occasionally dumbI generally enjoy playing this game but occasionally there are weird scenarios that I question either the choices ( both options to choose seem inappropriate) or the actual scenario is dumb but yet it requires a dispatch. One was a pillow fight where nobody was hurt and yet the answer ended up being to send the police. And apparently someone needing gambling money is a 911 emergency. Who knew? Most of the time though it’s a lot of fun..Version: 1.064

I like it!When I first saw the ad I got really wanted to play. I looked at the first review and I was ready to download. Then I saw a 1 star review and wanted to read it. At one point in the review they said something about how this game might not be age appropriate for younger kids. That made me have 2nd thoughts but then I looked at the thing. The age rating is 12 and up. Younger kids probably have to ask a parent to download a game. If you’re reading this wondering if you should get this game, get it. Its really fun a lot of ads but it’s worth it!.Version: 1.063

This funny storySo I truly love this game and how I got it was I was walking to my living room to play with my cat I was playing another game with adds and this game came up the funny part was when it said 911 what’s ur emergency then it paused so I thought I accidentally called 911 so I went back and it was this game so I watched this add and it blasted me I loved it I bet who reads this will love this to plzzzzzz download.Version: 1.063

Awesome game!I would play this game every single day and I said to the people that say this game is bad it is not! It teaches you about if you won’t be ordering it teaches you how to be an online one emergency dispatcher! I love it!A little kid wants to be a police officer and he can learn from this game I will play this game every single day and I already did so listen to this review..... and play it!.Version: 1.063

I love the game but to many adsThis game and funny and I love it, but way to many ads after every mission there’s an ad and I’m getting sick of it I just downloaded this app a couple days ago and didn’t think it will be these many ads. I don’t really understand why people are saying “Oh my gosh this game is like literally the best”. I guess they singled out it having so many ads. I don’t even understand why games have ads oh I forgot they make you pay to not have ads for more profit nice!.Version: 1.052

I Love this game!I highly recommend this game if your bored a lot or basically going somewhere a lot. Even though i just downloaded this game today٫its very addicting to me. I love all the details٫ like how you can choose your gender. These are of course٫ one of the level offline games. I think you dont need internet for it. I have a lot of these kinds of games٫ and this one is the best one yet. Thanks for making this game. It helps me when im bored. I recommend this game. Thanks for reading! Bye!.Version: 1.063

Fun game but with too many adsWhat a fun game. It really gets you to think about what is truly needed in each emergency. However the game is very fun there is one problem. Too many ads. Everytime I want to advance something or every time I finish a level an ad will appear. I can already tell there will be many more ads in the future and have not yet seen a way to get rid of them. Keep up the great work and make sure to keep this in mind to improve the game. Thanks, Super G.Version: 1.063

Fun game but a few problemsSo number one, I love the game! It is super addictive, and really fun! I recommend it! 😁😁😁 Number two, I really like this game as I said but I am not a fan of the ads lol. I have played games with way more ads, but I still wish there were less Number three, Around level 115, it starts repeating levels, and I wish they didn’t do that because I love this game and I want new ones. 😔😕 Number four, Having a little bit to do with number three, I can’t remember what level but at some point in the game, you stop unlocking different cars, like ghost patrol and things like that. Please continue to add on to this game! 🙂🙃🙂 Just because I have a few problems with this game, doesn’t mean I don’t like it! It’s a great game and I love it! 💕❤️ Thanks For Reading!!!.Version: 1.063

Enjoyable but A Few IssuesWell, first of all, there’s a lot of adds. Also whenever I rank up it doesn’t always tell me my rank. Also very unrealistic. The main point of the game is to answer calls and send the right group of people, but occasionally you can actually be that team, I feel like you could do that more. Although other than all that very enjoyable..Version: 1.066

To many adds!Their is way too many adds in this game, after every level their is an add, this makes the game boring very fast and not as interesting as I thought it would be. Also in my opinion I feel like it’s very unfair that you have to buy to have no adds in this game. So, please can you make this game have maybe 2 adds every level and that’s it. I feel like it will make this game so much more fun and entertaining and enjoyable!.Version: 1.063

Actual trashDo you want to play a game where you click 2 buttons and read awful english then watch 30 seconds of ads with 5 seconds of gameplay?? Then this is great for you! However if you are a normal person with a brain don’t get this dog awful game. You load in and are texting with a 911 caller, who give you stupid situations and you have a choice of 2 responses. 1 of which makes sense the other is “funny”. after about 3 responses you choose to send a unit out to help then the day ends and you watch a 30 second ad. That’s it. Yep 5 seconds of actual game and then an ad. Who ever made this is a garbage human being and ruins the enjoyment of mobile games. I have no clue why this pile of burning dog $#!+ has 5 stars it should have never been made and I hope the servers burn down and all files ever made in relation to this game get destroyed..Version: 1.063

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GreatIt tests your skills and there are lots of cars to unlock and there are some funny questions and answers it’s great I highly recommend it.Version: 1.063

Hi so i got a problem with the gameHi i got the game two days ago and i need to warn and seek attention from the game creators is there is way too many ads pls use less ads every time i finish a level it give me an ad pls actually fix the ads and the audio after a few level isn’t there pls fix that as well that but other then that i love the game 💖💖💖💖💖.Version: 1.063

Pretty enjoyable but one thingActually this game isn’t that bad you get different kinds of emergency’s and characters but there is bad words witch you should not expect little kids to play it but apart from that this game is really fun!.Version: 1.065

Alright overallIt’s a good game but there’s to many adds after every day you get adds and it’s not great but if you or your kid wants this and is fine with lots of adds ya it’s great 👍👁👄👁. I would like if you people who designed this app fix this problem 😶. But do get this game! It’s one of my favs!.Version: 1.063

VERRRRRRRRYYYYYYY glitchyEhh, this game is good very fun to play. But it’s VERY laggy. I’m not sure if it’s just my device but whenever I finish a level I have to double click then go back into the app. I have some ideas to add to this app. Maybe some more scenery?? Maybe more details in the office? Also maybe have no correct/incorrect dispatch because I would honestly like to see that kid who tried to order food get arrested UvU that’s about it. Overall this app is great and you should get it, the ads I don’t really mind but please add less ads because they are half the cause of the lagging. Also I’m surprised there’s a Lankybox ad for chat master. Please fix the lagging and make less ads and I hope u have a good day/night ✌️.Version: 1.065

Adds adds too many addsLess frequent adds would improve this game immensely..Version: 1.062

WAY TOO MANY ADSThere are so many ads. After you finish each round, there is an ad. Please do something about this. Also, some levels are too easy and if getting through them so fast. Game is good other than that though, it’s entertaining and interesting to think that people are doing this for real every day. I would definitely recommend this game!.Version: 1.065

?The game won’t let me in to play it keep s turning off before it loads.Version: 1.052

LagThis game is really cool and fun! But the leg is terrible and ads are kinda annoying? Bugs and lag is the worst but the game is the best overall!.Version: 1.065

AwesomeThis game is so entertaining and fun but there is so many ads and I play it for a while but I watch ads more than I actually. If you could please do something about this then that would be great.Version: 1.063

Someone in the reviews is an idiotNo. The government has nothing to do with this. The game creators are adding these ads of their own volition. The tech company owns the hardware and most of the software in your tablet or phone or whatever, but the app on the store is owned by the game company. I think they pay a small revenue tax to the store’s owner but the ads are not a requirement..Version: 1.063

This game is amazingThis game is literally amazing because when I grow up I want to why do 911 what’s your emergency or triple 000 what’s your emergency and this game is so much fun I always wanted to cheese why I wanted to say to someone and yeah so yeah.Version: 1.063

GcfghhToo many adds.Version: 1.063

TOO MANY ADS!!I can’t believe this! There are way too many ads in this game and I will stop the feedback there for now.Version: 1.063

Terrible gameTerrible game it won’t let me play the game in fact I couldn’t even play 5 seconds of it don’t recommend this at all wast of time.Version: 1.064.1

WaitI forgot too say same adds all over again the game I have.Version: 1.065

Cash grabOk so this game is ok.. WHEN YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY IT! Every single round there is an ad. Every. Single. Round. Sure, a few ads are ok BUT NOT THIS MANY! not gonna lie, the game is an ok game to waste your time on, it’s kinda fun and it has tasks to do but the experience is completely ruined with the amount of ads.Version: 1.064.1

What!Hi I’m Karen I watched someone play this and it looked pretty good and I started playing it I waited for it to load with red black and then I got it and then it got me out of the game I tried to be at backing and it took me to the place where you press the answer and it just kick me out kick me out constantly and now I hate it and I understand this so much I had to.Version: 1.065

So much funThis is the funniest game ever if you are bored play for a little bit and you will fall in love.Version: 1.064

Ad spammerPop up ads every minute, very frustrating..Version: 1.062

MehFirstly, there is some terrible english used in this game. The Devs need to get some quality control before releasing. Other than that, it’s not very exciting. Attempts to be funny, but mostly just annoying...especially the ridiculous calls that have nothing to do with 911..Version: 1.064.1

It’s boringIn the ad it looked great and when you start playing it it is fun but then it gets boring and there ads after every level.Version: 1.062

THE ADS ARE UNBEARABLEAlright after every level you get an ad. I finish the levels as fast as I can so I would get over 100 ads an hour maybe 150 depends how fast I go. Please change it to an ad every 3-5 levels, I know the ads help you make money but it’s just too many..Version: 1.064.1

Bad gameWhenever you go into the app it lags and takes you out..Version: 1.052

Soo goooodSoo good if there are adds turn on airplane mode you dummies.Version: 1.064.1

Can’t even play itGame won’t even load for me once downloaded.Version: 1.052

Not downloadingWhen im trying to download the app its not working. It says “purchased“. I looked to see if it was on my ipad. And it wasn’t. May you please look into that?.Version: 1.052

Ad’s, Ad’s and more Ad’sIf you are looking for a game to play when you are bored? And also looking for an excessive amount of ad’s within said game... well this is the game for you! After completing each level there is an Ad. Please don’t download and support such a horrible attempt at getting you to pay for ad removal..Version: 1.063

No badA great little game.../.Version: 1.063

Too many adsEvery time you finish a call a ad comes I hate it creators please fix this.Version: 1.063

Terrible 👎You play it for 10 seconds then theres a 1 minute ad. DO NOT PLAY i reported a ad because there was a lady in a bra and underwear. 1 star. TERRIBLE.Version: 1.062

To many addsTo many adds to even enjoy the game.Version: 1.063

Boring and too many adsWay too many ads and such a boring game. Don’t bother with this one.Version: 1.063

It’s okay....Listen the game is good and all but like,to be honest there is to many adds,so I think you should please change that. And also it’s really glitchy. Please improve this sorry if I’m asking for to much..Version: 1.062

Same levels againBoring.Version: 1.063

Ad haters,vs,governmentSo I’ve look down in the comments bout’ this game, as usual, and I went through a bunch of haters! They said “wAY tO mAny aDs” like srsly! Do you really think the game makers are doing this? It’s not like they have a option! Have you ever seen a game with no ads?(unless you buy the no ads) All I say is ITS THE GOVERNMENT! They literally made technology...I think...well they have little control! They make you watch ads for useless things! So plz, stop tormenting these people! They have no choice, now plz, stop the hate and start the love!💗 May all your dreams come true! SINCERELY! TEVLIN.Version: 1.063

Not happyThe game won't let me in pls fix it asap.Version: 1.052

To many ads!This is a great game but after each mission there is an ad Witch really annoys me.Version: 1.064

Day 73On day 73 you have to vaccinate someone it said hold to vaccinate but it doesnt work..Version: 1.052

AddsThere is way to many adds for the one game I was playing this for like 15 minutes and at at least 20 adds so I give it one star sorry.Version: 1.063

GameApp won’t open.Version: 1.062

Inappropriate adsThis game is only 12+ but extremely inappropriate ads are being shown (for an adult audience). This should be stopped..Version: 1.062

Not age appropriateThis is for ages 12+, I do not think having a caller ring to say their husband is cheating then elaborating to say they did it in the kitchen is appropriate for 12 year olds!.Version: 1.052

Hi cool but... why?!!Hi I really like this game but it has swearing words that they shouldn’t use in a kids game also I found a very, mehhh level it was really rude it was annoying anyways READ THIS IF YOU WANT NO ADDS TURN OFF YOUR INTERNET OKAY DUDE!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!! I like this I actually love it but pleaseee change the swearing language please bye have a good day or sleep or night byeeeeee!.Version: 1.063

It’s mehThe game keeps crashing and a video plays after each time you completed a task.Version: 1.052

This game is because 911 what’s your adI like the game but every time you complete ons you get an ad I don’t like that there’s so many ads and sometimes when you close the ad nothing happens you just on a black screen nothing happens so please don’t make as many ads into the game.Version: 1.063

Good gameWould be better if they showed the Sean of the fire or hertatrack or breaking in.Version: 1.063

Terrible!You’re teaching kids to call emergency services for non-emergency reasons!.Version: 1.062

Way too many adsSo many long ads for such short “calls”.Version: 1.062

Same old same oldWhy are all the games in the top charts like this, the game is boring and just can’t get you hooked at all, it’s basic and plain it’s not even enjoyable to play, when will a better game be released other than all these basic games with boring gameplay, basic colours and poorly designed graphics and animations..Version: 1.063

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911 Emergency Dispatcher
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911 Emergency Dispatcher 1.066 Update

Version 1.066 (2021-04-17): new languages!! several optimizations.

Version 1.064.1 (2021-04-05): fixed a bug on one of the mini games.

Version 1.063 (2021-03-14): fixes and improvements on some levels and dialogues.

Version 1.062 (2021-03-11): fixes and improvements.

Version 1.052 (2021-02-25): fixes and improvements.